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to £10,954 in new life premiums, and I should present at meetings held for the purpose of the House.” He occasionally addressed the very much like to see it exceeded this year. With alleviating their distress. He was also the origi. House on various questions of domestic policy, a little effort I think we might reach £11,000. nator of the statutes by which irremovable poor and on matters which particularly bore on our (Hear, hear.). We shall make every exertion in were made chargeable to the common fund of foreign relations. The affairs of Spain where to the office, and I am sure that if you will kindly unions. Sir William's Act was passed for one him a most fruitful theme, and he is stated to give us your support we shall succeed in obtain. year only, but has been continued and extended, have been one of the ablest and most inde. ing that amount of new business. Again I beg to and is, in fact, the foundation of the present fatigable advocates of Don Carlos in the Englieh tender you my best thanks. (Cheers.)

system. Sir William Bodkin lived for many House of Commons. His speeches on the Spanish The meeting then dispersed.

years, first on Hampstead heath, and afterwards question, says the writer above referred to, genoon Highgatehill, nearly opposite the residence rally displayed an intimate acquaintance with the

of Lady Burdett-Coutts. His house here was the subject in all its details. Since his retirement HUDDERSFIELD LAW STUDENTS' DEBAT. constant rendezvous of legal and literary friends, from Parliamentary life, the deceased çentleman ING SOCIETY.

who were always hospitably received and enter- had resided mostly abroad. Mr. Maclean, who The usual fortnightly meeting of this society was tained. In fact, the late worthy jądge was as a deputy-lieutenant for the county of held on Monday evening last, at the County Court, popular in private circles as he was in his public Durham, married in 1827 Harriet, daughter of Mr. A. H. J. Fletcher occupied the chair.. Mr. capacity, and his loss will be extensively regretted General Frederick Maitland, a relative of the B. Crook opened the debate in the affirmative of at Highgate. Sir William Bodkin was twice Earl of Lauderdale, and became a widower in 1850. the following question : Is one solitary instance married : first, in 1812, to Sarah Sophia, eldest of recognized dealing on credit sufficient to create daughter of Peter Raymond Poland, Esq., who died a general agency ? (Chitty on Contracts, 7th edit., in 1848 ; and secondly, in 1865, to Sarah Constance,

J. MACANDREW, ESQ. p. 198, note d.) Mr. Crook was supported by Mr. daughter of Joseph Johnson Miles, Esq., of The late John Macandrew, Esq., solicitor, of 3. Stork, and opposed by Messrs. M. J. Burn and Highgate ; and he has left by his first wife a son, Edinburgh, who died at his residence in Randolph. A. W. Preston. The meeting was attended by a

Mr. William Peter Bodkin, who is a magistrate crescent, in that city, on the 2nd inst, in the fifty. large number of members, the greater portion of for the county of Middlesex.

eighth year of his age,

was the eldest son of the whom took an active part in the discussion. On

late John Macandrew, Esq., of Edinburgh, many the question being put by the chairman, it was

years a solicitor before the Supreme Court of carried in the negative by a majority of three.


Sootland ; his mother was Anne, daughter of The late Horace Lloyd Esq., Q.C., who died on James M'Lean, Esq., merchant, of Edinburgh,

the 30th ult., at his residence in Sussex.gardens, and he was born at Edinburgh in the year 1816. LEGAL OBITUARY.

Hyde Park, in the forty-sixth year of his age, was He was educated at the High School and Univer

the only surviving son of John Horatio Lloyd, sity of Edinburgh, and was admitted a solicitor NOTE:- This department of the Law Times, is contributed Esq., barrister-at-law, of the Inner Temple, and in 1840. Trained in the office of his father, Mr.

by EDWARD WALFORD, M.A., and late scholur of Ballio formerly M. P. for Stockport; the personal friend Macandrew at an early age became a processCollege, Oxford, and Fellow of the Geneaiogical and of Lord Brougham, and of the leaders of the agent of rare tact and ability, and a conveyancer Historical Society of Great Britain ; and, as it is desired to make it as perfect a record as possible, the families and Liberal party forty years ago; his mother was of no less repute. One who knew him well friends of deceased members of the Profession will oblige Caroline, daughter of Holland Watson, Esq., and describes him as "candid and conscientious in all by forwarding to the LAW TIMES Office any dates and he was born in the year 1828. He was educated his dealings with clionts, and as having earned an materials required for a biographical notice.

at Caius College, Cambridge, where he took his enviable reputation as a practitioner.” In 1872

Bachelor's degree in 1850. Called to the Bar by he was appointed president of the Society of W. REES, ESQ.

the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in Solicitors before the Supreme Court of Scotland, The late William Rees, Esq., of Scoveston, Pem. Trinity Term 1852, he joined the Home Circuit. and during his year of office he took a thoughtful brokeshire, formerly a solicitor at Haverfordwest, He enjoyed a considerable practice at Nisi Prius, terest in all public measures calculated to who died on the 22nd ult., at his residence, and also in private arbitration cases. Ho at Binplify and cheapen litigation. In private life, Spring.gardens, near that town, in the seventy- tained the honour of silk gown in 1868, and had says a writer in the Scotsman, "he was unosten, sixth year of his age, was the eldest son of the been for some years a Bencher of his Inn. tatious, warm hearted, and sympathetic, and late Mr. James Rees, of Haverfordwest, by

spared neither time nor means in assisting to pro. Martha, daughter of the late Mr. Collins, of Mar. loes, in the county of Pembroke. He was born at


mote social and moral reforms, and spreading the Haverfordwest in the year 1799, and having been The late Thomas Browne Browne, Esq., of influence of Gospel truth.” Mr. Macandrew mar. educated for the profession of the Law, was in Mellington Hall, Montgomeryshire, barrister-at- ried in 1855, Anne, daughter of the late Mr. John due course admitted a solicitor, and practised law, who died recently, in the sixty.ninth year of Macfie, merchant, of Edinburgh, by whom he has for some years, with

considerable success, in his his age, was the oldest son of the late Bryce Jones, left a family of five children. The remains of the native town. He was an alderman and magis- Esq., of Cyfronydd, Montgomeryshire, by his first deceased gentleman were interred in Warriston trate for the borough of Haterfordwest, and wife, Mary, daughter and heiress of the late Cemetery, near Edinburgh. served as mayor of that town in 1840, and again Colonel Browne, of Mellington Hall, whose name in 1856-7; he was also a magistrate and deputy. he assumed by Royal licence. He was born in the lieutenant for Pembrokeshire, and served as high year 1805, and was educated at Harrow and at THE COURTS AND COURT sheriff of that county in 1863. Mr. Rees was Bragenose College, Oxford. He was called to the

PAPERS. twice married; first, in 1822, to Mary, daughter Bar by the Hon. Society of Lincoln'g-inn, in of Mr. David Evans, of Haverfordwest; and, Trinity Term 1836, and since 1847, he held the SITTINGS IN AND AFTER EASTER TERM. secondly, in 1858, to' Mary, daughter of Mr. appointment of one of her Majesty's Inspectors Thomas Dicker, of Lewes, Sussex, and widow of of Schools. Mr. Browne, who was a magistrate Mr. Samuel Salter, of Trowbridge, Wiltshire. and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Mont

Equity Courts.
gomery, married, in 1828, Marianna Kyffin, eldest
daughter of Major Arthur Rowley Heyland, of

Court of Appeal in Chancery.
THE late Sir William Henry Bodkin, many years
Ballintemple, Londonderry, by whom he has left

(Before the LORD CHANCELLOR.) a family. Assistant Judge at the Middlesex Sessions, who

At Westminster. died on the 26th ult., at his residence, West Hill,

Wednesday, April 15 Appeal motions. Highgate, in the eighty-third year of his age,


At Lincoln's-inn,

Thursday was descended from a family of good standing in The late Donald Maclean, Esq., barrister-at-law, Friday

April 16 Appeals Ireland, many of whose members have been for and formerly M.P. for Oxford, who died at Rome, Monday .............. 20 Ditto some centuries magistrates for the county of on the 21st inst., from an attack of bronchitis, Tuesday

21 Ditto Galway. He was the son of the late Peter was the youngest son of the late Lieut. General Wednesday 22 Appeal motions, petitions, and Bodkin, Esq., of Galway, by Sarah, daughter of Sir Fitzroy, Jefferies Grafton Maclean, Bart.,

appeals R. Gilbert, Esq., and he was born in Clerkenwell, colonel of the 45th Regiment; his mother was


23 Appeals in Middlesex, in the year 1791. Having received the only child of Charles Kidd, Esq.,

and widow Monday a good education at a private school at Islington. of John Bishop, Esq., of Barbados. He was born Tuesday, he in due time entered upon a course of study about the year 1801, and was educated at Eton, Wednesday 29 Appeal motions and appeals with the view of following the profession of the where he had amongst bis schoolfellows the Mar: Thursday

30 Appeals law. In Michaelmas Term 1826, he was called to quis of Donegal, the Duke of Manchester, the Friday .May 1 Ditto

Monday the Bar by the Honourable Society of Gray's-inn, present Lord Hampton, and the late Lords Ken.


