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lieutenant for the county of Durham, and served

At Chancery-line.

Tuesday ...... Nov. 4 General paper The late Vice-Chancellor Sir John Wickens, who as high sheriff of that county in 1848. He was


5 Ditto died on the 23rd ult., at his residence, Chilgrove, also for many years Custos Brevium of the Court



7 Ditto near Chichester, in the fifty.ninth year of his age, of Common Pleas until the abolition of that office, Friday was the second son of the late James Stephen when he retired with a pension, and he was like- Saturday.

8 Petitions, short

canses, ad. journed summonses,

and Wickeds, Esq., solicitor, of Chandos-street, wise formerly. Major of the Durham Militia.

general paper Cavendish-square, London, by Anne Goodenough, | According to Sir Bernard Burke, the family of the


10 General paper daughter of John Huyter, Esq., of Winterbourne late baronet is descended from Robert de Eden,

11 Ditto Stoke, Wilts, and sister of the Right Hon. Sir who died in 1413; and they have received two Wednesday 12 Ditto William Goodenough Hayter, of Southill Park, peerages, in the persons of Lord Henley and Lord Thursday 13 Motions and general paper Berks. He was born in the year 1815, and was Auckland. The baronetcy of West Auckland was Friday

14 General paper

15 Petitions, short educated under Dr. Keate at Eton, where he conferred, in 1672, upon Robert Eden, Esq., of Saturday...

journed summonses, obtained the Newcastle Scholarship, and soon that place, M.P. for Durham, and that of Mary,

general paper afterwards he was elected to an open scholarship land in 1776, on the governor of the province of


17 General paper at Balliol College, Oxford, then in the height of Maryland, who was the second son of the third Tuesday

18 Ditto its first successes under the late Dr. Jenkins, baronet of the older creation. The issue of the Wednesday 19 Ditto

20 Motions and general paper afterwards Dean of Wells. At Oxford he closed eldest son having become extinct in 1844, the Thursday

21 General paper his undergraduate career, during which he ob. representation of the family and of the two Friday

22 Petitions, short causes, tained, among other distinctions, the Newdigate baronetcies devolved on Sir William Eden, the Saturday

journed summonses,

and Prize for English Verse, by taking his Bachelor's baronet now deceased. The late baronet married

general paper degree in Michaelmas Term 1836, as a "double in 1814 Elfrida, youngest daughter of Colonel Monday

24 General paper first class." He did not, however, obtain the Iremonger, of Wherwell Priory, Hampshire, by Tuesday

25 Motions and general paper much coveted hononr of a Balliol Fellowship, as

whom he had a family of four sons and five At the Rolls, unopposed petitions must be presented, his facetious propensities had shown themselves daughters. His eldest surviving son, William, and copies left with the secretary, on or before the in several practical jokes against the master and who now succeeds to the title and estates, was Thursday preceding the Saturday on which it is in.

tended they should be heard. tators of his college, which appeared to them to born in 1849.

Causes set down previous to Transfer. render it extremely doubtful whether he would

Benson v. Winkworth Pritchard v. Collette ever settle down into a staid, sober, and demure

Collette v. Pritchard "Don, such as they who 'congregated in the THE COURTS & COURT PAPERS. Hay v. Bates

Clowes v. Hogg

Patrick v. Gye Balliol Common Room. He afterwards settled in

Wood v. Wood

Ridgway v, Ridgway London to study for the Bar, and in Easter


King v. Dixon

Ridgway v. Ridgway Term 1810, he was called by the Honourable Society


Remaining Carlses transferred from the Bools of the of Lincoln's-inn, and in a short time obtained a

Vice Chancellors Sir R. MALINS and Sir J. WICKENS,

by Order dated 2nd May 1873. considerable practice. His reputation as an equity

Equity Courts.

Hards v. King

Cleary v. Kennington draftsman while at the Bar was very great, and

Fortune v. Thompson The Blake Sole Sewing he was believed to possess a most accurrate Court of Appeal in Chancery.

Innes v. Mathias

Machine Company (Liacquaintance with the science of Chancery plead.


Boatwright v. Boatwright mited v. Hart ing, which, as most of our readers know, is a

At Westminster.

Marler v. Tommas

Wynne v. Tbe North Staf. Nov. 3 Appeal motions

Chambers v. Saffery branch of knowledge not now much cultivated. Monday

fordshire Railway Com. At Lincoln's-inn.

Scott v. Laver

pany In 1868 he was appointed to succeed the present Tuesday ....... Nov. 4 Appeals

Iewis v. Musgrove

Bolton v. White
Lord Justice James, who was then made à Vice.

5 Ditto

Neal v. Pearce

Overend, Gurney, and Co. Chancellor of England, as Vice-Chancellor of the Thursday

6 Ditto

Power v. Williams

(Limited) v. Brett Duchy of Lancaster, å position which has often Friday

7 Petitions and appeals

Tretbewy v. Helyar

Stokes v. King 10 Appeals

Hadwen v. Kenworthy proved a stepping stone to the bench of the Monday

Fletcher v. Fletcher 11 Ditto

Thomas v. Thomas

Holland v. Gutch High Court of Chancery. Mr. Wickens held Tuesday

Wednesday at the same time another office which is now

12 Appeal motions and appeals

Chambers v. Chambers Hodges v. Wieland Thursday 13 Appeals

Retallick v. Huxham

Martin Kent Coast looked upon as giving its occupant a still greater Friday

14 Ditto

Cameron v. Leyland

Railway Company claim to a judgeship. He acted for some time as Monday

17 Ditto

Salmon v. Brooks

Maxfield v. Burton

18 what is called the Attorney General's “Devil” in Tuesday


Wood v. Wood

Outin v. Heathcote

Rowlandson v. Mercer Equity.

19 Appeal motions and apper

Larkins v. Phipps In April, 1871, the deceased judge Weinesday

Thursday succeeded Sir John Stuart, on his resignation, as

20 Appeals

Murrell r. Ferryman The Ystalyfera Iron Co. 21. Petitions and appeals Friday

Wagstaff v. Kemp.


Neath and one of the Vice-Chancellors of England. The

24 Appeals

Wilkinson v. Wilkinson Brecon Railway Co. career of Sir John Wickens on the judicial bench, Tuesday

25 Appeal motions and appeals

The Comptoir D’Escompte Budd v. The Neath and though so short, was sufficient to show that he The Lord Chancellor will (except on Saturdays)

de Paris v. The Consoli. Brecon Railway Co.

dated Bank (Limited) Cruick-hank u. Bland possessed the very highest qualities which can be during Term usually sit in full Court with the Lords

Sidney v. Sidney

Bartlett v. Weeks looked for in an equity judge. Indeed, he had Justices of the Court of Appeal.

Gibson v. Woodruff

Rice v. Castle showed himself to be abundantly endowed with

(Before the LORDS JUSTICES.)

Enfield v. Roscoe

Steers v. Eveleigh these even when practising at the Bar. There

At Westminster.

Clarke v. Allison

Rowsell o. Morris was always something fair and judicial in his Monday Nov. 3 Appeal motions

Dent v. Hoye

Watson v. Boss

At Lincoln's-inn. arguments as an

Hill v. till advocate. In his judicial Tuesday ...... Nov. 4 Appeals

Jetirey o. Hopkins Burton v. Maw

Smith v. Keysell capacity Sir John Wickens was called upon to Wednesday

5 Ditto

Mapleson v. Bentham Pearson v. Hall deal with a number of difficult cases, including, in Thursday

6 Ditto

Clarke v. Clarke

Nirholson v. Welşh particular, many which involved the constructions Friday

7 Bankrupt appeals and appeals Somes v. Renton

Jackson v, Paul of wills, and very few of his decisions were called Saturday..

8 Petitions in lunacy and appeal | Hill v. Fry

Brayshay v. Robinson in question with success. His name is perhaps


Hayoe v. Hayne

Kellaway, pauper, Monday 10 Appeals

Rowe v. Rowe best known to the public as the judge who Tuesday


11 Appeals from the County Pala- Graesser v. Crowther The Ramsgate District decided the case of Aylesford v. Morris, which at

tine of Lancaster, appeals White v. Matthews,

Local Board v. Daniel the time was very much canvassed in all quarters.

from the Stannaries Court, White v. Latters

Dickson v. Dickson Vice-Chancellor Wickens, it will be remembered,

and appeals

Kenworthy v. Coffin

Averill v. Beeston relieved the Earl of Aylesford from a bargain by Wednesday ......... 12 Appeal motions and appeals Fanlkner v. Kershaw

Holden v. Holden Thursday 13 Appeals

Mair v, Mair which he had agreed to pay within six months of

Smith v. Smith

14 Bankrupt appeals and appeals his attaining his majority interest at the rate of Saturday 15 Petitions in lunacy and appeal

Causes set down since the Transfer. sixty per cent for a loan of money, and the Vice


Matthews v. Roberts Ibbetson v May Chancellor's decision was in March last upheld on Monday

17 Appeals

Fulford v. Hilliard

Smith v. Holroyd 18 Ditto

St. John's College Cam. Mitchelson v. Thompson appeal by the Lord Chancellor and the Lords Tuesday Justices. He was a staff gownsman down to his

Wednesday 19 Appeal motions and appeals bridge v. Earl of Effing. Waring v. Currey
20 Appeals


Jones v. Church elevation to the Bench, an appointment which he


21 Bankrupt appeals and appeals Newcomen v. Wharton Bond v. Surman held for many years as Equity Junior to the Saturday 22 Petitions in lunacy and appeal Sackville v. Smyth

Homes v. Postlethwaite Attorney-General being incompatible with his


Birks v. Wells

Grant v. Provest taking silk, and he never aspired to a seat in Monday ............. 24 Appeals

Glegg v. Rees

Raivford v. Moreton Parliament. “ Sir John Wickens," says a con.

25 Appeal motions and appeals Holroyd v. Ackroyd

Newell v. Keene

Frankish v. Morris temporary, was one of those men whose eleva- Such days (if any) as the Lords Justices shall be

Meyrick v. Mathias

The Thames Iron Works, Reid v. Johoston tion did not place a distance between himself and sitting with the Lord Chancellor or the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council are excepted.

