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that it is an obstacle which is serious in proportion to the fewness of the societies; as these increase it will almost certainly diminish.


The proposals I have laid before you are therefore shortly these:-1. The amalgamation of the Incorporated Law Society and the Metropolitan and Provincial Law Associations. 2. The formation of an adequate number of local law societies, and the establishment of a connection between the London society and the local law societies on the one hand, and the local law societies between themselves on the other. I have purposely avoided entering into detail as to the manner in which these changes are to be worked out, both because I am anxious not to distract your attention from what has to be done by a premature discussion on how to do it, and because I conceive the difficulties to be, not in carrying out, but in initiating the scheme. When the men of our Profession awake to the fact that with all their great power they are comparatively powerless; when they draw the inference that this arises from an imperfect organisation, and, when realising this, they make up their minds to act, that first step will involve the rest. I do not say that I attach no importance to the form which our organisation is to take; on the contrary, I consider it most important: but I think the form of infinitely less moment than the substance. This plan may be better than that; but this or that plan is nothing compared with the determination to have an organisation of some kind at any price and without delay.



The number of Attorneys is given in parentheses.

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Hereford (26)

Huddersfield (44)

Ipswich (38)
Leamington (22)

Lewes (17)
Lichfield (17)
Middlesborough (15)
Nework (17)

Newport, Monmouth (33)
Norwich (80)
Nottingham (81)
Oldham (20)
Oswestry (22)
Oxford (36)

Pembroke and Dock (18)
Penzance (14)
Peterborough (16)
Portsea (26)
Portsmouth (18)
Reading (21)
Rochdale (26)
Rochester (18)
Salisbury (19)
Scarborough (25)
Sheffield (88)
South Shields (16)
Shrewsbury (37)
Southsea (19)
Stockport (15)
Stockton (23)
Stourbridge (19)
Stroud (21)
Swansea (26)
Truro (17)
Wakefield (28)
Walsall (25)
Warrington (17)
Warwick (18)
Whitehaven (22)
Wigan (27)
Yarmouth (29)

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The minutes of the previous meeting having been duly confirmed, the honorary secretary, Mr. C. T. Bateman, read the committee's report, which was, on his motion, unanimously adopted, of the proceedings and position of the society during the preceding session; and proposed, as new members, Messrs. J. H. Clayton, L. R. Entwisle, Charles Lord, Thomas Marshall, Nicholson, and William Pratt. The election of officers, appointed to take place on that evening, was by special resolution postponed to the following meeting.

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R. M. Pankhurst, Esq., LL.D., barrister-atlaw, delivered a lecture on "The historic and philosophic methods in relation to the study of the law." He believed the present was a moment of supreme importance with respect to the study of the law in England, for he believed they were on the point of entering upon a much higher estimate of the relation which the legal Profession bore to the political and social system. They all knew that soon after any great political reforin in which society has made some substantial advance, the law, which was solid and inflexible, had to be amended, so as to bring it into har mony with the altered state of society. Some

years ago there was a settlement of the consti-
tutional system to a very considerable extent,
and that was now being reflected upon the legal
system by a substantial scheme of law reform, so
that a kind of new career was opening up for the
law student. Adverting to the origin and pro-
gress of law, he said our personal law was derived
entirely from the old conception of the patriarchal
family. That was the unit of ancient society, and
from that unit was derived the law of personal
status such as we have it at present. The law of
property was derived from an aggregate of family
groups constituted into a village community.
From the relations of this village community
holding land in common, cultivating it in common,
and enjoying the fraits of it in common they
obtained the roots of the real property law as it
existed in England. In connection with this part
of the subject he described the law relating to
married women's property in England and in
France, contending that in the latter country it
was much more in accordance with justice than
in England. He afterwards dwelt at great length
on the analytic and philosophic study of the law.
When they viewed the law in its various phases
by a firm and clear use of the analytic process,
they were not only giving themselves a mental
discipline which constituted a high education, but
they were laying the foundation of that solid
appreciation of the principles and deductions from
principles which, supplemented by a fair degree
of practical work in after life, was calculated to
make them not only sound lawyers, but efficient
public servants.

Mr. J. F. Milne, solicitor, in moving a vote of
thanks to the lecturer, expressed his dissent from
some of the views propounded on the subject of
married woman's property.
He believed that
what Dr. Pankhurst and his friends meant by the
freedom of married women was the slavery of
married men-which he should resist to the


Mr. Cooper, solicitor, seconded the motion, which was passed with acclamation.

Dr. Pankhurst, in the course of his reply, after referring to the Married Women's Property Act 1870, which he characterised as a very faulty measure, expressed a hope that the time was not far distant when acts of Parliament, before becoming law, would be reduced to plain, intelligi. ble terms, so that they might not have the judges saying, "this is a muddle of words called an Act of Parliament, and we have to give an intelligible meaning to it, but we cannot do so, and must do as well as we can." It was the function of Parliament to say that they wanted certain things doing, but they should leave to competent legal draftsmen to say how it should be done. What was wanted was a body of legal advisers to take up the ideas which Parliament submitted, and reduce them to a technical but intelligible form before they received the royal saction.

Thanks were then respectively accorded to the
"retiring officers," to the members of the Man-
chester Law Library and Manchester Incorporated
Law Societies, and, finally, to the chairman of the
evening. After these votes had been severally
responded to, and the secretary had made the usual
announcements, the meeting terminated.

The second meeting of the present session of the
above Society was held, at the same place, on
Tuesday evening the 25th inst., when W. A. B.
Hamilton, Esq., barrister-at-law, presided. The
following officers were elected: Hon. Secretary and
Treasurer, Mr. C. T. Bateman; auditor, Mr. R. G.
Lawson; and members of committee, Messrs.
H. N. Bryan, L. Broadbent, C. J. Cooper, Doyle,
A. W. Grundy, R. G. Lawson, A. B. Platt, H. J.
Sharp, Jos. Whitaker, and W. A. Whitehead.

Messrs. C. J. Cooper, Jonas Craven, and G. H.
Medlicott, were proposed, and Messrs. Clayton,
Entwistle, Lord, Marshall, Nicholson, and Pratt,
elected members of the society.

The Chairman then called upon Mr. Grundy to
move, "That no breach of a contract for service
ought to be treated as a criminal offence," which
motion was seconded by Mr. Whittaker. Messrs.
Lawson and Bateman opposed the resolution,
which, after a reply from Mr. Grundy and a
summing by the chairman, was rejected by a ma-
jority of four votes. The proceedings concluded
with a cordial vote of thanks to Mr. Hamilton.


A MEETING of this society was held at 1, Milford-
lane, Strand, W.C., on Wednesday, the 3rd Dec.
Mr. H. Lewis Arnold in the chair. Mr. T. J.
Baker opened the subject for the evening's debate,
viz.: "That it is desirable to appoint a Public
Prosecutor." The motion was carried by a
majority of 4.

Gresham, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Masterman, Mr. Sidney Smith, and Mr. Boodle (secretary), the sum of £50 was granted to the widow of a member, a grant of £10 was made to the widow of a nonmember, and two new members were elected.


AT the usual weekly meeting of the society, held at the Law Institution on Tuesday evening last, the following question was discussed, No. 526, decease equally to testator's brothers, but if any legal: "Bequest to A. for life, and after her died (leaving issue) during A.'s lifetime, their shares to be divided equally amongst their children. Are children of a brother who died before the date of the will, and of whose death testator must have had knowledge, entitled to share ?" The question was decided in the nega tive.


AT a meeting of this society, held at the rooms of the Social Science Association, No. 1, Adam-street, Adelphi, on Tuesday evening last, the following subject was opened for discussion by Mr. Charles Ford, "That the Happiness of Mankind is not Increased by Civilisation."

After an animated debate, in which members of both branches of the legal Profession took part (the attendance of members being unusually large), the motion was lost by a majority of 1.

SOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. THE usual monthly meeting of the board of directors of this association was held on Wednesday last, the 3rd Dec., at the Law Institution, London, Mr. Park Nelson in the chair, the other directors present being, Messrs. Brook, Hedger, Lake, Rickman, Roscoe, Shaen, Smith, Veley (of Chelmsford), and Williamson; Mr. Eiffe, secretary. A sum of £115 was granted in donations of relief to eight necessitous families of deceased solicitors, three new members were admitted to the association, and other general business trans



ON Thursday evening, the 27th Nov., a meeting
of this society was held at the County Court, New-
road, W. Wilkins, Esq., solicitor, in the chair.
It being an open night there was a large gather-
ing of the members and their friends.

