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Parliament subsequently punished the municipality of Nottingham for its misconduct. In spite of the petition of the mayor and aldermen setting forth that King Henry VI. bad given them a charter of exclusive juris. diction within the town, which they had enjoyed for nearly four hundred years, an Act was passed giving certain jurisdiction in the town to the county magistrates, which enactment caused a very sore feeling in the corporation. Thc Speaker was directed not to issue his writ for a new election immediately. Eventually, however, Mr. Parker Coke stood again, and was elected.

Mr. Addington accordingly secured the two country gentlemen, who were his friends, to support him by the representation of the town of Nottingham. though the gentlemen in question hardly dared for a long time afterwards to show their faces in that town.

The cost and expense were great. But Mr. Addington knew what party in the county were his friends, and never forgot them. The country gentlemen, and not the mob, always had his support ; and the last division in which he ever took part was when he voted as Lord Sidmouth against the Reform Bill in 1832, when he was five years beyond his threescore years and ten.

Legal Proposition.-Quite apart from the provisions of the Corrupt and Ilegal Practices Prevention Act 1883, sect. 2, which avoids the election when a candidate or his agent is guilty of undue influence, and quite apart from statute law altogether, the court which now tries election petitions—as was the rule with the Parliamentary committees who previously tried them-will avoid the election where there has been intimidation by whomsoever caused, which was so general and extensive in its operation that it cannot be said that the polling was a fair representation of the constituency. Bat where it is general, the onus lies on the constituency incriminated to show that the gross amount of the intimidation could not possibly have affected the result. The court looks not only to the amount of the intimidation, but to the absolute majority which has been obtained. Cf. The North Durham case (2 O’M. & H. 157); and see E. A. Jelf's note on the common law on page 31 of his edition of “The Corrupt and Ilegal Practices Prevention Acts 1883-1895."

two former are the introductory lectures of the Law Faculty of St. Mungo's College at Glasgow, while the latter is extracted from “Notes on Current Law.” The subject-matter of all is clearly and concisely given. The History of the Statute of Frauds, showing its true authorship, is extremely interesting,

can confidently recommend a perusal of all three papers. A Concise Treatise on Mortgages, Pledges, and Liens. By

WALTER ASHBURNER, M.A., of Lincoln's.inn, Barrister-at-Law, late Fellow of Merton College, Oxford. London : William

Clowes and Sons Limited. 1897. A short treatise on the law of mortgages from a practical point of view has long been wanted in the Profession, and Mr. Ashburner's book will certainly be a welcome addition to the lawyer's library. The author divides his work into sixty chapters, which is a much more convenient plan, and easier for reference, than a small number of long chapters. The subject is a wider one than at first sight would appear. For instance, it embraces lien, maritime and otherwise, receivers, bills of sale, actions for foreclosure and redemption, &c. The authorities are all referred to in the body of the work-a useful plan which is coming into vogue. The cases are brought down to Feb. 1897. After a somewhat lengthy perusal of the work, we have failed to find any defects therein, and we have come to the conclusion that it is very well done. It is clear, concise, and well arranged, and, so far as we have tested it, accurate, and it contains a large amount of law in a comparatively small compass. Mr. Ashburner's work is a highly creditable performance, and will doubtless meet with considerable support.


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A New System of Book-keeping for Solicitors. By SYDNEY

HODSOLL. London: Gee and Co., 34, Moorgate-street, E.C. The author tells us in his introduction that, “having observed the lax and inefficient nature of the methods of book-keeping employed, has endeavoured

to introduce a system easy and free from complications." He may be fairly said to have succeeded in the present volume, and certainly the utility of showing at a glance what cash belongs to clients and what to the business, one of the principal objects of the plan, cannot be over-estimated.

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MR. HORACE MAXWELL Johnson, barrister, of the Inner Temple,

son of Master Johnson, of the Supreme Court, has compiled a work on Bills of Costs in the High Court, Court of Appeal, House of Lords, and Privy Council, with the scales of costs and tables of fees in use in the House of Lords and Commons relative to private Bills, and, indeed, every other jurisdiction where costs can be incurred or allowed. He has received the invaluable assistance of his father, and the publishers are Stevens and Sons Limited and Sweet and Maxwell Limited. Mr. Johnson has been given free access to the best authorities on the subject, and has produced a work which appears to be both accurate and comprehensive. The text is preceded by a most elaborate table of contents, but, nevertheless, the volume closes with an index. It is difficult to conceive how any costs clerk or solicitor can go wrong with a work of this kind to guide him.

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The eighth and final volume of Mr. Pulling's valuable collection of Statutory Rules and Orders other than those of a local, personal, or temporary character issued prior to 1890 and now in force, which has just been published, contains a table of all such rules (being the rules printed at length in the whole eight volumes), arranged in order of date. Every practitioner would do well at least to glance over this table, for the purpose of seeing to what extent the law of this country is contained in statutory rules. The table occupies nearly 100 pages, beginning with the Scotch Act of Adjournal of 1680,“ ordering service of list of panel's witnesses,” and ending with the regulations of 1890 issued by the Scotch Fishery Board. There are no less than fourteen undated orders. The volume contains also an Appendix of Prerogative Orders (or orders not issued under the authority of any statute) affecting the constitutions of colonies or colonial currency, amongst them being a Proclamation of 1799, abolishing judicial torture in Ceylon, “any law of the United States [which appears, as Mr. Pulling cleverly suggests in a note, to be a clerical error for Provinces) notwithstanding." The whole work is one without which no library could be said to be complete. The English Doctrine of Consideration. The Statute of Frauds.

The Contract of Sale. By RICHARD Brown. Glasgow :

William Hodge and Co., 26, Bothwell-street. In these three pamphlets the author deals with the above topics of English law in their relation to the law of Scotland. The

NEW EDITION. That a thirteenth edition has been published of Mr. Brabrook's Law of Friendly Societies is sufficient evidence of the value of the work. It deals with the Act passed last year, and, in addition to an appendix of cases, contains forms of model rules. Without a doubt it should still continue to hold its own as an authority on the subject.

BOOKS RECEIVED. Edmunds on Patents. Second Edition. Stevens and Sons Limited, 119 and 120, Chancery-lane. Price 32s.

Macassey and Strahan's Law relating to Civil Engineers, Architects, and Contractors. Second Edition. Stevens and Sons Limited, 119 and 120, Chancery-lane. Price 12s. 6d.

Beach's Modern Law of Contract. Two vols. William Clowes and Sons Limited, 27, Fleet-street, E.C.; and the Bowen-Merrill Co., Indianapolis and Kansas City, U.S.A.

Jones's Business Man's County Court Guide. Effingham Wilson and Co., 11, Royal Exchange. Price 28. 6d. net.



Smith's Handy Book on the Law of Husband and Wife. Eleventh Thousand. Effingham Wilson, 11, Royal Exchange. Price 2s. 6d. net.

Journal of the Society of Comparative Legislation. Vol. I., No. 2. Rivington, Percival, and Co., 34, King-street, Covent Garden.

