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could not have discovered it with reasonable diligence. He did not see how this could be practically carried out, and he had no hesitation in saying that no reasonable director could prudently issue a prospectus if the clause stood. Nowadays the meaning of a prospectus was fairly well nown. It set forth the best that could be said on behalf of a company, and he thought the law was fairly strong enough to hit a person who vissned an improper prospectus. Dealing with the matter of the creation of floating charges, the learned judge said that he did not suggest that it would be advisable to say that there should be no more floating charges, but he thought that it should be provided that from and after the passing of the Bill no charge should affect capital unpaid or uncalled at the date of the winding.up. It would not do nowadays to cut down the power of companies to create floating charges, but he thought it would be a very reasonable and proper thing to say that, where a company was being wound-up and there were at the beginning of the winding-up shares not fully paid up, the capital due upon them should be available for the ordinary creditors.

Replying to Lord Kimberley, Mr. Justice Romer said that unpaid capital was undoubtedly held out as part of the security for debentures, and the course he proposed might to a limited extent interfere with the raising of money to tide a sound company over temporary difficulties and so cause embarrassment.

Lord Leven and Melville asked whether it would not be possible to pro. vide that floating charges should not cover more than a certain proportion of the unpaid capital. Mr. Justice Romer replied that he thought that was a very good idea. It might, at all events, result in leaving some to the outside creditors.

E. F. Turner, 101, Leadenhall-street, E.C.
Upton, Atkey, and Co.. 14, Austin Friars. E c.
Potter, Sandford, and Kilvington, S6, King-street, E.C.
Montagu, Milebam, and Montagu. 5 and 6. Bucklersbury, EC.
Robert Hart, 23, Surrey-street, Victoria Embankment, W.C.
Chas. P. Johnson, 9, New.square. W.C....
E. M. Johnson, 9 New-square, W.C.
G. W. Marsden, 14, Gt. St. Thomas Apostle, E.C.
John Hollams, Mincing-lane, E.C.
W. L. Jones, 19, Spital-square, E.
W. Haseldin Jones, 19. Spital-square. F.
A. Geo. Dinn, 1, Gresham-buiidings, E.C.
H. O. Morris, 2, Walbrook, E.C.
Thos. Ward, Dewsbury...
G. Thatcher, 82. Essex-street, Strand, W.O
An Old Retirea Solicitor
Renshaw, Kekewich, and Smith, 2. Suffolk-lane, E.C.
Sidney mith. 1, Furnival's-inn, E.C.
E. H. Perrin, Bristol
Minet, Harvie, and May. 4, King William-street, E.C.
J. H, Hunter, 6 and 7, King William-street, E.O.
A H. Arnould and Son, 10, New-court, W.O.
F. Foss and Ledsam, 5. Fenchurch-street. E.C. ...
W. Gurney-Winter, 7 and 8. Southampton-buildings, W.C.
E. Carleton Holmes, 12, Bedford-row
Edwd C. Holmes, 12, Bedford-row
A, J. W. Duncan. 3. Bolton-street, Piccadilly
G. Porter, Blackburn...
Peacock and Goddard, 3, South-square, Gray's-inn
Keene, Marsland, Bryden. and Besant, 15, Seething-lane, E.C.
Leslie and Hardy. 17, Bedford-row
A. H. Malin, Grantham...
F. M. How. Shrewsbury
W. M. How, Shrewsbury
W. H. Winterbotham, Royal Courts of Justice
B. G. Lake, 10. New-square
Hy. Roscoe, 36, Lincoln's-inn-felds, w.c.
E K. Blyth, 112, Gresham house, E.C. ...
Whitfield and Harrison, 22, Surrey-street, W.O.
F. T. Aston, 61, Gresham-house, EC
Sir Walter S. Prideaux, Goldsmiths' Hall, E.C.
Arnold Trinder, 47, Cornhill, EO.
J. Travers Smith, 4, Throgmorton-avenue, E C..
Russell, Son, and Cumming. 14. Old Jewry, E.C.
Hy. Jas. Francis, 36, Lincoln's-inn-fields, W.C.
Hy. Manisty, 1, Howard-street, Strand ...

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£ 8. d. 10 10 0 26

5 5 0 10 10 0 26 50 21 00 10 10 0

5 5 0 105 00

1 1 0
2 30
2 2 0
0 5
10 10 (1)

1 1 0
52 10
25 0 0

1 1 0
10 10 0
1 1
2 2 0
1 1 0
1 1 0
1 1
1 1 0
2 2 0
10 10 0
10 10 0
5 5 0
1 0 0
1 1 0
1 1 0
.59 10 0
105 00
25 0 0
26 5 0
5 0 0
2 2 0
5 5 0
5 5 0
52 10 0
52 10 0
25 00
52 10 0

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£1769 18 6


2 5


THE COUNTY COURT RULES. At a meeting of the Council of the Northampton Incorporated Law Society held on the 17th March 1897, the following resolution was passed :

“ That this meeting, believing Order V. of the new County Court Rules to impose unnecessary and barassing restrictions and throw useless expense and trouble upon plaintiffs, and that the interests of defendants in regard to costs are amply safeguarded by Order XII., r. 9, of the existing practice, and moreover that such restrictions are calculated to injure County Courts by reason of their complexity, respectfully urges the Rule Committee to rescind Order V. of the new rules, excepting sub-sects. 3 and 10 referring to assigned debts.”


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PENSION FUND. As many inquiries are, we understand, made on the subject, it is desirable that we should state that it is not intended to create any separate organisation for the administration of the fund, but that arrangements will, no doubt, be made with the Solicitors' Benevolent Association to undertake that duty. Subscriptions should, therefore, not be with held from any fear of injury to that body. The following is the list of subscriptions up to the 25th March :

8. d. J. Addison, 2, Bond-court, Walbrook, E.C.

105 00 Earry Woodward (Ravenscroft, Hils, and Woodward), 15, John-street, Bedford-row, W.C....

21 0 0 E. H. Flux, 144, Leadenhall-street, E.C....

5 5 0 J. Bartlett, 26 and 27, Bush-lane, E.C.

2 0 J. Armstrong, 12, Fenchurch-avenue. E.C.

5 Bentwich, Watkins, Williams, and Co., Corporation-chambers, Guildhallyard, E.C. ... F...

2 2 Michael Abraham and Co., 8. Old Jewry, E.C.

2 2 Wm. Harwood, 31, Lombard-street, E.U.

10 10 Hs. Goodwyn Stephenson, 31, Lombard-street, ë.c...

5 5 0 Geo. Bird, Moore, and Strode, 5. Gray's-inn-square, W.C.

1 1 0 C. M. M. Rawlins, 66, Gresham House, E.C....

10 10 L. H. Hicks, 5, Gray's-inn-square, W.C.

10 10 0 E. Bromley, 43, Bedford-row, W.C. B. Pennington, 64, Lincoln's-inn-fields, W.C.

105 Wm. Godden, 34, Old Jewry. E.O.

52 10 ham Keen, 24, Knightrider-street, E.O.

25 0 John Hunter, 9, New-square, W.C. ...

100 W. H. Gray, Ormond House. Great Trinity-lane, E.C

26 5 0 J. S. Lickorish (Lickorish and Co.), 11, Queen Victoria-street, E C.

5 0 Thomas Rawle, 1. Bedford-row, W.C.

25 0 Wm. Williams, 32, Lincoln's-inn-felds, W.O.

105 0 Hy. Attlee, 10, Billiter-square, E C. ...

105 Bell, Brodrick, and Gray, Ormond Houso, Great Trinity-lane, E.C.

52 10 0 F. C. Lloyd, Huddersfield

1 1 Geo. and W. Webb, 89, New Broad-street, E C...

2 2 0 Leesmith and Munby, 12, Great Swan-alley, E.C.

5 5 J. Curtis Leman, 51, Lincoln's-inn telds, W.O.

23 0 M. L. Rubinstein, 20, Regent-street, W.

1 O. P. Farlow, 167, Fenchurch-street, EC.

0 R. S. Jackson, 167, Fenchurch-street, E.C.

1 10 C. H. Pedley, Mill-street, Crewe...

1 1 0 Lister Wilson, Alford, Lancs.

1 10 L. Dent, York. ...

1 1 0 G. W. Edmonds, Portsmouth.

3 3 0 B. Edmonson, Wakefield.

1 1 0 1. Sutton Clarke, 3, Bucklersbury, E.C....

1 1 0 Anonymous

0 10 R. L. Harrison, 1, New-court, w.C.... Dixon, Weld, and Dixons, 1, Lancaster-place, Strand, w.C.

5 Young and Co., Longton, Staffs.

3 F. G. Hindle, Darwen, Lancs.

1 W. Stubbs, 18, John-etreet, Bedford-row, W.C.

1 1 0 W. A. T. Rogers, 24, Knightrider-stree, E.C.

1 1 0 Archibald Keen, 24, Knightrider-street, E.C.

3 3 0 J. A. Girling, 36, Furnival-street, E.C.

1 0 Rowland Beeror, Norfolk House, Thames Embankment, w.c.

1 1 J.J. Solomon, 28, King-street, E.C....