The subject for debate was "The Advisability of Admitting any of the So-called Woman's Rights." Mr. Morgan opened in the affirmative, and Mr. C. V. Thorneycroft opposed. On being put to the meeting the question was decided in the negative by a large majority.


NOTE.-This department of the LAW TIMES, is contributed by EDWARD WALFORD, M.A., and late scholar of Balliol College, Oxford, and Fellow of the Genealogical and Historical Society of Great Britain; and, as it is desired to make it as perfect a record as possible, the families and friends of deceased members of the Profession will oblige by forwarding to the LAW TIMES Office any dates and materials required for a biographical notice.


THE late Henry John Bartley, Esq., of No. 30, Somerset-street, Portman-square, W., solicitor, who died on the 22nd ult., at his residence in Abbey-place, St. John's-wood, at the age of fortyseven, was the eldest surviving son of the late Charles Pitt Bartley, Esq., solicitor. The de. carried on business in Somerset-street for nearly ceased gentleman, together with his father, had half a century, and by their upright and sterling qualities had achieved a considerable reputation. He was highly esteemed and appreciated by a large circle of friends. The remains of the deceased gentleman were interred in Kensal-green Cemetery.

T. H. A. POYNDER, ESQ. barrister-at-law, of Hartham-park and HillTHE late Thomas Henry Allen Poynder, Esq., marton, Wiltshire, who died on the 26th ult. at Bath, in the sixtieth year of his age, was the eldest son of the late Thomas Poynder, Esq., Marianne, daughter of Allen Cooper, Esq., of the of Hartham-park and Hillmarton, by Sarah Hon. East India Company's Service. He was born in the year 1814, and was educated at the Charterhouse and at Brasenose College, Oxford, where he took his Bachelor's degree in 1836, and proceeded M.A. in 1838. He was called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term 1839, and practised for some Ar the usual monthly meeting of the directors, but retired some years ago from the active duties time at chambers in New-square, Lincoln's-inn, held at the hall of the Incorporated Law Society, ( of his profession. Like many members of his in Chancery-lane, on Thursday, the 4th inst., the following being present, viz,' Mr. Desborough organising various movements of a charitable family, Mr. Poynder took an active part in (chairman), Mr. Steward, Mr. Burges, Mr. nature in Wiltshire and in the metropolis, and his


name will consequently long be remembered by those who have participated in his liberality. Mr. Poynder was a commissioner of lieutenancy for the city of London, and a magistrate and deputy. lieutenant for Middlesex and Wiltshire, and served as high sheriff of the latter county in 1865. He married in 1842, Mary Anne, daughter of Robert Edmeades, Esq., and became a widower about two years ago.


THE late Thomson Branson, Esq., solicitor, of Sheffield, who died at his residence, Broom Grove, in that town, on the 29th Oct., in the eighty-first year of his age, was the eldest son of the late Mr. Anthony Branson, of Ketton, in the county of Rutland, and was born at Matlock, Derbyshire, in the year 1793. He was admitted a solicitor in Hilary Term 1815, and at the time of his death he was the senior member of the Profession at Sheffield. Mr. Branson acted for many years as consular agent of the United States of America at Sheffield, and he was one of the founders of Wesley College, in that town, of which successful institution he continued to be a trustee and the secretary from its opening to the time of his decease, a period of upwards of thirty years. The deceased gentleman was married, and has left issue a son, Mr. Charles Anthony Branson, who was admitted into the Profession in 1853, and was in partnership with his father. His remains were interred at the Sheffield Cemetery.


WE regret to announce the death of Mr. John P. Fearon, the head of the well-known firm of Fearon, Clabon, and Fearon, solicitors and parliamentary agents, in Great George-street, Westminster. Mr. Fearon, from failing health, had lately resided at his house, near Cuckfield, Sussex, his native place, where he died on the 17th ult., in his seventieth year. Mr. Fearon was the son of the Rev. Joseph Francis Fearon, for many years vicar of Cuckfield. He was educated at the formerly well-known school of Dr. Gurney, at Greenwich. He was admitted in the year 1825, and it was not long before he attained eminence both as a solicitor and parliamentary agent. We take the following from the Sussex Express: "One of those farsighted men, who, in the infancy of the railway system, perceived the importance of its extension through the country, he was, with a few others, the originator of the South-Eastern Railway; and it was he who suggested, and at a critical moment, accomplished, the purchase of the Folkestone Harbour, the control of which he saw to be essential to the foreign traffic of that line. Subsequently Mr. Fearon was appointed solicitor to the Attorney-General in ex officio charity suits; and we are assured that his reports on the cases which were thus brought before him, would form a very instructive volume on the true principles of charity law. The dutles of this office obliged him to deal much with educational schemes in connection with endowed schools, and it may be interesting to many, at the present time, to learn that he was always opposed to mere secular teaching, which he held to be simply impossible. It was mainly owing to his suggestions that the Act was passed constituting the present Charity Commission. But though a man of acute intellect and extensive knowledge, he will be remembered in his native place chiefly from the unvarying kindness, sweetness of temper, and cheerfulness which endeared him alike to rich and poor." We may add that Mr. Fearon's abilities and high principle, coupled with his geniality and gentle. ness of manner, won him the respect and kindly regard of all his professional brethren. His death will be generally regretted.

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Matthews v. Roberts

Newcomen v. Wharton

Hodges v. Wieland Cruickshank v. Bland Steers v. Eveleigh

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ing, and Dry Dock Com-
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and Banbury Junction
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To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street. SARGENT, FREDERICK DANIEL, clerk in Great Eastern Railway Co. Suatford. Pet. Nov. 26. Reg. Spring-Rice. Sol. Angell. Gresham-st. Sur. Dec. 11 SOLOMANS, MICHAEL, clothier, Holywell-la, Shoreditch. Pe. Nov. 28. Reg. Roche. Sol. Solomon, Finsbury-pl. Sur. Dec. 18 To surrender in the Country.

BLATCHLEY, CHARLES, baker, Liverpool. Pet. Nov. 27. Reg Watson. Sur. Dec. 10

BURTON, WILLIAM, chemist, Sutton. Pet. Nov. 21. Reg. Rowland. Sur. Dec. 9

HANKINSON, WILLIAM HENRY, brickmaker, Hornchurch.
Nov. 25. Reg. Gepp. Sur. Dec. 12


SteamPLATT, JOSEPH, painter, Saddleworth. Pet. Nov. 24. Reg.

Ship Co. (Limited)
Hill v. South Staffordshire
Railway Co.

Elliot v. Trimleston
Taylor v. Strange
Hyde v Holland
Sawtell v. Sawtell
Brooke v. Ingham
Raven v. Francis

Common Law Courts.

Court of Exchequer.

The Attorney-General v. Carter


Ward v. South Eastern Rose v. Denton

Railway Company
Morris v. Frankish and
The Cambrian Railways
Co. v. The Manchester
and Milford Railway Co.
Copin v. Kressman
Bevan v. The Marbella Iron
Ore Company (Limited)
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Railway Company
Thorp v. Craig
Pearse v. Ponsford
The Midland Wagon Com-
pany v. The Brecon and
Merthyr Tydfil Junction
Railway Company
Brocheton v. Moffatt and

Treloar a. Bigge
Lomas and Wife v. The
Great Western Railway
the Metropolitan
Railway Company
Dear Edwards
Russell v. Webster
Cohen. Taylor

Brewer v. Same
Galbraith v. The Garstang
and Knot End Railway
Schofield v. Hernulewicz
Hernulewicz v. Schofield
Sydney v. Michael
Gidney v. Gorringe
Stewart v. Pigou
Nottage v. London General
Omnibus Company
Pooley v. Burnup
Gorringe v. Gidney
Godfrey v. Marcus
Johnson v. Bruff
Young v. Ward
Thorne and Wife v. Great
Northern Railway Co.
Callcott v. Crozier
March v. Graham
Slade and another v. Mill.