Ship Building, Engineer. Miller v. Crockett his contemporaries at the Bar. He was always

ing, and Dry Dock Com. / Harris v Andrews easy and unaffected in his manners, both in and

Appeal Motions.

pany (Limited) v. Nisbet | Jolly v. Ford Radcliffe v. Banks

Evans v. Evans out of court, and even since his elevation to the Re Middleton Cotton Spin. | Re Metropolitan Carriage Bench the Vice-Chancellor walking away from his ping and Manufacturing

and Repository Company Graham v. Drewe

Wright v. Johnston Blackburn v. Lamb Company (Limited), and (Limited),

and court with his cigar in his lips was not an


Meek, Knt. v. Webster Company's Acts ; ex parte pany's Acts ; et parte

Diniel v. Lloyd

Mulcaster Bell anfamiliar figure in the precincts of Lincoln's

Official Liquidator
Sanders r. Pooley

Joseph v. Emanuel Inn." The late Vice-Chancellor Wickens married, Ro game Company ; ex parte Elmslie v. Beresford

Jarvis v. Bergheim

Berry v. Gibbong in 1845, Harriet Frances, daughter of William Clegg

Imperial Land Company of
Ward v. Lawson

Gibbons Gibbons
Marseilles ». Masterman

Meek v. Corfield
Davey, Esq., of Cowley House, Gloucestershire, by Re Bank of Hindustan,

Smith n Hart
Oliver v. Oliver

Line v. Hall whom he leaves a family to lament his loss.

China, and Japan (Li- Re Matlock Old Bath Hy.

Blaxhull v. Alan mited), and Company's dropathic Company (Li

Coulson •, York-York v.
Haselfoot v. Boyd

Acts (Campbell's case) mited), and Company's

Few v. Berry
Re name Bank (Hippesley's Acts (case of Manchester

The Patent Marine Inven-
Johngon v. Rawlinson
Finance Company)

tions Co. (Limited) 1. case) The late Sir William Eden, Bart., of Windlestone same Bank (Alison's Re same Company (May. Reid v. Dannan

Dugdale r. Hays

Hall, in the county of Durham, late Custos

nard's case)

Icke v. Uuderhill
Brevium of the Court of Common Pleas, who died Carter v. Stevens

Harrison v. Bagpall

Robinson v. Evang Webb v. Tulk

Lord Abinger 6. Ashton on the 21st olt., in the seventieth year of his


Greaves v. Lund

Minet v. Morgan age, was the eldest surviving son of the late Sir Cavander v. Bulteel City of London Brewery Basnett v. Moxon

Owen v. Symouds Frederick Morton Eden, Bart., of Maryland, U.S. Dallas v. Wolls

Company (Limited) v. Adie v. Clark

Nicholson v. Knott (who died in 1809), by Anne, daughter of James Bromilow v. Pilkington Tennant

Myers v. Smith

Lea v. Len
Paul Smith, Esq., of New Bond-street, and was

Elmer o. Creasy
Connu, Garland

Fuller v. South African Taylor v. Rule born in the year 1803. Ho succeeded to his Selby v. Nettle fold

Silver and Copper Min. Lacy v. Waite father's title, on the death of his brother, in 1814,

ing Company (Limited) Prait v. Carnsew Reason v. Mills

Miller v. Crockett and to that of his cousin, the late Sir Robert

Rolls Court.

May u. Porter

Atherton u. Merriman Johnson. Eden, Bart., of West Auckland, in 1844.

At Westminster.

O'Donoghue v. Lamb Suillu. Elliott Sir William was & magistrate and deputy. Monday Nov. 3 Motions

Watson v. Watson

Price u. Bainus

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V.C. Malins' Court.

At Westminster. Monday ...... Nov. 3 Motions

At Lincoln's-inn. Tuesday. Nov. 4 General paper Wednesday

5 Ditto Thursday

6 Ditto Friday

7 Petitions and general pa per Saturday

8 Short causes, adjourned sum.

minses, and general paper Monday

10 General paper Tuesday

11 Ditto Wednesday

12 Ditto Thursday

13 Motions and general paper Frida v

Petitions and general paper Saturday

15 Short causes, adjourned sum.

monses, and general paper Monday

17 County Court appeals and gene.

ral paper Tuesday

18 General paper Wednesday

19 Ditto Thursday

20 Motions ond general paper Friday

21 Petitions and general paper Saturday

22 Sbort causes, adjuurned sum.

monses, and general paper Monday

24 General paper Tuesday

25 Motions and general paper

The Cassel Colliery Co. | Belcher v. Green

(Lim ) 0. The Anglo- Allen v. Lewis
German Mining and Com. Stewart r. Lupton
pressed Fuel and Fire Gould v. Clavey
Clay Co.

Barnston v. Barnston Smith v. Government Stock Laurie v. Hemsworth Investment Co.

Carey 1. Lloyd Smith v. Government Stock Mortimer v. Ring Iuvestment Co.

Caballero v. Henty Coulthurst v. Smith

Cleaver v. Jones Hatton o. Haywood

Rotch v. Marshall Trowell v. Spreckley

Murrell v. Elkins Denny v. Morris

Pollard v. Wright Armstrong v. Holmes Johnson v. Bailoy Bide v. Harrison

Camm v. Read Maxwell v. Maxwell

Hockin . Hockin United Lands Co. (Lim.) | Bailey v. Hartley

v. Great Eastern Ry. Co. Gibson v. Taylor Davies v. Howells

MacLellan v. Buchanan Prescott v. Barker

Wilson v. Compton Maynard v. Eaton

Johnson v. Johnson Raggett v. Fiqilater Devereux v. Dickson Pidsley 0. Pidsley

Delaney v. Hodgson Hawks v. Lougridge Topkeu r. Parrott Hanson v. Leighton

Hancock v. Heaton Harvey v. Horry

Parker 1. McKenna Digby v. Ward

Gatecliff v. Ward
Candy v. Candy

Colson v. Norris
The Nowgong Tea Co. of Pemberton v. Barnes

Assam (Lim.) (by Official Burnand v. Taylor
Liquidator) v. Barry Whelpdale v. Crosse
Wilts and Berks Canal Lloyd v. Evans

Navigation Co. v. Swin. White v. Witt don Water Works Co. Brown v. Beet (Lim.)

Kitchin v. Ibbetson
Burgess v. Bennett

Souch v. East London Rail.
Mayor, &c., of Hastings v. way Company

Peel v. Smith
Emson v. Saffron Walden Ex parte Brain and others
Ry. Co.

Humphrey v. Lawson
Blakey v. Rushworth Moody v. Martin
De Witte v. Denne

Lane v. Salt
Hall v. Harland

Thynne v. Day Jones v. Habershon

Okey v. Hogg Bain v. Percy

Cayless v. Sills Smith v. Grant

Leach v. Smith Whitely v Kemp

Kolbel v. Gardner Brock v. Cridland

Prince v, Dear Newman - Hendy

Hardiog v. Spiller Kent v, Kent

Thomas v. Howell Nind v. Church

Palmer v. Akers Schollick v. Edye

Smith v. Smith Pickering v. Ager

Moses v. James
Wilson v. Thornbury Maddin v. Driscoll
Taylor v. East London Ry. Fisher v. Harrison

May v. May
Taylor v. East London Ry. Armstrong v. Armstrong

Day v. Stoward
Pudge v. Pudge

Lucas v. Siggers Randeil v. Samels

Higgs v. Ritherdon Kelsey v. Kelsey

Stephenson v. Stephenson Bryan v. Moss

Perring v. Trail Parks u. Briscoe

Nalborough v Jackaman Street v. Bonsor

Sedlmaier v. Lawrie Canter v. Wodehouse Hooper v. Hooper Pizzey v. Wilkinson

Trebilcock v. Thomas Barrett v. Beck

Collins v. Thorn Flood v. Hampden

Blayney v. Lawrence Kettle v. Drayner

Pearce v. Londan TramBarnes v. Barnes

ways Company (Limited) Goodwin v. Gray

Vickers v. Dicks Reece v. Reece

Shelton v. Kidman Lloyd v. Fivlay

Ball v. Connett Walker v. Dobson

Wier v. Gisborne De Bay v. Griffin

Ward v. Ramsden Plumer v. Gregory

Angell v. Angell Reunick v. Kino

Sykes v. Wilde Darcy v. Batt

Dutton v. Hockenhull
Blackmore v. Tuck

Smith v. Smith
Bradshaw v. Congreve Rodgers & Sons (Limited)
Bright, Kut. v. Marcoartu v. Rodgers
'Webster v. Malcolm

Stafford u. Heaton
Jupp v. Callaway

Parr v. Nunn Maupsell v. Payne

Blacque v. Rowlinson Ffrench . The British 'Howell v. Lloyd

Commercial Insurauce Whittet v. Hooper

Company (Limited) Moate v. Moate Gruning v. Smethurst Oakes v. Oakes Torrens v. Hilliard

Collins v. Slade Wbitaker v. Whitaker

Nov. 7 General paper

Tnesday Nov, 18 General paper
8 Petitions, short

causes, and

19 Ditto
general paper


20 Motions, adjourned summonses,
10 In Bankruptcy

and general paper
11 General paper


21 Petitions, adjourned sum. Wednesday .......... 12 Ditto

monses, and general paper Thursday 13 Motions and adjourned sum- Saturday.

22 Short causes, adjourned summonses

monses and general paper Friday 14 General paper


26 General paper
15 Petitions, short causes, and Tuesday

25 Motions and general paper
general paper
17 In Bankruptcy

18 General paper

Lyall v. Fluker

Tosswill r. Gillman Wednesday 19 Ditto

Stanford v. Fune

Ashman v. Blackstock, Thursday

20 Motions and adjourned sum- Adams v. North British Horwood v. Penny monses

Railway Co.

Carnegie v. Carnegie
21 General paper

Magdalen College, Oxford Horton v. Hall
22 Petitions, short causes, aud v. Bateman.

Wilkes v. Wilkes
general paper

Perham v. Legge

Beckett v. Ruckley Monday 24 In Bankruptcy

Perbam v. Legge

Haynes v. Earl

25 Motions and adjcurned sum. Wordsworth o. Crawshaw Wagstaff r. Colrin

Bullocke v. Bullocke Hodges v. Patrick

Griffithg v. Bedborough Browne r. White
Causes set down previous to Transfer.

