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CHURCH LECTURES.—A correspondent in the Temple in Easter Term, 1846, and in 1858 was LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL,
Times of the 22nd Dec., suggests, that by 13 & 14 appointed Assistant Justice of the General Court
Car. 2, c. 4, 88. 17, 19, 20, 21, and 22, it is decidedly of the Bahamas. In 1865 he was promoted to the EXAMINATIONS AT THE INCORPORATED
illegal for a layman to lecture in any church with- Chief Justiceship. He is also Judge of the Vice.

LAW SOCIETY. out the license of the primate or diocesan, first Admiralty Court, and President of the Legislative FINAL EXAMINATION. — MICHAELMAS TER), obtained in all cases. This statute subjects the Council of the Bahamas. Sir William H. Doyle is

1873. offender to an imprisonment of three months. married to Miss Sarah Johnson, daughter of Mr. Ar the examination of candidates for admission THE JUDICATURE ACT.-The Globe alludes to Samuel Johnson, of Nassau, in the Bahamas.

on the roll of attorneys and solicitors of the the "possibility of a short Bill being introduced MUNICIPAL ELECTION PETITIONS. Baron next Session to postpone the operation of this Act Martin and Mr. Justice Mellor, two of the judges following gentlemen, under the age of 26, as being

Superior Courts, the examiners recommended the for another year.” But" at present there appears

on the rota for the trial of parliamentary election entitled to honorary distinction :- Edwin Murcott, no need of such a measure,' It is suggested that petitions, have appointed Tuesday, the 13th Jan., who served his clerkship to Mr. George Catteli "it would be better to postpone the initiation of for the trial of the municipal petitions from Not: Greenway, of Warwick, and Messrs. Robinson and a new state of affairs than to begin it with a half tingham and Hereford, and Tuesday, the 20th Preston, of London ; 'John Locke Jeans, who finished or ill-considered mode of procedure.” proximo, for the hearing of the petitions from served ’his clerkship to Messrs. Bourne and

BURCH V. The Rev. John Reid.-On Saturday, Liverpool and Manchester. On the first day of Rhodes, af Alford, and Messrs. Scott and Co., of Mr. G. H. Brooks, the Proctor, on the part of the trial the barristers appointed-namely, Mr. Dow. Lincoln's-inn-fields, London ; Henry Joseph Bishop of Exeter, received a petition of appeal deswell, Q.C., Mr. T. W. Saunders, and Mr. Biron Smith, who served 'his clerkship to Mr. William in this case, recently heard in the Arches Court, -will sit at 11 o'clock; on the subsequent days at Frederick Baker, of London, Jesse Thomas and in which the defendant, the vicar of Tregony, 10 o'clock.

Davies, who served his clerkship to Mr. Thomas Cornwall, was suspended for three years on a On Wednesday the Chancery vacation com. Davies and Mr. John Paul Poncione, the younger, charge of immorality. The appeal wiil to-day be menced and lasts until the 6th Jan., inclusive. of London ; George Hime, who served his clerk lodged at the Judicial Committee. The law offices will be closed until Tuesday morn

ship to Messrs. Anderson, Collins, and Robinson, The directors of the Law Union Insurance ing. The Master of the Rolls is the vacation

of Liverpool, and Messrs. T. and T. Martin, of Company have issued a notice in which they say judge during the Christmas recess, and, according Liverpool; George Barrow Cummins, who served that they think it desirable to direct the attention to a notice just issued, will, if required, sit at the his clerkship to Messrs.

Hore and Monkhouse, of of their insured to the great increase in wages Rolls' House, on Wednesday, the 31st Dec., and Liverpool, and Messrs. Milne, Riddle, aud Mellor, and in cost of materials, which in numerous cases on Wednesday, the 7th Jan.

“Any person de- of London. renders reinstatement of premises destroyed by sirous of making any app ication on either of those

The Council of the Incorporated Law Society fire for the amount insured

out of the question. days must give notice at the Rolls' House, before have accordingly awarded the following prizes of It therefore becomes important that policy-holders four o'clock on the previous Monday.

To Mr. Murcott, the prize of the should revise their insurances, with the view of judge will take applications of an urgent nature; Honourable Society of Clifford's Inn; to Mr. satisfying themselves that their property is insured and his address can be obtained at the Rolls' Jeans, the prize of the Honourable Society of for a proper amount.

House. The chambers of the Master of the Clement's Inn; to Mr. Smith, Mr. Davies, Mr. His Honour, the Vice-Chancellor Malins, has Rolls will be open on the 24th, on the 30th, and Hime, and Mr. Cummins, prizes of the Incorpo. sanctioned the payment of a second dividend of 31st inst., and on the 1st, 2nd, and 6th Jan, from rated 'Law Society. 38. 6d. in the pound to the creditors of the Inter. eleven to one o'clock. The Courts of Common

The examiners have also certified that the national Life Assurance Society, payable at the Pleas and the Exchequer will sit at Nisi Prius in following candidates, under the age of 26, whose offices of Mr. Maynard, 55, Old Broad-street, on and afte: Hilary Term on the same days. The

names are placed in alphabetical order, passed Wednesday next and the two following Wednes- first sittings on Tuesday, the 13th Jan, ; second examinations which entitle them to commendadays. It is announced that any of the creditors sittings, Monday, the 19th Jan.; and third sittings, tion :-John Edward Booth, who served his clerk. who have not received the first dividend can on Monday, the 26th Jan., at Westminster. The ship to Messrs. Teale and Appleton, of Leeds ; receive it with the second, provided there be

courts will not sit in London during Term. After Thomas Dent Gardner, who served his clerkship nothing due from them in respect of loans on Term, in Middlesex, the sittings are appointed for to Messrs. Jones, Roberts, and Hale, of London; policies, and that they produce what is required 2nd Feb., and in London on Monday, the 16th Feb. George Henry Hankinson, who served his clerk of them in support of their title.

BARON COLERIDGE.-The Right Hon. Sir John ship to Messrs. Cooper and Sons, of Manchester; WILLS AND BEQUESTS.-The will of the late Duke Coleridge, Lord Chief Justice of the Court Thomas Noon Talfourd Strick, who served his Lord Chief Justice Bovill has been proved by his of Common Pleas, who is to be raised to the clerkship to Messrs. Strick and Bellingham,

of relict and eldest son. The document bears date Peerage as Baron Coleridge, of Ottery St. Mary, Swansea, and Messrs. Tamplin, Tayler, and the 20th Jan. 1870, and is wholly in the hand. Devonshire, is the elder

son of the Right Hon. Joseph, of London ; Alfred Bishop Wallingford, writing of the testator, whose personalty has been Sir John Taylor Coleridge, of Heath's Court, who served his clerkship to Messrs. Wallingford sworn under £70,000. The testator bequeaths Ottery. St. Mary (many years a Puisne Judge of and Day, of St. Ives, Hunts, and Messrs. Neal certain personalty' to his widow absolutely, and the Court of Queen's Berch), by a daughter of and Philpot, of London ; George Kyme Wright, the income of the residue to her use for life, with the late Rev. Gilbert Buchanan, LL.D. He was

who served his clerkship to Messrs. Staniland and remainder to his descendants

as she may appoint. born in the year 1821, was educated at Eton and Wigelsworth, of Boston, and Messrs. Johnson and The testator's shares in the County and Borough Balliol College, Oxford, where he obtained a Jackson, of London. The Council have accor. HallGuildford Company (Limited), are bequeathed Scholarship, and graduating, B.A. in 1812, was dingly awarded them certificates of merit. to the Mayor and Corporation of Guildford, the afterwards elected to a Fellowship at Exeter

The number of candidates examined in this income and votes in respect thereof to be used and College. He was called to the

Bar at the Middle Term was 166; of these, 157 passed, and nine were applied for the benefit of the Guildford Working Temple in 1847, and went the Western Circuit, of postponed. By order of the Council, Man's Institution, of which the testator was which he was for some years the “leader." He

E. W. WILLIAMSON, Secretary. formerly the president. held the Recordership of Portsmouth from 1855

Law Society's Hall, Chancery-lane, London. THE TEMPLE FIRE, A.D. 1737.-On the 4th Jan. to 1866, and was made a Queen's Counsel and (Old Style) about seven o'clock, p.m." a dreadful elected a bencher of his inn in 1861. He sat in the fire broke out in the Inner Temple, adjoining to House of Commons as M.P. for Exeter from The following circulars have been issued :the Hall, and continued to burn with great fury 1865 down to last month, when he accepted the

INTERMEDIATE EXAMINATION. until five o'clock next morning, which entire con. Lord Chief Justiceship. He held the Solicitor.

Incorporated Law Society U.K., sumed the Inner Temple, kitchen, buttery, and Generalship from 1868 down to 1871, and suc.

Chancery-lane, London, Dec. 1873. the great stairs that lead to the hall; but the hallceeded Sir Robert P. Collier in the Attorney.

