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pass it through a small aperture in a partition of Cooper, H. Stanley Cooper, Thomas Claye, T. L. to send in any bill which he could not stand by. the room in which the voting takes place, such Farrar, J. A. Foyster, James Greenhalgh (Bolton), (Hear, hear.). In conclusion he thanked them for ballot paper being received and the vote or votes H. GalloWay, James Gill, Thomas Holden Bolton), the honour which they had conferred upon him as recorded at once in a register by a presiding officer C. H. Holden (Bolton), George Hadfield, jun., T. Chief Magistrate of Salford. on the other side of the partition ? I do not W. Heelis (Bolton), Thomas Jepson, W. W. Mr. Alderman Radford proposed “The Lord attempt to work out my proposal in detail, leav. Kirkman, Alfred Leaf, J. B. Payne, John Pea. Chancellor and the Judges, including the Local ing rather to those more experienced in the work cock, Richard Radford, T. L. Rushton (Bolton), Judges.” He felt sure that in proposing that ing of the ballot, who could, no doubt, improve G. F. Wharton, P. Watson (Bury), G. B. With. toast he carried with him the sympathy of every my suggested plan, which, after all, would be ington, H. Wheeler, M. Bateson Wood, Henry member of the society - (bear, hear)—for there principally of use in large constituencies, and Wood, Fercy Woolley, and $. Unwin (hon. sec.). was not one among them, from the youngest to especially in large boroughs. In small constituen. After the banquet the chairman proposed the the oldest, but must regard with veneration the cies at all approaching to pocket boroughs it ordinary toasts.

illustrious persons who filled the highest positions would probably operate undesirably. No one will Mr. P. F. Garnett, vice-president of the Incor- in their Profession. After eulogising the Lord contend that the Ballot Act is such a perfect piece porated Law Society of Liverpool, proposed the Chancellor, he referred to our common law judges, of machinery that it is not capable of improve. toast of the evening, “The Manchester Incor- and said we could not but regard with wonder ment.

CHARLES FORD. porated Law Association.” He said these law the extraordinary power displayed by them in the Feb. 21.

associations, particularly the Manchester Law discharge of their duties. Those who had looked Association, had had very great weight of late to the marvellons charge now being delivered in

and very great influence, not only internally upon that cause celebre, the Tichborne case, by the NOTES AND QUERIES ON

the body of solicitors themselves, raising the Lord Chief Justice (Sir A. Cockburn) must regard POINTS OF PRACTICE. standard and raising the status of the solicitor; it as one of the most wonderful instances of the

and externally no one could be insensible to the power of the elucidation of a case surrounded Notice.-We must remind our correspondentk that this influence and effect of late years, to the methodical | with difficulties and with an unequalled mass of

colunan is not open to onestions involving points of law and combined influence and zeal of the gentlemen evidence, which could only be dealt with by one such as a solicitor should be consulted upon. Queries will connected with those associations, and above all who had had such an extensive legal training. be excluded which go beyond our limits.

with regard to the Manchester Association. Pro. (Applause.)

bably he had been asked to propose the toast Mr. Jepson responded to the toast. Queries.

from the fact of his being a member of the Liver. Mr. M. Bateson Wood proposed “ The Incor. 67. County Court PRACTICE.-A County Court sum. pool Incorporated Law Society, and therefore porated Law Society of Liverpool,” which was mous bas been issued agaiust a client of miue who does probably better able to appreciate the advantages responded to by Mr. Garnett, the vice-president not dwell or carry on business within the district of and good services rendered by the Manchester of that society; and the Mayor of Manchester the court which issued the summons, and who has not done so at any time within six months, and the cause Association. To those services he, on the part of then proposed " The health of the President of of actiou (if any) did not arise wholly or in part within his society bore very ready testimony. (Applause.) the Manchester Incorporated Law Association,” the district, but my client dwells within 500 yards of He had very great pleasure in proposing the who responded. the boundary of the district and was served at his toast.

The proceedings were shortly afterwards brought dwelling-house. Has the Judge of the County Court wbich issued the summons (it is not in the Metro.

Mr. Taylor, vice-president, responded to the to a conclusion. politan District) jurisdiction in this case ? I refer to toast, and congratulated the members on the suc19 & 20 Vict., c. 108, 17, d to 30 & 31 Vict., c. 142, cess of their association, both in respect to the

MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. A LONDON SOLICITOR. funds, its influence on public opinion, and its 68. Ballot Act- Personation.-By the 24th section (Hear, hear.) This was an age of progress, but maintenance of the status of the legal Profession. TAE half yearly general meeting of the society

was held on Wednesday at the offices, King-street, o hobe ablicet fort also ja pean site on that any

person perhaps not altogether an age of real improve. Cheapside. Sir Sills John Gibbons, Bart., pre“applies ballot in pame of other person, &c.," shall be deemed to be guilty of the ment, but one thing was certain, that if they did sided, and there was a large attendance. ottence of personation. By the 6 & 7 Vict., c. 18, s. 86, it is not move they would get put aside. (Hear.) He

The formal business having been transacted, the provided “ that, if at the time a person tenders bis vote, was happy to see from the report that the new report and accounts were taken as read. The or after he has voted and before he leaves the polling Judicature Bill and the bill for the remuneration former was as follows : station, any agent appointed as aforesaid (1.6. persopa of their Profession had occupied attention. He

“The revenue account and balance sheet for tion agent) shall declare to the returning officer or his could not say much for the first, but the last was 1873, which the directors have the pleasure

to lay respective deputy, that he verily believes and under. takes to prove that the person voting is not in fact the very important-(hear, hear, and laughter)—and before the members, are ready for deposit at the person in whose name he assumes to vote, it shall be it would have the good effect, at all events, that Board of Trade, and are prepared in the manner lawful and be is hereby required immediately after if they could make a bargain they would do better prescribed by the Life Assurance Companies' Act, such person has voted to order him to be taken into than some of them had done under the old system 1870, which is now generally adopted. In this form custody." Assuming that a voter does apply for a ballot paper in the name of another person, and on the of taxation. (Hear, hear, and applause.)

comparions can easily be made with the accounts usual questions being asked by the presiding officer

Mr. Cooper proposed the “Mayor and Corpora- of other offices, and members of the Mutual can before the ballot paper has been delivered to him, the tion of Manchester."

without difficulty ascertain the comparative posiperson so applying distinctly says that he is not the The Mayor of Manchester (Mr. Ald. Watkin) in tion of the society. The accounts appended hereto same person whose name appears as A. B. in the re. responding said when he went into the council he present the following characteristics :-1. In. gister and refuses to vote, would the presiding officer went with the notion that he was going to mix crease in the total assurances and policies in under, such circumstances and reading the above with a body of savages, but he had remained in it force; 2. In the assurance fund ; 3. In the new schedules together be justificd in ordering him into custody?


until he had come to the conclusion that he was assurances effected during the year; 4. In the

associated with a body of honest and really intelli- new premiums; 5. In the rate of interest on in. 69. QUALIFICATION OF Justices.-B., a justice of the gent men. (Hear, hear.) They had singularities vestments ; 6. In the expenses of management; peace, is to tent that would lenve insuficient to give him a qualid: among them, and all sorts of crotchets frequently and 7. A decrease in the amount of claims. The

arose, but from an experience of fifteen years, he total assurances cution to be mule a justice, in case be were not already could say that the business of this city was con- £2,477,374, under 4417 policies. The assurance

in force amount to one. Such being the case, does his right to be and act as a justice cease ? What steps are necessary to ascer

ducted with ability, and with a conscientiousness fund has increased in the past year from tain his qualification, and, if necessary, prevent him which would satisfy anyone who understood its £769,538 to £802,381. The new assurances have from activg?

COBWEB, operations. (Cheers.) He thought that in every increased from 189 policies, assuring £96,506 in

sort of transaction co-operation and goodwill was 1872, to 249 policies, assuring £150,140 completed Answers.

always necessary to success. He thought it most in 1873, being an increase of 56 per cent. in the (Q. 63.) SEAL.-Certainly. It will operate only as a

useful that the authorities should always keep up twelve months. The new premiums have insimple contract and te entirely void for all the purposes the entente cordiale with every member of their creased from £3113, in 1872, to £4639 in 1873,

Sealing is more re juisite to the validity profession, (Hear, hear.) The members of the being an increase of 49 per cent. The rate of of a deed than even signing.


council had the highest respect for the members interest on the total cash assets of the society (Q. 65.) POWERS OF ADMINISTRATRIX.-The beir, who

of their Profession, and he, as their mouthpiece, has increased from £4 3s. 4d. per cent. in 1872 is an infant, is the party to convey; and the widow will thanked them for the handsome manner in which to £4 78. 22. in 1873, being equivalent to a only join for the purpose of releasing her right to they had expressed their good wishes to the cor- clear gain to the society of about £1540 dower. But as an iniant cannot make a conveyance to poration. (Cheers.)

year on the interest account alone. The ex. bind him upon attaining twenty-one, to make a good Mr. Rushton proposed the “Health of the expenses of management have increased by £1116 title to a purchaser the property must be sold under | Mayor of Salford,” which was received with the direction of the Court of Chancery.

on the year. Against this is to be set a largely OWL. cheers.

increased new business, which is steadily deve. (Q. 66.) TRESPASS -A. can soe for damages at law or The Mayor of Salford (Mr. Harwood) said the loping, and an increased new premium income for filea bill for an injunction to restrain the puisance. As honour of replying to the toast was greatly en. 1873 of £1526 over that of 1872. The increase on suming that it could not continue without B.'s cog. hanced by the fact that the gentleman who had the average rate of interest of 3s. 10d. per

cent., nizance and permission, I think B. should be made proposed it was a personal friend of his own, one which on £802,381 is about £1540, brings a total defendant; unless B. has sublet to tbe builder, when

who had been mayor of Bolton for two consecu. the latter may be made defendant. I do not think tive years, and a member of that corporation for revenue account

as a result of the extra expendi.

of over £3066 per annum to the credit of the action for trespass should be brought.

a quarter of a century, and one who had left his ture of the society during the past year. The

mark on all the improvements in Bolton during directors have pleasure in stating that the claims LAW SOCIETIES.

that time. He also felt ashamed to reply to the for 1873 are only £58,285, against claims in 1872

toast in the presence of Mr. Alderman Radford, amounting to £61,054. Notices to the members MANCHESTER INCORPORATED LAW

whom he looked upon as one of the fathers of the giving the particulars of the sums which will be

Corporation of Salford. (Applause.) He (the added to their policies in the event of their ASSOCIATION.