Rowed v. Saunders

Dickinson c. Parr
The Isle of Wight Oyster i London and Provincial Ma- Sheffield v. Gray

Wilson v. Wilson
Fishery Co. (Lim.) v. The rine Insurance Co. Arnold v. Jervis

Payne v. Wright
Corporation of Newport Seymour

Watts r. Watts

Gray v. Denton
(I. of W.)
Taylor r. Fisher

Attorney General v. The Cook v. Needham
Heath v. Crealock
| King v. Sherrott

Mayor, &c. of Barnsley Hayes v. Wright Moon v. The Original Har. | Whittaker v. Whittaker Littledale v. Bickersteth Dimsdale v. Frith tlepool Collieries Co. Bousfield v. Bonsfield Wilkinson v. Elster

Silverthorne v. Spokes
Pinchard u. Fellows
Turner v. Turner

Campbell v. Francis
Batchelor v. Bladon
Huhesing v. Laing
Williams v. Lucas

De Lisle v. Hodges
Howes v. Phillips
Laing v. Zeden
Newbald v. Hale

Hastie v. Pilcher
Great Western Insurance Bailey v. Schweitzer

Blackstock v. Blackstock Alleyne v. Alleyne
Co. v. Cunliffe
Giffard v. Phillips

Ashmau v. Blackstock Harrisson v. Laver
Trencher & Co. (Limited)v. Baxter v. Chapman

Davies 1. Eggar

| Richardson v. Mallcott
Smith v. Keene

Lewthwaite 1. Lewthwaite Cook v. Giggall
Burkev Keith
De Brito v. Hillel
Wilson v. Coifiu

Benson v. Tyson
Churchill v. Portsea Island Tucker v. Dimsdale

Sugg v. Foster

De Tourville v. Barton
Gas Light Co.
Middleton v. Barker
Waring v. Scamp

Truman v, Manners. Sutton
Youde v. Cloud
Wilson v. The Furness Ry. Groom v. Savery

Peters v. Haine
Marshall t. Redford

Waldy v. Bradshaw
Remaining Causes transferred from the Books of the Vice-

Murton v. Bigham

Master v. Richards Chancellors Sir R. MALINS and Sir J. WICKENS, by

Braffield v. Scriven

Saull v. Saull
Order dated 9th June 1873.

Pritchard v. Roberts

Stansfield r. Peverall

Leese v. Martin
Avis v. Avis
Smith v. Butler

Hopkin v. Ollard
Moore v. Ross
Fenuings v. lain

Groom v. Groom
Yardley v. Holland
Baker v. Wilbraham
Bumpus r. Bumpus

Sempill v. The Queensland Crawshay v. Crawshay
Heron v. Davey
Woodford v. Brooking

Sheer Investment Com.' Boutmy c. Bout my
Brown v. Towell
Coghlan v. Kempe

pany (Limited)

Boutmy v. Burdeto
Radloff c. Le Lievre
Mackrell v. Notley

| Rhodes u. Rhodles Gallagher u. Fleming

Atkinson v. Joues
Towell v. Brown

Clipperton v. Cartwright
Shaw v. Longbottom

Bell c. Bell
Wylam v. Watts
Driver v. Driver

Copr. Evans

Re John Evang' Estate Brown v. Rye
Rudge v. Bennett
Porter v. Bell

Esans t. Evans
Dubois v. Charsley
Rumm v. Taylor

Walker v. Lawton
James v. James

Hunter r. Wortly
Wright r. Wright
Cooper v. Green

De la Ruet. Marshall
Healey V. Borough of Mutlow v. S. H, Bigg

Griunley r. Arnold
Cole v. Scott

The Powell Dutfryn Steam Hervey v. Hervey
Latham v. Chartered Bank Green u. Cooper

Coal Co. (Limited) v. The Darke o. Clough

Taff Vale Railway Co. Darke v. Starr
of India, China, and Aus. Rumboll v. Taylor

Miller v. Miller

*: Northampton Boydell r. Thornewell
Lewis v. Lewis

Lanza, v. Lewin
Wright r. Larkin

and Banbury Junction
Pickering v. Chadwick Railway Company

Darley v. Entwisle

Baron Howard of Glossop

Pickard u. Pickard
Colquhoun, Knt. v. Cour. Snelling v. Thomas

v. Earl of Shrewsbury
Gardner e. Biurbury
Paine v. Jones

Lane v. Sewell
Carter v. Henstridge Fisher v. Russell

Spraggett v. Spraggett Whitehouse v. Horton
Robins r. Rose
Horn v. King

Gael v. Fenwick

Slick v. Stott

Binns r. Fisher
Countess de Palatiano v. Parker v. Trigg

Adams r. Norris
Parnell v. Stevens

Iver v. Armstrong

Littlefield v. Plomer
Bell v. London and South Tomlinson v. Lowe

Oddy v. Green

Wilson v. Wilson
Marshall v. Marshall

Wakefield r. Mattock
Western Bank (Lim.) Bulley v. Bulley

Christie v. Osington Coulson v. Tyrrell
Gott v. Gott
Baron Greville v. Greville

Cator 4. Drew
Swain v. Swain
Berry v. Harris

Humphrys v. Bull

Curpick v. Tucker
Scbank . Scott, Bart. Dean v. Butt-Stephenson

Tetley v. Dunwell

Olahan 0. Oldbam
Fox v. Heinke
v. Butt

Gillespie r. Howard

Gill 0 Downing
Blakeley v. Crawshaw

Price v. Ray
Evans v. Verrall

Robins v. Gillam
Bird v. Bird's Patent Deo.
Dixon v. Fisken

Bruco v. Le Cert
dorising and Utilising Tyssen v. Stacey
Lake v. Baylay

Brown v. Moore
Singer v. Audsley
Wickham v. Fitz-Worlock

Milliken v. Lowe
Sewage Co. (Limited)
Dick v. Montague
Worthington v. Curtis
Bolton v. Adams

Goo ison v. Richardson
Hoe v. Thorpe
Earl Waldegraver. Bastard
Lovibond v. Perryn

Perry v. Bacon
Greg v. Sagar
Lancaster v. Walker
Angell v. Wilkinson · Hargreaves r. Bold

Marsh v. Marsh
Barton v. Hobson

Augell t. Ronald
Moon r. Veale

Hare v. Topham
Bates v. Eley
Ive . Smith

Kidd v. Tallentine

Gwynne v. Coulthurst De Tourville v. Beswick
Gwynne v. Great Eastern Eley v. Bates

Viant o. Hart
Railway Co.
Hooper v. Abell

· Boynton r. Boynton Grcaves v. Smith

M'Callan v Goole

Broadhurst r. Mellor

Attorney General v. Ray Fischer u, Edbrooke Causes set down since the Transfer.

Burbury v. Burbury Adcock v. Robinson Edmundson v. Hargreaves Adkins v. The Common Blackstock v. Asbman Havelock v. Priestly Mackett v. Bayliss

Council of City of Lon.

Chamberlain v. Chamber- | Laidler v. Laidler
Attorney-General v. The don


West v. Bipps
Furness Railway Co. Walker v. Hellawell

Howlett v. Cole

Thomas v. Davies
Fothergill v. Rickards Norris v. Barber

Turner 1. London & South Gray v. Bateman
Forbes v. Black
Clark v. Adie

Western Railway Com. Haines v. Ricketts
Williams v. Evans
Maule v. Davis


Cann v. Cann
Hyde v. Large
Sykes r. Smith

Any causes intended to be bearà as short causes
Wood v. Harrogate Im Lownds r. Williams

before the Master of the Rolls or either of the Viceprovement Commis. Earle v. Appleyard

Chancellors must be so marked at least one clear day sioyers Attorney Generalv. Metro.

before tbe same can be put in the paper to be so heard. Levy v. Creighton

politan Board of Works N.B.-In Vice-Chaucellor Wickens Court no cause, Hoggarth *. Simpson Gibbon v. Fox

motion for decree or further cousideration, can, except Vaughan v. Halliday Stenhouse t, Davidson

by order of the court, be marked to stand over, if it be within twelve of the last cause or matter in the printed

paper of the day for hearing.
V.C. Wickens' Court.

At Westminster.
Monday Nov. 3 Motions

Common Law Courts.
At Lincoln's-inn.
Tuesday ....... Nov. 4 General paper

Court of Probate,
5 Ditto

6 Ditto

Nov. 12 Thursday

......... Nov. 5 Wednesday Friday

13 7 Petitions,

Thursday adjourned

6 Thursday sum

14 monses, and general paper


7 Friday Saturday

8 Saturday

Saturday 8 Short causes, adjourned sum.

monses, and general paper

10 General paper
11 Ditto

Court itself.
12 Ditto

Beale v. Beale (otherwise Harris and Pittam
13 Motions, adjourned summonses, Jones) and others

Simons and others and general paper

Caulton and Caulton v. Wood v. Wood
14 Petitions, adjourned sum. Wrench

Gibbons v. Lowe
monses, and general paper Slater v. Scattergood and Hawke v. Hawke
15 Short causes, adjourned sum. others

Jackson n. Jackson monses, and general paper Murray ". Murray

Harvey r, Peck and John. Monday 17 General paper

Presland 0. Longueville son


[blocks in formation]

Liquidations by Arrangement.


Jury Causes.

Harper v. Harper & Lyttle | Noverre falsely called BYAM, EDWARD G., captain in 8. M.'s army, Woolston, near Tichborne . Tichborne Ruston v. Evans & Evans,

(Queen's Proctor inter

Southampton, Pet. Oot. 23. Reg. Thorndike. Sur. Xov. 11 Bridgman 1. Bridgman

HUTTON, ALEXANDER, silk agent, Nottingham, Pet. Oct. 94. Durant Durant . and Wade & Rogers interven.

(in camera)

Reg. Patchitt. Sur. Nov, 10
Blackett and others cited ing

Tanner r. Tanner
Singleton v. Singleton

Pet. Oct. 24.
SIMPSON, CHARLES, builder, Kingston-upon-Hull.

Reg. Phillips, Sur. Noy. 8 Bird and others v. Bird Carter 1. Johnson & John.

Special Jury Causes.

SPICER, WILLIAM, baker, Wareham. Pet. Oct. 24. Reg. Dickin. Spencer and Simpson v. son Benn v. Benn, Okeden and Stanford v. Stanford

son. Sur. Nov. 7 Pepperdine.

Bulley . Daubeny
Tatham 7. Tatham and Hanghton and Griffith v.
Whitson-Benn o. Benn Wentworth r. Wentworth


and Buscarlet
Tatham and others cited
Houson : v. Houson and

Gazette, Oct, 21.

Lemm Hawkins and Adams v. Edgley

Logan v. Logan and Rat

ABRAHAMS, ABRAHAM, boot warehouseman, Bath. June 3, 1873 Turner r. Broadwood

Cooper 0._Cooper, and others. Smith cited

Logan v. Logan Boyes r. Wall and Barrett Burrage v. Burrage

Queen's Proctor inter. Troeman o, Trueman and Emanuel and Salomon v. Gayler & Gayler v. M'Cleish


Long v. Long and Richard. Hunt . Hunt,
Blackett v. Blackett



Collins and Leonard
Earwaker v. Stedman and Hough and Hough v. Bran.