Indermaur's Manual of Practice. Seventh Edition. Stevens and Haynes, Bell-yard, Temple Bar.

De Colyar's Law of Guarantees and of Principal and Surety. Third Edition. Butterworth and Co., 7, Fleet-street. Price 17s. 6d.

Bridgnorth. Wednesday, April 21

Lincoln, Saturday, April 10, at 11
Monday, April 12

Margate, Tuesday, April 13
Bury St. Edmunds, Friday, April 23 Norwich, Wednesday, April 14
Canterbury, Monday, May 10

Nottingham, Monday, April 26 Chichester, Tuesday, April 13

Oldham, Friday, April 23 Colchester, Thursday, April 15, at 11 Reading, Friday, April 23, at 10 Deal, Wednesday, April 21

Richmond (Yorks), Friday, April 23 Dover, Monday, April 26

Rochester, Monday, April 26 Folkestone, Monday, April 26, at 11 Rye, Tuesday, April 13 Grimsby, Tuesday, April 13

Saffron Walden, Monday, April 26 Hastings, Wednesday, April 14

Scarborough, Friday, April 23, at 10.15 Hereford, Friday, April 23

Sudbury, Monday, April 12 King's Lynn, Thursday, April 15

Tiverton, Wednesday, April 21 Leeds, Wednesday, April 21

Wigan, Wednesday, April 21, 10.30,



RECEIVING ORDERS. RETURN showing the Number of Receiving Orders in the High Court, and

in the several County Courts having Bankruptcy Jurisdiction in England and Wales, gazetted in the Quarters ending respectively 31st March, 1897, 1896, and 1895.


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Merthyr Tydal
Nantwich and Crewo
Newport, I. of W....
Newport, Mon.
Newtown ...
Northallerton ...
Pembroke Dock
Plymouth and East




7 12 1 8 7 14 21


9 15 4 4 10 10 15 5 6 7 7

7 6




2 11


6 8


13 8


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12 21 7

17 7



FOR THE WEEK ENDING SATURDAY, APRIL 17. Abergavenny, Monday, at 10

Malmesbury, Monday Ashborne, Wednesday, at 10

Manchester, Monday (Reg., Bky), at 11; Atherstone,* Wednesday, at 10

Tuesday, at 10 Axbridge, Wednesday, at 10

Marylebone, Monday, Tuesday, and ThursBacup, Tuesday, at 9

day Bakewell, Tuesday, at 10

Menai Bridge, Tuesday Bangor, Monday

Newbury, Wednesday Barnard Castle, Monday, at 10

Newcastle-on-Tyne, Monday, Tuesday, Barnstaple, Tuesday, at 10

Wednesday and Thursday, at 10 Basingstoke, Monday, at 11.30

New Mills, Monday, at 10.30 Bach, Thursday (J.S. and Reg., Bky.), at 10 Newnham, Wednesday Bideford, Wednesday, at 11

New Romney, Monday, at 10.30 Biggleswade, Monday, at 10.30

Norwich, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednos. Bingham, Tuesday, at 11

day, at 10 Birkenhead, * Tuesday

Nottingham, Monday, at 9.45; WednesBirmingham, Monday, Tuesday, and day (A.O at 9.45 ; Bky at 11.30) Wednesday, at 10

Oswestry, Thursday, at 10 Blackburn, Monday, at 10

Penzance, Tuesday, at 10 Bodmin, Wednesday, at 10

Petworth, Thursday Brampton, Monday, at 10.30

Plymouth.* Wednesday, at 10 Burnley, Thursday, at 10

Pocklington, * Tuesday Burton, Thursday, at 9

Pontypool, Wednesday, at 10 Bury,* Wednesday (Reg.), at 9

Pontypridd, Monday, Wednesday, and Bury St. Edmunds, Tuesday

Thursday Carlisle, Tuesday, at 9.30

Poole, Monday, at 10 Carnarvon, Wednesday

Redruth, Thursday, at 10 Chichester, Wednesday

St. Austell, Monday, at 10 Chippenham, Wednesday, at 10

St. Helens, Wednesday Clerkenwell, Monday and Tuesday

St. Neots, Tuesday, at 11 Clitheroe, Wednesday, at 9.45

Salford. Wednesday, at 10 Colchester, Wednesday, at 11

Shaftesbury, Wednesday, at 11 Colne, * Monday, at 9.45

Shrewsbury,* Monday and Tuesday, at 10 Derby, Tuesday (Reg., Bky), at 10

Southampton, Tuesday, at 11 Dereham, Thursday, at 11

Southmolton, Thursday, at 11
Dover, Wednesday, at 10

Stockton-on-Tees,* Tuesday, at 9.30
Durham, Monday and Tuesday, at 10 Stone, * Monday, at 9.30
East Stonehouse,* Monday and Tuesday, Sudbury, Monday

Sunderland, Wednesday and Thursday,
Edmonton, Monday and Tuesday, at 11 at 10
Evesham,* Tuesday, at 10

Torrington, Monday, at 11 Folkestone, Tuesday, at 10

Tredegar, Tuesday, at 9.30 Frome, Tuesday, at 10

Uxbridge, Tuesday Gloucester, Tuesday

Wakefield, Tuesday, at 10 Great Driffield,• Wednesday

Wallingford, Wednesday Halifax, Tuesday, and Wednesday (J.S.), Walsall,* Thursday, at 10 at 10

Wandsworth, Monday Hanley,* Tuesday, at 9.30

Warminster, Monday, at 10 Hedon,* Monday

Warrington,* Thursday Huddersfield, Monday (Reg., Bky), at 10 Watford, Monday Hungerford, Tuesday

Wells, Tuesday, at 10 Huntingdon, Wednesday, at 10

Westbromwich,* Wednesday, at 10 Ipswich, Wednesday and Thursday, at 10 Westminster, Monday and Tuesday Keighley,* Wednesday, at 10

Weston-super-Mare, Monday, at 10 Kidderminster, Tuesday, at 9

Wimborne, Tuesday, at 10 Leeds, Monday, at 10

Winchester, Monday (Reg., Bky) and Lewes, Tuesday

Wednesday, at 11 Liverpool, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Wolverhampton,* Monday and Tuesday, and Thursday, at 10

at 10 Llandudno, Thursday

Worthing, Monday Longton,* Thursday, at 9.30

Ystrad, Tuesday. Madeley,* Wednesday, at 10

* Other sittings are specially fixed if necessary.

15 16

2 27

8 14

6 14 6 5 10 15 + 6 3 9 23 18 5 7

Poole ...