Mayor) had not been connected with the Corpora. | becoming claims in 1874 will be sent out as soon The annual banquet of the Manchester Incorpo. tion of Salford long, but he found it was com. as possible. rated Law Association was held at the Albion posed of a body of gentlemen who came there for The Chairman said it became his very pleasing Hotel, in that city. There was a large at. no other purposes than to render the best services duty to address them in reference to the business tendance. The chair was taken by Mr. W. H. they could to those who had sent them to the of the year 1873. He did so with more than ordi

. Guest, the president; and the vice-chairs by Council. (Hear, hear.) The office which he held nary pleasure, because he felt sure that they had Mr. J. Taylor (Bolton) and Mr. A. Percy Earle, was no sinecure. Recently he had had to attend all given very minute and particular attention to the vice-presidents. Among the invited guests to the school board election, and that was no light the report of the directors, by which they would were

The Mayor of Manchester, the Mayor of matter. Aə they would have seen from letters in find that the business of the society had increased Salford, the Principal of the Owens College (Pro. the papers, the Mayor of Salford's bill was in a satisfactory manner. The improvement fessor Greenwood) ; deputation from the Incor. challenged, and under the able guidance of Mr. which had occurred was, in his judgment, of a porated Law Society of Liverpool, consisting of Andrew, their clerk, he had had to apply to the very marked character, seeing that they were Mr. Garnett (vice-president) and Mr. Kenion Educational Board. The result was that the gaining to a greater extent then they had ever (hon. sec.); and amongst those present were, school board had decided to pay every farthing done before the confidence of the public, who Messrs. E. Andrew (town clerk, Salford), C. Aston, of that bill, thus proving that the bill was a just were most anxious to become acquainted with T. T. Bellhouse, Richard Brown (Stockport), John' and proper one. He should have been ashamed this very flourishing offico. When they looked


ot a deed.

Watson. Sur, March 12



street BE


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to the continued increase of the funds they LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. KERR, DASIEL, surgeon, Northfield. Pet. Feb. 20. Reg. Cha antler.

Sur. Mirch lu would see that in the year just ended they at the meeting of Tuesday evening in last week, SCHOFIELD, EMANTEL, joiner, Bradford. Pet. Feb. 17. Reg. amounted to £18,285. The income was in held at the Law Institution, the question appointed schontos'

, ALBERT HOLLAND, gladealer, Birmingham. Pet.

Sur. 13 proportion. The new insurances had increased for discussion was No. 532 legal:-On the decease, Feb. 9. Rex. Chauntler. Sur. Murch 10 from £96,506 in 1872 to £150,140 in 1873, if a woman entitled by descent to an estate in fee

WELSH, THOMAS, draper, High Wycomb, Pet. Feb. 21. Reg. being an increase of 56 per cent. in the year. He simple, is her husband, having had issue by her, WILLIAMS. WALTER LEWIS LLEWELLYN, tronmonger, Llanelly. wished to say most emphatically that the same entitled, according to the present law, to an estate

Pet. Feb. 21. Reg. Lloyd. Sur. March 11 care and scrutiny as usual had been observed. It for life by the curtesy of England in the whole or

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. was not for the sake of doing new business that any part of her share? Mr. Indermaur presided,

Gazette, Feb. 17. the increase had been made-(hear, hear)--and There was a large attendance of members, and ADDISON, GEORGE, gentleman, Bath. Oct. 22, 1873

JACKSON, WILLIAM, yarn doubler, Manchester. Oct. 11, 1973 therefore he thought the result of the past year's after a good debate the question was decided in

TURNER, GEORGE, blacksmith, Wonston. Feb. 5, 1872 work was a sourse of very great gratification, and the affirmative by a large majority.

Gazette, Feb. 20. he thought it would be so regarded by the share.

DUXX, GEORGE, dealer in picturos, Windsor. Nov. 1, 1873 holders. (Hear, hear.) They had increased their

HART, HENRY, Castlu-st, Houndsditch. July 3, 1873 business between £50,000 and £60,000; and the

LEGAL' OBITUARY. same vigilance was exercised as heretofore. From

Liquidations by Arrangement. that vigilance very great results had been obtained. During the past year it was thought that the NOTE.-This department of the LAW Times, is contributed

FIRST MEETINGS. by EDWARD WALFORD, M.A., and late scholar of Balliol

Gazette, Feb. 20. claims would reach something like what they were College, Oxford, and Fellow of the Geneaiogical and

BARLOW, GEORGE ROSHTOX, tailor, Blackburn. Pet. Feb. 17. in 1871 and 1872, but the fact was that they were Historical Society of Great Britain ; and, as it is desired

March 5, at eleven, ut oftices of Sols. Messrs. Radcliffe, Blacksome £3000 below the amount which they reached

to make it ns perfect a record as possible, the families and

friends of deceased members of the Profession will oblige BASSETT, RICHARD, tailor, Mansion-house-bldge, Queen Victoria. in 1872. That was another very agreeable feature by forwarding to the Law Ties Office any dates and

Pet. Feb. 17. March 4, at eleven, it the London Warehousein the report, for it showed that they had not materials required for a biographical notice.

men's Association, 33, Gutter-la. Sol. Buchunnan, Businghall. been wrong in their calculations which they had

EY, ROBERT, builder, Frat Pet. Feb. 17. March 5, at made in respect to the mortality that might be


three, at office of Wainscot, accountant, Portsca. Sul. Walker,

Lindport looked for. The rate of interest on the total cash The late Herman Merivale, Esq., C.B., Under

BLACKBIRX, WILLIAM, tailor, Chorley. Pet. Feb. 16. March 4, assets of the society had increased from £4 38. 4d. Secretary of Stato for India, who died on the 8th

at offices of Sol. Morris, Chorley per cent. in 1872 to £4 78. 20. per cent. in 1873, inst., at his residence in Cornwall.gardens, of BLAKE, ANDREW, commission ugent. Pall-m:11, and St. Luke's

. Pet. Feb. 16. March 3, at two, at office of Sol. giving a clear gain to the society of about disease of the heart, after a short illness, in the

Christmas, Walbrook

BOWDEN, ROBERT WALKER, fancy goods dealer, Scarborough. £1540 on the interest_account alone. This tended sixty-eighth year of his age, was the eldest son of

Pet. Feb. 12. March 3, ut three, at ottices of Sol. Willianison,

Scarborough to show to the proprietors that the directors the late John Herman Merivale, Esq., Commis.

BURGESS, EDWIX, draper, Wilmslow. Pet. Feb. 16. March 4, at had not lost sight of anything which would sioner of Bankruptcy, of, Devon, by

three, at offices of Sols. Higginbotham and Barclay, Macclesbenefit the society. The tabular account of the Louisa Heath, daughter of the late Rev. Joseph


CARR, HENRY SAJIWAY:, broker, Homer-st, Marylebone-rd. society's progress during the last forty years— Drury, D.D., of Cockwood House, Devon.

Pet. Feb. 18. March 2, at three, at offices of Sol. Yorke, Mary. namely, from 1834 to 1873-was of a very grati. was born in the year 1806, and was educated at


CARSLAKE HENRY, beerhouse keeper, Salisbury. Pet. Feb, 17. fying character indeed. They all knew how the Harrow, and at Trinity College, Oxford, where he

March 6, at three, at F. Hodding, Market House, Salisbury society was first constituted that there was no graduated B.A. in 1827, taking first-class honours CAWDRON, WILLIAM, coul dealer, Moulton. Pet. Feb. 16.

March 9, at eleven, at office of Sols. Caparn and Wilders, proprietary capital; that a number of gentlemen in the school of Literis Humanioribus; he was

Holbeach bound themselves together, feeling certain that afterwards clected to a fellowship in Balliol Col.

CLARKE, EDWIN RICHARD, builder, Cambridge. Pet. Feb. 16.

March 3, at eleven, ut office or Sols. Ellison und Burrowe, Petty they could so found the society on mutual prin lege, and took his M.A. degree in 1833. He was

Cury ciples that they would require no capital what called to the Bar by the Honourable Society of CLARKE, JOHX, innkeeper, West Smethwick. Pet. Feb. 16. ever. They pledged themselves that in the event the Inner Temple, in Michaelmas Term, 1832, and

March 5, int three, at the Carnarvon Custle inn, Wolverhampton.

