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168. as the judge said, but £2 98. out of pocket, 64. TEN YEARS' CLERK.-B., a ten years' clerk, is mothers as regards the custody of their infant and in addition he would have to pass through the desirous of being articled. He is also desirous of children. It empowers the Court of Chancery to ordeal of an interview with Mr. Commissioner obtaining an order dispensing with the Preliminary order that a mother may have access to, or the

. youor any Kerr, the prospects of which may well be sufficient what course B. 'should adopt in order to obtain such custody of, her children under the age of sixteen, to frighten many plaintiffs from the City Court to order, and what formula is to be gone through. and legalises an agreement in a separation deed the Mayor's Court over the way. I say nothing

for the mother to have the custody of her infant of the remarks upon the profession of attorneys,

65. POWERS OF ADMINISTRATRIX.-A., who was pos.

children. It repeals the Act 2 & 3 Vict. c. 54. but beg to subscribe myself ONE OF THEM. sessed of some freehold property, died intestate, leav.

Intestates' Widows and Children Act (36 & 37 ing a widow and three children (minors) him surviving: Vict. c. 52).- This Act enables the widow or

At the time of his death A. owed several sums of children of an intestate, where the estate does not REPEAL OF ATTORNEYS' CERTIFCATE DUTY. money, and his widow, who has taken out letters of exceed £100 in value, and if residing more than -I was pleased to see the following

lines in the admiuistration, is desirous of selling the property, in three miles from a registry of the Court of Prolast number of the LAW TIMES : "We think in order to satisfy the intestate's debts. Will any of the view of recent legislation, that Mr. Disraeli, with nistratrix can sell and convey without the necessity of the registrar of the County Court of the district

readers of the Law Times inform me if the admi. bate, to obtain letters of administration through his large surplus, may well relieve solicitors from any other parties joining in.

where the intestate had his fixed abode, for a the payment of the annual certificate duty, and

small scale of fees. the claim ought to be advanced by our repre

66. TRESPASS.-A. is the lesses of certain property

Professional Remuneration.-A joint committee sentatives in the House." I cannot see why the

upon which his house stands; he underlets one field, of the Incorporated Law Society and the Metroattorneys should pay an annual certificate duty a portion

of the said property, to B., at a yearly politan and Provincial Law Association having and members of the clerical and medical profes- rent. While this field is in B.'s possession a third been appointed with a view of framing a scale of sions pay none.

I would not wish to have it person, who is building a row of houses on a plot of charges which should be generally approved by wholly repealed, but a part taken off, and that land next to the field, drives his carts along the

the Profession, a circular letter was issued by part (if Her Majesty's Government cannot afford latter, and, in fact, makes it a thoroughfare, much to the annoyance of A., whose dining room window over

them to each of the Provincial Law Societies, to lose it) be put on the other two professions looks the field. What remedy has A., and against referring to the scale prepared in 1871 by the above-mentioned in equal proportions. If the whom? Cases would oblige.

ALCIPHRON. Incorporated Society, and to that agreed on about leading members of our Profession were to take

the same time by the law societies of Manchester, up this matter with a determination to get it

Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle-on-Tyne, and modified it would be done; but as this annual


Worcester, and requesting information as to the payment to them is a matter of so little impor.

experience of the Profession in regard to the two tance, they are supine in the matter, in fact, do

MANCHESTER INCORPORATED LAW scales. Your committee, after carefully considering not wish to have it modified or repealed, under


the subject, replied to the effect that in their the idea that it keeps the Profession respectable. The annual general meeting of the members of opinion a scale of commission requires legislative How is it the other two professions are kept the association was held on the 19th Jan, last, at or judicial sanction for general adoption, that the respectable without it? Do, Mr. Editor, kindly Cross-street Chambers, when an acconnt of the London scale of 1871 was so high as to be altouse your powerful pen, and assist us in this receipts and disbursements (previously audited gether impracticable in the country, and that the matter,

and you will deserve and earn the thanks by two of the members), was submitted and scale recommended by the provincial societies is of our Profession in general, and those who are passed, and the officers and committee were also, if anything, too high in large transactions. barely earning a living and cannot afford to pay elected for the ensuing year.

They suggested the omission of the second column the tax (and there are hundreds of them) in par.

The proceedings of this society for the last year of the provincial scale, with a view to simplicity ticular. If you will kindly give this a place in

were stated in the following report, which was and reduction on large amounts, but in other your next paper you will much oblige your old read by the hon. secretary, and unanimously respects upheld the provincial scale, and its subscriber,

J. T. S.

separation of negotiation from conveyancing

In presenting to the members of the Manchester charges, and its principle of giving a smaller fee SECURITY FOR Costs—31 & 32 Vict. c. 54.--In Incorporated Law Association the thirty-fifth to the vendor's solicitor than to that of the puryour impression of the 14th inst., you state that annual report, the committee have again the plea- chaser. The London societies subsequently sub. in one case it was held that plaintiffs resident in

sure of recording the prosperous condition of the mitted the draft of the revised scale which has Scotland and Ireland cannot be compelled to give association, both in the number of its members since been adopted by them. This scale, though security for costs, the 31 & 32 Vict. c. 54 having and the state of its finances. The accounts approaching more nearly to that of the proprovided a process of enforcing an English judg: of the treasurer show a balance in hand of vincial societies, especially in the adoption of a ment in those countries. This was the case of £116 153. 10d. The amount invested in Consols fee to the vendor's solicitor of three-fourths only, Raeburn v. Andrews in the Queen's Bench on the is £672 12s. 3a., which, with the sum of £80 1s. 3d. of that of the purchaser's solicitor, 29th ult.” As some misapprehension may exist for accumulated dividends thereon, is held in mittee consider it still too high for adoption in this as to whether this Actis applicable to the inferior trust for the association.

district. A revision, in some respects, of the procourts of record in England, you will kindly allow me to state that it is still necessary that security comparatively few Acts of interest to the Profes.

The legislation of the session, though comprising vincial societies’ scale is under their consideration.

Organisation of the Profession.-An important for costs should be taken in all the inferior courts, sion, is rendered memorable both to lawyers and step towards the better representation of the Prothe 31 & 32 Vict. c. 54 only applying to judgments the public by the passing of

fession has been taken during the past year by obtained in the courts at Westminster. The judgments of the inferior courts can certainly be Vict. c. 66).—The principle of this Bill, the provi- plemental charter, by virtue of which the council

The Supreme Court of Judicature Act (36 & 37 the Incorporated Law Society in obtaining a sup; removed to, and be made the judgments of, the sions of which are now too generally known to Superior Courts, but subject to certain restrictions. need recapitulation, was based by the Lord Chan. by proxy (of whom ten are solicitors practising in

now consists of forty ordinary members, elected 19 & 20 Vict. c. 108, s. 49, provides the following cellor on a judicious carrying out of the well-con. the provinces), and ten extraordinary members, for judgments obtained in the County Court: - If sidered recommendations contained in the first elected annually by the council from the presidents a judge of a Superior Court shall be satisfied that report of the Judicature Commission for the of provincial law societies. At the recent election a party against whom judgment for an amount fusion of law and equity. The Bill proposed to ten of the most active country members of the exceeding £20 exclusive of costs has been obtained transfer to the Supreme Court the jurisdiction of Profession were elected tɔ the council, including in a County Court has no goods or chattels which the present Superior Courts of Law and Equity, your former president Mr. Bateson Wood. The can conveniently be taken to satisfy such judg: and of several other courts, including the Court of question of an amalgamation of the Incorporated ment, he may, if he shall think fit, or on such Common Pleas at Lancaster and Court of Pleas and Metropolitan and ProvincialSocieties was again terms as to costs as he may direct, order a writ

at Durham. It did not affect the Chancery of considered at the provincial meeting of the latter of certiorari to issue to remove the judgment of Lancashire (except as to appeals), nor the County Association, at Birmingham, in October last; the County Court into one of the Superior Courts, Salford Hundred Court, or other inferior when papers were read on “ The Organisation of Courts, and when removed it shall have the courts. Your committee after carefully consider the Profession,” by Mr. Marshall, of Leeds,

and same force and effect and the

pro ing the Bill were of opinion that it was, on the on“ The Amalgamation of the two London Socie. ceedings may be had thereon as in the case whole, a beneficial improvement on the present ties,” by Mr. Saunders, of Birmingham, and it of a judgment of such Superior Court; but no

was resolved to continue the efforts for the proPollock and Nicol, in their County Court Prac. sion, but that the necessity for securing district posed amalgamation. The council of the incoraction shall be brought upon such judgment." system, and deserved the support of the Profestice, 7th edit., p. 167, state that the above pro- deprived of the benefits afforded by the Common resolution on the subject :-"That the council

registries in Lancashire (before the suitors were porated society have since passed the following vision can only be exercised by a plaintiff where Pleas at Lancaster), and of granting greater being prepared to entertain proposals for the

ada defendant has no goods. The defendant, then, facilities for the trial of causes in Manchester and mission of members of the Metropolitan and Proif the case be tried in the County Court, has no

Liverpool should be urged on the Legislature.vincial Law Association into the Incorporated Law remedy against the plaintiff on his judgment if Your committee and the Incorporated Law Society Society on the dissolution of the former, is not resident out of England, and if no security has of Liverpool communicated with the Lord Chan. unwilling to pledge itself to hold an annual been taken by the registrar the costs will have to

cellor and Lord Cairns, with the result of extend. general meeting, out of London, in the autumn, be sued for and proved in the court where the ing and improving the District Registry Clauses, provided that the terms of admission can be action is brought, as an action will not lie on a judgment obtained in a County court : (3 Bl. Com, cashire registries. When the Bill had passed the that this will soon be accomplished, believing

so as to provide for the continuance of the Lan. satisfactorily arranged.” Your committee trust 160; Berkeley v. Elderkin, 1 E. & B. 805 ; 22 Upper House and stood for second reading in the that those who are at present country members L. J. 281, Q.B.; Austin v. Mills, 9 Ex. 288.)