5 Ditto of which he became a bencher in 1858. He was sington, Harborough, and Saye and Selo. From Wednesday 6 Appeal motions, petitions, and appointed Recorder of Dover whilst the Con. Eton he passed to Balliol College, Oxford, where

appeals servatives were in office in 1834, and in 1841 he took his Bachelor's degree in 1823, obtaining Thursday

7 Appeals he entered Parliament in the Conservative in. first-class honours in the school of Literis Friday

8 Ditto terest, in conjunction with Capt. James Stoddart- Humanioribus ; he proceeded M.A. in 1827, and Note.-Such days as his Lordship shall be engaged in Douglas, as member for the city of Rochester, of was created D.C.L. in 1844. During his career at the House of Lords are excepted. which he continued one of the representatives Oxford, Mr. Maclean took a prominent and lead.

(Before the LORDS JUSTICES.) down to the general election in 1847, when he was ing part in the formation of the society known as

At Westminster. defeated, the two seats being gained by Mr. Ralph the Oxford Union, the fiftieth anniversary of Wednesday . April 15 Appeal motions Bernal and Mr. Thomas Twisden Hodges. Sir which institution was celebrated at Oxford last

At Lincoln's-inn. William Bodkin was for many years counsel to year. Called to the Bar by the Honourable Thursday April 16 Appeals the Treasury, and having joined the Home Circuit, Society of Lincoln's Inn in Hilary Term, 1827, Friday

17 Bankrupt appeals and appeals practised with considerable success at the Mid he practised for some time as & Chancery Saturday ............

18 Petitions in lunacy and appeal dlesex, Westminster, London, Kent, and Dover barrister. Mr. Maclean, who was a Conservative

petitions Sessions. In 1859 he was appointed Assistant in politics, contested the city of Oxford in 1833 Monday

20 Appeals

21 Ditto Judge at the Middlesex Sessions, the duties with Messrs. Townley and Hughes, on the

Wednesday 22 Appeal motions and appeals of which office he fulilled with marked ability vacancy caused by the unseating of Mr. Thomas Thursday 23 Appeals down to the time of his recent retirement, con. Stonor (now Lord Camoys) on petition. At the Friday

24 Bankrupt appeals and appeals becquent upon failing health. He received general election in Jao. 1835, Mr. Maclean was

Saturday ............

25 Petitions in lunacy and appeal

petitions the honour of knighthood in 1867. He acted returned to Parliament by the above constituency,


27 Appeals for many years as chairman of the Gene. in conjunction with Mr. Hughes, having defeated

Tuesday ral Assessment Sessions for the County of his Liberal opponent, Mr. Stonor. He was again

28 Appeals from the County Pala

tine of Lancaster, appeals Middlesex; he was also a Vice-President of returned at the two succeeding general elections,

from the Stannaries Court, the Society of Arts, and a Deputy.Lientenant and retained his seat until the dissolution of Par.

and appeals for Middlesex. He was the author of some liament in 1847, when he retired. Concerning

Wednesday 29 Appeal motions and appeals pamphlets “On Poor Laws," and he always took his Parliamentary career, the author of “Random


30 Appeals a deep interest in the welfare of the destitute and Recollections of the Lords and Commons” spoke | Saturday

Friday... .... May 1 Bankrupt appeals and appeals

2 Petitions in lunacy and appeal outcast of the metropolis, and was frequently of him as being “one of the most rising Tories in


17 Ditto

24 Ditto
27 Ditto
28 Ditto

4 Ditto

Yiquidations by Arrangement.

ad. Friday

Monday May 4 Appeals

Monday April 20 Further considerations and KILMISTER, EDWARD VAISEY, farmer, Lechlade. Pet. March 23 Tuesday

Reg. Townsend. Sur. April 13 5 Ditto

general paper

TIPPKIT, WELLINGTON PETER, beer retailer, Bristol. Pet. Wednesday 6 Appeal motions and appeals

21 Goneral paper

March 20. Reg. Harley. Sur. April 14
7 Appeals

22 Ditto

8 Bankrupt appeals and appeals Thursday

23 Motions, adjourned summonges,
and general paper

Gazette, March 27.
Note.-The days (if any) on which the Lords Justices

24 Petitions, shall be sitting with the Lord Chancellor in the Full Friday

adjourned sum.

TAYLOR, SAMUEL, parquet floor manufacturer, High-street, Ful

ham. Jan. 16, 1874.

monies, and general paper Court of Appeal, or in the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council are excepted.


25 Short causes, adjourned sum.

monses, and general paper Monday

.................. 27 Further considerations and Rolls Court.

general paper

At Westminster.

28 General paper

Gazette, March 27.
Wednesday, April 15 Motions

29 Ditto

ADAMS, WILLIAN SAMUEL, builder, Ore. Pet. March 16. April
At Chancery-lane.

30 Motions, adjourned summonses,

4, at twelve, at the Havelock hotel, Hastings. Sol. Sheppard Thursday

ASHMORE, ISAAC, coal dealer, Emscote. Pet. March 21. April April 16 General paper

and general paper

10, at twelve, at office of Sol. Sanderwon, Warwick Friday......... May 1 Petitions, adjourned sum 17 Ditto Friday

ATTWELL, WILLIAX, watchmaker, Brynmawr. Pet. March 24.

monses, and general paper April 14, at one, at office of Sols. Cox, Davies, and Browne, Saturday ............ 18 Petitions, short causes, journed and Saturday ...........

2 Short causes, adjourped sum. Brynmawr summonses,

BARXETT, Johx, master mariner, Southampton, Pet. March 21. general paper

monses, and general paper

April 14, at three, at office of Sol. Killby, Southampton considerations and Monday ..............

14 Further considerations and Monday

BEBBINGTOX, BAYLEY, builder, Weaverham. Pet. March 25. ............... 20 Further general paper

general paper

April 14, at eleven, at offices of Sols. Messrs. Cheshire, NorthTuesday 21 General paper


5 General paper
6 Ditto

BROWN, JOnx, bootmaker, Birkenhead. Pet, March 24. April
22 Ditto

10, at two, at offices of Sol. Smith, Liverpool 23 Motions and general paper Thursday


7 Motions, adjourned summonseg, BUSS, JOHN, draper, Horsham. Pet, March 23. April 8, at eleven, and general paper

at Kimber and Lee's offices, 1 and 2, Great Winchester-stFriday. 24 General paper

8 Petitions,

sum. Saturday 25 Petitions, short


bldgs, Broad-st, London, Sol. Elworthy, Brower-st, Woolwich, causes,

journed summonses,

monges, and general paper CAPELL, HARRY, and CAPELL, JAMES JOHX, engineers, Welling.
general paper
N.B.-In Vice-Chancellor Hall's Court no cause,

borough, Pet. March 21. April 9, at two, at the Hind hotel,

Wellingborough Monday

27 Further considerations and motion for decree or further cousideration, can, ex. CARTER, WILLIAM GEORGE, out of bnsiness, Taunton. Pet. general paper

cept by order of the court, be marked to stand over, March 23. April 10, at eleven, at Underhill's hotel, Exeter, Tuesday, 28 General paper if it be within twelve of the last cause or matter in the

Sols. Trenchard and Blake, Taunton

CASSON, JOHN, grocer, Abergele. Pet, March 23. April 8, at Wednesday 29 Ditto printed paper of the day for hearing.

two, at offices of Roose and Price, Liverpool. Sol. Withams, Thursday 30 Motions and general paper

Any causes intended to be heard as short causes Rhyl Friday ......... May 1 General paper before either of the Vice-Chancellors must be so marked COOPER, THOMAS, ironmonger, Tunbridge Wells. April 11, at

oleven, at the Guildhall-taverni, London. Sols. Stone and SimpSaturday.. 2 Petitions, short cruges, ad. at least one clear day before the same can be put in the

son, Tunbridge Wells
journed summonses,
and paper to be so heard, and the necessary papers left in

CORRY, ROBERT, saddler, Cleckheaton. Pet. March 24. April general paper

court with the judge's officer the day before the cause 10, at two, at the George hotel, Cleckheaton. Sols. Carr, and Monday 4 Further considerations

and comes into the

Cadman, Cleckheaton

CRUMPTON, CHARLES, Birningham. Pet. March 23. April 9, at general paper

two, at office of Sol. Burton, Birmingham Tuesday 5 General paper

DAVIES, FAXXY, victualler, Neyland. Pet. March 21. April 11, Wednesday 6 Ditto

Common Labo Courts.

at five minutes past ten, at the Guildhall, Carmarthen. Sol. Thursday 7 Motions and general paper

Parr Pembroke-dock

DAWSON, ROBERT, tobacconist, St. Helen's. Pet. March 33. Friday 8 General paper

April 9, at three, at office of Sol. Ritson, Liverpool
Court of Queen's Bench.

DAX, EDWARD THOMAS, clerk in Her Majesty's Court of ExAt the Rolls, anopposed petitions must be presented, and copies left with the secretary, on or before the


chequer of Plens, Charlwood-st, Pimlico. Pet. March 23. April

9, nt three, at the Guildhall cofree-house, Gresham-st. Sol. Thursday preceding the Saturday on which it is in.


