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Reg. v. Calvo
Little v. Wakefield

White and anr. v. Mang, Potter v. Jones
The late Edward Waller, Esq., barrister-at-law,

v. Clay and Featherstone v. Pallett


Kruger v. The Oceanic others Same v. Elsdon

Levy v. Jones of Finnoe House, county Tipperary, and Lisderry, Richards and another v.

Steam Navigation Co.
Same v. Lacey
Whitmore v. Birkett

(Limited) near Aughnacloy, county Tyrone, whose death has

Same v. Brown

Deslandes v. Ireland and King v. Lancashire and been recently announced at the age of seventy, Wallis v. Walker

Schutze v. Arnhold


Yorkshire Railway Co. was the eldest son of the late Thomas Maunsell Nevill v, Foster

Grenville v. Nurso

Austin and anr. u. Justice Sheppard r. Ommanney Waller, Esq., of Finnoo House. His mother was

Patton and another v. Joyce v. Holland and an. Symington v. Bates and Cosstick v. Ward


Bacon and another v. Duke Margaret, only daughter of John Vereker, Esq.

Abit bol u. Moss

of Devonshire a relative of Lord Gort-and he was born in the Simpson • Metropolitan Morison v. De Croy

Railway Company

Pilkington v. Forrest Levi and aur. v. Hugon Newman v. Davies year 1803. He was educated at Trinity College, Austin and another v. Von Cawtbron v. Keable Dublin, where he took his Bachelor's degree in Milde

Henwood v Curwen

Court of Common Pleas. 1826, and he was called to the Bar at Dublin in Miller 0. Watkins and Hewitt v. Birmingham and

Lichfield Junction Rail.

1830. Mr. Waller, who was a magistrate for the
Thompson. Grove and

Maxwell v. Brogden

Jackson counties of Tipperary and Tyrone, married, in

way Company

v. Metropolitan anther Weston and others v. AgeHamilton v. Shaw

Railway Company 1829, Mary, only daughter of the late Henry Holderness and another o.

Ricbardson and others .

Martin and another v. The Crosslé, Esq., of Annahoe, in the county of Tyrone. Sheridan

Aston v. Underwood

Ransoine Patent Stone
Elmslie and others v. Bar. Eckhaus v. Westcott and Meyer and others v. Ralli


and another

Gray, P. O., &c. v. Hope

Verdure v. Mitchell
Alexander and others v.

National Bank of Scotland Same v. Graham
The late John Andrew Sharp, Esq., solicitor, of Hancock v. Henderson

v. A. G. Pooley

Paget v. Ede
Gray's Inn, who died very suddenly, from heart Willis and another c. Saun. Harnett and another v.

Hooper v. Blake

Tiden and another u. The ders disease, at 62, Thornhill-square, on the 29th Oct.,

Redhead and another

Montis & another v. Harris Bessemer Steel and Ord. Smith v. Gellatley

Sotiriades v. Green and in the 51st year of his age, was the eldest son of

Jebsen v. East and West nance Company (Lim.) Leonino Wilson and others

India Dock Company Godson v. Hewett the late Mr. William Henry Sharp, silversmith, of


Hindley u.
Hewett and

Hudson and others v. Hill Silvester v. Hyder
London. He was born in London in the year Cox v. Marquis of London- otliers

and others

Cazenave & another ». Box

Sassoon 1823, and having been educated at a good private derry


Brown and others v. Badart McLachlin and another

others v.

Westminster school, he was, at about the age of 16, articled in a

Badart v. Brown & others

Comley v.

r. Bain
Brewery Co. (Lim.)

Sassoon and others solicitor's office in the city, and by his own perse

Brice v. London and North. Hintz and another v. Over.



Western Railway Co.
Elliott a Lloyd
verance and study, joined to very great integrity Bill v. Brown

Klein v. Moore
Brett v. Pettingill

Pinkerton t. Powell of character, he was at length placed in the posi. Potter, an infant, v. North Metropolitan Board of Meadows v. De Mattos and Schroder and others v. tion he was destined to attain, having no assis.

another Metropolitan Tram. Co. Works v. Pigot

Cleugh and others

Collins v. Davis tance or influence whatever. He was admitted Breslauer v. Hudson

Spartali v. Ellis into the profession in Hilary Term 1862, and was

Samev. Same
Doyle v. Ford

New Causes.
Lyall t. Freeman

Burnham r. Phillimore for some time partner with Mr. Ullithorne, at his

Jackson and another v. Gel. | Clifton a. Clifton
Sotiriades v. Green

Geen and others v. Adam chambers in Field-court, Gray's Inn. The de- Despard r. Honz Kong and

latly and others

Ramage, Secretary, &c. v.
Solomon v. Milns
Brown and others u. The

Harvey ceased gentleman was highly respected by all who Shanghai Bankg. Corpn. Champney r. Young

Tbaies and Mersey Ma- Ekman v. Hill and another knew him, and his death is greatly deplored by a Adlerandapothere. Morice Johnson v. Lewis

rine Insurance Company Metzler and another v. large circle of friends. He married, in 1864, Helen Zarifi v. Wilkes and another Williams v. Plater and

Russell v. Gale aud another Gounod
Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Thomas Turner
Smith v. Kirby and another another

Boldero, Trustee, &c. v. Mellier and another De Pearson, Esq., solicitor, of Crowle, Lincolnshire, Papelier v. Ochsenbein

Durere v. Hartley
Wedgwood Coal and Iron



Co. (Limited) v. Crump Forward and another v. by whom, who died in June 1866, he had issue

Straker & others v. Pooley
Janssen u. Harris
Lewis '. Mutual Tontine

Barnett aud another Nichell v, Thomas one daughter, Grace, who died in infancy. His Catling and another r. Lon. Westminster Chamber

Justice and another v. Mer. Borries and others o. The remains were interred at Whitchurch, Little Stain. don, Bri2lton, and South Association (Limited) sey Steel and Iron Com.

Imperial Ottoman Bank Coast Railway Co.

Wilkinson 1, Harris inore, Middlesex.

pany (Limited)


v. Newsom and Van den Eyndt v. Port of Hartmout v. Masey Vittery & others v. Griffiths another Loudon Wharfing and Lamprell v. Gilbert

aud suvther

Brown v. Van Brink Warehousing Co. (Lim.) 'Elnıslie and others Goodwin v. Hunter and Garrett . Stewart, execu. PROMOTIONS & APPOINTMENTS Marzetti v. Mugniuc and Birlow

others XB.-Announcements of promotions being in the nature


Phillips and

Barnet and another r. For- Siyer v. Whalley of advertisements, are charged 2.0d, each for which Brown v. Ball

Buy ton

wood and another

Tann rv. George & another Postuse stamps should be inclosed. Arcber and another r. Bir- Boyce v. Haroneski

Jenuings r. Alexander and Gamble v. Jersis kenheud Imp. Coms. Leuty v. Greenhill


Bank of London 0. Mc.. MR. DOUGLAS MOREY FORD, solicitor, of Ports. Schacht v. Hcad

The Tharsis Sulphur and Henry

Causes. month, and Gosport, has been appointed, by the

Copper Co. (Limited) v. Pawle . Hamilton

Edwards and others Girard & another v. Taylor Lord Chief Baron, a Commissioner to Administer Hewitt and others t. Hind. Buckingham v. Wilson and Prytz & another v. Anglo- Nich s r. Moore Oaths in the Court of Exchequer of Pleas at ley


Swedish Steam Cutting Rar v. Howard Westminster, for Hampshire and the adjoining Carter and anothr v. Styles Courtney . Hawgood

Mills Co, (Limited) Duonage & others r'. Hirgt Counties,

Mannelle v. Beevers
Sewill u. De Horie
Lowe v. Dalley

Veyiers 2. Lavington and
Doxford r. Doxford

Cuesta v. Moses, Levy, and another
MR. WILLIAM JAQUET, of No. 4, Serjeant's-inn, Shepherd v. Elliott
Ridgway v. Dudley and The Agricultural Hotel others

Fleet-street, solicitor, has been appointed a Com.

v. Fearnley and another Company (Limited) v. Ford 2. Smith

another missioner to Administer Oaths in Her Majesty's Brown v. Harton


Republic of Peru v. Wageu. ! Belliers u. West Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Portlock v. Taylor

Stantou v. Nourse

liu and others

Turner v. Elliott

Thomas and another v.
Exchequer, and also a Commissioner for taking Searhy v. Sprunt

Smih v. Price's Patent Yglesias and auother t.
Hartshorn v. Fisher
Stevens and others

Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women.

Candle Co. (Limited)
Winter and another W. Martin u. Noad
The Queen has been pleased to appoint Peter

Chapple v. Clark

Leuty he younger v. Vin. Farebrother and another Broughton and others v. Wett. Morton

gue and anotber Leckie, Esq., to be a Member of the Legislative Baker v. Lewis


Beail, Trustres, &c. 0. Dawson and another 0. Council of the Colony of British Honduras.

Holland v. Josliu

Cohen and another . Har. Lewis, Secretary, &c. Barnes The Queen has been pleased to appoint Francis

Russ and others v. Tune

grore and others
El 15 v. Smith

Blu k & others r. Thorley,
Bennett Dowel and Fitch and another v. Clerk
Snowden, Esq., to be senior Puisne Judge, and

Brown & another v. Rans. Fisher et lx

another George Phillipo, Esq., to be junior Puisne Judge of Duns r. Michnel

Bruniughang v. Manches.

Eastern Railway Co.

ter, Sheffield and Lin. Bergheim r. Roberts Bun yer v. Hodge the Supreme Court of the Straits Settlements. Morrison and another v. colnshire Railway Com. Haynes v. Russell

Holdon v. Lloyd

Same v. Same

Smith v. Brunt
Salisbury v. Lyall
Tritton v. Browning

Green & another v. Heatley Barett Sheridan
Lawrence and another v. Rotheroe and another v.

