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Aetions. Mr. Justice North on the days stated in the Hilary Sittings Paper, and Re Von Hangwitz ; Von Hangwitz v. De Re Bennett; Ingle o. King on Fridays and Saturdays. Mr. Justice Kekewich on Fridays and Saturdays, and


Re Clarke and Sinclairs Contract and also on other days as the Judges may direct.

Re Middleton; Wright v. Cliff

V. & P. Act 1874
Re Collie; Blagden v. Collie


Re Tucker; Bishop v. Beauchamp

& P. Act 1874
Mitchell v. Foster

Shynn u. Ditton

Re J. C. Orred and others and The Re Williams; Williams r. Williams
During the Hilary Sittings the Judges will sit for the disposal of their own Witness Central London Railway Company's Re Harly : Atter v. Redfern
Lists as follows:

Contract and V. & P. Act 1874

Re Stilwell; Williams v. Hoskins Mr. Justice Chitty will take his Witness List for the ensuing fortnight, beginning

Re Bishopp; Ross *. Brewer (W. H. Re Ashton; Kilby v. Ashton on Tuesday, Feb. 2, and will sit continuously (Monday, Feb. 8, excepted) until

Fitzgerald and another)

Re Fry and Weston's Contract and V. & Saturday, Feb. 13.

Re Same; Same r. Same

P. Act 1874 Mr. Justice North will begin on Tuesday, Jan. 19, and sit continuously (Monday,

Re Frodsham; Salmon v. Barnes

Re S. Rayner; Mason 1. Hollington Jan. 25, excepted) until Saturday, Jan. 30.

Re The Sovereign Life Assurance Com- Re A. Rayner; Mason v. Wood Mr. Justice Stirling will begin on Tuesday, Feb. 2, and sit continuously (Monday,


Re Edwards : Lindit v. Wrench Feb. 8, excepted) until Saturday, Feb. 13.

Re Bick; Wilkins v. Lewis

Re Morley ; Tabberer v. Morley. Mr. Justice Kekewich will begin on Tuesday, Jan. 19, and sit continuously (Monday, Jan. 25, excepted) until Saturday, Jan. 30.

Further Considerations. N.B.--If the Witness List should be taken on any days other than those above

Thorne r. Radford

Re Jonas Lery; Addington v. Mosely appointed, due notice will be given.

Re Whittaker; Jones r. Wright

Re Stewart: Bodtken v. Houlder. During the ortnight when a Judge is engaged on his Witness List, Motions in Causes or Matters assigned to him (including Ex parte Motions, but not including Motions relating to the postponement of the Trial or Hearing of any Cause or Matter in

Before Mr. Justice NORTH. his Lordship’s List), and also Unopposed Petitions assigned to him, will be heard by one of his colleagues as follows:

Causes for Trial with Witnesses. Those assigned to Mr. Justice Chitty will be heard by Mr. Justice North.

Collins v. Woodin

Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited v. The Those assigned to Mr. Justice North will be heard by Mr. Justice Chitty.

Bulpett v. Link

Ixion Patent Pneumatic Tyre Company Those assigned to Mr. Justice Stirling will be heard by Mr.

Justice Kekewich.
Hippisley r. Sweet

Those assigned to Mr. Justice Kekewich will be heard by Mr. Justice Stirling.

Re Pritchard ; Davies v. Evans

Bowen v. The Aërated Bread Company

Hughes, Chenery, and Co. . Mines Limited

Acquisition, &c., Company Limited Midland Railway Company o. Topliss
Willis v. Sweet

Laycock v. Jamieson and W. Tuke (Set down to Thursday, Dec. 24, 1896, inclusive.)

Harrop v. Harrop

Saith v. Rowlands
Re Steveps; Cooker. Stevens

C. de Murrieta and Co. Limited u. Galindez
Before Mr. Justice CHITTY.

The Aérated Bread Company Limited r. Spurgeon v. R. Spurgeon Limited Causes for Trial with Witnesses.


Wilkinson v. Storry

Badische Anilin and Soda Fabrik . Baron v. Bernstein Re Trade Mark No. 8482 of Cecil Fane Farmer v. School Board for London

H. Johnson and Co.

Re The Marie Rose Gold Mining Company (trading, &c.) and Patents, Designs, Hallett v. Musgrave

Longfield v. Horsfall

Limited and Companies Acts; Ex parte &c., Acts Tanner v. Tanner Robson v. Stevens

R. Blackshaw Re Trade Mark No. 180,437 of Monk's Re The Bulfontein Sun Diamond Mine

Bridport v. Coulson

Prall v. Gann Hall and Co. Limited and Opposition Limited and Companies Acts

Fletcher v. Nokes

Attorney-General v. Hendon Rural Disthereto of C. Fane, &c. Incandescent Gas Light Company Limited Liquidation Estates Purchase Company

trict Board Cleminson v. Hewitt v. T. Curtis and Co.

Limited v. Leigh

Bendit Brothers r. Hirth Re C. de Murrieta and Co. Limited; C. de Same Company v. R. Ainsworth and Co. Fawkes v. Lewis

Dye r. Patman Murrieta and Co. Limited v. Industrial Same Company r. Paget

Puzey v. Sweet

King v. Myers and General Trust Limited Same Company v. Brand and Co.

Milne r. West Australian Minerals, &c., Sampson v. Garrud Lane v. Marie Rose Gold Mining Company Attorney-General . Romford Urban Dis

Company Limited

Slaithwaite Spinning Company Limited v.
trict Council
Fitzwilliams v. Lewis

Strassny r. Coltman and Baker
Hutton Mines' Contract Company Caines v Puntis

C. de Murrieta and Co. Limited u. Galindez
Gillott v. Gillott

Re The Dunlop Truffault Cycle Company Thomson v. Floyd and Co.
Edwards v. Witt
J. Lyons and Sons v. Wilkins


Williams v. The Furness Railway ComPneumatic Tyre Company Limited p. Paget v. Schwabe

Trotter v. Clark

Marwood and Cross
Waterhouse v. Clark

Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited v. Fox r. Brady
Same v. Allum
Re Allison's Patent, No. 8618 of 1895


Gibson v. Booth
Abbott v. Chaplow
Raby v. Budd

Same v. Fleetwood Tyre Company Limited Henry v. Andrews
Tadcaster Tower Brewery Company Roy v. Roy

Satchell v. Nevill

Abdy v. Willett
Limited r. Wilson
Sheppard v. Cooke

Elliot o. Bassett

Coleridge r. Leslie and Co. Limited Re The Bulfontein Sun Diamond Mine Re Brouncker; Carnegie r. Brouncker Dickson v. Eking


v. Letts Limited and Companies Acts 1862 to Lagunas Nitrate Company Limited

Saunders v. Price

Davis v. Aird and Song
Lagunas Syndicate Limited
Popham v. Brooks

Bullivant and Co. v. The Iberian Iron Ore Ellam v. J. Lyons and Co. Limited Wood v. B. Verity and Sons

De Vulitch v. Sutherst

Company Limited
Brooks v. Lycett
Pye Smith v. Marriott

Mossop v. Croxford

Green v. batchett Tweedale Howard and Bullough London General Omnibus Company

Duleep Singh v. Hill

McSwiney v. Rose
Limited v. Death

The Southall Norwood Urban District Collins v. Cooper
Vassell v. Strauss-Collin
Craig v. Etherington

Council v. Monsted

Parr v. Tompson Automatic Coal Gas Retort Company Watkins v. Fitzmaurice

Ecroyd v. Coulthard

Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited r. Limited r. Mayor, &c., of Salford De Barreto v. Ridley

Pollard v. Weicher

Rimington Brothers and co.
Gulland v. De Bernales
Howland v. Dover Harbour Board

Iles v. Lewin

Same Compauy v. Warrilow Rogers v. Law Union and Crown Fire and Nickson o. Robertson

Leggett r. Gardiner

McDiarmid v. Hamnett
Life Insurance Company
Incandescent Gas Light Company v. Bist

Re Carter; Carter v. Lake

Black and White Publishing Company Richards r. Kirk Barry Railway Company 0. Taff Vale Lockyer v. Harvey and Co.

Limited o. Illustrated Press and PhotoThe Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited r. Railway Company

Short v. Montefiore

guaphic Agency Limited The Leicester Pneumatic Tyre and Walsall Rural District Council v. Hughes Dawson r. Thompson

Hughes, Chenery, and Co. v. Consort Automatic Valve Company Beasley v. Klingelhofer

The Rand d'Or Mines Limited r. Heindorf Deep Level Gold Mines Limited Re Kruger's Syndicate Limited

Wadey v. City and Suburban Freehold
Leeds and Liverpool Canal Company v. Land Company

Akhebolaget Separator r. Dairy Outfit Allen v. Pritchard
Company Limited

Thomson r. Thomson
Manchester Ship Canal Company Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited ».

Kirk , Kirk

Rice v. Rice Re Edwards; Sanders r. Edwards

Woodbridge and Co.

The London and County Banking Com- Marquis of Abergavrnny v. Parsons Bass, Ratcliff, and Gretton Limited r. Same Company v. Goodman and Son

pany Limited v. Goddard

Bartlett v. Spiking and Co.