Sir,-I am directed by the examiners appointed for was with great difficulty preserved, which was Generalship in the latter year. He was sworn a

the intermediate examination of persons under articles

of clerkship to attorneys, to inform you that Thursowing to the party-wall. It likewise consumed Privy Councillor a week or two ago. Sir John day, the 22nd January 1874, is the day appointed for the upwards of thirty chambers. At its breaking out Coleridge married in 1846 or 1847 Miss Jane examination, and that candidates for examination are there was a great scarcity of water, otherwise 'tis Fortescue Seymour, daughter of the Rev. George to attend on that day, at half past nine in the forenoon, thought it would have been extinguished without T. Seymour, of Farringford, in the Isle of Wight, at the ball of the Incorporated Law Suciety, Chancerydoing any considerable damage. 'Tis said that by whom he has with other issue an eldest son, Ber- lane, London (Carey-street entrance.) The examina

tion will cominence at ten o'clock precisely, and close several writings of great consequence were con- nard John Seymour, now of Trinity College, Oxford.

at four o'clock. sumed in the flames. H.R.H. the Prince of Wales DEATH OF CHIEF BARON HIGOT.-Lord Chief I have to remind you that your articles of clerkship came there about eleven o'clock p.m., and by his Baron Pigot died on Monday morning, at his and assignmeut, if any, with answers to the questions presence he animated the people, gave money to residence in Merrion-square, Dublin, after a pro- as to due service, according to the regulations approved the firemen, &c., and staid until it was quite over. tracted illness. He had been in very delicate by the judges, must be left with me on or before the 3rd A party of the Foot Guards were placed in the health for some months, and had been unable to January; and in case your articles and testimonials of

service have been deposited here, they should be reTemple Gardens, to take care of the valuable preside in his court since the commencement of entered, the fee paid, and the answers completed on or goods, writings, &c., that were carried thither.” Term; but no serious fears were felt until the before the 3rd January. No candidate will be examined in the Gentleman's Magazine, vol 7, p. 59, it is last few days, and up to Saturday evening he who shall not have complied with these conditions, or stated that this was a considerable fire, and that himself expected that he would recover. His whose testimonials as to service or conduct shall not be it caused much loss of property.

illness then assumed an alarming aspect, and, in satisfactory to the examiners. THE NEW LEGAL KNIGHTS.-Sir Archibald fact, a report of his death was current in the city. to each candidate, containing questions to be answered

On the day of examination, papers will be delivered Panll Burt, who received the honour of knight- He made a slight rally, however, and survived the in writing, selected from the works specified by the hood last week from Her Majesty, at Windsor attack of the disease until four o'clock on Monday examiners ; and a paper of questions on book-keeping. Castle, is the second son of the late Mr. George morning. He was born at Kilworth, County Cork, If you apply to be examined under the 4th section of Henry Burt, and was born in the year 1810. He in 1805, and was the son of a physician. In 1826 the Attorneys Act 1861), you may, on application, obtain was educated at a private school at Richmond, he was called to the Bar, after graduating in copies of the further questions relating to the ten years

service antecedent to the articles of clerkship; and and was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple, Trinity College ; in 1835 he received a silk gown; such questious, duly answered, must be left with your in Michaelmas Term 1845, and practised at St. in 1839 he was made a Bencher of the King's Inns, articles, &c., on or before the 3rd January.(a)-I am, Sir, Christopher's. In 1849 he was appointed Attorneyand was appointed to the office of Solicitor your very obedient servant, General of the Island of St. Christopher, in 1860 General under the Melbourne Administration.

E. W. WILLIAMSON, Secretary. Commissioner of the Civil Court in Western Next year he succeeded to the office of Attorney.

FINAL EXAMINATION. Australia, and in the following year Chief Justice General, and was made a Privy Councillor ; andin of that colony. He has been a Speaker of the 1846 the late Sir Maziere Brady, who then pre

Incorporated Law Society U.K., House of Assembly in St. Christopher, a member sided in the Court of Exchequer, having been

Chancery-lane, London, Dec. 1873.

Sir,-I am directed by the examiners appointed for of the Legislative and Executive Council there, elevated to the rank of Lord Chancellor of Ire.

the examination of persons applying to be admitted and a member of the Administrative Committee, land, Mr. Pigot was appointed first Roman

attorneys, to inform you that Tuesday, the 20th, and and Chancellor of the Diocese of Antigua and the Catholic Chief Baron, with a general recognition Wednesday, the 21st Jan. 1874, are the days appointed Leeward Islands. Sir Archibald married, in 1836, of his fitness. From 1839 to 1816 he represented for the examination, and that candidates for examinaLouisa, daughter of Mr. John Bryan, M.D., of St the borough of Clonmel. The Lord Chief Baron tion are to attend on those days, at half-past nine in the Christopher's. Sir William Henry Doyle, who visitor of the College of Maynooth, and a

forenoon of each day, at the hall of the Incorporated was knighted on the same occasion, is the only son member of the Senate of the Queen's University,

(a) Candidates who have already proved to the satisfaction of the late Mr. Edward Doyle, and was born in the a Commissioner of National Education, and also

of the examiners the ten years' antecedent service are not year 1823. He was called to the Bar at the Middle' connected with other public bodies.

required to leave replies to the further questions again.


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Law Society, Chancery.lane, London (Carey-street Spender, Frank Richard Walker-Jones, Fras. Alexr. were to sign his name "J. Jones," payment under entrance). The examination will commence at ten Stanway, Edward Fancutt Wallingford, Alfred Bishop such power might with equal reason be refused o'clock precisely, and close at four o'clock. Stevens, Wm. Richard Walters, Frank

on the ground that the person signing “J. Jones” I have to remind you that your articles of clerkship Stoken, Walter

Warne, Chas. Holland

might be one James Jones, notwithstanding the and, assignment, if any, with answers to the questions Street, James Lacy

Warne, Harry Duke as to due service, according to the regulations approved Strick, Thos. Noon Tal. Watson, Thos.

affidavit might declare that the signature was by the judges, must be left with me on or before the fourd

Webb, Tom Southey

that of John Jones ; but, failing to convince him, Both Jan. If your articles were executed after the lst Sturge, Francis

Wheatley. Edwd.

I sent the power and affidavit to the Lord Chan. Jan. 1861, the certificate of your having passed the Sykes, Alfred

White, Henry Arthur cellor, with a statement of the fact, and his Lord. intermediate examination should be left at the same Talbot, John Edward White, Wm. Henry

ship, through his secretary, having intimated to time; and in case your articles and testimonials of Tarleton, Audley Parnther Wilkes, John James service bave been deposited here, they should be re- Tbeobald,John Theopbilus Williams, Robert Jones

the Paymaster-General that, in his opinion, the entered, the fee paid, and the answers completed on or Tippetts, Wm. James Ber. Wills, John, the younger

power was sufficiently executed to be acted upon, before the 10th Jan.


Woods, Wm. Henry I have, after considerable delay, numerous at: If you apply to be examined under the 4th section of Tudor, John

Woodforde, Randolph tendances, and correspondence, arrived at the the Attorneys Act 1860 you may, on application, obtain Tyler, John Stephen Woodhouse, Jas. Thos. position I should have been at the outset, and copies of the further questions relating to the ten years' Walker, John Hamilton Wright, Geo. Kyme

received the cheque. I make no complaint against service antecedent to the articles of clerksbip; and such questions, duly answered, must be left with your arti.

individuals, having received perfect courtesy from cles, &c., on or before the 10th Jan. (a)

all parties. I opposed the requirements of the Where the articles have not expired, bnt will expire CORRESPONDENCE OF THE Paymaster-General because it seemed to me that during the term, or in the vacation following such


a system was vexations which required a man to term, the candidate may be examined conditionally;

sign his name contrary to his usual practice, and but the articles must be left on or before the 10th Jan.,

I hope I have thereby succeeded in preventing this and auswers up to that time. If part of the term has

NOTE.-This Department of the Law TIMES boing oren to been served with a barrister, special pleader, or London free discussion on all professional topics, the Editor is not

vexation reaching others. agent, answers to the questions must be obtained from responsible for any opinions or statements contained in it

JOHN NICHOLAS Mason. them, as to the time served with each respectively. No candidate will be examined who shall not have complied with these conditions, or whose testimonials as to ser- A CHRISTMAS APPEAL.-I shall feel obliged by dents, “ Harvey and Addison,” have either mis.

ARTICLES OF CLERKSHIP.-Your correspon. vice or couduct shall not be satisfactory to the

your kindly inserting the following letter in the road or failed to perceive the obvious meaning of examiners.

LAW TIMES. I am widow of the late Henry the words in sect, 43 of the Stamp Act 1870. On the first day of examination papers will be deli. vered to each candidate containing questions to be Eldon George Bankes, who is the son of the late

“Save as hereinbefore provided articles of clerk. answered in writing, classed under the several heads Rev. Edward Bankes, canon of Bristol and Glou. ship are not to be stamped at any time after the of-1, Preliminary ; 2, Common

and Statute Law, and cester, and Chaplain to Her Majesty, and grand. expiration of six months from the date thereof, Practice of the courts; 3, Coureyancing.

son to the late Earl of Eldon, late Lord Chancellor except upon payment of penalties as follows, " &c. On the second day further papers will be delivered to

of England. Acting under the advice of counsel, They clearly relate to clause 41, sub-sect. 2, and

to be in–4, Prelimivary; 5, Equity, and Practice of the I have filed a bill in Chancery against Mr. John clause 42, sub-sect. 2, empowering the Commis. Courts; 6. Bankruptcy, and Practice of the Courts ; 7, Scott Bankes, The Rev. Eldon Surtees Bankes, sioners of Inland Revenue to stamp articles of Criminal Law, and Proceedings before Justices of the and Mr. Frances Serrell, to pray the court to de- clerkship on which a lesser duty than £80 has Peace.

a Each candidate is required to answer all the prelimi: of the late Lord Eldon, but I am informed

been paid, as in the cases of clerks to solicitors in nary questions (Nos. 1 and 4) ; and also to answer in by my solicitor that it may be eighteen months the full sum, qualifying, in that respect, for ad.

any of the counties Palatine of Lancaster, &c., to three of the other heads of inquiry, viz. : Common Law, before my case can be heard. In the meantime I mission in the Superior Courts at Westminster. Conveyancing, and Equity. The examiners will continue the practice of proposing questions in Bapk- have no means of subsistence. I have been in the I cannot see that the Profession has been led into ruptcy and the Criminal and Proceedings before Jug- workhouse, but owing to the kindness of friends tices of the Peace, in order that candidates who have have been able to escape from it for a few weeks. It was only requisite to investigate the subject

any error by the wording of the Stamp Act 1870. given their attention to these subjects may bave the My friends can no longer support me, and I must with ordinary care and attention. By 34 Geo. 3, advantage of answering such questions, and having the

return. Only those who have lived amongst the correctness of their answers in those departments taken

c. 41, articles of clerkship were required to be into consideration in summing up the merit of their higher classes can appreciate the horrors of that stamped before being executed. By 7 Geo. 4, c. 44, general examination.

dreadful place, and I do beg you to allow me to S. 4, the Commissioners of Inland Revenue were I am, Sir, your very obedient servant,

appeal to the legal Profession to save me from prohibited from stamping articles of clerkship E. W. WILLIAMSON, Secretary. spending my Christmas week separated from my after six months from date under any pretence

child, amongst the lowest of the low, in the Union. whatever, this limit of time being identical with GENTLEMEN WHO PASSED THE FINAL Doing my utmost I cannot earn more than 8d. a that within which the articles were to be enrolled. EXAMINATION.

day at needlework, but my child and I cannot live By the 9 Geo. 4, c. 49, the commissioners were MICHAELMAS TERM, 1873. upon this in the winter weather,

The Rev. empowered to stamp between 15th July 1828, and Allen, Samuel Hime, George

Thomas Pigott, 16, Belgrave road, Upper Holloway, the last day of Hillary Term 1829: any articles of Andrews, Henry

Hodgkinson, Alfred has kindly consented to receive donations on my clerkship dated prior to 22nd June 1825, not stamped Ashdowne, Thomas Honey, Fredk. Hen., B.A. | behalf.

