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The Phylloxera Act.—1899.


“ The Phylloxera Act, 1899.”

Notice of Temporary Quarantine. Notice is hereby given that I have from this day forth quarantined the vineyard owned or occupied by you, situated [insert situation of vineyard]. Such vineyard will continue quarantined until released therefrom by order of the chairman of the Phylloxera Board. Dated this

day of

18 Signed


Adelaide : By authority, C. E. BRISTOW, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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An Act to authorise the Issue of Special Policies in

lieu of Lost Life Assurance Policies, and for
other purposes.

[Assented to, December 21st, 1899.]
E it Enacted by the Governor, with the advice and consent of

the Parliament of South Australia, as follows:


1. This Act shall be incorporated and read as one with “ The Incorporation. Life Assurance Companies Act, 1882,” and is divided in parts or divisions, as follows:

Division 1. - Relating to lost or destroyed policies :
Division 11.—Transfer of policies from one register to another.




2. In the event of a life assurance policy on the South Australian Company may issue Register of any Company being lost or destroyed, and upon a statue of lost or destroyed tory declaration being made by any person or persons having a policy. knowledge of the circumstances stating the facts relating to such loss or destruction, and the particulars of all assignments, mortgages, or other transactions affecting the said policy and the title thereto, to the best of the declarant's belief, the Company, if satisfied as to the truth of such declaration, and the bona fides of the transaction, may issue to the person entitled thereto a special policy.

3. If


The Life Assurance Companies Act Amendment Act.—-1899.

DIVISION 1. 3. If the Company fail to issue a special policy within one month Judge or Special after being requested in writing so to do by the person entitled Magistrate ma porider thereto, a Judge of the Supreme Court, after due notice to the

Company, upon such evidence of the loss or destruction of the policy as he may deem sufficient, may direct the Company, upon such terms and within such time as he may determine, to issue to the person entitled thereto a special policy.

Special policy to be 4. Every special policy shall contain, so far as the same can be similar to lost policy. known or ascertained, the same or similar terms and conditions as

were contained in the policy so lost or destroyed, and every memorandum or indorsement thereon, or the substance or the particulars thereof so far as the same may be known to the Company, and shall state why such special policy is issued.

Issue of special 5. The issue of such special policy, with the reasons for such policies to be entered in books of company. issue, shall be entered in the books of the company.

Special policy available as lost or destroyed policy.

6. Such special policy shall be available for all purposes and uses for which the policy so lost or destroyed would have been available, and shall be equally valid therewith to all intents, and all dealings and transactions with respect to such lost or destroyed policy, of which the company has had notice prior to the issue of such special policy, shall operate and enure for the benefit of the person entitled to such lost or destroyed policy, and be read and construed in the same manner as if the special policy was specifically mentioned and referred to in such dealings and transactions instead of the lost or destroyed policy.

Notice of intention to issue special policy to be advertised.

7. The Company, before issuing such special policy, shall give at least one month's notice of its intention so to do in at least one newspaper circulating in the city of Adelaide, and one newspaper (if any) published in the neighborhood in which the applicant resides, or in one newspaper (if any) published in the district in which the policy is considered by the Company to have been lost or destroyed.

Expenses of advertisement to be paid by applicant.

8. The expenses of such advertisement, and all other costs connected with the issue of such special policy, unless otherwise directed pursuant to section 3, shall be paid by the applicant therefor, and such costs shall in no case exceed the sum of Two Pounds.

Not entitled to policy till costs paid.

9. Such applicant shall not be entitled to such policy until the said expenses and costs shall have been paid.

Original policy, if found, to be cancelled.

10. In the event of the original policy being found and produced after the issue of such special policy, but before payment of any moneys thereunder, the same shall belong and be given up to the Company issuing such special policy, for the purpose of being cancelled, and the Company shall not be liable upon such original

policy, The Life Assurance Companies Act Amendment Act.—1899.

DivisION 1. policy, unless it shall appear that notice was received by the Company prior to the issue of such special policy of any assignment, or other dealing with the original policy, affecting the right or title of the person claiming such special policy, or the right of the Company to issue such special policy.

11. In the event of the loss or destruction of a special policy a Substituted special substituted special policy may, from time to time as occasion may issued. require, be issued instead thereof, and all the provisions of this Act with regard to the issue of a special policy shall apply to the issue of each substituted special policy.



ANOTHER. 12. Any policy on the South Australian register of any Com- Policies may be pany shall, while it remains on the South Australian register, be pany's register out of governed in all respects by the laws of South Australia, but may, if South Australia. such Company think fit, be transferred at the request of the policy holder to the register of such Company in any other country, and any such policy so transferred shall, until it is re-transferred to the South Australian register of such Company, be treated in South Effect of such Australia in all respects as a policy issued in the country to which the register pertains, and in particular shall be treated in South Australia as governed by the laws of such country with regard to assignments and the extent, if any, to which policies are protected from creditors.

13. Any policy on the register of a Company elsewhere than in Policies may be South Australia may, if the Company think fit, be transferred at the transferredto & Comrequest of the policy holder to the South Australian register of such tralían register. Company. Any such policy so transferred shall, so long as it is on Effect of such the South Australian register of the Company, be governed by the transfer. law of South Australia.

other transfer.

scribe mode of

14. The transfer of a policy from the South Australian register Companies to preof any Company to the register of such Company in any country, or from the register of any Company in any other country to the register of the Company in South Australia, shall be made in such manner as such Company from time to time directs.

15. All policies for the time being on the South Australian Policies on South register of any Company shall, for the purposes of the “ Life Assu- to be South Austrarance Companies Act, 1882,” be South Australian liabilities of such lian liabilities. Company

In the name and on behalf of Her Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill.

TENNYSON, Governor.

Adelaide: By anthority, C. E. Bristow, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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