. Osborne, Shiinul of certain losses occurring they should be de joined the Western Circuit, practising occasionally COPE. Jous, varier, Lipley. Pet. Peb. 12. March 3, at eleven,

ut the Fox and Hounds ini, Cheswardin. Sol. Onions frayed pro rato, as they stood. If those present at the Exeter and Devon sessions, and he was

CRUIP, GEORGE, tish dealer. Burslem. Pet. Feb. 17. March 9, examined the statement to which he referred they also for some time Recorder of Falmouth, Helston, Nt eleven, at ottice of Sul. Sherratt, Kidsgrove

DANES, THOMAS RICHARD, coal merchant, Kentixh-town-rd. would see how rapidly the income of the society and Penzance. In 1837 he was appointed Pro

Pet. Feb. 13. March 6, at four, at office of Sol. Ablett, Cam. had increased from £4211 in the first year up to fessor of Political Economy in the University of bridge-ter,

DAVEY, ROBERT, mall contractor, Dulverton. Pet. Peb 19. £10,447 in four years. In that he thought they Oxford, which he held for the usual period, and

March 3. at two, at the Red Lion hotel, Dulverton. Sol. Rogers,

Exater had much to congratulate themselves upon, and in 1848 he was appointed permanent Under Secro

DAWSOX, WILLIAM, builder, Crewe. Pet. Feb. 17. March 12, at with their permission he would now propose the tary of State for the Colonies, and subsequently,

eleven, at office or sol. Warburton, Creve adoption of the report. (Applause) namely, in 1860, Under Secretary for the Indian EADES, ALFRED, and EADEN, EDWARD, painters, Portxea.

Pet. Feb. 14. March 3, at twelve, at ottices or Edinonds, Davis, Mr. Ingall (late of the Imperial) seconded the Department, the duties of which office he fulfilled

and Clark, 32, Poultry, London. Sols. Harvey and Addison, motion.

down to the period of his decease. Mr. Merivale, The motion was agreed to. who was nominated a Companion of the Bath in

EATOX, THOMAS, fishmonger, Farnworth. Pet. Feb 18. March

3, at eleven, the Old Bowling Green hotel, Farnworth. Sol. A proprietor proceeded to offer some remarks 1858,

was the author of " Lectures on the Colonies

FIELD, MILBOU'RN GOODRICK, chemist, Wolverhampton. upon the tabular statement showing the progress and Colonization,”: “ Historic Studies,” &c. He

Feb. 14. March 2, at eleven, at ottice of Sol. Gatis, Wolver. of the office since its establishment, and observed married in 1834 Miss Caroline Penelope Robinson, hunpton

FREETH, SAMUEL, grocer, West Smethwick. Pet. Feb. 16. that he thought it a very satisfactory state of daughter of the Rev. William Villiers Robinson,

March 6, at elever, at office of Sol. Shakespeare, Oldbury affairs for any office to show to its members. He, and sister of the late Rev. Sir George Stamp GALE, BENJANIN, soda water in unutucturer, Lieds. Pet. Feb.


March 2, at one, at oftice of Sols. Rooke and Midgley, for one, felt grateful to all the directors and offi. Robinson, Bart., of Crawford, Northamptonshire,

Leeds cials, past and present, whose watchful care had by whom he has left a family.

GOLDNTOYA, SAMURL, clothier, Birmingham. Pet. Peb. 16,

March at iwo, at offices of Suls. Maher and Poncin, Bir. contributed to the preseut flourishing, position of

Iningham the society.

GOODALL, JOHx, timber dealer, Harestock. Pet. Feb. 13.

Feb. 2, nt three, At H, Cooper'--rd, Old Kunt-rd Mr. H. MI. Dunphy proposed, and Mr. Stafford PROMOTIONS AND APPOINT

GRANT, ROBERT, grocer, Braintree. Pet. Feb. 13. March !, at Northcote seconded, a vote of thanks to the chair.


tw), at the London Warehousemen's Association, I1, Gutter-la,

Chenpxide, London. Sol. Downes, Cheapside, London man and board of directors for their exertions N.B.-Announcements of promotions being in the nature GREGORY, FRANCIS JAMEs, publicin, Cheltenham. Pet. Feb. 17. during the past year.

of advertisements, are charged 2s. tid. each, for which March 3, at half past ten, at office of Sol. Boodle, Cheltenham postage stamps should be inclosed.

HALL, Jours, plait dealer, Luton. Pet. Feb. 17. The motion was carried unanimously, and briefly

March 10, at

one, at office of Sol. Jeffery, Luton acknowledged by the chairman.

HALL, THOMAS, beerseller, Xewcastle-under-Lyme. Pet. Feb. 14.

MR. FRED. D. COOKE, of 32, Full-street, Derby March 2, at eleven, at the Copeland Arins hotel, Stoke-upon. Mr. Pellatt proposed, and Mr. Gull seconded, a (successor to the late firm of Gamble and Cooke),

Trent. Sol. Cooper, Congleton vote of thanks to the actuary, Mr. Thomas Tally, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer

HAMPNOY, JOXAH, grocer, Watford. Pet. Feb. 14. March 9, at to whom, said the proposer, the society was Oaths in Chancery.

two, at office of Coker, accountant, Cheapside. Sol. Barrett,

New inn, Strand greatly indebted for his energetic and successful

HARRIS, ROBERT, builder, Trowbridge. Pet. Feb. 16. March 4

at twelve, at office of Sol. Rodway, Trowbridge attempts to increase their business. (Applause.)

HEARTFIELD, JOHN, pork butcher, High-st, Mitcham. Pet. Feb. The motion having been unanimously agreed to,

17. March, at twelve, at ottice of Parry, Croydon-gr, Croydon. THE GAZETTES.

Sol. Parry, Greshan-bldgs Mr. Tully, in acknowledging the compliment,

HIGHAM, JAMES, krocer, Chorley. Pet. Feb. 17. March 6, at expressed the gratification which it afforded him

eleven, at office of Sol. Morrik, Chorley

HOLMES, ROBERT, jun., tobacco merchant, Leeds. Pet. Feb, 17. to have so soon obtained & public recognition of

March 4, at three, it office of Sols. Mears. North, Leeds his services. He assured the meeting that the

Gazette, Feb. 17.

HORSER, JANE, spinster, fancy stationer, High-t, Camden-town.

Pet. Feb. 19. March 9, at two, at office or Sol. Oblein, Queen resolution just passed would act as an incentive PALMER, Sox, and BROUGHTOX, Attorneys and solicitors, Bir Victoriato future exertions; and, without wishing to make

mingham. Dec. I. (William Webb Paliner and Legh Delves HUNT, ALFRED, eating house keeper, Pimlico-rd, Pimlico. Pet. Broughton)

Feb. 3. March 2, at three, at othce of Sol. Marshall, Lincoln's. any pledges for the future, he thought he might

inn-fields go so far as to say that no efforts would be left

JAGER, HIRAM, worsted spinner, Bradford. Pet. Feb. 18. Bankrupts.

March 3, ut twelve, at office of Sols. Terry and Robinson, Brad. antried by him to augment the business and ex. tend the popularity of the society. (Hear, hear.)

Gazette, Feb, 20.

JAMES, SABAH, baker, Syresham. Pet. Feb. 17. March 7, at ten, The proceedings then terminated.

To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.

at ottice of sinal1, Buckingham. Sols. Mesars Kilby, Binbury

JONES, JOHN, and JONES, THOMAS, builders, Lewyngog. Pet. CANNING, JOHX, secretary to an engineer, Great Winchester-st.

Feb. 18. March 3, at two, at ottices of Sol. Jones, Aberystwith

bldys. Pet. Feb. 16. Reg. Broughamn. Sol. Trinder, Bishops. KANE, GEORGE, bootmaker, Liverpool. Pet. Feb. 18. March 17. BRISTOL ARTICLED CLERKS' DEBATING guto-t-without. Sur. March 6

at three, at office or Vine, accountant, Liverpool. Sol. Ritson,
MARCHISIO, JOHx, merchant, Mark-la, Pet. Feb. 17. Reg. Hazlitt

Sol. Simpson, Borough High-gt. Sur. March 4

KEDETOX, SAXTEL, boot manufacturer, Norwich. Pet. Feb. 16, A MEETING of this society was held in the Law PITCH FORD, EDWARD BEAUMONT, and PITCHFORD, ALFRED

March 4, at one, at once of Sol. Stanley, Norwich

THOMAS, lead manufacturers, Limehouse. Pet. Feb. 16. Reg. Library on Tuesday evening, the 3rd instant, at

KULOW. PALL TRIEDRICH WILHELM ENNST MORITZ, and Spring-Rice. Sols. Linklaters and Co. Walbrook, Sur. March 5

REUS, GERHAND), inerchants, West Hartlepool. Pet. Feb. 14. seven o'clock, F. Gilmore Barnett, Esq., solicitor, STIFE, GEORGE, and FLOWER, ALFRED, newspaper proprietora March #, at eleven, at office of Sol. Todd, Hartlepool

Fleet-st. Pet. Aug. 21. Reg. Murray.

and in the chair. The following was the point for

LACKINGTON, HESRY, baker, Southend, Croydon. Pet. Feb. 13. Rolph, Cannon-st. Sur. March 10

March 2, at two, at office of Sols. Messrs. Button, Henrietta-st, discussion :-Do the words “cause of action," in

To surrender in the Country.

Covent-gdn sect. 18 of the Common Law Procedure Act 1852, AMBREY, Thomas, grocer, Mountain Ash. Pet. Feb. 14. Reg.

LAWRENCE, ELIJAH STEPHES, tailor, Marlborough. Pet. Feb. Rees. Sur. Feb. 29

16. March 9, at eleven, at office of Sol Goulter, Hungerford mean the whole cause of action or only the breach DRAY, ALFRED HENRY, backsmith, Chiddingly. Pet. Feb. 17.

