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Act of bankruptcy-Assignment, 292.

Execution creditor-Seizure by-Power of court, Order and disposition, Reputod ownership of hired Adjudication-Creditor's debt, 366.

over sheriff-Fraudulent conveyance, 241.

furniture, 367. Agreement to transfer property-Bills of Sale Act, Execution creditor under 501. - Reduction of proof | PARTNERSHIPRegistration necessary, 131. and dissolution of injunction, 403.

Admission of proof of partner of debtor, 466. Appeal from Registrar-Refusal to register resolu- “ Family” assignments-Advance— Fraud— Costs, Death of partners—Distribution of propertytions, 78. 76.

Bankruptcy Act 1869, 349. Application to restrain creditor from voting-Proof, Fraudulent Bankrupt-Payment of creditor and Decease of partner-Property of old firm and 350. costs of prosecution out of the estate, 367.

of surviving partners, 366. Appointment of a creditor's solicitor, 240. Fraudulent preference, 131.

Proof of debt by a partner against the estate of Bankers-Stakeholders-Costs as, 240. Fresh evidence-Re-hearing-Surprise, 329.

his late partner, 132. BILL OP Sale

Friendly Society-Right to payment out of assets Sale of property of bankrupt partner - Alleged Assignment by single partner of partnership of insolvent officer in his hands by virtue of his fraudulent scheme of other partners to obtain property, 467. office, 386.

the property at an undervalue-Jurisdiction, By one partner of partnership property to Garnishee order (absolute)-A “chargo” on debt secure possible risk, 77. attached, 466.

Receiver- Payment by to particular creditor-CreConsideration-Money advance and promissory Guarantee of payment of bills-Bank having ditor ordered to refund to trustee, 168. note, 40.

the guarantee parting with the bills—No right Receiver's costs–Subsequent bankruptcy-Lia. Stock in trade purchased since the bill-Liqui- to prove against estate of bankrupt guarantor, bility of trustee, 203. dation, 39. 150.

Rejection of proof, 328. Chancery suit-Injunction-Examination of plain- Infants, Liability to be made bankrupts, 294. Resolutions, registration of-Meetings of creditorstiff in suit, 275. LIQUIDATION

Ejecting proxy, 293. COMPOSITIONS

Appointment of receivers—Interim injunction - Sale by trader debtor for value-No transferAbortive proceedings-Costs of proceedings- Refusal of high sheriff to withdraw-Motion Secret reservation-Subsequent creditors, 113. Adjudication-Bankruptcy Act 1869, s. 126, to commit for contempt, 274.

SECURED CREDITORsub-sect, 11, 131.

Arrangement by debtor to re-purchase estate Production of securities, 328.
Default in payment-Action for orignal debt, 24. from trusteo-Rights of trustees against third Proof, 385.
Non-payment-Valuation of security-Injunc- parties–Directions of Court, 9.

Sum paid into Court to abide event of actiontion, 60. Creditor present, but not voting, 92.

Does not create the plaintiff a secured crediWhen are the proceedings pending, 328. Leave to proceed de novo on petition-Dis

tor, 76. Creditor and surety-Resolution to accept com- crepancy between debtor's statement and Sheriff-Seizing under execution-Not entitled to position to which creditor assents-Absolute

proofs, 313.

deduct creditor's costs on handing proceeds to release of surety, 313.

Stock-in-trade acquired by debtor after filing trustee, 467. Debt incurred by fraud-Action-Discretion of petition, the property of the trusteo, 222. Solicitor of bankrupt-His right to recover Court to restrain, 366.

Liquidator-His right to prove and vote-Produc- security given for his costs before filing of petition Debtor's summons Application to dismiss- tion of bills of exchange on proof, 150, 466.

against third parties, 202. Claim arising out of partnership dispute-Stay-Mecting of creditors-Notico necessary to be given Solicitor's costs—Right to prove for, 257. ing proceedings on summons without security -Sect. 28 B. A. 1869, 132.

Stoppage in transitu-Delivery of goods at railway 222.

Mortgage obtained by fraud-Claim to follow terminus-Delivery of bills of exchange, 77. Discharge-Examination not passed, but good divi- money in hands of mortgagor, and to preserve Stoppage in transitu— Remittance on general acdend paid, 202. lien on mortgaged estate, 168.

count, 40. Execution creditor for a sum under 501.- Previous Order and disposition-Goods not in reputed owner- Surety of bankrupt debtor-Right on payment of

seizure for over 50l.-Injunction dissolved as to ship of vendor where it is custom of the trade to debt to benefit of creditor's proof, 220.
former, 274.
leave them with him, 293.

Wife's allowance under separation deed-Proil, Execution creditor-Part payment by debtor to Order and disposition - Goods in possession of 443.

sheriff when in possession-Right of trustee to neutral third parties— Transfer but no notice of Written orders to debtor" Charges" under ss. securities handed to sheriff, 293. change of ownership, 328.

and 16, 466.



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