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Aberdare ...

and Stalybridge ...
Barrow-in - Furness

and Ulverston
Bury St. Edmunds...
Cockermouth and

Great Grimsby
Great Yarmouth
Guildford and God-

Hanley, Burslem,

and Tunstall
King's Lynn
Kingston, Surrey
Lewes and East-




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Portmadoc and Blae

nau Festiniog
Rochdale and Bacup
Rochester ...
St. Albans
Salisbury ...
Stockton-on-Tees &

Stoke-on-Trent and

Tunbridge Wells
West Bromwich
Wrexham and Llan-



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THE COUNTY COURT RULES. THE Cardiff Chamber of Commerce has passed the following resolutions : “ That this Chamber strongly disapproves of the proposed now County Court Rule 5, except sects. 10, 11, and 15, on the ground that it will materially interfere with the usefulness of the County Court in the recovery of debt in the following way: (1) That whilst it seriously embarrasses a creditor in taking proceedings, it confers no real benefit on the debtor ; (2) That it to a great extent takes away the well-established principle that a creditor is entitled to require payment of his debt at his own place of business ; (3) That having regard to the complicated nature of the affidavit leading to the issue of the summons, and the provision for a deposit being necessary, it will prejudicially affect the system of giving credit amongst the mercantile community ; (4) That if any alteration be necessary, it should be towards cheapening, simplifying, and expediting proceedings, as the great majority of cases are undefended, or only defended for the purpose of obtaining time for payment, whereas the proposed new rule will have the opposite effect.”

The Leicester Law Society has passed the following resolutions :

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“ That this society protest against the proposed new County Court Rales Order V. requiring from plaintiffs a long and complicated affidavit as to jurisdiction and also a deposit of money as security for defendant's costs, on the ground that such rules would impose upon creditors unfair and unnecessary restrictions on the recovery of just debts, and would not assist an impecunious defendant out of the district; and they urge that such rules should be rescinded.” “That this society desire to point out the following facts : (1) That plaintiffs in the High Court can sue a defendant for any amount in any district in England without making any affidavit, without any deposit of money as security for costs, and upon payment of a court fee of 10s., being less than half the plaint fee required in all County Court actions for recovery of £20 or upwards ; (2) That the vast majority of actions entered in the County Court against defendants residing or trading out of the district are for recovery of undisputed debts; (3) That in the year 1896, 2579 actions were entered in the Leicester County Court against defendants residing or trading out of the district, and that out of this number only ten judgments were given against plaintiffs, thus proving that the vast number of such actions entered are for recovery of undis. puted debts ; (4) That the present Order XII., r. 9, sufficiently protects defendants out of the district against unfounded actions, by requiring plaintiffs in disputed cases to deposit money as security for costs ; (5) That out of the above-mentioned 2579 actions in the Leicester County Court not a single case has occurred in which a plaintiff who has been ordered to pay defendant's costs has failed to do so. That the society respectfully suggest for the consideration of the Rule Committee that power might be given to the registrar (where the defendant resides more than twenty miles from the court) to change the venue upon the defendant filing an affidavit disclosing a defence and showing satisfactory reasons for such change of venue,"

At a meeting of the committee of the Sanderland Incorporated Law Society, held on the 6th inst., the recommendations of the sub-committee appointed to consider the County Court Rules (March) 1897 were adopted as follows: “(1) That Order V. of the New Rules be limited to actions against defendants of the classes indicated in Order V., r. 10, of the existing rules and to actions for assigned debts, leaving the issue of sum. monses in other cases to be governed by the existing rules, the interests of defendants residing out of the district being, in their opinion, sufficiently safeguarded by Order XII., r. 9. (2) That where a plaint is entered through a solicitor, an undertaking by him for costs in the form required by Order V., r. 7, on the issue of a summons on behalf of a plaintiff residing out of the jurisdiction (in lieu of the deposit proposed by the New Rules) should suffice. (3) That an allowance should be made to the plaintiff for profossional assistance in preparing the affidavit required by the New Rules.”

Gardner, the High Bailiff-then the Registrar's clerk—took his place at tbe table and made the minutes and took the records in the books of the court. He was “the recording angel ” of the court, and had discharged the duties with the most exemplary patience and the greatest fidelity. Never were minute or record books kept with greater care or with more neatness. Subsequently for something like thirty-two or thirty-three years, Mr. Gardner had occupied the post of high bailiff of the court, and with equal fidelity and equal patience he bad discharged the duties of that office. In his (Mr. Gardner's) presence it was difficult to speak withont seeming to be fulsome. The office of high bailiff was a most important one. It was not the head of the court, but the court could do nothing without the band. He was the hand to whom the judge had to confide important duties. The judge was supposed to hold the scales ; to the bigh bailiff, to a large extent, was confided the wielding of the sword. Mr. Gardner had always " done his epiriting gently,” but with that firmness which became a high bailiff. He would not have said 80 much but for a remarkable fact which had been brought to his notice. It was indeed a notable thing that during the whole half-century, from the 31st March 1847, until that day, the 31st March 1897, Mr. Gardner had never been absent from one single sitting of the court. He had been present on every occasion withont a solitary exception. This was a record which must be almost unique, and was so creditable that he (bis Honour) considered it as honour to the court. He felt tbat it was so notable that he had taken upon himself to ask that the fact should be entered in the minute book of the court. His Honour expressed the hope that Mr. Gardner might be long spared to them to discharge the duties of the office which for fifty years he had held without one single break, and had discharged them so faithfuliy, so patiently, and so well.

Mr. Whitehorn replied on bebalf of the Bar, and also took occasion to refer to Mr. Gardner's long and faithful service. Mr. Gardner responded in a few appropriate remarks.

His Honour Judge Turner, before taking his seat at the York County Court last Tuesday, referred to Mr. Richard Perkins having attained his jubilee as Registrar of the York County Court. He said Mr. Richard Perkins bad been the registrar of that court ever since its establishment fifty years ago, and he hoped he would long continne to be connected with it. He was always glad to see him there, and recollected with pleasure that he had enjoyed his friendship for the greater part of the time of his registrarship.

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A REMARKABLE RECORD. His Honour Judge Snagge held a sitting of the Banbury County Court on Wednesday, the 31st ult., and, singular to say, it was on the same day fifty years ago that the court was opened in Banbury, wbat is more remarkable is the fact that there was then present Mr. George Gardner, the much-esteemed high bailiff, who at that time was registrar's clerk ; but the surprise does not end here, for during the whole fifty years Mr. Gardner has been connected with the court he has never missed a single sitting. Probably such a record is unequalled in County Court annals. His Honour made fitting reference to the Jubilee of the court, and paid a very high-but by no means undeserved --compliment to Mr. Gardner for the ability and consideration be had shown in the discbarge of his duties both as registrar's clerk and high bailiff. Addressing the Bar, his Honour said he was sure they regarded with as much interest and satisfaction as he did the fact of the happy accident which necessitated the sitting of the court there that day, because, if he might so express it, it was a redletter day in the history of the Banbury County Court. The very first sitting of the court was held on the 31st March 1847, so that precisely fifty years ago that very day the first sitting of that court took place. The County Court system was founded upon a statute passed in 1846, and the County Courts throughout the country were opened for the despatch of business in the month of March 1847. They had now reached 1897, and - Parva componere magnis-County Courts were now celebrating their Jubilee. But they celebrated it in the most quiet and unostentatious way by simply doing their daily work. That was not the time nor the place for him to dwell upon the gradual development of the County Court system and what it had become. It had been a tentative experiment, regarded with some mistrust and some misgiving ; but it had gradually grown into a great judicial institution throughout the length and breadth of the land, one which he believed did its best to command the confidence of the public, and was doing its work in an unostentations and simple way, to the satisfaction, he hoped, of the public as well as to the suitors. If he was right in this view, that result had been brought about in a great measare not by the labours of the judges or in the success of the judges in administering justice in those courts, so much as the devotion to duty on the part of those who were the permanent officials of the courts—the permanent staff of the courts-and the advocates who practised in those courts. To them he considered the great success of the courts was due as well as the fact that the County Courts had been able to cope with the ever-increasing duties, the fresh work, and the enlarged jurisdiction which for the last fifty years had been piled upon them by what he ventured to call an ungrate Legislature. He was led those reflections by the fact that in that court there was an official who had been an officer--a valued and trusted officer-of the court during the whole of that period. Half a century ago, on the very day on which the court opened, their friend, Mr.