5 P. W. Chandler, 8, New-court, W.C.

25 0 Guilford E. Lewis. 14. South-square, Gray's-inn, W.C.

1 1 0 F. G. Ling, Framlingham

1 1 0 John Bennett, Chapel-en-le Frith

0 10 6 A. Percy Spencer, Whitchurch, Shropshire

05 0 Chas. Costeker. Darwen, Lancs.

5 0 0 H. R. Fillmer, Brighton

1 1 0 Edward Swain, 38, Old Jewry, E.C.

1 1 0 G. Kyffin Taylor. Liverpool...

1 1 W. B. Hamlyn, Torquay

1 1 0 C. 0. Benning, Dunstable

1 1 0 W. P. Fullagar, Bolton, Lancs.

0 10 0 C. 0. Ord, Guisborough...

1 1 0 R. J. A. Lumby, 23, Birchin-lane, E.C.

2 2 0 E. W. and V. Knocker, Dover

2 20 G. Mallam, Oxford

11 0 Arthur Hussey, 3, King-street, E.C....

10 0 0 H. Faulkner Brown, 43, London-wall, E.C.

0 S. Pilley, 29, Bedford-row, W.C.

10 10 0 W. M. Walters, 9, New-square

50 0 0 F. H. Partridge, Lynn

1 1 C. Sawbridge and Son, 68, Aldermanbury, E

10 10 0

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HEIRS-AT-LAW AND NEXT OF KIN. CORLESS (Martin), 35, Needham-rd, Liverpool, retired plumber, who died on Nov. 5,

1895. Persons claiming to be children of his uncles and aunts living at the time of his death, or the legal personal representatives of such of the said children as are now dead, to come in, by June 30, and establish their claims at the chambers of Mr. Justice Byrne, Government-bldgs, Victoria-st, Liverpool. July 12, at the Baid chambers, at eleven o'clock, is the time appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon such claims. The said M. Corless was the only child of William

and Ellen (formerly Clift) Corless, late of Ormskirk, Lancashire. HABICH (Martin Carl Albert), born at Cassel, March 28. 1863, son of Carl Gertrand

Habich, and his wife, Marie Emilie, formerly of Elberfeld, The said M. C. A. Habich has not been heard of since 18:4. He or his next of kin are requested. by Dec. 10, 1897, to dispose of his estate deposited at Konigliches Amtsgericht Abth. 6, otherwise his estate will be handed over to the heirs presumptive.

Cassel, March 6, 1897. POPHAM (Jane), late of Faith-st, Maidstone, widow, who died at the workhouse,

Linton, Kent, Oct. 23, 1896. Her next of kin to apply to the Secretary of the

Treasury, Whitehall. ZEREWITTENOW (J. F.), who about 1807 resided or carried on business at or near Riga

as a sbipper of Russian produce. His legal personal representative to come in, by July 15, at the chambers of Mr. Justice Stirling, and enter his claim to £2100 £2 108. per Cent. Annuities invested by Arison Terry to answer moneys supposed to belong to the said J. F. Zerewittenow. July 30, at the said chambers, at twelve o'clock, is the time appointed for hearing and adjudicating on the said claim.

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voluntary winding-up subject to the supervision of the court made by Mr. Justice Byrne on Feb. 22. Linklater, Addison, Brown, and Jones, 2, Bond-ct, Walbrook,

solicitors for the petitioner. FOREIGN PILSEN ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY LIMITED.-Creditors to send in, by May 18, their names and addresses and the particulars

claims, and the names and addresses of their solicitors (if any), to Mr. C. 0. Webb, ll,

Abchurch-la, the liquidator of the company. FORTUNE SYNDICATE LIMITED (in liquidation). -Creditors to send in, by July 8, their

names and addresses and the particulars of their claims, and the names and addressos of their solicitors (if any), to Messrs. G. and w. Webb, 36, New

Broad-st, solicitors for the liquidators. JAMES G. COCHRANE AND CO. LIMITED.-Creditors to send in, ly April 30, their

nanies and addresses and the particulars of their claims, and the names and addresses of their solicitors (if any), to Mr. J. 11. English, the Poplers, Hall-st, Moston, Lancashire, the liquidator of the company. J. and E. Whitworth,

2, St. James'-8, Manchester, solicitors to the liquidator. SOUTH NIGEL GOLD MINING COMPANY LIMITED. ---Petition for winding-up to be heard

March 31, before the Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand. Francis, Miller, and Steele, St. Stephen's-chmbrs, Telegraph-st, solieitors for the petitioner. Notices of intention to appear on the hearing of the petition must be signed by the person or firm, or his or their solicitor (if any), and must reach the above

naued not later than six o'clock on March 30. TOWAGE AND SALVAGE COMPANY LIMITED --Creditors to rend in, by April 19, their

names and addresses and the particulars or their claims, and the names and acůresies of their solicitors (if any), to Jr. J. Fitzgerald, 76, Leadenhall-si, the

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liquidator of the company. Travers, Smith, Braithwaite, and Robinson,

4, Tbrogmorton-av, solicitors. WESTWOOD MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED.--Creditors to send in, by May 1,

their names and addresses and the particulars of their claims, and the names and addresses of their solicitors (if any), to Mr. F. Westwood, Aitken-chmbrs, Cannon-st, Birningham, one of the liquidators of the company. F. H. Pepper and Tangse, 31, Waterloo-st, Birmingham, solicitors for the liquidators.


LAST DAY OF PROOFS. CORLESS (Martin), 35, Needham-rd, Liverpool, retired plumber. April 30; M*8888.

Bremner, Sons, and Corlett, solicitors, i, Crosshall-st, Liverpool. JONES (William), Glendenys, near Lampeter, Cardiganshire, gentleman. April 26 ;

W. B. Paterson, solicitor, 25, Lincoln's-inn-Ads. May 11; Mr. Justice Kekewich,

at twelve o'clock MARSHALL (Peter), High Shields, Durham, licensed victualler. April 15; J. M. Moore

and Armstrong, solicitors, 35, Market-pl, South Shields. April 23 ; A. 0. Smith, Esq., registrar of the Court of Chancery of the County Palatine of Durham,

19, Elvet-bridge. Durham, at eleven o'clock. NICHOLSON (Catherine), professionally known as Bessie Bellwood. 1, Dryden-mansions,

West Kensington. April 26; R. Wright, registrar of the Brompton County Court of Middlesex holden at Whitehead's.grore, Chelsea. May 3; the Registrar

aforesaid, at two o'clock. PARKER ( Eliza Ann). 10, Sutton-pl, Hacknev, spinster. April 21; C. G. Champion,

solicitor, 17, Ironmonger-la. April 29: Mr. Justice Kekewich, at twelve o'clock, PARKER (Enima), 10, Queen's-grdns, Richmond, Surrey, spinster. April 21; C. G.

Champion, solicitor, 17, Ironmonger-la. April 29; Ur. Justice Kekewich, at twelve o'clock.


LAST DAY OF CLAIM AND TO WHOM PARTICULARS TO BE SENT. ANDERSON (James George), 512, Old Kent rd, Surrey, provision dealer. April 15;

Lockyer, Avery, and Wolverson, solicitors, 487, New Cross-rd. ARMSTRONG Elizabeth), Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland, widow. April 15; Watson

and Chorley, solicitors, 31, Stramongate, Kendal, ALFORD (Robert). The Fountain, St. George's-rd. Southwark, Surrey, licensed

rictualler. April 30; Langhams. solicitors, 174, Blackfriars-rd. ATKINS (William), formerly of Wimborne Minster. Dorsetshire, late of Ringwood,

Hampshire, miller. April 6; M. Luff, solicitor, Wimborne Minster, Dorset. BROMWICH (Elizabeth), Newport Pagnell. Buckinghamshire, widow. April 20 ;

Wratislaw and Thompson, solicitors, 134, Church-st, Rugby. BEDDOES (Anna Frances Emily). formerly of Hopesay, Shropshire, Jate of the

Gardens, Clevedon, Somersetshire, spinster. April 30; R. Hodgkinson, solicitor,

Newark-on-Trent, Notts. BAILEY (Sarab), Plas Tan-y-Bwlch, Merionethshire, widow. April 17; A. Newton

and Co., solicitors, 24. Great Marlborough-st. BULCOCK (Ambrose). Clough Head, Rimington, Yorkshire, farmer. April 29; Procter

and Baldwin, solicitors, 1, Ormerod-st, Burnley. BEADLE (Thomas), 16, Stone-st, Maidstone, Kent, beer retailer. April 21; Brennan

and Brennan, solicitors, 86, Week-st. Maidstone. BOOKER (Rev. John Kay), Empshott, Southampton, and of 36, Disraeli-rd, Putney,

Surrey, clerk in holy orders. May 1; Rogers, Hartley, and Bastard, solicitors,

36, Cannon-st. BALLARD (Edward), 6, Ravenscroft-pk, High Barnet. Hertfordshire, formerly of

20, Curzon-pk, Chester, and of 12, Highbury-ter, Islington, doctor of medicine.

May 3: S. Price and Sons, solicitors, Worcester House, Walbrook. BROWN (Thomas). 40, Seymour-st, Tranmere, Cheshire. shipbuilder. April 20;

Newman and Kent, solicitors, 15. Sweeting-st. Liverpool. BROUKS (Edwin), the Laurels, Old Headington, Oxfordshire, army pensioner.

