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portation of freight and passengers over railways. was by a petition of right against Her Majesty, pressed, but especially because it shows how the The bureau, by the proposed Bill, are to arrange which could be prosecuted only in the West- proposed alteration in the constitution of the the rates, if, when charged at the maximum, they minster courts. It is something to have given to Scotch court was regarded and dealt with in the yield a dividend of 10 to 15 per cent., estimated every Irish contractor a mode of redress against case of a people who are so keenly alive to their from the business of the preceding year; and other injustice, which cannot be defeated by a depart- true interests, and who know how so well to prouseful clauses are contemplated.

ment throwing the legal responsibility on the Queen. mote them. The First PETITION UNDER 36 & 27 VICT. One memorable petition of right from Ireland The commissioners appointed to inquire into c. 69.-Within the last few days a

was prosecuted some years ago in the English the courts of law in Scotland had amongst them and plaint” has been issued in the Court of Court of Queen's Bench. It was that of Mr. such men as Lord Colonsay, Lord Selborne, Lord Queen's Bench, in which even the illustrious rank Stephen Fox Dickson, who sought to recover from Moncreiff, the late Mr. Justice Willes, the present and character of the defendant make the pro- the Queen duties which he alleged had been Lord Advocate, the Lord Advocate of Mr. ceeding one worthy of some notice in the press. illegally exacted from the spirit grocers of Ire- Disraeli’s Administration, and Mr. Sclater Booth. The plaintiff-or, as we believe we ought to call land. The petition was founded on a judgment In their fourth report, made in 1870, these comhim, the “suppliant”-is Mr. James O'Grady, a of the Court of Exchequer Chamber of Ireland, missioners, when dealing with the subject of the contractor for some repairs to the barracks at which decided that the duties exacted were not proposed changes in the constitution of the Athlone. The defendant is no less a personage warranted by law. The officers who had levied sheriff's court, say: than Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen. This them protected themselves by a plea that they “ The most important general question in is the first time that Her Majesty, or any English had paid them over to the Exchequer. Mr. Dick regard to the constitution of these courts which Sovereign, has ever referred a claim made against son's only remedy was by a petition of right in the we had to consider, was a proposal, by no means the wearer of the Crown to the adjudication of an English courts. Five judges in the English Court new, to prohibit the sheriff from practising before Irish court. Up to last session any inhabitant of of Exchequer 'Chamber overruled the decision of the Supreme Court; to compel him to reside in Ireland who made such a claim could only obtain the Irish court. In future the complaints of Irish. his county. On this and other proposed changes an adjudication upon it in one of the English men arising out of Irish transactions will be tried there was submitted to us a very large body of courts. This has been the case in all periods of where they ought to-before the Irish tribunals- evidence, which we have considered very anxiously, our history. The only mode of obtaining redress who are now, strange to say, for the first time along with the views of the Law Commission, in any case in which the Sovereign was concerned empowered to decide upon all Irish cases, without presided over by Sir Ilay Caulfield, which reported was by a "petition of right” addressed to the the reservation of any portion of their jurisdiction in 1818, and also the report of the Law CommisSovereign, and stating the grievance of which to the English courts.-Freeman's Journal. sion in 1834. That report, which is signed by the subject complained. The Sovereign endorsed

very eminent names, including Professor G. J. on the petition the words, “Let right be done,”

Beli, Andrew Skene, Robert Jameson, Andrew and with this authority the tribunals proceeded

Rutherford, and Adam Anderson, very elaboto deal with the complaint as they would do if it


rately discussed this question, and stated the were a case between subject and subject. But all

result of their opinion in the following terms : these matters were only cognisable in the English

THE JUDICATURE COMMISSION AND “Upon this subject it has been strongly pressed courts. No Irish court ever entertained a "peti.


upon us that if resident sheriffs were appointed

in and plained of originated in Treland, the petition of Report on the Application of the Principles if the other districts were

enlarged so as to right could only be prosecuted in an English

by to court. This state of the law suggests questions

the Irish County Courts, by Mr. CONSTANTINE

afford full employment to the principal sheriffs, MOLLOY.

a salary might be attached to the office sufficient of interest in a constitutional point of view. Even

to induce men in high practice and repnte at the when Ireland was a separate kingdom, and after

[Read before the Statistical Society of Ireland.]

bar to accept of the situation. But, after much her legislative independence was established,

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consideration, we are unanimously of opinion that petitions of right from Ireland could only be SUFFICIENT, I think, has now been said to indi. this change would be highly prejudicial to the heard in the English courts, and this continued to cate how defective the Irish County Court is as a | administration of the law in the local courts.” be the law up to the 5th of last August, the day means for administering ready and efficacious When giving the grounds of their unanimous upon which Parliament was prorogued. Upon justice between parties of humble means, and how opinion, the Commissioners of 1818 remarked : that day, and among the last Acts of the session, much this tribunal requires, in small cases, that “There is great risk of evil in the provincial Her Majesty gave her assent to a statute under complete and effective jurisdiction possessed by residence of a judge, even when persons can be which petitions of right from Ireland are in future the corresponding tribunal in the sister kingdom. obtained confessedly competent to discharge the to be tried in the Irish courts. The case of Mr. Many legal reforms from time to time, usually duties. An individual in that situation is exposed O'Grady supplies a strong illustration of the applied to the English County, Court, have to all the influences, attachments, prejudices and necessity of the recent statute. As we have rendered that tribunal what it now is ; but these local feelings disadvantageous to his character already said, Mr. O'Grady was a contractor for reforms have not been applied to the Irish and authority, and even if he be supposed free some repairs to the barracks at Athlone, and for tribunal, and hence it is that the Irish County from the operation of such bad influence, the some claim arising out of that contract he brought Court, originally established to supply a great mere circumstance that he has already reached an action against Mr. Cardwell, the Secretary at public requirement, has been suffered to fall the summit of his ambition, will tend to diminish War, with whom, in terms, the contract was behind in the progress of improvement. This is his industry and utility as a judge, while his. made. Mr. Cardwell defended himself by saying much to be regretted on many grounds. To repeat remote insulated situation excludes the salutary that, although the contract was, in terms, made what I said four years ago, when bringing the and counteracting effect of public opinion, by with him, yet he only entered into it as the agent subject of the Irish Countý Courts under the which the exertions of those who fill the highest of Her Majesty, and that, therefore, the remedy notice of this society: “The cause of law and judicial station are animated and controlled.” was not by action against him, but by petition of government in Ireland has suffered great loss of “Nor is this mere speculation. We have ascerright against the Queen. The Court of Exchequer prestige from the delay that has occurred in the tained it to be a matter of fact that, notwith(7 Ir. L. T. Rep. 15) ruled that the defence was a extension to Ireland of the most obvious reforms, standing the well-known talent and integrity of good one, and Mr. O'Grady was left without any till long after they have been introduced in the sheriff's substitute, there is in Scotland & means of trying his case, unless hecould bear theex, England; and one of the most effectual means of strong feeling of confidence in the decision of a pense of bringing all his witnesses to London, and restoring that prestige and imparting confidence judge who is remote from all local influences, and trying in Westminster whether he was entitled to in the law, would be found in the prompt carrying independently of any snperior qualifications for the payment he claimed in respect of work done out of practical legal reforms, in which large and the office. The mere circumstance that the prinin the town of Athlone. The matter attracted especially the humbler classes of the people are cipal sheriff is not resident in the county is conconsiderable attention both in England and Ire- deeply interested.”

sidered both by litigants and practitioners as a land, and one of the English legal periodicals The suggested improvement of the County Court practical advantage." suggested that some Irish member should bring raises questions that concern the constitution of Many of the witnesses examined by us concur in a Bill to enable the trial of a petition of right the court-first, as regards the judge ; and, in this opinion; but if the feeling thus expressed to take place in an Irish court. The same course secondly, as regards the chief administrative is less marked than it was in 1834, it must be was previously urged in the Irish Law Times, our officer of the court.

recollected that our predecessors reported under only legal periodical. Mr. Butt acted on this Upon the first of these questions it is right to circumstances to which the Act of 1838 has prachint, and prepared and brought in The Petitions bear in mind that the institution of the County tically put an end. At that time the practitioners of Right (Ireland) Act 1873. With the aid of Sir Courts in Irelend was borrowed from Scotland, and the public had witnessed before them the evils Colman O’Loghlen, he succeeded in passing where, npwards of a century and a half ago, analo. of an uncontrolled resident sheriff.” into a law; and under the provisions of that gous tribunals were established. The 'Scotch The Commissioners of 1831 thus state the con. statute, and in accordance with the decision of Court is presided over by a lawyer, whose official clusion at which they had arrived : the Court of Exchequer, Mr. O'Grady will now name as sheriff is likely to mislead in Ireland, and “We are decidedly of opinion, therefore, that try in Dublin his action against the War Office cause him to be confounded with the officer in this such a change in the existing system of the local under the form of a petition of right against the country who bears that title. The Scotch sheriff jurisdiction in Scotland is not only uncalled for, Queen.' It would be impossible in an article like ie the judge of what may be called the Scotch and unlikely to afford any solid advantage which this to review that most interesting portion of County Court. He has both a civil and criminal we do not at present possess, but that it would be legal history and constitutional jurisprudence jurisdiction; but in trying criminal cases he has attended with the most injurious consequences which is connected with the remedy by petition not any of the justice of the peace associated with to the adıninistration of justice in our local of right. In old times the remedy was encumbered him. He alone is the judge of the court ; just court.” by forms of procedure which, even when they had like the case of a recorder of a borough in this Following on this report of the Commissioners become antiquated, it was necessary to observe. country.