Pickering v. Great Western
Railway Company
Johnson v. Brown
Levitt v. Hilton
Lickorish v. Jervis

[blocks in formation]

Tweedale. Sur. Dec. 10

PRICE, JOHN ALFRED, builder, Hanwell. Pet. Nov. 20. Reg. Ruston. Sur. Dec. 13

SCRAGG, JOSEPH, cotton spinner, Ashton-under-Lyne. Pet. Nov. 24. Reg. Hyde. Sur. Dec. 12

SMITH, JABEZ, ironmonger, Keighley. Pet. Nov. 25. Reg. Robinson. Sur. Dec. 9

WATSON, WILLIAM JAMES, commission merchant, Manchester, Pet. Nov. 26. Reg. Kay. Sur. Dec. 18

[blocks in formation]

BUSBY, WILLIAM, grocer, Leigh. Pet. Nov. 28. Reg. Gepp. Sur. Dec. 16

DAWSON, ALICE, beer retailer, Manchester. Pet. Nov. 27. Reg. Kay, Su. Dec. 18

DURHAM, FREDERICK, land surveyor, Thorne. Pet. Nov. 26. Reg. Wake. Sur. Dec. 12

DYKE, GEORGE, grocer, Liverpool. Pet. Nov. 27. Reg. Watson. Sur. Dec. 15

JOHNSON, ELIZABETH, widow, Harborne. Pet. Nov. 26. Reg. Chauntler. Sur, Dec. 15

SHEPHARD, SAMUEL, bootmaker, Redruth. Pet. Nov. 28. Reg. Chilcott. Sur. Dec. 15

WILSON, JOHN, oil refiner, West Gorton. Pet. Nov. 28. Reg. Kay. Sur. Dec. 18


Gazette, Nov. 25.

[blocks in formation]

ASHWORTH, JOHN, and ASHWORTH, JAMES, cotton spinners, Accrington. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 12, at three, at the Wheatsheaf hotel, Manchester. Sol. Standring, Rochdalo ATKIN, DICK, butcher, Hitchin. Pet. Nov. 19. Dec. 8, at eleven, at Messrs. Wade, Hitchin. Sol. Harper, Shefford ATKIN, HERCULES, cabinet maker. Liverpool. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 15, at three, at office of Sol. Nordon, Liverpool BAKER, JAMES FREDERICK, builder, Salisbury-ter, Kilburn. Pet. Nov. 14. Dec. 6, at one, at office of Sol. Johnson, High-st, Marylebone

BANKS, ELIZABETH, grocer, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 8, at twelve, at office of Sol. Dommer, Newcastle-uponTyne

BASSETT, CHARLES, attorney, Tichborne-st, Regent-circus. Pet. Nov. 8. Dec. 4, at four, at 21, Tichborne-st, Regent-circus. Sol. BASTER, ELIZABETH, berlin wool dealer, Brittox. Pet. Nov. 24, Dec. 12, at two,fat the Royallhotel, Bath. Sols. Henderson, Salmon, and Henderson, Bristol BELCHER, BEN, cook, Reading. Pet. Nov. 22. Dec. 2, at eleven, at 28, The Forbury, Reading. Sol. Rogers, Reading BINNS, ABRAHAM, jun., cardmaker, Batley. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 12, at half-past three, at the George hotel, Heckmondwike. Sels. Scholefield and Taylor, Batley

BISHOP, ROBERT, commission agent, Hackney-ter, Hackney. Pet. Nov. 18. Dec. 11, at eleven, at Thwaites, Basinghall-street. Sol. Scott, Basinghall-st

BROMLEY, WILLIAM. printer, Redditch. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 9, at three, at office of Sol. S.mmons, Birmingham

BROOKS, HENRY, blacksmith, Bolton. Pet. No. 25. Dec. 18, at two, at office of Sol. Rylev, Bolton

CHELL. JOSEPH, commission agent, Wolverhampton. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 18, at eleven, at office of Sol. Barrow, Wolverhampton CLARK, FREDERICK, victualler, Tottenham. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 15. a three, at office of Sol. Chidley, Old Jewry CLEMENTS, ANDREW, builder, Manchester.

Pet. Nov. 22. Dec. 18, at three, at office of Sols. Sutton and Elliott, Manchester COOK, REUBEN CHRISTMAS, furniture broker, Lowestof:. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 15, at twelve, at office of Sol. Seago, Lowesto't COULTER, ROBERT, commission agent, Liverpool. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 19, a two, at Gibson and Bolland, accountants, Liverpool. Sol. Morris, Liverpool

COWELL, JOHN, merchant's clerk, Camden villas, Tottenham. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 13, at three, at offices of Sol. Bassett, Tichborne-st, Regent-circus

CREW JOHN, Cowkeeper, Latimer-ter, Notting-hill. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 18, at three, at office of Scls. Tilley and Liggins, Finsburypl-south CURTIS, EDMUND. hotel manager, Shanklin. Pet. Nov. 11, Dec. 8, at three, at office of Sol. Duiant, Guildhall-chmbs, Basinghall


DAVIES, SIMON, jeweller, Cheetham. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 12, at three, at office of Sol. Sampson, Manchester

DEAN, JOHN HUGH, botmaker, King's Norton. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 9, at twelve, at offices of Sol. Hawkes, Birmingham DINSDALE, JOHN, draper, Askrigg. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 19, at quarter past ten, at the Green Tree inn, Leyburn. Sol. Waistell, Northallerton

EMERY, SAMUEL ANDERSON, comedian, Alfred-pl, Bedford-sq,
Pet. Nov. 18. Dec. 4, at eleven, at office of Sol. Johnson, Beá-
EYNON, JAMES, ironmonger, Swansea. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 15, at
eleven, at Barnard, Thomas, Tribe, and Co., Bristol. Sols.
Davies and Hartland, Swansea

FARWELL, JOHN ALBERT, baker, Melcombe Regis. Pet. Nov. 25.
Dec. 15, at eleven, at the Auction Mart, Melcombe Regis. Sol.
Howard, Melcombe Regis
FIELD, THOMAS, dealer, Withington. Pet. Nov. 18. Dec. 8, at
twelve, at office of Sol. Potter, Cheltenham

FINKELL, ALFRED, innkeeper, Whitby. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 11, at
three, at offices of Sol. Draper, Stockton
FORSTER, THOMAS, afrmer, Old Cassop. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 9, at
three, at office of Sols. Marshall and Folkard, Durham
FOSTER, CHARLES, plumber, Harrogate. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 12,
at eleven, at office of Sol. Harle, Leeds
FRAZER, JOSEPH, upholsterer, Westbourne gr.

Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 19, at three, at the Guildhall coffee-house, Gresham-st. Sols. Hillyer, Fenwick, and Stibbard, Fenchurch-st FREEMAN, HENRY, butcher, Nettlehed. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 9, at one, at 151, Friar st, Reading. Sois. Tidy, Herbert, and T.dy, Sackville-st, Piccadilly

GALE, MARIA AMELIA SUSAN, widow. Hackney. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 11, at twelve at office of Sol. O'Brien, Dane's inn, Strand GREATR X, QUINTIN DICK, butcher, Maldon. Pet. Nov. 21. Dec. 11, at eleven, at office of Sols. Crick and Freeman, Maldon GREAVES, WILLIAM HUNSLEY, stuff merchant, Pudsey, and Bradford. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 12, at eleven at office of So's. Wood and Killick, Bradford

GREENHALGH, JOSEPH, cloth fin'sher, Leeds. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 10, at three, at Burrell and Pickard, accountants, Leeds. Sol. Myers GREENWOOD, JOHN, glass dealer, Kendal. Pet. Nov. 23. Dec. 18, at twelve, at office of Sol. Watson, Kendal HARRIS, BESSIE, lodginghouse keeper, Maida-hill. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 17, at two at office of Sol. Hilbery, Crutched-friars HARRIS, EMANUEL, hatter, Angel-la, Stratford. Pet. Nov. 28. Dec. 17, at three, at office of Sol. Wilts, Charles-sq. Hoxton HARRISON, HENRY, butcher, Sabden, near Whalley. Pe. Nov. 24. Dec. 12, at eleven, at one of Sois. Messis. Eastham, Clithe


HARROW, WILLIAM, grocer, Nap'er-st, Deptford. Pet. Nov. 24.
Dec. 12, at twelve, at office of Sol. Moss, Gracechurch-st
HEATON, THOMAS WADDINGTON, grocer, Wigan, ana bindley.
Pet. Nov. 21. Dec. 11, at eleven, at cffices of Sol. Asuton,
HENNELLY, BERNARD, draper, Liverpool. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec.
11, at three, at offices of Sois. Sale, Shipman, Seddon, and Sale.