Louisa BANKES, Balch, Charles Edward Jackson, Ernest Gratian

before execution on payment of the duty, and of

Widow of the late Henry Eldon Bankes. Barber, Frank Edward Jacobs, Julius Octavius

£5 penalty. By the 19 & 20 Vict. c. 81, articles Barrett, Joseph Jeans, John Locke

of clerkship (notwithstanding the Act 34 Geo. 3) Barrow, Alfred

Jennings, Fredk. Wm. ARTICLED CLERK.-With reference to Greville's could be stainped under the direction of the Lords Bassett, John Kennedy, Arthur

case reported on p. 70 of your issue of 29th Nov. of the Treasury at any time after execution on Batten, Thomas King, Edward

last, can any of your readers inform me of any payment of the penalties therein enumerated. Bennett, Charles Hudson Langworthy, Fredk. Black, Edward Wallace Lawrence, George

case in which it has been held that Sunday service By the Stamp Act 1870, the Commissioners of Booth, John Edward Lee, Edward

in a choir (on salary) is au offico or employment Inland Revenue were empowered to stamp articles Bowers, W. Henry Bowyer Lewis, John Pryse

contrary to 23 & 24 Vict. c. 127.

A. B. of clerkship after execution withont the interven. Bray, Henry Malthus Lickfold, Jas. Ebenezer

tion of the Treasury on payment of the duty, and Brown, Maurice

Ling, Frederic Gaskell Bull, W. James Hastings Locke, Chas. Wollaston BEALL v. SMITH.-The letter which appears in the under-mentioned penalties, viz., if within one Bulleid, John Howard Lucas, George

your issue of to-day, signed " A Solicitor," calls year, £10; if subsequently, £10 for each year, Bullford, Charles Edward Major, Seymour Edwd. upon us to state the facts of this case, and we

and for the fractional part of a year. The Calcott, Geo. L. Berkeley Marcy, James have no objection whatever to the position your

key to the mystery is as follows: By the 15th Charles, Philip Affleck Mawdsley, Wm. Henry Churton, John Weaver

section of the Stamp Act 1870, a penalty of Middlebrook, Wm.

correspondent takes up, and are content to stand Clarke, William Shuker Middieton, William John or fall on the issue raised by him. Let us, there.

£10 is made payable on any instrument taken Collins, Charles

fore, briefly say that overy fact was brought to be stamped

after its execution, but by sub-sect. Collyer, D'Arcy B. Millett, Reginald

directly under the notice of the chief clerk and 2 of that clause, the commissioners are Colman, Gerald Charles Mogridge, Edward Court, James Phillips Mould, John Clarke

the court, and that no stop was taken clandes powered to remit or reduce such penalty within tinely, and that no fact, or part of any fact, was

twelve months, but by the 43rd section of this
Cruttenden, William Murcott, Edwin
Cumming, Alexander Nazer, Percy William with held from the knowledge of the court, and Act, the time within which they can exercise that
Cummins, George Barrow Newington, Arthur Curtis that the decree, and every order, was made in full power in the case of Articles of Clerkship is
Cunliffe, Walter

knowledge of every circumstance of the case,

reduced to six months, thus if Articles of Clerk. Davies, Jesse Thomas Nutt, Jas. Teed Davis, Charles Henry

although our leader, Mr. Greene, Q.C., had to ship be tendered for stamping within six months Overell, Albert Edward De Soyres, Philip

explain to his Honour, Wickens, V.c., what took after execution the commissioners may in the exPalethorpe, Henry John De Zoete, Gerard Fred. Paynter, John Wynne

place on obtaining the order on further consider. ercise of their discretion reduce the penalty Dodd, Charles Walters Pearce, Alexr., B.A. ation. We are perfectly ready to lay the facts of though in practice they do not); if subsequently Dow, Edward Augustus Pearce, Arthur

the case before your readers in our own way, but taken for stamping, the penalties prescribed by Druitt, Robert, the yr. Pearce, Jas, Collins as you have already received from us copy of our

the Act are peremptorily enforced.-E. C. Durnford, Francis Mount Pearse, Geo.

affidavits, we prefer to leave the matter in your Eady, Chas, Swinfen Phillips, Edwd. Lord

hands for the present.
Eve, Adam Edward Phillips, Sidney Heath
Fabling, John
Dec. 20.

Pomeroy, Edwd. Boyce

Faithwaite, Thos. Winter, Porter, Thos. Simpson
Pritchard, Wm. Benning


Pruddah, William

Farrington, Geo. Walker Quelch, Francis

The following case may interest your readers : We take the following extracts from the Report Fernell, Hen. Geo. Tudor Rawling, Thos. Davis Bur. A power of attorney for the purpose of receiving of the Council of this Society, at the late general Field, Ernest


dividend lately bespoken by me at the Paymaster: half-yearly meeting :
Fluker, Chas. Edward Ready, Frederick
Freeman, John Tilleard, Reeves, Edmund White M. B. the younger, to myself, and was duly
General's, purported to be given by S. B. and


In January last your council wrote to the Furber, Richard

Rexworthy, James executed by the said persons, the latter, however, council of the Incorporated Law Society, London, Gardner, Thos. Dent Rice, Wm. Henry

signing his usual signature, i.e., " M. B.," without requesting to know, in view of the (then), apo Gardom, Edw. Theodore Richarris, Chas. Watkin adding the words the younger.” The signatures proaching session of Parliament, whether they Garnett, Charles Ruchore, Thos, Robert

were duly verified by affidavit annered to the thought that any and what steps could be taken, Geare, Henry Cecil Sager, Wm.

power, which stated in distinct terms that the with reasonable prospects of success, Gill, Robert Thos.

Sanders, Oliff George Greatheed, Wm.

Shakespear, Henry


signature “ M. B.” was the signature of “M. B. the reduction of this duty, and your council reHamshaw, John Lovell Sheppard, Hobart McLean the younger." On applying for the cheque the ceived an answer from that society, dated 5th Hankinson, Geo. Henry Peter

Paymaster-General refused to act under this Feb. 1873, saying that their council were of Harman, Orlando George Shipton, Thos, the younger power unless I got M. B. to add the words "the opinion that the reasons given by them, in answer Harris, Wm. Holden


younger” to his signature. This I declined to do, to a similar communication made by your society Harrison, Josh.

Smith, Francis Peters
Harvey, Richard
Smith, Henry Josh.

seeing no good reason why he should be asked to at the commencement of the previous session of Hastings, Alfred Gardiner Smith, Henry Stanley

sign in any manner other than with his usual sig. Parliament, still applied with equal, if not greater, Heath,

Alfred Samuel Spencer, Arthur Percy nature. I argued with the Paymaster.General, force ; also that their council had recently had an Helps, Clemt. Stackhouse Spencer, Geo. Emmett that if a person named in a power as John Jones .nterview with the Lord Chancellor on the subject

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the younger

to obtain

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Jan. 26

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of solicitors' remuneration, and had been assured this particular class of business than had pre. association for the purpose of meeting the heavy that a measure would be introduced in to Parlia- viously been allowed.

expenses which must necessarily be incurred ment by

during the ensuing year in holding, public meet. Facilitating the transfer of land, and that should ATTORNEYS AND

SOLICITORS' ACT ([RELAND), ings and for printing, and other similar purposes.

1866 (29 & 30 84.) same become law, it would, of course, be most

It was further requested that the attention of desirable that some corresponding change should

In December last the Council of the Cork Law members of the association might be called by be made in the mode in which solicitors were to Society brought under the notice of your council the finance committee to the moderate expense at be remunerated, and that their council, therefore, a case which had occurred before the polico magis. which the work of the association had been carried considered that’it would not be wise to attempt trates in that city in the previous month of on up to the present time, owing to it having had any agitation for the reduction of the Certificate August, in which a constable who took upon the advantage of the use of offices rent free, and Duty pending the consideration of the more

im. himself

to state the case against an accused party of being able to dispense with any paid assistance. portant matter to which they referred. Upon was allowed by the magistrato so to do, although On the motion of Mr. Osborne Morgan, Q.C., receiving that communication, your council imme. the attorney for the accused interposed to make M.P., seconded by Mr. Gedge, Mr. Ralph Charl. diately forwarded a copy of it to the Provincial a preliminary

objection, on behalf of this Pro- ton Palmer, of 8, New.square, Lincoln’s-inn, who Law Societies at Belfast, Cork, and Waterford, fession, to such a proceeding; the magistrate, has kindly consented to assist the present honoand it seemed to be considered inexpedient to go nevertheless, prevented the attorney from mak: rary secretaries, was unanimously elected an forward in the matter without having the assist ing his objection pending the statement of honorary secretary of the association. ance and co-operation of the Profession in Eng. the constable, and ruled that the constablo

JOHN V. LONGBOURNE, Hon. Sec. land, for which, under the circumstances stated, should be heard, in conformity with a cir- 20th Dec., 1873. your council could not hope.

cular issued from Dublin Castle, dated 29th Donations in aid of the funds of the associa.