How . Urban District Council of Car-
The Deptford Colour Printing Syndicate shalton
Limited v. Saunders
Temler v. H. Stevenson and Sons

Causes for Trial without Witnesses.
Thornpson v. Thompson
Hawkins v. Whitefield

Loribond v. Lovibond

Re Groom ; Booty v. Groom
Tribe v. Sage
Saunders v. Freeman

Billing r. Tomkins

Re Fish ; Lee v. Fish.
Colthurst r. Leathley

Hilliard v. Dale
Re Treherne; Weldon r. Williams Hollender . The Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre

Adjourned Summonses.
Turner v. Hardaway
Company (France) Limited

Re Robinson; Robinson v. Robinson Re Hodson ; Carey v. Walters
Re Janes' Petition 1895, No. 10,920
Edison United Phonograph Company v.

Re Marker; Marker c. Marker

Re Pell; Norton v. Battams
Mitchell v. J. Beach, jun.

Re Oakes; Clarke v. Overman

Barclay r. Miles and Co.
Ratcliff v. Gleadowe
Wynne v. Tempest

Re The Midland and South-Western Junc- Re Grove; Grove v. Grove
Browne v. Beck
Diggle o. Bleezard

tion Railway Company and Railway O'Connor v. O'Connor
Davies v. Townsend
Charlesworth v. The Old Silkstone and

Companies Act 1867

Re Casson's Estate; Skirrow v. Johnson Wood v. Ive Dodworth Coal and Iron Company

Taylor r. Denison

Over v. Over
Lock v. Campbell
Re Shewell; Carneron v. Shewell

Re Tatam ; Norton r. Thomas
Carlisle Café Company Limited r. Muse Lipman v. Branch and Sons

Re Dickson; Pitts v. Dowsing

Re Oliver; Oliver v. Oliver
Brothers and Co.
Couper r. Turness

Re Rarnard; Barnard r, Hill

Re Piercy; Whitwham r. Piercy
Hunt ». Fripp
Dashwood v. Messom.

0. De Murrieta and Co. Limited v. Galin- Re Broughton; Grice Hutchinson v. Moor-
dez (No. 1411)

head Causes for Trial without Witnesses.

Same r. Same (No. 1412)

Wood v. Wood.
Re Lywood: Lywood o. Wright

Re Hayes and Hulburd's Contract and
Re Miles ; Miles v. Miles
V. & P. Act 1874

Further Considerations.
Re Hodge; Green v. Hodge
Re Spry and Foretier's Settled Estates and

Re Harbert; Saltweli . Wilkinson

Oliver v. Oliver. Re Good; Russell o. Miles

Settled Land Acts

Re Leavers; Leavers r. Leavers Re Mortimer; Slater v. Taylor

Re Betts; Maclean u. Betts
Re E. Cook's Estate

Re Johnston ; Harris v. Chegwyn
Re Abrey and Hughes's Contract and Re Macmullen; Macmullen v. Talbot
V. EP. Act 1874
Re Waddington; Bacon v. Bacon

Before Mr. Justice STIRLING.
Re Robinson ; Arnold r. Robinson

Re Ram; Ramv, O'Brien
Re Gedge; Gedge v. Gedge
Wolmershausen v. Gullick

Causes for Trial with Witnesses.
Re G. Smith; Russell v. Summers
Re Shilson; Shilson v. Shilson

West v. Alcock

New Moss Colliery Company Limited v. Re C. T. Rhodes, a Solicitor, &c. Re Ashbury; Elder v. Church Gentle v. Harmer

Manchester, Sheffield, &c. Railway Re the Same; Ex parte 0. T. Rhodes Re T. Gladwin and Charing Cross Railway Re Harman : Harman v. Wise

Re Thomson ; Strickland v. Thomson
Act 1859
De Lissa v. Tyser

Lowe r. Sanders
Re W. Wreford (deceased)

Re Graham and Thomson's Contract and Debenham v. Foster, Frere, and Co. Wilding c. Sanderson
Re Whitaker; Ainley 1. Ainley
V. & P. Act 1874
Bell v. Balls

Haggenmacher v. Watson, Todd, and Co.
Collins v. Samuelson
Re Jack ; Jack v. Jack

Chandler o. Freeman

Harding v. Fry Re Sir R. Peel's Trusts---Re Von der Zeyd's Re Beadle; Hodgson v. North

Wynne r. Rising

Lewis v. Morgan
Trusts; Peel v, Osborne
Re Robertson; Long v. Knott

Fenny Stratford Town Hall Company Wainwright i. Sutton
Re Tocque and Rodyk, Solicitors, &c. Elkins v. Capital Guarantee Society Limited r. Payne

Wainwright v. Miller Re Weekes' Settlement and London, Limited

Lowe v. Sanders

Labouchere v. Webb Brighton, and South Coast Railway Co. Same v. Same

Emery o. Treacher

Barnes v. Story
Re Josse; Hall v. Josse
Re Budden; Budden v. Barber

Ross v. Ross

S. Fitton and Son u. Hamlyn

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Earl of Dudley v. Lowo

Lord Churston r. Buller-Buller v. Lord McMahon r. Bond

Churston Symons v. Ramsay

Burton r, Simpson Ajello and Sons r. Worsley

Re Buxton : Buxton r, Buxton
Re Parmiter ; Parmiter v. Parmiter

Mardon v. Engulbach
Automatic Diversions Syndicaie v. Urry Williams v. Jones
Mayor, &c., of Hastings v. Taylor-Sime Stokes v. Prance
r. Same

Re Swinton; Newrick v. Astbury
Blott v. Cowen

Hawkins r. Rhodes Vanderpant v. Arnold

Harries and Co. r. Lock Whalley 1. Dawson

Cameron r. Smith Dale v. Sellick


v. Nantyglow, &c., Ironworks Dickinson ». Bristol Tramways and Car- Limited

riage Company Limited (British Thom- Whitwham v. Manchester, &c., Railway

son, Houston Limited, third parties) Company Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited v. Monnet v. Beck Gregson

Salter v. Bauer Sluce v. Poole

Re Davis; Davis v. Anger Re Hodgson; Cobbold v. Hodgson

Gardner v. Shute Brooks v. Lamplugh

Howard and Bullough Limited v. Tweedale Morris v. Kysow

Dalzell v. Stirling Incandescent Gas Light Company Limited Re Davey; Davey v. Groenfield u. Swanne and Co.

Attorney-Oeneral v. Bull Hookhan v. Johnson and Phillips

Burge v. The International Tea Company's Whitlark . Dawes

Stores Limited Macleod v. Mathews

Henderson's Transvaal Estates Limited
Felix Hadley and Co. Limited v. F. 1. Barnato Brothers

Hill v. Tanner
Jackson v. The Cargo Fleet Iron Company Stevenson v. Harward

Clark v. Sharp and Co.
Gipps v. Wynne

Thornton v. Shipley Gas Light Company Rose , Neale

Hanby v. Evans Sumner v. Sumner

Martin v. O'Driscoll and Co. Horwood v. Inskip

Wicks v. Grover Jarvis v. Jarvis

Grey v. Wallace Anderson v. Manchester, Sheffield, and Brotherton Tube Company Limited t. Lincolnshire Railway Company

Lawson Maconochie v. J. Livingston and Son The Birmingham Breweries Limited o. Ind, Coope, and Co. Limited v. Davies Jameson Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited r. The Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited v. English Cycle Company

Whymper. jun., and six other actions Parry v. Bulkeley

Same Company v. MacLellan
Viscount Hood r. Coulson

Sitwell v. Worrall
Radcliffe v. Mayor, &c., of Portsmouth Snapper v. Fox
Re Timn; Timnv. Hamilton

Grimths r. Marquess of Bute
Hewitt v. Wyand

Re The Truffault Cycle and Tube ManuAttorney-General v. Kirk

facturing Company Limited and ComD'Arcy v. D'Arcy

panies Acts Nicholson v. Brown

Clarke v. Odhams Lanchester v. Richter

Bower v. Broome Jones v. Roberts

Re Marriott; Marriott v. Marriott
Underhay v. Quinn

Mayor, &c. of Croydon r. Locke
Croshaw v. Lyndhurst Ship Company Ibbetson v. Clarkson

Lewis v. Powell.
Causes for Trial without Witnesses and Adjourned Summonses.
Dalton v. Fitzgerald

Re Davy; Davy v. Davy
Bastard u. Bastard

Re Atlee; Atlee o. Atlee and Settled Land Earp r. Walsall Union

Act Re Pommery and Tanner, Solicitors, &c, Re De Linden ; De Hayn v. Garland 1896, P. 1022

Re Phillips ; Eddowes v. Phillips Re Pommery and Tanner, Solicitors, &c., Re Saunders ; Saunders v. Gore 1896, P. 1021

Earl of Wharncliffe v. Edey Re The Western Counties' Steam Bakeries Re Nicholson ; Nicholson v. Nicholson and Milling Company Limited

Re Friedeberg; Slomowski v. Friedeberg Dale v. Powell

Re Venn; Dudman v. Thompson Trevor v. Hutchings

Re North ; Meates v. Bishop North British, &c., r. Mackintosh

Re Deere's Will; May v. Spranger Debney r. Eckett

Re Parsons: White v. Bicknell
Re Hughes ; Fry v. Combs

Re Game; Game o. Young
Re Norman Hill: Bullen v. Norman Hill Re Swift; Bishop v. Farquhar
Re Priest; Hatchard v. Priest

Re Wilmot; Wilmot v. Betterton
Hopcraft v. Hopcraft

Re Davis-Re Howell; Bowell r'. Howell Re Williams; Williams v. Grant.