Sweeting, Southampton-st, Holborn tended they should be heard ; and any causes intended Thursday.

........... April 16 | Thursday.

April 30

DIGBY, ERXENT, attorney, Harlesden-villas, Harlesden-green. to be heard as short causes must be so marked at least Thursday.


Pet. March 12. April 4, at twelve, at office of Sol. Cattlin,

Guildhall-yd one clear day before the same can be put in the paper

No London sittings this Term.

DODD, JOHx, beer retailer, Manchester. Pet, March 24. Apr 11 to be so heard, and the necessary papers left in court


15, at three, at the Falstaff hotel, Manchester. Sol. Whitlow, with the judge's officer the day before the cause comes



DUXSCOMB, WILLIAM, livery stable keeper, White Bear-yd, Lisleinto the paper.

May 9 | Wednesday ...

May 13

st, Leicester-eq. Pet. March 17. April 6, at three, at offices

of Sol. Lind, Benufort-bldgs, Strand V.C. Malins' Court,

FARXHAM, CALEB BROWN, corn dealer, Roman-rd, Old Ford.

Pet. March 28. April 11, at twelve, at the Guildhall tavern, At Westminster,

Court of Common Pleas.

Gresham-st. Sol. Long, Lansdown-ter, (irove-rd, VictoriaWednesday . April 15 Motions



PRRETH, SAMUEL, grocer, Wert Smethwick. Pet. March 24. At Lincoln's-inn.


April 10, at eleven, ut office of Sol. Shakespeare, Oldbury Thursday April 16 General paper Thursday ............ April 16 | Thursday

GATWARD, WILLIAM, bootmaker, Whenthampstead, Pet. March

April 30
17 Petitions and general paper


21. April 7, at ten, at offices of Messrs. Lewis, 123 Chancery-la,

London. Sol. Pudmore, Victoria-et, Barnsbury-rd, Islington, Saturday ............... 18 Short causes, adjourned sum.

No London sittings this Term.


GILI, JOSHUA WILLIAX, grocer, Sandown." Pet. March 20. monses, and general paper


April 7, at eleven, at offices of Sol. Joyce, Newport Monday 20 County Court appeals and gene



GOLD, MOSRS, grocer, Middlesex-st, Aldgate. Pet, March 21. nl paper Saturday...... May 9, Wednesday...........May 13

April 6, at hall-past ten, at office of Sol. Dobson, SouthamptonTuesday .......... 21 General paper


HALFORD, JOHx, corn merchant, Wisbench. Pet. March 23. Wednesday 22 Ditto

April 13, at eleven, at office of Sols. Ollard, Welchman, and Thursday 23 Motions and general paper

Court of Exchequer.

Carriok, Wisbeach Friday 24 Petitions and general paper

HARGREAVES, Joux, and HARGREAVES, JOSEPH, watch many25 Short causes, adjourned sum.


facturers, Liverpool. Pet. Yaroh A. April 10, at three, at monses, and general paper


offices of Sol. Quinn, Liverpool

HARRISON, GEORGE, carver, Newcastle.nnder-Lyme. Pet. Monday 27 General paper

............ April 16 | Thursday April 30

March ». April 7, at twelve, at ofce of Sol. Litchfield, New. Tuesday 28 Ditto


29 Ditto

No London sittings this Term.

HEWITT, WILLIAM XOAN, farrier, Ramagate. Pet. March %.

April 3, at three, at the Bull and George hotel, Ramsgate. Sol. Thursday 30 Motions and general paper


Edwards, Ramsgate
Friday ....
.May 1 Petitions and general paper



HICKS, HENRY, grocer, Gerrans. Pet. March 25. April 10, ad Saturday 2 Short causes, adjourned sum.

half past two, at office of Sol. Jenkins, Falmouth
Saturday.. ..May 9 | Wednesday........
monses, and general paper

Hixs, JOHX, publican, Ludlow, Pet. March 23. April 9, at hall

past three, at office of Sol. Marston, Ludlow Monday 4 County Court appeals and gene

HOW, THOMAS BURDETT, Chiltern-row, Bromley, St. Leonard. ral paper

Pet. March 20. April 8, at eleven, at oftice of Sol. Wingate, 25, Tuesday 5 General paper

Great James-st, Bedford-row

IBBERSOX, THOMAS, Innkeeper, Rowley. Pet. March 24. April Wednesday 6 Ditto

10, at half past two, at office of Sols. Messrs. Sykes, HuddersThursday 7 Motions and general paper

field Friday 8 Petitions and general paper

JACKSON, JAMEB, victualler, King's lead hotel, Epsom. Pet. Bankrupts.

March 21. April 15, at eleven, at the King's Head hotel, Epsom.

Sols. Crawley and Crawford, Moorgate-st
V.C. Bacon's Court.

Gazette, March 27.

JERVIS, CHARLES, grocer, Stone. Pet. March 19. April 4, at

quarter past ten, at office of Sol. Sherratt, Kidsgrove
To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street,
At Westminster.

JONES, JOHN, farmer, Tymunich. Pet. March 23. April_9, at MACNEILL, J. M. late captain in the army, The Grove, Brompton. eleven, at the King's Head hotel, Usk. Sol. Shepard, TredeWednesday. April 15 Motions

Pet. March 85. Reg. Spring-Rice. Sur. April 16. Sols. Ander-
At Lincoln's-inn.
sons, 17, Ironmonger-lane

JONES, JOHN PRICE, draper, Liverpool. Pet. March 24. April 9, 16 General paper

VYSE, HERBERT, Warehouseman, Noble-st. Pet. March 23. Reg. Thursday

at three, at offices of Roose and Price, accountants, Liverpool. Brougham. Sur. April 17. Sol. Ditton, Ironmonger-lane

Sols. Masters and Fletcher, Liverpool Friday.. 17 Ditto

To surrender in the Country.

JONES, RICHARD HENRY, miller, Nant. Pet. March 19. April 8, Saturday

18 Petitions, short causes, and CAMP, THOMAS, butcher, Modbury, Pet, March 3. Reg. Pearce. at eleven, at office of Sols. Acton and Bury, Wrexham
general paper
Sur. April 10

LAXE, GEORGE HENRY, tailor, Salisbury. Pet. March 24. April Monday

9, at eleven, at office of Sol. HII, Salisbury
20 In Bankruptcy

FOLEY, THOMAS JAMES, hotel keeper, Ramsgate. Pet. March 24.
Reg. Callaway. Sur. April 8

LARQUET, ANTOINE, wine merchant, Arthur-st, Oxford-st. Pet. Taesday 21 General paper

FREELING, JAMES EDWARD. Pet. Feb. 10. Reg. Bencraft. Sur. March 25. April 9, at three, at office of Sol. Parker, Pavement, Wednesday 22 Ditto April 10

Finsbury Thursday

LEVENE, SOLOMON, wholesale clothier, Carter-st, Houndsditch. 23 Motions, adjcurned summonses,

CAMPBELL, MALCOLM, boot dexler, Sheffeld. Pet. March 5.
and general paper
Reg. Rodgers. Sur. Ápril 9

Pet. March 17. April 6, at two, at office of Sol. Barnett, New GORTON, ANNE; GORTOX, JOHN HENRY; and GORTOX, SAXUEL, Broad-st Friday.. 24 General paper bakers, Latchford. Pet. March 23. Reg. Nicholson. Sur.

LYONS, SARAH PAULINE, tobacconist, Panton-st, Leicester-sq. Saturday 25 Petitions, short causes, and April 8

Pet. March 21. April 9, at ten, at oftioes of Sol. Haynes, ManHALLIDAY, JOHN, stuff merchant, Bradford. Pet. March 24. general paper

chester-st, Manchester-sq

MALCOLM, WILLIAM, draper, Huddersfield. Pet, March 21.

Reg. Robinson. Sur. April 10 Monday 27 In Bankruptcy

HANKS, JOSEPH, tallor, Hanley. Pet. March 23. Reg. Challinor. April 8, at three, at the County Court, Huddersfield. Sol. BotTuesday: 28 General paper Sur. Ápril 11

tomley Wednesday 29 Ditto

HUGHES, WILLIAM, farmer, Cefncaerfor Farm, Gwalchmal. Pet. MANGER, DOROTHY, coach builder, Liverpool. Pet. March 35. Thursday

April 10, at two, at offices of Sol. Harris, Liverpool 30 Motions, adjourned summonses,

March 21. Reg. Jones. Sur. April 10

LEWIS, RICHARD WILLMOTT, cabinet maker, Swansea. Pet. and general paper

MARSHALL, THOMAS, brewer, Newport. Pet March 23. April 13, March 24. Reg. Jones. Sur. April 9

at one, at office of Sols, Messrs. Lloyd, Newport Friday....... .May 1 General paper SETCHELL, WILLIAM, miller, Donington. Pet. March 24. Sur.