Drake v. Burgess

The Protector Endowment The Burham Brick, &c., Hamel

Ariwedson v. Gaskell and

Loan aud Annuity Com. Compang (Limited) Sondermann v. Bedford


pany u. Kipping Wilkinson v. Gueret

Moggie and another

Wood and another v. Com. Boyle 0. Jarvis
Nicholson and another v. Bryant the younger

mercial Union Assurance Wheatley v Gearns
Palm-r's Shipbuilding Palgrave and another v. Company

Buchanan , Burden and Iron Compy (Limtd) The Ocean Marine In. Bruerton o. Browne

Fuller ». National Safe De-
Hurst and another v. Har.
Common Lab Courts.

surance Company

Pickford and another v. po-it Co. (Limited) rison Rudd and others v. Grant Michael

Willis et Uxe. Payne McLaren and another v. and others

Thompson v. Friend

Davis et Uxr. Same
Queen's Bench.

Sturge and others v. But. Hodgman v. Payne

Hill v. Brubazon
Barlow v. Public Works ters and another

Hodginan r. Terry

Wick t. Lorsont
C nstruction Co. (Lim.) Gripper and another v. Terry t. Hodgian

Jacobs v. Durye
Hughes v. Learoyd
Hawkesley and wife v. Lon. Russell and ors. v. Downes Snellgrove and unother Clark v. Abitbol

Talley v. Ellison
Schon and others v. Bilbe don General Omuibus Co

Cooper, Trstee, &c. v. Lon. Currie and another v. The Mons and another u. Sy- Knight r. Miler and another (Limited) don and St. Katherine Theris Marine Insurance

Hall v. Hatch Hayward v. Newton and Sly and another v. Filling

Docks Co.

Harris v. Perry

Carr v. Hartmont

General Iron Screw Collier The Yorkshire Engine Saul v. Dowell and another Everett ». Cooper
Engstrom and another v. Murd ch v. Honychurch Co. (Lim.) v. Richards Company (Limited) v. Silvester v. Godly

Smith v. Ford
Wallis and another
Gabriel and others

Union Steamship Com. Crawley
Paton v. Gedalia
Neame and another

pany (Lim.) v. Stephen

Blaenavon Walsh and another v. Lid. Consolidated Bank (Lim.) Barker v. Ballantine

Iron and Steel Company gett

v. Guedalla and others
Coombe v. Thompson
Hemptenmacher v. Parker (Limited)

Guano Consignment Co, to

Meyerstein v. Zeechin aud Aspinwall Merchant
White v. Schmierer
Great Britain v. Kellock another

Shipping Compy. (Ltd.)
Hughes v. The Thames and and another

Browne v. Parker

Rogers and another rofessional Partnerships Dissolbed.
Mergey Marine Insurance Ionian Bank 0, Ansted and Pugh v. South - Eastern King and another

Railway Co.
Page v. Sharp and anr.

Gazette, Dec. 2.
Yglesias and another . Green and another v. Bud- Norton v. Beaconhill Fire. Macintosh v. Birley

BAXTER, Rose, NORTON, and Co. attorneys and Solicitors, VicMeiklereid and another gett and another brick and Clay Company Woollett v. Wilkins

torta st, Westminster. Nov. 1. (Robert Baxter, Philip Frede. Chartered Bank of India, Gray and another v. Blake (Limited)

rick Rose, Henry Elland Norton, Robert Dudley Baxter, Mark: Boyce v, Rymill

ham Spofforth and John Brewer.) Debts by R. Baxter, Rose, and Australia, and China v. Lloyd and others v. Linford Bloomfield r. Great Eastern Newell v. Thomson


and another
Northmore and another v.

Railway Co.
Klem and others v. Falk

Chapman v. Nicholson

Nieuwenhove Die- Slatter 0. The Loudon
Kevser and
another v. Kemble

raert v. Symon's

Street Tramways Co.
Quick v. Dunn and others Meadon v. Thomson

Taylor v. Cresswell

Gazette, Dec. 6. Mathews 0. Ansted and Curtis V. Lawson and Smyth v. Coom be and anr. Bowles v. Edwards

To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street. another others Dixon v. Denton

Hodges v. Sillerey Overbeck and another v. Joyce and others v. Curling Clarke v. Dancer and apr.

SOLOMOX, GEORGE,, Whitechapel. Pet. Dec. 1. Reg.
Lawes v. Miceli

Brougham. Sol. Solomon, Sur. Dec. 19
Ripley and another Ranken v. Mortimer
Marcus v. General Steam The Wood-street Ware.

To surrender in the Country.
Martin v. Patton
Elkin and another v. Clarke Navigation Co.

house Co. v. Pavy and Cox, THOMAS GEORGE, gentleman, Birmingham. Pet. Dec. 1. Dobbing v. Wolverton and and others

Ladbury r. Acres


Rep. Chauntler. Sur. Dec. 23
Muller v. Shaw
Dixon v. London Small. Pries and another v. Land.

CROPP, Joux, beerseller, Manchester. Pet. Deo. 3. Reg. Hulton. North Australian Company Land Securities Co. (Lim.)

Sur. Dec. 17 arms Co. (Limited)

messer (Limited) v. King v. Rankin and another

IUXTABLE. EDWIN BEEDLE, out of business, Cheltenham. Pet. smith v. Manetti

Alvarado v. Oppenheim Dec. 3. Reg. Gale. Sur, Dec. 20

v. Great


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JOHNSON, EDWIX, attorney, Leek, Pet. Dec. 3. Dep-Reg. Mair.

Sor. Dec. 19 MAY, WILLIAM, boot manufacturer, Truro. Pet. Dec. 2. Reg.

Chilcott. Sur. Dec. 17 MONTUONERY, THOMAS HENRY, tailor, Ealing. Pet. Nov. 29.

Rox. Ruston. Sur. Dec. 20 MURPHY, BERNARD, pr vision dealer, Liverpool. Pet. Dec. 1.

Reg. Walen. Sur. Dec. 17 PEARSON, HENRY, provision denler, Carnarvon. Pet. Nov, 27.

Reg. Jones. Sur. Dec. 16 RICHARDSON, HARRY, scrivener, Birmingham. Pet. Dec. 1. Reg.

Chauntler. Sur. Deo. 17 SODES, THOMAS MAMMATT, silk throwster, Coventry. Pet. Dec. 2. Reg. Kirby. Sur. Dec. 18

Gazotte, Dec. 9. To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street. LAZARUS, JOSEPH, raz merchant, Whitechapel-rd. Pet. Dec. 5. kez. Hazlitt. Bur. Dec. 19

To surrender in the Country. AINSWORTH, JAMES, publisher, Manchester. Pet. Dec. 3. Reg.

Kay, Sur, Dex. 23 CRICKMORE. JARVIS, coal dealer, Bungay. Pet. Dec. 5. Reg,

Walker. Sur. Dec. 2 HODSON, SAMUEL, farmer, Ramsey. Pet. Nov, 23. Reg. Gachos.

Sur. Deo. 20 JORDAN, JOHN. dalryman Green-la, Stoke Newington. Pet. Dec. 6. Reg. Pulley Sur. Dec. 23


Gazette, Dec. 2. BICKLEY, CHARLES CONDAMINE, Old Broad-st. July 10, 1873 MARSHALL, BENJAMIN Joux, gentleman, Brunswick-sq, July 25, 1873

Gazette, Dec. 5. GRAY, JOUX, flagger, Preston. Aug. 5, 1873


Liquidations by Arrangement.

LAURENCE, THOMAS, Wollaston, par. Oldswinfort. Pet. Dec. 2.

Dec. 19, at three, at office of Sol, Addison, Brierley.hill MCSHANE, PETER, grocer, Gateshead, and Sandgate. Pet. Dec.

2. Dec. 17, at three, at one of Sol. Sewell, Newcastle MANN, GEORGE, confectioner, Bedford. Pet. Dec, 1. Dec. 18, at

twelve, at Fox, 65, Chancery-la, London. Sol. Conquest, Bed.


printers, Manchester, and Belfield, near Rochdale, and Boar. Shaw, near Middleton. Pet. Dec. 3. Dec. 19, joint creditors, et three; sep. creditors of Meldrum, at four, at omlce of Sol.

Wood, Manchester MILLARD, WILLIAM FRANCIA, printer, Lawrie-pl, Kirkdale,

Sydenham. Pet. Nov. 28. Dec. 12, at three, at office of Sol. Ody, Trinity.sq. Southwark NEWBERRY, GEORGE, baker, Landport. Pet. Dec. 1. Dec. 18,

at four, at office of Sol, King, Portsea ORAM, CHARLES, commercial clerk, Acacia-cottages, Acacia-rd,

Wood-green. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 19, at three, at offices of Sol.

Knight, Newgate-st OWENS, JOHN, farmer, Pant-glas, par. Llanass. Pet. Dec. 1.

Dec. 17, at twelve, at the Mostyn hotel, Mostyn. Sol. Jones, Conway POCOCK, LEWIS, picture dealer, Pall Mall. Pet. Dec. 3. Dec, 22,

at two, at otfices of Sols. Lidklater and Co., Walbrook PRICE, THOMAS, wine merchant, Wrexham. Per. Dec. 2. Dec.

19, at two, at officer of Sols. Bridgman, Weaver, ad Jones,

We trinster.bldg , PRUNIERES, BERTRAND, and PROXIERES, FREDERICK, cabinet

makers, Eden-st, Hampstead.rd. Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 15, joint creditors, at three, at the Guildhall coffee house, Gresham sti Dec. 16. sep. creditors of B. Prunières, at two; sep. creditors of F. Prunieres, at three, at office of Solä. Philip and Behrend,

Pancras la, Queen-st REED, GEORGE, general dealer, Inverness.rd. Bayswater. Pet.

Nov. 25. Dec. 13, at two, at office of Sol. Allen, Bunswick

square ROSSITER, WILLIAM, wheelwright, Shearstone, par. North

Petherton. Pet. Dec. 1. Dec. 18, at twelve, at office of Sols.

Reed and Cook, Bridgewater ROWLAXD, ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, professor of music, Southampton. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 17, at one, at offices of sols.

Bradby and Robins, Southampton SADLER, HARVEY HENRY, beersellor, Heybridge. Pet. Deo. 2.

Dec. 23, at eleven, at the King's Head iun, Maldon. Sols.

Messrs. Digby, Maldon SAUNDERS, HENRY JAMES, butcher, Tyler-st, Regent-st. Pet.