Re Friend; Friend v. Young
Pereira v. Ashby

Re Denton; Ruddock v. Denton
Re Bowles and Marshall and V. and P. Stevens v. Batten
Act 1874

Parsons v. Bell
Re Boseley; Johnson o. Boseley

Re Bentinck; Bentinck v. Bentinck Re J. o. Burton; Scott c. The Hackney Re Cornell; Carnell v. Carnell

172nd Star Bowkett Building Society Re Russell; Bristow v. New Zealand Loan, Re Ennor; Etridge r. Julian


Further Considerations. Re Hyman; Emanuel v. Hyman

Re Pitkin; Pitkin v. Solicitors to H.M. Re Bayly; Bayly v. Bayly


Re Hilton; Webster r. Braxton

| Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary Woollen System Tomasson , White

Company Limited v. Walker Howard v. Brand

Attorney-General r. Hodgman Hersey v. Romer and Haslam

Fricker r. Charlesworth Fenton v. Rolls

Itter v. Frecker Jenks , Viscount Clifden

Peaston r, Clark Pratt r, Lee

Williams r. Pinckney
Farrell v. Farrell

Re Bowling: Dodsley r. Harris
Re The Peruvian Corporation Limited; Long 1. Lawrence
General, &c. Trust Limited r. The Faber v. Mayor. &c. of Poole
Peruvian Corporation Limited

Sykes r. The Howard Football Syndicate Roberts r. Venning

Stepney r. The Burry Port, &c. Railway Saxlehner v. Apollinaris Company

The London Freehold and Leasehold The Salt Union Limited r. Harvey

Property Company Limited v. Baron Hoe and Co. o. Foster and Sons

Suffield Gillard and Co. v. Warne Brothers

Birket r. The New St. Augustines Limited Smith New Publishing Company Re Soames ; Church Schools Company Limited

Limited r. Soames
Balston r. Medway Paper Mill Company Re Lister : Kelley r. Webster

Durley v. Durley-Llewellyn r. Lewsey Re Egan; Giles . Lester-Schmitz r. Re Coolgardie Mint, &c. Company Giles

Motion r. Mills Whitwill v. Kirby

Scholefield r. Murray Lucas o. Prall

Jenkins r. Clarke The Dominion Brewery Company Limited Abbott v. Jessop v. Foster

Goodacre and Sons v. Mather Clegg Bill v. Bullock

Norman r. Norman Karmel v. Manchester, Sheffield, and Prince Brew of Dunquah r. African Lincolnshire Railway Company

Mahogany Company Limited Staveps v. Griffin

Trustee of Property of 0. C. Prance, &c. Howard v. Howard

v. Prance Jervis v. Abdy

Hawthorne r. Scott Re Newton; Walker r. Peck

Massey v. Hill Miller v. Peel

Day v. Challis. Causes for Trial without Witnesses. Re Day: Partridge r. Day

Re Parker; Howell r. Popkin. Percival, jun., v. Percival, sen.

Adjourned Summonses. Re Airey ; Airey v. Stapleton

Re Goolden; Poulter r. Goolden Re Renshaw ; Renshaw v. Bailey

Salt r. New Zealand Midland Railway Re Bishop's Castle Railway Company Company (claim of W. B. G. Bottleld)

Re Cathcart; Briens r. Cathcart Re The London, Brighton, and_South Re Goodenough; Marland r. Williams Coast Railway Company and Keeves' Re Battams and Hutchinson (taxation) Contract and V. & P. Act 1874

Re Miller and Pim's Contract and V. & P. Re The Marquis of Townshend's Settle- Act 1874

ment-Re Grey's Mortgages ; Loftus v. Laidlaw r. Whiteside Grey

(teilinger o. Gibbs Re Swindells; Swindells v. Pook

Re G. Dodson: Morton r. Dyson Re Postle; Lubbock v. Mack

Re O'Brien; O'Shaughnessy r. O'Brien Re Kang's Settlement

Re England: England v. Davy Hornsey District Counsel r. Smith

Re Neale and Drew's Contract and V. & P. Re Linay; Hitchcock r. Linay

Act 1874 White v. The Southend Hotel Co. Limited Re O'Brien and Settled Land Acts 1882 to Re Ely: Tottenham v. Ely

1890 Re Hughes and Owen's Contract and V. &' James r. Jones-Slater r. Jones P. Act 1874

Re Foster; Thomas r. Foster Re Earl of Portsmouth; Earl of Ports- Re Smith ; Jackson r. Smith. mouth v. Gaskell

Further Considerations. Steane v. Steane

Re Burton ; Redman r. Burton Re The Continental Oxygen Co. Lim.; Re Piggott; Scholefield v. Bell.

Ellis v. The Continental Oxygen Co.Lim.

Before Mr. Justice KEKEWICH.

Causes for Trial with Witnesses. Tufnell v. Elliott

Chapman v. Devereux Maxim Nordenfelt, &c., Company Limited Foulis v. Baron De L'Isle and Dudley r. Anderson

London General Omnibus Company Freund v. Sewell

Limited v. Hines Marshall r. Tytherleigh

Blandy-Jenkins v. Earl of Dunraven Earl Howe v. Willis

Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited r. Chalk v. Gayton

Hall Brothers Re Bayard ; Lewis v. Bayard

Same v. Panctare Proof Pneumatic Tyre Mason and Mason Limited r. Robson Company Limited Jones Brothers and Co. v. J. Hallworth | Burton v. Jennings and Son

Fells v. Warburton Hancock . Hancock

Coleman . Bucks and Oxon Union Bank Re Robinson ; Brooke r. Kemp

Re Cragoe: Cragoe v. Cragoe
Re Caudwell; Watson v. Caudwell Pullen v. Barclay and Sons Limited
Lang v. Johnstone

Newcombe v. Property and Estates ComCox v. Harrison

pany Limited Banfield v. Jonas

Wilson v. Aldwinckle
Houghton r. Fuller, Smith, and Turner Foat v. Clark
Mitchell v. Pennefather

Groome v. Ricci
Whitley v. Haigh

Devon and Cornwall Banking Company Wright. The Financial Association' Limited v. Honey Limited

Paul v. Paul Sunlight Incandescent Gas Lamp Com-Lock v. Marie Rose Gold Mining Co. Lim.

pany Limited v. Incandescent Gas Light Re Holt; Re Rollason ; Holt r. Holt Company Limited

Watts v. Hanslope Parish Council Barnes v. Haines

Cooley v. Holt Hoult v. Gleadowe

Re Howlett; Rose v. Forster Whitfield v. Whitfield, Hodgsons, and 'Jamieson and Co. v. Jamieson Brough Limited

Re Williams; Williams r. Barcroft Plant v. Bourne

Dean 1, Sercombe, Son, and Co. Jones e. Williams

White . Weston British Natural Premium Provident Fraser v. Mozambique Gold Mines Association Limited c. Bywater


Before Mr. Justice WILLIAMS.
(Sitting as an additional Judge of the Chancery Division.)

Companies (Winding-up).

International Commercial Company W. Brock and Son Limited

African Landed Estates Co. Limited Thomas Edward Brinsmead and Sons
London and General Bank Limited

London and West of England Contract
Company Limited

Chancery Division.
Colonial Debenture Corporation Limited Black v. Williams and Victoria Steamboat
Ormonde Gymnastic Club Limited

Association Limited
Hemp, Yarn, and Cordage Co. Limited Waites v. Hemp, Yarn, and Cordage
Southern Counties Deposit Bank Limited Company Limited.

Companies (Winding-up).

Meteor Incandescent Lighting Company Joseph Bull, Sons, and Co. Limited (pet. Limited (pet. of John Day and Co. of M. T. Shaw and Co.)

Limited) Glamorgan Central Permanent Benefit Gold Reefs of Western Australia Limited

Building Society (pet. of the Company) (pet. of G. E. D. Durnford) Industrial Securities Investment Company A. T. Frampton Limited Limited (pet. of E. A. Hamblyn)

West Australian (Gold District) Trading Bidasoa Railway and Mines Limited (pet. Corporation Limited (pet. of Bowes, of F. Thorn)

Scott, and Western Limited)
Woolley Coal Company Limited (pet. of World's Treasure Limited (pet. of D. G.

Yorkshire Banking Company Limited) West)
Dawe and Co. Lim (pet. of A. Witchurch) West Indian and British

Guiana Ice Candelaria Waterworks and Milling Company Limited (pet. of Ade C. Bower) Company Limited (pet. of J. L. Whelen Gray and Gilbert Limited (pet. of A. W.J. and another)

Lake) Eastern Counties Bacon Factory Limited Financial Post Limited (pet. of J. Baker (pet. of Lalor and Kindersley)

and E. R. Watson) Otis Steel Company Limited (pet. of Howe Cycle and Sewing Machine Company Laura Relton)

Limited (pet. of K. M. Clark)
G. and S. Bracknell Limited (pet. of the Pelaez Silver, Mines Limited (pet of G.
Continental Bottle Company)

Morley and W. Glover).
South Kent Water Company (pet. of
James Oakes and Co.)