August 1870, addressed to the magistrates of tion should be sent to the treasurer, J. M. Clabon, AN ACT FOR THE AMENDMENT OF THE LAW OF petty sessions for their guidance and instruction. Esq., 21, Great George reet, Westminster, S.W. BANKRUPTCY IN IRELAND (35 & 36 VICT. c. 58.) The council of the Cork Law Society also in.

During the session of Parliament of 1872, an formed your council that they had subsequently Act, bearing the above title, became law, not to brought the facts of this case before the autho- PROMOTIONS & APPOINTMENTS come into operation until Jan. 1, 1873. rities at Dublin Castle, and had requested to be

N.B.-Annonncements of promotions being in the nature By the first section of said Act it is enacted informed by what authority any constable was

of advertisements, are charged 2*, od, each, for which that the Act shall be construed, together with so invested with the power, as not only his right, postage stamps should be inclosed. much of “The Irish Bankrupt and Insolvent Act but his duty, of conducting cases, and examining 1857, as is not by said Act altered or repealed, as and cross-examining witnesses, without the inter. MR. WILLIAM BURRIDGE, JUN., has been elected one Act, and may be cited for all purposes as the vention of any professional man, as stated in the the clerk to the new Local Board of Health, Wel. Bankruptcy (Ireland) Amendment Act, 1872.” circular of 29th August 1870, but that their lington, Somerset.

In connection with this subject your council council had been informed by the Under-Secretary Mr. S. B.JACKAMAN, of Ipswich, having resigned have to inform you that they received a letter that the grounds or reasons upon which the law the office of borough coroner, after having held from the chief registrar of the Court of Bank. officers arrived at the opinion expressed in the same for fifty years, Mr. H. M. Jackaman has ruptcy and Insolvency, transmitting, by desire of circular referred to could not be inquired into. been unanimously elected his successor to that the judges of that court, the draft of a revised Under these circumstances the council of Cork | office. scale of solicitors' fees and charges in proceedings Law Society requested the intervention of your therein, in view of the altered procedure, and by council on behalf of this Profession, and your THE COURTS & COURT PAPERS. said letter your council were requested to depute council accordingly submitted a statement of the some of their number to confer with the chief whole case (including the correspondence with the registrar and chief elerk, in order that any sug.

Under-Secretary) to Gerald Fitzgibbon, junior, SITTINGS IN AND AFTER HILARY TERM gestions or alterations they might deem desirable Esq., Q.C., for his opinion, a copy of which opinion

1974. in proposed schedule should be submitted to the is as follows: judges. "In all cases of summary proceedings before

Common Law Courts. This the council accordingly did, and the Justices, it is provided by the Petty Sessions Act members of their body who attended to confer (14 & 15 Vict. c. 93), s. 9, that the parties by and

Court of Common Pleas. reported that nothing could exceed the courtesy against whom any complaint or information shall

SITTINOS AT NISI PRIUS-IN TERM. shown to them by the chief and other registrars there be heard, shall be admitted to conduct or and chief clerk, and by every official connected make their full answer and defence thereto respec. Tuesday

Jan, 13 Monday with that court. Your council allude to this sub- tively, and to have the witnesses examined and Monday ject with peculiar pleasure, as a further evidence cross-examined by themselves, or by counsel or

No London sittings this Term.

AFTER TERM. of the kindly and considerate desire which the attorney on their behalf.

Middleser. “In all such summary procoedings, therefore,

London. present judges of the Court of Bankruptcy and

Monday...... no constable can be admitted to conduct any case,

Feb. 2 | Monday Insolvency have uniformly manifested to consult

............ Feb. 16 the wishes of your council in every matter having unless he be the party complaining. for its object the upholding of the status and well. “In all cases of proceedings for indictable

Court of Exchequer. being of your Profession, and to evince the offences of a public nature, every member of the

SITTIXGS AT Nisi PRIUS-IN TERM. anxiety of these judges at all times to receive and constabulary is, by the Act 6 Will. 4, c. 13,

Middleser. give due weight to any suggestions which might charged with all the powers and duties of a con Tuesdny

Jan. 13 | Monday

............... Jan. 26 be offered by your council tending towards that stable at common law or by statute, and these Mouday.

No London sittings this Term.
object; and the result of the conference has been include the arrest of offenders on warrant, infor.
that a much more liberal scale of solicitors' fees mation, or suspicion of felony, the preservation


London, and charges has since been adopted and promul. of the peace, and protection of property from

Feb. 2 | Monday

Feb. 16 gated by that court.

crime ; and in every case of arrest it is the duty

of the constable to bring his prisoner before a COMMON LAW SCHEDULE OF FEES. justice, in order that he may be committed for It appearing to your council that the schedule trial or discharged.

THE GAZETTES. of law fees, settled by the judges in 1854, was not

" In such proceedings the Crown is the prosesufficiently comprehensive in its terms, nor liberal cutor ; the constable, as a public peace officer, is Professional Partnerships Dissolbed. enough in the fees allowed, to afford to your Pro. charged wth the duty of explaining and proving

Gazette, Doc. 12. fession an adequate remuneration for the labour to the justice the cause of the arrest; and, as

CUTTER and TORNER, attorneys ant solicitors. Bedford..q. and responsible duties imposed upon them in the incident to this duty, he is, in my opinion, entitled Nov. 1. (William Henry Cutter and Edward Goldwin Turner) transaction of common law business, your council to state the facts, and examine and cross-examine

Gazette, Dec. 16.

PHILP, WILLIAM ROBERT, and BEHREND, SAMUEL HENRY, felt it necessary to endeavour, on behalf of the witnesses.

attorneys and Solicitors, 8, Pancras-la. Dec. 10. Deblos by Profession, to obtain an increased scale of fees for * The Attorneys' Act imposes penalties only for their services more in accordance with the exi. 'acting as attorney or solicitor,' and no one can gencies of the times; and having accordingly 80 act except on behalf of a party. It appears to

Bankrupts. devoted much time, care, and attention to the me that in offences the subject of indictment the

Gazette, Dec. 19. matter, they prepared a revised schedule of fees, constable, who, to use the common phrase, ‘has

To surrender at the Bankrupts Court, Basinghall-st. copies of which they sent in June last to all the charge of the case, is acting as a public peace BULL, HENRY, solicitor's clerk, Aldridge-rd.villa, Westbourne. common law judges, with letters representing the officer, having no client except the Queen, repre. p's. Pet, Dec. 16. Reg. Murray. Sols. Lewis, Munns, and Co.. necessity of having a new scale of fees settled, senting the public, but not as a party, and that he

TAYLOR, JOHN. víctualler, St. Andrew's. hill. Doctors.commons. and requesting their lordships' attention to the does not incur any penalty by so doing. matter as early as possible.

I am, therefore, of opinion that the circular Your council brought this matter again before of 29th August 1870, correctly states the law.

BENJAMIX, PHILIP, Great Dover-st, Borough. the Lord Chief Justice of Ireland previously to

* (Signed) GERALD FITZGIBBON, Jun., the commencement of the Michaelmas Term just

10, Merrion-square, North. Boltox, GEORGE EDWARD, farmer, Cainham. Pet. Dec. 16. Reg. ended, but they have not yet been favoured with " Dec. 21, 1872.”

BURCHBY, JOHN WRIGHT, auctioneer, Peterborough. Pet. Dec. any reply.

A copy of this opinion was subsequently fur. COSTS OF ACCOUNTING BY RECEIVERS IN

nished to the Cork Law Society, but it did not

seem to your council that any beneficial result DREW, -, merchant, Old Broad-st. Pet. Dec. 16. Reg. Brougham CHANCERY.

would be obtained by further action in the In January last your council received a com.

JEALOUS, JOHN THOMAS, grocer, Whaplode Drove. Pet. Dec. 17. matter. munication from Master Coffey, the senior Taxing

NEALE, MAUDE, Margate. Pet. Dec. 17. Reg. Callaway. Sur. Master in Chancery, transmitting a draft of a

TERRELL, Joux, farmer, Cardifr. Pet. Dec. 17. Reg. Langley. new form of costs of passing receiver's accounts

LEGAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. for consideration of your council, and inviting At a meeting held on the 19th instant of the

Gazette, Dec. 23. such suggestions as they might see fit to make in executive committee of the council of the asso. reference to the proposed scale of charges ; and ciation (Mr. Amphlett, Q.C., M.P., in the chair), Four council having carefully examined same, had the report of the interview which took place on

EYRE, JOHN, and BYRE, THOMAS, shoe manufacturers, Long an interview subsequently with the taxing masters, the 12th instant between the Lord Chancellor and L6104, Thomas, farmer, Ashton-upon

Mersey. who received all their suggestions with much a deputation from the association, was read, and courtesy, and having fully discussed same, pro

PRINGLE, JAMES, farmer, Morpeth. Pet. Dec. 18. Reg. Mortimer. ordered moved to consider how far they could adopt them: report of the proceedings at the annual meeting smiru. *UEL BARTHOLOMEW. hotel manager, West Cowes,

Isle of Wight16. ker. Blake pour council afterwards received a revised draft of the association held in Lincoln's-inn Hall in form of costs from the taxing masters, by which January last. it appeared that nearly all the suggestions of your

Gazette, Dec. 15. The finance committee were requested to take BOWERS, JAMES, out of business, Windermere-rd. Upper Hollocouncil had been adopted ; and the result has been such steps as they might think expedient for the production of a more' liberal scale of fees for obtaining donations in aid of the funds of the

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Old Jewry. Sur. Jan. 13

Pet. Deo. 15. Rag. Brougham. Sols. Nash, Field, and Co.,
Suffolk la, Cannon-st
To surrender in the Country.

Pet. Dec. 17.
Reg. Spring Rio. Soly. Messrs. Brandon. Sur. Jan. 8

Robinson. Sur. J»n. 6

17. Reg. Gaches. Sur. Jan. 3
CURTEIS, EDWARD, Kentleman, Lavenham.

Barnes. Sur. Jan, 3

Pet. Dec. 13. Reg.