House of Commons, a joint deputation from the of the Metropolitan and Provincial Association AN ARTICLED CLERK.

Liverpool and Manchester Societies had an inter will, as members of the incorporated society, find view with a number of members of that House to when in London an advantage in having access

urge them to support the Bill, and your committee to the rooms of the society and reference to its NOTES AND QUERIES ON presented a petition praying that the Bill might library, and that the influence of the Profession POINTS OF PRACTICE.

pass. By means of the united action of the Asso. will be increased its representation in London ciated Northern Provincial Law Societies the being united, especially now that so many

attention of many other law societies was called country solicitors are on the council. Notice.-We must remind our correspondent, that this to the Bill, and observations were drawn up from Bills of Sale Act as regards Trade Fixtures.coluinn is not open to questions involving points of law

time to time, in reference to the District Registry, The attention of your committee has been given such as a solicitor should be consulted upon. Queries will be excluded which go beyond our limits.

Referee, and other clauses, and forwarded to to the question of the registration of mortgages N.B.- None are ingerted unless the name and address of the members of Parliament. Ultimately the Bill, of trade fixtures in consequence of decisions, first writers are sent, not necessarily for publication, but as a after much discussion in committee, where the by Vice-Chancellor Malins in the case of Beghie

Registry Clauses were at one time threatened with v. Fenwick (24 L. T. Rep. N. S. 58), and next of the

serious opposition, passed through all its forms, Court of Queen's Bench in Hawlrey v. Butlin Queries.

and has become one of the most important Acts (L. Rep. 8'Q. B. 29), in both of which cases it 63. SEAL.-In a marriage settlement in place of seals relating to the administration of the law which

was held that a mortgage of trade fixtures in conthere are merely ribbons inserted (was having been has ever appeared upon the Statute Book. nection with leasehold premises to be valid, as accidentally omitted to be put on). Will this affect its

The Custody of Infants Act (36 Vict. c. 12) – against creditors, must be registered under the validity ?

T. P. H. nakes an important change in the rights of Bills of Sale Act. On the faith of the previous


guarantee for bona fides.

well known cases of Mather v. Frazer, and Boyd Heelis Memorial.—The committee have received printed and circulated, said that it was not neces. V. Shorrock, mortgages comprising trade fixtures subscriptions amounting to about £400, with sary for him to address the meeting at any length, have not usually been registered. Your committee which it has been decided to found a Gold Medal, for the association was now upon its legs, and, he came to the resolution that it was desirable to to be called “The Stephen Heelis Prize for Man. hoped, regularly formed; and he trusted that it obtain an Act of Parliament for the purpose-chester and Salford Students," to be annually would continue to increase in power and influence. First, of giving to the holders of such mortgages awarded to the student who among the candidates (Hear, hear.) From what had reached him quite the opportunity of registering them within a time from Manchester and Salford shall during each recently he was sure that there were cases in the to be limited after the passing of the Act; and, year have passed the best final examination, pro- Profession which urgently called for relief of the next, to provide that future mortgages compris- vided he attain a sufficient standard of merit to kind the association proposed to give, to be admi. ing trade fixtures should be declared to be within entitle him to a prize or honorary certificate of nistered by persons who could fully estimate the the provisions of the Bills of Sale Act, no matter the Incorporated Law Society, and shall not have real need of their common charity. There were what might be the tenure of the property to completed his 26th year. The Council of the In. many instances which had reached him which, but which they were attached. A deputation from corporated Law Society have approved the for the stepping in of friends of the Profession, your committee waited upon the then Attorney scheme, and undertaken to award the medal, of owing to the delicacy and feeling which actuated General (now Chief Justice Coleridge) to bespeak which the design has been approved, and the dies those who needed help, would have led to the his aid in carrying out this resolution, which he are now being made, so that the prize may be most melancholy and miserable results which promised to give in the ensuing session, but said open to competition during the present year. words could not describe. A great friend of it was too late to enter upon the matter in the Point of Practice-Conditions of Sale. - The his own-a person of considerable position and last session. Your committee also put them. Kent Law Society having asked for the opinion distinction-was brought, by no fault of his own, selves in communication with the Chamber of your committee as to the propriety or impro- exceedingly low. Being a gentleman, delicacy of Commerce, who promised their support priety of certain conditions of sale stipulating or stopped him from making known his position, and to a Bill to carry out these views. In offering inducement to a purchaser to employ the his case would have led to disastrous results had July last, the case Ex parte Daglish, re Wilde, vendor's solicitor to prepare the conveyance, your not attention been called to his condition. In Weekly Reporter, vol. 21, No. 63, page 893, came committee replied that such a practice was so cases of this kind an association such as the prebefore the Lords Justices, who have confirmed the unusual in this neighbourhood that your associa- sent one was of the greatest value, and what one ruling that an unregistered mortgage of trade tion had not experienced the necessity of making man did not know of the condition of necessi. fixtures attached to property leasehold for 999 any rule on the subject, but that as an association tous members another did; and if the committee years is invalid, as against a trustee in bank- we should object to any stipulation of the kind were properly formed, they would find that such ruptcy, which renders action in the matter more being inserted in conditions of sale.

lamentable results as he had suggested would necessary. The subject has been brought before Prize for Essay on the Law of Tenure.—The be avoided. He for one had never found that the Incorporated Law Society, and by the council prize of £7 78. in books, given by Mr. Davies, for where there was any real need for charitable of that society before the present Attorney, the best essay on the "History and Law of Tenure relief, the hearts and purses were shut against General, Sir Henry James; but he states that of Real Property," was awarded by your com. the Profession. (Hear, hear.) But it often there are so many Bills requiring the attention of mittee to Mr. Alfred Wallis, of Bluepits, an happened that among those who were the himself and the Solicitor-General during the articled clerk of Mr. William Scott, of Rochdale. least successful cases of distress and abject coming session, that there will be little chance of The Preliminary Examinations of Candidates poverty frequently occurred of which they were any Government Bill affecting the subject being prior to articles have, as usual, been held in Man. not aware, and it would be the duty of introduced. He adds that in case of any private chester during the year, under the conduct of the association to find such cases out With member submitting a Bill to Parliament to carry members of your association as local examiners. regard to the financial condition, he was glad to out the above views he will be happy to confer Metropolitan and Provincial Law Association. find that an exceedingly small sum was spent in with them thereon. Under these circumstances - The usual annual provincial meeting of this the working of the association, the expenditure your committee recommend the association to association was held in Birmingham, on the 21st being very moderate ; and to the hon. secretary take up the subject, and to prepare, and endeavour and 22nd Oct., at which your association was re- (Mr. Macrory), who had devoted his time and to get passed, an Act to do justice to those whose i presented by a deputation. The meeting was attention for nothing, they owed a deep debt of securities are so unexpectedly called in question, attended by 103 gentlemen, of whom 9 were gratitude. (Applause.) He regretted, however, and to set at rest the present unsatisfactory stato metropolitan members and 94 provincial. After that many of the subscribers were in arrears, and of the law.

the address of the president a number of interest- he trusted that steps would shortly be taken to Clerk of the Peace, County Palatine of Lancaster ing papers were read most of which were followed draw in money by means of a printed circular to Act.—Your committee having recently learnt that by important discussions, those of the subject of be sent round to the defaulters. In conclusion, the justices contemplated the introduction, during amalgamation with the Incorporated Law Society he said that he was glad to think that the associa: the coming session, of a Bill to repeal or amend have been already adverted to. The association tion had now been successfully begun, and he only this Act, and to vest the appointment of two

was received by the members of the Birmingham trusted that year by year they would have larger deputy clerks of the peace in the clerk of the Law Society with great hospitality and attention, funds to dispose of to those who sorely wanted peace, instead of in the Chancellor of the Duchy, and it was decided that the nextautumnal meeting them. (Loud cheers.) as provided by the Act, a joint letter from the should be held in Leeds.

Mr. Edlin, in seconding the resolution, hoped Liverpool and Manchester societies was addressed

The following gentlemen were elected the officers that the circulation of the report would be subto Mr. Rathbone, M.P., one of the justices, point of the association for the ensuing year: President, stantially conducive to the good of this associa. ing out the objections to such a charge. Mr. Mr. W. H. Guest. Vice-Presidents, Mr. John tion. Rathbone afterwards forwarded the letter to the Taylor and Mr. A. Percy Earle. Treasurer, Mr. The motion was then carried. Chancellor of the Duchy, and asked him not to James Street. Honorary Secretary, Mr. S. Unwin. Mr. Manisty, Q.C. said that with regard to the consent to any such Bill, and communicated it to Chairman of Committee, Mr. G. F. Wharton. arrears that might be in some respect due to a the justices at their adjourned annual sessions. Deputy-Chairman, Mr. Percy Woolley.

delicate feeling which prompted the committee The justices, however, resolved to proceed with

not to apply for the money, but that difficulty the Bill, and your committee feel no doubt their

would in future be removed ; and they might

BARRISTERS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIA. successors will be prepared to co-operate with the

anticipate good results from a new collector who

TION. Liverpool Society in opposing this attempt to

had lately been appointed. There was not the neutralise the benefit conferred by the Act.

The first annual meeting of the Barristery' Bene- slightest reason to fear but that the money would Common Pleas at Lancaster: -The retirement of the 13th inst., hy the kind permission of the forward more unanimously and earnestly than it

volent Association was held on Friday afternoon, be quickly got in, for the Profession had come the prothonotary (Mr. Harris), having afforded Benchers, at the Hall of the Middle Temple.

had ever done before, and he ventured to hope an opportunity of combining the duties of asso.