of 1834, the statute of 1 & 2 Vict. c. 17, was In 1860 the late Sir William Bovill succeeded in It has been suggested that with the proposed passed in 1838. It contains the following propassing an Act which substituted for these improvement of the Irish County Court it will be vision in clause 3: “Every person who shall be ancient forms a simple and intelligible procedure, necessary and desirable to prohibit the Irish hereafter appointed to the office of sheriff's which made the remedy against the Sovereign County Court Judges from practising, and also to depute, shall be an advocate of three years' just as accessible to all persons as that against oblige them to reside in their counties. In that standing at least, and shall have been at the time any of her subjects. In the Act passed by Mr. suggestion I cannot agree, for I fail to perceive of his appointment in practice before, and in Butt the provisions of Sir William Bovill's Act the necessity or expediency of making in the con political attendance upon the court of session, or are adopted, and applied to petitions of right stitution of the Irish County Court so great a acting as sheriff's substitute; and after such ap. which are prosecuted in Ireland under its provi. change. In my humble judgment, such an altera pointment every such sheriff, with the exception sions. This enactment is one of great importance, tion will not tend to promote the efficiency of the of the sheriffs of the counties of Edinburgh and both in a practical and constitutional point of tribunal or secure it public confidence; but may, Lanark, shall be in habitual attendance upon view. If other departments thought proper to on the contrary, be attended, I greatly fear, with the said court of session during the sitting avail themselves of the precedent established by results the reverse of beneficial.

thereof." the War Office in that case, no Government con. The same snggestion has been from time to time In 1853 the bill for the Act of that year, which tractor in Ireland could have recovered compensa- made as regards the Scotch County Court; and I at present regulates the procedure in the sheriff's tion in any Irish court for any breach of his con- beg to call attention to this fact, not merely court, was submitted to a select committee of the tract on the part of the officials. His only remedy' because it fortifies the opinion which I have ex- House of Commons; and this question in regard to the residence of the sheriff in his county was, The report of 1870 already referred to, upon the

LAW SOCIETIES. we are aware, very fully brought before them, and Scotch court, contains a valuable suggestion for it was resolved to adhere to the present constitu- consolidating the office of clerk of the commissary BIRMINGHAM LAW SOCIETY. tion of those courts :

court and that of the registrar of the Scotch The annual meeting was held at the Queen's “We (the commissioners of 1870) see no reason County Court. The clerkship of the Commissary Hotel, on Friday last; Mr. W. S. Harding (vicefor disturbing the system thus deliberately and Court is an office corresponding with our district president) in the chair. repeatedly approved of. The evidence before us registrarship of the Probate Court. In order to proves that, as regards the functions of the make the consolidation of the offices of clerk of that the number of members was 163 as against

The report, which was taken as read, stated judges, these courts are in thorough working the peace and clerk of the Crown as effective as 160 for the year 1872. The committee had sought order. Not a trace of the evils alluded to in the possible, and also to secure an adequate salary, to maintain the efficiency of the library by purreport of 1834 is to be found in the testimony of without creating unnecessary charges upon the chasing the principal legal works published during the witnesses we have examined. So complete, taxpayers, and, further, to provide for more local the year, and in addition to the Inclosure Acts realthough imperceptible and silent, has been the means of proving wills and obtaining administra- ferred to in the report of the committee for the executive control of the sheriffs, that the com- tion in the cases within the jurisdiction of the year 1872, the committee had now been able to munity have forgotten that there ever was a time County Court, I would suggest that whenever acquire, as they believed, all the local and per. when a resident sheriff was suspected of local the office of a district registrar under the Prosonal Acts relating to the counties of Warwick, partiality.”

bato Court should become vacant, the duties Worcester, and Stafford, from the 1st Geo. 2. to It will be thus seen that the suggestion of of the office should thenceforward be trans- the present time, with a very large collection of making the County Court judges reside in their ferred to and discharged by the clerks of the canal, railway, and road Acts, affecting the midcounties, and cease practising before the Superior peace in each of the counties included in such land counties. The expectation the committee Courts, has been repeatedly considered, as regards district, Scotland, by the eminent men who formed the com- In order to effect the improvement of the Irish the large balance due from the society to the

had of being able to commence the liquidation of missions of 1818 and of 1834; by the Legislature county courts above recommended, I beg to sub. honorary treasurer had not been realised, the itself in 1838, when the 1st and 2nd of the Queen mit the following summary, or heads of sugges- whole of the income for the year having been was passed; again, in 1853, by a select committee tions :

absorbed in further additions to the library which of the House of Commons, when the statute 1. That the Irish County Courts should have, it appeared most expedient to make before the which at present regulates the procedure of the as in England, jurisdiction in any case where the publication of the new catalogue, which was now Scotch County Court was passed ; and finally by title to any land, hereditaments, easement, or

in the hands of members. Tho number and value the commissioners of 1870. `And on each of these licence is in question, provided the value or

of the additions would be seen by a cursory inoccasions we see that the suggestion was strongly rent of the land or hereditament in dispute, or spection of the catalogue, which had grown from disapproved ; and in 1838 the Legislature, so far affected by the easement or licence, does not ex.

a mere pamphlet into a volume. During the year from adopting the suggestion, passed a statute ceed £20.

four examinations had heen held in Birmingham, requiring all future appointed County Court judges

2. That the Irish County Court should have and Mr. C. T. Saunders had supplied the following to be in habitual attendance on the Superior completed jurisdiction in all cases in equity statistics of the results :- Number of candidates Court during its sittings.

limited in value and amount to the same extent presented, 60 ; passed, 42; postponed, 7; absent, For the proper and effective carrying out of the as its probate jurisdiction is now limited- viz., 11. The report dealt also with the following administrative duties that will arise when juris- where personalty is affected up to £200, and so subjects :diction in equity is conferred on the Irish County far as realty is affected up to £300.

Supreme Court of Judicature Act. Courts, the judge will require and should have 3. That the County Courts of Meath, Kildare, the assistance of an efficient and competent officer Wicklow, and Dublin, should have the same juris, 1 detail the prorisions of this important measure,

Your committee do not propose to discuss in to assist him in discharging these duties. To diction in probate cases as the other county which received at their hands in conjunction with secure this object it will not be necessary to courts in Ireland. create any new office. It will be only requisite to 4. That whenever the office of district registrar the associated law societies, the closest consideapply to the office of clerk of the peace the same becomes vacant, the duties of such office in each ration. Mr. W. Evans and Mr. C. T. Saunders, as principles for the regulation of the office as exist county within the district should thenceforward

a deputation from your committee, attended a in England. In this country the clerk of the be performed by the clerk of the peace.

meeting of deputations from the associated propeace is registrar by statute of the County Court 5. That the clerk of the peace in the counties of vincial law societies at Manchester, upon the (14 & 15 Vict. c. 57, s. 10). In England the Meath, Kildare, Wicklow, and Dublin, repectively, such meeting was appointed to bring under the

provisions of the Bill, and a sub-committee at patronage of those who appoint to the office of should perform the duties of a district registrar notice of the Lord Chancellor the suggestions registrar of the County Court is restricted by an for these counties. Act passed in 1846, by which the registrar of the 6. That the Irish County Courts in all maritime then agreed upon, and action in support of the County Court is required to be an attorney of one counties should have the same jurisdiction in cases

district registries clauses was afterwards taken, of the Superior Courts, and be approved of by the of freight and demarrage and Admiralty cases as

upon such clauses being threatened with oppo. Lord Chancellor. The registrar in England is not the English County Court has.

sition in the interest of the London practitioners. enabled to appoint a deputy, except in cases of illness or unavoidable absence--and then only an jurisdiction in bankruptcy to the same limit as it Orders now in course of preparation, and with

7. That the Irish County Court should have The beneficial working of this all-important mea

sure will, in the main, depend upon the Rules and attorney approved of by the judge. Had a similar now has in cases of wills already referred to. restriction been adopted in 1851, when the present 8. That the rules of law for fusing law and reference to which it is hoped the provincial law Irish County Court Act

(the Civil Bill Act) was equity, and for giving preference to equitable societies will be consulted before the same are passed, the majority of the present clerks of the principles, and all the rules of law enacted and issued for adoption as a code of practice. Your peace would all be qualified, as the corresponding declared by the Judicature Act, 1873, should

be committee are not unanimous in opinion as to the officers are in England. It is unnecessary to dis- in force and have effect in the Irish County Court, practical value of the district registry clauses, turb the existing patronage; it is only necessary so far as the matters to which snch rules relate but they agree that for some time to come large to restrict it as in England.

shall be respectively cognisable by such court, to powers of removing proceedings to the London or The office of clerk to the Crown has been long the same extent as such rules will, after the 2nd other registries, at the instance of defendants, since recommended to be consolidated with that of Nov. 1874, be in force and receive effect in the must be accorded, to prevent delay, inconveniclerk of the peace. For the diminution of crime English County Courts.

ence, and, in many instances, useless expense. in Ireland, and the large amount of criminal busi. 9. That the principles of the law enacted by the

Land Transfer Bill. ness disposed of at the quarter sessions, the 1 & 2 Queen, c. 119, requiring the judge of the Upon this Bill being issued, its provisions were duties of clerk of the Crown have been very con- Scotch County Court, when not discharging the at once considered by your committee, and an siderably lessened from what they were formerly. duties of his office, to be in “habitual attendance elaborate analysis made by Mr. G. J. Johnson, As the clerks of the Crown and of the peace are upon the Superior Courts during their sittings, afterwards enlarged into the paper read by that each of them required to keep an office open every should be extended to Ireland, and apply to all gentleman at the meeting, in this town, of the day in the county town, there would be a great future County Court judges in this country.” Metropolitan and Provincial Law Association, a economy in having only one office, and the consoli. 10. That the power of appointing to the office copy of which paper has been sent to each memdation of the two offices would enable the new of clerk of the peace should continue as at pre- ber of your society. Your committee refer to that officer to have an effective assistant to attend in sent, but subject to the same restriction as in paper as containing an exhaustive summary of his office, or assist him when the clerk of the England, so that every future clerk of the peace the principles of the proposed measure, and for Crown and peace would be elsewhere employed, or shall be a solicitor approved of by the Lord Chan. such summary the Profession generally are, in engaged in one or other of the courts at the cellor, or one of the existing deputies who has the opinion of your committee, much indebted to assizes.

discharged the daties of his office to the satis. the author. Both the clerk of the crown and the clerk of faction of the County Court judge.