Chancery Dirision.
Pontypridd Improvements Company Tipton Moat Colliery Limited and Re

Limited (pet. of P. J. Dunn and others) duced (pet. of Company) Goodwins, Jardine, and Co. Limited (pet. Société Vinicole de Turquie Limited (pet.

of the Industrial and General Trust of Company and Shareholders to rescind Limited)

resolutions) Louis Tussaud's New Exhibition Limited Montpellier Rotunda Company Limited

(pet. of the Midland Railway Company (pet. of Company) of Derby).

Manhanset Steamship Company Limited Moore Brothers and Co. Limited (pet. of (pet. of Company) Nicholson, Sons, and Daniels)

Palmarejo Mining Company Limited (pet. Anderson and Son Limited (pet. of of Company) Morgan Brothers)

Mexican Southern Railway Limited (pet. Alliance Contracting Company Limited of Company).

(Pet. of G. W. Grimwade)

Court Summonses.
Companies (Winding-up).

Livingstone Syndicate Limited
Lyric Club Limited

Nottingham Mining Property (Barberton) Lands Allotment Company Limited

Hemp, Yarn, and Cordage Co. Limited Moore Brothers Limited
London and General Bank Limited

Watson and discox.
General Credit Company Limited
London and Colonial Finance Corporation

Chancery Dirision,

Stubber v T. Daniel and Co. Limited Same Matter

Same o. Same Asia Limited

Same v. Samo Odell Limited

Same v. Same.

Causes for Trial (with Witnesses).
Companies (Winding-up).

Chancery Dirision.
Hemp, Yarn, and Cordage Company Van Den Bergh's Margarine Limited r.

T. C. and W. A. Orump Limited –T. C. and W. A. Crump Limited v. Van Den Bergh's Margarine Limited.

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Before Mr. Justice ROMER.

Causes for Trial with Witnesses. Ogilvie r. Littleboy

Kersey v. Bexley Heath Railway Company Re Kemp-Welch; Aldridge v. Kemp-Welch Wimshurst, Höllick, and Co. Limited v. Reid . Reid

National Telephone Company Stapleton r. Lyles

Lewis v. Jones Caldwell r. Hydro-Oxygen Gas Patent Prust r. The Marie Rose Gold Mining Proprietary Limited

Company Limited Symons e. Wood

Stanley r. The Same Company

Re The Marie Rose Gold Mining Company Transferred by Order, dated June 30, 1896.

Limited and Companies Acts; Ex parte Ehrmann r. Ehrmann

Newman Ehrmann r. Ehrmann

Re Same; E.r parte W. J. Sloper Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited Re Same; Ex parte A. Voight Friswell

Re Same; E.r parte W. Skinner Walker r. Hebden

Re Same; Ex parte J. Cocking Paeumatic Tyre Company Limited r. Re Same; Ex parte J. E Paice Birney

Nasch's Patent Book Sewing Machine Same Standard Tyre Company Company Limited r. Vasch Limited

Re Turner; Barker c. Ivimey Re Weiners Limited and Companies Acts Winch v. Flight 1862 to 1890

Rymer v. McIlroy Woods

r. The Waitekauri Extended Menzies v. Addleshaw Limited

Roberts v. Honduras Government, &c., Defries v. Sherwood and Sons

Company Limited The Pneumatic Tyne Company Limited v. United Trust Company Limited v. Menzies Swift and Co.

Farr v. Hiscock London and County Banking Company Barritt v. Bryan, Donkin, and Co. Limited Limited v. Preston

Re Cotton ; Buckett v. Cotton Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited v Hicks 1. National Telephone Company Powell and Barstow

Limited Thunder v. Barnato Brothers

Inman o. Goss Hollings v. Hollings

Howells v. Williams Bletcher r. The Hatfield Chase Warping w. Clover Limited v. Clover and Improvement Company

Harris o. County Council of NorthamptonRe Roberts : Knight r. Roberts

shire Duncan and Cor. Greenhill

The Canadian and American Mortgage Smith v. Sykes

and Trust Company Limited v. Medzies Thomas r. Travis

Lancelotte v. Shepherd Irvine r. Tennant

Manchester Trust Limited r. Menzies.

For Argument. WORCESTERSHIRE–Reg. r. Mayor, &c., of LONDON—Reg. v. Camberwell Vestry: Er Worcester

parte Property and Estates Company LONDON-Reg. v. Kay; Ex parte Lee STAFFORDSHIRE (WEST BROMWICH) SURREY (GUILDFORD and GODALMING)— Bridge v. Woodward Cobbett and others v. Smith

WABWICKSHIRE (BIRMINGHAM) Parish YORKSHIRE (WEST RIDING)-Wetherby, and another v. Tomkinson &c., District Council v. Hewling

MIDDLESEX (WESTMINSTER)-Quinland r. LONDON—Reg. v. Lewisham Union; Er Mowlem and Co. parte Lewisham Board of Works GLAMORGANSHIRE (CARDIFF)-Broadbent YORKSHIRE (WEST RIDING) - Reg. . and Son r. Pedler and Sons (Pedler Keighley Orerseers

Brothers and Co., claimants) MIDDLESEX (WHITECHAPEL) – Verrent r. IPSWICH-Bramble », Lowe

London and India Docks Joint Com- SHEFFIELD-English v. Jackson mittee


man and Co. Gartside and Co. Limited


Shaw v. Lutman LONDON-Reg. v. Charity Commissioners; SURREY (LAMBETH)-Reg. c. the Judge of Ex parte London School Board

the Lambeth County Court and Wilson; LINCOLNSHIRE · Reg. v. Deeping Fon Ex parte falses, Trustom and Co.

Drainage Trustees; Ex parte Maples YORKSHIRE (BRADFORD)-Midland RailDURHAM-Reg. v. Durham County Coun- way Company o. Jabez Cole and Co.

cil; Ex parte Hebburn District Council KENT-Quinlan v. Evison SUFFOLK (LOWESTOFT)-Mayor, &c., of LONDON-CRANE v. The Tyne Steam ShipLowestoft o. Turner and others

ping Company Limited NORFOLK-Reg. v. Longe and others, JJ., KENT (GREENWICH)-Rush v. Adames and

and Cooke; Ex parte Great Eastern others Railway Company

MIDDLESEX (BLOOMSBURY) Brett LONDON-Watson for Board of Trade o. Rogers Dr. Jaeger's, &c., Co. Limited.

LOUTH--Manders v. Manders NORFOLK (GREAT YARMOUTH)-Woods r. MACCLESFIELD (CHESHIRE)--Reg. r. The O'Donnell

Registrar of Macclesfield County Court WILTSHIRE (WARMINSTER) — Temple r. and Boon and Wife; Ex parte Darlow

Warminster, &c., Council and ano, her SUSSEX (BRIGHTON)-Lamond v. Richard LONDON-Segrue Limited and another o. and others Loewenstein Mayor's Court

BRADFORD-Rhodes v. Raistrick LONDON-Dyer v. Southwark, &c., Pro- STAFFORDSHIRE — Reg. 0. Birmingham perty Association

Canal Company; Ex parte Earl of YORKSHIRE (LEEDS)—Verity and another Dudley 0. Weston

CORNWALL (REDRUTH)-Paull v. Bawden DORSETSHIRE (SHAFT ESBURY)-Rutter v. CORNWALL (REDRUTH)-Mayne v. Bawden Shaftesbury Union


Jenkins and another YORKSHIRE (LEEDS) - Midland Railway PEMBROKESHIRE (PEMBROKE DOCK) Company v. McKay and Co.

Elsdon v. Way DERBYSHIRE-Vallancey v. Fletcher CAESAIRE-Reg. v. Justices for County of LONDON--Reg. v. JJ. of London; E.C Chester : Er parte Frost parte East London Waterworks Com- LONDON-Reg. v. Bird, Esq., and others pany

(Justices, &c.) and London County MIDDLESEX-Mountifeld v. Ward

Council; Ex parte Fulham Vestry GLOUCESTERSHIRE-Colchester, Wemyss CHESHIRE-Backhouse and another v. Lea

and Co. Gloucestershire County MIDDLESEX (SHOREDITCH) Tate r. Council

Latham and Son
MIDDLESEX (SHOREDITCH) Maloney o.ANDOVER-Holloway v. Coster

YEOVIL-Southcombe r. Yeovil Union SALOP-Reg. v. Hayhurst and others, JJ.; METROPOLITAN POLICE DISTRICT-WestEr prerte machin

minster Union v. Buckle YORKSHIRE (WEST RIDING)-Reg. v. JJ. LONDON—McKenna v. Union Steamship

of West Riding of York; Ex parte Shaw Company
MIDDLESEX (CLERKENWELL) - Heather v. LONDON-Smith v. Johnson and Co.