MATHIESOX, ALFRED JOHX, victunller, Gray'a-inn-rd. Pet. March Saturday 2 Petitions, short causes, aud April 11

25. April 10, at two, at office of Sol. Layton, Suffolk-la, Cannon-> general paper

WILLIAMS, JOHN NICHOLAS, mariner, Ramsgate. Pet. March street
24. Reg. Callaway. Sur. April 8

MERRY, WILLIAM LUCAS, merchant, Cannon-et, and Surbiton.
4 In Bankruptcy
WOOD, JOSEPH, upholsterer, Ramsgate. Pet. March 23. Reg.

Pet. March 35. April 13, at three, at office of Turquand, Youngs, Tuesday 5 General paper Callaway. Sur. April 8

and Co., accountants, Tokenhouse-yd. Sols. Bothamleys and

Freeman, Queen-st Wednesday 6 Ditto

Gazette, March 31.

MORLEY, JOHN, butter merchant, Manchester. Pet. March 23. Thursday 7 Motions, adjourned summonges, To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.

April 10, at three, at office of Sols. Sutton and Elliott, Manchesand general paper

ter Friday.... 8 General paper

BRUTTON, WILLIAM COURTENAY, Queen-st, Mayfair. Pet. March OSBORNE, JAMES GODOLPHIN, accountant, Budge-row, Cannon27. Reg. Murray. Sur. April 14

st. Pet. March 21, April 8, at eleven, at office of Sols. Sharp FRENCH, THOMAS, boot manufacturer, Medway-road, Roman-rd,

and Turner, Lombard-st Old Ford. Pet. March 23. Reg. Pepys. Sur. April 14

V.C. Hall's Court.

MACLEOD, JOHN, gentleman, Saint Alban's-pl, Charles-st, Saint Bristol. Pet, March 23. April 7, at two, at office of Collins, ac
At Westminster.
James's. Pet. March 28. Reg. Spring-rice. Sur. April 33

countant, Bristol. Sol. Beckingham, Bristol Wednesday, April 15 Motions

To surrender in the Country.

OWEX, RICHARD, gentleman, Brynhyfryd. Pet. March 25. April

14, at one, at offices of Sols, Roberts and Thomas, Carnarvon At Lincoln's-inn.

BROOM, Johx, butcher, Axminster. Pet. March 28. Reg. Daw. PEARMAIN, THOMAX, linen draper, Redcar. Pet. March 23.
Sur. April 13

April 14, at two, at offices of Ladbury, Collison, and Viney, acThursday April 16 General paper

BROUGH, THOMAS LAWRENCE, solicitor, Stafford. Pet. March countants, Cheapside. Sol. Wood, St. Paul's Church-yd Friday.... 17 Petitions, adjourned sum. 27. Reg. Spilsbury. Sur. April 10

PEARSON, WILLIAM, butcher, Lymm. Pet. March 24. April 10, monses, and general paper

COOPER, ELLEN, widow, butcher, Walsall. Pet. March 28. Reg. at eleven, at ofnce of Sol. Bretherton, Warrington

Clarke. Sar. April 16 Saturday 18 Short causes, adjourned sum.

PUMFREY, ALFRED JOHN, ironmonger, Halsted. Pet. March 24, JONES, ELIZA, licensed victualler, Bristol. Pet. March 28. Reg. April 13, at half-past ten, at office of Sols. Evans. Laing, and, monses, and general paper Harley. Sur. April 13

Kagles, John-st, Bedford-row

May 13

Orders of Discharge.


HARVEY, WILLIAM DREW, schoolmaster, Richmond. Pet. WILDE, SAMUEL ROBSOX, Liverpool. Pet. March 27. April 1

March 27. April 13, at two, at 30, St. Martin's-la, Trafalgar-sq. at twelve, at offices of Sols. Fowler and Carruthers, Liverpool Sol. Mackreth, Moorgate-st

WHEATCROFT, JAMES, draper, Wolverhampton. Pet, March 28. HULFORD, JOSEPH, wine merchant, Sutton. Pet. March 24. April 13, at twelve, at offices of Sol. Stirk, Wolverhampton April 10, at ten, at offices of Sols. Blachford and Riches, Great WOOLLETT, HENRY, ironmonger, Brighton. Pet. March 98. Swan-alley, Moorgate-st

April 15, at twelve, at the Warehousemen's Association, Gutter XILL, WILLIAM, dealer in toys, Bristol. Pet. March 25. April 18, la. Sol. Nye, Brighton

at three, at office of Mr. Weeks, 6, Bristol-bdgs, Bristol HIGHLEY, ALFRED COOPER, acoountant, Bradford. Pet. March

14. April 3, at ten, at offices of Sol. Rhodes, Bradford HUGHES, HEXRY, and HUGHES, JAMES, dyewood grinders, Man

chester. Pet. March 20. April 15, at eleven, at office of Sol. Sampson, Manchester

Gazette, March 24. INGHAM, ALFRED, Woolstapler, Bury. Pet. March 27. April 13, BLACKBURN, THOMAS; SCHOFIELD, RICHARD HOLLAND; and at three, at office of Sols. Edwards and Bintlife, Manchester

SCHOFIELD, MATILDA, cotton brokers, Liverpool.
JACKSON, THOMAS, grocer, East Markham. Pet. March 27.
April 14, at twelve, at office of Sol. Bescoby, East Retford

Gazette, March 27.
KEWN, TUOMAS, boat builder, Liverpool. Pet. March 28. April
13, at two, at office of Sols. Fowler and Carruthers, Liverpool

CHAPMAN, EDWARD, merchant, Finsbury-circus; also Adelaide KEW, HENRY, grocer, Leicester. Pet. March 23. April 14, at

and Sydney.

HEMMING, GEORGE PUTLAND, papier mache manufacturer, twelve, at offices of Sols. Fowler. Smith, and Warwick, Leices New Ormond-street.

ter KENT, HENRY, bootmaker, Hereford. Pet. March 37. April 13, at half

past eleven, at the Wellington hotel, Gloucester. Sol. Corner, Hereford KNIGHT, ADAM CAIRNS, salesman, Manchester. Pet. March 28. April 15, at three, at office of Sol. Leigh, Manchester

BANKRUPTS' ESTATES. KIERNAN, MARY, Manchester. Pet. March 28. April 15, at two, at offices of Sols. Messrs. Myers, Manchester

The Official Assignees, &c., are given, to whom apply for the LILLY, WILLIAM BRISCOE, jewellers' setter, Aston Manor, near

Dividends. Birmingham. Pet. March 27. April 13, at eleven, at offices of Clarke, F. J., timber merchant, first 5$d. Paget, Basinghall-stSol. Assinder, Birmingham

Umin, W, fronfounder, first 4 2-12d. Paget, Basinghall-st. LOOSMORE, JOSEPH, builder, Swansea. Pet.' March 24. April 9, Broadhead, W. H. joiner, first 28. 6d. At offices of Lees and at eleven, at office of Sol. Glascodine, Swansea

Graham, accountants, 6, St. George's-chambers, Albert-sq, ManMALBY, WALTER, assistant to a photographer, Windsor. Pet. chester. Trustee, J.J. Graham--Clint, H, ship chandler, second

March 23. April 21, at two, at office of Mr. Beesley, accountant, and final 108. At Trustees, H. Bolland, 10, South John-et, Liverpool King-st, Cheapside. Sol. Hicks, Annis-st, South Hackney

-Greenroood, W. cotton doubler, &c, first and final 4d. At Trustee, MAY, JOSEPH, hat dealer, Birmingham. Pet. March 27. April J. D. Taylor, Town-hall-bldgs, Halifax--Gribble, F. J, builder, 15, at three, at offices of Sol. Chirm, Birmingham

second ls. At Trustee, R. E. James, 52, Moorgate-st.-Harrison, MABSOX, RICHARD ROUS, stock jobber, Holly Lodge, Cold Har- R. W, auctioneer, first 69. 8d. At solicitors, Patteson and Cobbold, bour-la, Camberwell. Pet. March 28. April 20, at one, at offices 1, St. Bride-st, Ludgate Circus. of Sol, Moss, Gracechurch-st

Julian, R. farmer, third and final, 28. 4d. At Trust. T. Chirg. MILLS, HIGH, miller, Thorverton Mills. Pet. March 26. April win, 20, River-st, Truro.- Maunder, E. wood dealer, third and

14, at eleven, at office of Harris and Co. public accountants, final, 104d. At Trust. R. M. Ricoard, Churchyard, South Molton. Exeter. Jeffery, Ottery St. Mary

-Maurice, M. clerk in holy orders, 39. At Trust. T. Chirgwin, MILLER, ROBERT FREDERICK, carriage builder, King-et West, 26, River-st, Truro.-Thompson, M. P. accountant, 2s., at offices of

Hammersmith. Pet. March 27. April 10, at eleven, at the Hudson and Pybus, accountante, Mechanics'-institute, Stockton. Guildhall coffee-house, Gresham-et. Sol. Marshal, King-st West, Trusts. G. Hudson and W. Tyerman.-Wade, G. rag dealer, first, Hammersmith

18. 8d. At Trust, J. D. Good, Market-pl, Dewsbury.--Wright, W. MORGAN, CHARLES, grocer, Ferdinand-st, Camden Town. Pet. builder, final, 9jd. At Trust. W. B. Whall, 39, King-st, King's

March 16. April 8, at three, at offices of Sol. Lind, Beaufort Lynn bdgs, Strand

IXSOLVENTS' ESTATES. NEWPORT, EDMUND, stock broker, Crown-ct, Threadneedle-st, and Belvedere. Pet. March 27. April 13, at two, at offices of

Apply at the Provisional Assignee's Office, Portugal-street. Sols. Blachford and Riches, Great Swan-alley, Moorgate-st

Lincoln's-inn-fields, between the hours of eleven and tro NOTT, JAMES, builder, Rallway-arches, Goldhawk-rd, Shepherd's on Tuesdays only. Bush. Pet, March 18. April 9, at three, at offices of Sol. Cooper, Charing-cross

Jobbins, W. tailor, first, 28. 2 d.-Parnell, M. L. Ironmonger NICE, HENRY EDWARD, cheesemonger, Stratford. Pet. March 38. d.- Villiams, T. clerk, eighth sd.