Married Women's Property Bills. the peace are paid upon a novel complicated 11. That the right of appointing a deputy by system. By some statates they were allowed ex. any future clerk of the peace should, as in Eng the consideration of your committee, and a report

These Bills, upon their introduction, received penses only; by others they were allowed both land, be limited to cases of illness or unavoidable thereon, afterwards embodied into a petition to expenses and remuneration; some duties are absence, and to a person who may be qualified to covered by salary, and others are paid for by fees be a clerk of the peace, and approved of by the Mathews. The provisions of the Act of 1870, if

the Legislature, was prepared by Mr. C. E. -the latter being of a most complicated nature judge. under numerous statutes. This should all be 12. That all fees received by the clerk of the continued, unquestionably require to be suppleterminated by the fees being converted into peace should be converted into stamps, and be

mented in many respects, to bring the law of staanps, as has been done in the case of the petty accounted for with the registrar of petty sessions' busband and wife, as regards property, into a sessions' clerks. The stamps should be under the clerks, to be thenceforward called the registrar digested proposals of the last session were far

satisfactory condition; but the crude and illregulation of the registrar of petty sessions' of local officers, and the surplus, after payment clerks, who should thenceforward be called the of salaries, to be applied in relief of the local from accomplishing this result, and would have registrar of local court officers-all cases where taxes.

worked an entire revolution in the social and expenses have been allowed to clerks of the peace, 13. That the salaries of all future clerks of the legal relationship of husband and wife ; and being provided for out of the stamps, and the peace, and of such existing clerks of the peace as

neither Bill effectually grappled with the serious balance handed over in aid of local rates, upon submit their emoluments to regulation, shall be questions arising upon the Act of 1870 between which salaries and superannuations are charged. fixed by the Lord Lieutenant, who shall also have married people and their creditors. This regulation of the office would enable the power to apply the rules of the General Superanu.

Tribunals of Commerce. principle of superannuation, already applied to ation Act to their superannuation.

The Judicature Commissioners having issued a other county officers, to be extended to clerks of 14. That in any county where, from its size or series of questions with reference to the desirathe peace. The consolidation of the offices of other cause, the Lord Lieutenant shall approve of bility of the establishment of tribunals of com. clerk of the Crown and clerk of the peace would an assistant to the clerk of the peace being em. merce, and requested the answers of your com. be accelerated by extending to these cases the ployed, the salary and superannuation of such mittee thereto, your committee unanimously con. principles of superannuation applied in 1866 to assistant shall be subject to the like regulation, curred in replying--that it was undesirable to the case of case of county treasurers, in order to and an assistant shall be provided in every case establish tribunals of commerce or any special facilitate the transfer of their duties to the county where the offices of clerk of the Crown and clerk tribunal for the trial of commercial cases, the banks and secretaries of grand juries. of the peace are consolidated.

reasons for such opinions being that all cases,

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whether commercial or otherwise, ought to be they found they must either run into debt or do most serviceable to articled clerks by Mr. W.H. B. decided according to law and by the ordinary tri- half the work they wanted to do. The right way Rosher and Mr. G. J. Johnson. bunals, unless the parties by mutual consent of dealing with the matter would be to enter into The President then proposed, “ Prosperity, to choose to substitute an arbitrator with unlimited a subscription for the purposo of liquidating the the Birmingham Law Students' Society. He discretion-in fact, a friendly mediator ; and that debt; and with that in view, he would move the believed he was expected to give them a little if the existing tribunals were not competent or following addition to the resolution : “ And that advice, and also to address them to some extent convenient tribunals for the decision of com. this moeting is of opinion that the balance of debt upon the question of law reform. He was a fellow mercial questions of any complexity (and it was and liability should be forth with cleared off by a student of theirs, and he said no man who was conceded that in some instances they are not), they subscription among the members of the society." worth anything ever ceased to study. (Hear, conceived the true remedy to be not to create a He reminded them that, with the passing of the hear). A man would go on studying to the end of new or nondescript tribunal, which would com. Judicature Act, they would all have to go to school his days if he were worthy the name of a lawyer, bine the defects of a judicial tribunal and a non- again; and, such being the case, more books therefore he advised them to study on, but let them judicial arbitrator without the benefits of either, would be required, so that the library would be not work too hard. They had a very long race to but to improve the procedure of ordinary tri. more valuable than ever.

run, and it would be well not to run too fast at bunals.

Mr. Lewis seconded the motion, which was first. There was another thing which he scarcely

carried. Legal Education and Law Lectures.

needed to remind them of, and that was that a These important questions have received con. A subscription list was handed round among lawyer ought to be an honest man. (Laughter.) siderable attention from your committee, and the members present, and donations to the It was said by an eminent judge, and he agreed they have, after an interview upon the subject amount of £320 promised towards the liquidation with his Lordship, that a man might be an honest with a deputation from the Law Students of the library debt.

man who was not a lawyer. (Laughter.) He (the Society, sent to the latter society a paper of sug

Mr. Rowley proposed, and Mr. Crompton Chairman) was quite sure that a man who was not gestions for their consideration.

seconded, that the members of the committee be honest did not deserve the name of a lawyer. (Hear, Your committee, while fully admitting the increased from fifteen to twenty-one, which was hear.) The man who began by deceiving others defects in the existing system of legal education, carried; and on the motion of the Chairman, generally ended by deceiving himself. (Hear, are not prepared to assent to the proposition that seconded by Mr. Horton, thanks were voted to the hear.) As to law reform, he might say that those the only remedy is to be found in a system of retiring auditors, and Messrs. Jelf and Griffin who were young had the advantage of the older lectures. Law lectures, at the present time, to were appointed auditors for the ensuing year. students of the law, because all would have to go be of any practical value to students seeking ad- Mr. Allen moved: “That in the opinion of this to school again. He had been anxious for law mission on the roll of solicitors, shonld be of an meeting the practice of paying money to the reforms for many years, and, according to the best elementary, tutorial character, rather lessons solicitor concerned, without the written authority of his opportunities and abilities, in many dif. than professional lectures, and the difficulty of of his client, should, from the serious responsi- ferent ways, he had advocated changes, some of providing competent tutors will readily occur to bilities resulting therefrom to practitioners, be which, he was happy to say, had come to pass, all; nor must the financial obligations arising abandoned, and the written authority of the client and he hoped that more would come to pass. upon undertaking such an obligation by the given and required in every instance without the (Hear, hear.) In many respects nothing could be society be overlooked.

least idea of doubt or distrust being iniplied from more unfortunate than our present system, and, The last report of the Liverpool Law Society such requirement.” He said the chief difficulty he was almost going to say, that almost any records a great falling off in the number of sub. would arise from purchase moneys and mortgage change would have been for the better. The scribers and in the attendance at the law lectures, moneys. He had heard that there were prac. system of law and the system of equity were a established there under professors of acknow? |titioners of high respectability who felt that a wonderful anomaly. The most extraordinary part ledged eminence, and the probable necessity of sort of distrust was thrown upon them when they of the thing was that they had equity, which recourse to the guarantee fund to supplement tho

were asked for the written authority of their originated in a liberal system, and which was in. fees paid by students.

clients on occasions when money was paid, and tended to control the harshness and rigidity of the

the intention of the resclution was to meet that Remuneration by Commission.

common law, freezing into a eystem of dry and difficulty.

hard technicalities. (Hear, heur.) Common law, A revised scale of charges by commission was

After some discussion the resolution was which originated in a system of harsh, dry, hard, snbmitted to your committee for consideration by amended as follows: “That, in the opinion of rules, was edministered in n rych more liberal the council of the Incorporated Law Society. this meeting, the practice of paying money to a spirit than were the rules of equity, which origi: Your committee approving, as they do, of the solicitor concerned,

without the written authority nated in liberal principles. It was high time that principle of charging by commission, urged in reply that action shonld be taken to obtain legal bilities resulting therefrom to practitioners, be (Hear, hear.) What was wanted was a fusion of

of his client, should, from the serious responsi. such a state of things shonld come to an end. sanction to the principle before settling the abandoned, and the written authority of the client law and equity, and he would like to see equity details. This sanction cannot now be long with. held, and your committee are glad to find the given and required in every instance where the administered in the same liberal spirit in which scale adopted by them in conjunction with other legal discharge, without any idea of doubt or dis- also like to see the same principles of law carried

receipt of the solicitor himself would not be a common law was now administered. He would provincial law societies in such general use, and with, so far as their information goes, satisfaction trust being implied from such requirement.”

out without the necessity of beginning, as one

Mr. Lee seconded the motion, and it was to the client as well as the practitioner.

must now, in one court, and then, if they were carried.

wrong, or turned out, having to go to another Requirement of written Authorisation for Pay. A proposition that the Profession should court. He did not think it desirable that the ment of Money to Solicitors.

observe as general holidays the days appointed success of a suitor should be made to depend upon The attention of your committee has been as bank holidays was withdrawn, several inembers the door through which he entered, as was the directed to the lax practice, now so general in contending that it would be very inconvenient to case at present. In theory, the doors of the this neighbourhood, of paying money to the close their offices on those days.

temple of justice were open to all, but in practice solicitor corcerned without the written authority The retiring members of the committee were re- it was not so. He thought that in carrying out of the client. This practice, involving such elected.

the reforms contemplated the great principle of serious responsibility to practitioners, should, we

the division of labour should not be lost sight of. think, be abandoned, and a written authority re


His opinion was that the law was far too great quired and given in all cases, and no question of The annual dinner of the Birmingham Law He would like to have things arranged so that

for any man to be acquainted with the whole of it. distrust or doubt should be implied from the re. quirement. A resolution upon this subject will Students Society took place on Wednesday night, every man's suit should be relegated to that court be submitted to the meeting.