Dec. 1. Dec. 17, at twelve, at office of sol. Hewlett, Serle-st,

Lincoln's inn-fields SHAKMAN, SAMUEL, hairdresser, Allington st, Pimlico. Pet.

Nov 21. Dec. 11, at three, at offices of Sol. Basselt, Tiwhborne

st, Rerent-circus SHAW, HENRY, brickmaker. Timperly. Pet. Dec. 2. Dec. 17, at

three, at office of Sols. Nicholls, Hinde, and Co., Altrincham SHERRIX, CHRISTIANA, artificial florist, Molcombe-st. Be grave. fq. Pec. Nov. 37. Dec. 15, at two, at office of Sol. Hutchinson,

Vauxhall bridge-rd SHEW BROOKS, SAMUEL, builder, Taunton. Pet. Dec. 3. Dec. 31,

at eleven, At office of Sol. Kite, Taunton SHIERS, MICHAEL, coniectioner, Brixton-rd. Pet. Dec. 3. Dec. 22, at eleven at uttice of Solg. Messrs. Paddison, Lincoln's inn.

fields SKINNER, WILLIAM BARRETT, upholsterer, Witney. Pet. Nov

2. Dec. 17, at hall.past eleven, at office of Sol. Mallam, Ox:

ford SMITH, RICHARD HENRY, farmer. Beauchamp Roothing. Pet.

Nov. 29. Dec. 22, at eleven, at Blyth, solicitor, Chelmsford. Sol.

Smith, High Onkar SPERRING, JOHN JOSEPH. veterinary surgeon, Bristol. Pet. Dec.

1. Dec. 16, at two, at offices of Sol, Lane, Bristol STEWART, WILLIAM, tailor, Newcastle. Pet. Dec. 2. Dec. 18, at

lour, at the Neville hotel, Newcastle. Sol. Milnes, lluddersfield STILL, FRANK, general warehouseman, Salisbury. Pet. Nov. 29.

Dec. 17, at three, ut om 9 of Sol. Houding. Salisbury SYYONS, ROBERT, photographer, Tenby. Pet. Nov. 29._Deo. 15,

At twelve, at the Townhall, Carmarthen. Sul. Stokes, Tenby TUCKER, WILLIAN, hatter, Fenchurch-nt. Pet. Dec. 1. Dec. 15,

Messrs. Lindo, 12, King's Armsyd, Mvorzule-st, in lieu of the place originally named TROUTT, GEORGE, avctioneer, Twerton. Pet. Dec. 9. Dec. 20,

at twelve. At 25, grey.-t, Lincoln'a ind. Bot. Bartum, Bath TURNER, ROBEHT, cotton doubler, Boilington. Pet. Dec. 3. Dec.

22, at une, at the iurner's Arms ind, Bolington, Sus. Parruli.

May. and song VINCENT, HARRIET COLSTON, widow, innkeeper, Blaenavon. Pet.

Dec. 1 Dec. 19, a' two, at office of Sol. Lloyd, Pontypool WAKI LIX, Johx, victualler, Ironmonger.row, St. Luice's. Pet. Nov.

Dec. 17, at three, st office of Sol, Chidley, Old Jewry WATSON, JANEs, puinter, Bacup. Pet. Dec. 2. Dec. 30, at three,

at the Dog and Partridge hotel, Manchester. Sol. Sykes,

Bacup WATSON, WILLIAM, chemist, old Broad-st. Pet. Dec.2. Dec. 18,

two, at office of Sols. Reer, Lane, und Co., Buah-la, WAYLAND, JAMES RICHARD), bak r, Camden-pk-rd. Pet. Dec. 3.

Dec. 19, at two, at office of sol. Puole, Bartholomew.closo WEVILL, ELIZABETH, widow, out of business Samplord Brett.

Deo. 22, at twelve, at office of Sol. Ward, Bristol WILDERSPIN, ROBERT, greengrocer, Bethnal-green-rd. Pet. Nov. 22

Dec. 18, at three, at umice of sol. Lewis,, Holborn WILSON, RICHARD, krocer, Northwich. Pet. Dec. 1. Doc. 9, at

eleven, at the Wheat Sheat inn, Over WOODWARD, BENJAMIN, carpet manufac:urer, Kidderminster.

Pet. Dec, 2. Dec. 17, a three, at the Lion hotel, Kidderminster

Sol, Morton, Kidderoninster ZERLENDI, NICHOLAS MICHEL, merchant, Great Winchester-st.

Pet. Dec. 4. Dec. 22, at two, at Kemp, Ford, and, Co., Wubrvok. Sols. Hulyer, Fenwick, and Stibbard, Fenchurch-st

Gazetto, Dec. 9. ASTON, JOSEPH, Ironmonger, Kentish-town. rd. Pet. Dec. 5.


Gazette, Dec, 5. ADAMS, ALFRED WILLIAM, merchant, Mostyn-rd, Brixton. Pet Dec. 1. Dec. 16, at twelve, at the City Terminus hotel, South Eastern Ra lway Station, Cannon-st. Sols. Campbell and

Beaumont, AVERY, EDWIN, and GRIFFIN, JOHX THOmas, silk merchants,, also Coventry and Macclesfield. Pet. Dec. 2.

Dec. 18, at iwo, at office of Sol Balley, Tokenhouse yd BARBER, JOSHUA, woollen cloth manufacturer, Cartworth, near Holonirth. Pet. Dec. 1. Dez. 17, at three, at office of Sul. Armitage, Huddersfield BARRY, CELIA, and DAVIS, ALICE, boot seller, Landport. Pet. Dec. i. Dec. 16. at three, at J. Wainscot, accountant, 9, Union. st, Portse. Sol. Walker, Land port BAK, JOHx, builder, Ipswich. Pet. Dec. 2. Dec. 19, at ten, at

otfice of Sol. Vulliamy, Ipswich BAYLEY, JOHN, chemist, Warrington. Pet. Dec. 1. Dec. 17, at three, at J. Davies and Co. Bewkey-st, Warrington. Sols. Davies and Brook, Warrington BETTLE, WILLIAM, victusller, Ramsgate. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 16. at three, at the Crystal Palace Vaults, 7, High-st, Ramsgate.

Sols. Sankey and Co., Margato BETTLEY, THOMAS, fish dealer, Runcorn. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 19, at half past three, at the Bee hutel, Liverpool. Sol. Day, Run. Corni BRAKE, EMILY RACHEL, no ocenpation, Marquang-rd, Cannon. bury. Per. Dec. 3. Dec. 19, at twelve, at office of Sol. Buchanan, Basinghall st BREYD, JOHN, shoemaker, Abbotsham. Pet. Dec. 3. Dec. 22. at two, at orice of Sol. Thurne, Barnstaple BROOKS, GEORGE, out of business, Ashton-st, Salmon-la, Lime. house. Pet XV. 21. Dec, 15, at twelve, at offices of Suls. Burton

and Drew, Forest BROWY, PREDERICK WILLIAM, and BROWX, FREDERICK WIL. LIAN. Jan., tailors, Aldersgute 8t. Dec. 18, at three, at the London Warehousemen's Association, 33, Gutter-la. Sul. Cattlin, BUTTERILL, JOHN, bootmaker, Ferrybridge, near Pontefract. Pet. Dec, 2. Dec. 20, at half past eleven, at office of Sol. Carter,

Pontefract BUXTON. JOSEPH HOLMES, surgeon, Compton.ter, Islington.

Pet, Dec. 2. Dec. 19, at two, at the Guildhall coffee house, Gresham st Sol, Hillearys and Tunstall, Fenchuron bldge CHAPLEX, HENRY. Joiner, Portsea, Pet. Duc. 1. Dec. 17, at four,

at office of Sol. King, Portsen COCKERTOX, ROBERT BLACKBURY. fellmonger, Warrington.

Pet. Dec. 1. Dec. 22, at two, at oncs of Sols, Tyrer, Smith, and Kenlon, Liverpool COLE, GEORGE, rug merchant, Hunter-st, Dover-rd, Southwark.

Pet. Nov. 27. Dec. 15, at three, at offices of Sols. Hicklin and Washington,, Southwark DAVIES, WILLIAMS, bootmaker, Church-st, Croydon. Pet. Dec.

3. Dec. 2, st three, at the Greyhound hotel, Croydon. Sol. Young. Gray's- inn-sq. and Croydon BDWARDS, THOMAS, cinder dealer, Tipton. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 15, at three, at ofce of sol. Travis, Tipton ELLIOTT, JAMES, greengrocer, King st, Hammersmith. Pet. Nov. 3. Dec. 19, at three, at the West Kensington Station hotel, Russell rd, Kensington. Sol. Haynes, Wellesley-rd, Croydon FORREST, FRANCIS, butcher, Plumstead. Pet. Nov. 28. Dec. 15,

at eleven, at offices of Sol. Elworthy,, Woolwich GALE, JAMES printer, High-st, Brompton. Pet. Deo. 3. Dec. 29, at oue, 'at W. A. Wlloughby, 4,, Strand. Sol.

Bansett, Rochester, and Garden-st, Brompton GILBERT, ALFKED, baker, Caterham Junction, Pet. Dec, 2.

Dec. 19, at two, at the Greyhound hotel, Croydon. Sol. Hogan, Xartin', Cannon-st, and Park.-t, Croydon GLESISTER, ALFRED, blacksmith, Abbott's Langley. Pet. Nov.

3. Dec. 24, at three, at F. Holloway, accountant, 173, Ball's

Pund-rd, Islingto'l GLOVER, JOHN, farmer, Cossington, n-ar Ratclift on the Wreake.

Pet. Doc. 2. Dec. 18, at three, ut office of sol. Owston, Leices. ter GODDARD ALFRED COURTENAY, russia broker, old Broad st.