Sols. Hardwick and Holmes, Leadenhall-st. Sur. Jan. 9

Reg. Partridge. Sur. Dec. 280)

Dec. 31

Sur. Jan. 15

To surrender in the Country.
CAILLET, J., picture dealer, Manchester. Pet. Dec. 18. Reg

Kay. Sur. Jan. 13

Bockby. Pet. Dec. 19. Rex. Dennis. Sur. Jan. 3

Pet. Dec. 18. Reg. Kay. Sur. Jan. 2!

. Jan. 3


RIDDIFOUD, WILLIAM WALTER HATCI, timekeeper in the Royal

way. Nov. 4, 1973

Arsenal, Woolwich, Plumstead.common. Jan. 22, 1807

Liquidations by Arrangement.


Dec, 17. Jan. 5, at three, at office of Sois. Atkinson, Saunders, Leeds. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 10, at twelve, at office of Sols. Bond and Co., Manchester

and Barwick, Leeds FIRST MEETINGS.

SIMPSON, HENRY, tailor, Widnes. Pet. Dec. 15. Jan. 5, at three, HODGSON, JOSEPH, licensed victualler, Bristol. Pet. Dec. 17. at office of Sol, Nordon, Liverpool.

Jan. 5, at three, at office of Hancock, Triggs, and Co., public ac. Gazette, Dec. 19.

STANTON, SAMUEL LEAR, grocer, Moxley, par. Wednesbury. countants, Bristol. Sol Alman, Bristol ALOCK, LUCY, farmer, Temple Ginting. Pet. Dec. 15. Jan. 5, at Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. 5, at eleven, at office of Sol. Smith, Wednes. JONEN, LEWIS, grocer, Llanelly. Pet. Dec. 20. Jan. 5, at eleven, three, at office of Sol. Marshall, Cheltenham bury

at e, Spilman-st, Carmarthen. Sol. Howell, Llanelly ARCHER, DAVID, buckle manufacturer, Walsall. Pet. Deo. 16. STRANGE, ROBERT, grocer, New North-rd. Pet. Dec. 16. Jan. JONES, THOMAS, commission agent, Pet. Dec. 13. Jan. Sol. Stanley, Walsall

2, at tvo, at Tzard and Botte, 46, Eastcheap. Sols. Carter and 12, at three at offices of Sols. Harcourt and Macarthur, MoorASHTON, CHARLES, hatter, Royal hill, Greenwich. Pet Dec. 12. Bell, Leadenhall-st Dec. 27, at twelve, at the Chamber of Commerce, 143, Cheap- SMITH, GEORGE,_and SMITH, DAVID, cloth manufacturer, JORDAN, TIMOTHY, grocer, Derby. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 8, at three, side

Guiseley. Pet. Dec. 13. Dec. 31, at two, at office of Sol. Carr, at offices of Sol. Leech, Derby ASHWORTH, JOHN, and HALSTEAD, RICHARD, joiners, Stack. Leeds

KIRKLAND, PENELOPE, dealer in Berln wool, Leamington. Pet. steads. Pet. Dec. 13. Dec. 30, at half past two, at the Wheat SUNDERLAND, THOMAR, machinist, Birmingham. Pet. Deo. 16. Dec. 15. Jan. 6, at one, at 4, Lower-parade, Leamington Priors. Sheaf ind, Manchester. Sols. Hall and Baldwin, Clitheroe Dec. 30, at three, at office of Sol. Parry, Birmingham

Sol. Stockton, Banbury BAKER, THOMAS, silk asent, Nottingham. Pet. Dec. 15. Dec. TIMPERLEY, THOMAS, grocer, Earlstown. Pet. Dec. 15. Dec. KINDER, WILLIAM, upholsterer, Peterborough. Pet. Dec. 17. 30, at twelve, at office or Sol. Richards, Nottingham 30, at eleven, at office of Sol. Ridgway, Warrington

Jan. 9, at eleven, at office of Sol. Gaches, Peterborough BARNARD), WILLIAN HENRY, tobacconist, Gloucester. Pet. Dec. TONGE, MARY, TONGE, SAMUEL BARDSLEY, and TONGE, LEAH, WILLIAM, paperhangings merchant, Manchester. Pet. 16. Jan. 2, at eleven, at office of Sol, Jaynes, Gloucester

JOSHUA WILLIAM, grocers, Stalybridge. Pet. Deo. 17. Jan, Dec. 20. Jan. 7, at three, at offices of Sols. Payne and Galloway BARTLETT, JOHx, and BARTLETT, WILLIAM, wholesale boot 7, at eleven, at the Clarence hotel, Manchester. Sol. Buckley, Manchester manufacturers, Wrington. Pet. Dec. 15. Dec. 31, at twelve, at Stalybridge

LEWIS, DAVID, innkeeper, Talywain, par. Trevethin. Pet. Dec. Barnard, Thomas, Tribe, and Co., accountants, Albion-chmbs, TYRER, THOMAS SAVAGE, jun., commission agent, Liverpool. 17. Jan, 3, at ten, at ine Crown hotel, Pontypool. Sol. Morgan, Bristol Sol Perham

Pet. Dec. 16. Dec. 31, at twelve, at offices of Sols. Fowler and Newport BATCHELOR, WILLIAM, bootmaker, Southborough. Pet. Dec, 13. Carruthers, Liverpool

LINTOTT, EDWARD, coachbuilder, Maidstone. Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. 9, at ten, at office of Sol. Arnold, Tunbridge Wells

WALLIS, GEORGE, out of business, Dunstable. Pet. Dec. 5. Jan. 5, at one, at the Bell hotel, Maidstone. Sol. Mempes, BERRY, JAMES, printer, Liverpool. Pet. Deo. 16. Jan. 6, at Jan. 1, at two, at the Railway inn, Dunstable. Sol. Burr, St. Maidstone three, at office of Sol. Nordon, Liverpool Mary's sq, Paddington, London

LISTER, ALFRED, clog maker, Rochdale. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 2, BEST, WILLIAM, out of business, Now Grimesthorpe. Pet. Dec. WALMYLEY, DAVID, livery stable keeper, Preston. Pet. Dec. at three, at office of Sol. Lawton, Manchester 12. Jan. 7, at two, at ottice of Sol. Roberts Sheteld

17. Jan. 6, at four, at office of Sols. Buck and Dickson, Pres. LONSDALE, RICHARD, grocer, Butcher row, Ratcliff. Pet. Dec. BLAXLAND, JAMES, farmer, Milton-next-Sittingbourne. Pet. ton

11. Dec. 30, at twelve, at Mullen's hotel, Ironmonger-la. Sol. Dec. 15. Jan. 1, at two, at the Bull hotel, Sittingbourne. Sol. WARBURTON, John, decorator, Southport, and Manchester. King, Walbrook Furley, Canterbury Jan. 6, at three, at office of Sol. Simpson, Manchester

LUCAS, JOHN, farmer, Gateforth, near Selby. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. BOYNS. HENRY, grocer, Penrith. Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. 1, at eleven, WATKINSOX, ALFRED, oil merchant. Burnley. Pet. Dec. 15. 5, at three, at offices of Sols. Davies and Brook, Warrington at office of Sol. Trythall, Penzance Jan. 1, at three, at office of Sol, Hartley, Burnley

MARTIN, FREDERICK HENRY, tobacconist, Bath. Pet. Dec, 20. BRASHAW, CHARLES EBENEZER, draper, Hilltop-in-Attcrcliffe. WEEKS, ALFRED, boot manufacturer,, commerc'al. Jan. 5, at three, at office of Sol. Wilton, Bath

Pet. Dec. 12. Jan. 6, at one, at office of Sol. Roberts, Sheffield rd-east. Pet. Dec. 15. Jan 6, at two, at offices of Sols. Tilley MOCRUMMON, FARQLHAR, commission agent, Manchester. Pet. BREMNER, GEORGE WILLIAM, commission merchant, Mansion. and Lirvins,

Dec. 20. Jan. 10, at one, at the Swan hotel, Manchester. Sol, house-bldgs, Queen Victoria-st, and Milford Haven, Pet. Dec. WHITE, SAMUEL THOMAS, GARDINER, CLEMENT, and GARDI. Ward 15. Jan. 13, at two, at the Inns of Court hotel, High Holborn. NER, EDMUND, general produce brokers, Bristol and Cardiff. MCPARLAX, THOMAS, farmer, Middleton. Pet, Dec. 18. Jan. 6 Sols. Randalland Angier, Gray'

Pet. Dec. 12. Jan. 1, at twelve, at Barnard, Thomas, Tribe, at three, at ottice of Sol. Chorlton, Manchester BROWN, DAVID, labourer. Llanwonno. Pet. Dec. 16. Jan. 2, at and Co., Albion.chmbs, Small-st, Bristol, Sols. Beckingham, MEAGHER, CHARLES FRANCIR, licensed victualler, Newcastleone, at office of Sol. Beddoe, Aberdare Bristol, and Stanley and Wasbrough, Bristol

upon Tyne. Pet. Dec. 19. Jan. 2, at three, at offices of Sol., BROWN, JOHN BARNES, commercial traveller, Manningham. WILLIS, WILLIAM, grocer, Seaham harbour. Pet. Dec. 12. Dec. Sewell, Newcastle upon Tyne Pet. Dec. 15. Jan. 7, at three, at office of Sol. Hutchinson, 30, at four, at offices of Sols. Mesers. Wright, Sunderland

MONTEJO, URBANO, merchant, Billiter-st. Pet. Dec. 10. Dec. Bradford BULLOCK, WILLIAM HIERRY, tailor, Doncaster. Pet. Dec. 4. Dec.

Gazette, Dec. 23.

30, ar twelve, at office of Messrs. Harding, old Jewry. Sols.