Lord Coleridge took the chair; and amongst that the donations would be largely increased, as ciate with those of the district prothonotary, in those present were the Attorney General (Sir well as the number of annual subscribers. each district, your committee addressed the Chan. Henry James), the Solicitor-General (Sir William The Attorney-General deplored the abstention cellor of the Duchy in support of the proposal, Harcourt), Mr. Manisty, Q.C., Mr. Herschell, Q.C., of the common law judges from all participation and an arrangement has accordingly been madé by which the office of associate at the Manchester Mr. Edlin, Q.C., Mr. Garth, Q.C., Mr. McIntyre, in the operations of the society, and urged the noble Assizes will, in future, be filled by the district Q.C., Mr. J.J. Powell, Q.C., Mr. D. T. Evans, J. c? president to use his influence with his brethren on prothonotary.

tho bench in their behalf. Matthews, and numerous other gentlemen.

It will be remembered that this association was The Chairman said that he could not under. County Court Changes.—Your committee find called into existence at a meeting of the Bar in the stand why the judges as a body bad not contriing that it was again proposed to transfer Mr. Middle Temple Hall on 10th Jan. 1873, and its buted to the funds of the association, and he proRussell from Manchester to Liverpool, and to object “is to afford assistance to necessitous and mised that its claims should be fully made known make further changes in the circuits in and about deserving members of the English Bar, special to them, for he had never found that they would Manchester, appointed a deputation, which in pleaders, and conveyancers, their widows and shut their hearts or their pockets against any company with deputations from the Corporation children.'

reasonable claim. (Cheers.) of Manchester and the Chamber of Commerce, The rules of the association prepared by the The Solicitor-General then proposed a rote of was received by the Lord Chancellor, and the committee appointed at the first meeting were

thanks to the Benchers of the Middle Temple for representations then made induced his Lordship submitted to and finally settled by a subsequent the use of the hall, which was carried. to abandon the intention of removing Mr. Russell, meeting of the Bar, over which Sir John Coleridge The committee of management and the auditors and to determine to make no change at present in presided.

were also appointed, and votes of thanks were the Lancashire Circuits.

The Hon. Sec. (Mr. Macrory) opened the pro-awarded to the officers of the association in New County Court.—Your committee have much ceedings by reading the notice convening the general, and in particular to Lord Coleridge, for pleasure in reporting that the numerous represen. meeting ; and in the report which he submitted to his services in the cause, he also consenting to act tations made by your association and other public the meeting it showed that the general committee as one of the trustees for the current year. bodies, as well as by the judge and officials of the had opened lists for donations and subscriptions, The proceedings then terminated. court, regarding the inadequate accommodation and made appeals to the Profession, which resulted for the increasing business of the Manchester in donations to the end of 1873 amounting to County Court, have at length taken effect. Your £2035 15s. (received and promised), and in annual

LEGAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION. committee lately received a letter from the First subscriptions amounting to £179. of this sum We are asked to remind our readers that contri. Commissioner of Works stating that the Govern. nearly £200 had been devoted to the grant or butions in aid of the funds of this association may ment had under consideration the question of pro. assistance in cases which the committee, after be sent to the honorary treasurer, Mr. J. . viding a New County Court, and requesting an careful examination, considered deserving. The Clabon, 21, Great George-street, Westminster, or expression of their views before he finally de report went on to state that the benevolent opera they may be paid into the account of the associded on a site. To this communication a reply tions of the association during the first year of ciation at the Temple Bar branch of the London has been sent urging the importance of a central its existence had been limited in their scope, and Westminster Bank. The success of this situation. Details of the accommodation required owing to the uncertainty felt by the committee as association, having in view the accomplishment for the public and the Profession were also given, to the funds actually at their disposal, and it of the most important objects, is due in a large and the hope expressed that the future require added that several urgent applications for relief degree to the undeviating and consistent support ments of a rapidly increasing mercantile district were at present under their consideration. given to it by the present Lord Chancellor; and would not be overlooked.

The Chairman, in moving that the report be' it will indeed be most fortunate if, with the

Feb. 7


Feb. 36

Reg. Bell. Sur. Feb. 20

Pet. Feb. 3.

Putts. Sur. Mirch 4

resignation by Baron Amphlett of the post of


THE Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas president, and the resignation of the Government, The late William Jenkins, Esq., Q.C., LL.D., of has been pleased to appoint Mr. Henry Ward Lord Selborne could be again induced to placé Clifton Court, near Bristol, who died on the 22nd Collins, of 4, Brunswick-street, Liverpool, to be himself at the head of the association.

ult., in the sixty-eighth year of his age, was the a perpetual Commissioner for the County of Lan.

eldest son of the late William Jenkins, Esq., | caster. LEGAL PRACTITIONERS' SOCIETY. formerly of the Treasury, Dublin Castle, and a The Lord Chief Justice of the Common

Pleas has appointed Mr. Edward Bagnall Potts, We are requested by the Honorary Secretary of lineal descendant of the learned lawyer and judge this Society to say that meetings of the Parlia. David Jenkins, who was detained a prisoner in of Broseley, in the county of Salop, solicitor, to mentary committee were held on the 19th and the Tower of London, and again in Wallingford be a perpetual Commissioner for taking Acknow. 26th Jan. last, and the 9th and 16th Feb. inst., Castle, for his loyalty to Charles I. He was born ledgments of Deeds by Married Women, under

the Fines and Recoveries Act. resulting in the fraining of a Bill which will be in the year 1805, and was educated at Trinity introduced into the House of Commons, having College, Dublin, where he took his Bachelor's for its object the protection of the Profession degree in 1826, proceeded M.A. in 1832, and was

made LL.D. in 1856. He was a student of the against the depredations of unqualified persons.

Inner Temple, and was called to the Irish Bar in

Trinity Term 1829. He was appointed a Q.C. in
1860, by the then Lord Chancellor of Ireland, Sir

Maziere Brady, and retired from the Bar in 1863,

Gazette, Feb. 13.
A GENERAL Meeting of the Society was held in since when he resided at Clifton Court. Mr.

To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall.street.

BRODZIAK, LEWIN, merchant, Coleman-st. Pes. Feb. 9. Reg. the Lecture Hall, King's Inns, on Feb. 16, when Jenkins bad the reputation of being a sound Brougham. Sols. Hand, Son, and Johnson, Coleman-st. Sur. the following subject was debated: “That the equity lawyer, and was particularly successful in present system of Legal Promotion requires Re- investigating titles. He also practised in the

CAREW, HENRY, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Pet. Feb. 11. Reg. Roche.

Sul. Wilkinson, Bediord-st, Covent-gan. Sur. Feb. 30 form."

HARVEY, WILLIAN, Bruce-rd, Bromley-by. Bow. Pet. Feb. 10. Court of Chancery, where he distinguished him.

Rex. Spring Rice. Sols. Messrs. Busturd, Brabunt-ot. self in many important cases. Mr. Jenkins DUBLIN LEGAL AND LITERARY

married on the 26th Sept. 1835, Helen, eldest JOE JOHN GRIFFITH, grocer, Addison-rd-north, Notting hill. DEBATING SOCIETY.

Pet. Feb. 9. Reg. Broughamn. Sols, Brettle, Smythe, und Co., daughter of the late John Thompson, Esq., of Staple-inn, Sur. Feb. 27 The usual weekly meeting of this Society, was Bath, by whom ho leaves one son, William,

PHIPPS, L'AUL LOCis, Claremont-villas, Pelham-rd, Wimbledon.

Pet. Jan. 31. held on Thursday evening last, at 53, Lower Sackbarrister-at-law of the Western Circuit, and also WEIGERT, OTTo, stock broker's clerk, Copthall-ct, London, and ville-street. The chair taken at eight o'clock, by two daughters.

Tavistock-cres, Westbourne-pk.

Rek. Hizlllt.

Sur. Feb. 23 Mr. Trevor Overend, President. An essay was

To surrender in the Country. read by Mr. J. H. Franks on “Irish Land


ALEXANDER, FREDERICK, wholesale paper merchant, Portsca, Tenures."

and Buckland. Pet. Feb. 11. Reg. lIoward. Sır. Feb. 24 The late Hasler Hollist, Esq., of Lodsworth ALLEN, WILLIAM, victuuller, Bridgnorth. Pet. Feb. 11. Reg.

House, near Petworth, Sussex, barrister-at-law BIRD, ISA Al', tar dealer, Clayton, near Manchester. Pet. Feb. 9.

of the Middle Temple, who died on the 30th ult., Reg. Hall. Sur. Feb. 20
in the 77th year of his age, was the only son of

ELLEBY, JOHx, Manchester. Pet. Feb. 10. Reg. Kay. Sur.

Feb. 28 NOTE.-This department of the Law Times, is contributed the late Anthony Capron, Esq., who assumed in GARWOOD, EBENEZER, builder, Haverhill. Pet. Feb. 9. Reg. by EDWARD WALFORD, M.A., and late scholar of Balliol

Esden. Sur. Feb. 18 1833 the name of Hollist in lieu of his patronymic: KING, JAMES, auctioneer, Winslow. Pet. Feb. 5. Reg. Fortescue College, Oxford, and Fellow of the Genealogical and

Sur Feb. -3 Historical Society of Great Britain ; and, ay it is desired his mother was Margaret, daughter of Richard

RODMAX, S. S., builder, Battersea. Pet. Feb. 3. Reg. Willoughby. to make it as perfect a record as possible, the families and Hasler, Esq., of Bury, Lancashire, and he was

Sur. Feb. 24 friends of deceased members of the Profession will oblige born in the year 1797. Mr. Hollist was educated SKIPWORTH, JAMES, poulterer, Boston. Pet. Feb. 7. Reg. Stani by forwarding to the LAW TIMES Office any dates and

land. Sur, Feb, 24
materials required for a biographical notice.
at Winchester, and at Brasenose College, Oxford,

Gazette, Feb. i7.
where he graduated B.A. in 1820, and proceeded To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.
M.A. in 1823. He was called to the Bar by the

GODRICH, FRANCIS, jun., surgeon, Fulham.rd. Pet. Feb. 13.