the 5th inst., at the Great Western Hotel, Mon. which was best qualified to deal with the points

mouth-street. Organisation of the Profession.

involved. He would like to see a mercantile court The increase of the number of country members amongst those present were – Dr. Sebastian with mercantile law-(hear, hear)--and he wonla

Mr. Joshua Williams, Q.C., presided ; and presided over by a judge thoronghly acquainted of the council of the Incorporated Law Society; Evans, Messrs. W. H. B. Rosher, Loxdale War- like to see the same principle adopted with regard committee as an important point gained in im.

ren, F. Williams, C. T. Saunders, Jacob Rowlands, to real property, criminal, and other cases. In proving the organisation of the Profession; and, E. L. Tyndall, W. Lowe, E. B. Rawlings, G. H. conclusion, he said their great aim should be to with a view to secure a proper representation of Hickman, T. H. Gem, T. Spencer, C. Davies, &c. improve and advance the civilisation of the the Midland Counties, they caused Mr. C. T. After dinner the Chairman proposed the health country-to lead people, as far as they could, to Saunders to be nominated as a candidate for the of the Queen, which was duly honoured.

amass wealth; and, having obtained wealth, to council, and they report his election thereon. The statement of acconnts showed that the take care that they should have the enjoyment of Your committee while noticing that of all the receipts for the year amounted to £61

11s.: dis: legal Profession would be a state of communism,

it. The worst thing that could happen to the provincial towns Birmingham has by far the bursements, £53 138. 4d. ; showing a balance of when the whole framework of society would be greatest number of practitioners members of the receipts in excess of expenditure of £7 7s. 8d. Incorporatad Society, would still urge upon their This sum, with the balance in hand at the end of promises made in Birmingham about free land.

dissolved. He had heard of some wonderful constituents that as the Incorporated Society is 1872- £13 8s. Cd.-amonnted to £20 16s. 2d.; £15 Being one of the timid class-(laughter) – he now the recognised centre of the organisation of of which has been expended in books. the Profession, the desirability of further in.

feared the time would never come when every man

On the motion of Dr. Evans, seconded by Mr. creasing the roll of country members.

should have as much land as he liked—(laughter). Rawlings, the report and statement of accounts Metropolitan and Provincial Law Association. were unanimously adopted.

It would be a bad thing for lawyers if all the

taxes were paid by those who had property, and The annual meeting of this society was held The annual report of the committee was then all the laws made for those who had none. here on the 21st and 22nd Oct. last, and was well read by the secretary (Mr. W. H. Warlow). The (Laughter and applause.) He thanked them attended. Several papers of considerable impor. committee cougratulated the members on the heartily for the cordial manner in which they had tance were read and discussed, and your com. marked improvement which had taken place in received him. (Applause.) mittee have received from nearly all the visitors the state of the society, numerically and finan. Mr. H. Johnson responded. acknowledgments of the attention and hospitality cially, and on the increasing importance and use. Mr. Saunders proposed “Health and prosperity shown them.

fulness of the society. The number of members to the Bench and Bar,” to which Mr. Loxdale Mr. G. J. Johnson moved the adoption of the had increased from 168 honorary members last | Warren responded. report. He said he did not think it contained year to 172 this year, and from fifty-one to sixty. Several other toasts followed. anything calling for remark except the question two ordinary members, five of the latter having of finance. The fact of the committee coming been admitted, and sixteen new members having before them with outstanding liabilities amount. been elected. Of those who had passed the first

ARTICLED CLERKS' SOCIETY. ing to £635 called for their serious consideration. examination, Mr. R. A. Pinsent obtained the dis. A MEETING of this society was held at Clement's Every member, however, should understand that tinction of a certificate of merit from the London Inn Hall on Wednesday, the 11th Feb., Mr. H. H. the expense incurred had not been unauthorised. Incorporated Law Society. There had been twenty Crawford in the chair. Mr. Castle opened the It had been contracted in parsuance of a resolu. ordinary meetings, the attendance at which had subject for the evening's debate, viz., " That the tion passed at previous annual meetings, and doubled itself within the last two years. Legal Criminal Law Amendment Act should be abowith the full authority of the committee. When and jurisprudential subjects had been debated : lished.” The motion was lost by a majority of the question of extending the library came

and lectures had been delivered upon subjects' eight.





BENJAMIX, SOLOMOX, clothier,, Comnercial-rd-east

Pet. Jan. 23. Feb. 16, at two, at office of so.. Barnett, New The question appointed for discussion on Tuesday

BERRY, RICHARD, draper, Farnworth. Pet. Jan. 31. Feb. 18, at evening last was No. CCXXV., Jurisprudential : NOTE.-- This department of the Law Trxes, is contributed

three, at offices of Sol Smith, Manchester -Would the establishment of Home Rule in

by EDWARD WALFORD, M.A., and late scholar of Balliol
College, Oxford, and Fellow of the Geneaiogical and

BIST, SAMTEL., builder, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 18, at

eleven, at the King's Head hotol, Birmingham. Sol. Assinder, Ireland be beneficial for the United Kingdom ? Historical Society of Great Britain ; and, as it is desired

Birmingham There was a fair attendance of members ; Mr. to make it as perfect a record as possible, the families and

BIRETTA, PIETRO, hotel keeper, Great Windmill-st. Pet. Jan. 28. friends of deceased members of the Profession will oblige

Feb. 12, nt three, at 43, Great Windinill-st. Sol. King Nicholls presided. After a good debate the ques.

by forwarding to the Law Times Office any dates and BODLEY, EDWIN CLARKE, buker, Fulhaun-rd. Pet. Jun. 31. Feb. tion was decided in the negative, by a large materials required for a biographical notice.

21, at eleven, at offices of Sols. Evans, Laing, and Eagles, John

st, Bediord.row majority.

BOSTOCK, EDWIN CHIBB, bookkeeper, Leeds, Pet. Jan. 31. Feb. S. STONE, ESQ.

13, at two, ut office of Sols. Bond and Barwick, Led

BOURNE, SANUEL, Saddler, Wybunbury. Pet. Feb. 2. Feb. 20, HUDDERSFIELD LAW STUDENTS' DEBAT. The late Samuel Stone, Esq., solicitor, and

at three, at offices of Sol. Lisle, Nantwich
formerly town clerk of Leicester, who died on the

BRILMAYER, JOHN BAPTIST, baker, Lancaster-st, Newington

causeway. Pet. Jan. 31. Feb. 18, at three, at office of Sol. The first meeting for the present year took place Leicester, in the seventieth year of his age, was 5th inst., at his residence, Elmfield, Stonygate,

Norris, Acton-st, Gray's.inn.rd

BROW X, MAL OLIJANSOX, clerk, Hoddesdon. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. on Monday evening last at the County Court, Mr.

21, at two, at the Guildhull tavern, Gresham-st. Sol. Sparham J. W. Piercey in the chair. The subject for dig: born in 1804, and was admitted a solicitor in

BURNETT, THOMAS, grocer, Fallowfield. Pet. Jan. 27. Feb. 24, Michaelmas Terni 1825. In 1837 he was ap. at three, at office of Sol. Ritson, Minchester cussion was, “Should all disputes between em.

CAVE, CHARLES GIBOX, greengrocer, Spalding. Pet. Jan 21. ployers and employed, respecting breaches of pointed town clerk of Leicester and clerk to the

Feb. 18, at twelve, at office of Sols. Hurvey and Cartwright,

Spalding contract, be tried in tho Civil Courts ?” Messrs. Leicester magistrates, the duties of which offices

CooreR, WILLIAM, commercial traveller, Kirkdale. Pet. Feb. 2. R. Welsh and E. F. Brook conducted the atfirma: he performed with great zeal and efficiency for a

Feb. 17, at three, at office of Vine, accountant, Liverpool. Sol. period of thirty-five years. On his retirement, at Ritson, Liverpool tive and Messrs. G. L. Batley and J. H. Drans- the close of 1872, he was appointed a magistrate CORDY, DANIEL CHARLES todor, Bristol, t. Pet-Fob: 5.

Feb. 14, field the negative side of the argument. The for the borough of Leicester. Mr. Stone was the

at twelve, at offices of Sprod, accountant, Bristol. Sol. Price,

Bristol question having been thoroughly discussed in its author of Stone's Justices' Manual, and of other

DEVON, CHARLES, merchant's clerk, Reading. Pet. Jan. 31. Feb. political and social bearings, was decided in the works well known to the legal profession.

16, at eleven, at the Forbury. Reading

DICKINS, EDWARD, greengrocer, Derrick-st, Rotherhithe. Pet. negative by the chairman's casting vote.

Jan. 2. Feb. 16, at three, at office of Chi field and Sturt,
Trinity-st, Southwark

DICKY, ROBERT, butcher, Norwood. Pet. Jan. 29. Feb. 25, at LEGAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION.

three, ut the Red Lion, Southall. Sol Philp, Pancras-la and PROMOTIONS AND APPOINT

MENTS. At a meeting of the executive committee, held on

ELLION, THOMAS, photographer, Bath. Pet. Jan. 31. Feb. 18,

at one, at office of Sol. Ellison, Bath the 6th Feb., present Baron Amphlett (in the N.B.-Announcements of proinotions being in the nature

FAEHNLEIX, EULE, Warehousemnan, Noble-st. Pet. Feb. 3. March chair), Mr. Justice Quain,

2. it three, at office of Sol. Davies, Furnival's-inn
Professor Sheldon
of advertisements, are charged 23. od. each, for which

FARR, ALLEYXE EBENEZER DANIEL, schoolmaster,, Amos, Mr. Westlake, Mr. Freshfield, Mr. Burton, postage stamps should be inclosed.