Smith v. Smith
Powell v, Powell and Jones

Gazette, Oct. 24.
dreth and Brandreth

ABEL, GEORGE, Schnolmaster. Brighton. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 10, Heaword v. Hardon and White and others v. Hal. Rubery.". Rubery and Fraser v. Fraser

Tilbrook v. Tilbrook

at three, at ottice of Sols. Black, Freeman, and Gell, Brighton Hardop

ford and others
Wood v. Wood
Hill v. Hill and Abell

ADAMS, SARAH, widow, of no occupation, Longton. Pet. Oct. 18. Marsh and Cookson 1. An. Chantrell v. Chantrell and

Nov. 4, at eleven, at omce of Sol. Stevenson, Hanley Sbapland V. Sbapland ; (Queen's Proctor interderton Lamb

AVIS, EDWARD HORWOOD, transfer printer, Birmingham. Pet.

vening) Copeman and

Oct. 21. Nov. 5, at twelve, at office of Sols. Jelf and Goule, Bir. Prest

Shapland v. Shapland v. Brackpool v. Patterson

and Suddick v. Suddick and Wrout Bridges V. Bridges

mingham Robing and Finglass 0.

BATTY, JOUX, wholesale druggist, Hull. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov.5, at Baylis & Shirley v. Smith

Brain and Brain
Macaulay, (Queen's


twelve, at othces of Sols. Stead and Sibree, Hull

Proctor intervening) John and John 0, Ellis and Gregory v. Davison

Proctor intervening) BELCHER, NAPOLEON, and STAGG, WILLIAM, brewers, HaesardRhodes t'. Rhodes and Palmer v. Palmer

st, Hackney-rd. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 13, at twelve, at offices of others Carter v. Timmings

Fisher », Fisher and Jones

Sols. Duttield and Bruty, Tokenhouse.yd
Shaw v. Still and others

BISHOP, WILLIAM ROBERT, butcher, Brondway, Ealing. Pet. Oct.
Edwards v. Edwards and (Queen's Proctor inter-

14. Nov. 4, at three, at the New-inn, Esling. Sol. Philp, Hayes

Barker Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Canses.


BLAKE, FRANcis THOMAS, shipbuilder, Hope Shipbuilding-yard. Morris v. Morris

Cleland. Cleland and Northfleet. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 20, at three, at Barnard, Clark, Fall Court Wednesday, Nov. 12 Kingsley v. Kingsley, Fluke--Cleland 0. Cle.

M'Lean, and Co., Lothbury. Sols. Messrs. Beard, Basinghall-st

BOND, WILLIAM, innkeeper, Callington, Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 8,
Archdall v. Archdall and land

at eleven, at oftice of Sol. Peter, Callington
La Touche

Miller v. Miller

BOWERS, JAMES, Iniller, Windermere-rd, Upper Holloway. Pet. ....... Nov. 19 Friday Thursday

Oct. 31. Nov. 6, at two, at 12, Southampton-bldgs, Chancery-la. 20 Saturday


Bright v. Bright (Queen's Boughton v. Boughton Friday

Sol. Lydall
21 Wednesday

Proctor intervenivg) Coupland v. Couplaod and

BHOOKE, WILLLAY, hotel keeper, Essex-st, Strand. Pet. Oct. 22.

and 22 Thursday

i Hugbes v. Hughes Saturday


Nov. 13, at three, at office of Sols. Grout and Stephenson, Suf. Muirhead 26 Friday

Milward v. Milward-Mil. folk-la, Cannon-st Wednesday


ward v. Milward

BROOKS, FREDERICK, out of business, Malden-rd, Kentish-town. Thursday 27 Saturday 13 Daggers 1. Daggers and

Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 11, at twelve, at office of Sols. Smith and Friday 23 Wednesday


Vickers, Southampton bldgs, Holborn
29 Thursday

Common Jury Causes.

BROWS, DAVID, tailor, Bolun. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 6, at three, at

otfice of Sol. Gooden, Manchester Wednesday Dec. 3 Friday

19 Gregg v. Gregg, Ward and Thompson W. Thompson CARTER, ROBERT, gold chain maker, Birmingham, Pet. Oct. 2, Thursday 4 Saturday

and Baxter

Nov. 6, a: eleven, at office of Sol. Davies, Birmingham

CHESTER, WILLIAM HENRY, commission merchant, Liverpool.
Full Court-Appeals.

Parker r. Parker
Lang v. Lang and Prior

Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 19, at three, at ottice of Sols. Barrell and Rod.
Chaldecott o. Chaldecott | Eyre ", Eyre
Gething !. Gething and Greenwood r. Greenwood

WAY, Liverpool
and Cartwright
Erokine r, Erskine
Baxeudale - Gothing r. and Greenwood

CHRISTIE, JAMES COKE, wine merchant, Liverpool. Pet. Oct. 21. Powell 0. Powell and Jones

Newton 0. Newton and

Nov. 18, at three, at office of Sols. Barreil and Rodway, Liver.

pool Amery v. Amery


COLLINGE, JAMES, provision dealer, Manchester. Pet. Oct. 92. Before the Court itself-Undefended

Frame v. Frame
Brand v. Brand

Nov. 7, at three, at offices of Sol. Murray, Manchester Duval v. Marks, falsely Stotherd v. Stotherd, Mont- Batcbeler v, Batcheler Clarson v. Clarson and CREESE, THOMAX, farmer, Powick and Maddersfield. Pet. Oct. called Duval

Sol. gomery and Moore Gilbert o. Gilbert, Spencer Newton

21. Nov. 7, at three, at the Reindeer inn, Worcester.

Parry, Birmingham
Bailey r. Bailey
Edmonds v. Edmonds

and Gade
Clark v. Clark

DAVIDSOX, RICHARD, tailor. St. Helen's. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 5, Van Neirop v. Van Neirop Martin v. Martin & Benver Newton . Newton, Allen Glover r. Glover

at three, at office of Sol. Ritson, Liverpool Knowles v. Kowles and Parfait r. Parfait and Perry and Sills

Child v. Cuild

DEAX, WILLIAM, grocer, Manchester. Pet. Oct. 91. Xov, 5, at Joyco Bumford v. Bumford and

two, at Crowther ani Co., accountants, Manchester. Sol. Salt, Dorn r. Dorn, Welham and Townsend v. Townsend and Tunstall Grant Dalton 1. Fooks, Bardett



FELTON, JAMES, bootmaker, Bradford. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 4, at otherwise Millemau, Thompson 1. Thompson, Brownr. Brown and Crellin

ten, at office of Sol. Rhode., Bradford falsely called Grant Dal Evans, and Brothers

FITZMAURICE, THOMAS, wholesale provision dealer, Manchester. Causes standirg over by congent or otherwise ; to be Pet. Oct, '!. Nov. 11, at three, at ihe Waterloo hotel, Manches. ton

Norman r. Normau
Butober 7. Batcher

ter. sol. Bent, Manchester
Hare r, Hare
replaced in tue List of Causes for Hearing on the

FORRESTER, JARVIN, in lodgings, Longton, Pet Oct. 16. Nov. 6,
Mooiy r. Moody
Neeithmv. Needham
Petitioner giving ten days' notice in writing to the

at eleven, st officer of sol. Weler, Longton Knight r. Knight & Phipps Myers v. Myers

uther parties for whom an appes ra ice has been FRANKLYX. BESJANIN, Unilor, King's.rd, Chel-ea. Pet. Oct, 22. Relf r. Kell, Pressley, aud Tallock v. Tullock

Nov. 20, at eleven, at Sinter and Panell, Guildhall-chbs. Suls. entered, and filing a copy of such a stice in the

and Wild

Mes rs. Beard, Busing

GARDIXER, GEORGE, bricklayer, " Huddersfield. 'Pet. Oct. 21. Gwinneth , Gvioneth

Harker v. Harker
Thomas 1. Thomas

Strong v. tong

Nov. 11, at eleven, at office of sol. Syken, Huddersfield
Senior o. Seuior
Chapman 0. Chapman and Smith v. Sipith

Huyos v. 1 ayes, Kiddy,and GIBSON, GEORGE, tailor, Klaresborough. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 8,
Tulson 7. Tolson


at twelve, et ottice of Sols. Mesura. Kirby, Knaresborough Ruddock Broadhead v. Broadhead Williamson . Williamson Scott r. Scott and Jones

GREES, JOSEPH, innker per, Milford. Pet. Oct. 21. Nor. 5, at Hugbest. Hughes Cuthbertsonr.Cuthbertson

hall part one, at the Townhall, Carmarthen. Sol. Lloyd, Harir. Greenwood o. Greenwood Whitchurch r. Whitchurch

and Hudson

Gabb v. Gabbaud Marshall fordwest Richmond o, Richmond

Tatlock v. Dufaur de Lou. Whitcombe v. Whitcoiube GROVES, AXXA, baker, Webber-st, Blackfriars-rd. Pet. Oct. 14.

and Butler Royston o. Roystou

Oct. 31, at three, at the Claremont Arms, Upper Grange-road.
Birkby r. Birkby

boey, fulsely called Tat. Fernando v. Shaw, falsely
called Ferpuudo

Bermoudsey. bol. Porter, Leadenhall st
Stevenson , Stevenson Anthony v. Anthony

HARRIS, CHARLES BUTLER, clerk in holy orders, Dunstable. Colburn v. Colburn Hall r. Hall Gill v. Gill and Slater

Klashen, falsely called Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 12, at eleven, at Lovelock and Whiffen, ColoBaker , Baker & Williams Atkins , Atkins

Barlow r. Barlow

Hugbes, v. Hughes (in

man-st. Sol, Robinson, Old Broad st Somerset . Somerset

HARRISON, ROBERT, tailor, Barnsley. Pet.O ct. 18. Nov. 11, at
Allan v. Allan and Somer.
Robinson v. Robinson


twelve, at the Royal hotel, Barnsley Smith . Smith ville The judge will sit in chambers to hear summonses at

HARVEY, JAMES, grocer, Newport. Pet. Oct. 20. Yov. 5, at Monck .. Monck

leven, at Nicholls and Leatherdale, Old Jewry.chmbs. Sol. Casson v. Casson & Morton half-past ten o'clock, and in court to hear motions at Joyce, Newport Fozier, falsely called Richardson r. Richardson twelve o'clock, on Tuesday, Nov. 4, and on each suc. DARWUOD, THOMAS, plumber, Bolton, Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 7, at Wheeler o. Wheeler and Pringle ceeding Tuesday until Tuesday, Dec. 16, inclusive.

three, at ottice of sol. Dawson, Bolton O'Brien o. O'Brien Carroll v. Carroll and Max.