Ayles and Rawlins, Gracechurch-st 31, at twelve, at office of Sols. Shirley and Atkinson, Doncaster AIRD, JOHN 'SPARK, cattle dealer, Whaley Bridge, Chester, MOORE, GEORGE MARMADUKE, out of business, Watc-l3._Pet. BUTLER, HENRY, lodging house keeper, Brighton. Pet. Dec. 11. Pet. Deo. 19. Jan. 7, at one, at the Joddrell Arms, Whaley Dec. 19. Jun. 2, at three, at Offices of Sols. Forshaw and Haw. Jan. 1, at three, at office of Sol. Goolman, Brighton Bridge. Sol. Law, Manchester

kin. Liverpool Coates, FREDERIC GEORGE, and SHARP, JOHN, and GRAN. BAIXES, MARTHA, widow, milliner, Huddersfield. Pet. Dec. 19. MORRIS, DAVID JOHN builder, Rugeley. Pet. Dec. 16. Jan. 1, GEN, THOMAS, warehousemen, Prisol. Pet. Dec. 16. Jan. 2, at Jan. 3, at eleveu, at offices of Sol. Bottomley, Huddersfield

at three, at offices of Sol. Crabb, Rugeley twelve, at the Queen's hotel, Manchester. Sols. Messrs. Brit- BARK BY, LUKE, shoemaker, Leicester. Pet. Dec. 20. Jan. 8, at MORRIS, WILLIAM, chemist, Worcester. Pet. Dec. 17. Dec. 31, tan

twelve, at offices of bols. Fowler, Smith, and Warwick, Leicester at three, at offices of Sol. Tree, Worcester COCKBURN, CHARLES, sen., draper, Chatham. Pet. Dec. 17. BARNETT, ALFRED JAMES, licered victualler, Kidderminster. MOULSOX, THOMAS, warp sizer, Oldham. Pet. Dec. 20. Jan. 6,

Jan. 7, at two, at Ladbury, Collison, and Viney, Cheapeide. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 9, at three, at othce of Sol. Corbet, Kidder. at three, at office of Sol. Sampeon, Manchester
Sols. Clapham and Fitch, Bishopsgate-et-without


OS BORN, WILLIAM, carpenter, Falmouth. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 5, COOPER, HENRY CLINTOX, auctioneer, Upper St. Martin's-la.

BIDGOOD, WALTER HENRY, auctioneer, Cardifr. Pet. Dec. 18. ut three, A tothces of Sol. Jenkins, Falmouth
Pet. Dec. 11. Dec. 26, at ten, at Haxell's hotel, 370, Strand
Jan. 8, at eleven, at office of Sol. Bleloch, Cardiff.

PARKER, JAMES JORDAN, innkeeper, Ealing. Pet. Dec. 17. CROASDELL, FREDERIC, and BROOKSOP. ARTHUR, wholesale BILSBOROUGH, THOMAS, flannel merchant, Manchester. Pet. Jan. 8, at two, at office of Sol. Best, Southampton cheesemonger, Park st, Southwark. Pet. Dec. 13. Jan. 1, at

Dec. 18. Jan. 13, at three at office of Sols. Sale, Shipman, Sed. PARLE, JOHN, joiner, Liverpool. Pet. Dec. 19, Jan. 3, at three, two, at office of Sols. Linklater, Hackwood, Addison, and don, and Sale, Manchester

At offices of Sols. Teebay and Lynch, Liverpool Brown, Walbrook

BRADFORD, JOHN BENJAMIN, and PULLEN, HENRY, brass PARSONS, EDWARD, grocer, Brentwood. Pet, Dec. 17. Jan. 8. CRYDER, WILLIAM WETMORE, dealer in stocks, Gresham house, founders, Leeds. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 5, at two, at oftices of at three, at 23, Long-la, West Smithfield, London. Sol. and Queen's gate, South Kensington. Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. 12, at Sols. Simpson and Burrell, Leeds

Hubbard two, at office of Sol. Clements, Old Broad-st

BROWN, JOHN, sen., and BROWN, JOHN, jun., corn dealers, Pen. PAYNE, RICHARD, pianoforte dealer, East Grinstead. Pet. Dec. DAVIS, SAMUEL. vicualler, Alcester. Pet. Dec. 13. Jan. 1, at rith, Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. 7, at three, at office of Sols. Cant and


Jan. 5, at four, at the Crown hotel, East Grinstead. Sols. at twelve, at office of Sol. Jones, Alcester Fairer, Penrith

stone and Simpson, Tunbridge Wells DAVISON, GEORGE, shoemaker, Hawthorn. Pet. Dec. 16. Jan. 3, BURGESS, JOSEPH, farmer, Tarporley. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 5, at PILKINGTOX, JOHN, tailor, Burnley. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 2, at at three, at office of Sol Bell, Sunderland two, at offices of Cartwright, solicitor, Chester

three, at offices of Pollard, 16, Ormerod-st, Burnley. Sol. WildDEAN, GEORGE, boot dealer, Manchester. Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. 7, CHAMBERS, WILLIAM, oilman, Castle-rd, Kentieh-town. Pet. ing, Burnley

at three, at office of Sols. Addieshaw and Warburton, Man. Dee. 18. Jan.5, at one, at office of Sol. Johnson, High-street, PINCH BECK, GEORGE, engineer, Brunswick-villas, Hammersmith chester Marylebone

Pet. Dec. 13. Jan. 2, at three, at oftice of Sol, Cooper, Charing DYSON, JAMES, Dyson, WILLIAM, and Dyox, ABRAM, cotton CHANDLER, RICHARD THOMAS, draper, Stafford, Pet. Dec. 18. cross

doublers, Halifax. Pet. Dec. 17. Dec. 31, at two, at office of Sol. Jan. 8, at eleven, at office of Marris, accountant, Birmingham. PRESS, JOHN, grocer, Dunstable-ter, Marsh gate, Richmond. Leemins, Halifax Sol. Bowen, Stafford

Pet. Dec. 20. Jan. 12, at ten, at office of Sol. Steadman, ColeEDMONDS, JAMES, coal merchant, Nottingham. Pet. Dec. 9. COATEN, FREDERIC GEORGE, SHARP, JOHN, and GRANGER, man-st

Dec. 30, At twelve, at the Assembly Rooms, Nottingham. Sols. THOMAS, drapers, Bristol. Pet. Dec. 19. Jan. 8, at twelve, at RACE, DANIEL, cheesemonger, Canonbury-la, Islington. Pet. Everall and Turner

oflice of Messrs. Williams, accountants, Bristol. Sols. Messrs. Dec. 9. Jan. 1, at three, at offices of Sol. Ody, Trinity-street, ELLIS, HENRY JAMES, general shopkeeper, Bury St. Edmund's, Brittan

Southwark Pet. Dec. 17. Dec. 31, at ten, at the Angel hotel, Bury St. Ed. COLE, JOHN THOMAS, Thaxted, and COLE, JOSHUA GEORGE, RIDSDALE, ELIZABETH, lithographie printer, Bradford. Pet. mund's. Sol. Walpole, Bury St Edmund's

Great Dunmow, builders. Pet. Dec. 16. Jan. 8, at twelve, at Deo. 18. Jan. 5, at eleven, at office of Sols, Terry and Robinson, FOWLER, PHILLIP HENRY, chemist, Bacup. Pet. Dec. 15. Jan. the Green Dragon hotel, Bishopagate-st, London. Sol. Snell, Bradford 6, at three, at the Dog and Partridge hotel, Manchester. Sol. Great Dunmow

ROBERTS, JOSEPH, boot manufacturer, Tipton. Pet. Dec. 17. Sykes

CONN, WILLIAM, engineer, York. Pet. Dec. 19. Jan. 7, at eleven, Jan. 5, at three, at office of Sol, Sheldon, Wednesbury FUDGE, JAMES, innkeeper. Taunton, Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. 2, at at office of Sol. Calvert, Lendal

ROTUWELL, EDWARD, Surveyor, Winwick, near Warrington. twelve, at ottices of Sols. Trenchard and Blake, Taunton

COOK, HENRY FRANCIA, grocer, Eastbourne. Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. Pet. Deo, 19. Jan. G, at three, at office of Davies and Compuny, GOLDSMITH, GEORGE, carpenter, St. Leonard's. Pet. Dec. 15. 12, at three, at office of Sol. Chamberlain, Basinghall-street, Bewsey.chmbs, Bewsey-st, Warrington. Sols. Davies and Jan. 5, at two, at office of Cogswell, Sol. Hicks, London

Brook, Warrington Annis.rd, South Hackney

Coxox, Joux, baker, Gibson-st, Waterloo-rd. Pet. Dec. 8. Jan. SAGE, JAMES.Joueesemonger, Queen's-ter, Kilburn. Pet. Dec. 20. GOODHALL, JOHX, wine merchant, Newport. Pet. Dec. 16. Jan. 5, at three, at offices of Sol. Ody, Trinity-st, Southwark

Jan. 7, at two, at office of Sol. McMillin, 5, at eleven, at office of Sol. Hooper, Newport

DANCE, JOHN, out of business, Birkenhead. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. SALVESON, ROBERT HENRY, oilman, College-pl, Lewisham. GOSBELL, HENRY, wholesale stationer, Tabernacle-row, City-rd. 14, at two, at office of Ford, 31, The Temple, Liverpool. Sul. Pet Dec. 16. Jan. 5, at two, at office of Sul. Norris, Acton-st, Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. 6, at eleven, at office of Sol. Perry, Guild. Crozier, Liverpool

Gray's inn.rd hall chmbe, Basinghall-st

DAVIES, STEPHEN EDWARD, licensed victualler, Birmingham. SAUNDERS, HENRY, gentleman, Kidderminster. Pet. Dec. 20. GREEN, JOSEPH, grocer, Great Yarmouth. Pet. Dec. 16. Jan. 6, Pet. Dec. 16. Jan. 5, at eleven, at the Union hotel, Birmingham. Dec. 30, at three, at Baxter-chinbs. Church-st, Kidderminster. at twelve, at Blaks, accountant, Great Yarmouth. Sol. Palmer, Sol. Shakespeare, Oldbury