Res. Murray. Sur March 1 The late Adam Murray Alexander, Esq., some Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, in LOWE, WILLIAM, cab proprietor, Charlton-st, Euston-rd. Pet. time a puisne judge of British Guiana, who died Michaelmas Term, 1823, and was a magistrate

Feb. 13. Reg. Murray Sur. March 3

To surrender in the country, at Enagh Lodge, on the 2nd inst., was the secoud and deputy.lieutenant for Sussex. He married

BROWNING, JORX, out of business, Eling. Pet. Feb. 9. Rer. son of the late John Alexander, Esq., of Caw in 1825, Frances Georgiana, eldest daughter of Thorndike. Sur March 11 House, in the county of Londonderry, Ireland, a the late Sir Francis M. Ommanney, by whom he

DUSCA, WILLIAM ALEXANDER, grecer, Forest-hii, Pet. Feb.

13. Rer. Pitt-Taylor. Sur. March 1: relative of the noble house of Caledon. He was has left a family to lament his loss; his eldest LAMPARD, STEPHEX, ship builder, Portsea, Pet. Feb. 13. Reg. born about the year 1810, and was educated at son, Mr. Edward Ommanney Hollist, is a captain MOSS, MARIUS SLAZENGER, wholesale jeweller, Manchester.

Howard. Sur. March 9 Trinity College, Dublin, where he graduated B.A. in the Royal Artillery, and an instructor of artil. Pet. Feb. 13. Reg. Kay. Sur. March 3 in 1830, and proceeded M.A. in 1834. He was lery at Woolwich.

NICHOLSON, GEORGE HENRY, commission agent, Manchester.

Pet. Feb. 13. Reg. Kity. Sur. March 3 called to the Irish Bar in Easter Term 1832, and

POTTER, HENRY, and FERRIGE, WILLIAM, builders, Sutton. practised for some time in Dublin ; he was sub.


Pet. Feb. 13. Reg. Rowland. Sur. Vurch 10

SANDERS, JOSEPH, cowkeeper, Everton. Pet. Feb. 14. Reg. sequently appointed to a puisne judgeship of the The late Samuel Stone, Esq., many years town

Wintson. Sur. Mirch? courts of British Guiana, which he held for a clerk and clerk to the magistrates for the borough

WALLA, JOSEPH, pork butcher, Northampton, Pet. Feb. 13. Reg.

Dennis. Sur. March 4 period of ten years. of Leicester, who died on the 5th inst, at his re

sidence, Elmfield, Stonygate, near Leicester, in

Gazette, Feb, 13.
the seventieth year of his age, of whom we gave a


GEORGE, general warehousemen, Jewin-st, und Jewin-cres, The death is announced of Mr. William Archer short notice in our last impression, was the second

London, and Denton, near Manchester, also at Atherstore, and Wilde, of the Court of Probate, which occurred son of the late Samuel Stone, Esq., at Kington, Wilson-st, Flisbury. Nov. 3, 1973

TAYLOR, JOUX, victualler, St. Andrew's-hill. Dec. 13, 1873 in Brittany, on the 2nd inst., in the twenty-first in the county of Leicester, by Mary, daughter of year of his age. He was the third son of the late Joseph Chamberlin, Esq. He was born at KingClarence Thomas Wilde, Esq., and a relative of ton in the year 1804, and was educated at Leicester Liquidations by Arrangement. Lords Truro and Penzance, and was born in the under the Rev. Charles Berry. He was admitted

FIRST MEETINGS. & solicitor in Michaelmas Term 1825, and was

Gazette, Feb. 13. appointed on the 1st Jan. 1836 to the office of

ADAMNOX, JAMES, labourer, Ashton-in-Mackerfield. Pet. Feb. 10. H. GARDNER, ESQ.

town clerk of the ough of Leicester. In April Feb. 2, at eleven, at uthce of Sol. Wood, Wigan The late Henry Gardner, Esq., barrister-at-law, of the same year he was made clerk to the magis.

ALCOMBE, GEORGE, grucer, Thorverton. Pet. Feb. 10. Feb. 28,

at three, at the London and South Western hote, Exeter. Sol. who died on the 5th inst., at his residence Sion trates of that borough, and in 1849 he was ap. Rogers, Exeter Hill, Garstang, Lancashire, in the fiftieth year of pointed clerk to the Local Board of Leicester. He

ASHLEY, ASHER, slater, Rochdale. Pet. Feb. 11. Feb. 27, at

ceven, at offices of Sols. Slater and Poole, Manchester his age, was the younger son of the late John retired from practice in September 1872, in con. BAIGILAN, THOMAS, bookseller, Leaminxten Priors Pet. Feb. 6. Gardner, Esq., of Sion Hill, and of Pilling, Lanca, sequence of failing health, and was immediately

Feb. 25, at two, at the Bath hotel, Lennington Priors. Sol. San.

derson, Warwick shire, by Frances, daughter of the late Daniel atterwards made a magistrate for the borough of BAWS, HENRY, retul brewer, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 11. Feb. Elletson, Esq., of Parrox Hall, Lancashire, and he Leicester. Mr. Stcne, says the Leicester Journal, BAYNTOS, WILLIAM HENRY, out of business, Birminghuan. Pet.

25, at four, itt 30, Bennett's-hill, Birmingham Sol Parry. was born in the year 1824. He was called to the during his lifetime," was one of the few men who Feb, 10. Feb. 27, at twelve, at office of Sol. Fullows, Birming. Bar by the Honourable Society of the Middle contrived to gain the friendship and respect of all BOUGHTOS, RICHARD WYATT, tailor, Haverstock-rd, Kentish. Temple in 1856, and went the Northern Circuit, parties. He was an active, straightforward, honest

Pet. Feb. 11. March 2, at twelve,ut offices of 80l. Moss, and he also practised at the Lancaster, Preston, citizen, and as a public officer served the town faith.


BRAILAFORD, JOHN, builder, Sutton-in-Ashfield. Pet. Feb. 7. Kirkdale, Liverpool, and Bolton Sessions. The fully and uprightly for more than a quarter of a

Feb. 23, at twelve, at office of Sol. H8, Nottingham brother of the deceased gentleman, the Rev. John century, winning the esteem and affection of his

BROWX, JAMES, victualler, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 10. Feb. 25,

ut eleven, at the Queen's hotel, Birining ham. Sul. Talbot, Xew. Gardner, now of Pilling, Lancashire, was formerly fellow townsmen, as the testimonial presented to in the profession of the law, having been called to him a short time back on his retirement from

BURGESS, THOMAS, out of business, Altrincham. Pet. Feb.

Feb. 2, at three, at ottice of Sol. Smith, Liverpool the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1847; he, however, public life amply testified. Mr. Stone will be CADE, JOSEPH, draper, York. Pet. Feb. 10. Feb. 27, at three, at subsequently entered holy orders, and is now much missed in Leicester. His familiar face was

office of Sol. Wilkinson, York

CALVERT, GEORGE, bout dealer, Leeds. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 24, at Rector of Skelton, Yorkshire. always welcome at any public gathering, and he two, at office of Sol. Hardwick, Leeds

CARTER, ISAAC, krocer, Willenhall Pet. Feb. 11. Feb. 28, at had ever a kind word for those with whom he

eleven, at office of Sol. Cresswell, Willenhall A. SCHALCH, ESQ.

came in contact. Affable and amiable to a CHANE, ROBERT, commission agent, Chichester. FROM Jamaica, intelligence has been received degree he made no enemies, and has died respected

March 4, at 'wo, at the Dolphin hotel, Chichester. Sol. Janman,

Chichester announcing the death of Mr. Ernest Alexander by all. His example is one which other citizens CLEMENT, JEMIMA ELIZABETH, spinster, Margaret-st, Caren

dish-sq. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. 26, at twelve, at office of Sol. Brown. Clendining Schalch, the Attorney-General of that may profitably imitate.” Mr. Stone married in

low, Bedford-row island, which occurred on the 31st ult., from an 1829 Catharine Smart, daughter of Benjamin CoxsTABLE, HENRY, assistant to a victualler, Anerley.rd, Nor.

wood. Pet. Feb. 10. March 2, at eleven, at ottice of Sol. Wade, attack of yellow fever. The deceased gentleman, Fowler, Esq., by whom he has left a family of six

Clifford's-inn who was of German extraction, was the elder son children. The remains of the deceased gentleman COOKE, HENRY, DOUGLAS, painter, Rusthall. Pet. Feb. 7. Feb. of the late Edward Vernon Schalch, Esq., of the were interred in the Leicester Cemetery, the

25, at ten, at the Angel hotel, Tunbridge. Sol. Palmer, Tun. East India Company's service, and was born about funeral being a public one, attended by the mayor, COURTS, EDWIN, Outfitter, Lowestoft. Pet. Feb. 9. March, at the year 1839. He gained a studentship at the magistrates, and corporation of the borough.

twelve, at office of Sol. Archer, Lowestoft

CRADDOCK, EDMUND WILLIAM, schoolmaster, Worcester. Pet. Inner Temple in Jan. 1864, and was called to the

Feb. 9. Feb. 25, at twelve, it office of Sol. Cheston, Birminghain

CROOK, THOMAS, fishmonger, Wigu. Pet. Feb. 9. Marchi 3, ut Bar by the Honourable Society of the Inner

three, at office of Sol, Wood, wiwan Temple in Easter Term of that year, and joined PROMOTIONS AND APPOINT- CROWE Joren, ja niepholsteres Lakenham- pet. Feb. 9. Feb the Home Circuit. He practised with considerable

24, elevenat offices of . Stanley, Norwich MENTS.