HEALD, BENJAMIN, fruiterer, Stokton. Pet. Oot, 20. Nov. 7, at All papers for motions on Tuesday, Nov, b, must be

two, at the Station hotel, Stockton, Sol. Robinson, Darlington COWO , Cowne


left with the clerk of tbe papers iu the Registry of the HENKE, CORD, tailor, High Holborn. Pet. Oct. 17. Nov. 4, 20 Tombs , Tombs Cook r. Cook Court of Probate at Doctors' Commons, or with the

three, at office of Sol. Swaine, Cheapside West r. West, Bailey, and Nettleton v. Nettleton and chief clerk of the Registry of the Court for Divorce

HOWARD, HENRY ROBERT, stonemason, Watford. Pet. Oct. 20. Blessed Stevens aud Matrimonial Causes at Doctors' Commons, before

Nov, 12. at three, at Sols. Jones, Tindale, and Grove

JOHNSOX, ELIZABETH, out of business, Harborne. Pet. Oct. 10. MeNicol , McNicol and Tittensor v. Tittensor and two o'clock on the preceding Wednesday, and for Nov. 4, at eleven, at offices of Sol. Davies, Birmingham Bedo Darby motions on subsequent Tuesdays before two o'clock on

JONAS, JOHN, jun., furniture bruker, Manchester Pet. Oct. 22. Rousby 1. Rousby Pricev, Price the preceding Thursdays.

Nov. 7, at thiee, at the Royal hotel, Crew. Sol. Salt, Tunstall Sissons . Sissons Porter v. Porter

JONES, ROBERT WILLIAM, apothecary, St. Thomas's Hospital, Wilkinson . Wilkinson

Lambeth, Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 19, at four, at office of Sol. Robin. Toyne v. Toyne

son, Temple.chmbs, Fleet-st Hopper v. Hopper McWean r. McWean, Orr,

Koun, ADOLPH, importer of Bohemian glass ware, Millward o. Millward and and Goldsworthy

Sono. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 8, at half past ten, at office of Sol. Sheard Eldred v. Eldred THE GAZETTES.

Buchanan, Basinghall st

LAMBARD, GEORGE, smith, More-st, Hackney. Pet. Oct. 2. Scott r. Scott and Burnett Harrison , Harrison

Oct. 31, at twelve, at oftice of Mr. Hudgell, 37, Kirk , Kirk and Burgess Loveday v. Loveday and

LANGFIELD, EDWIX, no occupation, Maidenhead Pet. Oct. 92. Hawkins , Hawkins Cornwell

Nov.16, at eleven, at office of Sols. Fletcher, St. Paul, Lynch, Warren . Warren, Oliver, Fagg r. Fagg

Gazette, Oct. 17.

and Smith, Staple-inn, Holbern

LAWRENCE, RICHARD, farmer, Swinfen-larm, near Lichfield. and Granville

Schottlander v. Schott GREGSON and Sox, attorneys and solicitors, Rochford and South- Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 7, at twelve, at office of Sols. Barnes and Babbage . Babbage lander

end. Oct. 4. (Wuliam Gregson and William Gregson, jun.) Russell, Lichfield
Oliver ». Olliver
Baker v. Baker
Debts by Gregson, jun.

LEONARD, EDWARD, jun., stationer, High-st, Cheltenham Pet.
PAYNE and NELSON, solicitors in Chancery and attorneys, King's. Oct. 20. Nov. 5, at eleven, at office of Sol. darshall, Chelten.
Brewer r. Brewer and Dark Saward, falsely called At. ru, Bedford.row. Oct. It. (Thomas William Payne and Joseph hain
Bartholomew u. Bartholo. wellv, Atwell (in camera) Dunn Nelson)

LEW18, THOMAS, builder, Twerton. Pet, Oct. 22. Xov. 6, at mew and Gorman Maginn r. Maginn & Hayes

Gazette, Oct. 21.

twelve, ab office of Sol. Wilton, Bath Howden v. Hoween Waller v. Waller & Roberts JENKINS and PRICE, attorneys and solicitors, Tavistock-st

MILTON, WILLIAM, grocer, Tower st. Waterloo-rd. Pet. Oct. 13., and Guildford st, Chertsey. June 24. (Thomas

Nov. 4, at three, at 41., Cheapside
Before the Court itself-Defended.
Moses Jenkins and Arthur Rolls Price)

MOTTERAY, GEORGE HENRY, paper dealer, Grard Junction-st, Fitzgerald 9. Fitzgerald

gardener, Coleshill la, Fulham-rd. Pet. Oct, 20. Nov. 6, at Johnstone v. Johnstone

twelve, at office of Sols. Smith and Vickers, Southampton. Costerton .. Costerton H.M.Att-Gen.& Hawkins

bldgy, Holborn Hampden r, Hampden and Smith v. Smith

FEEDHAM, WILLIAY, journeyman joiner, Nottingham. Pet. Oct. Thomas

22. Nov. 10, at eleven, at c. Rogers, Willoughby-house, Pave. Hope r. Hope and Erdody

Gazette, Oct. 24.

ment, Nottingham, Sol. Black Collett v. Collett & Bruck. Morris v. Morris & Taylor

To surrender in the Country.

NICHOLSON, GEORGE, grocer, Horsforth, near Leeds. Pet. Oct 18. shaw Walker v. Walker & Dick.

Nov. 10, at three, at ottice of Sol. Granger, Leeds Fitzgerald v. Fitzgerald

ADDISON, GEORGE, gentleman, Bath. Pet. Oct. 22. Reg. Smith. son and De Gil, otherwise

PARRATT, GEORGE FREDERICK, no occupation, Marylebone-rd. Sur. Nov.5

Pet. Ost, 15. Nov. 6, at two, at Lovelock and whiftin, account. (Queen's Proctor inter- D'Oliverey GARDNER, JOSEPH, butcher, Ware. Pet. Oot. 18. Dep-Reg.

ants, 16. Coleman st. Sol. Starkey, Angel.ct, Throgmorton. vening) Roberts v. Roberts & Clarke Hawks, Sur. Nov. 6

street Firebrace o. Firebrace Lawrence v. Lawrence and HOLYOAKE, LYTTLETOX, esq., Ombersley. Pet. Oct. 20. Sur,

PARTRIDGE, FREDERICK, machinist, Stoke. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov, Nov. 7 Noah r. Noah Mills POOLE, CHARLEB, attorney, Pudsey.

4, at one, at the Lamb Lotel, Nantwich. Sol. Lisle, Nantwlch,

Pet. Oct. 21. Reg. Robin.
Smithies o, Smithies

and Crewe
Morris r. Morris and Jones
Sur. Nov. 7

PEACEY, ARTHUR THOMAS, out of business, St. Paul's rd, Car.
Sykes t. Sykes and Adolpho Patchett v. Patchett
SWIFT, HENRY, no occupation, Stoke-on-Trent. Pet. Oct, 22.

nonbury. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 16, at three, at office of Sol. Sadler r. Sadler

Dep. Reg. Marshall. Sur. Nov. 8
Essell v. Essell & Harding TAYLOR, THOMAS, and FILDES, HENRY, joiners, Hyde, near

Downing, Basinghall-st
Pilsbury •. Pilsbury Jackson v. Jackson

[ocr errors]

Professional Partnerships Dissolbed.



PERMAN, WILLIAM, yeoman, Mottisfont. Pet. Oct. 29. Nov. 11, at Stock port. Pet. Oct, 20. Reg. Hall. Sur. Nov. 13 Follit r. Follit

twelve, at office of Sols. Stead, ylee and Potter, Romsey Bingley •, Bingley Plan 1. Plaw and Lemon

Gazette, Oct, 28.

POU PART, ANN, and POU PART. JAMES, market gardeners, Campbell Campbell,, Fulham. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 12. at twelve, at Nurser, Nurse and Tomlin Totten and Doggett

To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.

ottices or Sols. Chinery and Aldridge, Ensex st, Strand Giacometti o. Giacometti Palmer •. Palmer & Moon BUDGETT, JOHN SEASON BURGESS, Eurgeon, King', Commer.

RAWCLIFFE, Joux, cloth manufacturer, Leeds. Pet. Oct. 17. Watkins v. Watkins cil.rd. Pet. Oct. 23. Reg. Roche. Sur. Nov. 11

Nov. 4, at one, at oftice of Sol. Hard wick, Leeds
Wild v. Wild & Perkinton
Sisterson v. Sisterson
DESNYS, EDWARD LASCELLES, retired Major-General of Her

RICHARDSOX, GEORGE THOMAS, couch builder, Barbican. Pe:.
Pearen v. Pearen & Pearen,
Majesty's Indian army, Ledbury-rd, Bayswater. Pet. Oct. 21.

Oct. 22. Nov. 10, at eleven, at offloe of Sol. Howell, 112, Cheap.
Eagleton e. Eagleton
otherwise Pearce
Reg. Brougham. Sur. Nov. Il

side PARK, JAMES ALLAN, Cardogan-ter, Sloane-st. Pet. Oct. 24. Reg.

SAMUEL, ABRAHAM, job draper, Great Alice st, Goodman's. Staplee r. Staplee Pratt Pratt and Spry Brougham. Sur. Nov. 19

fielus. Pet. Oct. 13. Nov. 3, at two, at office of Sul. Barnet: Tregidyo ., Tregidgo Schleiar e. Schleier

To surrender in the Country.

Now Broad-st
Fairmaner v. Fairmaner

SANDS, OS BORX ROBERT, tea dealer, Lower Sloane-st, Chelsea.
Fraser t, Fraser
Wilks . Wilks and Paolini

AMBLER, Joun, ale dealer, Sale. Pet. Oct. 23. Reg. Kay. Sur. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. 4, at two, at Izard and Batta, accouatanta,
Nov. 13

46, Eastcheap. Sols. Reed and Lovell, Basinghall-st

Steel , Steel

[blocks in formation]

SAVORY, JORN, shoemaker, Northrepps. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 13, JIBSON, RICHARD PRINCE, shopkeeper, York. Pet. Oct. 21.

at twelve, at the Dog inn, Aylsham. Sols. Winter and Francis, Nov. 6, at eleven, at office of Sol. Crumbie, Yorks Norwi.

JOHNSON, JOSEPH. and WADDIxgrow. EDWIN ARTHUR, orkum SEED, SAMUEL, builder, Rochdale. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov.5, at three manufacturers, Burdett-rd, Limehouse. Pet! Oct. 23. Nov. 13, at office of Sol. Ashworth, Rochdale

at three, at office of Sils, Raven ani Curtis, Qien Victoria-st SELL, EDWARD MARK, victualer, Rotherhithe-st. Pet. Oct. 21. LEVASTOX, LEWIS EDWARD, pr fessor of music, Wimborne. Pet.