LEE, JOHN, Db.ccontat, Chester. Pet. Feb. 13. March 4, at three, of contract ? (See Durham v. Spence, L. Rep. 6 Reg. Blaker. Sur. March 3

at office of Sol, Cartwright, Chester Ex. 46, 19 W. Rep. 162). Mr. Fenwick opened, METCALF, FREDERICK, cotton broker, Liverpool. Pet. Feb. 17.

LENNY, JAMES, jeweller. Liverpool. Pet. Feb. 18. March 9, at Reg. Watson. Sur. March 3

two, at office af Sol. Etty, Liverpool and Mr. Bryant opposed. The majority were in TAYLOR, HENRY, builder, Howden. Pet. Feb. 7. Reg. Phillipa.

LEVERSAGE, EDWARD HOW AIL, of no occupation, Coleherne-red favour of the latter view. Sur. March 5

South Kensington. Pet. Feb. 16. March 14, at three, at office of Gazette, Feb. 24.

Sols. Crook and Smith, Fenchurch-st

LEWIS, JOHN, labourer, Radstock. Pet. Feb. 11. March 4, at To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.

three, at ottices of 801. McCarthy, Frome ARTICLED CLERKS' SOCIETY.

CROSLEY, EDWIX UNDECIMU's, stock broker, Cornhul. Pet. Feb. LIPSTOMA, WILLIAM THOMAS, chairmaker, Wroughton. Pet. Feb A MEETING of this society was held at Clement's. 21. Reg. Roche. Sur. March 12

14. Feb. 23, at eleven, at the White Hurt hotel, Newbury. Sul. inn Hall, on Wednesday, the 25th Feb. Mr. H. H.

To surrender in the Country.

Lucas, Newbury

LISON, CHARLES JOHN, diamond merchant, Devonshire-rd,

Pet. Feb. 20.
Crawford, solicitor, in the chair.
APSLEY, JOnx, builder, Park-row, Blackheath.

Greenwich. Pet. Feb. 17. March 10, ut two, at the Guildhall
Mr. Joseph Reg. Pitt-Taylor. Sur. March 10

coffee-house, Greshun-stSol. Murray, Sackville-st. Piccadilly opened the subject for the evening's debate, viz. : BICKERTON, WILLIAM, steamboat agent, Cardiff, Pet. Feb. 20. LOWE, GEORIE WRIGLEY, Carringe builder, Chesterfield. Pet. That the principle of Sir Wilfrid Lawson's Reg. Langley. Sur, March 10

Feb, 17. Murch, a ten, it office of Sol. Cowdeil, Chesterfield HI'ST, GEORGE, tailor, Sheffield. Pet. Feb. 20. Reg. Wake. Sur.

SAMCEL, shoemaker, Heckmondwiko. Pet. Feb. 17. Permissive Bill is worthy of support.” The March 11

March 4, iutton, at office of Sol. Wooler, Hatley motion was lost by a majority of eight.”

JONES, FREDERICK, draper, Gellygare. Pet. Feb. 20. Reg. MECOY, PHILIP", Sodwater manufactuer, Maryport. Pet. Feb.
Russell. Sur. March 9

16. Barch 3, at eleven, at offices of Sol. Collier, Maryport


Professional Partnerships Dissolbed.





MILES, WINIFRED, staymaker, Worthing. Pet. Feb. 18. March HAMMOND, WILLIAM, upholsterer, Lewes. Pet. Feb. 21. March
11, at three, at offices of Sol. Holtham, Brighton

11, at twelve, at the London Warehousemen's Association, Gut-
MIDGE, JOHN, builter, Plynouth. Pet. Feb. 16. March 4, at ter-la. Sol Stuckey, Brighton
Neleven, at othce of Soly, Greenway and Adams, Plymouth
HARRISON, JOHN MABSON, wine merchant, Leeds. Pet. Feb. 18.

MINNELLWHITE, WILLIAM, and MUSNELLWHITE, JOHN CHARLES March 9, at three, at office of Sols. Fawcett and Malcolm, Leeds The Official Assignees, &c., are given, to whom apply for the
PEARMAN, builders, Basingstoke. Pet. Feb. 16. Murch 6, at HEPWORTH, HENRY, brass founder, Sheffield. Pet. Feb. 21.

Dividends. one, at ottice of Sol, Chandler, Basingstoko

March 10, at eleven, at office of Sol. Auty, Sheffield PATERSON, JOHN, grocer, Liverpool and West Derby. Pet. Feb. HIRON, JOHX SAMUEL, journeyman printer, Hereford. Pet. Easthope, J. superanuated inspector of stores, first 3r. 4d. Paget

16. Mirchi, at three, at office of Gibson and Bolland, account. Feb. 19. March 11, at ten, at offices of Sols. Underwood, Knight, Basinghall-st.-Hastie, J. merchant, first 2-32d. Paget, Basing ants, Liverpool. Sol Hunter, jun. Liverpool

and Underwood, llereford

hall-st PEACOCK, ALBERT LOUIN, surgeon, Great Harwood. Pet. Feb. 18. HOLDE:2, WILLIAM, ironinonger, Yalding. Pet. Feb. 18. March Bubband Harris, merchants, first and final, 4d. At Trust. H. W. March 3, at eleven, ut office of Sol. Tattersall, Blackburn

10, at iour, at the Mitre hotel, Maidstone. Sol. Goodwin, Maid. Banner, 24, North John-et, Liverpool.--Cumer, W. butcher, first PERKY, EDWARD, shoemaker, Middlesbrough. Pet. Feb. 13. stone

108. At Trust, K. Snelgrove, Queen-st, Exeter.-mild and Chap. March 2, at two, at office of Sol. Dobson, Middlesbrough

HOWEN, WILLIAM, gentleman, Gilbert-st, Hanover-sq. Pet. Feb. man, merchants, fifth and final id. At office of W. J. White and PICKSLEY, THOMAS, drurgist, Burton-on-Humber. Pet. Feb. 17. 23. March 14, at two, at office of Sol. Pullen, Cloisters, Temple Co. 33, King-st, Cheapside. --Harrisou, G farmer, second and final March 4, at eleven, at office of Sole. Nowell and Priestley, Bar- INGLEDEW, JOSEPH, auctioneer, Bishopsgate-st-without. Pet. 1s. At office of C. C. Becke, 20, Market-sq, Northainpton.-DU, tan-on-Humber

Feb. 19. March 10, at two, at office of Sol. Christmas, St. John's- S. B. inerchant, first 58. At Trust. H. W. Banner, 24, North John. POPE, CHARLES, jun., baker, Hungerford. Pet. Feb. 4. Feb. 29, chbs, Walbrook

st, Liverpool.-Moore, w worsted manufacturer, first and final at two, at the Greyhound hottl. Fordingbridge. Sol. Hicks, KELLETT, HENRY, slater, Ripon. Pet. Feb. 20. March 12, at 58. 9 At Trust. C. J. Buckley, 43, Market-st, Bradford. - Vell Annis-rd, South Hackney, and Gracechurch-st hall-past two, at office of Sol. Bitteson, Low Harrogate

and Harrison, commission agents, first 1s. At Trust. W. T. Ogden, POTTY, JOIN, wine merchant, Aldershot. Pet. Feb. 13. March row-in-Furneur. Sols. Pierce and Rundle, Barrow in Furness 48, Watling nt.-Netrateat, F. G. metu broker, 15. At office of Hud.

6, at two, at the Rainbow tavern, Temple Bar. Sol. Hull, God. KELVIN, HARKNESS, and KELVIN, MATILDA, painters, Now- son and Pybus, Mechanics' Institute, Stuckton. --Schiara, H. alming

castle upon Tyne. Pet. Feb. 12. March 10, at two, ut offices of merchant tailor, lls. At Trust. W. Butcher, 73, Princess-st, Mane POWELL, WILLIAM ALFREN, grase manufacturer, Burdett-rd, Sols. Messrs. Joel, Newcastle upon Tyne

chester.-fe220, A. D. stock dealer, second and final7d. At Trust. Bow. Pet. Feb. 11. Feb. 28, at two, at office of Sol. Marshall, KNAPP, EDWARD SEYMOUR, grocer, Ryde. Pet. Feb. 19. March J. Waddell, Mansion house-chmbs, 12, Queen Victoria-st.trang. Lincoln's-in-fields 9. at eleven, at office of Sol. Hooper, Newport

room, A. L. fish salesman, first 19. 9d. At Trust. J. Etheridge, 3, ROBERTS, JOHN, metal broker, Liverpool. Pet. Feb. 18. March LANSDOWN, JAMES CHENTER, architect, Farringdon-st.

King-st, Great Yarmouth.- Thomas, J. earthenware dealer, 135, 4d. 10, it two, at office of Sol. Etty. Liverpool Feh. 19. March 10, at two, at oftice of Sol. Truefitt, Essex-st,

At Trust. M. Smith, 9, Park-st. Denbigh-Williams, J. paper ROSSITER, CHARLES, artificial Horist,, Shepherders. Middle Temple

merchant, ls. 7d. At Trust. W. Butcher, 72, Princess-st, Hun walk, City-rd. Pet. Feb. 10. Murch, at twolve, ut otfioe of LANT, ROBERT, hatter, Halifax. Pet. Feb. 21. March 10 at

chester Sol. Vickers, Southampton-bldgs, Holbom three, at the Brown Cow hotel, Hallfax. Sol. Boocock, Halifax

INSOLVEXTS' ESTATES. ROUWTHWAITE, THOMAS, clothier, Sunderland. Pet. Feb. 16. LEAKE, THOMAN, innkeeper, Albrighton, near Shrewsbury: Apply at the Provisional Assignce's Office, Portugal-street. Feb. 23, at twelve, at office of Sol. Ritson, Sunderland Pet. Feb. 2. March 16, at twelve, at offices of Corser and

Lincoln's-inn-fields, between the hours of cleven and two SHEPHERD, JAMES, widler, Bury. Pet. Feb. 17. Mirch 5, at Nevett, solicitors, Shrewsbury twelve, at the Clarence hotel, Manchester. Sol. Grundy, Bury LEGEIT, Rev. CHARLES JAMES, clerk in holy orders, Stoke New.

on Tuesdays only. SLATER, SAMUEL, gis fitting manufacturer, Wednesbury. Pet. ington. Pet. Feb. 21. March 16, at two, at offices of Buffen,

Jobbins, W. tailor, first, 29. 210. -Parnell, M. L. Ironmonger, Feb. 18. March 6, at cleven, at office of Sol. Slater, Darlas. public accountant, 52, Moorgate-st. Sol. Handson, King-street,

38. 6d. - Filliams, T. clerk, eighth sd. ton. Sol. Edwards, Darlaston

SMITH, EDWIN, traveller, Bevington-road, Notting-hill. Pet. LINEKER, ROBERT, farmer, Shinfield, near Reading. Pet. Feb.