SOLICITORS' LIEN ON TITLE DEEDS. His Honour JUDGE BOMPAS, Q.C. delivered judgment at the Skipton County Court on Wednesday, the 31st Marcu in an equity action heard aj the previous court, in wbich the plaintiff was Francis Bendall, solicitor, Nelson, Lancs., and the defendant Margaret Lofthouse, spinster, Goosemere Heights, Hellifield, Yorks. The case raised an interesting point as to the right of a solicitor to have a lien on title deeds. The plaintiff conducted his own case, and the defendant was represented by Mr. Eastham (Messrs. Eastham, solicitors, Clitheroe). The plaintiff alleged that, about Dec. 1895, the title deeds and writings of a dwelling-house, No. 3, Granville-terrace, Barnoldswick, Yorks, the property of Martha Middleton (who subsequently became Mrs. Clark, and is referred to hereafter as sucb) came into his possession. He had then owing to him certain costs by Mrs. Clark, which were afterwards paid, but further costs subsequently became due to him from her. By an indenture of conveyance, dated the 23rd Dec. 1895, the house in question was conveyed to the defendant in fee simple. The plaintiff was instructed by the vendor to act as solicitor in the matter for both parties; the purchaser never employed him or authorised his employment. In consequence of these instructions he prepared and engrossed the indenture and registered the memorial at Wakefield, and made certain payments out of pocket. During the progress of the business, the plaintiff was informed that a private arrangement existed by which the vendor, on the completion of the purchase, should pay all the costs. The plaintiff was no party to such an arrangement, but raised no objection thereto. He believed that his costs would come out of the purchase money, but afterwards he was informed by the partier that the money had already passed, and the vendor refused to pay more tban a part of the costs under a mistaken impression that they were not due. The plaintiff acquiesed in the deed of transfer being signed, believing he had a lien on the defendant's title deeds. Payments were made by the plaintiff for registration of the deeds, of which defendant reaped the benefit. The plaintiff, upon these facts, claimed a declaration that he was entitled to have a lien on the title deeds for the costs due to him ; and further applied that he should be granted an order for enforcing the lien on the hereditaments mentioned in the title deeds, and for all proper directions as would give effect to the order of the court. For the defence it was argued that the liability to pay the plaintiff's costs was exclusively with the vendor (Mrs. Clark), and his Honour took time to mature bis judgment, wbich he now delivered as follows :

His Honour.-The cases seem to establish clearly what is hardly to be disputed, that if a solicitor does work for a client he can only establishi a lien on papers in his hands if they belong to his client and are at his client's disposal. In this case the defendant agreed with Mrs. Clark, or her agent, to purchase the property in question for a fixed sam, which was

to include all costs of transfer. The plaintiff says be was not aware of this contract, but I did not understand him to say that it was fraudulently concealed from him ; and, if not, I think he was to blame for not ascertaining what the contract was which he was to carry out. At the time this contract was made the property was in mortgage, and Mrs. Clark had no right

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HEIRS-AT-LAW AND NEXT OF KIN. CLEMENT (William George), son of George Bingle Clement, late of Rose Cottage,

Park-rd. Freemantle, Southampton, if living or if dead, his legal personai representative, and all persons claiming to be entitled to the share of the said W. G. Clement in the residuary estate of his father, to which he is entitled under his will, to come in, by June 30, and enter their claims at the chambers of Mr. Justice Kekewich. July 8, at the said chambers, at half-past twelve o'clock.

is the time appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the claims. The said W. G. Clement left England about the year 1868 for California, and has not been heard of since 1873, when he was intending to go up country, it is believed to the gold fields. It is requested that any information as to the said W. G. Clement be sent to the solicitors, Messrs. Cameron, Kemm, and Co., Gresham House, Old Broad

st, agents for Robins, Son, and Westlake, Southampton. COLVIN (Charles), otherwiso George Charles Colvin, engine fitter, eldest son of

Thomas Colvin, blacksmith, deceased, and nephew of George Colvin, grocer, Edinburgh. The said C. Colvin left London about 1871 for New York, and has since disappeared. Any one able to give information about him after 1871, please communicate with Jamieson and Donaldson, S.S.O., 16, Hanover-st, Edinburgh.

to the deeds, and no lien on them would then be obtained. In order to pay off this mortgage, Mrs. Clark asked the defendant to pay the purchase money, which she did. It seems to me that in equity she then became entitled both to the property and the deeds relating to it. At that time the debt, in respect of which the present claim is made, had not been incurred. On the 14th Nov. the plaintiff, as solicitor to Mrs. Clark, paid off the mortgage and received the deeds. He says that he did not at the time know that the purchase money had been paid. It seems to me, if that is material, that he ought to have known that the money had probably been paid for the purpose of discharging the mortgage, or at least that he had reason to inquire. On the 15th Nov. Mrs. Clark gave him a retainer to do what was necessary for the transfer of the property. He must, I think, at that time have known that the defendant had contracted to purchase the property, and was in effect its owner. He was employed to complete the transfer to the defendant, which would include handing over to her the deeds. His costs for this work are still unpaid to the extent of £4 19s. 10d., and the question I have to decide is whether the plaintiff has a lien on the deeds for the amount. I am of opinion that he has not, (1) because the deeds at the time the debt was incurred did not belong to Mrs. Clark, but to the purchaser ; and (2) because it was part of the very essence of the transfer for which he was retained to hand the deeds to the defendant, and until that was done the debt was not payable ; and when that was done he had no possession and therefore no lien. As to one half the amount of the claim, viz., £2 16s. 9d., the payments were not made or the debts incurred till after the conveyance had been signed, and the deeds had become in law, as well as in equity, the property of the defen. dant, though I do not think this is material, as an equitable interest had already passed.