Pet. Nov. 24. Dec. 16, at twelve, at office of Sols. McLeod and Watney, Londor.-:, Fenchurch-st GREGG, PETER WILLIAM, confec:ioner, Mile End-rd. Pet. Nov. 2 Dec. 19, at one, at onces of Sols. Barton and Drew, Fore.

street GOSI ELEY, JOSEPH, farmer, Tonyrefall, par. Llantrissant. Pet. Dec. 2. Dec. 18, at twelve, at office of Sol. Morgan, Pontypridd HARBOUR, THOMAS ALFRED, assistant boot manuacturer, Col. cheater. Pet. Nuv. m). Dec. 13, at twelve, at the Essex Arms ino, Colchester. Sols. Bartlett and Forbes, Bedford-st, Covent. garden HARDING, WILLIAM, saddler, Landport. Pet. Dec. 2. Dec. 20,

at three, a: otice of Sol. King, Portues HEAVEN, WILLIAW, dealer. Aveniny, near Nailsworth. Pet. Dec. 1. Dec. 22, at twelve, at office of Sul. Potter, Cheltenham BENXING, CLEMENT JOHN, painter, Handsworth. Pet. Dec. 2

Dec. 19, at three, at offices or sols. Maber and Poncia, Birming. HITCHCOCK, EDWARD, wine merchant, Bishopsgate-st-within. Pet. Nov. 22.

Dec. 18, three, at Waddell and Co., Mansion House-chmbs, 12, Queen Victoria-st. Sol. Stocken and Jupp,

Leaden hollt HOPKINS, JOSEPH, builder, Pontrhydfendigaid, par. Caron. pech.claxda. Pet. vec. 3. Dec. 18, at elever, at offices of Sol. Jones, Aberystwith INMAS. CHAMLES, furnishing undertaker, Central-st, St. Luke's,

FRYETT, WALTER FREDERICK, oilman, Goswell-rid, Clerkenwell.

Pet. Dec. 1. Dec. 17, at eleven, at ottices of Coles, Wilson, and

Co., Bishopsgate-st-within. Sol. Dobson, Southampton bldgs FYSMORE, ELIZA, (also known as Foscor, Bliza), lodging-house

keeper, Great Cambridge st, Hackney.rd, and Clapham-rd, London, and Southend. Pet. Nov. 29. Dec. 17, at two, at

Sanderson's horel, Bevois.ct, 28A, GAWTHORP, MARY, innkeeper, Carlisle. Pot. Dec. 3. Dec. 22, at

three, at office of sol. McAlpin, Carlisle GILMAN, JOSEPH COPELAND, commission merchant, Manchester.

Pet. Dec. 5 Dec. 9, at thrte, at orfice of Sols, Sutton and

Elliott, Manchester HARTLEY, RICHARD, Puller, Halifax. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec. 19, at

eleven, at office or Sol. Longbottom, Halifax HAWKES, WALTER, butcher, Cambridge. Pet. Dec. 6. Dec. 23, at

eleven, at ottices of Sols. Ellison and Burrows, Cambridge HOLLAND, HENRY RICHARD, out of business, Walsall. Pet. Deo.

4. Dec. 22. at eleven, at otfice of Sol. Adams, Walsall IMPEY, THOMAS, auctioneer, Ironmonger-la. Pet. Dec. 4. Deo.

22, at twelve, at oifices of Nicholson, 7 and 8, London-bridge, Railway-approach, Southwark. Sol. Turner, London-bridge

Railway-approch JACOB, PHILIP, glass dealer, Birmingham. Pet. Dec, 2. Dec. 17,

at ten, at office of Sol. East, Birmingham JOUBERT, HENRI CHARLES RENE, and JOUBERT, JULES, up

holsterers,, Bedford-sq, and King-st, Hammersmith. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec. 19, at two, at office of Sol. Barker, St. Michael's-alley, Co nhil KING, GEORGE BRIGG, commission agent, Birmingham. Pet.

Dec. 6. Dec. 23, al, ut office of sol. Griffin, Birmingham KNOWLES, JOSEPH, and PARKER, JAMES, cotton waste dealers,

Manchester. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec 23, at three, at offices of Sols.

Messrs. Heth, Manchester LANGLEY, WILLIAM, out of business, Wensbeck-rd, Victoria

Pet. Deu. 6. Dec. 22, at eleven, at office of Sol. Swaine, Cheapsido LEE, HENRY MICHAEL, patentee, Carburton-st, G' eat Portland

St. Pet. Nov. 2. Dec, 19, at eleven, at uffice of Sol. Lind, Beau

fort-bldge, Strand MANNING, GEORGE, student of theology, Hoylake. Pet. Dec. 6.

Dec. 30, at two, at office of Gibson and Bollaud, accountants, 10, South Johnst, Liverpool. Sols. Anderson, Collins, and

Kobinson, Liverpool MERRIMAN, WILLIAM, mercer, Monkwearmouth. Pet. Deo. 1 Dec. 21, at hall.past eleven, at office of Sol. Skinner, Sunder

land MILLS, FRANCIS, beer house keeper, Tonbiidge-st, Euston.rd.

Pet. Dec. 4. Dec. 23, e' eleven, at otices of Love ing. 35, Greshamst. sol. Harston, Gresham-st MITTOXETTE, KHEDERICK, metal broker, Sedgley. Pet. Dec. 5.

Dec. 21), at twelve, at office of Sol. Barruw, Wolverhampton MOLINEUX, WILLIASI, jun., printer, Stockton-on-Tees. Pet. Dec.

5. Dec. 13, at throe, at offico uf Sol. Aadenbrouke, Midales

boruu.h OGDEN, WILLIAM, tin plate worker, Bolton. Pet. Dec. 5. Deo.

34, al ten, at ottices of sols. Kichurusun and Dowling, Bolton OUXNWORTH, WILLIAM HESRY, boot inanufacturer, Leeds. Pet.

Dec. 4. Dec. 22, u eleven, at Whartun's hulel, Leeds. Sol.

Hurle OWEN, THOMAS, wine merchant, Llandudno. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec..

20), at two, alle biusauins hutel, Chesier. Sol. Dallow, Wo.ver.

hampton PAYSE, WALTER, bootmaker, Slough. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec. 30, at

two, at at ottich Of Sui. Scopher, Colemall-st, London PERKS, WILLIAM, sud WOUL, RICHARD JOSEPH, wholesale tea

dealers, Mark la. Pet. Dec, 4. Dec. 31, at half past three, at

ottice of Solo. Mesir. Baitaru, Brabant cu PERS, WILLIAM, and WOOD, RICHARD JOSEPH, wholesale tes

dealers, Murka. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec. 31, ut three, ul utices of

Sulo. Messrs. Bustard, brabant cu PETTY WILLIAM HESKY, merchant, South-st, Finsbury. Pet.

Dec. 5. Jan. 2, wieleven, at the Guildhall cuine-livuse, Gres. ham-at. Sum. Iugle, Cooper, And Holmes, Threadneedle

street PHILLIPS, BENJAMIN, draper, Bridgend. Pet. Dec. 5. Dec. 18,

al eleven, at uitiwa uf Barnard, Thomas, Tiibe, and Co. Bristol.

Sols. Davien anu Hartland, SWARea PODMOKE, HENRY, w: eelwright, Beuley. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec. 19.

at eleve, at Inces of Sol. Biewice, Birminghain PRIEST, Jons, out of business, Teltenhail. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec. 20.

u eie Ven, at vitice of Sul. Barrow, Wulvehampton PRIOR, CHARLES, builder, kerelord. Pet. Dec. 3. Dec. 20, at

lusit past three, at unice of Son, Corner, He, eford READ, SIKAH, iluen araper, Surbrough. Pet. Deo. 3. Dec. 22,

At one, atticel Sols. Ruuke und miigley, Leeds
REDNAL!, WILILA KUSH1, druggiat, Culluinpton. Pet. Dec. 4.

Dec. 23, at eleven, at ortive of alr. Andrew, i2, Bedfuru-circus,

Exeter SAVAGE, STEPHEN, licensed viotualler, Bangor, Pet. Deo. 4.

D«c. 2, ut twy, at the Yuiars Vauica, Bangor. Sol. F.;ulkes,

Bangor SISPUN, JOSEPH, engineer, Budge row, Cannon-st. Pet. Dec. 4.

Jalk. 2, at twy, ut urticu uf sol. Brown, Basinghall-st SPENCE, THOMAS WILLIAM, retail.r of beer, Darlington. Pet.

Dec. 3. Dec. 24, at two, notices of Sol. Robinson, Darlington STAIGHT, THOMA), out of business, Overbury. Pet. Duc. 3.

Dec, 24, at cluven, at the Swan hotel, Tewkesbury. Sol. Martin

Pershore YANDELL, SAMUEL, carper.ter, Taunton. Pet. Deo. 6. Dec. 23,

at one, at office of Sols, Reed and louk, Bridgwator TAYLDER, WILLIAM POTTER, draper, Penryn. Pet. Dec. 6. Dec.

2., at twelve, at once of Sus, Curlyon and Pauli, Truro TRAYXOR, CHRISTOPHER, hair dreguer, Shethield. Pet. Deo. 4.

Dec. 19, at three, at office of Sol. Gee, Shelticid TUGMAX, SAMUEL, and BRADSHAW, SYLVESTER CHRISTOPHER,

mercuania, Liverpool. Vet. Due. . Dec. 29, at one, at the Law Association Rouins, Liverpool. Sols. Thornley and Dismoro,

Liverpool VAUGHAN, WILLIAM, innkeeper, Welshpool. Pet. Dec. 5. Dec.

20, at twelve, tuttices of suis. Barrison, Welshpool WATTS, EDWARD), grocer, Ashcott. Pet Dec. 3. Dec. 18, at

twelve, at the Railway hotel, Bridgwater. sol. Lubbs, jun..

Welig WHALLEY, RICHARD, grocer, Ashton-under-Lyne. Pet. Dec. 4.

Dec. 19, at three, at vilices of Suis. Audleehaw and Warburton,

Manchester WHITEHEAD, JAMES, agent, Coborn.row, Bow. Pet. Dec. 6

Dov. 24, at three, as office of Sol. Swaine, Cheapvido WHITE:TH JOHN 1 HOMAS, bout inanufacturer, Kiddermins

ter. Pet. Dec. 3. Dec. , at three, at ottice or sol. Corbet, Kid.

dermitter WILKINS, MATTHEW, varnish merchant, Aston. near Birming. hem. Pet. Duc. 4. Dec. 19, at twelve, at office of Sul. Free,

Birining du WILLIAMS, THOMAS, grocer, Birmingham. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec. 19,

at lon ac ulice of Sul. Bealuri, Birmingham WILSOX, PATER, baker, Stilton. Pet. Dec. 3. Dec. 20, at eleven, at the Wet worth hotel, Peterborough. Sol. Graves, White

tlesey WOODHEAD, HEXY, beerhouse keeper, Shefeld. Pet. Dec. 3.