CRISE, DANIEL RICHARD, smith, Taphouse. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. success as a special pleader, and attended the

2, at eleven, at office of Sol. Fryer, Exeter

DUONAC, LOU'Is, buker, Wells-st, Hackney. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. 3, Surrey Sessions. He left England about three years N.B.-Announcements of promotions being in the nature

of advertisements, are charged 2s. 6d. each, for which at two,at offices of Sols, Digby and Liddle, Circus-pl, Finsburyago, on being appointed to the Attorney-General.

circus postage stamps should be inclosed.

DUFF, ROBERT Low, jute spinner, Chowlent. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. ship of that island, and lived to acquire a high

28, at two, at office of Sol. Blackhurst, Liverpool reputation in the colony. Mr. Schalch was MR. HENRY REED, of Union-street, Portsea, ESCHWEGE, Simos, and ESCHWEGE, CHARLES, importers of

Bohemian gliss, Houndsditch. Pet. Feb. 7. March t, at two, at married, and had a family ; his only daughter, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer

office of Sols. Messrs. Beyfus, Lincoln's-inn-fields Miss Gertrude Geraldine Schalch, died about oaths in Her Majesty's High Court of Admiralty EUING, MORRISON, clerk, Burrow-in-Furness Pet. Feb. 10. Feb. the same time as her father.

7, at eleven, at the Ship hotel, Burrow-in-Furness. Sol. Brad. for the borough of Portsmouth.

shaw, Burrow-in-Furness

year 1853,



Pet. Feb. 10.


VEAL, GREEX, farmer, Mirshfield. Pet. Feb. 12. Feb. 28, at

twelve, at office of Sol. Wilton, Bith VERITY, JOIX, tior, Pudsey. Pet. Feb. 14. March 3, at three,

at offices or Messrs. Routh, accountants, Leeds. Sol. Curr,

Locds WALKER, ALBERT, stonemason, Batley. Pet. Feb. 11. Feb. 23

at three, at the Queen hotel, Heckinondwike. Sols, Carr and

Cadman, Gomersal WALKER, WILLIAM, cotton manufacturer, Colne. Pet. Feb. 12.

March 10, two, at offices of Sols. Addleshaw and Warburton,

Manchester WALKER, WILLIAM, publican, Ramsgate. Pet. Feb. 13. March

%, at half past two, at the Buil and George hotel, Ramsgate.

Sol. Edwards YORK, FREDERICK, shoe manufacturer, Kettering. Pet. Feb. 12.

Feb. 27, at one, at the George hotel, Kettering. Sol. Cook, Wel.

lingborough ZUCCASI, DAVID WINTER ERNEST, cabinet maker, Hamilton-pl,

Highbury, and Bath-st, Shoreditch. Pet. Feb. 12. Feb. 17, at two, at office of Sols. Pritchard, Engletleid, and Co., Painters'. hall, Little Trinity-la

[blocks in formation]

BANKRUPTS' ESTATES. The Official Assignees, &c., are giren, to whom apply for the

Dividends. Allen, H. non-trader, sixth 24. 4d. and 18s. 10 d. to new proofs) Paget, Basinghall-st.-- Barron, A. West India merchant, fith 24. 3d. (and 109, to new prvopsi, Paget, Bisinghall-st.-Edser, J. builder, second 83. 8. Paget, Businthull-st.-Furlex, H. G. widow, third ss. 5d. Paget, Basinghall-st.-Lindon, W, merchant, second 22.640. Paget, Binghall-st. - Meera, J. W. cheinist, final 20. (and 4 per cent, interest Paget, --Sharpin, R. G. Pictualler, first ls. 10. Paget, Bilinghallot

Auntin, H. de B. builder, 3d. At Suis. Messrs. Sheffield, Lime-st. -Biley. W. commercial traveller, second 4s. At office of Roote and Price, 23, North John-st, Liverpul.- Beatrick, E. music seller, tirst 5s. At Trust. F. Lucus, 25, Maddox-st. London.-Burnicle, J. joiner, 1s. At Trust. F. J. H. Bellringer, 56, High-street, Stockton.-Chi, H. ship chandler, first los. At Trust. H. Bolland, 10, South John-st, Liverpool.-Il-kruth, J. W. enginco, final 6 d. At Trust. J. Gilchrist, accountant, 9, Exchange-pl, Middlesbrough. --Horley, T. R. stockbroker, second and final d. At office of Kingsford und Garlant, uccountints, 31. King William-st.- Vurton, E. B. cornission asent, 138, 4d. At Trust. J. Halliday, 25, Boothst, Manchester. - Piggott, K. miller, first and final, 18. d. AL Field-house, Billinghay. Trust. W. Crutt. --Rownlus, J. provision merchant, third ?10. At office of J. S. and R. Bleine, accountants, 15, Lord-st, Liverpool.-- seul and Eventil, brickmakers, first 10s. and second 10s., first sep. of nu! 13. At St. Wood, Suneton.Sollun, J. hosier, first ind final la. od At vitice of J. Davies and Co. ccountants, Bessey.chaby, Bewey-st. Warrington Thompson, H. provision merchant, third id. At onlice of J. S. and R. Blesse, nccountants, 15, Lorlist, Liverpool.-Thompson, P. Ryde, Isle of Wight, first is. At Tit. W. AMeck, 30,

FISHER, FREDERICK, coal inerchant, Heckmondwike. Pet. Feb,

9. Feb. 25, at eleven, at ottice of Sol. Sykes, Heckmondwike FRESCH, WILLIAM, builder, Bozett. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. 24, at

three, it effice of Sol. Becke, Norihampton GILL, JOSEPH SAMU!!, draper, Sale. Pet. Feb. 10. Feb. 28, at

three, at othces of Sols. Fiurrir and Hall, Manchester HADMAS, JOIN baker, Werrington. Pet. Feb. 10. Feb. 28, at

twelve, at offices of Sol. Gaches, Peterborough HARCOL'RTHENRY JAMES, wholesale ironmonger, Upper, and Lynton-villa, Lower Richmond-rd, Putney. Pet. Feb. 10. Feb. 29, at twelve, ut offices of Alexander and Co., 17, Fenchurch-st. Sols. Tayler and Ward, Greut James-st, Bed.

ford.row HARTLEY, SAMUEL, innkeeper, Romiley. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. 25,

at three, at the Commercial hotel, Manchester. Sol. Jackson,

Manchester HEASELDEN, JOY, grocer. Manchester. Pet. Feb. 11. March 2,

at three, at office of Sols. Sutton and Elliott, Manchester HEMOP-TOCK, BENJAMIN, sadler, Ludford, Pet. Feb. 9. Feb.

, at eleven, 15 offices of Jay, accountant, Lincoln. Sol. Page,

jun., Lincoln HOLMES, MATTHEW MATTHIAS, engineer, Bilston. Pet. Feb. 11.

Feb. 99, at eleven, at offices of Sol. Barrow, Wolverhampton HOLXE, RICHARD WILLIAM, bker, Ransgüte. Pet. Feb. 9.

Feb. 23, at three, at the Bull and George hotel, Ramsgate. Sols. Treherne and Wolferstan, Rumsgate HORFALL, JOIS, Cabinet inaker, Hallfax. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. 27,

at two, at oices of Sol. Boccock, Halifax HUMPHRYS, GEORGE SMALLWOOD, auctioneer, Stroud. Pet.

Feb. 11. Feb : t eleven, at No. 12, in Ruwcroft, in Stroud.

Sola. Keur ey und Parsons, Stroud JACOBY, SIEGVUSD, hair dresser, Long-la, Smithfield, Pet. Feb. 2. Feb. 23, at two, at office of Sols. Burton and Drew, Fore

street JERRED, SAMUEL, grocer, Exeter. Pet. Feb. 19. Feb. 28, at

cleven, at the Queen's hotel, Exeter. Sol. Fryer JOXES, HENRY ALFRED, wine merchant, Hoole. Pet. Feb. 10.

Feb. , at twelve, at the Queen's (second) hotel, Chester. Sol.

Churton, Chester KEMBER, WILLIAM, and KEMBER, WILLIAM JAMES, general dealers, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 10. Feb. 23, at twelve at office

of sol. Fallowe, Birmingham LEGG, GEORGE, bootiker, Heath-st, Hampstead. Pet. Feb. 5. Feb. 21, at eleven, at office of Sol. Dobson, Southampton-bldgs, LEWIS, THOMAS, labourer, Burslem. Pet. Feb. 11. Feb. 27, at

three, it office of Sol. Stevenson, Hanley LLOYD, EDWARD, milliner's assistant, Oxford-rd, Ealing.

Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 19, at ten, itt the Portland hotel, Great Portland

st. Sol. Swaine, Cheapside LICAS, WILLIAM, engineer, Oldbury. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. 24, at

thrve, at office of Sol. Jaques, Birmingham MAINWARINA, RICHARD, journeyman buker, Wolverhampton. Pet. Feb. 11. Feb. 28, at one, at office of Sol. Barruw, Wolver.

hampton MARVELL, THOMAS, builder, Ilkley. Pet. Feb. 7.