Fch. 10. Mrch 3, nt twelve, at office of Lewis and Day, solicitors, 19. March 17, at two), at the Queen's hotel, Reading. Sol.
South-sq, Gray's-inn. Sol Day
Barrett, New.inn, Strund, London

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS SMITII, JOHX, brewer's clerk, Hildrop-rd, Camden-rd. Pet. Feb. LISES, MARTIN, wheelwright, Sutton Veny. Pet. Feb. 19. 17. March 6, at three, at office of Sol. Lewis, Wilmington

March 9, at one, lat offices of Sola. Wakeman and Bleeck, War. SURMAX, WILLIAM, bruker, Cheltenham. Pet. Feb. 16. Feb. 28, Ininster

BIRTHS. at eleven, at office of Sol. Billings, Cheltenham

LOVELAND, WILLIAM JOHN, grocer, Tunbridge. Pet. Feb. 14. DEANE.-On the 21st, inst., at 3, York-street, Portman-99, th SWALLOW, CHARLES, out of business, Shrewsbury. Pet. Feb. 17. March 1, at twelve, at office of Slater and Panell, Guildhall-chbs, wife of H. C. Deane, Esq., of Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-law, March 5, at eleven, it office of Sol. Morris, Shrewsbury Basinghall-st. Sol. Palmer, Tunbridge

of it son. THOMAS, RONINI ELIZABETH, widow, china merchant, Wardour

MAY, WILLIAM JOSEPH, keeper, Old Kent-rd. Pet. NEVILLE. - On the 8th inst., at 58. Elgin crescent, Notting-hül, st, Soho. Pet. Feb. 19. March 9, at twelve, at office of Sols. Feb. 17. March 7, at two, at office of Sol. Miller, Bond-court, the wife of Ralph Neville, Esq., berister-at-law, of a daughter. Bennett and Bretherton, Friday-st Walbrook

PINCHES.-On the 13th inst.. at 19, Ladbroke-square, w., the wife THURSTANS, EMMA, milliner, Biriningham. Pet. Feb. 18. March MILLINGTON, JOHN, coal merchant, Chester. Pet. Feb. 19. March of E. Pinches, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. 4, at four, at office of Sol. Parry, Biriningham

7, at twelve, at office of Sol. Duncan and Pritchard, Chester PITCAIRN.-On the 20th inst., at Alperton, the wife of David PitTIM, CARSTEN, merchant, Hull. Pet. Feb. 16. March 4, at eleven,

MILLS, HENRY, sen., and MILLS, HENRY, jun., shipchandlers, cairn, burrister-at-law, of a son. I at office of Sols, Robert and Leak, Hull

Swansea. Pet. Feb. 21. March 10, at twelve, at office of Sol. THOMAS.-On the 19th inst., at ll, Steol's-road, Haverstock-bill, TUCKER, FREDERICK WALTER, commercial traveller, Heigham.

Cox, Swansea

the wife of Edmund Thomas, Esq., barrister-at-law, of a son. Pet. Feb. 18. Feb. 28, at four, at office of Sol. Sadd, Norwich NASH, EDWIN, joiner, Shrewsbury. Pet. Feb. 19. March 12, at THOMPSON.-On the 10th inst., at 44, Russell-road, Kensington, TURNER, THOMAS, coinmercial traveller, Leeds. Pet. Feb. 16. eleven, at office of Sol. Morris, Shrewsbury

the wife of W. F. Thompson, M.A., barrister-at-law, of a March 3, at two, at office of So). Pullan, Leeds

NASH, THOMAS, blacksinith, Great Missenden. Pet. Feb. 21. duughter. WAINWRIGHT, HENRY, brush manufacturer, Whitechapel-rd.

March 9, at three, at the Red Lion inn, Greut MissendenSol. WILCOX-On the 13th inst., at Stokesley, the wife of F. H. Wilcox, Pet. Feb. 16. March 4, at two, at office of Lols. Linklater, Hack- Clarke, High Wycombe

solicitor, of a daughter. wood, Addison, and Brown, Walbrook NORMAN, FREDERICK, dealer in boots, Chesterfield. Pet. Feb.

DEATHS. WEBB, WILLIAM EssISATON, victueller, Worcester. Pet. Feb. 16.

30. March 9, at three, at the Stag and Pheasant, Leicester. Sol. Match 1. at eleven, at otlice of Sols, Rex and Miller, Worcester Goe, Hich-st, Chesterfield

PIXKNEY.-On the 17th inst., at Park House, Stoke Newington WHITEOAK, PARKER BUCKLEY, wood turner, Streeton-in-Craven. NORTHERN, JOHN, shoemaker, Bedford. Pet. Feb. 19. March 6,

Thomas Francis Pinkney, Esq., solicitor. Pet. Feb. 7. March 6, at three, at office of Sols. Wright and at twelve, at office of Sol. Conquest, Bedford

PHILIPE.-On the 17th inst., at Wood-green, Middlesex, aged 72, Waterworth, Keighley PALMER, ROBERT, ironmonger, Haslemere. Pet. Feb. 19.

George Peter De Rhe Philipe, Esq., formerly of Gray's-innWOOD, GEORGE, corn chandler, Kingsland-rd. Pet. Feb. 13. March 9, at one, at office of Sol. Geech, Guildford

square, solicitor. March 2, at four, at office of Sol. Geaussent, New PARROT, EDWARD, dairyman, Aldershot.

WALTER.-On the ind inst., at Ember-grore, Thames Ditton,

Pet. Feb. 17. March 10, at twelve, at offices of Sols. Messrs. Bayley and Foster,

and of 11, Newgato-street, aged 50, William Walter, solicitor.

WORDSWORTH.-On the 18th inst., at Wallington, Surrey, aged
Gazette, Feb. 24.

PHILLIPS, GEORGE, carpenter, Wattlesborongh, par. Westbury.

68, Charles Wordsworth, Esq., Q.C. ALIFFE, WILLIAM, labourer, Normanton. Pet. Feb. 18.

Pet. Feb. 20. March 11, ut eleven, at office of Sol. Morris,
March 12, at eleven, at office of Sol. Stringer, Ossett

ATKINS, RICHARD, jun., chartermaster, Toll End. Pet. Feb. 18..

PARTRIDGE AND COOPER March 7, at eleven, at office of Sol. Cresswell, Willenhall

indigo merchants, Mincing-la. Pet. Feb. 19. March 10, at BEANE, CHARLES FREDERICK, corn merchant, New Corn Ex three, at office of Sols. Plews and Irvine, Mark-la

WHOLESALE & RETAIL STATIONERS, change, Mark-la, and Seething-la Pet. Feb. 19. March 12, at

REEVE, WILLIAM, butcher, Witeringbury. Pet. Feb. 18. March two, at office of Barnard, Clarke, McLean, and Co., 3, Luthbury.

5, at four, at the Mitre hotel, Maidstone. Sol. Goodwin, Maid- 192, FLEET-STREET, AND 1 & 2, CHANCERY-LANE, LONDON, E.C. Sols. Ashurst, Morris, and Co., Old Jewry BELCHAMBER, GEORGE, hatter, Brighton. Pet. Feb. 20. March RILEY, ELIZABETHI, stationer, Manchester. Pet. Feb. 20. March

Carriage paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 20s. 13, at three, at 13, Queen-st, Cheapside, London, Sol. Chalk,

9, at three, at offices of Pritchard, Englefield, and Co., Painter's Brighton Hall, Little Trinity-la, London. Sols. Edwards and Bintlitr,

DRAFT PAPER, 58., 6s. 6d., 78, 6d., 78. 9d., and 9s. 9d. per BEVERLY, ABRAHAM MANHOOD, cheesemonger, Kentish-town-rd.


ream. Pet. Feb. 21. March 11, at three, at offices of Berry, Greening, ROBERTS, PETER, farın bailiff, Brindicwye. Pet. Feb. 19. March and Co., Farringdon-st. Sol. Knight, Newgatest

BRIEF PAPER, 158. 6d., 178. 60., and 239. 61. per ream.

14, at eleven, at the Blue Bell inn, Gwyddelwern. Sol. James, BLENKHORN, SARAH AYNE, and BLENKHORN,

FoolsCAP PAPER, 10s. 6d., 12s.6d., and 153. 6d. per ream.
NARIA WREN, schoolmistresses, Claythorpe. Pet. Feb. 17.