Dec. 23, at twelve, at office of Sol. Fernell, Shetfield WOODMAN, THOMAS, huster. Tipton Pet. Dec. 5. Dec. 22, at

three, at office or $ol. Travin, Tipton WOOD, REUBEN, tripe dresser, Manchester. Pet. Dec. 5. Dec, 23, at twelve, ut Hices of Messrs. Homer, Manchester. sol.

Law, Manchester ZUCKER, CHARLES, watchmaker, Kensington-pk-rd, Notting. hill. Pet. Nov. 3. Dec. 16, at two, at ottice of Sol. Marshall.. Lincoln's inn fields

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The Official Assignees, &c., are given, to whom apply for the

Williams, T. grooer, seoond, 3d. Sune, Liverpool

Chapman, E, merchant, ftal, Bs. 510. At W. J. White and Co. acoouulauts, 35, Kingat, Che.poe. Ellscardx, J. t inber dealer, third and final. io. At Trust. H.G. Nicholson, No folk.-t, Man. chester.- Ewing. J. 11 h merchant, second and final, 18. 6 d. At Trust. M. Irson, Flutter gate, Grimsby.-- Hall, J. jun , horier, tirst, 48. AL Trust, C. J. Buckley. 43, Market st, Bradford. 1/nyhes, E. ta'lor, firet, 2s. At Trust. C.H. Kets, 5, Ca-tie-st. Carnarvon. Lere, H. A. cotton merchant, first, 6s. d. At Trust. H. Bolland, 10, South Juhu-st, Live pool. - Parr H. D. clerk in the civil service, first, 4s. At Mears. Luaryd, 11, 8th st, Finsbury.--corah, G.timber merchant, further, second and final, 28 6d. At Trust. J. U. Wing, P.ideaux.chmbr. Change alley. Shemeld - Walker. W. and routers, first and final, 14.5.1. At Trust. A. McDowall, 31A,

Dec, 23. at twelve, at offices of Sol. Jones, Walbrook.b dgs
BARKER, JOHN THEODORE, architect, Furnival's inn, and Rose

Cottage, Wellesley-rd, Croydon. Pet. Der, 6. Dec. 22, at two,
At office of Sol. Fryer, Gray', Gray's-inn
BILLINGTON, Johx, garket gardener, Southfield-rd, Turnham.
green, Acton. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec. 22, at one, at office of Sols.

Brown and Waters, Lincoln's-inn-fields
BIRD, LEONARD STANLEY, shvemaker, Stroud. Pet. Deo. 4. Dec.

20, at three, at office of Srl. Jackson, Stroud
BOWSTEAD, JOHN FRANCIS, merchant, Birmingham. Pet. Dec.

3. Dec. 18, at three, at office of Sol. Fitter, Birmingham
BRYAN, THOMAS, gocer, Longton. Pot. Dec. 3. Dec. 22, at

eleven, at off e of Sols. Mears. Tomkinson, Burelem
BURGH LL. EDGAR, bookkeeper, Livrepool. Pet. Dec. 5. Dec.
23, at two, at the Stork hotel, Liverpool. Sols. Bridgeman,

Weaver, and Jones, Chester
BURN, WILLIAM, builder, Blyth. Pet. Doc. 4. Dec. 19, at twelve

at ottice of gol. Garbut, Newcastle upon Tyne
BUSUBY, ROBERT WILLIAN, fara er, Bognor. Pet. Dec. 5. Dec.

24, at eleven, at the Dolphin kotel, Chichester. Sol. Arnold,

CALVERT, JOIX, draper, Leeds. Pet. Dec. 6. Dec. 23, at two, at

ottice of Sol. Carr, Leeds
CAREY, FREDERICK WILLIAM, cook-shop keeper, Old Castle-st.

Bethnal-green. Pet. Dec. 6. Dec. 24, at two, at once or Sul.

Nind, St. Benet's pl, Gracechurch-st
CANTELL, GEORGE, packing ease manufacturer, Tenter-st. Little

Moorfields. Prt. Dec. 6. Dec. 23, at eleven, at 22, Tonter-st,

Little Moorfields. Sol. Aicks, Annis.rd, South Flackney
DAXX, JAMEs, boot manufacturer, Leicester. Pet. Dec. 8. Deo.

23, at twelve, at office of Sul. Harvey, Leicester
DAVIS, SOLOMON, legging manufacturer, Widegate-nt, Bishops. Pet Dec 3. Dec. 19, at twelve, at office of Sol.

Levirton, Bishopspate-st-within
DOWNING, EDWARD JABIES, clerk, Bristol. Pet. Dec. 3. Dec. 19,

at two, at ottice of Sol. Beckingham, Bristol
EVAXY, EVAN BARRIS, barman Aberoare. Pet. Dec. 3. Deo. 20,

at one, at office of Sols. Simons and Plews, Merthyr Tydal FAIRLIE, CHARLES SHAKESHAFT, sun blind manufaeturer,, Rotherhithe. Pet. Dec. 1. Dec. 17, at one, at ottice

of Sol. Nind, St Benet-pl, Gracecburch-st
FARROW, JOHN WENTLEY, of no occupation, Bulwell. Pet. Dec.

Dec. 27, at thiee, at office of Sols. Cranch, Rowe, and Stroud,
FARROW, JOSEPH, out of business, Colchester. Pet. Dec. 2. Dec.

22, at twelve, at ottice of Sol. Prior, Colchester
FOY, MICHAEL JOSEPH, bootmaker, Leomir.ster. Pet. Deo. 4.

Dec. 22, at tweive, at the Royal Oak hotel. Leominster. sol.
Grexg, Lerminster
FRASER, JAME, and PRUDHOE, GEORGE, oontractors, Sunder.

land. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec. 2, at one, at office of Sol. Hall, Sun.

an1 City.rd. Pet. Dec. 3. Dec. 13, at telve, at offices of Sols.
Taylor and Jaquet, 8. uth-st,
JESNEK, HORACE, bootmaker, St. Leonard's-on-Sea. Pet. Nov.

20. Dec. 8. at twelve, at the Incorporated Law Society's Rooms,, London. Sol, Jones, Hastings
JOLIS, DAVID, mason, Kimbely rd, Nunhead. Pet. Dec. 2.

Dec. 17, at eleven, at the Guildhall tavern, London, Sols.
Keene and Maryland, Lower Thames-st
Karle, HENRY, baker, City.rd. Pet. Nov. 25. Dec. 13, at three,

at the Finsbury hotel, 14, Finsbury. q. Sol. Hicks, Annis-ra, KEUP, HUBEHT' HENRY, ironmonger, Marchmont-et, Bruns.

Pet. Nov. 17.
Wallis, St. Martin's.ct, Leicester-eq

Dec. 12, at eleven, at office of Sol.
KNICHT, CHARLES BEBY, journalist, Bognor.

Pet. Dec. 3. Dec. 20, at tno, at office of Sol. Luckett, Worthing

Sath Hackney


TAdmitted to International bathibition Y52, Medicine CHRISTMAS DOUBLE NUMBER

Apply at Provisional Assignee's Office, Portugal-st, Lincoln's

inn, between 11 and 2 on Tuesdays.
Dickinson, R. C. general merchant, first, 3s. 4d.-Pearl, T. out of
business, first, 68. 9d.-Wilder, D. H. master in navy, fourth,
28. od.


only Refreshing, and Medicated Fruit Lozenge,

the Immediate Relief and Specific Cure of Constipation, Headache, Bile, Hæmorrhoids, &c. Tamar," unlike pills and the usual purgatives, is agreeable to take, and never produces irritation. 28. 6d. per box; post free 2d. extra.-E. GRILLON, 22, London Wall, E.C.; also of BARCLAY and Sons, and of all chemists.



Orders of Discharge.

Gazette, Nov. 25.
DOW, THOMAS, baker, Hackney

Gazette, Nov. 28.

Gazette, Dec. 2.
RANKIN, ALFRED, commission agent, Philip-ter, Philip-la, Tot-

Gazette, Dec. 5.
COLEMAN, WILLIAM WARMAN, surgeon, Plumstead-rd, Woolwich
MANNING, HEXRY, jeweller, York



A Beautiful Chromo-Lithograph Plate,

Two Full-page Engravings of

is replete with NEW GOODS for WINTER OVER-
COATS, Elastics for Frock and Mourning Coats, Vestings,
Bedford Cords for Hunting Breeches,

Scotch and West of
England stout Angolas for Riding Trousers, Travelling
Suits, &c. A. W. M. is distinguished for Gentlemen's
Dress of the best quality at moderate charges for casi pay-

LFRED WEBB MILES' world-famed

163. TROUSERS (originated by him) from stont
and warm new Scotch Tweeds, Cheviots, &c., thoroughly
maintain their high reputation, and are in all respects
better value than ever.
12, BROOK-STREET, Hanover-square, W.

, , and GENERAL





JELF.-On the 3rd inst., at 3, Burston-road, Putney, the wife of

Arthur Richard Jell, Esq., barrister-at-law, of a son.
KNOCKER.-On the 4th inst., at The Hazels, Great Dunmow,
Essex, the wife (of William Wheatley Knocker, solicitor, of a

WRIGHT.-On the 7th inst., at Spencer-road, Patney, the wife

of H. Wildey Wright, Esq., barrister at-law, of a son.
YOUNG.--On the 3rd inst., at 14, Onslow-square, the wife of
Francis Young, Esq., barrrister-at-law, of a daughter.

BELLINGHAM - CLAYDEN.-On the 2nd Inst.. at Oakley, near

Bishop's Stortford, Edward Nugent Bellingham, of Swansea,
solicitor, to Caroline, second daughter of the late John Clayden,
Esq., o Littlebury.
KING-LEESON.-On the 6th inst., at Chiswick, William King, of

Lincoln's-inn, Esq., barriser-at-law, to Eleanor Constance, only daughter of the late John Seymour Lekson, Esq.. THIMBLEBY - RICHARDSON.-On the 4th inst., at St. John's

Church, whestone, Finchley, by the Rev. Joseph Spence, Rector
of East Keai, Lincolnshire, Uncle of the bridegroom, assisted by
the Rev. Alfred Kaye, Incumbent of Whetstone, Thomas William
Thimbleby, only son of Thomas Thimbleby, Esq., Avenue Housa,
Spil by, to Mary Elizabeth, only child of the late Frank Richard-
son, Esq., of Hameringham, Lincolnshire. No cards.