Nov. 7, at twelve, at office of Sols. Taylor and Ward, Great Oct. 24. Nov. 17, at twelve, at office of Sol. Whitehead, Bourne.
James st, Bedford-row

SHEIL, LAWRENCE, ironmonger, Liverpool. Pet. Oot, 21. Nov. LITTLE, ROBERT, bricklayer, 'Edware-rd, Hendon. Pet. Oct,
10, at two, at office of Sol. Hughes, Liverpool

13. Nov. 10. at three, at ortice of Sol, May, Golden-sq. SPRING, HENRY ALFRED, saddler, Gloucester. Pet. Oct. 18. LONG, GEORGE, printer, Ciaderford. Pet. Oct, 24. Nov. 8, at Nov. 3, at one, at I, College-bldgs, Gloucester

one, at othees of Sol, Jackson, Stroud
STACEY, CATHERINE JANE, teacher of millinery, Clarence-st, MACVEIGU, JAMES, jun, draper. Maxwell-rd, Falham. Pet. Oct.

Upper Brook-st. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 6, at three, at office of Sols. 22. Nov. 7, at twelve, at the Chamber of Commerce, Cheapside.
Smith and Boyer, Manchester

Sols. Porcock and Goddard, South-sq. Gray'yinn
STONE, JAMES, tailor, Exmouth. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 12, at twelve, MARTIN, JOHN, warehouseman, Manchester Pet. Oot. 24. Nov.
at the Bue Haven hotel, Exeter. Sol. Sobey

7, at three, at the Star hotel, Manchester
SYMONS, ROBERT, photographer, Tenby. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. 10, MEBIGOT, JEAN LOUIS, wine merchant, Liverpool. Pet. Oct. 25.

at twelve, at the Townhall, Carmarthen. Sol, Stokes, Tenby Nov. 10, at twelve, at office of Ivay, accountaa , Liverpool. Sol.
TASKER WILLIAM. joiner, Hessle. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 3, at two, Ilughes, Liverpool
at office of Sol Mears. Rollit, full

MIRRIN, HENRY, crinoline skirt manufacturer, Wool-st, City,
THOMAS, WILLIAM LOUIB, grocer, Brushfield-st, Bishopsgate. and draper, Stoke Newington.rd. Pet. Oct. 24. Nov. 10. at two,

without, and Market-row, Crosslana-rd, South Hackney. Nov. at offices of Gamble and Harvey, 1, Gresham-bldgs, Basinghall.
3, at three, at office of Sols. Hicklin and Washiugton, Trinity- st. Sos. Miller and Miller, Sherborne la
BQ, Southwark

MITCHCLL, HENRY, licensed victualler. Tiverton. Pet. Oct. 22.
TOMLIN, JAMEs, printer, Barnsley. Per. Oct. 20. Nov. 6, at ten, Nov. 18, at twelve, at ottice of Sol, Toby, Exeter
at office of Sols, Dibb and Riley, Barnsley

MITCHELL, JOHN, fish dealer, Halifax. Pet. Ost. 24. Nov. 10, at TUBBY, ROBCRT JOHN, stationer, Broad 5", Teddington. Pet. four, at ottices of Sol Storey, Halifax

Oct. 20. Oot. $, at the Guildhall tavern,, in lieu of MYERS, MORRIS, wire worker, Euston-r1. Pet. Oct. 95, Nov. 11, the place originally named

at four, at offices of Dubois, accountant, Gresham-bldgs. Sol. TURNER, HENRY WILLIAM, grocer, Hulme. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 7, Sydney,

at three, at office of Sols. Eltoft and Hainpson, Manchester NUTTALL, SAMUEL, wood turner, Bury. Pet. Oct. 25. Nov. 12, at WALKER, THOMAS, jolner, Huddersfield. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 6, at

three, at offies of Sols, Mers. Grundly and Co., Bury half-past two, at office of Sols. Mes-rs. Sykes, Huddersfield

OLIVER, THOMAS, quarrymnan, Llanddeiniolen. Pet. Oct. 18.

Nov. 8, at twelve, at offices of Sol, Jones, Conway WALKER, WILLIAM, gentleman, Bournemouth, Pet. Oct. 21.

PITIER. WILLIAM, builder, Ascot, par. Sunninchill. Pet. Oct. Nov. 6, at eleven, at office of Sol<, Guillinum, Fleet-st

24. Nov. 14, at three, at offices of Sol Long. Windsor WARE, FREDERICK, and LAVERACK, GEORGE EDWARD, engl.

RESTELL, JAMES HENRY, wine merchant, Jewry-st. and neers, City bridge, and Marahgute-la, High-st, Stratford.


Lee-rd, Blackheath. Pet. Oct. 25, Nov. 11, at two, at office of
Oct, 21. Nov. 12, at two), at the Guildhall tavern, Gresham-st. Soly. Fallows and Whitehead,, Strand
Sol. Swaine, Ch-upside

RICHARDSON, JOSEPH HAYTOX PULLARD, licensed victualler, WHITE, WILLIAM. grocer, Burnley. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. 7, at three, Bootie, near Liverpool. Pet. Oct. 23. Nov. 10, athree, ut office at offices of Sols, Southern and Nowell, Burnley

of Vine, 30, Cabl-st, Liverpool. Sol. Worship, Liverpool WILLIAMS, JOHX, grocer, Hereford. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 6, at one, ROBERTS, GEORGE, jeweller, Kingston upon Hall, and Cottingat office of Sul Farmer, Hereford

hum. Pet. Oct 20. Nov. 10, at twelve, at office of Sol. Spink, WILLIAMS, JOHN, wheels right, Manchester. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov.

Kingston upon-Hull 10, at three, at office of Sois. Farrar and Hall, Manchester RULE, CHAKLES, mining agent, Gracechurch st. Pet. Oct. 25. WRIGHT, Rev. RICHARD, clerk, Gisburn, West Riding. Pet. Oct.

Nov. 13, at two, at once of Lars, accountant, Cornhil. Sols.
22. Nov. 13, at eleven, at offices of sols. Maule and Burton, Wilkins, Blyth, and Maryland, Si. Sivithin's la

RUSSELL, WILLIAM, stationer, Walsall, Pet. Oct. 25. Nov. 10, at
Gazette, Oct. 28.

three, at office of sols. Duignan, Lewis, and Lewis, Walsall ADCOCK, WILLIAM, brickmaker, Silchy.

SEBRIGUT, GEORGE, ar ist, Lirislade. Pet. Oct. 15. NV. 4, at

Pet. Oct. 23. Nov. 12, at twelve, at office o Sols. Deane and Lickorish, Loughborough,

three, at the Clarendon hotel, Linslade. Sol. Parkes, Beaufort

blds, Strand and Walbrook, London

SEWELL, GEORGE ROLIXS, licensed victualler, Tooley-st. Pet. ADUTT, LEON MARCO, and FINZI, HENRY WARBURG, com.

Oct. 23. Nov. 14, at twelve, at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham-st. miss on agents. Mark-la. Pet. Oct. 23. Nov. 21, at twelve, at

Sol. Clark ottices of Nicholson), 7 and 8, Railway-approuch, London bridge.

SIMCOE, JOHY, farmer, Nantwich. Pet. Oct. 33. Nov. 12, at • Sol, Monlugu, Buckler bury

three, at office of sol, Martin, Nantwich ASIMAN, JOSEPII, xeneral dealer, Emma-pl, Kensington. Pet.

STANLEY, JOSEPH BIRD, builder, Leamington Priors. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 6, at three, at 15, Oldham's-gardens, Farringdon. road

Oct. 23. Nov. 10, at twelve, at the Bath hotel, Leamington

Priors. Sol. Clinch
AUSTIN, THOMAS HENRY, Ironmong r, Crewkerne. Pet. Oct. 22.
Nov. 6, at twelve, at ottice of Sol. Hodgson, Birminghum

STARK, JOUN, tobacconist, Newcastle upon Tyne. Pet. Oct. 22.

Nov. 12, at twelve, at office of Sols. Keenly ide and Forster
BACKHOUSE, THOMAS, kentleman, Bronnley.rd, par. Beckenham. Newcastle upon Tyne
Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 17, at twelve, At office. of Quilter, Ball, and

STEVENS, MATTHEW, baker, Cardiff. Pet. Oct. 24. Nov. 7, at
Co., Moorgate-st. Solg. Kimber and Ellis, Lombard-at

twelve, at office of Sol. Waldron, Cardiff BAKER, HENRY JOXE9, ant BAKER WALTER WALTON, "addlers,

THOMPSON, JOSEPH, and THOMPSON, JEREMIAH, and THOMP. Bristol Pet. Oct. 24. Nov. 10, at twelve, at offices of Barnard,

SOS, BENJAMIN, miners, Quarry Bank, noar Brierley hill. Pet. Thomas, Tribe, and Co., Bristul. Sols. Fussell, Prichard, and

Oct. 22. Nov. 7, at eleven at office of Sol. Shakespeare, Oldhury
Swarn, Liverpool

THOMPSON, ROBERT, butcher, E-sex rd. Pet. Oct. 17. Nov. 4,
BAKER, WALTER WALTON, saddler, Didmarton. Pet. Oct. 24.
Nov. 10, at two, at offices of Barnard, Thomas, Tribe, and Co.,

at eleven, at the Claremont Arms, Upper Grange-rd, Bermond.

sey. Sol. Porter, Leudenhall-st Bristol. Sols. Fuscell, Prichard and Swann, Bristol

THOMAB, WILLIAM, jun., potato salesman, Birmingham. Pet. BARRATT, WILLIAM, bontmaker, Edgware-rd. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov.

Oct. 24. Nov. 17, at three, at office of Sols. Rowlands, Bagnall, 10, at three, at the Guil lhall tavern, Gresham-st. Sol. Clarke, and Rowlands, Biruingham

St. Mary's eq. Paddington
BASTIN, THOMAS FRANCIS, grocer, Bristol. Pet. Oct. 24. Nov.

TODD, WILLIAM, gardener, Manthorpe-cum-Little Gonnerby.

Pet. Oct, 21. Nov. 7, at twelve, at the Anyel hotel, Grantham. 17, at eleven, at office of Sol Ward, Bristol

801. Belk, Nottingham BATCHELOR, MARE, ollman, Maidstone. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 7. at

TRIGG, CHARLES, tailor, Leicester. Pet. Oot. 23. Nov. 11, at one, at the Bidve House hotel, London Bridge, Southwark. Sol.

three, at office of Sol, Owaton, Leicester Goodwin, Maistone BIBBY, SAMUEL JORDAN, jeweller, Carnarvon. Pet. Oct. 20.

TURNER, ROBERT JOHN, bookseller, Ridgway-rd, Wimbledon.