24 April 8, at eleven, at offices of Sol. Hope, Serle-st, Lincoln's. inn-fields PARSONS, EDWIX, grocer's assistant, Walworth-rd. Pet. March

20. April 20, at twelve, at offices of Sol, Moss, Gracechurch-st PEARMAN, CHARLES, grocer, Balsall Heath Pet. March 14. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS

April 11, at twelve, at office of Sol. Cheston, Birmingham PEXX, CHARLES, carver and gilder, Tunbridge Wells. Pet. March 27. April 11, at one, at the Guildhall tavern. Sols. Stone and

BIRTH. Simpson, Tunbridge Wells

GOULDSMITH.- On the 24th ult., at Clifton, the wife of 8. Salter PFEILSCHMIDT, CHARLES ADOLPH BEYXO, commercial agent, Gouldsmith, solicitor, of a son.

Sheffield. Pet. March 27. April 11, at twelve, at office of Sol.
Mellor, Sheffield

MARRIAGE. POPE, ISAAC, jun., auctioneer, Gloucester. Pet. March 28. April GIBB-GOLDNEY.On the 26th ult., at Christ Church, Lancaster. 18, at eleven, at office of Sol. Jackson, Stroud

gate, William Henry Gibb, B.A., Cambridge (late of China), of PREECE, A Mos, draper, Cinderford. Pet. March 25. April 17, at the Inner Temple, Esq., barrister-at-law, to Anne, eldest daugh

office of Barnard, Thomas, Tribe, and Co. Bristol. Sol. Cooke, ter of the late Francis Bennett Goldney Esq., of 33, LeinsterGloucester

gardens, Hyde-park, PURCHES, GEORGE, baker, Bell-green, Lower Sydenham. Pet.

March 3. April 10, at three, at 110, Cannon-st
REEVES, THOMAS, haulier, Horfield. Pet. March 28. April 11, at

BODKIN.-On the 9th ult., at his residence, West-hill, Highgate, eleven, at office of Sol. Essery, Bristol

aged 82 years, Sir William Henry Bodkin, late Assistant. Jduge. ROBINSOX, EDWARD, provision dealer, Chesterfield. Pet. March

METCALFE.On the 26th inst., at Dover-street, Agnes Mary, aged 27. April 13, at ten, at office of Sol. Cowdell, Chesterfield

38 years, wife of William James Metcalfe, Esq., Q.C. RICHARDS, MIRANDA, eating-house keeper, Cardiff. Pet. March

28. April 17, at eleven, at office of Sol. Morgan, Cardiff
ROBERTS, GEORGE, engineers, Leeds. Pet. March 27. April 3, PARTRIDGE
at two, at office of Burrell and Pickard, accountants, Leeds.

Sols. Simpson and Burrell
ROXBY, HENRY EDMUND, cloth manufacturer, Leeds.


March 20. April 16, at two, at the Wharton's hotel, Leeds. Sol. 192, FLEET-STREET, AND 1 & 2, OHANCERY-LAXE, LONDON, E.O.

ROGERS, ALFRED THOMAS, plumber, Sutton and Carshalton. Carriage paid to the Country on Orders exceeding 208,

Pet. March 23. April 16, at two, at office of Sol. Foster, Queen-
street-pl, Cannon-st

DRAFT PAPER, 58., 6s. 6d., 78. 6d., 78. 9d., and 95. 9d. per STEPHEN, JOHN ALEXANDER LEWIS, gentleman, Hyde Park ream. hotel. Pet. March 21. April 16, at three, at the Green Dragon hotel, Bishopsgate-st Within. Sole. Bellamy and Co., Bishops

BRIEF PAPER, 15s. 6d., 178. 6d., and 239. 61. per ream.

FOOLSCAP PAPER, 108. 63., 128. 6d., and 158. 6d. per ream. gate STEPHENS, JOSEPH, cloth manufacturer, Leods. Pet: March 27.

CREAM LAID OTE, 38,, As., and 5s. per ream. April 15, at two, at office of Sols. Simpson and Burrell, Leeds LARGE CREAM LAID NOTE, 48. Gd., 6s. 6d., and 88. per ream. SMITH, JOSEPH, wool dealer, Sowerby Bridge, Halifax. Pet. LARGE BLUE NOTE, 38. hd., 46. 6d., and 6s. 6d. per ream.

March 27. April 8, at eleven, at offices of Sol. Rhodes, Halifax ENVELOPES, CREAM OR BLUE, 4s. 6d., and 6s. 6d., per 1000. SHEPHERD, HERBERT, beerseller, Hallfax. Pet. March 27. THE "TEMPLE" ENVELOPE, extra secure, 9s. 6d. per 1000, April 9, eleven, at office of Sol. Storey, Halifax

FOOLSCAP OFFICIAL ENVELOPER, ls. 9d. per 100. SERVICE, DAVID, joiner, Liverpool. Pet. March 27. April 17, at three, at offices of Sols. Barrell and Rodway, Liverpool


98. 6d. per ream, April 15, at two, at office of Sol. Simpson, Manchester

"We should direct particular attention to their New Club SOUTHAM, HENRY, wine merchant, Manchester. Pet. March 28. house Paper: in our opinion it is the very best paper we ever April 28, at three, at office of Sol. Leigh, Manchester

wrote upon."-London Mirror. SILK, WILLIAM,

bolt manufacturer, Wednesbury. Pet. March 28. April 13, at two, at office of Sol.

Ebsworth, Wednesbury SWAFFIELD, SAMUEL, mason, Walditch. Pet. March 27. April INDENTURE Skins, Printed and Machine-ruled, to hold twenty

22, at eleven, at office of Gundry, Bridport. Sols. Messrs. Look SPURDLE, THOMAS, farmer, Chard. Pet. March 28. April 16, at

or thirty folios, 28. 3d. per skin, 268. per dozen, 1258. per three, at the George hotel, Ilminster. Sol. Paull, Iminster

roll, STONES, FREDERICK JOB, schoolmaster, St. Briavels. Pet. Seconds or FOLLOWERS, Ruled, 1s. 11d. each, 228. per dozen,

March 28. April 14, at eleven, at office of Williams, solicitor, 105s. per roll.
Whitecross-st, Monmouth. Sols. Cathcart and Vaughan, New.

RECORDS or MEMORIALS, 7d. each, 68, 6d. per dozen.
STOBART, ISABELLA LOUISA, grocer, Gateshead. Pet. March 28.
April 13, at twelve, at office of Sols. Keenlyside, Forster, and


An immense stock in various bindings. TALBOT, WILLIAM, leather seller, Hampstead-rd. Pet. March 28. ILLUSTRATED PRICE-LIST of Inkstands, Postage Scales April 21, at three, at offices of Sols. Lewis, Munns, and Longden, copying Presses, Writing Cases, Despatch Boxes, Oak and

old Jewry THOMPSON, JOSEPH, carrier, Devonshire-rd, Forest-hill. Pet,

Walnut Stationery Cabinets, and other useful articles March 21. April 10, at three, at offices of Sols. Scard and Son,

adapted to Library or Office, post free. Gracechurch-st TERRY, CHARLES, grocer, Sutton. Pet. March 35. April 9, at eleven, at offices of Sols. Izard and Betts, Eastcheap. Sol. Lay, VUNERAL REFORM. The exorbitant

TILLEY, THOMAS, of no occupation, Kingston-on-Thames. Pet.
March 27. April 15, at three, at offices of Sol. Best, New Bridge-

an oppressive tax upon all classes of the community. With st, Ludgate-hin

& view of applying a remedy to this serious evil the TURNELL, JOHX FREDERICK, cabinet maker, Sheffield. Pet.

LONDON NECROPOLIS COMPANY, when opening March 27. April 15, at twelve, at offices of Sol. Auty, Sheffield their extensive cemetery at Woking, held themselves preTHOMAS, JOHN, farmer, Llanfihangel

Esgeifiog. Pet. March 27. pared to undertake the whole duties relating to interments April 15, at twelve, at the British hotel, Bangor. Sol. Jones, at fixed and moderate scales of charge, from which survivors Conway

may choose according to their means and the requirements TRICKEY, JOHN, bootmaker, Exeter. Pet. March 27. April 13. at eleven, at office of Yarde and Loader, solicitors, Raymond

of the case. The Company also undertakes the conduct of

Funerals to other cemeteries, and to all parts of the United bldge, Gray's-inn, London. Sol, Huggins, Exeter VARDY, JAMES, draper, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Pet. March 26.