ROSE.-On the 3rd inst., at Brighton, aged 91, the Hon. Sir George

Rose, F.R. S., 'ate Judge of Court of Review.
TWOPENY.-On the 5th inst., in Upper Grosvenor-street, aged 76,

William Twopeny, formerly of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-


Eminent in Philanthropy, Literature, and Art.
Instructions for Decorating Churches at Christmas.-
Illustrations and Directions for making two entirely new
Laces.--Reviews of Christmas Books, with 20 Illustrations.
Illustrations of the latest Paris Fashions in Dinner, Ball,
Promenade, and Afternoon Toilettes.-Amusements for
Christmas, Acting Charade, &c., Christmas Stories, &c.

The Drama. Music and Musicians. Gazette des Dames.
The Tourist. The Library. Pastimes. The Exchange.
Personal. The Boudoir. Court Chronicle. Society.

Notes and Queries on Dress, Work, Music, and other subjects useful and interesting to Ladies.

May be had of News Agents, Booksellers, and at the Rail. way Stalls.

Price ls.






FIELD, Country Gentleman's Newspaper,


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Is in tuse over many thousand miles.

WHOLESALE & RETAIL STATIONERS, Special attention is invited to the WIRE CABLE FENCES




Our Streete. Carriage paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 208.


Mr Arch's Scheme of Emigration to Canada.

The Alleged Adulteration of Sherry. DRAFT PAPER, 58., 6s. 6d., 78. 6d., 78. 9d., and is. Od. per

known as their NO. A 5 and A 10.

Report of Experiments with Domestic Lamps. ream.

The large extent to which these favourite Fences have
BRIEF PAPER, 158. 6d., 178. 6d., and 289. 8. per ream.

been adopted
enables them to be supplied at a price meet-

THE SMITHFIELD CLUB CATTLE SHOW. FOOL&CAP PAPER, 10s. 6d., 12s. 6d., and 158. 6d. per ream. ing all general requirements.

The Cattle and The London Fog. CREAM LAID NOTE, 38., 45., and 5s. per ream.

The Devil Fish. with an Illustration. LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 48.6d., 6s. 6d., and 8s. per ream.

F. M. & Co.'s

Rambles in Search of Shells.
LARGE BLUE NOTE, 38. fid., 4s. 6d., and 6s. 6d. per ream.

The Principal Two-year-Old Races of 1873.
ENVELOPES, CREAM OR BLUE, 18.6d., and 68. 6d., per 1000.

Ridgway Club, Southminster, and other Coursing
THE "TEMPLE" ENVELOPE, extra secure, 9s. 6d. per 1000.
Dispense with the necessity of straining posts, thereby

Meetings. FOOLSCAP OFFICIAL ENVELOPES, 1s. Id. per 100. greatly reducing the cost of the fence and also effecting a

Prosecution for Coursing Trapped Hares.
THE NEW "VELLUM WOVE CLUB-HOUSE” NOTE, I considerable saving in labonr for erection, as they efficiently

Hunting Notes
from Leicestershire,

Ireland, &c. 9s. 60. per ream, strain the wires from both directions at the same time.

The Mastiff Judging at Birmingham, “We should direct particular attention to their New Club- They are readily inserted in existing fences

The Spanish Bulldog Toro.

Tweed Salmon in November. house Paper: in our opinion it is the very best paper we ever

An Act for the Preservation of Coarse Fish. wrote upon."-London Mirror.

Tlustrated Catalogue on application.

Chamois Stalking in the Tyrol.

Bir S. Baker at the

Geographical Society. INDENTURE Skins, Printed and Machine-ruled, to hold twenty

Tigers in India, and the Civil Service. or thirty folios, 28. 3d. per skin, 28. per dozen, 1255. per

Emigrant Fields of North America. roll,

Now ready, price 1s., free by post 18. 2 d.,

Rowing at the Universities.

Cambridge University Racquets.
SECONDS or FOLLOWERS, Ruled, ls, lid. each, 228. per dozen,
1038. per roll.

The Edinburgh Show of Fat Stock.

Dublin, Plymouth, and other Poultry Shows. RECORDS or MEMORIALS, 7d. each, 6s. 6d. per dozen.


Forcing the Lily of the Valley.

Athletic Sports, Football, Golf, Bicycling, Canoeing, LEDGERS, DAY-BOOKS, CASH-BOOKS, LETTER OG MINUTE-BOOKS


Yachting, Chess, Cards, &c. An immense stock in various bindings.

For 1874.

Price 6d. By post, 6td.
ILLUSTRATED PRICE-LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales
Copying Presses, Writing Cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and

The Letterpress consists of

FIELD OFFICE, 346, STRAND, LONDON, W.C. Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles Lists of Hounds, their Masters, Whips, Kennels, &c. adapted to Library or Office, post free. Clubs and their Olub Houses.

I? TUNERAL REFORM. The exorbitant

Secretaries, &c., with the Winning Yachts for the Year MECHANISM of MAN. By EDWARD W.Cox, Serjeant items of the undertaker's bill have long operated as 1873.

at-Law. Price 8s. 6d. an oppressive tax upon all classes of the community. With Chambers of Agriculture.

CONTENTS: & view of applying a remedy to this serious evil the Epitome of Acts of Parliament passed relating to Country CHAP.

CHAP. LONDON NECROPOLIS COMPANY, when opening Gentlemen,

1. Introduction,

25. The Mechanism of the their extensive cemetery at Woking, held themselves pre


Mind: The Faculties pared to undertake the whole duties relating to interments

8. The Man.

that perceive the rela at fixed and moderate scales of charge, from which survivors

4. How we Grow.

tions of external obmay choose according to their means and the requirements And a vast amonnt of Information relating to the Farm, 5. How we Live.

jects. of the case. The Company also undertakes the conduct of

Stable, Hunting. Country House, Garden, Natural His- 6. What Life is. Funerals to other cemeteries, and to all parts of the United

26. The Mechanism of the tory, the Government and Government Offices, Rates of 7. The Beginning of Life.

Mind: The Reflective Kingdom. A pamphlet containing full particulars may be Postage, and other matters usually looked for in an 8. The Germ.

Faculties. obtained, or win be forwarded, upon application to the


9. How we Die.

27. Of the Memory, Chief Office, 2, Lancaster-place, Strand, W.C.

London: HORACE Cox, 846, Strand, W.O.

10. How we are Moved. 23. How the Machinery of 11. The Senses.

the Mind works.

29. Of the Will. THE COUNTRY: A JOURNAL OF 12. of the Sense of Sight.

13. Of the Sense of Hearing. 30. The Soul-its Dwelling RURAL PURSUITS.

14. Of the Senses of Tasto and its Destiny. RONCHITIS, and NEURALGIA,


and Smell.

31. Soul-Spirit--Anima. Training Dogs: Pointers and Setters.

15. Of the Sense of Touch. 82. The Argument. R. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORO

16. Of the evidence of the 33. Consciousness. Fascination

DYNE, a few doses quite effectual.--Caution. The
The Planting of Fruit Trees.

34. Presumptive Proofs. 17. About Life.

$5. The Natural and the extraordinary medical reports on the efficacy of Chlorodyne

Forcing Lily of the Valley.

18. Of the Brain. Garden Calendar : Vegetables-December.

Supernatural. render it of vital importance that the public should obtain

19. The Mechanism of the 36. What the Soul is.

Agricultural Exhibitions: Smithfield Club Cattle Show, the genuine, which is protected by a Government stamp;

Mind, bearing the words “Dr. J. Collis Browne's Chlorodyne. Plymouth Agricultural Exhibition, Birmingham, High

87. The Dwelling-place of the 20. Classification of the Men

Soul. See decision of Vice-Chancellor Sir W. Page Wood, the

land and Agricultural Society, Stirling, York, Berwick.

tal Powers. Times, July 16th, 1864.

88. The Shape of the Soul. Numerous testimonials from Horticultural Exhibitions: Royal Horticultural Society.

21. The Mechanism of the 89. The Condition of the eminent Physicians accompany each bottle. Game at the Crystal Palace.

Mind : The Propensities. Soul after Death. From W. C. Wilkinson, Esq., F.R.C.S., Spalding. The Hamburghs at Birmingham.

22. The Mechanism of the 40. The Outlook

of the "I consider it invaluable in phthisis and spasmodic Poultry and Rabbit Exhibitions : Stenhousemuir, Birm.

Mind: The Sentiments Soul. cough: the benefit is very marked indeed."

ingham Pigeons, Maidstone, Montrose, Oakham (Rut

Common to Man with 41. The Pre-existence of the Dr. M'Millman of New Galloway, Scotland. land), Reigate, Plymouth, Cambridge.

the Lower Animals,

Soul. “ I consider it the most valuable medicine known."

Aviary and Apiary Exhibitions : Montrose, Stenhouse

23. The Mechanism of the 12. The Dwelling-place of the Sold in bonius, 18. 11d.. 28. 9d., and 4s. 6d. by all chemista. muir.

Mind: The Sentiments Soul.
Sole manufacturer, J. T. DAVENPORT, 33, reat Russell

Hare and Hounds.
Association Challenge Cup.

Proper to Man. street, London, W.C.

43. The Condition of the

Soul. Fishing, Shooting, Natural Science, Geographical, Farm, 24. The Mechanism of the COLLOWAY'S OINTMENT.-A fair trial Garden, Athletic, Aquatic, Football, Golf, Quoits,

Mind: The Intellectual 4. The Mystery.

Bicycling, Racquets, and Billiards News of the week,

45. Conclusions. merits of this ointment, and to demonstrate how much

Office: 32, Wellington-street, Strand, London. more successful it is in curing old ulcers, inveterate sores,

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. disfiguring eruptions, than any other application. When NEW EDITION OF SAUNDERS'S LAW OF

A most useful and charming book.-Standard. properly used it lessens the inflammation which invades


Serjeant Cox sketches his psychological system with a parts adjacent to the wound or ulcer, where by much local pain is immediately assuaged, and in the course of an hour THE LAW and PRACTICE of AFFILIA. bold, free, and not unsteady hand.--Daily Review.