Pt. Oct. 93 Nov. 11, at twelve, at offices of Sols. Flux and Nov. 7, at two, at the Queen's hotel, Chester. Sols. Picton,

Leadbitter, Leadenhall-ot Jones, and Roberts, Carnarvon

VULLIANY, HENRY, surveyor,, and Fairview, BISHTON, WILLIAM, timber merchant, Wolverhampton. Pet. Oct. Macaulay-rd, Chapham common. Pet. Oct. 23. Nov. 20. at tvo, 20. Nov. 8, at twelve at once of Sol. Barrow, Wolverhampton

At office of the Mercantile Association, 33, Gutter-la. Sol. BLYTH, CHESLYN ABNEY, captain in Her Majesty's 2nd regiment of foot, Cathedral hot-l, St. Paul's Churchyard. Pet. Sept. 1.

Vanderpuinp, South.sq, Gray's-inn

WALKER, JOHN, farmer, Hallax. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. 10, at three, Dec.15, at three, at office of Sols. Raven and Ellis, Queen

at officer of Sol. Rhodes, Halifax A Victoria et

WHITE, EDWARD, bootmaker, Priors Hardwick. Pet. Oct. 23. BONNEY, EDWARD CORNELIUS, grocer, Southampton. Pet. Oot.

Nov. 13, at iour, at the Buck and Bell inn, Banbury. Sol, 22. Nov. 11, at twelve, at office of Nicholls and Leatherdale, ac.

Wod, Southam countants, Old Jewry.chmbs, London. Sol. Swayne, South.

WHITE, GEORGE, poulterer, Ereter. Pet. Oct. 25. Nov. 12, at ampton

three, at office of sol. Friend, Exeter BOTT, JOHN MALING, and BOTT, JOUx, wire workers, Birming.

WHITSELL, JAMES RAMSEY, grocer, Souta Shields. Pet. Oct. 23. ham. Pet. Oct. 23. Tov. 7, at twelve, at office of Sol. Hodgson, Nov. 11, at thee, at offices of Sol. Duncan, South Shields Birmingham

WRIGHTSOX, MARIA, widow, milliner, Coburg-cottages, AlbertBRAY, RICHARD, bootmaker, Upper Berkeley-st-west, Hyde-pk.

rd, Richmond, Pet. Oct. 24. Nov. 11, at three, at office of Sols. Pet. Oct. 24. Nov. 11, at two, at offices of Messrs. Broud, Wal. brook. Sol. Ellerton, Queen-st, Cheapuide

Wood and Hare, Basinghall-st, also at Croydon and Roigate BROOKS, CHARLES CHRISTOPHER, commercial traveller. Elgin. ter, Catford Bridiwe. Pet Oct. 13. Nov. 6, at two, at the sam.

brook hotel, Sambrook-ot, Businghall-st. Sol. Gowing, Basing-
hall street

BROWN, JOHN, and Browy, CALEB, draper, Birmingham. Pet. The Oficial Assignees, &c., are given, to whom apply for the
Oct. 25. Nov. 12, at twelve, at offices of Sol. Buller, Birming-

Dividends. ham

Bloomfield, G, C. grocer, second and final, 7d. At Sol. Coaks, CAWDRON, JOSUPK, no occupation, Heighington. Pet. Oct. 23.

Norwich.-Culshan, G. joiner, Anal, 3d. At Trust. J. Platt, 36, Nov. &, at eleven, at office of Sul, Page, jun., Lincoln

London-st, Southport. --tiribble, F. ). builder, first and final, 58. CLARKE, HENRY, buildr, Shiinal. Pet. Oot. 23. Nov. 8, at At Trust. R. E. James, 52, Moorgate-st.-Houchen, J. draper, fir-t eleven, at office of Sul. Osborne, Shiinal

and final, s. At Barnard, Clarke, McLean, and Co., 3, Lothbury. COKER, JOHX. jun., contractor, Ryde. Pet. Oct. 35. Nov. 11, at

- kinky, B. C. wine merchant, first, 28. 6d. At Trust. J. Slater, 1, half past twelve, at the Crown hotel, Ryde. Sol. Joyce, New.

Guildhall chibs, Basinghall-st - Lannigan, T. R. draper, second port

und tinal, 75, 5d. At Barnard, Thomas, Tribe, and Co. Albion. COBB, Joux, gardener, Grove-rd, Richmond. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov.

chinbe, Bristol.- Lidbeller, W. farmer, Arst and final, 4.d. A: Sol. 6, at twelve, at office of Sol. I «ynes, Grecian-chmbs, Devereux. Glover, Walsail.-- Art, D. S. outficter, first and final, 5s, 5d. At ct, Temple

Honey, Humphrys, Bag $, and Co., accountants, 28, King st, COLLINS JAMES, butcher, Walworth-rd, Lambeth, Pet. Oct. 25.

Cheapside-Watson, H.otationer, first, 28. 1. At Trust. 8. Smith, Nov. 18, at twelve, at office of Sol. Cooke, Devereux-court,

Harvey, and Co., 65, Basinghall-st. - Wike, G. and J.M. merchants, Temple

second, 91. At Trust. A. Murray, 102, King's Manchester, COOKES, JOHN MEASURES, auctioneer, Leami ngton Priors. Pet.

Michael, W. shopkeeper, second, 2d. Shepard, Tredegae
Oct. 22. Nov. 10, al three, at the Bath hotel, Leamington Priors. Borir, L. 8-one merchant, first and final, 208. At Trust. J. S.
So[, Sanderson and Hassall, Learnington

Jennius, 7, Charles-, Bradford.- Bitsst. J.ironfounder, first and
COOK, JOSEPH, greengrocer, Bradio.d. Pet. Oct. 23. Nov, 7, at

final, 38. At Trust, W. G. Dixon, 46, Queen-st, Wolverhampton.three, at offices of Sol, Neill, Bradford

Cumes, W. butcher, second and final, is, 6d. At Tru-t. K snel. COOK, THOMAS HARRISON, Outfitter, South Shiel's. Pet. Oot.

grove, Queen-st, Exeter.-- Eunit, P. farmer, first, ls, At Trust. 23. Nov. 10, at three, at office of Sol. Dunian, South Shields

W.G. Smith, Shannon.ct, Corn-st, Bristol.- HUI, G. auctioneer, CORDINGLEY, JOSEPH BINKS, b erhouse keeper, Manchester.


what is known as the “ THREE YEARS' SYSTEM of the Pianoforte Makers, by which anyone who Hires an 1arrant and pays the Hire for that period, becomes the AISLITE OWNER OF THE PIANOFORTE. Pro. viousit to the introduction of this plan it was almost 29 thout for those of limited income to buy a good Pianoforte en ** BUY A HOUSE; and persons went on year after jear, paying for the Hire of an Instrument, and expended as much money as would have bought the Pianoforte BC1 ral times over.

W!it will hold good for Pianofortes will hold good for NOUSES; and there are many who would no dubt AVAIL

HERSELVES OF THE OPPORTUNITI, if it was afforced them, of becoming

THE OWNER OF A HOUSE in the same way as they have already become the owner of Il vir soforte.




As now exist for Buying Pianofortes.
A KOUSE being, however, a more expensive article to Pur-

than a Pianoforte, the “Tree Years' Srstem” will

pils, excepting in a very few cases: so that a MORE LENGTHENED PERIOD IS NECESSARY over which Dotiine oi Hiring must extend.

In pursuance of this resolution

in various parts of London, and its Suburbs, by which they

are enabled to afford to the Menhers of the Birkbeck Building


AND OTHERS A very wide CHOICE in the SELECTION both of HOUSES the locality in which they are situated. The Plan upon

which the Directors propose to proceed is TO LET THESE HOUSES FOR A PERIOD OF

TWELVE-AND-A-HALF YEARS, the end of which Time, if the Rent be Regularly Paid,

will become the absolute Property of the



Excepting Payment of the Law Charges for the Title
Deeds, which in all cases will be restricted to

Fire Guineas.


Includes Ground Rent and Insurance for

the Whole Term. Although the Number

of years for payment of Rent is fixed




A LONGER PERIOD AT A LOWER RENTAL Thu ecrms of which may be ascertained on application to

the Manager.


New System of Purchasing a House,

first and final, 28. 101. Ai Tru-t. D. Shaw, Pierpoint-st, Worces Pet. Oct. 24. Nov. 10, at three, at office of Sols. Sutton and

ter.-Illingworth, H. joiner, second and final, ls. 7d. At Trust. G. Elliott. Manchester

Chambers, Bradford. - Jepeon, H. hat manufacturer, CORFE, JOHN, out of business, Birm'ngham. Pet. Oct. 6. Nov.

first and final, Bs. 3d. At Trust. N. Vaughan, 61, Princess-st, 6, at ten, at oifices of Sol. East, Birmingham

Manchester.--Jones, A. O. provision merchant, first, od. At Trust. Cox, LEWIS, grocer, Birming am. Pet. Oct. 13. Nov. 6, at

H. Bollond, 10, South John-bt, Liverpool. --Juby. W. F. draper, twelve, at office of Sol Fallows, Birmingham

first and final, 8td. At Trust. J. D. Viney, 99, Cheapside - age, CRAIG. ROBERT, draper, Portsea. Pet. Oct. 23. Nov. 7, at four,

F. tobacconist, first 2. At Trust. E. C. Chatterley, 23, Old Jewry. at offices of Sol. King, Portsex

- Pearson, T. coal dealer, tnird, 8d. At Trust. W. Heaton, Old EDIS8, THOMAS WYATT, builder, Southsea. Pet. Oct. 24. Nov. Townhallschmbs.-Salm, F. W. manufacturer of incubators,

8. ut eleven, at uffice of Paice, Landport. Sol. Walker, Land. final, 35. 13d. By Trust. II. W. Newton, at otfice of J.C. Warden, port

11, Guild-st, Stratford on-Avon-Smith, W. C. coprolite merchant, EDMONDEON, EDWARD, geamen's outfitter, North Shields. Pet.

final, 15. 1 d. At Trust. C. Wishey, 26, Trinity-st, Cambridge.Oct. 25. Nov. 14, a three, at office of Sol. Duncan, South

Webh, C. J. retired parmaster from nuvy, ls. 3d. At office of J. Shields

Howard, registrar of Portsmouth County Court.
FARRAH, FREDERICK, out of business, Weat End-grove, Mort.
lake. Pet. Oct. 25. Nov. 15, at one, at ottico of Sol. Warrand,

FRENCH, GEORGE, bootmaker, High-st, Marylebone. Pet. Oct.

25. Nov. 14, at eleven, at office of sol. Chalk, Moorgate-et
GERRINH, WILLIAM HALL, corn merchant, Cardiff. Pet. Oot. 33.