HIRST, JAMES, woolstapler, Bradford. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec 10, at eleven, at otlice of Sol. Harris, Bradford

HIRST, WALTER mill owner, Morley. Pet. Nov. 23. Dec. 11, at three, at office of Sol. Iboerson, Dewsbury

HOLLAND, WILLIAM, plumber, Duffield. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 20, at ten, at offices of Sol, Leech, Derby

HOLT, CHARLES, tailor, Chequer-st, St. Albans. Pet. Nov. 21. Dec. 10, at three, at Honey, Humphrys, Baggs, and Co. King-st, Cheapside. Sol. Salaman

HOLWILL, JAMES, tailor, Swansea. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 11, at twelve, at Barnard, Thomas, Cawker, and Co. Temple-st. Swansea. Sols. Davies and Hartland, Swansea

HONEYSETT, JOHN, coal merchant, Great Scotland vd. Pet. Nov. 18. Dec. 5, at eleven, at office of Sol. Johnson, Bedford-row HOPKINS, JAMES, button manufacturer, White Post-la, Hackney Pet. Nov. 18. Dec. 15, at eleven, at Mr. Thwaites, 12, Basis hall-st. Sol. Scott, Basinghall-st

HOWSON, THOMAS, builder, Spennymoor. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 10, ut three, at office of Sols. Marshall and Foikard. Durham JACOBS, LEWIS, hawkel, Merthyr Tydfil. Pet. Nov. 22. Dec. 12, at twe ve, at office of Sol. Green, Birmingham JOHNSON, MARY, boot dealer, Manchester. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 10, at two, at office of Sols. Messrs. Heath, Manchester JONES, FRANCIS WILLIAM, brushmaker, Pet. Nov. 19 Dec. 16, at three, at office of Sol. Heathfield, Lincoln's inn-fields

JONES, RHYS, victualler, Swansea. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 10, at twelve, at office of Sols. Davies and Hartland, Swansea LAWS, CHARLES, architect, Strand, and Fellows-rd, Haverstockhill, and Margate. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 17, at two, at the London Warehousem n's Association, 33, Gutter-la. Sol. Vanderpump South-sq. Gray's-inn

LEE, THOMAS, tobacconist, Manchester. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 11, at three, at offices of Sols. Sutton and Elliott, Manchester LEGGETT, GEORGE, builder, Little George-st, Portman-sq. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 17, at two, at office of Sols. Tilley and Liggins, Finsbury pl South

LEWIS, JOHN, hosier, Leeds.

Pet. Nov. 21. Dec. 9, at three, at

office of Sol. Turr er, Leeds MCCORMIC, JOHN, boot dealer, Rochdale. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 16, at three, at the Hare and Hounds inn, Rochdale. Sol. Lomax, jun., Rocha e

MARKS, KAUFMANN ISRAEL, iron merchant, Esther-pl, Bridgest, Greenwich. Pet. Nov. 22. Dec. 15, at two, at office of Sol. Messrs. Spyer, Old Broad-st

Pet. Nov. 20. Pet. Nov. 21.

MARSDEN, WILLIAM, pawnbroker, Blackburn. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 11, at eleven, at offices of Sol. Darley, Blackburn MARTIN, BENJAMIN, late corn dealer, St Thomas's-rd, Burdett rd, Bow. Pet. Nov. 21. Dec. 6, at ten, at offices of Sol. Dobson, Southampton bldgs MATTHEWS, WILLIAM, Schoolmaster, Birmingham. Pet. Nov. 22 Dec. 9, at twelve, at offices of Sol. Fallows, Birmingham MILLER, JOSEPH, plasterer, Leeds. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 11, at three,. at office of Sols. Fawcett and Malcolm, Leeds MORGAN, WINDSOR, pattern maker, Stockton. Dec. 11, at two, at office of Sol. Draper, Stockton MORRIS, MOSES, beerhouse keeper, Newcastle. Dec. 9, at three, at office of Sol. Hollinshead, Tunstall MORTLEMAN, THOMAS, beerhcuse keeper, Nunhead, Peckham. Pet. Nov. 20. Dec. 8, at twelve, at office of Sol. Sherwood, King William-st MURRELL, EDWARD, innkeeper, Stamford. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 15, at twelve, at office of Sol. Stapleton, Stamford MUSK, ROBERT, blacksmith, Ilketshall. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 11, at two, at office of Sols. Overbury and Gilbert, Norwich NAYLOR, JAMES SADLER, esq., Jermyn-st. Pet. Nov. 22. Dec. 15, at three, at office of sols. Ford and Lloyd, Bloomsbury.sq NICHOLLS, ROBERT, beerhouse keeper, Mongotsfield. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 12, at two, at office of Sol. Beckingham, Bristol OLLEY, WILLIAM, and MILLER, WILLIAM HENRY, engineer, Enfield Wash. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 18, at one, at office of Dubois, accountant, Gresham-bldgs, Basinghall-st. Sol. Dubois, Kine st, Cheapside

PAVELEY, CHARLES, victualler, New-st, Pet. Nov. 15. Dec. 22, at three, Adelphi house, 754, Strand. Sols. Hicks and Arnold, Salisbury-st, Strand

PEARSON, SAMUEL, victualler, Bristol. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 9, at twelve, at J. S. Pitt, Albion-chmbs-east, Bristol. Sol. Essery, Bristol

PIPE, WALTER, baker, George-st, Portland-pl, Marylebone.
Pet. Nov. 20. Dec. 11, at three, at office of Sols. Button and Co,
Henrietta-st, Covent-gdn
POUNTNEY, WILLIAM, gunmaker, Birmingham. Pet. Nov. 21.
Dec. 5, at four, offices of Sol. Parry, Birmingham

RIECHTER. GEORGE, tailor, Hadleigh. Pet Nov. 24. Dec. 12, at
two, at offices of Sol. Pollard, Ipswich
SAMPSON, JAMES, picture dealer, Cornhill, and Champion-grove,
Camberwell. Pet. Nov. 22. Dec. 18, at three at office of Sol.
Davies, Furnival's-ion. Holborn

SEDGWICK, THOMAS WILLIAM. out of business, Commercial-rd,
Peckham. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 10. at eleven, at office of Sols.
Raven and Curtis, Queen Victoria-st

SMITH, WAVERLEY, and SMITH, ROGER, power loom makers, Hopwood, near Heywood. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 13, at three, at cfice of Sol. Orton, Heywood

STAPLETON, GEORGE, butcher, Richmond-rd, Bayswater. Pet. Nov. 20. Dec. 8, at three, at office of Sul. Winkworth, Oxford-st Regent-circus

TAYLOR, JOSEPH, yeast dealer, Burslem.

Pet. Nov. 10. Dec. 5,

at three, at office of Sol. Lees, Burslem TAYLOR, THOMAS, dutch yeast importer. Dewsbury. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 12, at three, at office of Sol. Ibberson, Dewsbury THOROGOOD, GEORGE, and THOROGOOD, ARTHUR, builders. Romford. Pet. Nov. 21. Dec. 8, at two, at office of Sol Preston, Mark-la, London

TUBBY, GEORGE, fish salesman, Lowestoft. Pet. Nov. 24.

Dec. 12, at twelve, at the Star hotel, Great Yarmouth. Sol. Wiltshire, Great Ya mouth

WALKER, HENRY, victualler, Sunbury. Pet. Nov. 23. Dec. 11, at two, at office of Sol. Poole, Bartholomew-close WATTS, HENRY, hot water engineer, St. John-st, West Smithfeld. Pet. Nov. 15. Dec. 6. at twelve, at office of Sol. Eyre, Rolls-chmbs, Chancery-la

WETTON. HENRY, coach builder, Manchester. Pet. Nov. 23. Dec. 12, at two, at office of Sols. Addleshaw and Warburton, Manchester

WILLIAMS, GEORGE, grocer, Cambridge-rd, Kilburn-pk. Pet Nov. 26. Dec. 18, at twelve, at the Guildhall tavern, Greshamst. Sols. Chorley and Crawford. Moorgate-st

WILLIAMS, RICHARD HUGHES, bootmaker, Aberystwith. Pet. Nov. 17. Dec. 6, at eleven, at office of Sols. Messrs. Hughes, Aberystwith

WOOD, DAN, hatter, Bredbury. Pet. Nov. 19. Dec. 8, at eleven, at office of Sols. Messrs. Vaughan, Heaton Norris WOODHEAD, WILSON, cloth merchant, Leeds. Pet. Nov. 23. Dec. 16, at three, at office of Sols. Messrs. North, Leeds WRIGHT, JOHN, bookkeeper, New Ferry. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 17, at two, at the Clarendon rooms, South John-st, Liverpool WRIGHT, ROBERT ARTHUR, alkali manufacturer, St. Helens. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 10, at three, at the Fleece hotel, Church-st, St. Helens. Sols. Sale, Shipman, Seddon, and Sale, ManchesWRIGHT. WILLIAM, waste dealer, Bradford. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 12, at eleven, at office of Sol. Rennolls, Bradford


Gazette, Dec. 2.