MIDDLESEX (WESTMINSTER)-Re Squier, WORCESTERSHIRE - Worcester County Creasy, and others

Council r. Worcester Poor Law Union LONDON—Reg. v. Company, &c., of River and others

Thames ; Er parte Gosling WARWICKSHIRE (BIRMINGHAM)-Moseley SOUTHAMPTON-Bursledon Overseers v. Wood


Summary of Chancery Cause List. Mr. Justice Chitty: Witness Actions, 88; Non-Witness Actions, including Summonses, 62; Further Considerations, 4–Total, 154.

Mr. Justice North: Witness Actions, 87; Non-Witness Actions, 4; Adjourned Summonses, 22; Further Considerations, 3–Total, 116.

Mr. Justice Stirling: Witness Actions, 110; Non-Witness Actions, including Summonses, 43; Further Considerations, 3—Total, 156.

Mr. Justice Kekewich: Witness Actions, 108; Non-Witness Actions, 3; Adjourned Summonses, 30; Further Considerations, Total, 145.

Mr. Justice Romer: Witness Actions-Actions transferred, 49—Total, 49.
Total Causes and Matters for Hearing in the Chancery Division, 620.

N.B.-In addition to the above actions and matters for trial or hearing, the following Companies' (Winding-up) matters stand for hearing before Mr. Justice Vaughan Williams (sitting as an additional judge of the Chancery Division): Petitions, Companies (Winding-up), 27: Petitions, Chancery Division, 6; Court Summonses, Companies (Winding-up), 13; Court Summonses, Chancery Division, 4; Motions, Companies (Winding-up), 10; Motions, Chancery Division, 2; Causes for Trial, 2—Total, 64.

REVENUE PAPER. For Hearing-Causes by English Information. Attorney-General v. The Verderers of the Attorney-General c. Earl of Carlisle and New Forest and others

others Attorney-General . Newcomen (since Attorney-General v. Dodington deceased) and others

Attorney-General v. Brown.

Special Case.
Re The Mayor, &c., of Borough of Nottingham.

Petition under Finance Act 1894." Re Estate Duty chargeable on the death of the second Earl Cowley.

Cases Stated as to Stamp Duty and Income Tax. Mersey Docks and Harbour Board (appli- | J. and P. Coats Ltd. (applicants) and Com

cants) and the Commissioners of Ini ni missioners of Inland Revenue (resps.) Revenue (resps.)

Bray (surveyor of taxes, applicant) and

Brothers (resp.).
Motions for Attachment, 15.

Queen's Bench Division.


For Argument.
Re an Arbitration between The Trustees of Miles and another r. The Queen

The Ipswich and Stowmarket Naviga- The Mayor, &c., of Ashton-under-Lyne r.

tion and The East Suffolk County Council Pugh Younghusband o. Metropolitan District Williams and another v. The Mayor, &c., Railway Company.

of Manchester Re an Arbitration between Gubbins and Re an Arbitration between Naudszus and

another and The London and Blackwall another and Hausloh. Rail. Co. and The Great Eastern Rail. Co.

Divisional List.-Summary. Special Paper, 7; Opposed Motions, 8; Crown Paper, 71; Revenue, 25; Total, 111.


For Judgment. Murdoch and Cameron v. The Mayor, &c., of Bournemouth.

Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Division. PROBATE ACTIONS and MATRIMONIAL CAUSES to be Heard and Tried

at Hilary Sittings 1897. ABBREVIATIONS.—P. Probate-D. Dissolution of Marriage-J.S. Judicial Separation -N. Nullity-I. Issue--R.C.R. Restitution of Conjugal Rights—A. Act on Petition.

When preceded by “ H." suit brought by Husband, and “ W." suit brought by Wife.

A List of Causes in the order in which they are set down for Trial will be posted at the Registry, Somerset House, and Supplemental Lists will be printed from time to time.

Parties must be prepared to try their Causes ten days after the same have been set down for Trial.


For Argument. The Attorney-General r. Wright

Re an Arbitration between Fenner and Re a Solicitor; Ex parte Incorporated Law another and Lord Society

Re an Arbitration between Stephenson Ward r. Plymouth and Stonehouse Gas and The Mayor, &c., of Jarrow Light and Coke Company

Foley v. The Upper Stour Valley Main Re a Solicitor ; Ex parte Incorporated Sewerage Board Law Society

Re an Arbitration between Hall and Pool.

For Judgment.


v. McDonell

Part-Heard Causes. Notice to be given at Court when Parties are ready to proceed with the further Hearing of these Causes. 1 H.D.-H. Kerby-Seekins v. Seekins and 3 W.D.--Indermaur and Brown-Depner Adams-F. Hatton for resp.

r. Denner-Philip H. Edwards 2 W.D. - Lloyd, George, and Co. 4 W.D. - Murr and Rusby-Everiss r. Rowlands

Rowlands R. Ereriss Jenkins

5 W.D.-H. Hocombe-Norton o. Norton.

YARROW-McInany r. Hildreth SURREY-Hawker. Dunn


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Before the Court itself.--Undefended Divorce. 1 H.D. - Ford and Ford Dutton v. 35 W.D.-S. B. Wilson-Corfield v. Cor Dutton and Webber

field 2 H.D.-Collyer-Bristowe and Co.-Hitt 36 H.D.-J. E. and H. Scott-Wilson v. v. Hitt and Brier

Wilson and Smailes 3 W.D.-H. Pierron-Chiado v. Chiado

37 W.D.-Osborn and Osborn-Lewis v. + W.D. - Chester and Co. - Briggs v. Lewig-Lewis and Son Briggs

38 H.D.-Torr, Griffith, and Co.-Green5 W.D.-J. D. Langton-Jones v. Jones hill v. Grernhill 6 W.J.S.-T. W. Rossiter-Brown . 39 H.D.-Rowcliffes and Co.-Graves v. Brown-P. G. Robinson

Graves and Apcar 7 W.D.-Osborn and Osborn-Mackenzie 40 W.D.-Croft and Mortimer-Beeho v. v. Mackenzie-T. E. Lewin, jun.

Beeho 8 H.D.-Marshall and Marshall-Hall v. 41 W.D.-Kingsford, Dorman, and Co.Hull and Ourle

Johnson , Johnson 9 W.D.-Andrew Wood and Co.-Parker 42 H.D.-Farrer and Porter-Pearce r. v. Parker

Pearce and Curnow 10 H.D.-O. Rogers, Son, and Russell— 43 W.D.-H. Pouter-Evans r. Evans Howard v. Howard

44 W.D.-In person-Gillett v. Gillett 11 W.D.-Marshall and Pridham--Pad- 45 H.D.-R. Aylward-Cousins v. Cousins gett v. Padgett

and Strakosch 12 W.D.-Lumley and Lumley-Home v. 46 W.J.S.-E. S. Coulson-Tilt v. Tilt-In Home

person 13 H.D.--Pritchard and Song-Cobb r.

47 W.D.-F. F. Palmer-Hillen . Hillen Cobb

48 H.D.--Lydall and Sons-Watterson v. 14 H.D.-Steadman and Van Praagh- Watterson Dewge v. Dewse and Munks

19 W.D.-0. W. V. Stewart - Smith v. 15 H.D. - Vizard and Monk Smith

Smith-In person Hargrave t. Hargrave and Moore

50 H.D. - Burgesa, Cosens, and Co. 16 W.D. — A. Tickner Tattersfield

Newall 7. Newall and Platt Tattersfield

51 H.D.-T. J. Phipps-Ward v. Ward 17 W.D.--R. E. Campbell-Linklater v. and Walker Linklater

52 H.D.-Vandamm and Terry-Potter v. 18 W.D.-Godwin and Edwards-Plum v.

Potter and Manser Plum

53 H.D.--Brook, Freeman, and Batley19 H.D.-Ashurst, Morris, and Crisp- Miller v. Miller and Pickup Donaldson v. Donaldson and Greig

54 W.D.-Granville, Smith, and Co. 20 H.D. - Pearce and Sons -- Palmer u.

Kry v. Kay Palmer and Barnes

55 H.D.-Kingsford. Dorman, and Co.21 H.D.-R. A. Harding-Kilroy v. Kilrcy Copeland v. Copeland and Copeland and Tripp-Co-resp. In person

56 H.D.-In person-Akehurst 1. Ake22 H.D.-Field, Roscoe, and Co.--Jones r. hurst Jones and Watkins

57 H.D.--Ford and Ford-James v. James 23 W.D. -- B. W. Kemp - Schofield v. and Clarke Schofield

58 H.D.-T. A. Dennison and Co.-Dean 24 H.D.-T. R. Hargreaves-Edmondson

v. Dean and Porcher v. Edmondson and Leece

59 W.D.-H. D. Twynam Marriott r. 25 W.D.--Smith and Rydon-Randall v. Marriott Randall

60 U.D.-Greenwood and Greenwood26 H.D.-Field, Roscoe, and Co.-Kneen Brullau v. Brullau and Lloyd v. Kneen and Shaw

61 W.D.-W. Maskell-Byers v. Byers 27 H.D.-J. E. Clay--Floyd r. Floyd and 62 W.R.C.R. - D. Wade — Lightfoot v. Hayes

Lightfoot 28 W.D.-Hasties-Ross o. Ross

63 W.D. -- Bell, Brodrick, and Gray 29 W.D.-Syms and Song - Parkyn r. Dillon v. Dillon Parkyn

64 H.D-Indermaur and Brown-Swiner30 H.D.-In person-Wills v. Wills and

ton v. Swinerton Woolf Yates

65 W.D-C. J.Law Wilson-Gowlland r. 31 W.D.-Futroye, Field, and Baker -- Gowlland

Edwards r. Edwards--Resp. in person 66 H.D.-J. E. H, Scott -Harlando. 32 W.D.-Rowcliffes and Co.-Harris v. Harland Harris-Torr and Co.