Feb. 24, at twelve, at offices of Sols. Ford, Edilson, and Ford, Leeds MIDDLETON, WILLIAM, gun barrel grinder, Auton, near Birming. ham. Pet. Feb. 13. Feb. 25, at twelve, at offices of Sol. Fallows,

Binningham MILLER, JELIUS SAMUEL, attorney, Bond-ct, Walbrook. Pet.

Feb. 6. Feb. 21, at two, at the Chamber of Commerce, 145, Cheapside MILNER, ALFRED, knitting worsted spinner, Ossett. Pet. Feb.

10 March 2, at cleven, at the Foresters' room, Crown-ct, Wakefield. Sols. Mainwright, Mander, and Whitham MOORE, JOHN WILLIAM, draper, Bolton. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb. 28,

at eleven, at office of Sol. Dowling, Bolton PANTHER, THOMAS, cattle salesman, Aldwinkle All Saints. Pet.

Feb. 7. March, at eleven, at the Swan inn, Thrupston. Sol.

Henry, Wellingborough PEAK, JAMES and SHARPLES, JAMES, bakers, Bradford. Pot. Feb. 10. Feb. 27, at two, at office of Sols. Addleshaw and

Warburton Manchester PEMERTON, JOSEPH, shopkeeper, Dudley. Pet. Feb. 3. Feb.

2, at tliree, it offices of Sol. Warmington, Dudley PHILP. WILLIAM ROBERT, attorney. Lonsdale-sq. Barnsbury.

Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 21, at ton, at the Cannon-st, hotel, Cannon-st. Sol. Wright, Queen VictoriaPOPE, EDWARD, farmer, Neenton, near Brid north. Pet. Feb.

10. Feb. 20, 10 eleven, at the Squirrell inn, Bridgnorth. Sol.

Saunders, jun. RALFS, JOHN WILLIAM, translator, Liverpool. Pet. Feb. 11.

March 10, at three, nt offices of Vine, accountant, Liverpool.

Sol. Browne, Liverpool RICHARDS, JAMES, publican, Dawley. Pet. Feb. 10, March 9, at

txere, at the Elephant and Castle inn, Dawley. Sol. Harris,

Dawley SARRINGTON, NATHANIEL, baker, Northampton. Pet. Feb. 9.

Feb. 1: twelve, at office of Sol. Shoosmith, Northampton SCHLICHER, FREDERIC, confectioner, Bristol. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb.

21, at twelve, it office of Sol. Clifton, Bristol SHARP, CHARLES HENRY, builder, Middle-la, Hornsey'. Pet. Feb.

9. Feb. 27, at two, at office of Sol. Ve ne le, Craven-st, Strund SHAW, JONATHAN, wool dealer, Hallux. Pet. Peb. 3. Feb. 27,

at two, at onui Sol. Boocock, Halifax SHEPHARI), GEORGE, builder, Ipswich. Pet. Feb. 10. Feb. 23,

at two, at office or Sol. Jones, Colchester SHERWOOD, JOHN WILLIAM ROBINSOX, butcher, Middlesbrough,

Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. 27, at eleven, at Mrs. Barker: Temperance hotel, Middlesbrough. Sol. Bainbridge, Middlesbrough SHIPTOX, ABRAHAM, baker, High-st, Balham-hill, and Ely-ter,

Lgham-rd, Brixton. Sol. Roberts, King William-50 SIMPSON, FREDERIC, straw hat manufacturer, Luton. Pet. Feb.

3. Feb. 24, at three, at offices of Baggs, Clarke, and Josolyne,

King-st, Cheapside. Sol. Bailey SMITH, GEORGE, grocer, Wellesley-rd, Kentish Town. Pet. Feb.

4. Feb. 24, at two, at office of Sol. Burton, Serjeant's inn, Fleet.

street SMITH, JOHN, hatter, Halifax. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. 28, at twelve,

at the Wheatsheur hotel, ManchesterSol. Boocock, Halifax SOWERBUTTS, THOMAS, confectioner, Levenshulme. Pet, Feb.

11. March, 5, at three, at vifice or Sol. Mann, Manchester STEEL, CHARLES WILSON, surgeon, Lewisham. Pet. Feb. 11.

Feb. 2, at three, at office of Sols. Ingle, Cooper, and Holmes, Threadneedle-st TAYLOR, JOSEPH GEORGE, tobacconist, Balsall-heath. Pet. Feb.

10. Feb. 25, at twelve, at office of Sol. Fallows, Birmingham THOMPSON, ELLEN ELIZABETH ANN NEWTEX, widow, East

Teignmouth. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. 24, at half past eleven, at office of Sol. Templer, Teignmouth THORSE, HENRY, clerk, Providence-cottages, Yew.rd, Rother.

hithe. Pet. Fco. 5. Feb. 24, at two, at 31, Chancery-la. Sols.

Nickinson, Prull, and Nickinson THU'RLOW, WALTER, Ipswich. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. 8, at three, at otice of J. Pearce, accountant, Princes-st, Ipswich. Sol. Hill,

Ipswich TOPLISS, GEORGE EDMAN, bootmaker, Great Grimsby. Pet. Feb.

9. Feb. 24, itt eleven, at office of Sols. Grange and Wintringham,

Great Grimsby TRASYIELD, FREDERICK THOMAS, window blind manufacturer, Waterlord, Lambeth, and Kingston-on-Thames. Pet. Feb. 9. Feb. 27, at three, at office of Sol. Sherrard, Lincoln's-inn felds TYLER, JOSEPH, ropemaker, Worcester, Pet. Feb. 7. Feb. 21, at

three, at office of Sol. Troe, Worcester WAKEHAM, ROBERT, carpenter, Watford. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 24,

at four, at the Wellington Arms, Watford. Sol. Cotton, Cole.

Inan-st WALKER, THOMAS, painter, Topcliffe, near Thirsk. Pet. Feb. 5.

Feb. , at office of Sol. West, Thirsk
WILKINSON, PRANCIS WILLIAM, printer. Barrow-in-Furness.

Pet. Feb. 10. Feb. 27, at ten, at the Ship hotel, Barrow-in

Furneas. Sol, Bradshaw, Barrow in Furness
WILLIAMS, JOHN RAILTOX, unbrella manufacturer, Manchester.

Pet. Feb. 11. Mitch 9, at three, at the Clarence hotel, Man. chexter. Sols, Sale, Shipman, Seddon, and Sale, Manchester WILLIAMS, THOMAS, beer retailer, Abersychan. Pet. Feb. 10.

March 2, at one, at office of Sols. Messrs. Lloyd, Newport WOODWARD, ROBERT CHARLES, out of business, 'Tendring.

Pet. Feb. 7. Feb. 3), at three, at office of Sol. Jones, Colchester
YEATY, JAVES, grocer, Bornor. Pet. Feb. 6. Feb. 23, at twelve,

at the Sussex hotel, Bognor. Sol. Lamb, Brighton
XONAIR, JOHN, watchmaker, Nantwich. Pet. Feb. 11. Feb. 20,

at office of Sol Solomon, Birmingham, in lieu of the place origi
nully named

Gazette, Feb. 17.
ALLAX, ISAAC, plumber, Dartmouth-rd, Hammersmith. Pet.

Feb, 4. Feb. 19, at two, at office of Sol. Hope, Serlest, Lincoln's.
ALLEX, HENRY JAXEA, boot manufacturer, Liverpool. Pe!.

Feb. 12 March 4, at two, at office of Ivey, public accountant,
Liverpool. Sol. Hughes, Liverpool

ANDERSON, MARY, widow, innkeeper, Wellingborough. Pet. Feb.

12. Feb. 7, at two, at the Angel hotel, Wellingborough. Sols.

Dolman and Colegrave, Jermyn-st
ATKINSON, JOSEPH, cloth manufacturer, Bramley. Pet. Feb. 13.

Feb. 24, at eleven, at office of Sol. IIarle, Leeds
BARTON, HENRY, blacksmith, Sutton St. James'. Pet. Feb. 14.

March 2, at twelve, at the Bull inn, Long Sutton. Sol. Ollard,
BASLEY, JOHN EDWARD, former, Overthorpe. Pet. Feb. 13. Feb.

28, at two, at office of Sol. Wilson, Banbury
BEARDMELL, ALFRED, woollen cloth'manufacturer, Holme. Pet.

Feb. 12. March 2, at three, at offices of Sol. Armitage, Hudders.

field BLACKSHAW, Jonx, unbrella manufacturer, High-st, Notting

hill. Pet. Feb. 9. March 4, at two, at office of Sol. Perry, Guild.

hall-chbs, Bisinghall-st BOOTH, THOMAS WOLSTEYCROFT, maker-up, Manchester. Pet.

Feb. 14. March 4, at three, at office of Sol. Bellhouse, Man.

chester BRIGHT, ANDREW, sailmaker, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Pet. Feb. 14.

March 3, at twelve, at office of Sol. Garbutt, Newcastle-on-Tyne BROOM, PETER, grocer, Liverpool. Pet. Feb. 11. March 2, at

three, at office of Sol. Sowton, Liverpool
BUCKLAND, CHARLES ARTHUR, fitter, Swansea. Pet. Feb. 7.

Feb. 2, at three, at ofñce of Sol. Morris, Swansea
BUCKLEY, JOHN LAWRENCE, gentleman, Bedford-hill-ter, Bal.

ham. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 28, at two, at 4, College-hill. Sol.


LAW, GEORGE ROBERT, leather manufacturers, Blue Anchor.
la, Bermondsey, and Fort-rd, Bermondsey. Pet. Feb. 13. March

3, at three, at officeor Sols. Saffery and Huntley, Tooley-st CLEVERTY, JAMEX GEORGE, gasitter, Chester. Pet. Feb. 10.