ABBOTT, THOMAS JAMES, out of business, Princes-st, Rotherhithe. Pet. Nov. 17. Dec. 10, at ten, at Messrs. Lewis's offices, 123, Chancery-la. Sol. Long ABRAHAMS, ISAAC, furniture dealer, Liverpool. Pet. Nov. 27 Dec. 18, at three, at office of Smart, Snell, and Co. Cheapside, London. Sol, Nordon, Liverpool

ALDOUS, WILLIAM, builder, Armagh-rd, North Bow. Pet. Nov. 20. Dec. 16, at two, at offices of Sols. Hudson, Matthews, and Co, Bucklersbury

APPLEBY, LANCELOT, cabinet maker, Middlesborough, and
Coatham. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 18, at twelve, at the Corporation
hotel, Middlesborough. Sol. Dale, York
Pet. Nov. 24. Dec.
Sol. Gould, Man-

AULD. JOHN, late accountant, Manchester.
17, at three, at the Swan hotel, Manchester.

BANDY, WILLIAM HENRY, beerhouse keeper, Bedford. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 16, at twelve, at office of Mr. Smith, 220, Old-st, St. Lukes, London. Sol. Stimson, Bedford

BENT. JANE, milliner, Manchester. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 19, at three, at office of Sols. Hulme. Foyster, and Foyster, Man


Pet. Nov. 27.

BLAKE. JOHN. bank manager, Melksham. Pet. Nov. 20. Dec. 13, at one, at the Roval hotel, Bath. Sol. Nodder BLEEZE, HENRY RALPH, solicitor's clerk, Luton. Dec. 13. at eleven, at office of Sol. Neve, Luton BRYAN, WILLIAM, grocer, Dudley. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 13, at eleven, at mee of Sol. Lowe, Dudley

BOINTON, JOHN, general draper, Stockton-on-Tees. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 13, at three, at office of Sol. Hopper, Newcastle-uponTyne

BOULD, THOMAS, and BOULD, ALFRED, grocers, Longton. Pet.
Nov. 21. Dec. 11, at eleven at office of Sol. Welch, Longton
BOYNTON, JOHN, commission agent, Middlesborough. Pet. Nov.
20. Dec. 17, at three, at office of Sol. Addenbrooke, Middles.
CAINE, JOHN, cal dealer, Birmingham. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 15,
at eleven, at office of Sol. Allen, Birmingham

CHEE MAN, CHARLES TAYLOR, fruiterer, Hove. Pet. Nov. 27.
Dec. 15, at three, at office of Sol. Mills, Brighton
CLARKSON, MARY, confectioner, Wavertree, near Liverpool. Pet.
Nov. 7. Dec. 12, at three, at offices of Sols. Teebay and Lynch,

COOK, BICHARD, commission agent, Sheffield. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 13 at one, at office of Sol. Ta tershall, Sheffield

COOPER, JOSIAH, plasterer, Longton. Pet. Nov. 23. Dec. 18, at
eleven, at office of Sol. Welch, Longton
DORMAY. PETER, silk throwster, Macclesfield. Pet. Nov. 28.
Dec 13, at twelve, at office of Sol. Hand, Macclesfield

BENNETT, THOMAS, stonemasons, Charlotte-st, Blackfriars-rd. Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 12, at two, at offices of Dubois, 2, Gresham-bidgs, ba inghall-st, public accountant. Sol. Maynard, Clifford's-inn

EVANS, JOHN, plumber, Slough. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 16, at eleven. at the Crown hot 1, Slough. Sol. Charlesley, Slough EVANS, THOMAS, accountant, Sheffield. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 11, at twelve, at office of Sols. Smith and Hinde, Shetheld FALSHAW, WILLIAM, grower of fruit, Orchard-gdns, Turnhamgreen. Pet. Nov. 21. Dec. 15, at one, at office of Sol. Barron, Queen-st, Cannon-st

FIELDING, ABRAHAM, drysalter, Halifax. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 13, at two, at the Grittin inn, Halifax. Sol. Jubb, Halifax FINLAY, HUNTER, doctor of medicine, Grove-terrace, Lewisham. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 12, at twelve, at office of Sol. Haynes, War. wick-ct, Gray's-inn

FOSTER. WILLIAM, beer retailer, Darlaston. Pet. Nov. 28. Dec.
13. at two, at offices of Sol, Corbett, Darlaston
GAUNT, JOSEPH, jun, wood cutter, Sheffield. Pet. Nov 25. Dec.
12, at twelve, at office of Messrs. Tasker, accountants, Sheffield.
Sois. Messrs. Webster, Sheffield
GIBES, GEORGE WILLIAM, baker, Kingston-on-Thames. Pet. Nov
2). Des. 15, at two, at office of Sols. Wilki, son and Howlett,
Bedtorc-st Covent-dn

GLOVER, JOSEPH, jon, licensed victualler, Leicester. Pet. Nov.
2. Dec. 18, at two, at the Welling on hotel, Leicester. Sols.
Fowler, Smith, and Warwick, Leicester
GREEN, JOHN, commerc al clerk, Jubilee st, Mile End-rd. Pet.
Nov, 27.
Dec. 15, at twelve, at office of Sol. Buchanan, Basing-
GREEN, JAMES TURTON, plumber, Stourbridge. Pet. Nov. 27.
Dec. 13, at eleven, at the Commissioners' Room, Stourbridge.
Sol, Wali, Stourbridge

GREEN, JAMES HAMMOND, joiner, Leeds. Pet. Nov. 28. Dec. 13,
at two, at the Star and Garter hotel, Leeds
HAINSWORTH, JOHN EDWARD, engineer, Dewsbury. Pet. Nov.
2. Dec. 17, at half-past ten, at office of Sols. Messrs. Scholes,
HARDY, MARTHA, miller, Rochdale. Pet. Nov. 23. Dec. 17, at
three, at office of Sol. Standring, Rochdale
HARRISON, JOHN, tallor, Barnet st, Hackney-rd, and Green-st,
Bethnal-green. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 22, at three, at office of Sol.
Heathfield, Lincoln's inn fields
HAWKYARD, JAMES, wool dealers, Rochaale. Pet. Nov. 27.
Dec. 16, at three. at the Wheat Sheif hotel, Manchester. Sol.
Standring, Rochdale

HENDERSON, ROBERT WILLIAM CUTHBERT, house decorator, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 2, at twelve, at office of Sol. Story, Newcastle upon-Tyne

HICKS, JOHN, Coffee-house keeper, Mile End-rd. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 16, at two, at offices of Sol. Robinson, Gresham-house, Old Broad-st

JOHNSON, SAMUEL, cloth manufacturer, Farsley. Pet. Nov. 27 Dec. 15, at thre, at office of Sol. Ferns, Leeds

JONES, EDWARD, Fulham-rd, Brompton. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 17, at three, at offices of J. F. Lovering and Co., accountants, 35, Gresham-st. Sols. Me sis. Piesse, Old Jewry-chmt s JONES, JOHN, Baddler, Llangollen. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 16, at two, at the Lion hotel, Wrexham. Sol. Hughes, Corwen KENWARD, GEORGE, bootmaker, St. Leonards-on-Sea. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 15, at twelve, at Mr. Nichols, London-bridge Rail. way-approach, London. Sol. Jones, tastings

KETTLEWELL, HARRY MASON, horticultural auctioneer, Kingst, Covent-garden, und Rosherville, High Beech. Pet Nov. 27. Dec. 16, at three, at office of Sols. Plews and Irvine, Mark-la LAYCOCK, FRANCIS, tea dealer, Manchester Pet. Nov 27. Dec. 15, at three, at office of Sols, Sutton and Elliott, Manchester LIGHT, ALBERT JOSEPH, builder, St. Margaret's-pl, Southwark. Pet Nov. 29. Dec. 18, at two, at office of Sols. Kynaston and Gasquet, Qu-en-st, Cheapside