CREAM LAID NOTE, 38., 48., and 58. per ream.
March 6, at half past twelve, at office of Sol. Williarns,

yarn spinner, Huddersfield.
Pet. Feb. 20). March 12, at half-

LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 48, 6d., 6s. 6d., and 8s. per ream. Lincoln past two, ut offices of Sol. Berry, Huddersfield

LARGE BLUE NOTE, 38. 6d., 48. od., and 6s. 6d. per ream. BOCKING, HENRY, basket maker, King-st, Covent-garden. Pet. SEWED, GEORGE EDWARD, flock dealer, Huddersfield. Pet.

ENVELOPES, CREAM OR BLUE, 4s. 6d., and 68, 6d., per 1000. Feb. 9. March 7, at eleven, at office of Sol. Apps, South-sq, Feb. 20. March 9, at three, at office of Sol. Haigh, Hudders

THE "TEMPLE” ENVELOPE, extra secure, 98. 6d. per 1000. Gray's-inn


FOOLACAP OFFICIAL ENVELOPES, Is. 9d. per 100. BRIDGE, JOHN, Clee. Pet. Feb. 20. March 6, at eleven, at

SHOTTON, JOHN GEORGE, grocer, Winlaton, Pet. Feb. 19. offices of Sole. Grange and Wintringham, Great Grimsby


March 6, at three, at office of Sol. Sewell, Newcastle-upon. BROOKS, WILLIAM, builder, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 20. March

98. 6d, per ream, Tyne 10, at three, at office of Sol. Cottrell, Birmingham SOFIANO, ANASTASIU's, merchant, Manchester. Pet. Feb. 6.

"We should direct particular attention to their New Club BUSSELL, JOSEPH, carpenter, Bath. Pet. Feb. 21. March 12, at

March 6, at three, at office of Sols. Grundy und Kershaw, Man

house Paper: in our opinion it is the very best paper we ever eleven, at 3, Wood-st, Bath. Sols. Messrs. Moger


wrote upon."- London Mirror, CARTER, JOHN, farmer, Belchamp St. Paul. Pet. Feb. 19. March

STANLEY, THOMAS, ten dealer, Leeds. Pet. Feb. 19. March 9, at 12, at eleven, at the Four Swang hotel, Sudbury. Sol. Andrews,

two, at officer of Sols. Simpson and Burrell, Leeds Sudbury STEPHENSON, RICHARD, jun., timber merchant, Kingston-upon

INDENTURE SKINS, Printed and Machine-ruled, to hold twenty CAVELL, WILLIAM, baker, Scarborough. Pet. Feb. 19. March 10,

Hull Pet. Feb. 20. March 9, at four, at office of Sols. Messrs.

or thirty folios, 25. 3d, per skin, 26s. per dozen, 1258. per at twelve, at offices of Dawber, Scarborough. Sol. Calvert, Hearfield, Kingston upon Hull

roll. York

STOTT, THOMAS, umbrella frane maker, Manchester. Pet. Feb. CLARKE, ALFRED, plumber, Brighouse. Pet. Feb. 21. March

Seconds or FOLLOWERS, Ruled, ls. Iid. each, 223. per dozen,

21. March 10, at three, at office of Sols. Cobbett, Wheeler, and 6, at three, At offices of Bates, auctioneer, Brighouse. Sol.

105s. per roll.
Cobbett, Manchester
Barber, Brighouse
THEOBALD, WILLIAM, grocer, Croydon. Pet. Feb. 18. March 11,

RECORDS or MEMORIALS, 7d. each, 68. 6d. per dozen. COLBOURNE, JANE, milliner, Weston-super-Mare. Pet. Feb. 17.

at twelve, at offices of Sols. Carter and Bell, Leadenhall-st, March 1l, at twelve, at the George and Railway hotel, Bristol.


LEDGERS, DAY-BOOKS, CASH-BOOKS, LETTER Or MINUTE-BOOKS Sol. Chapman, Weston-super-Mare THOMAS, JANE JULIA, widow, Chapel-rd, Ealing. Pet. Feb. 11.

An immense stock in various bindings, CURRIE, JOIX, draper. Sheffield. Pet. Feb. 19. March 6, at March 5, at three, at office of Sul. Îroweli, Che ipside four, at oftice of Sole. Mesers. Binney, Sheffield THORNTON, THOMAR, woollen manufacturer, Huddersfield. Pet.

ILLUSTRATED PRICE-LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales DANDY, JOHN, innkeeper, Scarborough. Pet. Feb. 18. March 9, Feb, 21. March 13, at three, at office of Sol. Berry, Hudders

Copying Presses, Writing Cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and

field at two, at office of sol. Williamson, Scarborough

Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles DAVIES, CHARLES DAVID, refreshment room keeper, Halifax. TROUGHTON, JOHN, labourer, Muncaster. Pet. Feb. 20. March

adapted to Library or Office. post free. Pet. Feb. 19. March 5, at eleven, at offices of Sols. Holroyde,

11, at twelve, at office of Sol. Atter, Whitehaven and Smith, Halifax

TUCKER, GEORGE, jeweller, Southampton. Pet. Feb. 16. March DAWE, JOHN, grocer, Lofthouse. Pet. Feb. 21. March 9, at 6, at twelve, at office of Sol. Robins, Southampton



exorbitant eleven, at offices of Sols. Hunton and Bolsover, Stockton-on- VANNER, JOHN, woolsorter, Blandford Forum. Pet. Feb. 20.

items of the undertaker's bill have long operated as Tees

March 16, ut twelve, at the Railway hotel, Wimborne Minster. DE LA MARE, JOIN EDMUND, grocer, Croydon, Pet. Feb. 18.

an oppressive tax upon all classes of the community. With

Sol. Moore, Winnborne Minster
March 10, nt twelve, at offices of Sols. Carter and Bell, Leaden- VEARXCOMBE, JOHN, bootmaker, Bridgewater. Pet. Feb. 20.

& view of applying a remedy to this serious evil the March 9, at twelve, at offices of Sols. Reed and Cook, Bridge.



their extensive cemetery at Woking, held themselves preiron founders, Monkwearmouth. Pet. Feb. 18. March 11, at

VICKERY, WILLIAM, Ironmonger, Bridport. Pet. Feb. 17. March pared to undertake the whole duties relating to interments eleven, at ottice of Sol. Skinner, Sunderland

14, at eleven, at office of Sol. Day, Bridport

at fixed and moderate scales of charge, from which survivors DRAYCOT, CHARLES ANTHONY, agent, Blythe Bridge, near Long- WADE, WILLIAM, provision dealer, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 7. may choose according to their means and the requirements ton. Pet. Feb. 17. March 5, at hall past one, at the Crown hotel, March 6, nt qurter past ton, at office of Sol. Eitst, Birmingham of the case. The Company also wundertakes the conduct of Stone. Sol. Welch, Longton

WALTERS, FREDERICK, licensed viotualler, Sheffield. Pet. Feb. Funerals to other cemeteries, and to all parts of the United DRIVER, HENRY, bookbinder, Worcester. Pet. Feb. 21. March 20. March 16, at three, at office of Sols. Messrs. Binney, Shef. Kingdom. A pamphlet containing full particulars may be 13, at eleven, at office of Sol. Abell, Worcester

WALTON, WILLIAM JAMES, general agent, John-st, Clerkenwell,

obtained, or will be forwarded, upon application to the
EANTWOOD, JONATHAN, wholesale fruit dealer, Huddersfield.
Pet. Feb. 19. March 9, at twelve, at offices of Sols. Craven and
Pet. Feb. 20. March 7, at two, at offices of Calverley, Essex-st.

Chief Office, 2, Lancaster-place. Strand, W.C.

Sunderland, Huddersfiell
EHRMANN, FREDERICK, baker, Hereford-st, Pet. Feb.

WANLESS, THOMAS, grocer, Wallsend. Pet. Feb 2... March 6, at TIMBER, STANDING OR FELLED 19. March 6, at three, at office of Sols. Messrs. Button, Henri.

eleven, at office of Sol. Sewell, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

WELCH, THOMAS JAMES, draper, Durlaston and Walsall. Pet. etts-st, Feb. 17. March 9, at eleven, at the Union hotel, Birmingham.

VALUED OR PURCHASED. ELFORD, HENRY, merchant, Oxford-st. Pet. Feb. 20. March 12, at two, at the Guildhall tavern, Gresham-st. Sols. Messrs.

Sol, Shakespeare, Oldbury Vallance, E-sex-et, Strand

WHITFORD, RIHARD ASH, grocer, Cardiff. Pet. Feb. 20. March MARTIN R. COBBETT, ELLIS, GEORGE, tailor, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 18. March 6, at

9, at two, at ottice of Ruin, Hopkins, and Co., accountants, Car. three, at office of Sols. Wright and Marshall, Birmingham

dir. Sol. Merrils, Cardiff

WINTER, HARRIS, clothier, Commercial-st, Spitalfields.
Pet. Feb. 16. March 10, at

EMERY, WILLIAM, bulder, Bath.


Feb. 18. elevrn, at the White Lion hotel, Bath. Sol. Dyer, Bath

March 6, at three, at offices of Sol. Montagu, BuckFLEUC, ROBERT, and GRIEVE, JAMES, proxe, Barrow-ir

lersbury, E.C. Furnesó. Pet. Feb. 18. March, at ten, it the Ship hotel, BarWOOD, WILLIAM, fancy box manufacturer, Manchester, Pet.

ST. THOMAS-STREET, LONDON, S.E. FRENCH, JOHN, beer retailer, Sheernens. Pet. Feb. 19. March

Feb. 19. Feb. 20, at three, at office of Sol. Storer, Manchester
YARDLEY, BARON, herring curer, Monmouth. Pet. Feb. 13.