Nov. 13, at two, at ofcn of Barnard, Thomas, Clarke, and Co., CARLESS.-On the 17th ult., at Hereford, the wife of Joseph Car-
Cardiff Sol. Ensor, Cardify

less, Town Clerk of Hereford, of a daughter. GIBSON, JOHN CHARLES, surgeon, Droitwich. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov.

MARILIAGE 8, at three, at the Hop Markut hotel, Worcester. Sol. Corbet SHEE-INNE9. - On the 14th ult., at Thomag-town, county Kil. GOOLD, GIDEON, factor, Handsworth. Pet. Oct. 23. Nov. 7, at kenny, George Shee, of 11, K ng's Bench walk, Temple, burris. three, at offices f Sol. Bodigion, Birmingbarn

ter-at-law, to Jane, eldest daughter of 1. Innes, Esq, of GROVES, JOHN JAMES, corn me chant, Surbiton. Pet. Oot. 22. Thomas. town. | Nov. 21, at four, ut office of Sol. Wether field, Gresham.bldgs,

DEATHS. Guildhall, London

PEEL-On the 15th ult., aged 46 years, Arthur Peel, H.M.'s Chiel HOLLINS, THOMAS ROBERT, contractor's assistant, Yalding-rd, Justice for the Island of Antigua.

Blue Anchor-rd, Berniondirey. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 8, at eleven, TALBOT.-On the 23rd ult, az a 70 years, Henry Talbot. Esq., of at offices of Sols. May and Sykes,

Oakland, near Kid termiunter, Justice of the Peace, and Deputy. HOBDEX, WILLIAM JOHN, bootmaker, IIikb-at, Lower Norwood. Lieutenant for the county of Worcester.

Pet. Oct. 24. Nov. 10, at twelve, at the Greyhound hotel, Croy. WICKENS, - On the 23rd ult.,' at Chilgrove, Chichester, aged don. Sol. Parry

68 years, Vice Chancellor Sir John Wickens.

MAY BE SUMMED UP AS FOLLOWS: 1. Persons of Limited Income, Clerks, Shopmen, and others. may, by becoming Tenants of the BIRKBECK BUILDING SOCIETY, be placed at once in a position of independence as regards their Landlord, 2. Their RENT CANNOT BE RAISED.

3. They CANNOT BE TURNED OUT OF POSSES. SION so long as they pay their Rent.

4. NO FEES or FINES of any kind are chargeable. 5. They can leave the House at any time without notice. rent being payable only to the time of giving up possession.

6. It circumstances compel them to leave the House before the completion of their Twelve and a half Years Tenancy, they can Sub-lette House for the remainder of the Term. "Or they cal Transfer their right to another Tenant.

7. Finally. NO LIABILITY or RESPONSIBILITY any kind is incurred, beyond the Payment of Rent by the who acquire Houses by this New System.

The BIRKBECK BUILDING SOCIETY have on their List several HOUSES, which they are prepared to LETO the ?'WELVE AND A HALF YEARS SYSTEM, and any cases (inmediate Possession may be obtained.

The Terms on which Houses can be placed on this Begister may be obtained on application to


To Readers and Correspondents.

A XTUBER of communications from correspondents are unavoidably held over.
EDWARDO.-We do not insert questions of the nature you send.
Anonymous communications are invariably rejected.
Al communications must be authenticated by the name and address of the writer

not necessarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith.

by local professional men of the tedious mode of procedure and of the whole system of trial by naval courts martial. Reform is absolutely necessary, and we wish the petitioners success.

The JUDGE ADVOCATE should be a member of the Bar, one of standing trained in the practical work of his profession; and solicitors in naval arsenals should be appointed Deputy Judge Advocates.

[blocks in formation]

ALTHOUGH the appointment of the ATTORNEY-GENERAL to the Chief Justiceship of the Common Pleas has not been made at the time we write, there is no doubt that the position will be offered to him, and we have reason to know that it will be accepted. Therefore we may treat Sir John COLERIDGE as the new Lord Chief Justice. He is the eldest son of the Right Hon. Sir Joun TAYLOR COLERIDGE, was born in 1821, and educated at Eton; he was scholar of Balliol College,'and afterwards Fellow of Exeter College Oxford. He was called to the Bar of the Middle Temple in 1847, was made Recorder of Portsmouth in 1855, and received a silk gown in 1861. He contested Exeter in the Liberal interest in July 1864, and though defeated on that occasion, was returned for that city at the general election in 1865. He was appointed Solicitor-General in Dec. 1868, on which occasion he received the honour of knighthood. In Nov. 1871 he succeeded Sir R. P. COLLIER as Attorney-General. He has been called the “West of England lawyer," and his career on the Western Circuit in a measure entitles him to be so de. signated, but we do not think that he would put foremost his claim to be a lawyer. In an address delivered to the Articled Clerks' Society he too modestly, no doubt, expressed his surprise at his own success at the Bar. That success, however, is easily to be accounted for. Elegant and polished speakers are not numerous at the Bar-their occupation, indeed, is almost gone. Con. sequently Sir John COLERIDGE was able to take a position which, if not of the highest kind recognised by practical lawyers, was certainly unique. But with this fine faculty of speech he unites a singular capacity for apprehending rapidly the legal bearings of a case and applying legal principles. For this reason we antici. pate that he will make an admirable Judge.


Now ready, price 69. 6d. (including Index to Volume), PART VIII. of ARITIME LAW REPORTS (New Series). By J. P. ASPINALL

Esq., Barrister-at-Law, in the Admiralty Courts of England and Ireland, and in al the Superior Courts, with a Selection from the Decisions of the Unlted States Courts with Notes by the Editor. The First Series of "Maritime Law" may now be had com plete in Three Volumes, all bound, price £5 5s. for the set, or any single volume fo 22 23. Back numbers may be had in complete sets,

London: HORACE Cox, 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.

[blocks in formation]


THE EUGENIE Nos. 6491 and 6524)

Bottomry-Master's wages, and dis.

MAXSFIELD (falsely called CUXO)
Suit for nullity of marriage-Impotence
--Delay-Burthen of proot


318 SIMMONS E, PITTReal estate - Conversion - Failure of

purpose for which conversion was


Portion-advancement-Gift of share
of residue by will


Company - Winding up - Conditional
contract to take shares

324 COURT OF QUEEN'S BENCH. BERT PEMBROKE (CURTIES Garalshee)Garnishee - Interpleader - Judgment creditor..



15 Debenture Bonds and Promissory Notes 16 The Supreme Court of Judicature Act 1873 17 Suggestions for Amending the Practice Kelating to Stop Orders

18 Searches, Inquiries, and Notices

18 The Judicial Statistics for 1872

19 NOTES OF THE WEEK :Court of Appeal in Chancery

20 V.C. Wickens' Court

20 PATENT LAW Complete Specification


Topics of the Week
Notes of New Decisions.
Unclaíined Stock and Dividends in the

Bank of England
Creditors under 22 & 23 Vict. c. 35
Reports of Sales
Notes of New Decisions

2002 COUNTY COURT:Norwich County Court

23 BANKRUPTCY LAW: Wesuminster County Court.....

24 LEGAL NEWS .....


23 LAW SOCIETIES :Metropolitan and Provincial Law Asso. ciation.....

23 University College Articled Clerks' Society The Union Society of London

26 Solici org' Benevolent Association

26 Law Students' Debating Society Law Association

26 Huddersfield Law Students' Debating Society





Among the publications made under the authority of the MASTER of the Rolls, there appeared three years back an interesting work entitled, “ The Black Book of the Admiralty,” and edited by Sir TRAVERS Twiss. In the preface to the work the learned editor regrets the loss of the original Black Book, which was a sort of record of the ancient statutes or laws governing the admiralty jurisdiction, and was supposed to have been written, in part at least, as far back as the reign of Edward III. or Richard II., before the prohibitions restraining the court from exercising jurisdion over foreign contracts commenced. Its loss seems to have been discovered by a Mr. Luders on 2nd June, 1808, when he applied at the office at Doctors'. Commons and was informed " by the proper officer” that they had never seen such a book, and knew nothing of it. The value of the book as a legal authority may not be very great, but as a literary curiosity, and perhaps as evidence of the jurisdiction claimed, if not exercised, by the Court of Admiralty in early days, it is most interesting. Hence we are glad to be able to announce that the missing volume has been discovered by the Assistant Registrar of the Court of Admiralty, Mr. Batuurst, among some private papers belonging to a former Registrar of that court. Its identity can scarcely be doubted, because it answers so accurately all the descriptions given of it, and moreover, among the same papers was found a document, dated in the year 1808, and signed with the initials of Sir CHRISTOPHER Robinson, afterwards Judge of the Admiralty Court (as well as those of other persons), purporting to be a report to the College of Advocates, as to the Black Book in the Admiralty registry. This report, which is in print, so accurately describes the volume which has been found that its authenticity cannot be doubted. The Black Book is written on vellum, and some of its pages are illuminated. It was originally bound in black-hence its name; but now the colour has much worn away. At the same time some other old manuscripts of considerable interest were discovered.

COURT OF COMMON PLEAS. BURNS T. POCLSONNegligence-Master and servant-Acting within the scope of his employ. ment...



Will-Limitations of estates tail-Ulti.
mate limitation "for default of such
issue to all and every other the issue
cf my body"


The Law and the Lawyers.


So great is the dissatisfaction felt amongst the Profession in most of what we may call Government seaport towns, upon the subject of naval courts martial, and the mode of conducting them, that a movement is on foot with a view of bringing the matter under the consideration of the House of Commons; indeed, we are informed that at Plymouth a petition addressed to the House has been prepared and submitted to the members of the Law Society there. It is reported that the Lords of the Admiralty and the Privy Council will also be memorialised upon the subject. We know that at Portsmouth great complaint is made VOL. LVI.-N0. 1597.

We are happy to say that the anticipations concerning the vacancy in Vice-Chancellor Wickens' Court, which we expressed last week, have been disappointed. The Lord CHANCELLOR recommended Mr. CHARLES Hall for the appointment, and he has accordingly been raised to the Bench. It was expected, we believe, that a member of the Common Law Bar would be selected to succeed Vice-C'han. cellor WICKENS, so as to prepare for the coming into operation of the Judicature Act. The maintenance of the divisions of the courts would seem to render such a step unnecessary, and it is difficult to point out a common lawyer, who could have filled the post, who would have accepted it. Under all the circumstances, therefore, we may congratulate the Government on having made a perfectly satisfactory appointment. The new VICE-CHANCELLOR is the fourth and eldest surviving son of the late Joun HALLEsq., of Manchester. He was a pupil of Mr. Lewis Duval, the most eminent Conveyancer of his day, and subsequently of the late JAMES RUSSELL then an equity draftsman in very large practice. lle


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