LUMLEY, WILLIAM, cabinet maker, Morpeth. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 15, at eleven, at office of Sol. Sewell, solicitor, Newcastleupon-Tyne. Sol. Nicholson, Morpeth

MACDONALD, EUNICE, widow, Whitehaven. Pet. Nov. 28. Dec. 16, at three, at Whitehaven. Sol. Paitson MACVEIGH, JAMES, jun., draper, Maxwell-rd. Moore-pk, Fulham. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 16, at twelve, at the Chamber of Commerce, 145, Cheapside. Sols. Peacock and Goddard, South-square, Gray's-lun

MESSENGER, JAMES HENRY, artists' colourman, High-st, Hampstead, and Stanhope-st, Euston-rd. Pet. Nov. 17. Dec. 13, at two, at the Mason's Ba'l Tavern, Mason's-avenue, BasinghallSol. Downing. Basinghall--t


MYATT, GEORGE ALBAN. saddler, Rugeley. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 17, at three, at the Three Tuns inn, Stafford. Sol. Palmer, Rugeley NAYLOR, SARAH, and BARKER, JOHN, dyers, Birstall. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 15, at eleven, at the Black Bull hotel, Mirfield. Sol. Ibberson

NEWALL, JOSHUA, grocer, Smethwick. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 15, at three, at offices of Sol. Wood, Birm ngham PEARCE, WILLIAM, miller, St. Stephens by Saltash. Pet. Nov. 20. Dec. 18, at twelve, at office of Sol. Gilbard, Devonport PIERCE, WILLIAM, Oxford-rd, Ealing, and GORDON, SAMUEL, Grove pl, Ealing, builders, Eaton-rise, Ealing. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 17. at two, at offices of Sols. Harris and Finch, Thayerst. Manchester-sq POWELL, FREDERICK, builder, Tunbridge. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 13, at eleven, at offices of Sols. Gorham and Warner, Tunbridge PRESDEE, EDWARD, bootmaker. Birmingham. Pet. Nov. 28. Dec. 15, at ten, at office of Sol. Duke, Birmingham PRITCHARD, WILLIAM ELLSMORE, baker, Monmouth. Pet. Nov. 28. Dec. 13, at eleven, at office of Sol. Gibbs, Newport RAVES, THOMAS, innkeeper, Penrith. Pet Nov. 27. Dec. 15, at two, at the Fish inn. Penrith. Sol. Broatch ROADNIGHT, WILLIAM, farmer, Hillingden. Pet. Nov. 28. Dec. 20, at three, at the Chequers hotel, Uxbridge. Sol. Heron, Ely-pl, Holborn

ROSE, WILLIAM HENRY, marine store dealer, Bristol. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 10, at eleven, at office of Sol. Essery, Bristol ROSE, JOHN, timber merchant. New church-rit, Camberwell, and Union-rd, Rotherhithe. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 15, at three, at offices of Sol. Silvester, Great Dover-st, Newington Ross, JOHN, carpenter, Hainesvaler, Goldhawk rd, Shep. herd's bush, and Railway arches, Shepherd's-bush. Pet. Nov, 23. Dec. 11, at one, at office of Sol. Deere, King's Arms-yd, Moorgate-st SHERIFF, JAMES, Canonbury-pk South, London, and LINDSAY, JAMES HENRY COX, Liscard, East India merchants. Great Winchester-st-bldgs, London. Liverpool, and Birmingham. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 18, at three, at office of Hols. Lewis, Munns, and Longden, Old Jewry, London

SHIELD, HENRY WILLIAM, barrister's clerk, Yiewsley. Pet. Nov. 26. Dec. 15, at two, at office of Sol. Mirams, New-inu, Strand

SPILLER, JOHN, upholsterer, Swindon. Pet. Nov. 20. Dec. 12, at twelve, at office of Sols Kiuneira d Tombs, Swindon SLACK, JOHN. jun., Footmaker, Carlisle. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 13. at two, at office of Sol. wr ght, Carlisle SMITH, SARAH, bat manufacturer, Bury. Pet. Nov. 23. Dec. 17, at three, at office of S1. Messrs. Grundy, Bury SMITH, WILLIAM FRANCIS, cheesemonger, Hackney-rd.

Pe*. Nov. 29. Dec 15, at eleven, at offices of Kent, Flaxman, Haydon, and Co., accountants, 55, Bisinghall-st. Sol. Warrand, Ludgate-hill

SOUTH, SIDNEY SMITH, grocer, Sheerness. Pet. Nov 29. Dec. 15, at twelve, at the Law Institution, Chancery-la. Sol. Cop. land, Sheerness

TAYLOR. DAN, saddler, Halifax. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 13, at four, at office of Sol. Storey, Halifax

TAYLOR, SAMUEL COCKSHOTT, joiner, Morecambe. Pet. Nov. 27.
Dec 13, at ten, at office of St. Rhodes, Bradford

TOWNS, THOMAS CHARLES, coach boy maker. Ramsgate. Pet.
Nov. 28. Dec 16, at one, at the Eagie, Ramsgate. Sol. Dels-aux,
TREGASKIS, WILLIAM, printer, Falmouth. Pet. Nov, 26. Dec.
13, at three. at office of Sol Jenkins, Falmouth
TUCKER, WILLIAM, hatter, Fenchurch-st. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec.
15, at two, st office of Sol. Hubbard, Long-la, West Smithfield
TURNER, ARTHUR JOHN, out of business Birmingham. Pet.
Nov. 27. Dec. 12, at three, at office of Sol. Boraston, Birming
VALLER, JAMES. bootmaker, Walton-st, Chelsea. Pet. Nov. 26.
Dec. 15, at twelve, at offices of Sol. Murray, Sackville-st,

WELLS, AUGUSTUS, licensed victualler, Ivy-In, Newgate-st. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 24, at ten, at office of Sol. Brighten, Bishopsgatest Without

WHITTAKER, JOHN, farmer, Monks Coppenhall. Pet. Nov. 23.
Dec. 15, at three, at the Royal hotel, Crewe. Sol. Nordon,
Chester and Liverpool

Nov. 26. Dec. 11, at three, at Mu lens' note!, Ironmonger lane.
Sol. Downing, Basinghell-st

WOODRUFF. THOMAS FREDERICK, grocer, Deal. Pet. Nov. 27.
Dec. 15, at three, at the Royal hotel, Deal. Sol. Mercer, Deal
WOOD, DAVID EDWIN, outfitter, Slough. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 15,
at two, at office of Sol. Durant, Guildhall-chmbs
WOOD, WILLIAM, grocer, Shefeld. Pet. Nov. 28. Dec. 16, at
twelve at office of Sol. Singleton, Sheffield

YORK, WILLIAMS, boot manufactorer, Wolverhampton. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 15, at twelve, at the Queen's hotel, Birmingham. Sols. Messrs. Underhill and Green, Wolverhampton



The Official Assignees, &c., are given, to whom apply for the Dividends.

Gibbins, T. farmer, first, 1s. 8d. Paget, Basinghall-st.-Gilbert, H. timber merchant, first, 9d. Paget, Hasinghall-st.- Mei, A. C. fy. brewer, first, 1s. 71-16d. Paget, Basinghall-st.-Wells, J. carpenter, first, 24d. Paget, Basinghall-st

Beal, D. shopkeeper, id. At Sol. Crumble. York.-Bilsborough and Hopwood, boot inerchants, second, 2s. 6d. At Trust. A. Hines, 2, Victoria-st, Manchester.-Clayton, J. victualler, second and final, 1s. 7 d. At Trust. H. Bolland, 10, South John-st, Liverpool. Cottam, W. reed maker, first, 48. 6d. At Trust. W. Gilyard, 25, Market-st, Bradford.—Cull, K. widow, 6s. 6d. At J. B. Blake, 3, Lothbury. Trust. E. G. Modridge.-Eden, J. H. hotel keeper, first and final, 1s. At Sols. Stone and Simpson, Tunbridge Wells.-Fairweather, D. draper, third and final, is. 9d. At Trust. W. Affleck, 30, Friday-st.-Gunn, Jamieson, and Co., merchant, final, 11d. At Chatteris, Nichols, and Chatteris, 1, Gre-hamblugs, Basinghall-st-Kerrison, R. A. and R. sixth, 6d. At Trust. E. C. Bailey, Crown-bank, Norwich.-Lane, E. P. cornfactor, final, 2s. 6d. At Greenway, Smith, and Greenways, Bank, Leamington Priors. Trust. W. Humphriss.-Laurie, H. A. linen draper, first, 2s. 6d.; second, 2s. 6d.; and third and final, 28. 7d. At Trust. T. McConnell, 15, Queen-st, Wigan. Partington and Bradbury, cotton 98. spinners, first, At Trust. P. Kevan, 12, Acresfield, Bolton.-Netzo, A. D. share dealer, first, 28. At Trust. J. Waddell, Mansion House-chmbs 12, Queen Victoria-st.-Whitworth, G. W. hop merchant, first, 28. 3d. At Few and Cole, 79, Borough High-st, Southwark. Trust. P. S. Punnett.-Willis, J. W. draper, second and final, 21d. At Trust. J. Willoughby, King's Armns-la, Carlisle.