Tottenham-ct-rd. Pet. Jan. 29. Fob. 14, at eleven, at office

of Sol. Parker, Lombard-st Mr. C. Harrison, jun., and several other members

FARROW, WILLIAM MORLEY, author, Chapel. Pet. Jan. 31. Feb. of both branches of the Profession. Baron Amph. The Lord Chancellor has appointed Mr. Henry

18, at one, it office of Aldridge and Thorn, Bedford-row. Sols

Hurris and Morton, Halstead lett resigned the office of president of the associa- William Ackrell, of Tunstall, a Commissioner to

FIELDER, FREDERICK, grocer, Barnet. Pet. Jan. 31. Feb. 16, at tion. Mr. A. G. Marten, Q.C., M.P., and Mr. F. administer Oaths in Chancery in England.

three, at office of Sol. Wells, Paternoster-row T. Bircham were elected members of the executive The Right Hon. Lord Coleridge, Lord Chief FLETCHERE WILLIAM, and STAFFORD, Jacon, Joiners, Notting.

ham. Pet. Jun. 30. Feb. 24, at twelve, at office of Sol. Heath,

Nottingham committee; and the following members of the Justice of Her Majesty's Court of Common Pleas,

GRAHAM, ROBERT, mustard manufacturer, Liverpool. Pet. association were appointed a sub.committee to has appointed Mr. Pelly Hooper, of Weymouth, l'eb. 4. Feb. 25, at two, at offices of Sols. Messrs. Bremner, consider and report upon the draft of a Bill hav. in the County of Dorset, solicitor, a Commissioner Liverpool

HARRIS, GEORGE, and HARRIS, CHARLEN RICHARD, fruit ing for its object the incorporation of a general for taking Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Rulesman, Covent-garden-market, potuto-market, Great Northern school of law :-Baron Amphlett, Mr. Justice Women, under the Fines and Recoveries Act. Railway, King's-cross, Tooley-at, Southwark, and Stoney-st,

Borduri. Put. Feb. 2. Feb. 19, at two, nt the London Quain, Professor Sheldon Amos, Mr. Bryce, Mr.

Warehouseinan's Association, 33, Gutter-la, Cheapside. Sule. Burton, Mr. Clabon, Mr. Farrer, Mr. Freshfield,

Messrs. Cox, Cloak la

HARRISON, GEORGE, grocer, Sheffield. Pet. Jan. 2. Feb. 12, at Mr. Janson, Mr. Jevons, Mr. Longbourne, Mr. THE COURTS AND COURT

twu, it offices of Sois. Messrs. Ryalls, Sheffield J.C. Mathew, Mr. Ralph Palmer, Mr. Ryland,

HART, FRANCIS, hosiery minufacturer, Lcice ster. Pet. Feb. S. PAPERS.

Feb. 18, at half past two, the Dell hot , Leicester. Sols. Mr. Fitzjames Stephen, Q.C., Mr. Westlake, Q.C.,

Reece and Harits, Birmiyan Mr. Arthur Williams.

HARTJES, HENRY, merchant, Falcon-st, Falcon-sq. Pet. Jan. 28.

Feb.19, at three, at the rooms of the Warehousemen's AssuciaThe following circular has been issued :New CHANCERY ORDER.—The Lord Chancellor

tion, 33, Gutler-14, Chepside. Sol. Sulaman

HAWKES, FREDERICK, and YEATS, JAJE, grocers, Bognor. Dear Sir,- When the Legal Education Associa. has made an order that the Chancery Easter vaca.

Pet. Feb. 2. Feb. 24, at one, ut offices u Siaith, Fawdon, and tion was formed more than four years ago, contri. tion shall cominence on the 2nd April and termi- Low, 12, Bred-st. So!. Lanb, Brichton butions to the amount of nearly £1000 were sent pate on the 11th of the same month, both da ys HAWAIN, THOMAS, beer seller, Hull. Pot, Jan. 31. Feb. 19, at

twelve, at office of Sol. Spurr, Hull in by its supporters; and many of the contributors, inclusive.


WILLIA ALFRED, merchants,

Lime-st. Pet. Feb. 2. Feb. 20, at two, a ottices or J. F. Laver. expressed a wish to make their contributions

ing and Co., 33, Greshum-st. sols. Rouks, Kenrick, und Co., annual subscriptions,


King-st, Cheupside

HOOPER, CHARLEY HORX, brickmaker, Aylesbenre. Pet. Feb. 2. The executive committee, however, declined to

Feb. 19, at two, at the Turk's Head Inn, Exeter. Sol. Peyton, receive at that time any annual subscriptions.


HOWES, THOMAS, out of business, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 2. They considered that the sum already contributed Professional Partnerships Dissolbed.

Feb, is, ut three, at ottice of Sol. Rooke, Biriningham would be sufficient to meet the expenses of the

Gazette, Jan. 30.

HURWOOD, HENRY JOuy, engineer, Roupell-st, Lambeth. Pet.

Jiun. 29. Feb. 16, at ton, at offices of lears, Lewis, Chanceryassociation for some time, and they thought it HARTLEY and CARR, attorneys, solicitors, and conveyancers, la. Sol. Long desirable to postpone any further appeal for money

Colne. Dec. 31. (H. W. Hartley and Wm. Jus. Carr.) Deble by

FUZZEY, JoshL'A, grocer, Pembroke-dock. Pet. Feb. 2. Feb. 21, either

at eluven, at the Guildhal, Carmarthen. Sol. Willians, Pem. until it was actually required.

broke-dock That time has now arrived. During four years


IRVING, WASHINGTON, commission merchant, Manchest r.

Pet. Feb. 3. the committee have printed the statements,

Gazette, Feb. 6.

Feb. 2), at three, at ottices of E. Cotton, solicitor,

Liverpool. Sols. Messrs. Earle, Son, Orford, Earle, and Jaune, circulars, and reports of the association, the

To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.

Manchester HESSINGH, HENRY, ironmonger, Berwick-st, Soho. Pet. Feb. 3. JONES, WILLIAM, draper, Carnarvon. Pet. Jan. 30. Feb. 27, at speeches of their president, and the reports of Reg. Hazlitt. Sol. Wetman, Great George-st, Westminster.

eleven, at the Railway hotel, Bangor. Sol. Jones, Carnarvon their annual meetings. They have circulated them Sur. Feb. 18

KANITZ, IGSATE>, importer of foreign Roods, Cannon-st. Pet. OFFORD, GEORGE, and FORDER, HERMAX, fancy paper manu. Jan. 28. Feb. 19, at twelve, at office of Sol. Sulaman, King-st, widely amongst both branches of the Profession,

facturers, Chisenhule-rd, Old Ford. Pet. Feb. 6. Rog. Pepys. Cheapside and sent them to the members of both Houses of Sols. Lewis, Munns, and Co. Old Jewry. Sur. Feb. 17

LIDWELL, JOSHUA EDWARD, chemist, High-st, Notting-hill.

Pet. Pet. Jun. 4. Feb. 2, at two, it offices of Smart, Snell, and Co., Parliament. They have distributed forms of poti. ZER, LES Hz commission inerchant, Businghuil-st. Feb. 3. Reg. Hazlitt. Sols. Davies Co. Sur. Feb. 18

accountants, 85, and si, Cheapside. Sol. Spaull, Verulam-bldgs, tion in favour of the motion, twice brought

To surrender in the Country.


LYON, HENRY JAMES, commission agent, Hull. Pet. Feb. 2. forward in the House of Commons by the present FIELDEN, JAMES WILLIAM out of business, Southport. Pet. Feb. 16, at three, at ottice of Sol. Chambers, Hull

Sur. Feb. 18
Lord Chancellor, all over the kingdom.
GRAY, JAMEN THOMAS, no occupation, Shirley, near Birming.

MCNAIR, JOHX, watchmaker, Nantwich. Pet. Feb. 2. Feb. 20, All this work has been done by the association ham. Pet. Jan. 29. Reg. Chauntler. Sur. Feb. 27

at twelve, at offices of Sol. Lisle, Nantwich

MAJOR, WILLIAM, Watchmaker, West Bromwich. Pet. Feb. 3. at a very moderate expense, owing to its having EXCKEL

CHARLES FREDERICK, merchant, Manchester, and
Mechterstedt, in Germany. .

Feb. 19, at quarter-past ten, at office of Sol. East, Birmingham had the use of offices rent free, and to its having SNOWDEN, GEORGE, druper, Flamborough. Pet. Feb. 4. Reg. MALEHAM, HENRY, butcher, Salford. Pet. Feb. 2. Feb. 19, at Woocall. SurFeb.

three, at ottices of Sol. Leigh, Manchester been able to dispense with paid assistance.

Gazette, Feb. 10.

MAXEY, ROBERT, carpet manufacturer, London-rd, Southwark. It will be seen, from the accompanying papers, To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.

Pet. Jan. 2. Feb. 16, at two, at the Hop and Malt Exchange, that steps will probably be taken next session for

Gresh'un bldgs,

Southwark-st, Borough. Sol. Arnold, the Exchange, Southmerchant,

Warkt giving legislative effect to the objects of the

Basinghall-st, und Church-ct, Old Jewry, and Ironmonger-la.

MARKHAN, CORNELIUS AUBERY, currier, Peterborough. Pet.

Pet. Jan. 31. Reg. Hazlitt. Sur. Feb. 235 association; and the committee consider it desir.

Jan. 31. Feb. 19, at twelve, at office of Sol. Guches, PeterFULLWOOD, EDWARD, lime merchant, Somerset-pl, Bevenden-st,

borvush able that they should be prepared with the funds

Hoxton, und Queen-eq, St. James' Pet. Feb. 6. Reg. Mur.

MAT, WILELMISA EMILY, builder, Sulhampstead Abbotts. which will be required to meet the heavy expenses ray. Sur. Feb. 37

Pet. Jan. 31.
VAUGHA, WILLIAM, gentleman, Cornwall-gdns, South Kensing-

Feb. 16, at huli-past eleven, at office of Sol.