Written in such plain language and in such a popular or two the most satisfactory results invariably follow, which

and entertaining etsle.- Oxford Herald. will steadily advance to a thorough permanent cure. Not

Acts 1872 and 1873, the New Forms just issued by the Local A remarkable book.---Builder. only do outward ulcerations, wounds, and blemishes yield Government Board, and all the Decisions upon the subject. We commend it to the serious study of those who would to Holloway's preparations, but also those ever-present By THOMAS W. SAUNDERS, Barrister-at-Law, Recorder find an intelligible answer to the monstrous question pesta-hoarseness, sore throat, quinsey, diphtheria, catarrh, of Bath. Sixth Edition. Price 6s. 6d., cloth.

" What am I?"- Leicester Mercury. congh, gout, and neuralgic pains.

London: LAW TIMES Office, 10, Wellington-street, Strand London : LONGMAX and Co., Paternoster-row.



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To Readers and Correspondents.

JUSTITIA.-We cannot give opinions on questions of law.
W. D. BALLANTYNE.-Consult a solicitor; or, if you are a solicitor, consult counsel.
SEVERAL important communications unavoidably stand over.
Anonymous communications are invariably rejected.

THE Supreme Court of the United States, in a most elaborate judgment, reviewing all the authorities, has decided that a common carrier cannot lawfully stipulate for exemption from responsibility when such exemption is not just and reasonable in the eye of the law; further, that it is not just and reasonable in the eye of the law for a common carrier to stipulate for exemption from responsibility for the negligence of himself or his servants; and that these rules apply both to common carriers of goods and common carriers of passengers, and with special force to the latter.

NOTICE. The Law TIMES goes to press on Thursday evening, that it muy be received in the remotest parts of the country on Saturday morning. Communications and Advertisements must be transmitted accordingly. None can appear that do not reach the office by Thursday afternoon's post, All communications intended for the Editor of the Solicitors' Department should be so addressed.


Just published, price 58. 6d., PART IV. of VOL. VIII. of

MAGISTRATES, MUNICIPAL, PAROCHIAL, ELECTION, and ECCLESIASTICAL LAW CASES, decided by all the Courts. Sept post free to subscribers. N.B.-The back volumes and parts may be had; the vols. at 958. each, half-bound.

London: HORACE Cox, 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.

Now ready, price 58, 6d., PART I., VOL. II., of ARITIME LAW REPORTS (New Series). By J. P. ASPINALL,

Esq., Barrister-at-Law, in the Admiralty Courts of England and Ireland, and in all the Superior Courts, with a Selection from the Decisions of the United States Courts, with Yotes by the Editor, The First Series of "Maritime Law" may now be had com. plete in Three Volumes, half bound, price £5 5s. for the set, or any single volume for 12 25. Back numbers may be had to complete sets,

London : HORACE Cox, 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.

A REMARK which we have met with in the “Memoir of Lord DENMAN," just published, recalls attention to the patronage still remaining in the hands of the Judges to be conferred upon the Bar. Every year the Judges who go circuit are besieged by applicants for revising barristerships, and in very rare instances is the appointment given to the most deserving aspirant. In a letter to COLERIDGE from the Midland Circuit in 1847 Lord DENMAN wrote: "I cannot help fancying that the Bar is becoming more a stage of transition than a status-an apprenticeship exacted by custom for obtaining some office, such as that of revising barrister, County Court Judge, or commissioner of some sort. I heartily wish the Judges were deprived of all patronage of this kind. Towards the end of the assizes the looks of expectation and disappointment are harrowing.”. The exercise of such patronage is a source of annoyance to the Bench and humiliation to the Bar.




119 Limited Rights of Way ......

121 The Future of Legal Education

121 The Supreme Court of Judicature Act 1873 122

The Estates of Partners in Bankruptcy... 123 SOLICITORS' JOURNAL Topics of the Week

124 Notes of New Decisions

124 V.C. Malins' Court

124 Correspondence

125 Unclainned Stock and Dividends in the Bank of England

125 Appointments under the Joint-Stook Winding up Acts......

125 Creditors under Estates in Chancery 125 Creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. c. 35

125 Reports of Sales

125 ELECTION LAW Manchester County Court


A DEFECT, if such it is to be called, in the Ballot Act has been pointed out in a case which came before the Manchester County Court on the 8th and 13th inst. By the 42nd rule of the first schedule, the marked register is to be open to inspection. All the documents used at the municipal election are sent to the town clerk; and by the 29th rule of the same schedule the presiding officer is directed at the close of the poll to make up

in à separate packet, sealed with his own seal and the seal of the candidates or their agents, the marked copies of the register of the voters and the counterfoils of the ballot papers. Consequently by this Act inspection is given of what by the Act is ordered to be sealed up. The difficulty was got over by application to the County Court Judge, who first heard the application in his private room and granted a rule nisi for inspection of the register, which by consent of the Town Clerk, was subsequently made absolute. A report of the case will appear under “ Election Law” in due course.

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Taxation of costs-Ship under arrest of
High Court and County Court ........


Company-Amalgamation-Increase of

519 R: THE BANK OF HINDUSTAN, CHINA, ASD JAPAN (ALISON'S CASE)Company-Winding up-Void amalga. mation

524 Ez parle BOLLAND; R: CLINTBankruptcy - Partnership - Separate estate


Prohibition - Commission under the

Church Discipline Aet-Discretion of

529 COCRT OF QUEEN'S BEYCH. THE RIVER WEAR COMMISSIONERS . ADAMNOX ADD OTHERSDamate to sea wall by vessel-Damage the result of stress of weather

530 HSSKETH App.) 2. THE LOCAL BOARD OF ATHERTON (resp.)Public Health Act (11 & 12 Vict. c. 63), 6.6-Local Government Act 1858 (21 22 Vict. c. 99), S. 63


Action for seduction-Interrogatories

-Interrogatories as to defendant's


Custom of Stock Exchange-Sale of
shares-Liability of jobber.


Regulstions in mines-Owner of mine
not responsible for negligence of ser-
vant - Penal enactments

540 Ex parte GREVILLEArticled clerk-- Employment as vestry clerk--23 & 24 Vict. c. 127, 8. 10..... 542


Antenuptial settlement by a traderCovenant to rettle all after acquired property of husband-Bankruptcy... 543


Evidenc - Register of births-Certified

cops-14 & 15 Vict. o. 99, s. 14 ............ 544 REG. 1. TWISTLarceny-Indictment-Corpus delicti...... 546

In the Good, of O'REILLY
Will-Mindescription of executor-Ex.
trinsic evidence-Probate


MONIAL CAUSES. JOHNSTONE !, JOHNSTONE, THE ATTORSEY-GENERAL, AND HAWKINSLegitimacy declaration-Petitioner out of jurisdiction-Declaration of nullity of marriage......


Matrimonial sult-Service of citation-
Filing in the registry-Rule 14.. 548

Notes of New Decisions

126 MAGISTRATES' LAW:Borough Quarter Sessions

127 Northern Circuit-Liverpool

127 Notes of New Decisions

127 MARITIME LAW:Notes of New Decisions

127 Specimens of a Code of Marine Insurance Law....

127 COUNTY COURTS:Birmingham County Court

128 Bridport County Court...

128 Brighton County Court

1:28 Cheltenham County Court

129 Chorley County Court

129 Haslemere County Court

129 Uttoxeter County Court

130 BANKRUPTCY LAW:Birmingham County Court

131 Bristol County Court.

131 Liverpool County Court

131 LEGAL NEWS: A General School of Law


134 LAW SOCIETIES:The Union Society of London

134 Articled Clerks' Society

134 Law Students' Debating Society


134 THE COURTS AND COURT PAPERS:European Assurance Society's Arbitra

135 Court of Chancery-Notice





A DECISION of the Chief Judge in Bankruptcy upon the effect of a settlement which purported to convey to trustees for the benefit of the intended wife, not alone all the settlor then possessed, but all he might acquire during coverture (Ex parte Bolland; re Clint, 29 L. T. Rep. N. S. 543), well deserves consideration. It appeared that the recitals of the deed described the property intended to be conveyed, namely, all and singular the real and personal estate which the settlor should at any time during coverture possess, and the covenants in the deed included even more words to carry out the same intention. There were trusts declared of the property he absolutely possessed at the time, but none of those comprised in the recital or the covenant. The settlor became bankrupt, and his trustee claimed the after-acquired property as part of his assots. The Chief Judge very properly, as we conceive, pronounced against the settlement, and held, first, that as there were no trusts expressed with reference to future property, it must be taken that the husband intended that such property should first be applied to his own use. Secondly, that such a settlement was clearly void as against creditors. He said, “If deeds of this description were to be acted upon it would be impossible for anyone to carry on business. Nothing was more opposed to justice and the policy of the law than that a man should be at liberty to execute such a deed whereby his property, even to his boots, became subject to the trusts of the settlement. Creditors had a right to make the debtor's property applicable to the payment of their demands, and the trustee in the bankruptcy was entitled to the shares”—which had been bought during coverture.

tion .....

NOTICE.-CHRISTMAS DAY AND BANK HOLIDAY. Correspondents and Advertisers must send their letters by Tuesday evening's post for insertion in next week's issue of this paper.

The Law and the Lawyers.

The office of Associate on the Northern Circuit is one of some importance, as also is that of Prothonotary for the County of Lan. caster. Both these offices have for twenty-seven years been filled by Mr. EDMUND ROBERT HARRIS. That gentleman has now retired owing to ill-health, to the general regret of the Profession. We understand that Mr. THOMAS SHUTTLEWORTH, solicitor, son of tbe clerk of arraigns, has been appointed Mr. Harris's successor as Judges' Associate, but that, owing to the increase of business on the Northern Circuit, the duties of prothonotary will be divided, Mr. SAUTTLEWORTH being Prothonotary for Lancaster, Mr. WORTHINGTON for Manchester, and Mr. T. E. Paget for Liverpool. Mr. SHUTTLEWORTH's appointment as Judges' Associate has, we believe, given great satisfaction to the Bar.