67 H.D.-Field, Roscoe, and Co.-Wall v. 33 W.D.--Saunders and Co.--Golder v. Wall and Harper Golder

68 H.D.-F. Freke Palmer-Hook v. Hook 34 W.D.-Langlois and Co.--Spencer v. and Meyrick. Spencer-Cooper and Co.

Special Juries. 1 P.-H. Seely-Lee (deceased); Lee v. maur and Brown for resp.; Baker and Campbell (by her guardian, and others

Co. for co-resp. Ilderton; Indermaur cited) - White, Borrett, and Co. for and Brown for co-resp. Palmer defendant and party cited ; Official 9 W.D.--Withers and Withers--Smith r. Solicitor for other parties cited

Smith-Andrew Wood and Co. 2 H.D.--Renshaw, Kekewich, and Smith 10 H.D.-Field, Roscoe, and Co.-Ockford -Neame v. Neame and Ellison-Lewis

v. Ockford and Lee (stayed for costs) and Lewis

Vallance and Vallance ; Douglas Nor3 W.D.-Lewis and Lewis - Cowley '. man and Co. for co-resp.

Cowley (Charrington intervening)- 11 H.D.-Day, Russell, and Co.-Webb r. Wontner and Sons; Boxall for inter- Webb and Protheroe-Preston, Stow, vener

and Preston 4 W.J.S.--Thorogood and Co.-Abdy v. 12 P,

Angove and Co. – Coningham Abdy-Black and Moss

(deceased); Browning v. Mostyn and 5 P.-S. F. Taylor - Coke (deceased): others (Plummer intervening)-Mason

Coke 0. French and another (and and Co. and Young and Co. for defenothers cited) - Stibbard, Gibson, and dants; Angove and Co. for intervener Co.: A. L. Salmond for parties 13 P. – Budd and


Macdougall cited

(deceased); Macdougall v. Macdougall6 W.D.-A. F. V. Wild-Ferris v. Ferris Hores and Pattison

-T. L. Yates. H.D.-T. L. Yates-'14 P.-H. J. Lewis–Teixeira (deceased); Ferris v. Ferris and Absom-A. F. V. Triscott v. Hill and another-Preston, Wild for resp. and co-resp.

Stow, and Preston 7 W.D.--Ridsdale and Son-Cunningham 15 H.D.-W. Cooper-Caddy 0. Caddy v. Cunningham-Torr and Co.

and Rudder---R. Smith and Sons SD.-M. S. Rubenstein Parsons 16 U.D.-Kebbell and Miller-Hess

Parsons, Ilderton, and Palmer-Inder-1 Hess and Tankard-J. Hill,

17 W.D.-Field. Roscoe, and Co.-Knight | 35 H.D.-Bell, Steward, and Co.-Davies v. Knight-Wilson, Wallis, and Co.

+, Davies and Stewart Foss and 18 W.J.S. -0. and Woodroofe - Ledsam

Templeton v. Templeton-Kingsbury 36 P.-Hare and Co.-Parker (deceased); and Turner

Wilkinson 0. Eastwood Pritchard, 19 P.-Ruston and Co.-Chamberlain Englefield, and Co.

(deceased): Gooch and another 37 P.-Walker, Son, and Field-Billing

Cooper-Ward, Perks, and M.Kay ham (deceased); Billingham v. Billing20 P.-WilsonWallis, and Co.-Cud- ham-O. Robinson and Oo.

worth (deceased); Cudworth v. Hayward 38 H.D.-W. W. Stikeman-Lucas v. and another-Geare, Son, and Co.

Lucas and Lyons — Haddon, Wood21 H.J.S.-L. A. T. Margetts-Wren r. ward, and McLeod; R. H. Blyth for coWren-H. Morris

resp. 22 W.D.-Lewis and Lewis-Cropper v. 39 W.J.S.-Griffith and Gardiner-Teale Cropper-Hughes v. Masterman

v. Teale-Field, Roscoe, and Co. 23 H D.-Lyne and Roper - Dering v. 40 P. Quayle and Drury Philips

Dering and James (Queen's Proctor (deceased) ; Philips D. Philips and showing cause)

others (by their guardian) - C. H. 24 W.D.-E. Le Voi-De Jacobowitz v. Talbot De Jacobowitz-In person

41 H.D. — Brash Wheeler and Co. 25 W.D.-John Hill-White v. White- Maclean v. Maclean and Bell—Bramall, P. C. Ray

White, and Co. 26 W.D.-Vincent and Vincent-Smith v. 42 H.D. —Thorold, Brodie, and Co.-KenSmith-Hamlin and Co.

nett Dawson •. Kennett Dawson and 27 H.D.---Meredith and Co.-Cooke Watt Williams and Crichton-McKenna

Cooke and Hall--Hamlin, Grammer, and Co. for resp.; Keeping and Gloag and Co.

for co-resp. Crichton 28 H.D.-Clarke and Blundell-Walker r. 43 H.D.-F. Freke Palmer — Bailey r.

Walker and Lawson-Gibson, Weldon, Bailey and Edhouse-M. M. Forbes for and Co.

resp. 29 H.D.--Taylor, Hoare, and Pilcher--44 W.D.-J. Greenfield Tremlett +.

Tatler 0. Tatler and Bailey (Queen's Tremlett (Mills cited) Osborn and Proctor showing cause)

Osborn for resp. ; A. J. Evans for party 30 W.D. – H. J. Sidney - Barnard r.

cited Barnard-W. H. Armstrong

44 P.-Burton, Yates, and Hart-Law31 P. -- Skipper and Tucker Pitcairn rence (deceased), Phipps v. Phipps and (deceased); Pitcairn v. Pitcairn

others - Finney, Thomas, and Co.: P. - Wrentmore


Son-Jones Woodcock and Co. for defendants (deceased); Davis Joneg-Daniel 45 W.D.-A. M. Griffith Williams--Smith Jones

v. Smith--W. P. Neal 33 P.-Robbins, Billing, and Co.-Hartley 46 H.D.-Worthington. Evans, and Co.

(deceased); Heywood r. Hartley-Busk Baker v. Baker and Rowbotham-E. F. and Mellor

Johnstone for resp. 34 H D.--Henry Ikin---Bulmer o. Bulmer 47 W.J.S.-W. H. Martin and Co.-Virgo and Hayhurst-Burn and Berridge 0. Virgo-Grant, Bulcraig, and Co.

Common Juries. 1 W.J.S.-Dixon, Weld, and Dixon-Bur-is H.D.-Fred. Kent and Co.-Morgan v.

nup v. Burnup-Campbell, Reeves, and Morgan and Willett, otherwise MatCo.

thews (stayed costs)-Holt, Beever, and 2 H.D.-Frank Cherry Lawrence Co. for co-resp.

Lawrence and Rhodes-Howard and 9 P.-F. F. Payne-Butler (deceased); Fenner for co-resp.

Hazard v. Butler-Dod, Longstaffe, and 3 H.D.-Dix and "Warlow - Coutts

Coutts and Kelly-Wontner and Sons 10 H.D.-Robbins, Billing and

Co. 4 H.D.-Francis Greenep---Arbuthnoto. Webster v. Webster and Gay

Arbuthnot and Rowland (stayed for 11 H.D.--Napoleon Argles and Co. costs) - E. Hughes Sidney for co- Healing v. Healing and Healing-N.

1 resp.

Pumfrey for resp. and co-resp. 5 H.D.-Wetherfleld and Co.-Moss 0. 12 W.D.-G. F. Gray-Cohen v. CohenMoss and Jenkins

J. E. Harris 6 H.D.-J. A. Parkes-Bale v. Bale and 13 H.D.-C. R. Enerver-Newby v. Newby

O'Gorman (stayed for costs)-W. H. and White-Smith and Gofton for resp. Armstrong for resp. and co-resp.

and co-resp. 7 H.D.-Spencer, Cridland. and Co.-Cat- 14 H.D.--Peacock and Goddard-Philips

ton n. Catton and Waring, otherwise v. Philips and Leith-Ellis and Co, for Montesca (stayed security) - C. resp.; Bower, Cotton, and Co. for co-resp. Trevor, Paddison, and Co. for CO- 15 H.D.-Syms and Son-Sidney v. Sidney resp.

and Turner-Preston, Stow, and Preston,

Undefended, 68; special, 14; defended, 47; common, 15; total 144.


Before the Court itself.--Probate and Defended Divorce. 1 W.D.-W. Hicks-Hanbury . Hanbury bert; Van Sandau and Co. for parties - In person

cited 2 W.J.S. - Hicklin, Washington, and 10 H.N.-Nash, Field, and Co.-Holder e.