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[blocks in formation]


AYRTON.-On the 28th ult., at Bexhill, aged 57, Edward Nugent
Ayrton, Esq., barrister, of Lincoln's-inn.
HUGHES. On the 22th ult., at 35, Hawley-square, Margate,
aged 72, Wiliam Hughes, Esq, solicitor
ROSE.-On the 3rd in t., at Brighton, aged 91, the Hon. Sir
George Rose, F.R S.. late Judge of the Court of Review.



192, FLEET-STREET, AND 1 & 2, CHANCERY-LANE, LONDON, E.C. Carriage paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 208. DRAFT PAPER, 5s., 6s. 6d., 7s. 6d., 7s. 9d., and 9s. 9d. per


BRIEF PAPER, 15s. 6d., 178. 6d., and 29s. 6. per ream.
FOOLSCAP PAPER, 10s. 6d., 12s. 6d., and 158. 6d. per ream.
CREAM LAID NOTE, 38., 48., and 58. per ream.
LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 4s. 6d., 68. 6d., and 88. per ream..
LARGE BLUE NOTE, 33. d., 4s. 6d., and 6s. 6d. per ream.
ENVELOPES, CREAM OR BLUE, 48. 6d., and 6s. 6d., per 1000.
THE TEMPLE" ENVELOPE, extra secure, 93. 6d. per 1000.
9s. 6d. per ream,

"We should direct particular attention to their New Clubhonse Paper: in our opinion it is the very best paper we ever wrote upon."-London Mirror.

INDENTURE SKINS, Printed and Machine-ruled, to hold twenty or thirty folios, 2s. 3d. per skin, 26s. per dozen, 125s. per roll. SECONDS OF FOLLOWERS, Ruled, 1s. 11d. each, 228. per dozen. 105s. per roll.

RECORDS OF MEMORIALS, 7d. each, 68. 6d. per dozen.

LEDGERS, DAY-BOOKS, CASH-BOOKS, LETTER OF MINUTE-BOOKSAn immense stock in various bindings. ILLUSTRATED PRICE-LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales Copying Presses, Writing Cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles adapted to Library or Office, post free.



The exorbitant items of the undertaker's bill have long operated as an oppressive tax upon all classes of the community. With a view of applying a remedy to this serious evil the LONDON NECROPOLIS COMPANY, when opening their extensive cemetery at Woking, held themselves prepared to undertak the whole duties relating to interments at fixed and moderate scales of charge, from which survivors may choose acc rding to their means and the requirements o the case. The Company also undertakes the condner of Funerals to other cemeteries, and to all parts of the United Kingdom. A pamphlet containing full particulars inay be obtained, or will be forwarde, upon application to the Chief Office, 2, Lancaste place, Strand, W.C.

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C. H. CLAYTON, Joint Secretaries.



68, CHANCERY-LANE, LONDON. CHAIRMAN.Alfred H. Shadwell, Esq. DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN-II. Cecil Raikes, Esq., M.P. Reversions and Life Interests purchased. Immediate and Deferred Annuities granted in exchange for Reversionary and Contingent Interests.

Loans may also be obtained on the security of Reversions.
Annuities, Immediate, Deferred, and Contingent, and alsc
Endowments, granted où favourable terms.
Prospectuses and Forms of Proposal, and all further infor-
mation, may be had at the office.

C. B. CLABON, Secretary.

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PROVIDED FOR BY A POLICY OF THE RAILWAY PASSENGERS' ASSURANCE COMPANY An Annual Payment of £3 to £55s. Insures £1000 at Death or an Allowance at the rate of £5 per week for Injury. £725,000 have been paid as Compensation. ONE out of every Twelve Annual Policy Holders becoming a Claimant EACH YEAR. For particulars, apply to the Clerks at the Railway Sta tions, to the Local Agents, or at the Offices, 64, CORNHILL, AND 10, REGENT-STREET, LONDON. WILLIAM J. VIAN, Secretary. LIFE



Chief Office.-126, CHANCERY-LANE LONDON, W.c.
Fully subscribed by upwards of 400 Shareholders, nearly all
of whom are members of the Legal Profession.
CHAIRMAN.-Sir William Foster, Bart., Norwich.
DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN.-James Cuddon, Esq... Barrister-at-
Law, Goldsmith's-building, Temple.
The Capital subscribed and Funds in hand amount to
upwards of £1,330,000, affording unquestionable security.
The Directors invite attention to the new Form of Life
Policy, which is free from all conditions.

The Company ADVANCES Money on Mortgage of Life Interests and Reversions, whether absolute or contingent. Prospectuses, copies of the Directors' Report, and Annual Balance Sheet, and every information sent post free on application to

FRANK M'GEDY, Actuary and Secretary.

WHAT IPA puerontoduction te

HAT AM IP A Popular Introduction to

MECHANISM of MAN. By EDWARD W. COX, Serjeantat-Law. Price 88. 6d.


1. Introduction.

2. What am I?

8. The Man.

4. How we Grow.

5. How we Live.

6. What Life is.


7. The Beginning of Life.

8. The Germ.

9. How we Die.

10. How we are Moved.

11. The Senses.

12. Of the Sense of Sight.
18. Of the Sense of Hearing.
14. Of the Senses of Taste

and Smell.

15. Of the Sense of Touch.
16. Of the evidence of the

17. About Life.

18. Of the Brain.

19. The Mechanism of the

20. Classification of the Men-
tal Powers.
21. The Mecaanism of the

Mind: The Propensities.
22. The Mechanism of the
Mind: The Sentiments
Common to Man with
the Lower Animals.
23. The Mechanism of the
Mind: The Sentiments
Proper to Man.

24. The Mechanism of the Mind: The Intellectual Faculties.


25. The Mechanism of the
Mind: The Faculties
that perceive the rela
tions of external ob-

26. The Mechanism of the
Mind: The Reflective

27. Of the Memory.

23. How the Machinery of
the Mind works.

29. Of the Will.

30. The Soul-its Dwelling
and its Destiny.

31. Soul-Spirit-Anima.
32. The Argument.
33. Consciousness.

34. Presumptive Proofs.

35. The Natural and the

36. What the Soul is.
37. The Dwelling-place of the

38. The Shape of the Soul.
$9. The Condition of the
Soul after Death.
40. The Outlook of the

41. The Pre-existence of the

42. The Dwelling-place of the

43. The Condition of the

44. The Mystery.

45. Conclusions.


A most useful and charming book.-Standard. Serjeant Cox sketches his psychological system with a bold, free, and not unsteady hand.--Daily Review, Written in such plain language and in such a popular and entertaining style.-Oxford Herald. A remarkable book.-Builder.

We commend it to the serious study of those who would find an intelligible answer to the monstrous question "What am I:"-Leicester Mercury.

London: LONGMAN and Co., Paternoster-row.


REGISTERED Nov. 1848. Specially adapted to meet the wants of




Ease Combined with a Perfect Fit. Patterns and Particulars of Measurement free by post.





[blocks in formation]

EXAMINATION.Mall Ground Rents entrusted to him for disposal,
R. DAVID J. CHATTELL, who inspects

through the post. Terms very moderate.-Apply, by letter, invites BUYERS or SELLERS of Ground Rents to CALL
to "86." Southampton-row, London, W.C.

[blocks in formation]

REEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD GROUND RENTS.-Mr. DAVID J. CHATTELL, having for many years devoted his particular attention to this class of investments, is, through his extensive and constantly increasing connection, enabled to dispose of Ground Rents, without delay, at fair market prices. The Special Monthly List, containing particulars of numerous parcels, paying various rates of interest, and suitable for the employment of large or small amounts, may be had, gratis, on application at his Offices. 29A, (corner of) Lincoln's-innsellers.


