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Appropriation Act.-1899.

Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty-seven Pounds Fourteen Shillings and Five Pence, the said amount being appropriated as follows, viz.:

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Estimates, 1899-1900

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Secondly.—For defraying the charge of the Colonial Government for the year ending the thirtieth day of June, one thousand nine hundred, there shall be paid the sum of One Million Six Hundred and Ninety-six Thousand One Hundred and Ninety-nine Pounds, the said amount being appropriated as follows, viz.: –

£ Legislative Council..

2,087 0 0 House of Assembly..

3,275 0 0 Parliamentary Library

928 0 0 Office-keeper and Caterer, Parliament House

880 0 0 Legislature Generally

13,966 0 0 Private Secretary

240 0 0 Office of Chief Secretary

1,605 0 0 Audit

4,815 0 0 Public Actuary

962 0 0 Sheriff

1,313 0 0 Registrar-General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages

2,793 0 0 Printing and Stationery Offices

21,996 0 0 Police

76,561 0 0 Gaols and Prisons

13,642 0 0 Medical Officers

2,300 0 0 Hospitals ..

24,493 0 0 Lunatic Asylums

23,005 0 0 Destitute Poor

18,800 0 0 State Children's Department..

17,080 0 0 Central Board of Health

1,720 0 0 Quarantine


700 0 0 Defences

22,392 0 0 Retiring Allowances and Gratuities

7,500 0 0 Miscellaneous (Chief Secretary)

15,596 0 0 Law Officers

3,600 0 0 Office of Minister of Industry

543 0 0 Patent and Copyright

370 0 0 Public Trustee

630 0 0 Supreme Court

4,321 0 0 Probate and Succession Duties Office

1,271 0 Registrar of Companies' Office

30 0 0 Court of Insolvency

2,697 0 0 Magistrates and Local Courts

9,478 0 0 Coroners

580 0 0 Registrar-General of Deeds

5,696 0 0 Miscellaneous (Attorney-General)

85 0 0 Treasury ..

3,961 0 0 Agent-General in England

3,310 0 0 Land and Income Tax Department

9,398 0 0 Stamp Duty Department

2,051 0 0



Appropriation Act.—1899.

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d. Customs.

23,475 0 0 Marine Board

16,914 0 0 Interest and Exchange

13,000 0 0 Unclaimed Moneys--Repayment of

500 () 0 Public Works ..

4,105 0 0 Miscellaneous (Treasurer)

710 0 0 Office of Commissioner of Crown Lands

2,582 0 0 Woods and Forests..

6,685 0 0 Survey

24,800 0 0 Mines Department

12,862 0 0 Roads Department

650 0 0 Public Works ..

90,000 0 0 Miscellaneous (Commissioner of Crown Lands)

7,664 0 0 Office of Commissioner of Public Works

986 0 0 Engineer-in-Chief

36,067 0 Works and Buildings Department

4,210 0 Government Offices

1,517 0 Cemeteries

1,170 0 0 Railways and Tramways

657,439 0 Supply and Tender Board

12,000 0 0 Public Works ..

35,870 0 Miscellaneous (Commissioner of Public Works)

256 0 Office of Minister of Education and Agriculture..

1,165 0 0 Produce Export Department..

12,245 0 Aborigines

4,262 0 0 Department of Agriculture

7,739 0 Botanic Garden

6,000 0 Education Department

147,513 0 Public Library, Museum, and Art Gallery, and Institutes .. 10,465 0 Post Offices and Telegraphs

213,656 0 Stock and Brands

2,983 0 0 Miscellaneous (Minister of Education and Agriculture) 10,039 0


Total Estimates, 1899-1900


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Thirdly. For defraying the Excess of Expenditure for the Excesses on Votes,

Northern Territory, Government Establishments and Public Services of the Northern 1898-9. Territory beyond the Grants for the year ended the thirtieth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine, there shall be paid the sum of Two Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty-seven Pounds and Six Pence, the said amount being appropriated as follows, viz :-

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Total Excesses on Votes, Northern Territory, 1898-9 .. £2,287 0 6


Appropriation Act.—1899.

Northern Territory

FOURTHLY.—For defraying the charge of the Northern Territory Estimates, 1899-1900. for the year ending the thirtieth day of June, one thousand nine

hundred, there shall be paid out of the Northern Territory Revenues the sum of Ninety-four Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventyseven Pounds Seventeen Shillings and Six Pence, the said amount being appropriated as follows, viz. :

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Office of the Minister Controlling the Northern Territory ..
Government Resident
Charitable Institutions
Board of Health
Law Officers
Customs and Marine
Stock Inspector
Botanic Garden
Goldfields and Mining
Railways and Tramways.
Public Works ..
Miscellaneous ..