Elkins, kelin which, on the introduction of a Bill, must be in.

ton. Pet. Jan. 27. Reg. Hazlitt. Sur. Feb. 23

MERCER, EDWARD, innkeeper, Osset. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 24, at WOODWARD, RICHARD HILL, dealer in starch, Upper Thames-st. curred in holding public meetings, and for print

eleven, at ottices of Sol. Stringer, Ossett Pet. Feb. 5. Reg. Pepys. Sur. Feb. 24

MILLER, FREDERIC, chemist, Hastings. Pet. Feb. 2. Feb. 19, at ing and other similar purposes. They feel that it

To surrender in the Country.

one, at the Law Institution, Chancery-In. Sol. Jones, llatings is only necessary to make known the fact in order BELL, JAMES GEORGE, wine merchant, Blackheath. Pet. Feb.

MYALL, WILLIAM JOHN, butmaker, Kingston-on-Thames 3. Rek. Pitt Taylor. Sur. Feb. 21

Feb. 3. Feb. 1o, at ten, at uitive or Sul. Barrow, Scott'a-yd, to obtain the necessary contributions. FORWOOD, HENRY PEPLOW, cotton broker, Liverpool and South

Contributions should be sent to tho treasurer

port. Pet. Feb. 6. Reg. Watson. Sur. Feb. 23
LUKER, GEORGE, commission agent, Banbury. Pet. Feb. 5. Reg.

NOWELL, JONATHAN, gentleman, Bedwas, near Newport. Pet. of the association, J. M. Clabon, Esq., 21, Great

Jan. 30. Feb. 16, at twelve, at office of Sols. Henderson, Salmon Fortescue. Sur. Feb. 23

and Henderson, Bristol George-street, Westminster, or they may be paid MILES, THOMAs, grocer, Manchester. Pet. Feb. 5. Rog. Kay.

ORVIN, PHILANDER DEXSLOW, commission agent, Princess-st,

Sur. Feb. 26 in to the account of the association at the Temple

Oxford st. Pet. Feb. 3. March 3, at one, at office of Sol. God. TOWARD, WILLIAM, metal dealer, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Pet.

fray, Bedford-row Bar Branch of the London and Westminster

Feb. 7. Reg. Mortimer. Sur. Feb. 25

PANNELL, JOHx, refreshment-house keeper. High-st, Borough. WALDRON, HENRY, dealer in scythes, Aston, near Birmingham. Bank.-We are, Dear Sir, yours truly,

Pet. Jan. 21. Feb. 12, at twelve, it once or Sol. King, Walbrook Pet. Feb. 4. Reg. Chauntler. Sur. Feb. 20

PEREGRINE, Joux, grocer, Llanelly.Pet. Feb. . Feb. 20, at RALPH PALMER. WILLIAM A. JEVONS.


twelve, at the Guildhall, Carmarthen. Sol. Howell, Llanelly ARTHUR J. WILLIAMS. JOHN V. LONGBORNE.

Galette, Feb. 3.

Pixx, GEORGE, stone mason, Euston-rd. Pet. Jan. 22. Feb. 18,
Hon. Secs.
DOWLING, EDWARD PLASKET, farmer, Hitchin. May 16, 1863

at three, at office of Sol. Lewis, Hatton-gdn
HOWNE, H. W., chemist, St-sple-inn, Holborn. Dec. 10, 1573

QUILTER, ALBERT, mattrund manufacturer, old-st, St. Luke's. 51, Carey-street, Lincoln's.inn, PHILLIPS, PHILIP, grocer, Risca. Feb. 7, 1571

Pet. Feb. 4. March 2, at three, at office of Sol. Brighten,
W.C., Jan. 1874.

FRASER, gentleman,

RAL TOS, NIVEX, out of business, Higher Broughton. Pet. Feb.
Queen's.gdns, Bayswater. Sept. 8, 1573

2. Feb. 13, at three, at office of sols. Grundy and Kershaw, Gazette, Feb. 6.

EWBANK, COOPER, sharebroker, Manchester. Feb. 5, 1816

REID, WILLIAM HENRY, architect, Plymouth. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. STATISTICAL SOCIETY.

24, at twelve, at office of Sols. Whiteford and Bennett, Ply.

mouth THE fourth ordinary meeting of the present Liquidations by Arrangement. ROBERTY, GEOFFREY ARTHUR, leather dyer, Richardson-st. session, will be held on Tuesday, the 17th inst.,

Bermondsey. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 13, at three, at the Guildhall FIRST MEETINGS,

free house, Gresham-t. Sol. Chidley, Old Jewry at the Society's Rooms, 12, St. James's-square,

ROGERN, WILLIAM, pawnbroker, Liverpool. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb.

Gazette, Feb. 6. when a paper will be read on “Some statistics

Pet. T

27, at half past three, at the Bee hotel, Liverpool. Sol. Day, BARXES, JOHX, baker, Birkenhead. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 20, at two,

Runcorn of courts of justice and legal procedure in Eng. at ottice of Thompson and Simni, accountants, Birkenhead. Sol. SEABORN, GEORGE THOMAR, bone boiler, Glaucus st, land,” by F. H. Janson, Esq., F.L.S. The chair Downhamn, Birkenherd

Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 19%, Ht one, at the Guildhall tirein. BATEMAX, JOSEPH, Stockport. Pet. Jan. 22. Feb. 13, at two, at Sols. Townley und Gard, Gresham.blogs, Basing. will be taken at 7.45 p.m.

the Magnet inn, Heaton Norris. Sol. Duckworth, Manchester hall-st


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SEWELL, WILLIAM, livery-stable keeper, Leamington Priors. MAKIN, GEORGE, beer retailer, Hulme. Pet. Feb. 7. Feb. 23, at PARTRIDGE AND COOPER

Pet. Jan. 27. Feb. 16, at two, at the Bath hotel, Leamington three, at office of Sol. Smith, Manchester
Priors. Sol. Sanderson, Warwick

SIMMONS, DANIEL, plumber, Dorking. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 23, at Pet. Jan. 28. Feb. 18, at twelve, at offices of the said Marshall,

WHOLESALE & RETAIL STATIONERS, one, at office of Sol. Young, Serjeant's-inn, Fleet-st

Kettering. Sol. Rawlins, Kettering
SMITH, GEORGE WILLIAMS, tailor, Norwich. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. MAYFIELD, JOSEPH, sen., butcher, Swineshead. Pet. Feb. 4.

192, FLEET-STREET, AND 1 & 2, CHANCERY-LANE, London, E.C. 17, at one, at 4, Bishopsgate-st-without. Sol. Clubburn, Nor- Feb. 21, at one, at office of Sol. Bean, Boston

Carriage paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 208. wich

MILLER, JULIUS SAMUEL, attorney-at-law, Bond-ct, Walbrook.
STACY, SAMUEL, and STACY, BENJAMIN, wholesale stationers, Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 21, at two, at the Chamber of Commetce, 145, DRAFT PAPER, 58., 6s. 6d., 78, 6d., 78. 9d., and 98. 9d. per
High-st, Shoreditch, and New-inn-yd. Pet. Jan. 30. Feb. 16, at Cheapside

one, at the Guildhall coffee house, Gresham-st. Sol. Angell, MINHINNETT, WILLIAM EDWARD, licensed victualler, Tavistock.

Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 23, at eleven, at offices of sol. Chilcott, Tavis.

BBIEF PAPER, 158. 6d., 178. 6d., and 239. 61. per ream. STIBBS, JOHN, builder, Gloucester. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 14, at took

FOOLSCAP PAPER, 108. 6d., 12s. 6d., and 158. 6d. per ream, eleven, at office of Sol. Essery, Bristol

MORRIS, DAVID, sculptor, Liverpool. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 23, at CREAM LAID NOTE, Ss., 48., and 58. per ream.
STRANGWARD, JAMES, bootmaker, Spaldwick, near Kimbolton. three, at offices of Sol. Blackhurst, Liverpool

LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, As. 6d., 66. 6d., and 88. per ream.
Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 20, at eleven, at the George hotel, Huntingdon. NICHOLSON, WILLIAM, clothier, Carlisle. “Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 20, LARGE BLUE NOTE, 38. 6d., 4s. 6d., and 68. 6d. per ream.
Sol. Gaches, Peterborough

at three, at office of Sol. Wannop, Carlisle

ENVELOPES, CREAM OR BLUE, 18. 6d., and 6s. 6d., per 1000,
TATTERSALL, THOMAS, grinding frame maker, Burnley. Pet. OLLERENSHAW, JORX CHARLES, commercial clerk, Ardwick.

THE TEMPLE” EXVELOPE, extra secure, 98. 6d. per 1000,
Jan. 18. Feb. 18, at three, at office of Gil, accountant, Burnley. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 23, at three, at office of Sols. Messrs. Fox,
Sol. Read, Burnley


Manchester. TAYLOR, JOHN, draper, Sandown. Pet. Feb. 2. Feb. 25, at three, PARKER, CHARLES THOMAS, watchmaker, Ashbourne. Pet. Feb. THE NEW“ VELLUM WOVE CLUB-HOUSE” NOTE, at office or Sols. Fardell and Wooldridge, Sandown 6. Feb. 28, at eleven, at office of Sol. Duke, Birmingham

9s. 6d. per rearn, WAINWRIGHT, HENRY, brush manufacturer, Whitechapel-rd. PARRY, FREDERICK, cabinet turner, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 5.