VOL. LVI.-No. 1603,

An application of some practical importance was made to ViceChancellor Malins on the 13th inst., resulting, it is believed, in a departure for the first time from the ordinary practice of the Court of Chancery of appointing a special examiner to take the evidence of witnesses resident abroad. The witnesses proposed to be examined reside in France, and were admittedly unwilling witnesses. They would not voluntarily attend before any examiner or tribunal, and the order sought was to be directed to the President and Judges of the Tribunal Civil de Première Instance of the Department of the Seine sitting at Paris, requesting them to accept a commission from the Court of Chancery to delegate one or more Judges of the Tribunal who should be charged to proceed to an inquiry in the form of French civil procedure, and to summon the witnesses resident in their jurisdiction to be examined upon certain allegations contained in the summons. The objection urged to the adoption of the course was that the French tribunal would not take the evidence by examination and cross-examination in our manner, nor permit counsel to conduct the examination, but would, according to its usual practice, examine the witnesses itself. The opinion of an eminent avoué was read to the effect that the French court in such a case would adopt the English procedure. The Vice-Chancellor thought that our Court of Chancery always had the power of directing commissions to issue for the examination of witnesses abroad, which was given to the Courts of Common Law by 1 Will. 4, c. 22. In pursuance of that power the Common Law Courts had issued commissions to Judges of foreign courts ex. gr. Lumley v. Gye (23 L. J. 112, Q. B.), and sitting in the Court of Chancery he considered that he had power to issue such a commission which he thought the best possible course to be adopted under the circumstances. Whilst not doubting the existence of the power thus exercised by the Vice-Chancellor we consider the necessity for its exercise an argument in favour of the assimilation of the laws, and if possible of the procedure, of the great trading countries.

satisfied, from what had occurred, that the assets would not pay 11s. in the pound, unanimously agreed to accept less; and, if they could not do so, the Act of Parliament had passed in vain. We quite agree with the learned Judge in his conclusion, “that great mischief and injustice would be done to the other creditors if the Court suffered the appellant, by reason of the accident, to continue the action, for the company was as much bound by the terms of the second resolution as it was by the terms of the first, to which it was a party.” The appeal was consequently dismissed.


The County Court Judge of Dorsetshire, sitting at Bridport, has decided that a husband who gives his wife, privately, instructions not to run into debt with the baker, is not liable for bread supplied to his household on credit. His Honour said that this principle had been established by a case in the Court of Common Pleas. This is to us a novel and startling doctrine. A wife is primâ facie the agent of the husband in procuring household necessaries suited to his position in life. The defendant in the case before the County Court Judge was in receipt of 14s. weekly wages, the whole of which, he said, he gave to his wife, and told her to pay for what was required. She failed to pay the baker, who had no notice of the instructions to the wife. It was positively held that he could not recover against the husband. The most recent case decided in the Common Pleas is Phillipson v. Hayter (23 L. T. Rep. N. S. 556), where Lord Chief Justice Bovill said, “ The domestic arrangements of the family being usually left to the control of the wife, her authority extends to all those matters which fall within her department, as, for instance, the supply of provisions for the house, clothing for herself and children, and things of that sort. Even that limited authority must, however, be subject to this condition, that the goods be suitable to the position which the husband allows his wife to assume.” In the old case of Etherington v. Parrott (Salk. 118) a warning was given to the plaintiff's servant, by the husband, not to trust the wife any more. That was held to rebut the presumption of the wife's power to pledge her husband's credit. That a private prohibition to the wife should have the same effect would be an extraordinary extension of the law.

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We have recently discussed in these columns the right of a creditor of a bankrupt who has agreed to accept a composition, to sue for his original debt when there is a failure to pay the composition. On the 15th inst. the CHIEF JUDGE had before him this question in a somewhat peculiar form (Ex parte The Radcliffe Investment Company, re Glover). A composition having been accepted by creditors, payable by three instalments, on a basis which excluded a large creditor, this creditor was subsequently admitted to prove, and the debts upon which the composition was payable thereby becoming so much larger the debtors were unable to pay, and almost all the creditors agreed to accept a smaller sum in the pound as the third instalment, the creditor last admitted agreeing to reduce his debt. The appellant, however, refused to be bound by the resolution, and brought his action. The Deputy-Judge of the Manchester County Court restrained the action, and from that decision the creditor appealed. Lord Justice JAMES, in Hatton's case (27 L. T. Rep. N. S. 396; L. Rep. 7 Ch. 723) said: “There may be cases in which, by accident and not by default of the debtor, the composition is not duly paid, and then no doubt the court would relieve the debtor from the effect of any accident and remove any injustice” And the CHIEF JUDGE pointed out that the possibility of such an accident was contemplated by the Act, and creditors were, by the 126th section, 6th paragraph, entitled to “add to or vary the provisions of any composition previously accepted by them without prejudice to any persons taking interests under such provisions who do not assent to such addition or variation." His Lordship proceeded to remark that it was upon that clause that the case of the appellant rested, and in construing it he had to consider what was the general policy of the law, and not to attach a too literal construction to words which were apparently opposed to such policy. The word "persons” might no doubt, be said, include " creditors,” but they would be bound by the first resolution; and creditors being the persons to be bound, it would be wrong to read the word as meaning "creditors," unless it was impossible to ascribe any other meaning to it. By the terms of the 7th clause the provisions of a composition accepted by an extraordinary resolution were binding on all the creditors whose names appeared in the statement of the debtor produced to the meetings at which the resolution was passed, but did not affect or prejudice the rights of any other creditors. The meaning of the clause was perfectly obvious. The creditors in this case being

In our issue of the 6th inst., we made what we considered to be some very fair remarks upon an article appearing in the Irish Law Times, concerning the relations existing between the Judges of the common law side of the Four Courts. We ventured to describe our contemporary's article as “a lively Irish sketch," and we questioned whether it was true to life. We doubted whether the Irish Judges would act as we thought our contemporary suggested, and our construction of what he did say is disputed. In our own justification, and for the benefit of the Irish Judges, we give our comments and our critic's reply in parallel columns : Law Times.

Irish Law Times, If we may form an opinion apon OUR contemporary has thought some observations which appear in proper to question the truth of the the last number of the Irish Law description contained in our second Times, we need have little scruple last issue of the unsatisfactory man. in reforming the courts of law in ner in which our Court of Exchequer Ireland, and abolishing the inter. Chamber is constituted in this mediate Court of Appeal. We have country, and the way in which the rarely seen so graphic a description several Courts of Common Law reof utter confusion as we find in the view each other's decisions when columns of our contemporary, and considering them in appeal. We do in order that we may not understate not question the right of the Law the case we will give his own words: Times to criticise our views or im“ As the courts are at present con- pugn our veracity when they catch stituted,” we are told, they do us tripping, but we protest against not satisfy the public or themselves, violent presumptions on the part of either in the manner they discharge our respected contemporary, espe their own business, or review each cially when they are put forward other's decisions. The courts of without any knowledge of the sub. first instance, or those which hear ject, and when the meaning and and decide cases of pleading and intent of our observations are dispractice on the common law side of torted and misconstrued. After the Hall of the Four Courts, and quoting the portion of our article to control the trial and decision of which we refer, the writer in the Law questions of law and fact after their Times thus proceeds :-“This, we disposal at Nisi Prius, are jealous of venture to think, is a lively Irish their respective regulations, differ in sketch, and one in which implicit their views, clash in the exercise of trust onght not to be placed.” “ It their respective jurisdictions, and is hardly credible that a number of when reviewing each other's decisions gentlemen entrusted with the highest in the Court of Error, as at present functions in the State should ad. constituted, pay each other off,' minister the law according to the without much consideration or re- bias of their personal feelings.” The spect. When the Common Pleas sneer at our national vivacity conand Exchequer fancy they catch the tained in the first sentence may be Queen's Bench at fault, they trip attributable to either contempt or them up unmercifully, and when the jealousy. If the former we can outQueen's Bench come round in their live it, in the hope that, when the turn to take either of their former Law Times "ventures to think" critics to task, they feel disposed to again, it will confine itself to that return the compliment with interest. harmless operation of the mind, and We sometimes find great questions hesitate ere it publishes its ruminadecided on appeal to the Court of tions. If the latter, we are not Error, by a minority of judges over- surprised when we read the laboured ruling the decision of the majority, articles in its columns, and especially and the public are obliged to be the succeeding one to that we comcontent with the law thus laid down, plain of, and which endeavours to although the reasoning, as well as give an account of the very want of the number, of the dissentients is uniformity in the practice and promore to be relied on. As to the cedure of the English courts which courts of the Master of the Rolls we complain of as existing in the and the Vice-Chancellor, on the Irish. As to the latter imputation, Equity side, we are constrained to we emphatically deny that we ever say they have each their respective insinuated that any member of the views, and although in the main Irish Bench could be capable of they have earned the respect and “administering the law according to confidence of the public, yet their the bias of his personal feelings." practice and procedure are not what It is notorious that our Irish Judges the Profession and the public desire, entertain for each other the warmest especially in the subordinate offices feelings of personal friendship, and attached to each.” This weventure fully appreciate each other's worth. to think is a lively Irish sketch, and “The bias of personal feelings," is one in which implicit trust ought unknown amongst our Common Law not to be placed. It is hardly Judges, and that fact tends to reflect credible that a number of edu. greater credit on the impartiality cated gentlemen, entrusted with the with which the different courts rehighest functions in the State, view each other's decisions, and do should administer the law according no hesitate to reverse them according to the bias of their personal feelings. to the honest dictates of their impar, The Court of Appeal our contempo. tial judgment. We have not found rary is rather shy of, simply observ. fault with “ the educated gentlemen ing that matters there have become entrusted with the highest functions too exciting to be pleasant. Any in the State," but we did find fault thing that the Legislature may do with the system which, in England, as with these courts cannot assuredly well as here, make courts of first make them worse than they are-if instance entertain in succession apwe believe the Irish Law Times. peals from each other's decisions,

and thus leads to the absurdity of the few overruling the many, and the conflict of authority which has been the subject of well-groupded com. plaint in Westminster Hall as well as in the Dublin Four Courts.

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