His HỌNOUR, therefore, found that, though £4 198. 10d. was justly due, it was due from Mrs. Clark, and not from the defendant. As Mrs. Clark was no party to the action, there would be judgment for the defendant. Leave to appeal was given, the plaintiff stating that the point was considered of so much importance by the Burnley and District Law Society that they would probably take the case to a higher court.






by H. M. Agate, to be heard April 14, before the Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand. H. Saxelby, 7 and 8, Ironmonger-la, solicitor for the petitioner.- Petition for winding-up presented March 30, by H. Wingfield, 2, Farnan-rd, Coventry Park, Streatham, Surrey, to be heard April 14, before the Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand. Hyland and Atkins, 81, Cannon-st, solicitors for the petitioner. Notices of intention to appear on the hearing of the petitions must be signed by the person or firm, or his or their solicitor (if any), and must reach the above-named respectively not later than six

o'clock on April 13. ANGLO-FRENCH GOLD FIELDS OF AUSTRALASIA LIMITED.-Petition for winding-up to

be heard April 14, before the Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand. E. F. and H. Landon. 53, New Broad-st, solicitors for the petitioner. Notices of intention to appear on the hearing of the petition must be signed by the person or firm, or his or their solicitor (if any), and must reach the above-named not

later than six o'clock on April 13. BENDIGO CONSOLS LIMITED.--Petition for winding-up to be heard April 14, before Mr.

Justice Vaughan Williams. Robinson and Stannard, 19, Eastcheap, solicitors for the petitioners. Notices of intention to appear on the hearing of the petition must be signed by the person or firm, or his or their solicitor (if any), and must reach

the above-named not later than six o'clock on April 13. BULTFONTEIN SUN DIAMOND MINE LIMITED.-Order for continuation of voluntary

winding-up subject to the supervision of the court made by Mr. Justice Vaughan Williams on March 24. Courtenay, Croome, Son, and Finch, soļicitors to J. W. H.

Byrne, the voluntary liquidator, 9, Gracechurch-st. COLONIAL MINES ISSUING SYNDICATE LIMITED (in liquidation). -Creditors to send in,

by May 14, their names and addresses and the particulars of their claims, and the names and addresses of their solicitors (if any), to Mr. G. B. Hextall, 10, Ironmonger-la, the liquidator of the company. Sugden and Harford, 10, Iron

monger-la, solicitors for the liquidator. CHARTERLAND CONSOLIDATED LIMITED.-Petition for winding-up to be heard April 14,

before the Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand. Mackrell and Ward, 1, Walbrook, solicitors for the petitioner. Notices of intention to appear on the hearing of the petition must be signed by the person or frm, or his or their solicitor (if any), and must reach the above-named not later than six o'clock on

April 13. CASTELL AND BROWN LIMITED.-Petition for winding-up to be heard April 14, before

the Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand. H. J. Mannings, 156, Gresham House, Old Broad-st, solicitor for the petitioners. Notices of intention to appear on the hearing of the petition must be signed by the person or firm, or his or their solicitor (if any), and must reach the above-named not later than


winding-up to be heard April 14, before the Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand. Clarke and Blundell, 14, Serjeants'-inn, Fleet-st, agents for Gordon, Hunter, and Macmaster, Bradford, solicitors for the petitioner. Notices of intention to appear on the hearing of the petition must be signed by the person or firm, or his or their solicitor (if any), and must reach the above-named not later

than six o'clock on April 13. KILBURN TOWN HALL COMPANY LIMITED (in liquidation). -All persons having any

claim against the above-named company to send in, by April 22, the full particulars of their claims to Messrs. Church, Rendell, Todd, and Co., 9, Bedford-row, the

solicitors for the company and for the liquidator. MARSTON AND CO. LIMITED.-Oreditors to send in, by May 3, their names and addresses

and the particulars of their claims, and the namos and addrusses of their solicitors (if any), to Mr. J. Couse, 225, High-st, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, the

liquidator of the company. NOLTZYKOP GOLD MINES LIMITED.-Order for continuation of voluntary winding-up

subject to the supervision of the court made by Mr. Justice Vaughan Williams on March 17. Wyatt, Digby, and Co., 5 and 6, Clement's-inn, Strand, solicitors

for the petitioner. RINGSTEAD BRITANNIA CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED.-Order for continuation of

voluntary winding-up subject to the supervision of the court made by the Northamptonshire County Court holden at Northampton, also that the appoint

ment of Augustus Cufaude Palmer as liquidator be approved and adopted. WILLIAM TEGGIN AND CO. LIMITED.--Petition for winding-up to be heard April 14,

before the Court sitting at the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand. Busk and Mellor, 45, Lincoln's-inn-flds, agents for C. R. Hardman, 71, King-st, Manchester, solicitor for the petitioner. Notices of intention to appear on the hearing of the petition must be signed by the person or flrm, or his or their solicitor (if any),

and must reach the above-named not later than six o'clock on April 12. YORKSHIRE INVESTMENT AND AMERICAN MORTGAGE COMPANY LIMITED.-Petition

for winding-up, or, in the alternative, for continuing the voluntary winding-up under the supervision of the court, to be heard April 14, before Mr. Justice Vaughan Williams. Woodcock, Ryland, and Parker, 15, Bloomsbury-8q, agents for Stamford and Metcalfe, of Bradford, solicitors for the company, the petitioners. Notices of intention to appear on the hearing of the petition must be signed by the person or firm, or his or their solicitor (if any), and must reach the abovenamed Messrs. Woodcock, Ryland, and Parker, not later than six o'clock on April 13.


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PENSION FUND. The following is an additional list of subscriptions ap to the 8th April:

£ 8. d. Amount acknowledged last week

3227 11 0 Newton and Lewin, 33, Finsbury-circus, E.C.

5 5 0 E. A. Saunders, 63 and 64, New Broad-street, E.O.

1 1 0 James and James, 23, Ely-place, E.C.

2 0 R. Ford Smith. 26, Lincoln's-inn-felds, W.O.

1 1 0 W. Hopes Heelis, Hawkshead, Ambleside

1 1 0 John W. Sykes, 7 and 8, Great Winchester-street, E.C.

5 5 0 Harries, Wilkinson, and Raikes, 38, Nicholas-lane, E.C.

5 0 Hy. Morton Cotton, 4, Bream's-buildings, W.C. ...

52 10 0 Phelps, Sidgwick, and Biddle, 22, Aldermanhury, E.C.

52 10 0 Ernest Bevir, Devereux-chambers, Temple, E.C....

10 10 0 C. J. Parker, Monument-square-chambers, E.C.

1 1 0 H. Baines, Oxford

1 W. and H. J. Sheldrake. 10, Staple-inn, W.c. Phillips, Cummings, and Mason, 14, Sherborne-lane, E.C.

5 0 Geo. A. Daniel, Frome, Somerset

1 1 0 Beachcroft, Thompson, and Co., 9 and 11, Theobalds-road, w.o.

21 0

0 J. H. Belirage, 35, John-street, Bedford-row, W.C.

1 1 0 S. le Scott, 15, Queen-street, E.C.

5 5 0 John Hands, 97, Gresham-street, E.C.

2 2 0 Thos. J. Jackson, jun., 12, Fenchurch-avenue, E.C.