An Estimate giren free for any quantity, however small or 10, at eleven, at office of Sol. Mole, Sheerness March ?, at three, at office of Sol. Williams, Monmouth

or large, in any part of ihe United Kingdom. FICHS, ADAM JONEPH, baker, Wandsworth-rd. Pet. Feb. 14. March 9, at hali-past three, at Offices of Eves, the Old Corn

YELF, ROBERT, wine merchant, Southampton. Pet. Feb. 20.
March 9, at three, at offices of Edmonds, Davis, and Clark,

SYCAMORE AND LIME TIMBER WANTED. Exchange, Mark-la, London. Sol. Heathfield, Lincoln's-inn

Southampton. Sol. Shutte, Southampton fields, London GOLD, THOMAS, labourer, Birmingham. Pet. Feb. 7. March 4, at quarter-past ten, at office of Sol East, Birmingham

SOLICITORS. HABERFIELD, THOMAS JONEPH, tailor, Sutton-st, Oxford-st. Pet. Feb. 17. March 13, at two, at office of Sol. Swaine, Cheap

Gazette, Feb. 17.

Fire-proof Buildings, Lincoln's-ian-chambers, 40, ChanceryTI AIGH, EDWARD, common brewer, Huddersfield. Pet. Feb. 19. HIBBERT, CHARLES, high bailis, Ashton-under-Lyne


Orders of Discharge.


lane : One suite of three rooms, first floor; ditto three Murch 6, at eleven, at offices of Sols. Hesp, Fenton, and Owen,

rooms, on second floor; eight good rooms on ground and Huddersfield

Gazette, Feb. 20.
next floor; suitable for Solicitors. Two

rooms and HALL, EPHRAIM, and STEPHENSON, EDWARD, woollen manuSPERLING, JAMES MOKS, no occupation. St. John's-hill, Wands

ante-room on ground floor, and several other suites on bas.. facturers, Oswett. Pet. Feb. 20. March 13, at eleven, at office of worth, and Wertemburg-st, the Grove, Clapham

ment and third floor.-Apply to F. CUFFERIEL, 35, CursitorSol. Stringer, Ossett WILKINS, GEORGE, butcher, Kenley, near Croydon

street; or the Porter on the premises.

• ride

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the reward of his long public service, but in retiring from that bench it was a satisfaction to learn that he took with him the approval of those who had acted with him. He added, however, that he could most heartily congratulate the county on so efficient a successor having been appointed. He had known bír. Edlin for many years on circuit and as a private friend, and he could say that as a laywer and a gentleman he deserved to be heartily welcomed by the magistrates and by all connected with the court. A better man for the office could not have been found. The new Judge then proceeded with the trial of prisoners.

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Now ready, price 58. 6d., VOL. II., Part 2, of ARITIME LAW REPORTS (New Series). By J. P. ASPINALL,

Esq., Barrister-at-Law, in the Admiralty Courts of England and Ireland, and in all the Superior Courts, with a Selection from the Decisions of the United States Courts, with Notes by the Editor. The First Series of "Maritime Law” may now be had com. plete in Three Volumes, half bound, price £5 58. for the set, or any single volume for 22 23. Back numbers may be had to complete sets,

London : HORACE Cox, 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.



Admiralty jurisdiction of County Court
--Collision in the body of a county-


Collision-Steamship-Dumb barge ...... 41 THE OTTER

Collision-Practice-Duty to begin 43

As a matter of practice in bankruptcy attention may usefully be called to the case of Ec parte Jacobs, re Carter, before the CHIEF JUDGE on Monday last. The Registrar of the Birmingham County Court upheld an objection to the proof of a bank in respect of certain bills of exchange, such bills not being produced at the first meeting of creditors. On appeal to the County Court Judge he ordered the proof to stand admitted, thus reversing the decision of the registrar. The CHIEF Judge has confirmed the already established practice, which is that a creditor coming to prove his debt, holding a bill of exchange, ought to produce it. He added that in case of difficulty in producing the securities a discretion may be exercised. Mr. Bushby, one of the metropolitan police magistrates, has drawn attention to the fact of an Act of Geo. 1, affecting the relation of master and servant, remaining unrepealed as to one of its sections, such section making a singular provision for the punishment of servants who fraudulently purloin or embezzle their master's property. The section of the Act (9 Geo. 1, c. 27, s. 4) is expressly named in the first schedule of the Master and Servant's Act of 1867, as specifying a contract to which the latter Act shall apply. The Act itself is entituled “An Act for preventing journeymen shoemakers selling, exchanging, or pawning boots, shoes, slippers, cut leather, or other materials for making boots, shoes, or slippers, and for better regulating the said journeymen.” And the punishment provided for offences covered by the 4th section includes whipping, which is not a punishment considered in the present day appropriate in the case of felony by adults without violence to the person. The Act was passed in 1740, and was adapted to a condition of things very different to that which now prevails. There is, of course, no objection to the Master and Servant's Act (if it is maintained unmodified) being made applicable to offences by journeymen shoemakers, but the penal provisions of the old Act ought to be removed from the Statute Book.


Damages-- Assessment-Appeal as to

1 Ex pari. BOYLE; Re PLUMMER

Debtor's suinmons-Act of bankruptcy 2
Winding-up-Unregistered association

- Partnership
Lands Clauses Consolidation Act (8 & 9
Vict. c. 18, S8. 80, 85, 87 ...


Practice--Notice of appeal- Vacating

enrolment BARNES V. ADDYBreach of trust-Xew trustees

4 Ex parte IZARD : Re COOK

Bankruptcy-Assignment of all debtor's

Practice Security for costs

Copyright-Piracy-Acquiescence 11

COURT OF QUEEN'S BENCH. ST. MARY, ISLINGTON (apps.) v. BARRETT (resp.) New street-Highway-Dedication to the public.

11 RAEBURN V. ANDREWSecurity for costa-Plaintiff in Scotland 15


Bankruptcy Act 1813 (32 & 33 Vict. c. 71)

Discharges under liquidation and


Executor de son tort-Assignee of lease-
Agent of executor de wou tort......


Court of Common Pleas, Lancaster

Service of the writ outside the County

Measure of damages for breach of con.

tract-Failure to perform sub-contract
by reason of breach...


Conversion-Goods invoiced to defen. dant by fraud of broker

23 BLANCHET •. POWELL'S LLANTWIT COL. LIERIE: COMPAXY (LIMITED)Bill of lading--Delivery of less quantity than that stated in bill.....

28 BIDDULPH AND OTHERS 6. BINGHAM Verbal chartering ---No bill of lading

Mate's receipt not conclusive evidence
against master of quantity shipped ...

False representation by a bank manager
-Liability of bank---Signature of party
to be charged...


Rating-Hospital for sick-Rateablity
where no beneficial occupation


Topics of the Week...

319 The Licence and the Punishment of Counsel

320 The Liability of an Execution Creditor to Refund

321 Searches, Inquiries, and Notices

322 The Law of Alluvion in England and in India


Topics of the Week

321 Funeral of the Late Mr. J. C. Grocott 325 Rolls Court......

325 Central Criminal Court..

325 Unclaimed Stack and Dividends in the Bunk of England

26 Appointments under the Joint Stock Winding up Acts

Creditors under Estates in Chancery
Creditors under 2 & 23 Vict. c. 33
Reports of Sales

Worship-street Police Court


327 MARITIME LAWNotes of New Decisions

327 COMPANY LAWNotes of New Decisions


Salford County Court

Court of Bankruptcy.
Liverpool Bankruptcy Court..
Manchester County Court

Barristers e. The Inns of Court

329 The Lord Chief Justice of England on the Duties of a Judge

329 The New Assistant Judge of the Middlesex Sessions

831 LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL Incorporated Law Society


333 LAW SOCIETIES Legal Education Association

334 Solicitors' Benevolent Association.

334 Articled Clerks' Society .....

334 Luw Association






The lawyers as a body have suffered considerably by the Tichborne incubus. That the services of three Judges of one court should be lost to the public for a period of seven months—the remaining three extending over the Long Vacation were sacrificed by the Judges from their own leisure—is a great calamity, and it has largely obstructed the dispatch of business. The state of things at Guildhall, which is to some extent owing to a want of Judges, is forcibly illustrated by the figures. The court of Queen's Bench commenced the sittings with a list of 214 causes; of these eighty causes were tried, withdrawn, or struck out. This leaves 134 remanets, 111 of which are special jury cases. The list of remanets of special jury cases left at the end of the previous sittings is not yet cleared off, so that not one of the special jury cases entered for the last sittings has been tried. For four days during last week no second court was sitting. To be defendant in a cause at the bottom of the Queen's Bench list of special juries at Guildhall is to be safe for twelvemonths from the possible inconvenience of an adverse verdict. This, assuredly, is a scandal only second in mag. nitude to the Tichborne case itself.

The Paw and the Lawyers.

Mr. Edlin, Q.C., was on Thursday sworn in and took his seat as Assistant-Judge of Middlesex. Mr. POWNALL, after passing a very warm eulogium on Sir W. BODKIN, congratulated the new Judge on his appointment. Mr. BRINDLEY and Mr. W. SLEIGH, on the part of the Bar, expressed their concurrence in the remarks of Mr. PowNALL. They begged also to express their sense of the ability and courtesy with which Mr. Serjt. Cox had so long discharged the duties of the court during the illness of the late Judge. Mr. Edlin, in response, hoped that the most cordial relations would always subsist between himself and the Bar, and Mr. Serjt. Cox said that it would be affectation in him to conceal a deep sense of disappointment that he had not been permitted to reap

VOL. LVL-No. 1614.