April 24: H. F. Galpin. solicitor, 4. George-st. Oxford. BASHALL (Elizabeth), formerly of 34, Queen's-rd, Southport, Lancashire, late of Hyde

Park.ct, Albert Gate, widow. April 13 ; Finch and Johnson, solicitors, 18, Fox-st,

Preston, COLBY (Jane). Cowes, Isle of Wight, widow. April 17 ; R. Roach Pittis, solicitor,

Newport, Isle of Wight. COMBER (Elizabeth), Glen Lyon, Wes hill Sydenham. Kent. April 15 ; C. J. Cole, of

the firm of Cole and Higson, solicitors, 1, Lombard-ct, Gracechurch-st. COULES (Edward). 6, George-st. Lambeth, Surrey, smith and engineer. April 28 ;

J. A. May Parkes, solicitor, 93 and 94, Chancery-ia. CAVE (Francis), 18. Chestnut-rd. Moseley, King's Norton, Worcestershire, gentleman.

April 12 : E. Westwood, solicitor, 36, Bennett's-hill, Birmingham. COLDER (Edward), 87, Victoria-rd, Aston Manor. Warwickshire, chain manufacturer.

April 26: G. F. James and Barton, solicitors, Arcade-chmbre, 89, Corporation-st,

Birmingham. CUDDON (James) Stone-bldgs, Lincoln's-inn, gentleman. Mar 3; Fooks, Chadwick,

Arnold, and Chadwick, solicitors, 60. Carey-st, Lincoln's inn. CHADWICK (Elizabeth), 15, Barker-st. Oldham, Lancashire, widow. March 31, E.

Taylor, solicitor. 40. Clegg-st. Oldham. COOK (John), 15. Walpole-st, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, gentleman, formerly of

the Half-Way House, Tettenball-rd, Wolverhampton, licensed victualler. April 17;

Thorne, Smith, and Thorne, solicitors, 82, Darlington-st, Wolverhampton. COCKCROFT (Jane), Catterick, Yorkshire, spinster. April 3; Rogers and Hudson,

solicitors, Richmond, Yorkshire. DUFF (Samuel Hugh), 2, Beaumont-villas, and of 23, Westwell-st, Plymouth, Deron

sbire, chartered accountant. April 21; Bond, Pearce, axd Bickle, solicitors,

16, Princess-sq. Plymouth. EMERTOS (Elizabeth Ellen), Ranwell Castle, Banwell, Somersetshire. April 17

Chapman, Corbould, and Dunster, solicitors, 1. Henrietta-st. Cavendish-sq. EVANS (Loi Eastlake), 15, Southernhay West, Exeter, spinster. May 1; Roberts

and Andrew. solicitors, 10, Bedford-circus, Exeter. ELLISON (John), Traverse-st, St. Helens, Lancashire, retired glass worker. April 22;

R. W. H. Thomas, solicitor, 16, Ormskirk-st, St. Helens. ELD (Edward), Cooksland, Seighford, Staffordshire, and of Wolverhampton-rd,

Stafford. gentleman. April 25; Hand and Co., solicitors, Stafford. EDWARDS (James). Bough, near Nantwich, Cheshire, corn merchant. April 20;

A. E. Whitingham, solicitor, Nantwich. EDMUNDSON (Alire), Cromwell hotel, 28, Peter-et, Blackburn, Lancashire, hotel

keeper. April 20; Ainsworth, Sanderson, and Howson, solicitors, 32, Clayton-st,

Blackburn. Fish (Charles). 13, Queen's-gate, South Kensington, gentleman. May 6; Stileman,

Neate, and Toynbee, solicitors, 16, Southampton-st. Bloomsbury-sq. FENTON (Adelaide Lucy), St. John's Villa. Canynge-8, Clifton, Bristol. April 24 ;

Meade, King, and Son, solicitors, Bristol. FRASER (Alexander). 4. Smith-st, Chelsea, formerly of 70, Portland-rd, Holland Park.

April 15 : Cole and Higson, solicitors, 1, Lombard.ct. FIELD (Robert Ventris), Mansion House, East Finchley, and of 15, Furnival's-inn,

Holborn. gentleman. May 1; T. Dale, solicitor, 2, Stone-bldge, Lincoln's-inn. GARDNER (Charles), 9, Lansdown-rd, Swindon. Wiltshire, gentleman, retired farmer.

April 16: A. E. Withy, solicitor, New Swindon. GOULDER (Herbert), Westmoreland-st, Sheffield, builder. April 30; Henry Vickers,

Son, and Brown, solicitors, Bank-st, Sheffield. GOULDER (James), Daniel Hill, Sheffield, builder. April 30: Henry Vickers, Son, and

Brown, solicitors, Bank-st, Sheffield. GRAY (William Williams), 22, Cromwell-rd, West Brighton, Sussex, gentleman.

April 21; Satebell and Chapple, solicitors, 6, Queen-st, Cheapside. GLASS (Thomas), 24, Somerset-st. Kingsdown, Bristol, gentleman; or his wife,

GLASS (Eliza). April 30; Wansey and Son, solicitors, 2, St. Stephen's-chmbrs,

Baldwin-st. Bristol GIBSON (Eleanor Harriott), Mount Tebanon, Torquay, Devonshire, widow. Jung l;

Pontifex, Hewitt, and Pitt, solicitors, 16, St Andrew-st, Holborn-circus.

GALE (Alfred), 1, Beechmore-rd. Battersea Park, Surrey, formerly of 93, Cornwall

grdns, Kensington, and of Warnford-ct, commission agent. April 23 ; W. Saee,

solicitor, 5, York-bldgs, Adelphi. HOWELL (Octavia), 53, Vanbrugb-park, Blackheath, Kent, widow. April 22 ; A. V.

Lloyd-Jones, solicitor, 33, Walbrook. HUNTING TOWER (Hon. Katherine Elizabeth Camilla Tollemache. commonly called

Lady), Ham House. Surrey, and of Buckminster Hall, Leicester, widow. May 1;

J. E. Atter, solicitor, Stamford, Lincolnshire. Hobson (Isabella), 23, Tustin-st, OH Kent-rd, Surrey, spinster. April 23; Malkin

and Co., solicitors, The Rectory House, Martin's-la. HIRST (Ann), formerly of Huddersfield, Yorkshire, late of Honley, near Huddersfield,

widow. April 17: Laycock, Dyson, and Laycock. solicitors. Huddersfield, HALE (Thomas), 62, Battersea-rise. May 10; W. M. Willcocks, solicitor, 8,

New-inn. AUTCHINSON (Martha), 71, Russell-rd, Rock Ferry, Cheshire. April 14 ; Moore and

Son, solicitors, 11, Duncan-st, Birkenhead. HANCOCK (Mary Jane), 4, St. Mary's-ter, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. April 30; Dees an i

Thompson, solicitors, 117, Pilgrim-st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. HOYLE (Margaret), 36, Abbey-st, Accrington, Lancashire, confectioner, widow.

April 24; C. Hall, Son, and Frankland, solicitors, 1, Queen-st, Accrington HISCOCK (Joanna Everton), 3, Portland-pl, Southampton. widow, lately carrying on

the business of a hosier at 3, Portland-pl. April 24; Hickman and Son, solicitors,

7, Albion-pl, Southampton. HARTELL (Amelia), 163, Harold-rd, Hastings, Sussex, spinster. April 22 ; F. W.

Morgan, solicitor, 9, Wellington-pl. Hastings. ILIFF (Eugene Stephen Bartholomew), 16, Maylon-st. Holloway, gentleman. April 26 ;

Denton, Hall, and Burgin, solicitors, 15. Gray's-inn-sq. JOBSON (Jane), Newburn Cottage, Newburn, Northumberland. widow. April 19;

Hoyle, Shipley, and Hoyle, solicitors, Burdon-bldgs Newcastle-upon-Tyne. JONES (Elizabeth), Cwmdauddwr village, Cwmdauddwr, Radnorshire, spinster.