5 5 0 B. H. Deakin, Monmouth

1 1 0 E. F. Paul, Taunton

1 1 0 Ashley, Tee, and Sons, 7, Fredericks-place, Old Jewry, E.C.

2 2 0 E. G. Appleton, Combs, Stowmarket

2 2 0 A. M. Cope, 3, Great George-street, Westminster

3 3 0 P. T. Dickson, Creag Mhor, Aberfoyle, Perthshire

1 1 J. O. Knocker, Tonbridge

2 2 0 2. Hanbart, 20, Southampton-street, Bloomsbury W.C....

2 2 0 J. M. Johnstone (Rowcliffes, Rawle, and Co.), 1. Bedford-row, W.C.... 25 0 0 H. 0. Soutter (Durnford and Co.), 38, Parliament-street, Westminster, S.W.

0 Kendall, Price, and Francis, 61, Careg-street, Lincoln's-inn, w.o.

10 10 0 Harry Noyes, 1, The Sanctuary, Westminster, S.W.

2 2 0 B. F. Hawksley. 30, Mincing-lane, E.C. ...

5 5 0 Andrew Percival, Peterborough...

2 2 0 Deoborough, Son, and Prichard, 18, Finsbury-pavement, E.O.

5 5 1 T. F. Peacock, 12, South-square, Gray's-inn, W.C.

2 2 0 Peake, Bird, Collins, and Peake, 6, Bedford-row, W.C.

26 5 0 H. E. Lawrence, 47, Essex-street, Strand, W.C....

3 3 0 G. H. Evans, Chester

06 0 Maffey and Greenwood, 61, Gracechurch-street, E.C.

1 1 0 Sharpe, Parker, Pritchards, and Barham, 12, New-court, Carey-street, W.C. 52 10 0 Parker, Garrett, and Parker, Rectory House, Cornhill, E.C.

26 5 0 Nisbet, Daw, and isbet, 35, Lincoln's-inn-fields, W.C.

10 10 0 Janson, Cobb, Pearson, and Co., 41, Finsbury-circus, E O.

105 0 0 Fredk. Wolfe, 13, Suffolk-street. Pall Mall

26 5 0 Phillips, Son, and Vallings, 27, Nicholas-lane, E.O.

10 10 0 L. E. Rickards (Rickarde, Son, and Nightingale), 2, Crown-court, Old Broad-street, E.C. ...

3 3 0 L. A. Benbam, 25, College-hill, E.C...

2 2 0 Fredk. F. Bonney, 89, Chancery-lane, W.O..

1 1 0 Wrentmore and Son, 29 Bedford-row, W.0 ...

2 2 0 W. F. Fladgate, Craig's-court, Charing Cross.

52 10 0 Haworth and Broughton, Blackburn

2 2 0

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[blocks in formation]

£3808 16 0


LAST DAY OF PROOFS. GARRETT (William Henry), Torquay, Tasmania, Australia. Creditors in the United

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to send in, by May 17, the particulars of their claims to Mr. C. E. Darrell, solicitor, 26 and 27, Bush-la, Cannon-st. July 16; the Master (Chancery Division), Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, at one

o'clock, LOGAN (Rev. Logan), the Warren, Ascot, Berkshire, clerk in holy orders, formerly of

Lockington, near Hull, Yorkshiro, afterwards of Stockton House, Fleet, Southampton. April 29; Druces and Attlee, solicitors, 10, Billiter-eq. May 6; Mr.

Justice Romer, at one o'clock. STOKES (John), 25, St. Lawrence-rd, North Kensington, bookseller, formerly residing

at 16, Delamere-st, Westbourne-sq, and a partner in the firm of Masters and Co., carrying on business at 78, New Bond-st, as booksellers and publishers. May 6; H. J. V. Philpott, solicitor, 87, Bartholomew-close. May 13; Mr. Justice North, at hall-past twelve o'clock.

HAYNES'S STUDENT'S GUIDE TO THE PRACTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE; embracing the New Rules of Procedure, in the form of Question and Answer. Price 10g. 60.-HORACE Cox, “Law Times Office, Windsor House, Bream's-buildings, E.C.-[ADVT.]

WILDE (William), 27, Redcar-rd, East South Bank, Yorkshire, ironworker. April 28;

Harrison and Barker, solicitors, 11, Church-st, West Hartlepool. May 6; A. O. Smith, Esq., registrar of the Court of Chancery of the County Palatine of Durham, 19, Elvet-bridge, Durham, at eleven o'clock.


LAST DAY OF CLAIM AND TO WHOM PARTICULARS TO BE SENT. ALLAN (Rosa Anna), formerly of 1B, Hyde Park-mansions, afterwards of 9, Priory

Park-bldgs, Bath, Somersetshire, late of 9, Pevensey-rd, Eastbourne, Sussex, wife of Andrew Timbrell Allan, a colonel in the army on the retired list. April 30;

Simpson and Co., solicitors, 6, Moorgate-st. BEDDOES (Henry). 13, Granard-rd. Wandsworth Common, Surrey, gentleman.

May 25; J. R. Edwards, 37, Eglantine-rd, Wandsworth, Surrey. BIRCH (Sydney Charles), 29, Belsize-crescent, formerly of Hillside, Ornan-rd, both in

Hampstead, shipowners' manager. May 17; F. C. Birch, solicitor, 32, Cambridge

rd, Lee, Kent. BRARD (Ernest), 2, Hedley-villas, Beech-av, Sherwood-rise, Nottingham, lace mer

chant. Aug. 1, Green and Williams, solicitors, Eldon-chmbrs, Nottingham, BROWN (William Robert), 14, New Walk-ter, York, gentleman, formerly architect.

June 2: B. Dent, solicitor, St. Helens-sq, York. BROOKS (Thomas), Manningtree, Essex, grocer and draper. May 10; E. T. Smith,

solicitor, Colchester. BERTENSHAW (George), Droylsden, Lancashire, yeoman. April 24 ; Gartside and

Robinson, solicitors, ashton-under-Lyne. BELLAMY (Annetta Faith), formerly of Maisonette, Longfleet, Poole, late of Arlington,

Ashley-rd, Upper Parkstone, Dorsetshire, spinster. May 12; Guillaume and Sons,

solicitorg, 9, Salisbury-sq. BUDDEN (William James), Chatham, Kent, wine and spirit merchant. May 25; Prall,

Son, and Prall, solicitors, High-st. Rochester. CHAMPNESS (Henry James), St. Stephen's Restaurant, 10, Bridge-st, Westminster,

licensed victualler. May 15; Corsellis, Mossop, and Berney, solicitors, 1,

Quality-ct, Chancery-la. COCK (Francis Hearle), Tullimar, Perranarworthal, near Truro, Cornwall, gentleman.