Kingdom. A pamphlet containing full particulars may be April 18, at twelve, at office of Sol. Johnston, Newcastle-upon

obtained, or will be forwarded, upon application to the Tyne

Chief Office, ,, Lancaster-place, Strand, W.O.
VEVERS, JOSEPH, cloth manufacturer, Leeds. Pet. March 25.
April 3, at eleven, at offices of Sols. Hick and Jones, Leeds

OLLOWAY'S PILLS.-Important for the
WALTERS, JOHN, out of business, Bedminster. Pet. March 26.
April 11, at one, at the London hotel, Exeter. Sol. Clifton

Delicate. It is difficult to determine which is the WATTS, GEORGE WILLIAM, wine merchant, Bridgend. Pet. more trying to the human constitution-the damp, cold

March 28. April 16, at eleven, at office of Sol. Dix, Bristol days of autumn and winter, or the keen, dry, easterly winds WILSOX, THOMAS LAMB, string manufacturer, Carter-la, Ludgate- of spring. Throughout the seasons good health may be hill; Wallis-rd and White Post-la, Hackney Wick; and Laurel maintained by occasional doses

Pills, which Lodge, Shacklewell-green, Kiagsland. Pet. March 2. April 11, purify the blood


PENNYFATHER, CHARLES, grocer, Church-st, Woolwich.

March 19. April 7, at eleven, at the Bridge House hotel,
Borough High-st, London-bridge. Sol. Simpson, Borough High-

st, London-bridge
RALPH, ALLEN KEMP, Coachbuilder, Ipswich. Pet. March 23.

April 17, at two, at office of Sol. Pollard, Ipswich
RAWNSLEY, JOSEPH, Woolstapler, Bradford. Pet. March 24.

April 11, at eleven, at office of Sols. Wood and Killick, Bradford
ROE, EDWARD, fy. potato dealer, Bristol, Pet. March 25. April

7, at eleven, at office of Sol. Essery, Bristol ROWLANDS, ELLIS, ironmonger, Pwllheli, and Talsarn.

March 24. April li, at eleven, at the British hotel, Bangor.

Sol. Owen, Pwllheli
SHAW, JOHN, bobbin manufacturer, Dewsbury. Pet. March 23.

April 8, at two, at office of Sol. Fryer, Dewsbury
SIMONS, HENRY LEVI, draper, Kidsgrove. Pet. March 21. April

7, at eleven, at the Clarence hotel, Manchester. Sol. Sherratt,

SIMPSON, GEORGE, public gardener, near Conway. Pet. March

20. April 11, at twelve, at office of Sol. Jones, Conway STEPHEX, JOHN ALEXANDER LEWIS, gentleman, Hyde-park

hotel. Pet. March 21. April 16, at twelve, at the Green Dragon
hotel. 86, Bishopsgate-et-within. Sols. Bellamy, Sharp, and

Edgelow, Bishopsgate-st-within
STEVENSON, JAMES, civil engineer, Clarence-rd, Bow. Pet. March

23. April 13, at twelve, at office of Sol. Moss, Gracechurch-st STREET, WILLIAM, currier, Birmingham. Pet. March 24. April

7, at twelve, at office of Sol. Fallows, Birmingham STUBINGTON, LAMBERT. farmer, Selsey. Pet. March 24. April

8, at three, at the Dolphin hotel, Chichester. Sols. Greene and

Malin, Chichester
UXSWORTH, PETER, jun., auctioneer, Warrington. Pet. March

24. April 10, at three, at office of Sol. Bretherton, Warrington WALTERS, THOMAS STEPHENS, lime merchant, Neath. Pet.

March 24. April 16, at eleven, at office of Sol. Leyson, Neath WARD, SAMUEL, jeweller, Manchester. Pet. March 23. April 9, at three, at office of Sols. Sale, Shipman, Seddon, and Sale,

WATERFIELD, GEORGE, upholsterer, Peterborough. Pet. March

20. April 8, at eleven, at the Bull hotel, Peterborough. Sol.

Smedley, Peterborough
WHITEHEAD, JOHN, commission agent, Bristol. Pet. March 23.
April 15, at eleven, at office of w. Weeks, 6, Bristol-bridge,

WHITTINGTON, THOMAS, farmer, Wootton Wawen. Pet. March

20. April 8, at twelve, at the Red Horse hotel, Stratford-on

Avon. Sol. Hobbes, Stratford-on-Avon
WILSOX, JOHN, stationer, Newcastle. Pet. March 23. April 8, at

two, at offices of Sols. Messrs. Joel, Newcastle
WOOD, WILLIAM, broker, Bury. Pet. March 21. April 8, at three,

at office of Sols. Messrs. Grundy and Co., Bury
WRIGHT, EDWIX, cabinet case manufacturer, Birmingham. Pet.
March 6. April 4, at a quarter past ten, at office of Sol. East,

WRIGET, HENRY RICHARD, surgeon, Knaresborough.

March 20. April 6, at twelve, at office of Sols. Messrs. Kirby,

YAXLEY, ROBERT, smack owner, Great Yarmouth. Pet. March

24. April 20, at eleven, at office of Sol. Wiltshire, Great Yar

YEOMAN, JOSEPH, contractor, Park-rd, Dalson, and Bate's-bush,
near Knightsford-bridge. Pet. March 24. April 9, at three, at
the Guildhall tavern, Gresham-st. Sols. Ashurst, Morris, and
Co., Old Jewry

Gazette, March, 20.
ADDELSEE, ALFRED, pianoforte tuner, Boston, Pet. March 28.

April 13, at eleven, at office of Sol. York, Boston
ALCOCK, LUCY, farmer, Temple Ginting. Pet. March 25. April

16, at eleven, at office of Sol. Marshall, Cheltenham
ARDEN, WILLIAM, shopkeeper, Weaverham. Pet. March 28

April 14, at two, at offices of Sol. Cheshire, Northwich
BOND, ROBERT, cab proprietor, Stanley-mewe, Paddington-green,
Paddington. Pet. March 23. April 9, at one, at the Doughty

Hall, Bodford-row. Sol. Dennis, Gray's-inn-square
manufacturers, Leeds. Pet. March 23. April 9, at three, at

offices of Sols. Barr, Nelson, and Barr, Leeds BOWEN, SAMUEL, builder, 1 Malva-rd, Wandsworth. Pet. March

27. April 16, at two, at offices of Sol. Longcroft, Lincoln's-inn

fields BOWEN, THOMAS, grocer, Stockton-on-Tees. Pet. March 17.

April 8, at half-past eleven (and not half-past two, as erroneously printed in Gazette of 24th inst., at Mrs. Barker's Temperance

hotel, Middleborough. Sol. Bainbridge, Middlesborough BRADBERRY, THOMAS WILLIAM, grocer, St. Mark's-pl, Shackle

well ; Stanford-st, Blackfriars ; Leigh-st, Burton-cres; Esplanade, Ealing; Chichester-ter, Kilburn; and Forest-hill. Pet. March 27. April 21, at twelve, at the Guildhall coffee-house, Gresham-st. Sols. Treherne and Wolferstan, Ironmonger-la. Cheapside BRADFORD, EDWARD, merchant, Manchester. Pet. March 36. April 13, at three, at the Clarence hotel, Manchester. Sol. Crow ther, Manchester BRADLEY, WILLIAM JAMES, grocer, Balsall Heath. Pet. March

28. April 14, at three, at office of Sol, Walford, Birmingham BROMWICH, WILLIAM EDMOND,_architect, Birmingham. Pet.

March 26. April 10, at one, at office of Sol. Beaton, Birmingham BODDY, GEORGE, joiner, Salford. Pet. March 27. April 10, at

eleven, at office of Sol. Hankinson, Manchester CLAPHAM, GEORGE, baker, Southampton. Pet. March 28. April

10, at twelve, at office of Sol. Robins, Southampton CLAYTON, ENOCH, beer retailer, Hulme. Pet. March 26. April

16, at three, at office of Messrs. Horner, 1, Ridgfield, Manchester,

Sol. Ambler, Manchester
CHUDLEY, SAMUEL, licensed victualler, South Audley-st, Gros-

venor-sq. Pet. March 26. April 23, at two, at offioe of Sol.

Cooper, Portman-st, Portman-sq
CORRI, HENRY, vocalist, Talbot-rd, Bayswater, and Glasgow.

Pet. March 14. April 10, at two, at office of Sol. Lewis, Furnival's.

COOK, THOMAS, musio seller, Leighton Buzzard. Pet. March 25.
April 25, at half past eleven, at 53, Cumming-st, Pentonville,

Cierkenwell, Sol. Neve, Luton
DOBBING, FREDERIC CROUTEL, wholesale grocer, Savage-gdns,

Tower-rill. Pet. March 26. April 13, at two, at the Guildhali

Gresham-st. Sol. Layton, Suffolk-la, Cannon-st DEWHURST, WILLIAM, greengrocer, Bradford. Pet, March 28.