Sol. Corbet Great Yarmouth

DE CHASTELAIN, CHARLES EMANUEL JOHN, picture dealer, SEDDON. JOUX, grocer, St. Helen's. Pet. Dec. 19. Jan. 6, at two, HALL, THOMAS, worster spinner, Leeds. Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. 9, Buckingham Palace-rd. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 6, at twelve, at at office of Mather, 4, Harrington-st, Liverpooi. Sals. Barrox at eleven, at office of Sol. Gardiner, Bradford office of Sol. Crump., Cheap ide

and Cook, St. Helen's HARLE, GEORGE, jun., engineer, Whitley. Pet. Dec. 16. Dec. 30, DICKINSON, WILLIAM, builder, Seacombe. Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. SELLERS, WALTER, electro plater, Birmingham. Pet. Dec. 19.

at twelve, at Mers. Ridley, accountants, Newcastle. Sol. 5, at twelve, at offices of Richarson, Oliver, Jones and Bullson, Jan. 5, at eleven, at office of Sol. Eaden, Birmingham Thompson, Newcastle

10, Cook-st, Liverpool

SEYMOUR, FREDERICK HENRY, out of business, High-street, HARRISON, CHARLES, krocer, Farndon, and Holt. Pet. Dec. 13. DOLAN, MARK, ironmonger, Liverpool. Pet. Dec. 20. Jan. 8, at Notting hill. Pet. Dec. 20. Jan. 6, at eleven, at offices of Jan. 2 At two, at offoes of Sol-. Messrs. Bridgman, Chester

two, at office of Sol. Hughes, Liverpool

Kent, Flaxman, Haydon, and Co., 57, Basinghall-st, accountants. HEASELDEN, JOAN, grocer, Hulme. Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. 10, at DUDD, WILLIAM, grocer, Clevedon. Pet. Dec. 20. Jan. 5, at Sol Bradford, Langbourn.chmbs, Fenchurch-t three, at the York hotel, Manchester, Sol, Ward

twelve, at offices of Sols. Henderson, Salmon, and Hendersons, SHAW, EMMA, beer retailer, Manchester Pet. Dec. 19. Jan. 15, HOLDEN, WILLIAM JOHN, victualler, Aberavon. Pet. Dec. 15. Bristol

at three, at the Falstaff hotel, Manchester. Sol Law, Man. Dec. 30, at three, at office of Sol. Tennant, Aberavon

EDWARDA, HOLLAND, secretary, Devonshire-rd, Holloway. Pet. chester HOLMES, WILLIAM HENRY, out of business, Tottenham-green, Dec. 19. Jan. 5, at four, at office of Sol. Wells, Paternoster-row SMART, WILLIAM, innkeeper, Upper Machen. Pet. Dec. 18. Pet. Dec. 15. Jan. 3, at twelve, at offices of Sol. Knox, Newgate- ELLISTON, FREDERICK HOLMES, auctioneer, Southampton. Jan. 6, at eleven, at oftioe of Sol Gibbs, Newport street

Pet. Deo. 17. Jan. 3, at twelve, at offices of Edmonds, Davis, STIRLING, WILLIAM, licensed victualler, Approach-rd, VictoriaHOWARTH, JAMES, flock dealer, Littleborongh. Pet. Dec. 16. and Clark, 29, High-st, Southampton, Sol, Leigh, Southampton pk. Pet. Dec. 19. Jan. 3, at quarter past ten, at the Victoria

Jan, 5, at three, at the Spread Eagle inn, Rochdale. Sol. Stand- EVANS, DAVID MORIER, newspaper proprietor, Berjeant's inn, tuern, Morpeth-rd, Bethnal-green. Sol. Long, Lansdown.ter. ring, Rochdale

Fleet-st;; Finchlu; and Albion House, King Victoria pk HUGHES. JOHN, artist, Liverpool. Pet. Dec. 15. Jan. 5. at two, Edward's-rd, South Hackney. Pet. Dec. 19. Jan. 12, at two, SYKES, JOHN, woollen manufacturer, Huddersfield and Longat the Clarendon Rooms, Liverpool. Sol. Williams, Liverpool at office of Sol, Beddall, Bishopsgate-gt

wood. Pet. Deo, 17. Jan. 7, at three, at office of Sols, Messrs. HUNT, JOHN, draper, Ipswich, Pet. Dec. 16. Dec. 31, at eleven, EVANS, JOSEPH, jobmaster, Buckingham Palace-rd. Pet. Dec, 10 Learoyd, Buddersfield at office of Sol. Watts, Ipswich

Dec. 31, at twelve, at oftice of Sol. Crump, King-st, Cheapside TATE, SUSANNAH, dressmaker, Hallfax. Pet. Dec. 20. Jan. 5 at JARVIR, DANIEL KENT, oilman, Princess-st, and Great, EVANSON, EDWARD, and GOULDER, EDWIN, builders, Radford, three, at office of Soi, Leening, Halifax

Marylebone. Pet. Dec. 12. Dec. 29, at twelve, at Thwaites, and Nottingham. Pet. Dec. 17. Jan. 6, at twelve, at offices of TERRY, GEORGE HENRY, grocer, Mirfield. Pet. Dec. 20. Jan. 9,
Basinghall-st. Bol. Fulcher
Sole. Messrs. Parsons, Nottingham

at three, at the Great Northern hotel, Leeds. Sols. Robinson ONES, DAVID, and ROBERTS, RICHARD HENRY LLEWELLIN, FARNDALE, GEORGE, chemist, Middlesborough. Pet. Dec. 17. and Johnson iron plate workers, Birmingham. Pet. Dec. 15. Jan. 9, at three, Jan. 5. at eleven, at the Temperance hotel, Middlesborough. VALE, WILLIAM, licensed victualler, Stourbridge. Pet. Dec. 18. at office of Sols, Rowlands, Bagnall, and Rowlands, Birmingham Sol. Bainbridge, Middlesborough

Jan. 3. at twelve, at office of Sol. Price, Stourbridge JOY, WILLIAM, batter, Bitton. Pet. Dec. 12. Dec. 31, at eleven, FORGHAM, GEORGE, bootmak r, Wednesbury. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. VAUGHAN, EDWARD, builder, Colveston-crés, Ridley-rd, and at office of Sol. Atchley, Bristol 2, at three, at tice of 8:1. Ebsworth, Wednesbury

Birkbeck-rd, Kingsland, Pet. Dec. 8. Jan. 1, at two, at the KNOWLES, EDWARD, draper, Stockport. Pet. Dec. 15. Dec. 30, Fox, THOMAS, chemist, Keighley. Pet. Dec. 20. Jan. 5, at three, Guildhall Coffee-house, Gresham-st. Sol. Guatly, Bow.street, at eleven, at office of sol. Burkinshaw, Stockport

at office of Terry and Robinson, Bradford. Sol. Hodgson, Covent-garden LEON, LOUIB HORNTZ, and DAVIS, CASPER, tobarconista, Bir- Keighley

VERNON, WILLIAM, manager of the Central Working Men's mingham, Pet. Dec. 16. Jan. 1, at two, at offices of Sol. Maher FRANCIS, CHARLES, bullder, Harpurhay, Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 8, Club, Nottingham. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 12, at eleven, at office of and Poncia, Birmingham at tro, at offices of Sols. Messrs. Chew, Manchester

Sol. Brown, Nottingham LEWIS, THOMAX, grocer, Oswestry. Pet. Dec. 13. Jan. 2, at FREEMAN, EDWARD, farmer, Lichfield. Pet. Dec. 20, Jan. 5, at WALKER, HUGH, baker, Colby.ter, Upper Norwood Pet. Deo

eleven, at the Osborne hotel, Oswestry. Sol. Jones, Oswestry. twelve, at the Old Crown hotei, Lichfield. Sols. Barnes and 13. Jan. 1, at three, at office of Sol. Cooper, Charing-cross MANLEY, WILLIAM, innkeeper, Uphill. Pet. Dec, 17. Jan. 8, at Russell

WALTERS, STANLEY, fariner, Mavesyn Ridware. Pet. Dec. 15. twelve, at the Saracen's Head inn, Bristol. Sol. Jones, Weston. GAETANO, SEMENZA, Gresham-house. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 8, at D c. 31, at twelve, at the Chadwick's Arms inn, Ridware. Sol. super-Mare

two, at office of Messrs. Turquand, Tokenhouse-yd. Sol. Cooper, Palmer, Rugelev MANN, MARTIN, mercantile clerk, Tufnell pk.rd. Pet. Dec. 4. Billiter-st, E.C.

WARD. THOMAS, hotelkeeper, Tewkesbury. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 6, Dec. 29, at three, at office of Sol. Holmes, Eastcheap.

GARBETT, JAMES PHILIP, builder, Great Yarmouth. Pet. Dec. at eleven, at office of Sols. Moorea and Romney, Tewkesbary MARKLAND, EDWIN, chemist, Kelvedon. Pet Dec. 12.

Jan. 8,

19. Jan. 13, at twelve, at office of Blake, accountant, Great WESTGATE, ROBERT. outftter, West-w-hill, Upper Norwood, at one, at office of Sol. Smith, Denbigh-st, Pimlico, London Yarmouth. Sol, Palmer, Great Yarmouth

and Beckenham. Jan. 7, at two, at office of Sol. Cotton, ColeMASON, FREDERICK, carpenter, Birmingham. Pet. Dec. 15. GILBEY, WILLIAM, fish merchant, Lowestoft. Pet. Dec. 19. Jan.

man et Dec. 29, A: ten, at offices of Sol. East, Birmingham

8, at two, at ofice of Sols. Chamberlain and Diver, Great Yar. WHITLOCK, ROBERT Tass, cheesemonger, Lower-inarsh, Lam. ODEY, THOMAS, cab proprietor, Eiizabeth.ut, Buckingham mouth

beth. Pet. Dec, 18. Jan. 13, at two, at office of Sols. Wood and Palace-rd, Pimlico. Pet. Dec. 16. Dec. 31, at two, at office of GRAMMER, JOHN, provision merchant, Brompton-rd, and Ful.