April 24 ; Morgan and Harries, solicitors. Llanidloes. KIDDLE (Hannah Maria). St. Clair Purk av. Southport, Lancashire, widow. April 20;

A. Stephenson, solicitor, 5, Castlo-st, Liverpool. KING (Richard). Blackthorn, Ambrosden, Oxfordshire, retired miller. April 24;

H. F. Galpin, solicitor, 4, George-st, Oxford. KAVANAGH (Arthur Maher). 16 Finborough-rd, London, and of Hounslow, surgeon

major on the Army Medical Staf. May l; Rogers, Hartley, and Bastard,

solicitors, 56, Cannon-st. KAY (John). Marland, near Rochdale, formerly of Hatter's Farm, near Middleton,

Lancashire. April 2; Banks and Maddock, solicitors, York-st. Heywood. LOVELL (John James), 120, London-rd, Leicester, gentleman. May 7; Burgess and

Dexter, solicitors. I, Berridge-st, Leicester. LEWIN (William Edward), Sleaford-rd, Boston, Lincolnshire. gentleman. May 1 ;

MÜlington and Simpson, solicitors, 28. Wide Bargate, Boston. LEABOYD (Elizabeth). Three Jolly Butchers public-bouse, High-st, Wood Green,

widow. Jay 3; Martineau and Reid, solicitors, 2, Raymond-bldgs, Gray's-inn. MCDOWELL (James), formerly of the Tower of London. late of Long Melford, Suffolk,

yeoman warder (retired). Mas 5l; Fisher and Steed, solicitors, Long Meliord,

Suffolk. MILWARD (Rev. Henry Charles), Lyonshall Vicarage, Herefordshire, clerk in holy

orders. May 1: G. Milward, solicitor. 57, Colmore-row, Birmingham. MONK (Eliza), 76, Warwick-st. Hulme, Manchester, widow. April 30; T. H. Scholield,

solicitor, 20, Kennedy-st, Manchester. MEES (Charles), formerly of Langley Lodge, Luton, Bedfordshire, late of Strafford

House, 19. Chesham-rd, Kemp Town, Brighton, Sussex, gentleman. April 23 ;

Waddy, Knowles, and Co., solicitors, Castle-st, Luton. MOWTELL (Mary Ann), Ashdown, Foxball-rd, Ipswich, Suffolk, widow. April 20;

G. C. Bantoft, solicitor, 28, Museum-st, Ipswich. MENDEL (Samuel Taylor), formerly of Fernleigh. 63, Waddon Old-rd, Croydon. late of

5, St. John's-rd. Croydon. Surrey, gentleman. April 24; Stoneham and Sons,

solicitors, 150, Fenchurch-st. MOTTRAH (William), 212, Bloomsbury-ter, Lower Broughton-rd, Manchester, Lanca

shire. gentleman, March 31; A. and G. W. Fox, solicitors, 53, Princess-st,

Manchester. PORTER (Mary Ann), Rugby, Warwickshire, spinster. April 20; Wratislaw and

Thompson, solicitors, 134, Church-st. Rugbs. PARKINSON (George), formerly of the Royal Yacht Club hotel, late of Tyningham

House, Jersey. April 23; Grant, Bulcraig, and Co., solicitors, Norfolk House,

Norfolk-st, Strand. PALLIPS (Augustus). Woodlands, Stoke Bishop, Gloucestersh're, merchant. April 30 ;

Abbot, Pope, Brown, and Abbot, solicitors, Shannon-ct, Bristol. PLACE (Emina), 18, Victoria-grore, Folkestone, Kent, spinster. April 30: Wightwick

and Gardner, solicitors, SA, Cheriton-grdns, Folkestone. RICHMOND (Charles Henry), 65, High rd, Balbam, and of Richmond House. 17, Frier

Stile-rd, Richmond, both in Surrey, butcher, April 22 ; Finch and Turner,

solicitors, 84, Cannon-st. ROMANES (John), Down House, the Avenue, Beckenham, Kent, gentleman. April 30 ;

Spell, Sons, and Greenip, solicitors, 1 and 2, George-st, Mansion House. ROBINSON (Ralph Briscoe), Thingwall, Cheshire. May 1; Thompson, Hughes, and

Mathison, solicitors, 51, Hamilton-sq. Birkenhead. Rowson (Annie), Sycamore Cottage, Latchford, Cheshire, spinster. April 30 :

Robert Davies, Kirkconnel Daries, Burgess, and Hatton, solicitors, Market-pl,

Warrington. ROBSHAW (George), 86, Rue Charles Laffite, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France,

varnish manufacturer. May 1; Capel-Cure and Ball, solicitors, 6, Clement's-ian,

Strand. REES (William), Tredegarville, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, shipbroker: or his widow,

REES (Mary Susannah), 264, Newport rd, Cardiff. April 13; Cory and White,

solicitors, Hywel-chmbrs, 108, St. Mary-st. Cardiff. RIDLEY (George), 48. Loazes-ter, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and of the firm of George

Ridley and Co., of 16. Dean-st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant. April 30; Deos

and Thompson, solicitors, 117, Pilgrim-st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. RICHMOND (Charles Henry), 65, High-rd, Bulham, Surrey, butcher. April 22; Finch

and Turner, solicitors, St. Cannon-st. ROBINSON (James), 20. Buckridge-st, Bancroft-rd, Mile End. April 19; Ince, Colt, and

Ince, solicitors, St. Benet-chmbre, Fenchurch-st. REES (Benjamin), King's Head Vaults, West-la. Tredegar, Monmouthshire, gentle.

man. April 1: J. A. Shepard, solicitor, Townhall, Tredegar. Rawson (Christopher), Fern Bank. Peterstield, Hampshire. April 20; Davidson and

Morriss, solicitors, 40 and 42, Queen Victoria-st. SMITH (Herbert Frederic Alwyne), 2, Sandwell-mansions, West Hampstead, and of

2, Draper's-grdns. April 30; McKenna and Co., solicitors, 17 und 18, Basing

hall-st. Suitu (Mary), formerly of Woolton, late of Green-la, Old Swan. Lancashire.

spinster. April 20; Banks, Kendall, and Taylor, slicitors, 26, North John-st,

Liverpool. SWAIN (l'homas), 9, Abbey-walk. Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, builder. April 16;

Grange and Wintringham, solicitors, St. Mary's-cbmbrs, Great Grimsby. SANKEY (Arthur William), Elmcroft. Frensham, near Farnham, Surrey, gentleman.

April 21; Torr, Gribble, Oddie, and Sinclair, solicitors, 19, Abingdon-st,

Westminster. SOLLOWAY (Kate). 127, Walton-st, formerly of 46. Holywell-st, both in Oxford, widow.

April 24; H. F. Galpin, solicitor, 4, George-st. Oxford, STUART (Janet), the Three Crowns, Old Jewry, and of 1, Mill Hill-rd. Barnes, Surrey,

widow. April 19; Routh, Stacey, and Castle, solicitors, 14, Southampton-st,

Bloomsbury. TAYLOR (Eliza), 14, Alpha-rd, Deptford, Kent, widow. April 17; Plunkett and Leader,

solicitors, 60, St Paul's-churchyard. WHELLENS (William), formerly of Alnmouth, afterwards of Brizlee. Alnwick,

Northumberland, late of 17, General Graham-st, Chester-rd. Sunderland, Durbam,

gentleman. May 1: A. Douglas, solicitor, Old Library, Alnwick. WHITE (James), Springfield, Wigan, Lancasbire, surgeon. April 18; Wright and

Appleton, solicitors, Leaders-bldgs, King-st, Wigan.

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WARD (Elizabeth), 21, Lofthouse-pl, Leeds, Yorkshire, widow. April 16; Atkinson

and Ward, solicitors, 29, Tyrrel-st, Bradford, WHITE (James), Altofte House, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, retired innkeeper

May 1; S. T. Haddelsey, solicitor, Royal Dock-chmbrs, Great Grimsby. WAKEFIELD (Frederick Williaml, Sir Howard-st, Liverpool, Lancashire, milk

dealer. April 20; Banks, Kendall, and Taylor, solicitors, 26, North John st,

Liverpool. WHITE (William), Netherseal, Leicestershire, retired farmer. April 10; Dewes and

Musson, solicitors, Ashby-de-la-Zouch. WINDEBANK (Ellen Norris), Cosham, Hampshire, widow. April 29; G. H. King,

solicitor, Prudential-bldgs, Landport, Hants. WEST (Wiliiam Nowell), 30, Montague-st, Russell-sq, actuary to the Bloomsbury

Savings Bank. April 30; C. W. Dommett and Son, solicitors. 46, Gresham-st. WIBLIN (Maria), 62, Cowley-rd, Oxford, widow. April 24; H. F. Galpin, solicitor,

4, George-st, Oxford.

COMMERCIAL FAILURES AND BILLS OF SALE.-According to Stubbs' Weekly Gazette, the number of failures in England and Wales gazetted during the week ending the 20th March was 198. The number in the corresponding week of last year was 178, showing an increase of 20. The number of bills of sale in England and Wales registered at the Queen's Bench for the week ending the 20th March was 170. The number in the corresponding week of last year was 171.