April 10, at three, at offices of Sol. Atkinson, Bradford DUDDINGTON, TECMAS PRIDMORE, carpenter, Allcroft-rd,

Haverstock.hil. Pet. March 23. April 8, at twelve, at offices of

Sol. Tonge, Great Portland-st
DEAN, JOHN RICHARD, boot manufacturer, Strand, and Bucking

ham-st, Strand. Pet. March 21. April 8, at two, at the Guildhall.

coffee-house, Gresham-st. Sol. Pullen, Gresham-bdgs, Guildhall DUNCAN, CHARLES, oil merchant, Halifax. Pet. March 28. April

14, at three, at the White Lion hotel, Halifax. Sol. Boocock,

DUGGIN, EDWIN, grocer, Pontyminster, par. Risca. pet. March

28. April 17, at one, at offices of Sols. Messrs. Lloyd, Newport EVANS, ISAAC, shoemaker, Llandilo. Pet. March 24. April 13, at twelve, at the Mackworth hotel, Swansea. Sol. Bishop, Llan.

dilo FARRAR, JOHN, grocer, Halifax. Pet. March 27. April 13, at

four, at the Savile Arms inn, Eland. Sol. Storey, Halifax FLYNX, THOMAS, egg merchant, Manchester. Pet. March 28.

April 13, at three, at office of Sols. Addleshaw and Warburton,

Fox, ROBERT, commercial traveller, Deptford, and Lawrence-la.

Pet. March 23. April 14, at three, at office of Sol. Lindus, Cheap

side GIBSON, PEMBROKE, coal agent, Liverpool. Pet, March 27.

April 15, at two, at the Law Association Rooms, Cook-st, Liver.

pool. Sol. Copeman, Liverpool GREEN, ALFRED, general broker, Trowbridge. Pet. March 27.

April 13, at twelve, at office of Sol. Rodway, Trowbridge GATTEY, Rev. JOSEPH, clerk in holy orders, Harpford. Pet.

March 28. April 9, at two, at the Athenaeum, 20, Bedford-circus

Exeter. Sol. Gidley, Exeter
HAYWOOD, GEORGE, builder, Bedford. Pet. March 27. April 13,

at twelve, at office of Sol. Conquest, Bedford
HARVEY, HENRY, wholesale tea dealer, Falmouth, Pet. March 28.
April 14, at three, at office of Sol.

Jenkins, Falmouth
HACKNEY, ARTHUR, auctioneer, Brighton. Pet. March 26. Apri

17, at three, at office of Sol. Champion, Brighton
HARCOM, JOSHUA, builder's foreman, Swansen. Pet. March 28.

April 18, at ten, nt offices of Sol. Leyson, Swansea

SEDGWICK, grocers, Birmingham. Pet. March 3. April 10,

at eleven, at office of Sol. Cottrell, Birmingham HANWELL, WILLIAM, tailor, Portsea. Pet. March 26. April 10, at

three, et office of Sol. Reed, Portsen HINE, GEORGE, farmer, Epping. Pet. March 20. April 13, rt two, at the Guildhall coffee-house, Gresham-st. Sol. Shearman

of Holloway's

and act as wholesome stimulants to the at one, at offices of Sols. Blake and Snow, College-hill,

WILKIX, ATKINSON, gentleman, High-st, Clapham. Pet. March

skin, stomach, liver, bowels, and kidneys. This celebrated
medicine needs but a fair trial to convince

the alling and 3. April 9, at three, at offices of Sol. Godfrey, South-9q, Gray's- despondent that it will restore and cheer them

withont inn WIGHTMAN, JAMES, draper, Sheffield. Pet. March 21. April 13, danger, pain, or inconvenience. No family should be withat four, ut offices of Sols. Binney and Sons, Sheffield

out & supply of Holloway's Pills and Ointment, as by a WHITE, 'JOHN JAMES, bookkeeper, Everton. Pet. March 25. timely recourse to them the first erring function may be April 13, at twy, at offices of Sol. Bellringer, Liverpool

reclaimed, suffering may be spared, and life saved.


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To Readers and Correspondents.

Anonymous communications are invariably rejected.
All communications must be authenticated by the name and address of the writer

not necessarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith. All communications intended for the EDITOR OF THE SOLICITORS' DEPARTMENT

should be so addressed,

founded on custom ; it extends beyond the obtaining of judgment in an ordinary suit, and enables the attorney to control an execution, so that he may not only give time to a defendant, but he may give binding directions to the sheriff. In Wilson v. Young (9 Barr, 101) it was held that an attorney-at-law may refer his client's cause to arbitrators, with an agreement that the award shall be final. Judge ROGERS remarks that it would be difficult to point out anything in the conduct of a suit to judgment which he may not do. The limitations imposed on him relate generally to compromises which substitute one thing for another, as real estate for money, or to transactions after judgment. But it is decided that an attorney may not bind his client by an agreement by which land is taken instead of money-much less can he bind his client by an agreement for the sale of land; it requires a special delegation of authority in writing to enable him to do this.

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This journal having been served with legal process at the suit of Dr. KENEALY, in respect of an article which appeared in our columns on the 7th March last, we might well desire to avoid reference to him in connection with the late trial, but the proceedings of the Oxford Circuit mess cannot be passed by without comment. Before we were aware of Dr. KENEALY's hostile intentions towards ourselves, we expressed the opinion that the Profession should leave the settlement of all questions raised to the decision of the benchers of Gray's-inn. We still think this was the proper course, and undoubtedly the action of the circuit mess would appear to depart from it. Those, however, who have condemned the resolution of the circuit Bar as premature and unfair, can hardly have put to themselves the question--was there any alternative? What the members of a circuit under such circumstances have to decide is, whether they wish to continue to dine and to associate in all the familiarity of social intercourse with a particular individual. The cause of objection to this individual may vary in its nature. If it is in any way doubtful or obscure there should be an investigation; if palpable and beyond controversy, an investigation is idle, and gentlemen constituting what is in effect a club can at once determine tbat they will no longer tolerate the company of an objectionable member and expel him. The large majority of the Oxford Circuit Mess viewed Dr. KENEALY'S case as in the latter category, and if we were to investigate the grounds of the conclusion we should find probably that they were mainly composed of what the learned gentleman himself calls generals."

We make these observations in order to explain what might not unnaturally be regarded as the tyranny of a Bar mess. Exclusion from that mess has nothing more than a moral effect upon the excluded member, and at least one very successful Queen's Counsel at present travels circuit with great profit to himself although he has for years ceased to be a member of the mess. Had Dr. KENEALY been a less prominent personage nothing would have been heard of his exclusion, which is a purely personal matter between himself and his professional brethren. much to be regretted that the operation of rules to which every man submits who enters the Profession and joins a circuit should be publicly canvassed in individual cases. Rules will exist in every society, and whether a man is universally "cut” or excluded from social intercourse by resolution is really of small consequence.

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NOTICE. The present Editor of the Law Times is desired to state that the

learned gentleman who was for many years the editor of this journal entirely ceased to control its management on accepting judicial office. He then retired from the editorship, and has since been and is in no way cognisant of the contributions which are made to these columns.

We recently adverted to the extreme difficulty of any new licensing legislation arising from the existing complexities, and the numerous amendments called for by contending parties. We observe that last week two deputations on the same day presented themselves at the Home Office, one from the Grocers' Association, the other from the Church of England Temperance Society. The first tendered a set of proposed alterations, arranged in eleven paragraphs, some with and some without arguments to defend them. The second deputation, amongst whom were Lord SHAFTESBURY and Mr. RUSSELL GURNEY, presented statistics of undeniable interest. Circulars had been sent round to the superintendents of police and parochial clergy throughout the country. 118 chief police constables and 746 clergymen were in favour of the Act; 115 clergymen had suggested amendments for Sunday closing, and so on. So far so good. It is useful to know the opinions of chief constables and clergymen; they are in a manner semi-official, and we should imagine that the Home Office, before attempting fresh legislation upon a large scale, will come forward with something of the sort in the shape of a “parliamentary paper.” But we read on with dismay, as we find an attack upon the facilities given to grocers. “The society,” it is said, “ felt that these grocers' shops ought not to be turned into licensed houses for drinking spiritnous liquors.” This is incorrect in point of law, for the grocers' licence extends to a sale for drinking off the premises only : (See 23 Vict. c. 27, ss. 1, 3; 24 & 25 Vict. c. 21, s. 2; Licensing Act 1872, ss. 68,74). The demands of the society, taken together with the demands of the publicans for increased restrictions upon grocers, seem to threaten an unnatural combination, whether intended at present or pot we cannot say, between the publicans and the teetotallers against the grocers, and we imagine that the interest of the public, ever too little considered in licensing squabbles, lies with the grocers. It may be useful to recall a little bit of history in illustration of our meaning. Many years ago spirits might not be sold

The Law and the Lawyers.