Feb. 27, at twelve, ut oftices of Sols. Walker and Smith, Chester CLIFF, JOHX, suuce inanufacturer, Halifax, Pet. Feb. 12 March

9, at three, at office of Sol. Rhodes, Halifax
CLUEIT, RICHARD, tatilor, Wolverhampton. Pet. Feb. 12. March

5, at eleven, at othce of Sol. Birrow, Wolverhampton
COLE, FRANCIS WRIDE, grocer, Shirenewton, near Chepstow.

Pet. Feb. 11. Feb. 27, at twelve, at office of sols. Henderson,

Salmon, und Hendersons, Bristol
CRONBEE, JOSEPH, brass cister, Birmingham, Pet. Feb. 12. Feb.

27, at twelve, at office of Sol. Grove, Birmingham
DICKIE, DAVID, tailor, Birmingham. Pet. Jan. 21. Feb. 21, at

hali.pilst ten, at office of Sol. E18, Biriningham
ELLIOTT, THOMAS, beerhouse keeper, Shoteld. Pet. Feb. 12.

March 2, at four, at office of Sols. Messrs. Binney, Sheffield
FARROW, WILLIAM, shipbroker, Sunderland Pet. Feb. 12.

March 2, at eleven, ut otrices of Sols. Snowball and Allison, Sun. derland FORBES, WILLIAM GOLLAX, tobacconist, Plymouth. Pet. Feb.

12. Feb. 7, at twelve, at the Mount Pleasant hotel, Plymouth.

Sol. Nepein, Ivybridge
GRIMES EDWARD, superintendent of contracts, Salford. Pet.

Feb. 12. Feb. 27, at eleven, at office of Sol. Hankinson, Man.

chester HARDISTY, FREDERICK ADOLPHUS, jun., riding master, Queen.

st, Brompton. Pét. Feb. 12. Feb. 27, at eleven, at 15, Devon.

shire-st, Hammersmith-rd. Sol Morris, Lsicenter-sq
HARGEST, GEORGE, grocer, Rudston. Pet. Feb. 11. March 2, at

three, at office of Sol. Harlund, Bridlington
HARRIS, CHARLES ALFRED, bedding manufacturer, Curtain-rd,
Shoreditch. Pet. Feb. 12 March 2, at two, at offices of Sol.
Swine, Chenpside
HATMOUGII, RICHARD, coal denler, Great Grimsby. Pet. Feb. 11.

March , at eleven, at office of Sols. Grunge and Wintringham,

Great Grimnyhy
HENDERSON, EDWARD, plasterer, Whitley and Cullercoats. Pet.

Feb. 12. Feb. 27. at eleven, it office of Sols. Hodge and Harle,

Newcastle upon Tyno
HOLLAND, BENJAMUN, farmer, East Ville. Pet. Feb. 13. Feb. 28,

it one, at ottico or Sol. Bean, Bosun
IIUMPHLEY, JOSEPH, Wilor, Biriningham. Pet. Feb. 13. March
2, att twelve, at orice of Sol, Hawkes, Birmingham
HUNTER, INO, Newcastle-on Tyne. Pet. Feb. 14. Feb. 25, at

twelve, at o tice of Sol. Thompson, Newcastle-lipon Tyne HYDE, HENRY, and SHELDRIK, JOHY, trilors, Manchester,

and Eocles. Pet. Feb. 14. March 4, at eleven, at ottice of Sol.

Sunpson, Manche ter
IRVING, JOIN, Inerchant, Carlisle. Pet. Feb. 13. March 3, at

three, at office of sol. Bendle, Carlisle
JOVAN, WILLIAN KEMBLE, fariner, Belchamp St. Paul's. Pet.
Feb. 9. Feb. 27, at o.le, at the Rose and Crown hotel, Sudbury.

Sol Mumford, Sidbury
JONES, ROBERT, tishinonger, Chester. Pet. Feb. 12. March 5,

at three, at offices of Sol, Tibbits, Chester
KERTOOT. HENRY, yeneral dealer, Silfur 1 Pet. Feb. 13. March

2, at three, at offics of Sol. Storer, Manchester KING, JAMES, joiner, Todmorden. Pet. Feb. 13. March 6, at

eleven, at the York hotel, Todmorden. Sols. Messrs. Eastwood,

LEWIS, JAMES, pork butcher, Bath. Pet. Feb. 12. Feb. 27, at

eleven, at ottice of Sol. Wilton, Bath
LOWE, ENOCH BESSETT, commission agent, Halifax. Pet. Feb.

12. Feb. 25, at four, ut office of Sol. Storey, Halifax MARSDEN, JOSHCA, builder, Wigan. Pet. Feb. 5. March 2, at

cleven, at office of Sol, Ashton, Wigan MANTYX, EDWIN ROW, chemist, Devonport. Pet. Feb. 14. March

4, at twelve, at office of Sols. Beer and Rundle, Devonport MASSINIO, GUINEPPI, ship chandler, Gloucester. Pet. Feb. 5.

Feb. 25, at twelve, at the Bell hotel, Gloucester. Sol. Hulls,

MCINTYRE, ELIZABETH AXX, grocer, Wandsworth-rd. Pet. Feb.

10. Feb. 28, at three, at offices of Day, 47, Bloomsbury-eq. Sol.
Tonge, Great Portland-st
MIDDLETOX, WILLIAM, mercantile clerk, Ulverston. Pet. Feb.

11. Feb. 27, at twelve, at the Ship hotel, Barrow-in-Furness.

Sol. Bradshaw, Barrow-in-Furness
MUIR, ANDREW, machinist, Salford. Pet. Feb. 14. March 4, at

four, at ottice of Sol. Best, Manchester
OAK, ROBERT JOHN SHAPTER, block maker, Bristol. Pet. Feb.

13. Feb. 27, at one, at office of Triggs and Co. accountants,

Bristol. Sol. Thomas
OSBORNE, ALFRED, inilkman, Worthing. Pet. Feb. 13. March 2,

at three, at the Ruilway hotel, Worthing. Sol. Goo Iman,

PORTEUS, WILLIAM, joiner, Halifax. Pet. Feb. 12. Feb. 26, at

eleven, at office of Sol. Storey, Halifax
POWXALL, JAMES, stonemason, Bowden. Pet. Feb. 12. March

2, at three, at offices of Hines, accountant, Manchester. Sol.

Dawson, Manchester
PRINCE, ÉDWARD, engineer, Barrow-in-Furners. Pet. Feb. 12.

Feb. 27, at one, at the Ship hotel, Barrow-in-Furness. Sol.

Bradshaw, Barrow-in Furness
PURNSORD, ALFRED WILLIAM, cheeremonger, Great Suffolk-st,

Borough. Pet. Jan. 31. Feb. 25, at two, at office of Sol. Yorke,

RAWNSLEY, JOIX, worsted spinner, Bradford. Pet. Feb. 14.

March 2, at eleven, at office of Sols, Wood and Killick, Bradford
ROBINSON, JOHN RUPERT, painter, Dewsbury. Pet. Feb. 14.

March 3, at two, at office of Sol. Fryer, Dewsbury
Rosy, DAVID, lodging house keeper, Devonport. Pet. Feb. 13.

March 3, at eleven, at office of Sol. Vaughn, Devonport
SCARLETT, EDWARD GEORGE, woollen warehouseman, Glase.

house-st, Regent-st. Pet. Feb. 13. March 3, at twelve, at office of Chatteris, Nicholls, and Chatteris, Gresham-bldgs, Basing

hall-st. Sol. Davis, Cork-rt, Burlington-gdns, W. SCHWERL, SIMOX, commission agent, Malvern-cottages, Barns.

bury. Pet. Feb. 11. March 3, at two, at office of Sol. Briunt,

Winchester House, Old Broad-st
Scort, WILLIAM RICHARD, clerk in holy orders, Portsca. Pet.

Feb. 12. March 4, at twelve, at 31, St. Thomas'st, Portsmouth.

Sol. Ford
SMITH, JAMES, umbrella manufacturer, High Holborn. Pet. Feb.

10. March 9, at twelve, at offices of Challis. public accountant,
Clement's-la, King William-st. Sols. Surr, Gribble, and Burton,

SNELSON, THEODORE, grocer, Winkfield, and Reading. Pet.

Feb, 11. March 2, at two, at 8, Forbury, Reading. Sol. Elkins
STEED, JOHN, draper, Raglan. Pet. Feb. 13. March 4, at one, at

the Queen's hotel, Newport. Sol. Watkins, Pontypool STORY, JOHN EMERY, plumber, Newcastle upon Tyne. Pet. Feb.

13. March 4, at two, at office of Story, Newcastle upon Tyne SYDDALL, WILLIAM, out of employment, Salford. 'Pet. Feb. 14.

March 3, at three, at office of Sol. Bennet, Manchester
TETLEY, JOHN HODGSOX, commercial traveller, Bradford. Pet.

Feb. 7. Feb. 28, at eleven, at office of Sol. Burnley, Bradford
TOULMIX, CHARLES, draper, Bath. Pet. Feb. 14. March 6, at

two, at office of Sols. Messrs. Reep, Bush-la, Cannon-st TURNLEY, JOSEPII, gentleman, Wilkinson-xt, Clapham. Pet. Feb.