May 15; Street, Poynder, and Whatley, 27, Lincoln's-inn-iids, agents for Hearle,

Cock, and Parkin, CLEMINSON (Eleanor), Lightburne, Ulverston, Lancashire, widow. May 12; J. Park,

solicitor, Ulverston. CHADWICK (Lydia), St. Joseph's Almhouses, Cadogan-st, Chelsea, spinster. April 30 ;

F. S. Randolph, solicitor, 3, Old Serjeants-inn. COOTE (Charles John), Mount Coote, Limerick, Ireland, and of 9, Marlborough

bldgs, Bath. May 7; Walters, Deverell, and Co., solicitors, 9, New-sq, Lincoln's

inn. CARRINGTON (William Mason), 5, Penrose-villas, Mannamead, near Plymouth, Devon

hire. May 11; T. H. Gill, solicitor, 3, St Aubyn-st, Devonport. COLEMAN (Mary Ann), 2, Broughton-rd, Ealing, widow. May 10; Radcliffe, Cator,

and Hood, solicitore, 20, Craven-st, Charing Cross. CASEY (Edward), Basing Lodge, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, gentleman, solicitor.

April 30; Wing and Eade, solicitors, 1, Gray’s-inn-sq. CLIFT (Sarah), Rhyl, North Wales, fruiterer. May 17; J. T. Cartane, solicitor,

Wellington. Shropshire. COLLINS (Samuel), 17, Shaw-rd, Oldham, formerly of Fleetwood, both in Lancashire,

hatter. April 20; E. Taylor, solicitor, 40, Clegg-st. Oldham. DAVIES (Howell), Willow Bank, Kiffig, Carmarthenshire, gentleman. May 8; A. H.

Lascelles, solicitor. Narberth, Pembrokeshire. DORE (John Read), Huddersfield, Yorkshire, chemist. May 14; Laycock, Dyson, and

Laycock, solicitors, Huddersfield. DURLEY (Charles), 63, Whittington-rd, Bowes Park. May 7; A. W. Bartlett, solicitor,

18, New Bridge-st. DAVIES (Henri Williams), Brynteg, Alexandra-rd, Brecon, and of 8, Lion-st, Brecon,

surveyor. June 5; Rowo and Wilkie, solicitors, Wool Exchange, Basing

hall-st. ELLIOTT (Edward), 31, Fordwych-rd. Brondesbury, and of 30, High-st, Hampstead,

corn and provision merchant. May 18; Hatchett, Jones, and Co., solicitors, 47,

Mark-la. EDMONDSON (Harriet), Wesley Cottage, Quernmore, near Lancaster, April 15; J. T.

Sanderson, solicitor, 67, Churco-st, Lancaster. ENRIQUEZ (Isaac d'Abram), Smyrna, Ottoman Empire, merchant. April 30; Alsop,

Stevens, Harvey, and Crooks, solicitors, 14, Castle-st, Liverpool. EDWARDS Rev. William alter), St. Olave's Rectory, Southwark, clerk in holy

orders. June 1; F. Richardson and Sadler, solicitors, 28, Golden-sq. FRANKLAND (William), 137, Whitworth-rd, Rochdale, formerly of Lang Wood,

Rawtenstall, both in Lancashire, farmer. May 5; Whitaker and Hibbert,

solicitors, Pleasant-st, Haslingden. FARNWORTH (William), Manor House, Sedgley, Staffordshire, gentleman. April 24;

H, Jones, solicitor, Wolverhampton. FOSTER (Robert), Bridge House, Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire, gentleman.

April 30 ; Shackles and Dunkerly, solicitors, 7, Land of Green Ginger, Hull. FODEN (Alice), Edge Hill, Stone, Staffordshire, widow. May 31 ; S. Sandeman,

solicitor, Accrington GRUNDY (George), 66, Welbourne-rd, Tottenham, and of Stratford Market, Essex,

and the Borough Market, London, formerly of Misterton, potato salesman.

May 24; A. Blott, solicitor, 39, Broadway, Stratford. GRAVELET (Jean Francois). commonly called Blondin, Niagara House, Little Ealing,

artist acrobat. April 24; H. Levy, solicitor, Granville House, 3, Arundel-et,

Strand. GRIFFITAS (Benjamin), Bell-st, Brierley Bill, Staffordshire, miner, formerly of

Netherton, near Dudley, Worcestershire. April 14; A, G. Hooper, solicitor, 1,

Priory-st, Dudley, GOUGH (Marion Frances), Weston-super-Mare, Somersetshire, spinster. May 1;

W. Smith and Sons, solicitors, Weston-super-Mare. HUTHER (Ellen), Edinburgh-rd, Liverpool, Lancashire, widow. April 30 ; E. Berry,

solicitor, 62, Dalo-st, Liverpool. HEDGES (John), Temple Cowley, Oxfordshire, builder. May 3; H. F. Galpin,

solicitor 4, George-st, Oxford. HALL (Thomas), 2, Raymond-bldgs, Gray’s-inn, formerly of Barnard's-inn, Holborn.

June 1 ; Hunters and Haynes, solicitors, 9, New-8q, Lincoln's-inn. HUDSON (George), Wingham, Kent, plumber and painter. May l; Mowll and Mowll,

solicitors, Dover. HORSMAN (William), Coundon Gate, Durham, yeoman, April 14; J. T. Proud,

solicitor, Bishop Auckland. HARTWELL (George), 28, Chapman-st, Hulme, Manchester, Lancashire, agent and toy

dealer. June 1; G. Rideal, solicitor, 12, Brazennose-st, Manchester, JONES (Rt. Rev William Basil). Abergwili Palace, Carmarthenshire, D.D., Bishop of

St. David's. May 21 ; Francis and Johnson, solicitors, 26, Austin Friars. KENNY (Patrick), Dublin, Ireland, solicitor. May 31; F. S. Randolph, solicitor, 3,

Old Serjeants'-inn. KENSINGTON (Rt. Hon. William, Lord), 69, Grosvenor-st, London, and of St. Bride's,

Haverford west, Pembrokeshire. May 14; Tatham and Procter, solicitors, 36,

Lincoln's inn-fide. LEYLAND (Arthur Ernest), Cleveland House, Aintree, Lancashire, teamowner.

May 13; Ayrton, Radcliffe, and Wright, solicitors, 9, Cook-st, Liverpool. LANE (Annie Emilie, otherwise Annie Anne Emilie), 21, Queen's-gate-pl, South

Kensington, widow. May 15; Busk and Mellor, solicitors, 45, Lincoln's-inn-tlds. LAMPLOUGH (John), Sherburn, East Riding of Yorkshire, farmer. May 15; S. Ridge,

solicitor, Malton, Yorkshire. LACEY (Edward), 14, Furlong-rd, formerly 14, Albion-rd, Holloway, May 8; E. Higgs,

solicitor, 1, Broad-st-bldge, Liverpool-st. MIDDLEHURST (John), Birchley Hall, Billinge, Lancashire, farmer. May 1; Barrow

and Cook, solicitors, St. Heleny. MAYE (Rev. Henry Stanton), the Vicarage, Holly-rd, Fairfield, Liverpool, clerk in holy

orders. May 2; Jones, Paterson, and Co., solicitors, 11, Dale-st, Liverpool.