AW PUPILS.-A BARRISTER, who has, fields, and forms the best medium between buyers and with almost uniform success, prepared nearly one thousand Students for Examination prior to Admission as Attorneys, many of whom have obtained a Prize or Certificate of Merit, including two Clifford's-inn Prizemen, RECEIVES PUPILS for Intermediate or Final Examinations, to whom he devotes five hours daily. Fee moderate.-For particulars, or an interview, address "Mr. J.," Messrs. Stevens and Sons, Law Booksellers, 119, Chancery-lane, W.C.-N. B. Classes are forming, limited in number, for the ensuing Hiliary, Easter, and Trinity Terms.

ESSRS. DEBENHAM, TEWSON, and FARMER'S LIST of ESTATES and HOUSES to be SOLD or LET, including Landed Estates, Town and Hunting and Shooting Quarters, Country Residences, Farms, Ground Rents, Rentcharges, House Property, and Investments generally, is PUBLISHED on the first day of each month, and may be obtained, free of charge, at their Offices, 80, Cheapside. E. C., or will be sent by post in return for two stamps. Particulars for insertion should be R. E. H. BEDFORD, Author of the "In-received not later than four days previous to the end of the preceding month.

MR. E. H. BEDFORD, Author of Intermediate

Examination Guide to Bookkeeping," and Editor of "The
.""Intermediate," and "Final," has CLASSES
daily reading at his Chambers, 9, King's Bench-walk,
Temple, for each of the Examinations.


J. ERLE BENHAM (formerly of King's College, London,
author of several works), whose pupils have always met
with unparalleled success, has CLASSES READING for
these Examinations. He has recently prepared a nephew
and an articled clerk of two of the legal examiners. For
references to Noblemen, Members of Parliament, Queen's
Counsel, Rectors. Members of the Incorporated Law
Society, and other gentlemen of status.-Address to 20,
Deve.eux-court, Temple; or to the care of Messrs. Butter-
worths, 7, Fleet-street, Her Majesty's Law Publishers.
LONDON GAZETTE (published by authority) and
ENRY GREEN, Advertisement Agent,
begs to direct the attention of the Legal Profession to
the advantages of his long experience of upwards of twenty-
five years, in the special insertion of all pro formá notices,
&c., and hereby solicits their continued support.-N.B. One
copy of advertisement only required, and the strictest care
and promptitude assured. Officially stamped forms for ad
vertisements and file of London Gazette kept. By appoint

[blocks in formation]


BULL, and COOPER'S MONTHLY REGISTER, containing particulars of Estates and Farms, Furnished and Unfurnished Houses in Town and Country to be sold or let, Ground Rents, and other Investments, may be had free on for insertion in next month's Register should be forwarded Bucklersbury, E.C. by the 26th inst.-Auction and Estate Agency Offices, 8,

Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields.-A valuable Freehold Corner Building Site, occupying an area of nearly 1500 square feet, with important frontages.


are instructed to offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the MART. Tokenhouse-yard, on TUESDAY, DEC. 9, at One for Two o'clock, in One Lot, a very valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, consisting of the two dwelling-houses and shops, with the premises adjoining, known as Nos. 22 and 23, Little Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn, occupied for many years by Mr. Darling, the well-known bookseller. The property posse-ses one frontage of about 47 feet to Little Queen-street, and another of 31 feet to Great Queen-street, the entire superficial area being about 1150 feet, and offering an opportunity for the erection of one or more warehouses, or for a set of chambers for barristers and solicitors, for which its proximity to the site of the New Law Courts renders it peculiarly eligible. No. 23 is at present let at a nominal rent, but possession of the whole will be given on completion of the purchase. May be viewed. Printed particulars may be obtained of

[blocks in formation]

CHILDREN (whether Orphans or not) of on MONDAY. Dec. 4, at Six for Seven in the Frening, a for

of life, intended as CANDIDATES for the FEBRUARY
ELECTION 1574 of the ROYAL ASYLUM of the St.
ANNE'S SOCIETY. must be NOMINATED on or before
the 11th day of DECEMBER, 1873.

PHILLIPS. 31, THAYER-STREET, MANCHESTER-SQUARE, LONDON, W., are the Best BUYERS of all kinds of LADIES' and GENTL MEN'S ATTIRE, Silk, Satin. Velvet, Brocades, Dresses, Court Trains, Antique Lace, old English and Foreign China, Household Furniture, Jewels, Plate, in fact every kind of Property for ready cash. Lacies or Gentlemen waited on at any time or dis tance. All letters receive prompt attention. Money orders to any amount for Parcels from Town or Country. Estab-bridge Local Examinations. lished 1820. Ready money only.

Thousands of testimonials. The subjoined are copies :"Gloucester, April 2.

Mrs. A. N. writes:-"I have received your P.0.0. with thanks for your liberality and attention. I shall recommend all my friends. I have had business with others, but none have given me so much satisfaction as you have.' Brighton, May 4. Lady S. T. writes:-"I received the registered letter containing the notes. I quite agree with Mrs. R. C. that you are very straightforward in conducting your business. I shall have great pleasure in recommending any friends who may wish to dispose of their cast-off clothes that are too good to give away."

"Edinburgh, May 13. "I send you a large box of clothes. I am quite satisfied that you give the full value, as I sent the last you had of me to some other person first, and your price was much above their valuation. I leave it to you to send me what you consider the value of the present articles. I have recommended you to my sister, Mrs. M. Y., of Reading."

We are every day receiving the same kind of testimonials, which show that we do give the full value of all articles offered to us. If this is not sufficient to satisfy the most sceptical we challenge all dealers. We not only buy of ladies and gentlemen, but our demand is so great that we purchase of the trade. Ladies and gentlemen, by disposing of their property to us, get the best price, thereby saving a second profit. Our only address in England is


[blocks in formation]

The Schools are Examined annually by the Syndicate of
Cambridge. Pupils are prepared for the Oxford and Cam-
Forms of nomination and tickets to view the Schools can
be obtained at the Qffice.

Funds are greatly needed, and will be thankfully re-
ceived by the Treasurer, Philip Twells, Esq., V.P., Messrs.
Barclay, Bevan, and Co., 54, Lombard-street, E C., or by
R. H. EVANS, Secretary.
Office. 52, King William-street. E.C.

situate on the Romford-road, at Stratford-green, close to Stratford Church, the Town-hall, the Broadway, and railway stations on the Great Eastern Railway, called Stratford and Stratford Bridge, comprising a capital detached family resi dence, known as the Deanery, containing three reception rooms, six bed rooms, stabling for three horses, and capital kitchen garden; detached Cottage Residence known as the Grange, fronting Water-lane, and conta ning entrance-hall, drawing room, dining room, three bed rooms, day and night nurseries, servants' bed room, kitchen, and usual offices; and in lots, excellent Freehold Building Land, tithe free and land tax redeemed, having frontages to the Romfordroad, Water-lane, and Deanery-road leading therefrom, and well adapted for the erection of good residences. Ninetenths of the purchase-money may remain on mortgage or 5

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is waylaid on all sides by the causes of disease at all seasons; the winter (unless vigilantly guarded against) is a peccant promoter of mischief in the human system. This medicine concentrates, in a surprising manner, all the artificial means of purifying, regulating. and strengthening the animal powers. Holloway's Pills and have had testimonials awarded to them which speak have for many years enjoyed the most extensive patronage, ELECTIONS.-To Country Solicitors -Take note volumes in their praise. In many cases these pills seem to of the address.-PRIVATE INQUIRY OFFICE (1852), exercise a specific effect over diseases, which is manifested ate of Devereux-court, now 33, Essex-street, Strand, estab- by the comfortable feelings of the patient, and by the imshed by Mr. C. F. Field, late Chief Inspector of the Metro-provement in the character of all the secretions. The pills olitan Detective Police, and Mr. C. Nicholls. act mildly, yet effectually, on the bowels.

[blocks in formation]

and warm new Scotch Tweeds, Cheviots, &c., thoroughly MURDOCH AND

maintain their high reputation, and are in all respects

better value than ever.

12, BROOK-STREET, Hanover-square, W.



Save half the fuel, half the labour, and half the dirt.

Catalogues on application.


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