PROMOTIONS AND APPOINTMENTS. Information intended for publication under the above heading should reach us not later

than Thursday morning in each week, as publication is otherwise delayed.

which the court is composed. The Court of Justiciary, which deals primarily with criminal matters, also sits in Edinburgh ; but, unlike the civil court, it goes on stated statutory circuits. It has been attempted to attach to these circuit courts certain local trials by jury in civil causes, but the result has been failure. Such circuit trials are now comparatively rare. On the other hand, every county has its Sheriff Court, presided over by a sheriff or a sheriff-substitute, while in large and populous counties there are two or more separate courts in different towns. In Glasgow, with its population of 700,000, there are five permanent sheriffs-substitute, in addition to the sheriff of the county. The occasional assistance of other three substitutes, whose head-quarters are in other parts of the county of Lanark, is also required in the city. Prior to 1853 almost every county had a sheriff principal as well as one or more sheriffssubstitute; but in that year, and more fully in 1870, the smaller counties were formed into groups of two, three, or even four under a single sheriff principal. There is still, however, at least one Sheriff Court and sheriffsubstitute in nearly every county. The jurisdiction of the sheriff and sheriffs-substitute of a county is extensive both in civil and criminal

Their criminal jurisdiction is a combination of the English petty sessions and quarter sessions. They are stipendiaries and also recorders, to the exclusion of justices of the peace, whose jurisdiction in Scotland is extremely limited. In civil suits they have had for centuries unlimited jurisdiction in mercantile matters and in all actions relating to personal (or movable) estate where status is not involved. Prior to 1877 the Sheriff Courts had no direct jurisdiction in questions relating to real (or heritable) estate; but in that year their powers were much extended, and now include actions relating to heritable estate or succession where the total value does not exceed £1000 or the annual value $50. The business of the Sheriff Court is carried on in three principal divisions : (1) The small debt court, applicable to all money claims, and now also to several petitory actions where the sum sued for or the value of the property in dispute does not exceed £12; (2) the debts recovery court, applicable to merchants' accounts, house rents, and servants' wages, &c., where the sum sued for does not exceed £50; (3) the ordinary court, including all the remaining civil jurisdiction of the sheriff, and embracing pecuniary actions without any limit of amount. In the small debt and debts recovery courts the scale of charges, both as regards court dues and agents' fees, is extremely moderate. There is no appeal from the judgment of a sheriff or his substitute in the small debt court, except, upon very special grounds, to the justiciary court on circuit. In the debts recovery court there is an appeal from the sheriff substitute to the sheriff principal, and in cases above £25 a further appeal to the Court of Session (High Court). Cases brought in the ordinary court of the sheriff can always be appealed to the Court of Session where the value exceeds £25. The Sheriff or County Court system works extremely well in Scotland. Indeed, it puzzles a Scottish solicitor to understand how legal business can he conducted in an efficient manner and at moderate expense without local courts, possessing large jurisdiction, being established at every convenient centre throughout the country. RICHARD BROWN.

Mr. GEORGE F. BUTTERWORTH, solicitor, of 64, Finsbury-pavement, and at Hendon, N.W., has been appointed a Commissioner for Oaths. Mr. Butterworth was admitted in Feb. 1891.

Mr. WILLIAM HERBERT RUSSELL, of 6, Regent-street, Cheltenham, has been appointed a Commissioner for Oaths. Mr. Russell was admitted in June 1890.

Mr. John WILLIAM PETER JAURALDE, Notary Public, has been appointed an Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation of Spain.

CORRESPONDENCE. This department being open to free discussion on all Professional topics, the Editor

does not hold himself responsible for any opinions or statements contained in it.

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COUNTY COURT JURISDICTION.-As an advocate of a good many years' standing, permit me to say that I agree in a great measure with your expressed opinion that some judges dispose of their cases in a rough-andready fashion, and that it is undesirable that they should be intrusted with an increased jurisdiction. There is no doubt but that opinions of advocates on this point differ according to their experience of their own judge. It is impossible for it to be otherwise. First-rate men are now accepting County Court judgeships, and some of the old judges are as good and impartial as one could wish ; but, unfortunately, we in this district have neither a Greenhow nor a Bompas. Our judge is looked upon as a poor lawyer, but he is a great talker. He wastes time at the beginning of the day, and scamps his work at the end of it. Worse still, he has his favourite solicitors, and shows it. One man can get a verdict, when another would not have the slightest chance. The consequence is, that there is a struggle at our court to get before the registrar, who decides more fighting cases than the judge, and is known as a good lawyer and an impartial judge. All I say is, that our judge is not fit for enlarged powers, and I think I know one or two others who are not.



COUNTY COURT RULES 1897.—With reference to the new County Court Rules, I should like to make a suggestion that, in order to prevent every care being taken of the debtor, the creditor should now be considered a little. Instead of a creditor being, as now, compelled to make an affidavit that a person owes him a certain sum of money, I think he should be allowed to issue a default summons as a matter of course ; but the debtor should not be allowed simply to give notice of defence, but should have to obtain leave to do so only, supported by affidavits. I may point out a case which bears out my contention. On the instructions of a client, and after myself receiving two letters from the debtor admitting the debt and promising payment, I issued a default summons on the 12th Feb. last against the defendant in the Berwick County Court. This was most promptly served upon him on the 13th-the next day. He, I suppose, knowing his opportunities, simply tore off and signed the notice of defence attached to the summons, and since then I have been informed by the registrar that the case would be heard on the 4th May next. I thought the registrar had made a mistake, and wrote him on the matter, and he very courteously sent me a list of the court days showing it was correct.


STUDENTS' SOCIETIES. LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY.—The usual weekly meeting of the above society was held at the Law Institution, Chancery-lane, on Tuesday, the 23rd inst. ; chairman, Mr. Neville Tebbutt. The subject for debate was : “ That the case of Re Stephenson ; Donaldson v. Bamber (75 L. T. Rep. 495; (1897) 1 Ch. 75) was wrongly decided.” Mr. H. G. Miller opened in the affirmative, and Mr. C. G. Passingham seconded ; Mr. C. H. L. Alder opened in the negative, and Mr. W. P. Ellen seconded. The folowing members also spoke : Messrs. Charles M. Curdy, Charles H. Baker, W. Hazeldine Jones, E. M. Smith. The motion was lost by the Chairman's casting vote.--The subject for debate at the next meeting of the society on Tuesday, tke 30th inst., is : “That the public press in this country wields an influence greater than is desirable.”

BIRMINGHAM.—The annual dinner of the Birmingham Law Students' Society took place on the 17th inst., at the Grand Hotel, under the presidency of Mr. Justice Wright; Mr. Isaac Bradley occupying the vicechair. There were also among those present Messrs. M. C. Baszard, Q.C., J. S. Dugdale, Q.C. (Recorder of Birmingham), A. R. Jelf, Q.C., and T. S. Soden, Mr. Registrar Parry, Dr. Showell Rogers, Dr. E.C. Rogers ; Messrs. A. Godlee (president Birmingham Law Society), G. J. Johnson, W. Johnson, C. T. Saunders, Luke J. Sharpe, J. Moore Bayley, F. S. Pearson, A. Caddick, T. H. Russell Mackenzie, A. H. Coley, Park Goff, J. C. Caldicott, F. 0. Hopson (hon. secretary), A. F. Lovatt (hon. treasurer), &c. The President, after the toast of “The Queen,” gave his address to the students. The regions of the law, his Lordship said, were full of inspiring themes, ranging from the rights of a suzerain to the grievances of the betting ring. He thought, however, that he could best serve the interests of the junior members of the association by a few observations on a subject of a practical kind-namely, the law of evidence, which occasionally puzzled alike the Bench and the Bar, and even the solicitor. There were three kinds of admissible evidence-first-hand evidence, second-hand evidence, and expert evidence. Suppose that Julius alleged that Cæsar had caused him personal damage by giving him some bad wine. The first question asked of the doctor probably would be, “What is your name, Thereupon one might hear a learned Queen's Counsel say, is impossible for the witness to know what his name is, unless he can swear that he was present at his own baptism.” The witness's proper course would be to produce a certified or examined copy of the baptismal

Assizu SYSTEM versus COUNTY COURTS.-As a practitioner of nearly thirty years' experience in the County Courts of Scotland, I felt interested in the intention which you announced in last issue of " reversing your former attitude” towards the County Courts of England. Perhaps some particulars of the Scottish system may be of value at this juncture. In Scotland, the Court of Session, or High Court for civil causes, never leaves Edinburgh, though it is only fair to add that many persons advocate the establishment in Glasgow of one of the two divisions of

object. It

List, as far as possible, of EFFECTIVE Causes only.

Van Grutten r. Foxwell and others (original and cross appeals). (England.)
Gosling v. Gaskell and Grocott. (England.).
Deakin v. Salt Union Limited (second appeal). (England.)
Forth Bridge Railway Company v. North British Railway Company. (Scotland).
Steamship Allegheny of London Limited 0. Allan and another (The Siberian).

(England.) Church wardens, &c., of Lambeth v. London County Council. (England.) Kennedy v. De Trafford and others. (England.) Owners of No. 7 Steam Sand Pump Dredger v. Owners of the Steamship Greta llolme.

(England.) Simpson v. Mayor, &c., of Godmanchester and another. (England.) Owners of the Edenbridge v. Green and others, Owners of the Rutland (The Rutland).

(England.) Basset v. Graydon and another (first and second appeals) (conjoined appeals).

(England.) Perth General Station Committee v. Ross. (Scotland.) Birmingham Vinegar Brewery Company Limited v. Powell. (England.) Boulter v. Justices of Kent and others. (England.) Corporation of Glasgow v. J. and J. McOmish and Arthur. (Scotland.) Barraclough o. Brown and others. (England.) Holophane Limited v. Hesseltine. (England.) Bensauce and others v. Thames and Alersey Marine Insurance Company Limited.

(England.) Metropolitan Electric Supply Company Limited v. Wheeler. (England.) Hood Barrs v. Cathcart (sixth appeal). (England.) Allen v. Flood and another (to be re-argued on Thursday, 25th March 1897 ; the judges to attend). (England.)

