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Charges of the Incorporated Law Society, The, 134. Legal Education-Gray's Inn-Calls to the bar, 242. Statutory Legislation, 468.

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Abdy and Walker's Gaius, and Rules of Ulpian, 377.
Andrews's Manual of the Laws and Courts of the
United States, 143.

Arnould's Memoir of Lord Denman, 142.
Cabinet Lawyer, 249.

Carson's Shelford's Real Property Statutes, 231.
Chambers's Digest of the Laws relating to Public
Health, 394.


City Press City of London Directory, The, 285.
Crockford's Clerical Directory, 395.

Crump's Theory of Stock Exchange Speculation,

Currie's Indian Law Examination Manual, 160.
Dowell's Income Tax Laws, 196.

Finch's Pursuit of Truth, 34.

Hadley's Introduction to Roman Law, 143.
Hardcastle's Bushby's Manual of the Practice of
Elections, 249.

Hardcastle's Election Petitions, 305.

Jordan's Joint Stock Company's Handy Book, 5.
Kenyon, Life of Lord, 142.

Knight's Government Directory, 213.

Gibbons's and Nathan's County Court Equity, 305. Law Magazine, 177.

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Acceptances against Consignments, 30.

Adjournment of Criminal Trials, 49.


Functions of the Railway Commissioners, The, 393. | Married Women-Their General Engagements and
Future of Legal Education, The, 121.

Adjustments between Tenants for Life, and Re- Gifts to Illegitimate Children, 230.
maindermen, 247.

Admiralty Jurisdiction-Damage to Cargo, 229.
American Criticism on the English Bar, 413.
American Opinion upon the Operation of the Judi-
cature Act, 248.

Arbitrary Powers of Public Bodies, The, 375.
Assignments of Choses in Action before and after
Insolvency, 229.

Bankruptcy Jurisdiction, 412.

Bankruptcy, The Work in the Courts of, 2.

Baron Martin, 173.

Bench and Bar in Ireland, The, 177.

Board of Trade Inquiries, 303.

Capture of the Virginius, The, 69.

Charity Commissioners' Report and the Charity
Trustees' Incorporation Act 1872, The, 452.
Companies and their Shareholders, 452.
Contracts by Corporations and their Agents, 174.
Contracts by Married Women affecting Real Estate,

Conversion-Essential Elements, 359.

Debenture Bonds and Promissory Notes, 16.
Decisions under the Licensing Acts, 38.

Gifts to Illegitimate or Reputed Children, 264.
Husband and Wife as Contracting Parties, 158.
Illegal consideration: The Position of a Particeps
Criminis, 50.

Imprisonment for Debt in County Courts, 430.
Indorsement of Sales, &c., upon Deeds, 283.
Inferior Courts and the Profession, 450.
Judicial Statistics for 1872, The, 19, 51.
Knowledge by a Purchaser of Tenancies or Charges,
as Affecting his Right to Compensation, 358.
Land Title and Transfer Bill, 431, 451.

Separate Estate, 4.

Means of Knowledge and Representations as Af-
fecting Contracts, 210.

Non-Registration of Mortgages including Fixtures,
The, 246.

On the Valuation of Annuities and Future and
Contingent Debts and Liabilities in Bankruptcy,

Our Jury System, 410.

Parol Evidence of Collateral Agreements, 49.
Prospects of Solicitors, The, 453.

The Recent Bankruptcy Decisions, 303.
Relevancy of Evidence in Criminal Cases, 139, 176.

Law of Alluvion in England and in India, The, Rescission of Contracts of Sale of Goods, The, 248.
285, 323,

Legal Aspect of the Railway Passenger, The, 340.

Sales by Trustees, 192.

Searches, Inquiries, and Notices, 3, 18, 32, 50, 284,
322, 341, 375.

| Legal Aspects of the Tichborne Case, 357.
Liabilities of Husbands for Debts contracted by Separation Deeds and Divorce, 175.
their Wives, The, 194.

Liabilities of Insurance Agents, The, 392.
Liabilities of Solicitors for Improper Suits, The


Liability of an Execution Creditor to Refund, The,

Liability of Infants to Bankruptcy, The, 340.

Duties Payable by Reason of Death, 105, 139, 157, Liability of Railway Companies for Unpunctuality,
193, 212.

Election Petitions, The coming, 266.

The, 68.

Some Bankruptcy Decisions, 66.

Suggestions for Amending the Practice Relating to
Stop Orders, 18.

Supreme Court of Judicature Act, 1873, The, 2,
17, 31, 67, 122.

Third Report of the Judicature Commission, The,

Title to and Transfer of Land, 86.

Transfer of Company Shares to paupers, The, 68.
Liability under the Mines Regulation Act 1872, 283. Trustees and the Commutation of East India Stock,
English and Amerian Law, as relating to Stipula~ Libels in Newspapers, 85.
tions by Carriers, 159.
Licence and the Punishment of Counsel, The, 320. What is a Valid Voluntary Settlement of a Chose
Estates of Partners in Bankruptcy, The, 85, 103, Limited Rights of Way, 121.
in Action? 104.