13. March 2, at twelve, at offices of Sol. St. Swithin's la TYSON, HEYRY, earthenware manufacturer, Whitehaven. Pet. Feb. 12. Feb. 27, at twelve, at o lice of Sol. Atter, Whitehaven


MARRIAGES. MYTTON - BOWEX.On the lith inst., at St. Peter's Regent

square, Thomas Mytton, or No.3, King's Bench-wak, Temple, solicitor, to Mary Patience, second daughter, of Mr. John Bowen, of Leamington and Avon House, Emscote, Warwick

shire. RANGILL-On the 14th inst, at Wimbledon, Willett Ram, of

Halesworth, solicitor, to Lucy Annie, younger daughter of

Major Robert Gill, late 44th Regiment Madras Native Infantry. T006-DRW.- On the 11th insi, at St. Mary's Caterhamn,

WILumn Arthur Tepke, of the Inner Temple, burrister-at-law, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter, of George Henry Drew, Esq., of Becchunger, Caterham, Surrey.

DEATHS. ASHDOWN.-On the 13th inst, at West Ham, aged 63, Charles

Ashdown, Esq., Vestry clerk.



Carriage paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 203. DRAFT PAPER, 58., 6s. 6d., 78. 6d., 78. 9d., and 9s. Id. per

reum. BRIEF PAPER, 158. 6d., 178. Bd., and 235, Bl. per ream. FOOLSCAP PAPER, los. 6d., 128.641., and 158. 6d. per ream. CREAM LAID NOTE, 38., 45., and 58. per ream. LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 4s. Ed., 68. 6d., and 89. per ream. LARGE BLUE NOTE, Ss. d., 48, 6d., and 6s. 6d. per ream. ENVELOPES, CREAM OR BLUE, 48. 60., and 66. 6d., per 100. THE "TEMPLE" ENVELOPE, extra secure, 98. 6d. per 1000. FOOLSCAP OFFICIAL ENVELOPES, 18. 9d. per 100. THE NEW “ VELLUM WOVE CLUB-HOUSE" NOTE. 99. 60. per ream,

“ We should direct particular attention to their New Clubnouse Paper: in our opinion it is the very best paper we ever wrote upon."--London Mirror. [NDENTURE Skins, Printed and Machine-ruled, to hold twenty

or thirty folios, 2s. 3d. per skin, 265. per dozen, 1255. per

roll, Seconds or FOLLOWERS, Ruled, 1s. Ild. each, 228. per dozen,

1058. per roll. RECORDS or MEMORIALS, 7d. each, 68. 6d. per dozen.


An inmense stock in various bindings. ILLUSTRATED PRICE-LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales Copying Presses, Writing Cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles adapted to Library or Office, post free.

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an oppressive tax upon all classes of the community. With A view of applying a remedy to this serious evil the LONDON NECROPOLIS COMPANY, when opening their

extensive cemetery at Woking, held themselves prepared to undertake the whole duties relating to interments at fixed and moderate scales of charge, from which survivors may choose according to their means and the requirements of the case. The Company also undertakes the conduct of Funerals to other cemeteries, and to all parts of the United Kingdom. A pamphlet containing full particulars may be obtained, or will be forwarded, upon application to the Chief Office, ,, Lancaster-place, Strand, W.C.

Clerical, medical, and General Life Assurance Society.






The Fire at the Pantechnicon.
Provident People.
The Annual Income, steadily increasing, exceeds

Exhibition of Water Colour Drawings at Messrs.
The Assurance Fund, safely invested, is over

1,880,000 Agnew's. The New Policies in the last Year were 457, assuring

304,457 Five o'clock Tea. The New Annual Premiums were

Causerie de Paris,
The Bonus added to Policies in January 1872 was..

Portraits of Mme. Parepa-Rosa, Senor Castelar, Luise
Muhlbach, and General Pavia,
The Total Claims by Death paid amount to

Banks and Banking.
The subsisting Assurances and Bonuses amount to

5,773,144 Crystal Palace Concerts.


CREDIT of half the first vfive annual Premiums allowed on whole-term Policies on healthy Lives not over CUT PAPER PATTERN:

sixty years of age.

ENDOWMENT ASSURANCES granted, without Profits, payable at Death, or on attaining a specified age. A MARIE POLONAISE.

INVALID LIVES assured at rates proportioned to the risk.

CLAIMS paid thirty days after proof of death. DRESS AND FASHION: The Parisian Fashions (from our

REPORT, 1873. own Correspondent).-The Mirabeau Paletot; The Marie Polonaise; Bronze Silk Costume: The Camorra Bodice;

The Forty-ninth Annual Report just issued, and the Balance Sheets for the year ending June 30, 1873, as Dinner Dresses: Fashionable Evening Toilettes ; Indoor | rendered to the Board of Trade, can be obtained at either of the Society's Offices, or of any of its Agents. and Promenade Toilettes, &c., with Illustrations.

GEORGE CUTCLIFFE, ACTUARY AND SECRETARY, THE WORK TABLE. - Shawl; Insertion; Border; Over Petticoat and Bodice, in one piece, for Child of Two years

COMMISSION.-10 per cent. on the First Premium, and 5 per cent. on Renewals, is allowed to Solicitors of age; Macrame Corner; Brussels Point Gaze; Brussels The Commission will be continued to the Person introducing the Assurance, without reference to the channe. Point de Medici, &c., with Ilustrations.

through which the Premiums may be paid.
THE HOUSEWIFE. – Letters to Young Housekeepers;
Notes and Queries; Answers. Cuisine : Notes and Queries;

Music and Musicians. Gazette des Dames. The Tourist.

Τ Pastimes. The Library. The Exchange. Personal. The

Sent free by post on receiving price of Book, Boudoir. Court Chronicle. Society. Obituary. Notes and Queries on Dress, Work, Music, and other

, subjects useful and interesting to Ladies,

containing a Conrse of Study for All the Fashionable Intelligence of the Week,

Intermediate, and Final Examinations of Articled Clerks, OY

and the Books to be read, &c., being a Complete Guide to Prico 6d. ; Post Free 7}d.

the Candidate's Successful Examination and Admi-sion. May be had of News Agents, Booksellers, and at the Rail.


By RICHARD HALLILAY, Esq., Author of the “ Digest way Stalls.

of Examination Questions." Fourth Edition. By GEORGE


BADHAM, Esq., Solicitor. This is designed as an Appendis City Pavemente.

to the "Answers to the Examination Questions." Price

9s. cloth. ACCOUNTS. A

Cruelty to Animals-Vivisection, Journal and Cash Book, prepared by Mr. GEORGE

THE WATERLOO CUP. C. OKE, of the Mansion House, London, for Justices' Birmingham, Cambridgeshire, Derby, and Worcester Students' Society on the Course of Reading for the Clerks' Account of Fees received by them. The headings

Steeple hases.

Final Examinations of the Incorporated Law Society. sre; Date-Subject of Entry-Fees earned-Fees debited

The Spring Handicaps.

By Dr. ROLLIT. Price 2s. in Ledger-Leuger Folio-Current fees received --Fines, Hunting Notes from Leicestershire, Ireland, &c. fees, &c., credited-Ledger folio-Fines, fees, &c., repaid –

Management of Dog Shows. Office expenses.

Prices: One quire, 58.; two quires, 88.; The Prick-eared Skye Terrier, with an Illustration, three quires, 115.; four quires, 14:.; five quires, 178.; six Designs for Five-ton Yachts.

DIGEST of the EXAMINATION quires, 208.; hall-bound, or in sheets unbound' 38. per Rowing at the Universities.

QUESTIONS in Common Law, Conveyancing, and quire.

Variation of Diet in Animals.

Equity, from the commencement of the Examinations in London: H. Cox, 10, Wellington-street, Strand.

Ornithological Rambles in Spain.

1836 to Hilary Term, 1872, with ANSWERS; also the mode The First Salmon in Tasmania.

of proceeding, and directions to be attended to at the Eu. IOLICITOR'S CASH BOOK.-A Cash Book

Preservation of Coarse Fish

amination. By RICHARD HALLILAY, Esq., Anthor of Woodcock and Snipe Shooting.

"The Articled Clerk's Handbook.” Seventh Edition, by Diseases in the Feet of Horare.

GEORGE BADHAM, Esq., Solicitor, Price 168. cloth. payments on cash account, bank account, business account, and private account. Price, with explanation, in sheets,

The Emigrant Fields of North America.

Feeding Stuffs for Cattle. 38. 6d. per quire, or bound in extra forril, of the following

The Commercial Principle as applied to Agriculture. thickness : one quire, 10s.; two quires, 138. 6d.; three

Scotch Rural Affairs. quires, 178.; four quires, £l is. ; five quires, £1 58.; six

Kitchen Garden-Cropping.
quires, el 9s.
Athletic Sports, Football, Golf, Racquets, Bicycling, Maxims, with Observations and Cases.

Cases. In Two Parts.
The author says: “It is very simple, and with a little
attention it will be found to work well; I have long proved
Cricket, Cards, Chess, Poultry, and Pigeons.

Part II. Eight

Hundr-d Maxims, with Translations. By GEORGE it to do so.". May be obtained direct, or through any book

Price 6d. By post, 6td.

FREDERICK WHARTON,Attorney-at-Law. Price 108.60. seller by order.

cloth London: H. Cox, 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C. FIELD OFFICE, 346, STRAND, LONDON, W.C.

H, Cox, 10, Wellington-street, Strand.

Country Gentleman's Newspaper, THE ARTICLED, CLERK'S HANDBOOK,




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LEGAL MAXIMS, with Observations and










Serjeant-at-Law, Recorder of Portsmouth,


Barrister-at-Law, Recorder of Gravesend.


The work comprises : The Representation of the People Act 1867; The Registration Act 1868; The Corrupt Practices Ac 1868; The Ballot Act 1872; incorporating the Reform Act and all the Statutes; and the decisions of the Court of Common Pleas upon Appeal to 1873, with instructions for the management of Elections in Counties, Cities, and Boroughs, for the management of Registration, and for Returning Officers, with Precedents of Books, Forms, &c. And The Law and Practice of Munici. pal Elections.

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