CAUSES WAITING FOR JUDGMENT. Cory Brothers and Co. Limited v. The Turkish Steamship Mecca. (Lord Chancellor,

Lords Herschell, Macnaghten, Morris, and Shand.) Welton r. Saffery. (Lord Chancellor, Lords Watson, Herschell, Macnaghten,

Morris, and Darey.) Earl Russell r. Countess Russell (cross appeal). (Lord Chancellor, Lords Watson,

Hobhouse, Ashbourne, Herschell, Macnaghten, Morris, Shanıl, and Davey.). Reimann Brothers v. Siddeley and Co. (part considered). (Lord Chancellor, Lords

Macnaghten, Morris, and Shand) Wells and another (paupers) v. The Gas Float Whitton, No. 2. (Lords Herschell (sat

speaker), Watson, Macnaghten, and Morris.)

register, and call his mother to identify him as the person to whom that extract referred. Suppose the doctor said that Mr. Julius had been unwell, he would be asked how he knew that. Oh, he saw it in the basin. Certainly that would not do; it might be allowed, perhaps, on counsel undertaking to call the nurse or Julius himself to identify the contents. The statement that Mr. Julius complained of a pain in the region of his digestive organs might be admissible, perhaps, subject to the observation that the state of Julius's organs at the time might properly concern the res gestæ. The doctor might be invited to say that he had heard defendant's wife make admissions. That would not do, because a man did not marry a wife in order that she might make admissions against him. The doctor might have been in court when Cæsar was tried criminally for the same act, and, having pleaded not guilty, was convicted. That was not evidence, because the unfortunate Cæsar could not contradict the jury. In dealing with first-hand evidence the most important thing was to distinguish between the facts which the witness had observed with his senses and the inferences from these facts which he always tried to palm off as part of the facts. That was specially noticeable in affidavit evidence, and though that evidence might be cross-examined upon, he was inclined to think that the great majority of the cases in which such evidence was used were decided not upon the facts but upon the inferences. Another observation to be made upon both first-hand and second-hand evidence was that one must not course every hare or rabbit that got in front of the hounds. A recent writer had cited as a good instance of circumstantial evidence the finding of a trout in the milk. He, however, ventured to say that that was not a good example; because, as a rule, about the most expensive thing a milkman could add to his milk would be water in which a trout could live. About nineteen-twentieths of the questions that arose in practice related to second-hand evidence. Having mentioned the limitations upon the admissibility of this class of evidence, the President said that the only principle in law on which such evidence was received was that the statements referred to were made in such circumstances that, if uncontradicted, they were of the nature of admissions. The weight of the admission, however, might be absolutely nothing. This was well illustrated in the case of the lady who wrote to Mr. Walpole declaring, with feminine strength of language, that he had promised to marry her, and calling upon him for an answer. The letter was not answered, but the Court of Appeal held that the admission had no weight. If every letter that a man did not answer were to be taken as an admission against him life would not be tolerable. Expert witnesses luxuriated in the breach of every rule. For instance, the expert stated nothing but inferences ; indeed, he was not allowed to state facts. He might give

even than second-hand evidence. He might quote from any published book, and tell the court what any idiot had ever written or said on the subject. One could only say what other people had said ; the other side could do the same, and one statement could be weighed against another. For instance, Julius's doctor might give evidence against Cæsar about the symptoms and probability of recovery from a hundred books that Cæsar might never have heard of, and, therefore, had never had an opportunity of contradicting. The late Baron Martin used to say that the first rule of advocacy was, when you had made a case, never call another witness. In his (the President's) experience as a judge, he had known more cases lost by the violation of this rule than in any other way. A young counsel was tempted to call every witness in his brief, and by so doing, perhaps, please the gentleman who drew the brief ; but he would ruin his client. That was especially the case with expert evidence. If he could get one expert who could stand Mr. Jelf's crossexamination, he should not call another. In proposing “ The Birmingham Law Students' Society," the President said that this was the society's jubilee year. The society began in 1847 with eight members, and occupied a house, the lease of which was taken in the name of ar infant. At that date no party was a competent witness in his own action. Need he say more to indicate the revolution that had been accomplished in the morals and manners of the age by those eight gentlemen and that infant ?--Mr. Hopson replied in an interesting and humorous speech.—“ The Bench and the Bar” was proposed by Mr. Moore Bayley, and responded to by Mr. Buszard, Q.C., and Mr. Jelf, Q.C.—Mr. A. F. Lovatt gave “ The Birmingham Law Society,” Mr. Godlee responding; and the toast list concluded with * The Health of the President,” proposed by Mr. Bradley.

BOURNEMOUTH AND DISTRICT.-At an ordinary meeting of the above society, held on the 2nd March, a debate took place upon the following subject : “ That all distinctions between the two branches of the Legal Profession should be abolished and their complete fusion effected.” Mr. G. E. Haines proposed this motion, his chief argument being the saving of expense. Mr. H. T. Blachford opposed and other speeches followed. The motion was eventually lost by two votes. On the 16th March Mr. Franklin G. Lefroy read a paper to the members of the society apon “ The Law of Libel and Slander.” The paper throughout was both interesting and instructive, most of the leading cases upon the subject being cited.



APRIL 3. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. APPEAL CT. II. Farmer King Farmer King Farmer King NORTH, J....... Beal...... Leach ...... Beal......... Leach ...... Beal......... Leach STIRLING, J. . Rolt. Godfrey ... Rolt ........ Godfrey

Rolt .........

Godfrey KEKEWICH, J. Jackson ... Carrington Jackson ... Carrington Jackson ... Carrington ROMER, J....... Pemberton Ward Pemberton Ward Pemberton Ward BYRNE, J....... Pugh La vie Pugh Lario Pugh



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GAZETTE, MARCH 19. To surrender at the High Court of Justice in Bankruptcy. BERNSTEIN, PHILIP, Houndsditch, late dealer in phonographs. Pet. March 15. Order,

March 15. CLEAR, JOHN, Old Serjeants'-inn,, solicitor. Pet. Feb. 22. Order,

March 16. DUTFIELD, ARTUUR, Pinchin-st, St. George's-in-the-East, wheelwright. Pet. March 15.

Order, March 15. NICHOLLS, GEORGE, late Portobello-rd, butcher. Pet. March 16. Order, March 16.

To surrender at their respective District Courts. ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM, Westgate-on-Sea, carpenter. Ct. Canterbury. Pet. March 16.

Order, March 16. ANDREWS, EDWIN CHARLES (trading as E. Andrews), Bromley, florist, Ct. Croydon.

Pet. March 16. Order, March 16. BRACE, DAVID, Maesteg, coal merchant. Ct. Cardiff. Pet. March 15. Order,

March 15. BROOKES, CHARLES, West Bromwich, horse dealer. Ct. West Bromwich. Pet.

March 17. Order, March 17, CRAGG. SARAH RHODES, Cleckheaton, plumber. Ct. Bradford, Yorks. Pet. March 15.

Order, March 15. Cox, THOMAS, and YOUNGMAN, FREDERICK ALFRED, Bournemouth, stockbrokers.

Ct. Poole. Pet. March 3. Order, March 15. CLARKSON, ENOCH, Walsall, basket manufacturer. Ct. Walsall. Pet. March 15.

Order, March 15. EVANS, DAVID, Newport, Mon., draper. Ct. Newport. Pet. March 16. Order,

March 16. FORTUNE, WILLIAM, late West Twerton, baker. Ct. Bath. Pet. March 15. Order,

March 15. GREEN, GEORGE Wilson, Great Grimsby, late grocer. Ct. Great Grimsby. Order,

March 15, Pet, March 15. GODDARD, HERBERT, Huddersfleld, newsagent. Ct. Huddersfield. Pet. March 17.

Order, March 17. GORDOS, MATILDA, Streatham, manageress. Ct. Wandsworth. Pet. March 15,

Order, March 15. HALL, JOHN, Bristol, fishmonger. Ct. Bristol. Pet. March 15. Order, March 15. HOWELL, EDWARD CHRISTOPHER, Ogmore Vale, licensed victualler. Ct. Cardiff. Pet.

March 15. Order, March 15. HARRISON, HARRY, Scarborough, hairdresser. Ct. Scarborough. Pet. March 15.

Order, March 15. HODGE, WILLIAM, West Hartlepool, ironmonger. Ct, Sunderland. Pet. March 15,

Order, March 15. INSTON, SAMUEL, and INSTON, ARTHUR JAJES (trading as Samuel Inston and Son),

Bradford, Yorks, commission agents, Ct. Bradford. Pet. March 15. Order, March 15,



NORTHERN (Wills and Kennedy, JJ.).—Manchester (civil), Monday, April 12; Liverpool (civil), Tuesday, April 20; Manchester (civil and criminal), Monday, April 26; Liverpool (civil and criminal), Thursday, May 6.

NORTH-EASTERN (Lawrance, J.).—Leeds (criminal), Thursday, May 6.

TOCKER, GEORGE HENRY, Portsoa, Ashmonger. Ct. Portsmouth. Pet. March 18

Order, March 18, THORNLEY, JOHN JAMES, Dunston, farmer. Ct. Stafford. Pet. March 19. Order,

March 19. THOMAS, JOAN (trading as Thomas and Son), Argoed, butcher. Ct. Tredegar. Pet.