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Accused persons in Coroners' Courts, 36, 235
Alehouse licences, 215

Bastardy Laws Amendment Act, 1873, The, 236
Bona fide travellers-Licensing Act, 235
Bodkin, Death of Sir William, 402
Chief Clerk to the Lord Mayor, 309
Discretionary power of fixing punishment in criminal
cases, 273

Extradition-Evidence, 56


Gaming in a licensed house-Licensing Act, 1872, 74 | London Gas Act, 1868, The City of-Revision of
Inclosure Evidence - Certificates as to making

road, 199

Judges at the Middlesex Sessions, 365
Licensing Act, 1872, sect. 12, The, 108
Licensing Act 1872, The-Criminal Responsibility of
Licensed Persons for Offences Committed in their
Absence by Servants, Agents, &c., 272
Licensing Laws, The, 109

price-Operation of award of commissioners, 37 Magistrates' clerk's fees, 180

Masters and Servants Act-Shoemakers, 327
Masters and Servants Act, The, 146
Practice under the Licensing Act, 1872, 56
Rape-Complaint by prosecutrix admissible in evi-
dence, 127

Stealing as a bailee, 365


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Legacy duty-Release of debt by will, 8
Legatee-Duty, 134

Lessors under marriage settlement, 43
Liquidating debtor-Conveyance, 369
Liquidation-Creditor-Proof, 61
Lists-County Courts, 242

Local authority under the Gasworks Clauses Act, 8
Lord Mayor's Court-Jurisdiction, 79

Loss of property-Negligence-Innkeeper, 43
Magistrates' clerk, partner of, 334

Marriage-Conveyance-Tenants in common, 405
Marriage settlement, lessors under, 43
Married woman-Acknowledgment, 61
Married Women's Property Act, 170

Mortgagee, ejectment by, 334

Mortgagee suing mortgagor's tenant for rent, 207 Mortgage Stamp, 61

Negligence, 353

Negligence-Innkeeper-Loss of property, 43 Notice to quit, 8

Gas Works Clauses Act, Local Authority under Not proven, 42

the, 8

Goods, sale of-Statute of Frauds, 42

Habendum-Conveyancing, 334

Indorsement-Cheque, 78

Infant, custody of, 79

Innkeeper-Loss of property-Negligence, 43
Interest in land, 25

Intestacy-Assignment of leasehold (1000 years),


Investment-Trustees, 79

Joint tenancy, 79

Jurisdiction-Lord Mayor's Court, 79
Justices, qualification of, 316
Landlord and tenant, 331
Landlord and tenant-Rent, 186
Law of banking, 468

Legacy duty, 42

Partner-Bill of costs, 78

Partner of magistrates' clerk, 334

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Accountants preparing deeds, &c., 125

Action against an attorney-Award-Moving to set aside-Practice, 252

Affidavits, 72

Agencies, 72

Americanism in England, 270

Applications against attorneys, 54


cable, 36

Power of appointment of stock-Valid appointment, 35

Debtors' Act (Ireland) 1872-Decree mis-stating date | Power of appointment-Doctrine of cy près appli
when debt incurred-Alteration of decree without
sanction of chairman-Habeas Corpus-Jurisdic-
tion-Discharge of debtor from custody, 251
Debtors' Act (Ireland) 1872-Non-payment of money
due by a solicitor to client, 401
Decisions affecting service under articles, 70

Apportionment Act, The-Construction of will made Demurrer-Suit for injunction-Breach of contract, before, 214

Articled clerk-Employment as vestry clerk, 70

Articled clerk, re An, 198

Articled clerks and the Judicature Act, 125

Articled clerks holding office, 107

Articles, 125

Attachments in the Lord Mayor's Court, 363

Attorneys' and Solicitors' Bill, 401

Attorneys' certificates, 290

Attorneys' Protection Bill, 439

Beall v. Smith, 233

Bills of Sale Act (1854) Amendment Bill, 419

Branches, The two, 199

Clerks as advocates, 199

Commissions to administer oaths, 22
Contempt of court-Fictitious document, 162
Contract of sale-Memorandum-Name of vendor
omitted-Statute of frauds, 325


Practice-Security for costs-Jurisdiction-Judg.
ment Extension Act, 1868, 401
Privilege-Bill of costs, 251

Procedure in foreign courts-Commissions and
letters rogatory, 198

Examination of witnesses abroad-Commission to Qualification of special jurors, The, 307
foreign court, 124

Final examination, 72

Funeral of the late Mr. J. C. Grocott, 325
Incorporated Law Society, 6

Irish affidavits, 162

Judicature Commission-Third report of the Com-
missioners, 418

Leases of the London corporations, 363

Legal Practitioners' Bill, 1874-Attorneys and Soli-
citors' Bill, 1874, 419
Legal Practitioners' Society, 199
Legal Profession, The, 460

Managing clerks as advocates, 439
Mansion House Police Court, 460
Marrried Women's Property Act, 289, 307
Mortgage-Redemption-Statute of limitations, 54

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Reform of the legal profession, The, 419
Rights of judgment creditors, 362

Rules of practice and procedure to be framed under
the Judicature Act, 1873, 269

Rules of practice and procedure under the Judicature
Act, 287

Sale of practices, 214

Security for costs-Jurisdiction-Judgment Extension Act, 460

Solicitor and client-Writ of fi. fa. issued against good faith-Process, 53

Solicitors and the Judicature Act, 162

Specific appropriation, 363

Spurious County Court notices, 125

Supreme Court of Judicature Act sections 64, 65,


Two model actions at law, 89

Unqualified practitioners, 55, 214, 419, 439

Will-Construction-Illegitimate children, 145

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