“We should direct particular attention to their New ClubPet. Jan. 30. Feb. 19, at two, at office of Sols. Linklater and Co. Feb. 20, at twelve, at office of Sol. Powell, Birmingham

house Paper : in our opinion it is the very best paper we ever Walbrook

PRINCE, JOHN, porter, Bury. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 23, at three, at WHITFIELD, Edwix, victualler, Kent-st. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 24, offices of Sols. Messrs. Grundy, Bury

wrote upon."-London Mirror. at two, at office of Sol. Layton, Suffolk-la, Cannon-st

PURKIS, WILLIAM JOHN, hair dresser, 'Chipping Ongar. Pet. WILLIS, JOHN BENJAMIN. Pet. Jan. 30. Feb. 14, at a quarter- Jan. 28. Feb. 17, at eleven, at office of Hunter, 47, London-wall, INDENTURE SKINS, Printed and Machine-ruled, to hold twenty past ten, at the Victoria Tavern, Morpeth-rd, Bethnal-green. London. Sol. Ede, Clements-la, London

or thirty folios, 2s. 3d. per skin, 268. per dozen, 1255. per Sol. Lord, Landsdowne-ter, Grove-rd, Victoria-pk.

QUARTLY, WILLIAM, commission agent, Brighton Pet. Feb. 5. roll, WRIGHT, MORDEN, surgeon, Walworth-rd. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 19, Feb, 21, at two, at office of Sol. Mills, Brighton at two, at the Chamber of Commerce, 145, Cheapside. Sols. RAWLINSON, JOHN, block maker, Runcorn. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb

SECONDS or FOLLOWERS, Ruled, 1s. 11d. each, 228. per dozen, Rooks, Kenrick, and Co., King-st, Cheapside. 23, at eleven, at office of Sol. Linaker, Runcorn

1056. per roll. Gazette, Feb. 10.

RICHARDSON, WILLIAM, joiner, Warrington. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. RECORDS or MEMORIALS, 7d. each, 6s. 6d. per dozen.

23, at three, at office of Sols. Davies and Brook, Warrington ALLARD, WILLIAM, and ALLARD, HENRY, stampers, Birming. ROZSAVLOGYÍ, LOUIs, jeweller, Regent-st. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 21, LEDGERS, DAY-BOOKS, CASH-BOOKS, LETTER or MINUTE-BOOKS

ham. Pet. Feb. 7. Feb. 23, at three, at office of Sol. Jaques, at hall-past twelve, at office of Sols. Evans, Laing, and Eagles,

An immense stock in various bindings.
John-st, Bedford-row

ILLUSTRATED PRICE-LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales
SALTER, JOHN, confectioner, Leeds. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 24, at
Bacup. Pet. Feb. 7. Feb. 24, at three, at the Market hotel, three, at office of Sol. Carr, Leeds

Copying Presses, Writing Cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and Bacup, Sol. Tattersall, Blackburn SCALES, RICHARD, grocer, Rawtenstall. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 24, at

Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles BALL, THOMAS, provision dealer, Cradley. Pet. Jan. 28. Feb. 19, two, at office of Sols. Addleshaw and Warburton, Manchester

adapted to Library or Office, post free. at eleven, at office of Sol. Pidcock, Worcester

SHERLOCK, WILLIAM, joiner, Bolton. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 24, at BANKS, FREDERICK RICHARD, coal merchant, Tooting Station, ten, at ofice of Sol. Richardson, Bolton and Mitre-ter, Mitcham-rd. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 23, at two, at SHORT, CHARLES, jun., grocer, Stafford. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 19, at NUNERAL REFORM. The offices of H. Howse, 49, Leicester-eq. Sol. Morris

three, at office of Sol. Collis, Stoarbridge BATTIE, EDWARD HICKSON, Doncaster. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 23,

SIBSON, GEORGE, bootmaker, Leeds. Pet. Feb. 23. Feb. 23, at at two, at office of R. Ellis, 6, St. George-gate, Doncaster. Sols. three, at offices of Sols. Fawcett and Malcolm, Leeds

an oppressive tax upon all classes of the community. With Burdekin and Co., Sheffield SLADE, HENRY, butcher, Woolston. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 20. at

a view of applying a remedy to this serious evil the BLOMFIELD, FRANCIS, manufacturing cutler, Barron's-pl, Water. three, at office of Sol. Swayne, Southampton

LONDON NECROPOLIS COMPANY, when opening loo-rd. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 24, at two, at office of Howse, Leices- SNOWDEN, WILLIAM, coal merchant, Boyeon-rd, Walworth, Pet.

their extensive cemetery at Woking, held themselves preter-eq. Sol. Morris, Leicester-sq

Feb. 5. Feb. 25, at twelve, at offices of Crump, public account- pared to undertake the whole duties relating to interments BREWER, GEORGE BANNISTER, concrete manufacturer, Man. ant, Rood-la. sol. Johnson, Stonefield-st, Islington

at fixed and moderate scales of charge, from which survivors chester. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 25, at two, ut office of Sols. Addle

STEPHENS, HENRY, manufacturer, Maidenhead-ct, Cripplegate. may choose according to their means and the requirements shaw and Warburton, Manchester

Pet. Jan. 28. Feb. 24, at three, at office of Sol. Cooper, CharingBRIGGS, WILLIAM, patent manure manufacturer, Wills's-ter,

of the case. The Company also undertakes the conduct of

cross Rotherhithe. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 94, at three, at office of Sol. Aird,

Funerals to other cemeteries, and to all parts of the United STEVENS, THOMAS, grocer, Smith-st, Camberwell New-rd. Pet. Eastcheap

Kingdom. A pamphlet containing full particulars may be

Feb. 6. Feb. 23, at eleven, at office of Sol. Russell, Walbrook BROWN, WILLIAN, plasterer, Stockton. Pet. Feb. 7. Feb. 24, at STODDART, HERBERT, superintendent of police, Bow. Pet. Feb.

obtained, or will be forwarded, upon application to the three, at office of Bellringer, Stockton-on-Tees

6. March 2, at three, at the Castle hotel, Exeter

Chief Office, 2, Lancaster-place, Strand, W.C. CARTER, AARON, timber merchant, Hutton Rudby. Pet. Feb. 5. TAYLOR, HENRY, oil cloth manufacturer, Halifax. Pet. Feb. 6.

Feb, 20, at half-past eleven, at offices of Sols. Fawcett, Garbutt, Feb. 23, at eleven, at office of Sol, Rhodes, Halifax and Fawcett, Stockton-on-Tees

THORNBACK, JAMES, grocer, Dorset-rd, Clapham-rd. Pet. Feb. 7. (IDNEY SEED SOWER (PATENT).CAMPBELL, JOAN ARCHIBALD, tea broker, Studley-rd, Clapham. Feb. 25, at three, at office of Sol. Butcher, Cheapside Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 23, at three, at office of Sol. Aird, Eastcheap. TUCKER, GEORGE, labourer, Ilfracombe. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 21, at

For Florists and Small Seeds, 28. 63. each. For Peas CHEVALIER, JEAN ONESIME, tutor, Oxford-ter, Shepherd's-bush. two, at the Queen's hotel, Nfracombe. Sol. Bencraft, Barn.

&c., and Market Gardens, 8s. 6d. each.-To be had of all Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 28, at two, at office of Sols. Wood and


Seedsmen, Ironmongers, and General Shopkeepers in the
Tinkler, Leadenhall-st
WADE, JOSEPH, butcher, Bradford. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 20, at

United Kingdom.
COHEN, ALFRED COLEMAN, factor, Bury-et, St. Mary-axe. Pet. eleven, at offices of Sols. Wood and Killick, Bradford
Feb. 5. Feb. %, at four, at office of Sols. Crook and Smith, Fen-

WALPOLE, FREDERICK, bobbin mendern, Nottingham. Pet. Feb. HAMBER OF COMMERCE, church-et

6. Feb. 28, at ten, at offices of Rogers, Nottingham. Sol. COAEN, MICHAEL COLEMAX, mineral broker, King-st, Finsbury. Black

145, CHEAPSIDE, Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 23, at two, at office of Sol. Christmas, St. WARD, WILLIAM, upholsterer, Southampton. Pet. Jan, 31. Feb.

LONDON, E.O. John's-chbs, Walbrook

20, at three, at offices of J. Holmes, 4, Eastcheap, London.
COOPER, HENRY DUDLEY, clerk, Walham-grove, Fulham. Pet.
Sols. Green and Moberly, Southampton

Jan, 21. Feb. 2, at three, at office of Sol. Jenkins, Tavistock-et, WILDING, EDWARD, beerseller, Shevington, Pet. Feb. 6. Feb.
21, at eleven, at offices of_Sol. Lees, Wigan

Superior accommodation on the Ground Floor for holding
COOPE, THOMAS, ropemaker, Constable, near Rawtenstall. Pet. WILLEY, GEORGE, grocer, Tealby. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 21, at
Feb. 6. Feb. 24, at three, at the Fox hotel, Manchester. Sol.

Meetings of Creditors, Arbitrations,. &c., at reasonable

eleven, at offices of Jay, Bank-st, Lincoln. Sol. Page, jun., Fletcher, Bacup

terms. Conveniently situated, loftv light, well-ventilated,

Lincoln COOPER, EDWARD SIMMONS, portmantean manufacturer, Queen

and quiet. WYATT, JAMER, COATES, JAMES DANIEL, and COATES, IN, st, Cheapside. Pet. Feb.6. Feb. 24, at eleven, at the Guildhall- butchers, Bath, and Stanton Prior. Pet. Feb. 2. Feb. 20, at Apply to COOPER, CRAIG, and CRAIG, on the premises. coffee-house, Gresham-st. Sols. Ingle, Cooper, and Holmes, City eleven, at offices of Sol. Bartrum, Bath Bank-chbs, Threadneedle-st

YEOMAN, JOSEPH, contractor, Park-rd, Dalston. Pet. Feb. 4.
COTTERELI, HENRY, dealer in glass, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 6.

Feb. 36, at three, at the Guildhall tavern, Gresham-st. Sols.