In the Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia a case has arisen involving the question of an attorney's power to bind his client by an agreement for the sale of land. It seems that the authority of an attorney-at-law in Pennsylvania is more extensive than in most countries, on the ground that he acts

in some degree as the agent as well as the lawyer of the client. This enlargement of power is

VOL. LVI.-Io. 1619.

by retail at all, except by publicans. The extreme inconvenience The question of principal and agent was involved, and the stateof this gave rise to a Bill enabling wholesale spirit dealers to sell ment in the particulars of sale that the property brought in a spirits by retail. The publicans of that day put forward their certain annual rental, whereas it produced, in fact, considerably strength, and the result was that the extension in favour of sale less, had great influence upon the decision. But there are stateby retail was limited to liqueurs, by an Act called the Maraschino ments in the judgment of Lord Justice JAMES which go much Act (11 & 12 Vict. c. 121, see s. 9), and it was not till thirteen further; so that, whereas under the older decision the usual rule years afterwards that spirit dealers were enabled to sell spirits by was that notice of possession was notice of the terms under which retail (see 24 & 25 Vict. c. 21, s. 2). As for the present claims of the possession was held, the law may now be taken as settled, if the grocers, we leave them to the "serious consideration” of Mr. the decision of the LORDS JUSTICES is maintained, that a purchaser Cross, who is at present engaged in the pleasant task of seeking may safely assume the tenancy of an occupant to be from year how he

may do that which will be right to all parties.” But we to year or at will, unless he is distinctly informed of the contrary. do hope that on the point we have just alluded to he will content After stating his indisposition to follow the dicta in James v. Litchhimself with studying the statistics of the teetotallers, and will field (ubi sup.), the LORD JUSTICE said : " If there is anything in the leave their inferences from them alone.

nature of the tenancies which affects the property sold, it is the vendor's duty to inform the purchaser of it, and he is not after

wards entitled to say, 'Oh, yes, but you ought to have gone and A CURIOUS case has been decided in the United States, as to the inquired.'”

This decision seems to place the law upon a satisamount of prejudice which will disqualify a jurror on a criminal factory basis, and while justly relaxing the stringency of the rule trial. This is a matter which is daily becoming more im- of caveat emptor, to discourage the fraudulent concealment of facts portant, as public opinion is subjected to a greater variety of material to the property on the part of vendors. influences arising from the increase of periodical literature and freedom of communication. In the extremely interesting judg. ment in the case to which we refer, delivered by Chief Justice

OUR JURY SYSTEM. AgNew, the opinions of the American jurists are reviewed. “At The amendment of the law relating to juries is a subject which the present day,” said the Chief Justice,

“ when newspapers,

undoubtedly ought to receive the immediate attention of the railroads and telegraphs have made intercommunication casy, and Government, the more so because the Judicature Commissioners where reporters are alive to every occurrence, and the daily press have reported against the establishment of tribunals of commerce. eager to serve up the details of crime, the difficulty of obtaining There are only a few cardinal principles which have to be observed jurors free from these wide spread influences, has made courts

in framing the necessary measure, but we do not consider that a less ready to listen to this cause of challenge. In the contrariety private member should be allowed the conduct of a Bill having so of opinions prevailing, it is needless to look abroad for precedents, important an object as the remodelling of our jury system. These but rather to be guided by the reasons lying at the bottom of the

principles may be briefly stated. Liability to sorvice should be right of challenge. The great purpose of this right is to secure

carefully distributed, so that every person not exempted by statute a fair and impartial trial.” Chief Justice MARSHALL said, in the should do duty in turn. There should be no distinction between trial of Aaron Burr for treason, that the court has considered

special and commun juries, jurymen all being educated up to a those who have deliberately formed and delivered an opinion on certain standard, and paid equally for their services. The verdict the guilt of the prisoner, as not being in a frame of mind to weigh

of a majority should be binding on the parties, and the illness or the testimony, and therefore as being disqualified to sit as jurors death of one or more of any jurymen should not affect the issue in the case': (1 Burr's Trial, 367). Chief Justice Taney laid

so long as the statutory majority remained. down the following test, says Mr. WHARTON in his Crim. Law, These are, in our view, the leading principles which must ulti$2981 : 'If the juror has formed an opinion that the prisoners are mately be adopted; but we must observe that there is considerable guilty and entertains that opinion now, without waiting to difference of opinion upon the question whether anything short of hear the testimony, then he is incompetent. But if from an unanimous verdict of twelve men should be accepted. Different reading newspapers or hearing reports, he has impressions views may be taken with respect to civil and criminal trials. In on his mind unfavourable to the prisoners, but has no opinion civil cases we think it is beyond dispute that the verdict of a majoor prejudice which will prevent him from doing impartial rity should be effectual; in criminal cases we are open to convic. justice when he hears the testimony then he is competent.' tion that unanimity should still be insisted on. In the Orton trial Having examined these authorities the Chief Justice proceeds to the Lord Chief Justice told the jury that the great object of trial consider what amount of preconceived opinion will render a juror by jury was to obtain unanimity, and that each juryman was incompetent. “Wherever,” he says, “the opinion of the juror bound

to use his utmost efforts, by argument and discussion with has been formed upon the evidence given in the trial at a former his fellows, to arrive at what was considered by all to be a right time, or has been so deliberately entertained that it has become a conclusion, treating his own opinions with diffidence and humility. fixed belief of the prisoner's guilt, it would be wrong to receive Sir Alexander Cockburn was presiding at a great criminal trial, him. In such a case the bias must be too strong to be easily and his observations on the duties of jurymen were necessary and shaken off, and the prisoner ought not to be subjected to the pertinent to the subject matter to be disposed of; but they do chance of conviction it necessarily begets." This offers a field of not apply with equal force to the trial of civil causes in which seven challenge of great importance, and upon this ground the American out of twelve men would in the great majority of cases almost cer. court held that a challenge should have been allowed. It proba- tainly be in the right. Indeed our experience is that where juries bly never occurred to the TICHBORNE defendant to inquire whether

disagree one or two jurymen are palpably obstinate, and having any of the jurors on his trial were unconquerably or seriously watched deliberations in the box we have seen more than once a single prejudiced by the evidence which had been given on the previous man besieged by his fellows, and at length induced to give way, trial; but it is clear that the question may very easily arise in although to all appearances unconvinced. It clearly ought not to this country.

be possible that in a civil cause a single obstinate or prejudiced

juryman should be able to render perhaps a very expensive trial The case of Caballero v. Hentz, which came up on appeal on the wholly abortive. 11th March, from the MASTER of the Rolls, before the LORDS We are happy to see that Mr. Joseph Brown, Q.C., one of our JUSTICES, seems to establish a new principle in relation to the most energetic and enlightened law reformers, has considered the rights of that well protected person, the bona fide purchaser question of amending our jury system from the standpoint of the without notice. A brewer sent his agent to bid for property, Orton imposture. He takes objection to the number twelve. “If described as in the possession of certain tenants, and producing the jury are really to form any opinion of their own," he says, £30 a year.

At the sale, however, it appears that these tenants “and not to throw all the business of deliberation on the Judge, were under-tenants of a lessee of the vendor, who held the whole twelve are too many to do it properly." How is it possible, he property for a lease, of which nine years were unexpired, at a rent asks, for twelve men sitting in two rows in a couple of pews, and of £20. The lease was read at the sale, but it was not referred quite new to their work, to consult each other fully or freely as to to in the abstract sent to the purchaser. A bill was filed for the details of any long cause ? . . . If they differ, and the evidence specific performance, but it was held by the Master of the ROLLS, has to be reviewed by them to bring them to one mind, is this likely and his decision was affirmed, that the purchaser was not bound to be done better by five or twelve? And Mr. Brown boldly by the unauthorised act of his agent, and that he had not received advocates the reduction of the number of jurymen to five. He, constructive notice of the lease. The two cases most relied on by indeed, goes yet further, and evidently considers that in many the plaintiff's counsel were those of Daniels v. Davidson (16 cases trial by jury might be advantageously dispensed with. “It Vesey, 249) and James v. Litchfield (L. Rep. 9 Eq. 51; 21 seems," he remarks, as if the people of this country had been L. T. Rep. N. S. 526); the former of which may be looked persuaded by the eloquent declamations of such men as Erskine upon as much shaken in authority, and the latter overruled. and Brougham, who lived in times when the liberty of the press The point decided in Daniels v. Davidson was, that the pos, and of the subject found its best safeguard in a jury, that, theresession of a tenant is notice to a purchaser of the tenant's fore, we cannot have too much of it, and that because trial by jury interest, created by an agreement to purchase from his_land- is an excellent privilege when a man is indicted for a political lord; and it was intimated in the judgment of Lord ELDON offence, it is equally good when he has to try the validity of a that generally notice of occupation was notice of the terms of patent or the title to an estate. But it is as great a piece of occupation.

And the case of James v. Litchfield lays down quackery to say that trial by jury is good for all causes, as to say that rule to its full extent. It is true that in the present case that Morrison's pills cure all diseases. A knife is the best thing complications existed which were absent from the earlier ones. to cut bread, but would be very awkward to shave with. Would

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