£ 465 0 0 2,260 15 0 8,032 17

6 1,705 10 0 2,789 15 0

20 0 0 400 0 0 3,878 10 0

25 () 0 360 0 0

440 0 0 7,765 10 0

370 0 0 5,207

0 0 27,396 0 0

5,667 0 0 28,095 0 0

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Treasurer to pay the orders of Governor, and discharge by receipt of party

2. The Treasurer shall issue and pay, from time to time, any sum or sums of money for the purposes hereinbefore mentioned, not exceeding in the whole the sums respectively in that behalf hereinbefore specified, to such persons and in such portions as the Governor for the time being shall, by any order or orders in writing signed by him and countersigned by the Chief Secretary, from time to time direct; and the said Treasurer shall, in his accounts, be allowed credit for all sums paid by him in pursuance of such orders accordingly; and the receipts of the persons to whom such sums shall have been so paid shall be to him a full discharge for the sum or sums for which the same receipts shall have been respectively given, and the amounts thereof shall be passed to his credit in account accordingly.

In the name and on behalf of Her Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill.

TENNYSON, Governor.

Adelaide : By authority, C. E. Bristow, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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A.D. 1899.

***** No. 730.



An Act relating to the Protection of Children.

[Assented to, December 21st, 1899.] E it Enacted by the Governor, with the advice and consent of

the Parliament of South Australia, as follows: 1. This Act may be cited as “ The Children's Protection Act, Short title. 1899."


8. 4.

2. In this Act, unless some other meaning is clearly intended— Interpretation. “ Child” means a boy or girl under the age, or apparent age, Cf. Act 641 of 1895,

of sixteen years:
6 Council” means The State Children's Council :
“ Obscene publication ” includes-
(a) Any book, pamphlet, magazine, newspaper, or document

devoted to the publication, or composed to any con-
siderable extent of or giving special prominence to
criminal news, police reports, or accounts, stories, or

pictures of lust or crime:
(6) Any drawing, picture, or written or printed matter of an

indecent, obscene, or immoral nature:
“ Institution” means an institution within the meaning of

“ The State Children Act, 1895":
" Near relative” includes as regards-
A legitimate child-any parent, grandparent, stepfather, or

stepmother of such child : An illegitimate child—the mother, husband of the mother, and the father of such child :

66 Public

The Children's Protection Act.—1899.

Cf. Act 614 of 1895, 8. 4.

“ Public place” includes every place used by the public, or to

which the public resort, or have free access, or are admitted on the payment of money.

Age of consent.

3. The age of consent is hereby raised from sixteen years to seventeen years, so that, except when the accused is under the age of seventeen years, consent shall be no defence in any case relating to a child under seventeen years of age in which it would not before the passing of this Act have been a defence in a case relating to a child under sixteen years of age: Provided always that in cases of alleged offences where the female is between the ages of sixteen and seventeen years consent of such female shall be a defence if the defendant had reasonable ground for believing that the female was of or above the age of seventeen years.

Penalty for neglect or ill-treatment of child.

4. Any near relative, guardian, or other person having the care, custody, control, or charge of a child, who, without lawful excuse(a) Neglects to provide all such food, clothing, and lodging for

such child as to the Court shall seem reasonably sufficient:

Cf. Imperial Act 41 of 1894, s. 1, and S.A. Act 38 of 1876, ss. 37, 38.

(b) Ill-treats, neglects, abandons, or exposes such child, or causes

such child to be ill-treated, neglected, abandoned, or exposed, in a manner which the Court shall deem likely to subject the child to unnecessary risk, danger, injury, or

suffering: shall be liable to imprisonment for one year, with or without hard labor, and to a fine of not exceeding One Hundred Pounds.

Special Magistrate may issue warrant for removal of child being ill-used.

Cf. Imperial Act 41 of 1894, s. 10.

5. If it appears to a Special Magistrate, from evidence upon oath, that there is reasonable cause for suspecting that a child is being ill-treated, neglected, abandoned, or exposed in a manner likely to subject such child to unnecessary risk, danger, injury, or suffering, such Special Magistrate may issue a warrant authorising a police constable or an officer of the Council, to be therein named, to search for and remove such child to an institution, to be there detained until he can be brought before the Court.

Officer may enter buildings and places in search of child.

6. Any person authorised by warrant under section 5 to remove any child with or without search, may enter, and if need be by force, any house, building, or other place specified in the warrant, or wherein or whereon such child may be or may reasonably be supposed to be, and search for and remove the child therefrom.

Person in charge of institution to admit and detain child.

7. The superintendent, matron, or person in charge of any

in. stitution to which a child shall be taken for detention pursuant to this Act shall receive and detain such child accordingly.

8. It shall be an offence against this Act for any child, being under the age of thirteen years, to be in a public place, other

Cf. Imperial Act 41
of 1894, s. 2.


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