Tinkler, Leadenhall-st Sol. Wilding, Titchborne-st, Edgware-rd

ham-rd. Pet. Dec. 18. Jan. 7, at two, at office of Sol. Brown, OWENS, WILLIAM, grocer, Pontprenllwyd, par. Penderyn. Pet Basinghall-et

Dec. 13. Dec. 31, at one, at otce of Sol. Beddoe, Aberdare. GRANT, RICHARD, honse decorator, Marylebone.
PATCH, THOMAS, miller, Bradford Abbas. Pet. Dec. 15.
Jan. 8, at ten, at the Goldhawk tavern, Goldhawk.rd, Hammer.

BIRTHS MARRIAGES AND DEATHS 2, at two, at office of Sols. Messrs. Wurts, Yeovil

smith Potrg, JOHN GREGORY. innkceper, Witham. Pet. Dec. 13. GREGORY, FRANCIS JAMES, publican, Cheltenham. Pet. Dec. 12.

BIRTHS. Jan. 8. At two, at the Fleeoe inn, Colchester. Sols. Messrs. Deo. 29, at a quarter past ten, at office of Sol. Boodle, Chelten.

LEIGH-On the 20th inst., at The Yews, Beaminster, Dorset, the Digby, Maldon ham

wife of Mr. R. Leigh, solicitor, of a son. QUINN, JONCPH er dealer, West Derby, and Liverpool. Pet. GWINNEL, FREDERICK PROCTOR, grocer, Cheltenham. Pet. Deo.

MILLAR.-On the 2180 ingt., at 39, Kensington-gardens-square, Der. 16. Jan. 7, at three, at office of Sol. Baxter, Liverpool 15. Dec. 31, at a quarter past ten, at office of Sol. Boodie, Chel

the wife of F.C. J. Millar, of the Inner Temple, barrister-at. RURA WORTH, JEREMIAH PHILLIPS, linen draper, Bradford. tenham

law, of a gon. Pet. Deo. 15. Jan. 5, at three, at office of Sol. Hutchinson, Brad. HAWORTA, ENOCH, grocer, Accrington. Pet. Dec. 16. Jan. 5, at

ROLLIT.-On the 14th inst., the wife of A. K. Rollit, LL.D., SONford three, at office of Sols. Adoleshaw and Warburton, Manchester

citor, Hull of » daughter. ROBERTA, ROBERT, builder, Penmaenmawr. Pet. Dec. 9. Jan. HENKEL, HENRY, commission merchant, Circus-pl, Finsbury, WOODARD.-On the 13th inst., at Manchester, the wife of M. N. 2, at threr, at the British hotel, Bangor. Sol, Williams, Rhyl Pet. Dec. 18. Jan, 13, at three, at offices of Sols. Lewis, Munns,

Woodard, barrister-at-law, of a son. RUDLEN, HENRY, grocer, Rayleigh. Pet. Dec. 15. Jan. io, at and Longden, Old Jewry

DEATI. twelve, at the Crown inn, Rayleigh. Sols. Messrs. Digby, HILL, JAMES, baker, Trowbridge. Pet. Dec. 15. Jan. 1, at one, WOODTHORPE.-On the 19th inst, at Haverstock-hi!), aged 58, Maldon at office of Sol. Shrapnell, Trowbridge

F. Woodthorpe, Esq., late Town Clerk of the City of London.


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in Grey v. Pearson (6 H. of L. Cas. 61, 108), and should in such cases always endeavour to prevent counsel citing authorities on the construction of other wills, except where some principle was laid down or where some technical terms were defined or explained.” The inconvenient habit which is thus to receive a check prevails also in the United States, and we met with a case recently in which counsel on each side cited authorities which would have filled one of these columns printed in small type. Several hours must have been occupied in mere citation, and the mental condition of the Bench at the close of the argument may perhaps be imagined. It is an evil that our law is so largely made up of cases, but nothing tends so much to make the law uncertain as the unnecessary introduction of decisions and dicta into arguments intended to instruct the court and facilitate their labours.

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Esq., Barrister-at-Law, in the Admiralty Courts of England and Ireland, and in all the Superior Courts, with a Selection from the Decisions of the United States Courts, with Notes by the Editor. The First Series of " Maritime Law" may now be had complete in Three Volumes, half bound, price £3 58. for the set, or any single volume for 2. s. Back numbers may be had to complete sets,

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Damage to cargo-Onus of proof-Bill

of lading "shipped in good order and


Oustruction to tidal river-Negligent
exercise of statutory power-Omis.
sion to indicate obstruction by sum.
cient buoy


Construction of agreement-Easement
-Express words

Adverse possession-Colonial Statute of

Limitations (39 Víct. c. 12) --Grant not
void for uncertainty


W1l-Direction to pay debts -- Subse.
quent specific devise subject to pay.
ment of debts....

Ex parte COTE; Re DEVEZE-
Bill of exchange-Posting in letter ad-
dressed to indorsee

Guarantee-Agreement between guar.
antors for equality of liability


Practice-Transfer of cause--Concur.

rent suits in two branches of the


Creditor's suit-Delay in proving will

Payment of interest-Statute of Limi.

Payment out of court-Land Tax Acts-
Repair of vicarage

Tramway-Liability to rating-Tram.

ways Act 1970 (33 & 34 Vict. c. 78).... 605
(appa) r. FLIGHT (resp.)-
Metropolitan Building Acty-Danger.

ous structures-- Payment of expenses
incurred in respect of dangerous

Corporation - Parol contract - Mutu.
ality-Corporate seal-Town clerk...... 611

Er parte BARRY: Re Fox-
Shares-Assignment of-Declaration of

Evidence-Unstamped letter, or order
for payment of money


..... 162

A CONTRIBUTOR sends us the following with reference to a matter arising in his practice : “A question of considerable difficulty arose a short time ago, and one upon which there seems to be some conflict in the decided cases. A testator devised real estate to his daughter "for the term of her natural life, and for her separate use, without power of anticipation ;” and, “if she shall die before attaining the age of twenty-one years, or without leaving lawful issue,” he devised the property to another daughter. Is this devise to be construed as a fee to the first-named daughter, determinable upon her decease under the age of twenty-one years, or without leaving issue; or as raising by necessary implication an estate tail in her, or as simply an estate for life? If we adopt the first construction, the words limiting the estate to her life must be taken in strict connection with the clause for the separate use as indicating the period during which the restriction upon alienation and anticipation is to operate, and not as words of limitation confining the estate to the life of the devisee. And by such a construction the absurdity is removed of making a life estate determinable on death without issue or under twenty-one; and probably the testator's intention would be best effectuated thereby. The case of Ex parte Rogers (2 Madd. 449) is an authority in favour of the second view, though that was a cause of personalty. That case, however, seems now to be of doubtful authority, though it has never been expressly overruled: (See Sparkes v. Restall, before Lord Romilly; Doe d. Bamfield, v. Ietton, 2 Bos. & Pul. 32 4; Ranelayh v. Ranelagh, 12 Beav. 200; and in Lee v. Bask, 2 De G. M. & G.) CRANWORTII, L.J., expressed doubt as to whether Ev parte Rogers was law. It would probably not be followed unless the circumstances were precisely similar. But the very peculiarity of these cases is that the same circumstances scarcely ever repeat themselves without some slight variation. And in later cases the courts have shown great reluctance to modify the words of wills : (See Grey v. Pearson, 6 H. of L. 61.) It is difficult to see how the rigid interpretation in some of the above cited cases can be reconciled with the general indulgence shown to testators, and the words of Jarman (3rd edit. p. 527) " when the language of the will necessarily confines the interest of the parent to his life, the courts will lay hold of slight circumstances to raise a gift in the children.” And if, as in so many other cases, the word “or” be construed as “and,” further difficulties may arisethe daughter might attain twenty-one and die, without leaving issue, or she might die under twenty-one, and leave issue; in either of these cases the gift over to the second daughter would be defeated.

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with our next number.

The Times seems to have taken a somewhat unusual course with regard to the vacancy created on the Irish Bench by the death of Chief Baron Pigot. The manner in which the Judges of Ireland who can be considered to have any chance of promotion are weighed, and their merits discussed, is about as singular as any. thing which we remember; and the conclusion of the writer puts the Government in a position which must prove uncomfortable if the influence of the Times is worth anything. In the first place rightly enough it is suggested that the Government may save £4000 a year by promoting a puisne Judge; which, then, shall be promoted P The Times discovers that although Baron FITZGERALD is a most able Judge, he was “unluckily, during his political career, a Conservative,” whilst “his juniors, Barons Deasy and Dowse, were both Liberals." We trust that it is not meant to suggest that changes in the positions of men already on the Bench-changes of no political aspect whatever--are to be governed by considerations of the political creeds of individuals years ago. The Times evidently thinks that they are, for it goes on to observe that “the pretentions of Mr. Justice FITZGERALD—a Liberal well known during his party career, and no relative of his Conservative namesake in the Exchequer”. (as if even relationship with a Conservative might operate prejudicially!)-"are commanding.” Our contemporary, however, concludes thus: “Upon the whole it may be said that the competition for the vacant place lies between the ATTORNEY-GENERAL, Mr. Justice FITZGERALD, and Baron FITZGERALD. If the Ministry decide upon taking into consideration official pretensions only, and decline to introduce those economies which are plainly needed into the Irish judicial expenditure, they will promote Mr. Palles. If, still regarding party claims as paramount

The Law and the Lawyers.

The number of cases which may be, and often are, cited upon

the construction of wills, is absolutely appalling, and it is a relief to find the vigorous mind of the Master of the Rolls developing all the energies characteristic of new brooms, and attacking the practice which has so long prevailed. In the case of Waring v. Currey, before him on the 10th ult., Sir GEORGE observed " with reference to a case cited in argument, that the rules as to the construction of wills had often been departed from, and that he abould adhere to the principles laid down by Lord WENSLEY DALE

VOL. LYI.-10. 1605.

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