The legal aspects of the Tichborne case might be treated with great elaboration, but when the points arose in the progress of the trial they were noticed by us, and our readers, we apprehend, would not desire to see them redressed. The conclusions which strike us as the most important are few. In the first place, we are inclined to agree with the Times, that the scandal of the great length of the trial, if a scandal at all, was inevitable. That the proceedings might have been abridged, had the interrogation of the defendant been possible, or had the Judges possessed the power to call the Orton family, seems to be generally admitted. This, however, as a reflection upon the case itself, is little to the purpose. As an argument in favour of the reform of our law of evidence it is extremely cogent. One of the greatest lessons furnished by the case has reference to the amendment of our system of trial by jury. It is a subject for wonder that twelve men who had never, probably, met before, should have continued to assemble day by day, with short holidays, for a period of ten months, in a vitiated atmosphere, without any one of them contracting serious illness. It can hardly be doubted that the illness or death of a juryman was among the calculations of the defendant, and he must be considered in this sense, if in no other, very unfortunate. Lord COLERIDGE, in his Juries Bill, provided against so disastrous a termination to a great trial by making the verdict of

[ocr errors]



the remaining jurymen valid and effectual, and no time should There is mutual benefit and a binding contract, and simple be lost, supposing a comprehensive measure dealing with our negligence causing loss would be a breach of it, for which B. jury system cannot be passed, in placing such an enact- would be liable. But B. is not an insurer, as carriers of goods are, ment upon the statute' book. Another very important and if he has exercised due care, there is no remedy against him. question is whether the huge swindle might not have What is due care is a question for a jury in each case. There can beon exposed had a public prosecutor existed, who could be no suggestion in this instance of a false representation as to have proceeded against the claimant on his landing in Eng- the fireproof nature of the building; bnt we should rather say that land, for obtaining money under false pretences. The im- the belief of the proprietors in its fireproof construction was & probabilities which lay on the surface of the case would have circumstance in their favour in considering the question of neg. justified such a step. The mass of evidence subsequently obtained ligence. A very recent case in the Queen's Bench would seem to go from sources foreign to the man's own knowledge would have somewhat beyond our view, and to make the contract one of bailment. been absent, and the cheat would have been speedily detected. In Searle v. Laverick (L. Rep. 9 Q. B. 122), the proprietor of some The purely professional aspects of the case we deal with in carriages, sought to recover damages against a livery stable another column, and we leave the subject of the trial with a feeling keeper for injuries sustained by some carriages by the fall of a of the most intense relief.

shed in which they had been placed by the defendant. In delivering the judgment of the court, Mr. Justice BLACKBURN said, “The

question which we have to determine is what was the extent of MR. NEATE's gallant effort to free himself from the control of the

the obligation of the defendant as to the security of the shed in Inn, of which he became a member thirty-two years ago, is one which will excite the sympathy of many who are similarly placed.

which he placed the plaintiff's carriages. We think it is beyond

question that he did come under some obligation; but it is a The short point in the case is this : Is an Inn of Court entitled

different and difficult question what the precise obligation was.” to decline to relieve a member from the bond into which he enters In the end the court concluded that it was necessary to show on joining the society if he, on his side, declines to sign conditions

some negligence, and that a competent builder having been restricting the practice of his profession as a barrister. Mr. NEATE's

employed, the defendant was not liable if by want of care or skill argument was that any such restriction is contrary to public policy

on the part of the builder, the shed fell. Å nonsuit directed by and void. The prayer of his bill was that Mr. Neats might be Baron POLLOCK at the trial was therefore sustained. Whatever allowed to withdraw without paying any fine or composition, or

the obligation of such persons as the proprietors of the Pantechsigning any conditions restricting his liberty in his Profession. nicon therefore may be called in law, the difficulty of fixing them Vice-Chancellor Hall allowed a demurrer to the bill for want of

with liability is manifest. equity. The inevitable answer to all appeals to the courts against the acts of the Inns of Court is that they are “ voluntary societies.” The government of the societies is in the hands of the

We find some interesting cases reported in the Irish Law Times Benchers, from whom an appeal lies to the Judges. Rules may be

of last week on the practice under the Debtors' Act and in bankmade and bonds inflicted upon members who join, and the courts will

ruptcy, and we will briefly summarise the decisions. In M'Blain grant no relief. It does not appear unreasonable, however, that the

v. Weir, in the Queen's Bench, it was sought to obtain an order Inns should give up their control over barristers who may possibly

to arrest a defendant unless he gave security that he would resume practice. The Inns of Court alone have control over a

not leave Ireland. It was admitted that the plaintiff could barrister, and if he ceased to belong to any Inn it might be diffi

prove his case without the defendant, but it was urged that the cult to deal with him for misconduct. The jurisdiction, however,

action would have to be abandoned if the defendant were alis in many respects ridiculous and unsatisfactory, and we shall be

lowed to leave, whereas if arrested he would pay the debt. There very glad to see the Bar governed as a public institution instead

is a section in the Irish Act analogous to sect. 6 in the English of as a private club.

Act, and the words are “that the absence of the defendant will materially prejudice the plaintiff in the prosecution of his action.”

It has been held by our Court of Exchequer that the section is not It is always satisfactory to find a defence which is more technical intended to give imprisonment as a means of enforcing payment of than meritorious got over by a judge. This was the result in the a debt, the defendant in Hume v. Druyff (L. Rep. 8 Ex. 214; 29 case of Sale v. Lambert, before the Master of the Rolls on the L. T. Rep. N. S. 64) being ordered to be discharged from 2nd inst. There was a sale of buildings by auction to the defen- custody after final judgment obtained in the action. The motion dant, and in a suit for specific performance of the contract a in M Blain v. Weir was evidently made under a misapprehension defence was set up that there was no contract within the Statute as to the effect of the abolition of imprisonment for debt. The of Frauds, because the vendor's name was not inserted in the body of a debtor can only be detained so long as it is contract. The printed particular was indorsed with a memoran- necessary to enable a creditor to obtain judgment giving dum, signed by the solicitors of both parties. The purchaser was him power to attach the debtor's goods or to compel pay. mentioned but not the vendor, and the question was whether this ment where there is ability to pay. In a case of O'Donnell v. omission brought the case within the Statute of Frauds. The Smith in the Consolidated Chamber, application against a debtor MASTER of the Rolls said he did not remember a case in for payment was made in court. By the Act, a “ Judge sitting in which the vendor's name was inserted in the conditions of sale, chambers ” is given the power to commit for non-payment. The and that the real question in such cases is, “Can you find out motion was refused, it being held that it should be made to a Judge from the contract who it is who is selling the property !” The in camera. We should have thought the point barely arguable. In vendor's solicitor had undertaken by the memorandum " that the the matter of a disputed adjudication a question arose in the vendor shall, in all respects, fulfil the conditions of sale mentioned Court of Bankraptoy whether rent accruing due and payable after in the said particular.” Sir GEORGE JESSEL held that "vendor" the passing of the Bankruptcy (Ireland) Amendment Act 1872, by was as good a description of a man as his Christian name and sur- a lessee or assignee of a lease, executedor assigned before the passing name, and that evidence might be admitted to show who was of the Act, was a good petitioning creditor's debt. Mr. Justice meant by the vendor, as well as to show who was meant by the HARRISON delivered an elaborate judgment, and said that his first name of John Smith. This is a decision of great practical im. view was that as there was no debt until the respective gales of rent portance, but it need not prevent greater strictness being observed in question fell due, which they admittedly did after the passing 80 that similar difficulties may be avoided.

of the Act of 1872, it must be considered that the debt was then

contracted, and was a good debt to support an adjudication against The fire at the Pantechnicon causing a most lamentable loss of

a non-trader. Further consideration, however, convinced him that

this view was not correct, the authority which he mainly relied property has raised a question of great importance with respect to the liability of the proprietorg, Messrs. Smith and

upon in coming to an opposite conclusion being the case of RADERMACHER. There seems to be a disposition on the part of

Ex parte Harding, re Williams (10 L. T. Rep. N. s. 117; 33 L. J. some of the depositors of property to litigate the matter, and

Bank. 22.) In that case it was held by Lord WESTBURY that a call whilst considering the general principle of law applicable to the

ordered to be made after the passing of the Bankruptcy Act 1861, case, we shall avoid remarking on the incidents of it which, to

on the winding-up of a joint stock company, whose deed of settle

ment bore date the 15th March 1847, was a debt contracted after some extent, are considered as raising the question of negligence. The great authorities on the law of bailments, Sir WILLIAM

the passing of the Act of 1861, on which the official manager JONES and Lord Holt, make no mention of the class known

could present a petition in bankruptcy on which a valid adjudicato the civilians as locatio custodice, or the hiring of care to

tion could be made against the party making default in payment

of such calls. That case was affirmed in the House of Lords. be bestowed in guarding a thing bailed, and it is doubtful whether it is strictly within what is understood in law as a bail

Our present Act differs from the Act of 1861, so as to make the ment. In bailments proper the care to be bestowed with

discussion of the Irish Court unimportant in this country. reference to the keeping of the property bailed is only an incident of the bailment; but in the hiring of care to be bestowed

THE LICENSE AND THE PUNISHMENT OF in guarding a thing deposited, the bailment is a necessary incident

COUNSEL. of the contract. The question, therefore, between the proprietors The interest which the public take in legal proceedings and all of the Pantechnicon and the depositors is one of contract. A. says to B., “In consideration of your taking care of my property,

that concerns the legal Profession, renders the position of counsel

one of high importance and great responsibility. The growth of I will pay you so much." B. says to A., “In consideration of this interest has been fostered by the extraordinary incidents of your paying me so much, I will take care of your property." the great trial which has just come to a conclusion, and there is

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