Passmore-Player v. Player-Thomas. Holder (otherwise Foster) (in camera)Dyson, and Smith

Sismey and Sismey 3 W.J.S.-Lumley and Lumley-Brodrick 11 H.D.-Howard and Shelton--Shore ».

0. Brodrick-Robbins, Billing, and Co. Shore, Davidson, and Wall - W. S. 4 W.J.S. - Stibbard, Gibson, and Co.- Fiske ; J. and R. Gole for co-resp. Hargan v. Hargan-c. Turner

Davidson 5 P.-A. W. Mills - House (deceased); 12 R.O.R.N.-Hartcup. Davis, and Cob

House and others r. House and another bold-Bartleman 1. Bartleman-Bartle(by guardian) (stayed, commission)- man v. Bartleman (otherwise Truby) Chamberlayne and Short

Marshall and Haslip 6 W.D.--Wynne, Holme, and Wynne- 13 P.-E. R. Keele--Seager (deceased);

Brooke v. Brooke-Walker, Son, and Seager and another v. Seager and Field

another--Kingsford and Co. 7 H.D.-Gadsden and Treherne-Burns 14 H.D-W. Helliwell-Kilner v. Kilner

1. Burns (stayed, commission)-Lewis and Hardisty--Ullithorne and Co. and Lewis

15 P.-J. Robinson–Mendel (deceased); 8 W.D.-Mackrell and Co.-Goodyer v. Stonebam r. Tod Naylor (Mendel and Goodyer-Judge and Priestley

another cited)-Williamson, Hill, and P.-Busk and Mellor-Lill (deceased): Co. Baldwin r. Pilling and another-Row- 16 P.-All Jonas-Huntv. Hunt-Mackrell cliffes and Co.; Whitaker and Wool- and Ward

PROBATE ACTIONS and MATRIMONIAL CAUSES standing over by consent

or otherwise, or stayed by order. To be replaced in the List of Causes for Hearing on the Petitioner giving Ten Days' Notice in writing to the other parties for whom an appearance has been entered, and filing a Copy of such Notice in the Registry.

[No.-PET.'s SOL.-PET.-RESP.—RESP.'s SOL.] 1 H.D. - J. P. Chadwick - Burrows . 16 H.D.-F. F Palmer-Willicombe 0.

Burrows and Normington (order Willicombe and Twyman (security defended)-Andrew Wood and Co. for defended)-H. Pierson resp. and co-resp

17 H.D.-Hare and Co. - Earnshaw r. 2 W.D.-Hood-Barrs and Co.--Self v. Self Earnshaw and Martindale (stand till 3 W.D.-Stoneham and Son-Muldowny application)

r. Muldowny (order defended)--Saxelby 18 H.J.S.-A. C. Derham--Brown and Faulkner

Brown 4 H.D. - Ward, Perks, and McKay 19 W.J.S.-Hulberts and Co.-Mackay

Rose v. Rose and White (costs defended) r. Mackay-G. B. Wheeler
-P. J. Rutland for resp. ; Vandam and 20 H.R.O.R. — Lumley and Lumley-
Terry for co-resp.

Walker 1. Walker (stand till applica5 H.D. - Robert Jenkins--Dunn r. Dunn tion)-Rowcliffes and Co.

and Gee (costs defended)-L. W. Byrne 21 W.J.S.-P. Braby Scorza v. Scorza for resp.

(stayed)-Bolton and Co. Micha elmas 1895.

22 W.J.S. — Fraser and Christian 6 W.J.S. · Bell, Brodrick, and Gray Knowles v. Knowles-B. T. Storr

Harisen v. Hansen (order defended)- 23 W.D.-Firth and Co.-Bonus (otherDowning, Holman, and Co.

wire Taylor) Bonus (otherwise 7 W.R.C.R.-Forth and Co.-Phillips r. Taylor) (security defended)--Smith and

Phillips (order undefended)—T. Benham Gofton S H.D.-C. Robinson and Co.--Bird . 24 H.D.-Schulz and Son-Lewis r. Lewis

Bird and Judkins (costs defended)- and Taylor (security defended)-Bower Lewis and Lewis for resp. and co-resp.

and Cotton 9 W.D.-J. T. Rossiter - Scott v. Scott 25 H.D.--Oswald, Hanson, and Co.-Tuck

(order defended)-Prince and Plumridge r. Tuck and Eyres (costs defended) 10 W.D.-Asprey and Harris - Potter v. S. A. Walker

Potter (commission)-Smiles and Co. 26 W.J.S.-Smith, Fordon, and Low11 H.D.-E. Clark-Court v. Court and Atherton 0. Atherton-Crossman and

Harris (costs C.J.)---0. S. Stewart for Pritchard resp. ; Law and Co. for co-resp.

27 W.R.C.R. — C. G. Algar— Muller r. 12 U.D.-H. Aappold-Brady v. Brady and Muller-Paterson and Sons Johnston (order C.J.)

28 W.J.S. — Preston, Stow, and Co.13 W.J.S.-A. A. Cubison-Phillips r. Nicolson Nicolson Beale and

Phillips (order defended) - Carr and Co.

29 W.D.-Tyrell, Lewis, and Co.--Cowans 14 W.J.S.-Norris. Allens, and Chapman v. Cowans (consent C.J.)-Pennington

--St. Ruth v. St. Ruth (order undefended) and Son
-Robbins, Billing, and Co.

30 H.D.-Nicholson, Graham, and Co.15 W.R.O.R. -T. D. Dutton-Carter Stokes r. Stokes and Claybrook (C.J.)

Carter (security defended) -- E. T. A. D. Smith and Eldridge for resp, and Ricketts


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31 W.J.S.-J. T. Rossiter-Vincent r.

Michaelmas 1896. Vincent (security defended)-Kennedy, 35 W.D.-R. White-Fox r. Fox Hughes, and Co.

36 W.J.S.--Withers and Withers-Farrell 32 W.D.-Willis Shaw - Turnpenny v. v. Farrell (S.J.)-Morley. Sheriff, and Co.

Turnpenny (consent defended)-W. J. 37 H.D.-T. H. Philpots-Nokes v. Nokes Collins

and Golding $3 H.D.-Bolton and Co.-Williams r.

38 A.-Lawrence and Son-Christian o. Williams and Pocock (security defended)

Christian-G. G. Leader -Greenwood and Greenwood

39 W.J.S.-Upton and Britten-Green v. 34 H.N.-Holdsworth and Payne-Plow- Green-G. Bell and Co.

den v. Plowden (otherwise Eckersley).



JAN. 16. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday, APPEALOT.II, Pemberton Ward Pemberton Ward ...... Pemberton Ward CHITTY, J. ... Carrington Jackson ... Carrington Jackson ... Carrington Jackson NORTH, J. ... Godfrey Rolt Godfrey Rolt Godfrey Rolt STIRLING, J.. Beal Farmer Rolt

Farmer Farmer Farmer KEKEWICH,J. Lavie Pugh Lavie Pugh Lavie Pugh ROMER, J. Leach

Leach Beal ......... Leach Beal.


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Beal .........


Professional Partnerships Dissolved.

GAZETTE, JAN. 1. PARKINSON, JOAN CHARLES, and HESS, JOSEPA, solicitors, Liverpool. Dec. 31, 1896, Debts by J. C. Parkinson, who will continue the practice.

GAZETTE, JAN. 5. BATTAMS, Joax, and TYLER, JACOB, solicitors, 23, Rood-la, Fenchurch-st; under style

of Carr and Son. Dec. 31, 1896. Debts by J. Tyler, who will in future practis e alone, at the offices of the late partnership, under style of Carr, Tyler, and Co. J. Battams will in future practise alone in his own name, in a separate office at


HILL, FRANK HERBERT, solicitors, Bradford, Yorks; under style of Killick, Hutton, and Vint; so far as regards H. F. Killick. C. J. Vint, A. T. Parkinson, and F. H. Hill will in future carry on the practice in partnership with Henry Killick, under same style as heretofore, by whom all debts of the late firm will be

received and paid. TURNBULL, HENRY, and MOODY, JOHN HENRY, solicitors, Scarborough. Dec. 31, 1896.

Debts by H. Turnbull.

CIRCUITS OF THE JUDGES.WINTER ASSIZES, 1897. NOTICE. - In cases where no date in parentheses is appended to the names of the Circuit towns both civil and criminal business must be ready to be taken on the first working day: in other cases the date in parentheses appended to the name of the Circuit town indicates the date before which civil business will not be taken. In the case of Circuit towns to which two Judges go there will be no alteration in the old practice.

NORTH-EASTERN (Lord Russell, C.J. and Bruce, J.).—Newcastle (2), Friday, Feb. 19; Durham (2), Friday, Feb. 26 ; York (2), Friday, March 5; Leeds (2), Wednesday, March 10. End Thursday, March 24.

MIDLAND (Pollock, B. and Charles, J.).—Aylesbury, Saturday, Jan. 30 ; Bedford, Wednesday, Feb. 3 ; Northampton, Saturday, Feb. 6; Oakham and Leicester, Wednesday, Feb. 10 (Saturday, Feb. 13); Lincoln, Wednesday, Feb. 17 (Saturday. Feb. 20); Derby, Wednesday, Feb. 24; Nottingham (2), Tuesday, March 2; Warwick, Monday, March 8; Birmingham (2), Saturday, March 13. End Thursday, March 24.