March 19. Order, March 19 WALL, SAMUEL, Little Bloxwich, boat-steerer. Ct. Walsall. Pet. March 17. Order,

March 17.
WEESTER, HENRY, Aberystwith, gentleman. Ct. Aberystwith. Pet. March 6. Order,

March 17.

ANTHONY, CLARENCE CASE, late Queen-sq-pl, Bloomsbury. Ct. High Court. Order,

March 2. Pet. Feb. 8. Rescission and dismissal of petition, March 16.

JOHNSON. THOMAS, Christleton, innkeeper. Ct. Chester. Pet. March 16. Order,

March 16. JARYAN, THOMAS, Trealaw, carpenter. Ct. Pontypridd. Pet. March 15. Order,

March 15. JONES, Joan, Glynceiriog, farmer. Ct. Wrexham. Pet. March 13. Order, March 13. KIRKBY, RICHARD B. A. (trading as Richard B. A. Kirkby and Son), Kingston-upon

Hull, auctioneer. Ct. Kingston-upon-Hull. Pet. March 2. Order, March 15. KERSHAW. JOHN: KERSHAW. ROBERT ROBERTS: and KERSHAW. JOSEPH (trading as

John Kershaw), Smithy Bridge, inisberg. Ct. Rochdale. Pet. March 13. Order,

March 15. LLOYD, DAVID PERCY MARMADUKE (trading as Percy Lloyd), Ammanford, mineral

water manufacturer. Ct. Carmarthen. Pet. March 15. Order, March 15. LLOYD, WALTER, Aberavon, grocer. Ct. Neath. Pet. March 15. Order, March 16. MEREDITH, SARAH, Stroud, confectioner. Ct. Gloucester. Pet. March 16, Order,

March 16. PHILLIPSON, GEORGE BLACKLEDGE, late Le gh, agent. Ct. Bolton. Pet. March 17.

Order, March 17. Pick, Joun, Nottingham, bootmaker. Ct. Nottingham. Pet. March 13. Order,

March 15. PALMER, JOHN LEWIN, Oxford, butcher. Ct. Oxford. Pet. March 16, Order, March 16. PAYNE, SAMUEL, Penzance, fisherman. Ct. Truro. Pet. March 15. Order, March 15. SAMS, GEORGE, Offord Cluny, carter. Ct. Bedford. Pet, March 17. Order, March 17. SAAW, WILLIA», Pudsey, plasterer. Ct. Bradford, Yorks. Pet, March 15. Order,

March 15. SNELLING, HENRY, Brampton, carpenter. Ct. Great Yarmouth. Pet. March 17.

Order, March 17. SHEABD, WILLIAM (trading as George Sheard), Huddersfield, wire-worker. Ct.

Huddersfield. Pet. March 16. Order, March 16. SAMPSON, WILLIAM Louis, and SAMPSON, ELLEN, Plymouth, coal merchants. Ct.

Plymouth and East Stonehouse. Pet. March 12. Order, March 12. SLADE, ALBERT, Abercynon, hairdresser. Ct. Pontypridd. Pet. March 17. Order,

March 17. SEARLE, SARGEANT, Moss Side, grocer's manager. Ct. Salford. Pet. March 3.

Order, March 17, STREET, GEORGE, Wilton, baker. Ct. Salisbury. Pet. March 16. Order, March 16. THOMAS, RICHARD, Chester, estate agent. Ut, Chester. Pet. March 15. Order,

March 15. THOMPSON, Joon, late Wednesfield, farmer. Ct. Wolverhampton. Pet. March 15.

Order, March 15. WALMESLEY. ALFRED, Wolverhampton, grocer. Ct. Wolverhampton. Pet. March 16.

Order, March 16. WILLIAMS. JOAN (otherwise known as Joan Taieswydd Williams). late Wrexham,

liceosid victualler. Ot. Wiexbam. Pet. March 16. Order, March 16. WORRICKER, Joan, Colchester, builder. Ct, Colchester. Pet. March 15. Order,

March 15. Walsh, MARY, Newport, Mon., haulier, widow. Ct. Newport. Pet. March 16.

Order, March 16. WILLIAMSON, GEORGE, Haynford, farmer. Ct. Norwich. Order, March 15. WHEATLEY, GEORGE, Geinford, wine merchant. Ct. Stockton-on-Tees and Middles

brough. Pet. March 16. Order, March 16. YOUNGJOHNS, HARRY, Kidderminster, clotbier. Ct. Kidderminster. Pet, March 15.

Order, March 15. YELDHAM, HERBERT ARTHUR, Tavistock gentleman. Ct. Plymouth and East Stone

house. Pet. March 15. Order, March 15. The following amended notice is substituted for that published in the Gazette of Feb. 23. SHERWOOD, ISAAC, jun., and SHERWOOD, FREDERICK (trading as the English

Petroleum Lamp Company). Birmingham, lamp manufacturers. Ci. Birmingham.

Pet. Feb. 4. Order, Feb. 18. NOTE.—The separate proceedings against Isaac Sherwood, jun., and Frederick

Sherwood were consolidated by order of court dated 22nd Feb.

GAZETTE, MARCH 23. To surrender at the High Court of Justice, in Bankruptcy. DYRKE, ALFRED, late Victor-parade, Kensal Green, pawnbroker. Pet. March 2.

Order, March 19. GOODE, J., Walthamstow, builder. Pet, March 3. Order, March 19. SKELSEY, JOHN, Walthamstow, bootmaker. Pet. March 3. Order, March 18. VICARY, WILLIAM HENRY, Mirabel-rd, Dawes-rd, Fulham, builder. Pet, March 3.

Order. March 18. Vox BI88ING, WALTER, late Quebec-st, gentleman, Pet. Feb. 9. Order, March 18.

To surrender at their respective District Courts. BURCH, ROBERT, Long Melford, saddler. Ct. Colchester. Pet. March 20. Order,

March 20, BUTLER, RICHARD, Christchurch, farmer. Ct Poole. Pet. March 11. Order,

March 20. COLDHAM, ALFRED AMBROSE, Ipswich, late butcher. Ct. Ipswich. Pet. March 18.

Order, March 18. CLAYTON, FREDERICK JAMES, Mexborough, grocer. Ct. Sheffield. Pet. March 12,

Order, March 19. CROSBY, WILLIAM, Alne, farmer. Ct. York. Pet. March 17. Order, March 17. DOVER, JOHN GEORGE, Darlington, fitter. Ct. Stockton-on Tees und Middlesbrough,

Pet. March 17. Order, March 17. Exton, RICHARD THOMAS (trading as Exton and Co.), Blaengarw, boot dealer. Ct.

Cardiff. Pet. March 19. Order, March 19. GOLDSMITH, WILLIAM KINGSTON, Dorking, fishmonger. Ct. Croydon. Pet. March 19.

Order, March 19. GROVER. HENRY, Enfield Highway, builder. Ct. Edmonton. Pet. March 16. Order,

March 16. GOSLING, WILLIAM_(trading as Gosling and Son), Kingston-on-Thames, house

decorator. Ct. Kingston, Surrey. Pet. March 15. Order, March 18. GRAY, ROBERT THOMAS, Southsea, poat-office clerk. Ct, Portsmoath. Pet. March 20.

Order, March 20. HOLDSWORTH, JOHNson, Bradford, Yorks, stuff manufacturer. Ct Bradford. Pet.

March 13, Order, March 18. Hunt, JOHN GEORGE, Spalding, late publican. Ct. Peterborough. Pet. March 3.

Order, March 20. HARDY, GEORGE, Moss Side, grocer. Ct. Salford. Pet. March 18. Order, March 19. HARLAND, WILLIAM, late Pickering, farmer. Ct. Scarborough. Pet. March 18.

Order, Varch 18
KIITON, CHARLES HARVEY, Ipswich, draper. Ct. Ipswich. Pet. March 19. Order,

March 19.
LEIGH, GILBERT (trading as Gilbert Leigh and Co.), Liverpool, stockbroker.

Liverpool. Pet. March 5. Order, Mareh 18
LUCAS, ALFRED GRAHAM, late Nottingham, tailor. Ct. Nottingham. Pet. March 20.

Order, March 20. MATHER, JAMES ARTHUR (trading as A. Mather and Sons), Droylsden, tile layer.

Ct Ashton-under-Lyne and Stalybridge. Pet. March 18. Order, March 18. MEACOCK, FREDERICK, Devizes, butcher. Ct. Bath. Pet. March 20. Order, March 20. MONTAGU. ALGERNON SYDNEY, Brighton, captain in the navy. Ct. Dorchester. Pet.

Feb. 27. Order, March 19. PEARSE, JOHN B, Pillaton, farmer. Ct. Plymouth and East Stonehouse. Pet. March 5.

Order, March 18. RAW, WILLIAM EDMUND ST. MICHAEL. Sựdenbam, doctor of medicine. Ct, Green

wich. Pet March 18. Order, March 18 RUDKIN, WILLIAM DAYES, Whissendine, baker. Ct. Leicester. Pet, March 19,

Order, March 19. ROWBOTTOM, FRANCIS, Cheshire, cotton-waste spinner. Ct. Stockport. Pet. March 8.