Feb. 17, at twelve, at office of Sol. Fallows, Birmingham
CREESE, CHARLES, farmer, Tewkesbury. Pet. Feb, 5. Feb. 20,

Ashurst, Morris, and Co., Old Jewry
at eleven, at offices of Sols. Moores and Romney, Tewkesbury
DAVIES, HENRY, joiner, Runcorn. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 24, at

twelve, at Wilson's hotel, Runcorn. Sols. Davies and Brook, Warrington

BANKRUPTS' ESTATES. DAVIES, RICHARD, joiner, Manchester. Pet. Feb. 7. Feb. 27, at eleven, at offices of Sol. Jones, Manchester

The Official Assignees, &c., are given, to whom apply for the
DOUBLEDAY, WILLIAM HENRY, grocer, Liverpool. Pet. Feb. 7.

Feb. 27, at three, at office of Sol. Gray, Liverpool
DOUGAL JOHN ROBINSON, innkeeper. Walton-le-Dale. Pet. Nicholas, J.J. timber merchant, sixth, 19. 4dd. Harley, Bristol.
Feb, 5. Feb. 24, ut two, at office of Sol. Taylor, Preston

Braron, J. M. carpenter, first 58., and second and final la. 3d. DOUGLAS, JOHN, upholsterer, Tottenham-ct-rd. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. At office of Trust. W. W. Arliss, accountant, 32, Westwell-st, Ply23, at three, at the Guildhalí tavern, Gresham-st. Sols. Lovell,

mouth.-Crang, J. brewer, first and final 18. 10d. _At Trust. J. O. Son, and Putfield

Harris, Gandy-st-chmbs, 37 and 39, Gandy-st, Exeter.-Hancock FARMER, Louis, merchant, Great Winchester-st. Pet. Feb. 3. and Burbrook, jewellers, second 38. 6. At sol. Richards, Warwick. Feb. 24, at twelve, at the London Warehousemen's Association, st, Regent-st.-Hawkins, S. M. wholesale jeweller, 1s. 2d. At office Gutter-la. Sols. Taylor and Jaquet, South-st, Finsbury-sq.

of M. X. Fitter, 5, Bennett's-hill, Birmingham.-Hill and Kennard, FILKI *, WILLIAM, jun., brassfounder, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 6. cork merchants, final 1s. 2d. At Trust. J. B. Styles, 30, King-st, Feb. 23, at three, at offices of Sol, Pointon, Birmingham

Cheapside. - Hoult, R. spinster, Sheffield, 20s. At the County FRANCE, GEORGE, grocer, Salford. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 26, at two, Court hall, Bank-st, Sheffield. - Kenward, N. corn merchant, first at offices of Sols. Addleshaw and Warburton, Manchester

and final afd. At Sol. Hillman, Lewes.-King, J. C. merchant, GERRARD, JOHN, ironmonger, Bolton. Pet. Feb. 7. Feb. 27, at second 4 d. At office of G. Stone, high bailiff, Eldon chmba, eleven, at offices of Sol. Gooden, Bolton

South John-st, Liverpool.-Murray, M. draper, second and final GLOVER, PHILIP, shoemaker, Rodsley. Pet. Jan. 27. Feb. 24, at 58. 4d. At office of Benson, Elland, and Co. accountants, West,

three, at the Green Man hotel, Achborne. Sol. Holland, Ash- gate-rd, Newcastle.- Northcote, R. €. victualler, first and final borne

is. 70. At Trust. W. Tricks, the City-ohmbs, Nicholas-st, Bristol. GOLDSMAN, JOSEPH SAMUEL, picture frame maker, Camden-pas,

Poris, H. fringe manufacturer, first 28. At Trust. J. A. Josolyne, Islington-green. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 23, at three, at office of Sol. 28, King-st, Cheapside. - Stockdale, W. D. of Holton-cum-Beckering, Irving, Serjeant's-inn,

second and final ]d. At the County Court office, Corn Exchange, GOODE-HUTT, RICHARD, clerk in holy orders, Durham. Pet, Feb, Market Rasen.- Weeks, F. leather seller, first 45. 2d. At Rogers 4. Feb. 26, at eleven, at office of Sol. Hargreaves, Durham and Barron, 49, Moorgate-st

| TRADE MARK.I GRAYSON, GEORGE, plumber, Knottingley. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb.

23, at two, at office of Sol. Bolton, Pontefract HARE, THOMAS, farmer, Easingwold. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 20, at eleven, at office of Sol. Crumbie, Stonegate

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. HARROP, JOHN, boiler coverer, Chorlton-upon-Medlock. Pet.

22, FLEET-STREET, LONDON Feb. 6. Feb. , at three, at office of Sol. Bent, Manchester

HARTIE, JAMES, gentleman, Brighton. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 23, at
three, at offices of Clennell, 6, Great James-st, Bedford-row,
POWELL.-On the 7th inst., at 52, Blenheim-crescent, Notting.

London. Sol. Brandreth, Brighton
hill, the wife of Alfred Powell, solicitor, of a son.

The Largest, Cheapest, and Best Wine Establishment in HATCH, WILLIAM, fruiterer, Swansea. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 19, at


the World, eleven, at offices of Thomas, Cawker, and Co., Swansea. Sols. MORRELL-MORRELL.-On the 4th inst., at Streatly Church, Davies and Hartland, Swansea

Berks, G. Herbert Morrell, M.A., and B.C.L., of Exeter College, THE MOST NOTED VINTAGES, HUTTON, JOHN, Ashmonger, Newark-upon-Trent. Pet. Feb. 7. Oxford, and of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, to Emily Feb. 26, at twelve, at the Royal Oak inn, Newark-upon-Trent. Alicia, only child of the late James Morrell, Esq., of Heading

Sols. Pratt and Hodgkinsons
ton-hill Hall, Oxford.

ILLINGWORTH, THOMAS, provision denler, Batley.
TWYNAY-PIGGOTT.-On the 7th ult., at the Catholic Church, Bre-

BY TBE Dozen,
Pet. Feb. 7.
Feb. 24, at a quarter-past ten, at offices of Sols. Mesers. Scoles, wood, Staffordshire, Charles Henry Twyman, formerly of West-


minster, solicitor, to Mary Sophia, youngest daughter of Francis IVIMEY, CHARLES, tailor, Blackheath-hill, Greenwich, and Sey. Piggott, Esq., of Cannock, Staffordshire.

AT WHOLESALE PRICES; mour-st, Deptford New Town. Pet. Feb. 2. Feb. 18, at two, at WALLROTH-WELLN.-On the 3rd inst., at St. George's Church, offices of Sol. Walker, Abchurch-la

Bickley, Kent, Frederick Anthony Wallroth, Esq., M.A., of Or Packed in Hampers for Races and Picnics JAHN, LOUIS, ship chandler, North Shields. Pet. Feb. 4. March Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-law, to Caroline Sibella, fourth sur

2, ut two, at office of Solo. Tinley, Adamson, and Adamson, viving danghter of the late J. J. Wells, Esq., of Southborough,
North Shields

JONES, WILLIAM EDWARD, saddler, Wellington and Dawley. WEDSTER-MILLER.-On the 4th inst., at 2, Melville-crescent,

Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 25, at three, at offices of Sols. Messrs. Knowles, Edinburgh, John Webster, Esq., barrister-at-law, to Jessie,
Wellington, Salop
third daughter, of John Müller, Esq., of Leithen and Drum.

Is now complete and in full operation,
KEY, JOHN, gentleman, Hampton-ct. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 23, at lithie.
twelve, at offices of Brett, Milford, Pattinson, and Co., public WILLIAMS-MORLEY, On the 5th inst., at Holy Trinity, Not-

CHOPS, STEAKS, &c., &c., ONE SHILLING. acoountants, 150, Leadenhall-st. Sol. Musgrave, Albert-bldgs, tingham, Arthur Williams, of Standard-hill. Nottingham, solici. Queen Victoria-st

tor, to Mary, the eldest daughter of Thomas Morley, of Notting. KING, THOMAS, general dealer, Hall-ter, St. James's-rd, Ber- ham

22, FLEET-STREET, LONDON mondsey. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 23, at two, at offices of Sol. Nind,

St. Benet-pl, Gracechucrh-st
BABINGTON-On the 5th inst., at The Rookery, Horncastle, aged

(Opposite Chancery-lane).
KINGHORN, THOMAS, cart proprietor, Gateshead. Pet. Feb. 7. 54, Edward Babington, solicitor.
Feb. 24, at two, at offices of sols. Messrs. Joel, Newcastle-upon. GARDNER-On the 5th inst., at Sion Hill, Garstang, aged 49,
Henry Gardner, Esq., barrister-at-law.


WHISKY LAZARUS, SOLOMON, general dealer, Wardour-st, Oxford-st. Pet. HOLLIST-On the 30th ult., aged 76, Hasler Hollist, Esq., of Lodg.

Feb. 5. Feb. 23, at eleven, at office of Sol. Haigh, jun., King-sti, worth, J.P., and Deputy-Lieutenant of the county of Sussex.

JAMES-On the 3rd inst., at Hagley-road, Edgbaston, aged 64, This celebrated and most delicious old mellow spirit is the LISHMAN, THOMAS, iron agent, East India-avenue, Leadenhall-st. Thomas Smith Jamnes, of Birmingham, solicitor.

very Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 27, at three, at office of Charlton, 9, Gracechurch. REDGATE-On the oth inst., aged 64, Thomas Blatherwick Red.

CREAM OF IRISH WHISKIES, st. Sols. Rowley, Page, and Rowley, Great Winchester-street- gate, Esq., solicitor, Scarthing Moor. buildings STONE-On the 5th inst., at his residence, Elmfield, Stonygate,

In quality unrivalled, perfectly pure, and more wholesome LOCKWOOD, CHARLES, tailor, Fleet-st. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 23, at Leicester, aged 09, Samuel Stone, Esq.

than the finest Cognac Brandy. Note the red seal, pink one, at office of Sols. Reed and Lovell, Guildhull-chmbe, Basing- SUCKLING-On the sth inst., at Edgbaston, aged 43, John Suckling, label, and cork branded " Kinahan's LL. Whisky." - Whole hall-st

sale Depot, 20, Great Titchfield-street, Oxford-street, W.

solicitor, Birmingham.





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