OXFORD (Day and Wright, JJ.).-- Dates not yet fixed.

HOME (Mathew, J.).--Maidstone, Wednesday, Jan. 20 (Monday, Jan. 25); Guildford, Wednesday, Jan. 27.

WESTERN (Mathew and Williams, JJ.).-Devizes, Monday, Jan. 11; Dorchester, Friday, Jan. 15; Taunton, Tuesday, Jan. 19 (Friday, Jan. 22); Bodmin, Monday. Jan. 25; Exeter (2), Saturday, Jan. 30; Winchester (2), Friday, Feb. 5; Bristol (2), Friday, Feb. 12. End Saturday, Feb. 27. Mathew, J. will not join the circuit until Exeter is reached.

SOUTH-EASTERN (Cave, J.).--Huntingdon, Monday, Jan. 11; Cambridge, Wednesday, Jan. 13 (Friday, Jan. 15); Ipswich, Monday, Jan. 18 (Wednesday, Feb. 20); Norwich, Saturday, Jan. 23 (Tuesday, Jan. 26); Chelmsford, Monday, Feb. 1; Hertford, Saturday, Feb. 6; Lewes, Wednesday, Feb. 10. End Monday, Feb. 22.

NORTH WALES, CHESTER, AND GLAMORGAN (Grantham, J.).--Welshpool, Monday, Jan. 11; Dolgelly, Wednesday, Jan. 13; Carnarvon, Friday, Jan. 15; Beaumaris, Thursday, Jan. 21 ; Ruthin, Saturday, Jan. 23; Mold, Wednesday, Jan. 27; Chester (2), Saturday, Jan. 30 ; Cardiff (2), Friday, Feb. 5. End Wednesday, Feb. 17.

SOUTH WALES AND CHESTER (Lawrance, J.).--Haverfordwest, Saturday, Jan. 16; Lampeter, Tuesday, Jan. 19; Carmarthen, Thursday, Jan. 21; Brecon, Tuesday, Jan. 26; Presteign, Thursday, Jan. 28; Chester (2), Saturday, Jan. 30 ; Cardiff (2), Friday, Feb. 5. End Wednesday, Feb. 17.

NORTHERN (Collins and Kennedy, JJ.).—Appleby, Wednesday, Feb. 10 ; Carlisle, Friday, Feb. 12 ; Lancaster, Wednesday, Feb. 17; Manchester (2), Monday, Feb. 22 ; Liverpool (2), Wednesday, March 10. End Thursday, March 24.

Hawkins and Wills, JJ. will remain in town during the whole of the circuits ; the other judges till their respective commission days.



A to F.
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Master Kaye.
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Master Johnson.

G to N.
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Master Macdonell.
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Master Butler.

O to Z.
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Master Wilberforce.
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, Master Manley Smith.



GAZETTE, JAN. 1. To surrender at the High Court of Justice, in Bankruptcy. ADDERLEY, FREDERICK CECIL, The Facade, Bream's-bldgs, and Mitre-ct, Temple,

secretary to a doll's house syndicate. Pet. Dec. 17. Order, Dec. 29. AMERY, WILLIAM THOMAS, and AMERY, THOMAS JANES (trading as George Amery

and Sons), Seymour-pl, Bryanston-sq, coachbuilders. Pet. Dec. 29. Oider

Dec. 29. BANNERMAN, MARK ALFRED (trading as M. Bannerman and Co), late Leadenhall-st,

sponge mercbant. Pet. Dec. 7. Order, Dec. 29. BIRD, ALFRED, White Horse-st, Stepney, cheesemonger. Pet. Dec. 28. Order,

Dec. 28. CLAYTON, THOMAS WILLIAM, Borough Market, Southwark, market gardener. Pet.

Dec. 28. Order, Dec. 28. Nort, JOHN GEORGE LATHAM PLEYDELL, late Coventry-st, Piccadilly, captain in the

auxiliary forces. Pet. Dec. 3. Order, Dec. 30. PIMBURY, E. F. HASTINGS, late Finsbury-pavement, woollen agent. Pet. Dec. 15.

Order, Dec. 30. RAPER, MARY JANE, Trebovir-rd, Earl's Court, widow. Pet. Dec. 8. Order, Dec. 30.

To surrender at their respective District Courts. BROSTER JOEN, Neston, farmer. Ct. Birkenhend. Pet. Dec. 29. Order, Dec. 29. BRUCE, EDWARD MAUNSELL, Abbey Holme, late of the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons.

Ct. Cheltenham. Pet. Dec. 18. Order, Dec. 30. BURBY, Elias, "late Leeds, furniture dealer. Ct. Leeds Pet. Dec. 30. Order,

Dec. 30. BRUMBY, ELLERBY, late Wigan, journeyman joiner, Ct. Liverpool. Pet. Dec. 30.

Order, Dec. 30. BILLING, TIMOTHY, Southsea, butcher. Ct. Portsmouth, Pet. Dec. 30. Order,

Dec. 30. DALLAS, JAMES, late Durham, innkeeper. Ct. Durham. Pet. Dec. 12. Order,

Dec, 30. DARTON, CHARLES, Gosmore, wood dealer. Ct. Luton. Pet. Dec. 30. Order,

Dec. 30. EDWARDS, THOMAS, Lye, late innkeeper. Ct. Stourbridge. Pet. Dec. 10. Order,

Dec. 10. GULLIVER, SARAH ELIZABETH MARCHANT, Ealing, a member of Gulliver's Orienta

Advertising Company, schoolmistress, widow. Ct. Brentford. Pet. Dec. 1. Order,

Dec. 29. GUNBY, HENRY ARTHUR, Leicester, furniture dealer. Ct. Leicester. Pet. Dec. 29.

Order, Dec. 29. GORHAM, ALFRED, late Marden, baker. Ct. Maidstone. Pet. Dec. 29. Order,

Dec. 29. GRIFFITHS, WILLIAM, Wrexham, seedsman. Ct. Wrexham. Pet. Dec. 21. Order,

Dec. 30. HUTCHINSON, JOB, Morley, coal merchant. Ct. Dewsbury. Pet. Dec. 30. Order,

Dec. 30. HARRIS, PHILIP. Leeds, schoolmaster. Ct. Leeds. Pet. Dec. 29. Order. Dec. 29. KIRKPATRICK, JOHN HARRY, late Denton, licensed victualler. Ct. Ashton-under

Lyne and Stalybridge. Pet. Dec. 30. Order, Dec. 80. KENDRICK, JOHN ADAMS, Chester, bill poster. Ct. Chester. Pet. Dec. 29. Order,

Dec. 29. NORRIS, MARY SARAH MERCHANT, Ealing, a member of Gulliver's Oriental

Advertising Company, spinster. Ct. Brentford. Pet. Dec, 29. Order, Dec. 29. PEARCE, WILLIAM GARIBALDI, Chiswick, bootmaker. Ct. Brentford. Pet. Dec. 20.

Order, Dec. 29. PARKIN, HENRY SAMUEL, Ripon, cabinetmaker. Ct. Northallerton. Pet. Dec. 24.

Order, Dec. 24. Rich, WILLIAM JAMES RATTENBURY (carrying on business as Georgina Mary Rich),

Devonport, late lodging-house keeper. Ct. Plymouth and East Stonehouse. Pet.

Dec. 29. Order, Dec. 29. Ross, SAMUEL, Scarborough, grocer. Ct. Scarborough. Pet. Dec. 80. Order,

Dec. 30. STOCKDAL“, JOE, Huddersfield, bootmaker. Ct. Huddersfield. Pet. Dec. 22. Order,

Dec. 22. TROWER, WILLIAM, Stoke Newington, corn dealer's assistant. Ct. Edmonton, Pet

Dec. 29. Order, Dec. 29. TIPPING, PATRICK, late Bolton, greengrocer. Ct. Bolton. Pet. Dec. 29. Order,

Dec, 29. WILSON, GEORGE WILLIAM (trading as G. W. Wilson and M. Hodgson), late

Bradford, Yorks, confectioner. Ct. Bradford. Pet. Dec. 29. Order. Dec. 29. The following amended notice, so far as it relates to the number of matter, is substituted for

that published in the Gazette of Dec. 25. ANSTEY, ROBERT, late Bristol, grocer. Ct. Bristol. Pet. Dec. 21. Order, Dec. 21.

A to F. All applications by summons or otherwise in actions assigned to Master Pollock are to be made returnable before him in his own Room, No. 173, at 11.30 a.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

G to N. All applications by summons or otherwise in actions assigned to Master Walton are to be made returnable before him in his own Room, No. 175, at 11.30 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

O to Z. All applications by summons or otherwise in actions assigned to Master Archibald are to be made returnable before him in his own Room, No. 109, at 11.30 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

The parties are to meet in the ante-room of Masters' Chambers, and the summonses will be inserted in the printed list for the day after the summonses to be heard before the master sitting in chambers, and will be called over by the attendant on the respective rooms for a first and second time at 11.30, and will be dealt with by the master in the same manrer as if they were returnable at chambers.


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