Order, March 18, SCRIVEN, WILLIAM ALBERT HENRY, Portland, butcher. Ct. Dorchester. Pet. March 20.

Order, March 20. SANDORS RALPH BROWN, Higham Ferrers, currier. Ct. Northampion. Pet March 12.

Order, March 12.


GAZETTE, MARCH 19, ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM, Westgate-on-Sea, carpenter. Ct. Canter bury. Meeting.

March 26, at 9, at office of Off. Rec. Canierbury. Exam. March 26, at 10, at

Guildhall, Canterbury. BERNSTEIN, Philip, Houndeditch, late dealer in phonographs. Ct. High Court.

Meeting, March 26, at 2.30, at Bankruptcy-bldgs. Exam. April 28, at 11, at

Bankruptcy-bldgs. BOYD, Thoxas, Leeds, cloth manufacturer. Ct. Leeds. Meeting, March 29, at 11, at

office of Off. Rec. Leeds. Exam. April 13, at 11, at County Court-house, Leeds. BAILEY, WILLIAM, jun., Landport, fruit hawker. Ct Portsmouth, Meeting,

March 26, at 3.30, at office of Ofi. Rec. Portsmouth. Exam. March 29, at noon,

at Court-house, Portsmouth. BAMFORD, JOAN, Rochdale, commission agent. Ct. Rochdale. Meeting, March 26,

at 11.30, at Townball, Rochdale. Exam. April 23, at 11.30, at Lecture-hall,

Rochdale. CRAVEN, Tuomas. Bradford, Yorks, plasterer. Ct. Bradford. Meeting. March 26,

at noon. at office of Ofi. Rec. Bradford. Exam. April 9, at 10, at County Court,

Bradford. COUSINS, CAARLES HAYES, Leicester, general engineer. Ct. Leicester. Meeting,

March 26, at 12.30, at office of Off. Rec. Leicester. Exam. April 1, at 10, at the

Castle, Leicester. DOTFIELD, ARTHUR, Piochin-st, St. George's in-the-East, wheelwright. Ct. High

Court. Meeting. March 26, at 11, at Bankruptcy-bldgs. Exam. May 6, at noon,

at Bankruptcy-hldge, DUNNILL, WETHERILL, Cleethorpes, late boarding-house keeper. Ct. Great Grimsby.

Meeting, March 27, at Ji 30, at omce of Off. Rec. Great Grimsby, Exam. April 1,

at 11, at Townhall. Great Grimsby. FOWLER, PETER, Bacup, wholesale_greengrocer.

Ct. Rochdale. Meeting, March 26, at 11, at Townhall, Rochdale. Exam. April 23, at 11.00, at Lecture-ball, Rochdale. GRIFFIN, DANIEL, New-rd, Whitechapel-rd, late confectioner. Ot. High Court.

Meeting. Alarch 26, at noon, at Bankruptcy-blugs. Exam. April 29, 41 11.30, at

Bankruptcy-5]dgs. GARNER. WILLIAM. East Kirkby, hosiery manufacturer. Ct. Nottingham. Meeting,

March 26, at 11, at oflice of off. Rec. Noitingham. Esan. Apal 14, at 11.30, at

County Court-house, Nottingbam. GREIG, JOAN WILLIAM, Wandsworth-rd, provision dealer. Ct. Wandsworth. Meeting, March 29, at 12.30, at 24, Railway-approach, London Bridge.

Exam. April 8, at noon, a Court-house, Wandsworth. HEAP, WILLIAM, Leicester, laundiy proprietor. Ct. Leicester. Meeting, March 26,

ai 3, 8t office of off. Rec. Leicester. Exam. April 1, at 10, at the Castle, Leicester. HOLT, JAMES. Nottingham, yarn merchant. Ct. Nottingham. Meeting, March 26,

at noon, at office of On. Rec. Nottingbam. Exam. April 2, at 10, at County

Court-house, Nottingham. Jones, WILLIAM, Yngsybwl, draper. Ct. Pontspridd. Meeting, March 26, at 3, at

65, High-st, Merthyr Tydfil. Exam. April 27, at 11, at Court-house, Pontypridd. JOYCE, JAMES EDWARD (trading as Joyce and Co.), Monkwearmouth, house fornisber.

Ct. Sunderland. Meeting, March 26, at 2.30, at office of Orf. Kec. Sunderland,

Exam. Jarch 25, at 11.15, at Court-house, Sunderland. JONES, RICHARD, Port Talbot, boilermaker. Cc. Neath. Meeting, March 26. at :100n,

at office of Off. Rec, Swansea. Exam. April 1:1, at 11.30, at Townball, Neuth. LEWIS, RICHARD, Phipps-news, Eccleston-st East, jobmaster. Ct. High Court.

Meeting, March 26, at 11, at Bankruptcy-bldgs. Exam. May 7, at 11.30, at

Bankrupicy-bldgs. LATH, M, THOMAS LURE, and LATHAM, CUARLES DAVID (trading as Thomas Latham

and Son), Huddersfeld, boiler makers. Ct. Huddersfield. Meeting, March 29, at 11, at office of Off. Rec. Huddersfield. Exam. April 12, at 2, at Ovunty Court,

Huddersfield. MCLEAN, JAMES, Clifton-bill, St. Jobn's Wood. Ct. High Court. Meeting. March 26,

at 2:0, at Bankruptcy.bldgs. Exem. May 7, at 11 30, at Bankruptcy-bldgs. MEREDITH, SARAN, Stroud, confectioner. Ct. Gloucester. Meeting, March 27, at 11,

at office of Off. Rec. Gloucester. Exam. March 30, at noon, at Shirehall,

Gloucester. MORLEY, GEORGE HOULDEN, Great Grimsby, fish merchant. Ct. Grest Grimsby.

Meeting, March 27, at 11, at office of Off. Rec. Great Grimsby. Exam. April 1,

at 11, at Tuwnball, Great Grimsby. MIDLANE, CHARLES, Newport, wheelwright. Ct. Newport and Ryde. Veeting,

March 29, at 11.30, at 19, Quay-st, Newport. Exam. March 29, at noon, at Court

house, Newport. MILLARI), Ersasr ALBERT, Fareham, bira carter. Ct. Portsmouth. Meeting,

March 26, at 3, at othee of Off. Rec. Portsmouth. Exam. March 29, at noon, at

Court-house, Portsmouth. PHILLIPS, FREDERICK HARVEY BATHORST, Ampthill, retired captain Royal Artillery.

Ct, Bedford. Meeting, March 26, at 11, at office of off. Rec. Bedford. Exam.

April 13, at 11, at Shireball, Bedford. PREBEY, ERNEST GURNEY, Snodland, butcher. Ct. Maidstone. Meeting, March 31,

at 10, at office of Ont. Rec. Maidstone. Exam, March 31, at noon, at Sessions

house, Maidstone. PLATTIN, HENRY RAMM, Takenham, chemist. Ct. Norwich. Meeting, March 27,

at noon, at office of Off. Rec. Norwich. Exam. April 14, at 11, at Shirehall,

Norwich, PAYNK. SAMUEL, Perzance, fisherman. Ct. Truro. Meeting, March 27, at noon, at

office of Orf, Rec. Truro. Exam. April 21, at 11.45, at Townhall, Truro. ROBINSON, FREDERICK (trading as F. Robinson and Co.), Bradford, Yorks, firelight

maker. Ct. Bradford. Meeting, March 26. at 11, at office of Off. Rec. Bradiord.

Exam. April 9, at 10, at County Court, Bradford. SHERWOOD, ISAAC, jun, ond SHERWOOD, FREDERICK (trading as Isaac Sherwood and

Sons and the English Petroleum Lamp Company), Birmingham, lamp manufacturers. Ct. Birmingham. Meeting March 29, at 11, at 23, Culmore row,

Birmingham. Exium. April 8, at 2, at County Court, Birmingham. SCGDEN, JOSEPH, Bradíord, Yorks, hairdresser. Ct. Bradford. Meeting. March 29,

at ll, at office of Off. Rec. Bradford. Exam. April 9, at 10, at County Court,

Bradford. SAVEGE, HENRY, Kingston-upon-Bull, furniture dealer. Ct Kingston-upon-Hull,

Meeting. March 27, at 11, at omce of O. Rec. Hull. Exam. April 17, at 2, at

Court-house. Hull. SMITH, JOHN HENRY, Work-op, builder. Ct. Sheffield. Meeting. March 26, at 2.30,

at office of Osl. Rec Shemeld. Exam. April 1, at 3, at County Court-hall,

Sheffield. Trigg, HENRY, Teynham, farmer. Ct. Canterbury. Dieeting, March 26, at noon, at

office of Off. Rec. Canterbury. Exam. March 26, at 10, at Guildhall, Canterbury. TESSEYMAN, EDWIN, Leeds, lat3 butcher. Ct. Leeds. Meeting, March 30, at !1, at

office of Off. Rec. Leeds. Esam. April 13, at 11, at County Court-house, Leeds. TUMMINS, ERNEST EDWARD, Upper Higham, grocer. Ct. Rochester. Meeting,

March 29, at 11, at 115, High-st, Rochester. Exam. March 29, at 2, at Courthouse, Rochester,


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