MULLINS (Louisa), 85, the Dane, Margate, Kent, spinster. May 7; W. Hills, solicitor,

19, Cecil-sq, Margate, Kent. MURRAY (William Vaughan), Clarence-chmbrs, Marylebone-rd, and of the Royal

London Yacht Club, Savile-row, gentleinan. May 10; H. G. S. Williams, solicitor,

5, Spring-grdns. MILLWARD (Sarah), formerly of 23, Holdford-drive, Perry Barr, Staffordshire, late of

47, Chattaway-st, Nechells, Birmingham, widow. May 15; Jeffrey, Parr, and

Hasell, solicitors, 77, Colmore-row, Birmingham. NORTH (Mary), Bassett House, Percy-st, Oxford, widow. May 3; H. F. Galpin,

solicitor, 4, George-st. Oxford. Norris (Elizabeth), Danebury House, Kew Green, Surrey, widow, May 1; Keeping

and Gloag, solicitors, 26, Lombard-st. NAYLOR (William), the Struggling Man, Shavers End, Dudley, Worcestershire,

licensed victualler. April 14; A. G. Hooper, solicitor, 1, Priory-st, Dudley. NAISH (Ellen Augusta), 22, Ranelagh-rd, Winchester, widow. April 14; Clarke and

Harris, solicitors, Jewry-chmbrs, Winchester. QATLEY (Sarah), 76, Brompton-rd, widow. April 30; W. L. Walter, solicitor 46,

Chancery-la. ORLEY (William), Beer, Deronsbire. May 8; F. E. Yapp, solicitor. Seaton, Deven. Platt (James), Junction Delph, West Riding of Yorkshire, shopkeeper. April 24;

Gartside and Robinson, solicitors, Ashton-under-Lyne PURRIER (Vincent John), Essex House, The Mall, Chiswick, and of 2, Circus-pl,

solicitor. May 14; Patersons, Snow, Bloxam, and Kinder, solicitors, 25, Lin

coln's-inn-flds. PACKER (Ellen Jane), New Buckenham, Norfolk, spinster. May 1; Stevens, Miller,

and Jones, solicitors, Bank-chmbrs, Norwich. PEATE (George Thompson), 491, Stretford-rd, Old Trafford, near Manchester, Lanca

shire. April 29; L. R. and G. Entwisle, solicitors, 1, Police-st, Manchester. PHELPS (Mary), wife of William Phelps, Royal Well-pl, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

May l; Winterbothams and Gurney, solicitors, Cheltenbam. PARKER (Mary), 168, Burnley-rd, Accrington, Lancashire, widow. May 8; R. K.

Whitaker, solicitor, 8, St. James-st, Accrington. PEACOCK (Susannah), North-st. and East-parade, Goole, Yorkshire, widow, wine and

spirit merchant May 1; Everatt and Silvester, solicitors, Victoria-st, Goole. RATCLIFFE (Edward), formerly of Hawarden, Flintshire, engineer. April 15; G. H.

Simon, solicitor, Church-la, Mold. RYCROFT (Capt. Charles Michael Richard). Kempshot Park, Southampton, a captain

in Her Majesty's 1st Battalion Somersetshire Light Infantry. May ö; Kendall,

Price, and Francis, solicitors, 61, Carey-st, Lincoln-inn, ROXBURGH (Arabella), 15, Daniel-st, Bath, widow. May 10; A. J. King, solicitor, 13,

Queen-8g, Bath. Rasch (Henrietta Annie), 1, Queen's-parade, Bath, widow of the late Major F. C. L.

Rasch. May 8; J. G. Scott, solicitor, 325, High Holborn. Re LOYAL PROSPERITY LODGE. Peel's Arms, Accrington. April 14; Haworth and

Broughton, solicitors, 5, Union-st, Accrington. SYMONS (William Philip), formerly of UfTculme, Devonshire, late of Henlade.

Ruishton, Somersetshire, gentleman, May 12; J. Ruscombe, Poole, and Son,

solicitors, Bridgwater. SPENCER (John Edwin), 9, Park-pl, Halifax, Yorkshire, stationer. May 7; Sutcliffes,

solicitors, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire. SIDEBOTTOM (Samuel), Hollincross-la, Glossop, Derbyshire, farmer; or his widow,

SIDEBOTTOM (Ann), 3, Hadfield-pl, Glossop. May 6; C. Davis, solicitor, 6,

Market-st, Glossop. SMITH (George Hallen), Chad Valley, Edgbaston, Birmingham, gentleman. May 5;

E. Docker, solicitor, 10, Newhall-st, Birmingham. SEYMOUR (Rev. Charles Frederic), Crowood, Wiltshire, who lately resided at Stratford

House, West Hill, Putney, clerk in holy orders. May 20; Collyer-Bristow,

Russell, Hill, and Co., solicitors, 4, Bedford-row. Scorson (Thomas), Knotty Ash, near Liverpool, team owner. May 1; Tyrer, Kenion,

Tyror, and Simpson, solicitors, 14, North John-st, Liverpool. ST. QUINTIN (Jane Hannah), formerly of the Alexandra Hotel, Hyde Park Corner,

afterwards of Lion-mansions, Brighton, Sussex, late of the Queen's Hotel, Hastings, Sussex, wife of W. B. St. Quintin, Esq. May 17 ; Rhodes and Son,

solicitors, Skinners' Hall, Dowgate-bill. SIMPSON (James), 33, Wicker, and of 164, Ellesmere-rd, Sheffield, Yorkshire, giocer.

May 3; J. Craven, solicitor, 34, Winckley-sq, Preston, Lancashire. SC Dall (Robert), 62, Lord-st, Oswaldtwistie, Lancashire, plumber. May 8; A. E.

Britcliffe, solicitor 2, Eagle-st, Accrington. SPENCER (Robert William), Queen’s-rd, Liverpool, Lancashire. May 14; A. J.

Mackay, solicitor, 44, Castle-st, Liverpool. SMITH (Thomas), 11, St. Nicholas-st, Coventry, Warwickshire, gentleman. April 26 ;

Kirby and Sons, solicitors, 16, Little Park-st, Coventry. SHEARWOOD (Eleanor Anne)7. Dafforne-rd, Upper Tooting, Surrey, widow,

formerly of Uplands, Belvedere-rd, Upper Norwood. May 12 ; Langhams,

solicitors, 10, Bartlett's-bldge, Holborn-circus. SHARP (Thomas). Plough and Harrow public-house, King-st, Hammersmith, licensed

victualler. May 3; Oswald, Anson, and Co., solicitors, 21 and 22, Walbrook. SQUIRRELL (Manning Prentice), Park-la, Heigham, Norwich, merchant. Jay 1;

Stevens, Miller, and Jones, solicitors, Bank-chmbrs, Norwich. STUART (Louisa Gambier), Hoburne Lodge, Christchurch, Southampton, widow.

May 1 ; Hores, Pattisson, and Bathurst, solicitors, 52, Lincoln's-inn-tids. SAMS (Sophia Elizabeth), Myross, Landeman-circus, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

shire, widow. May 5; F. Sturge, solicitor, Foster's-chmbrs, 17, Small-st,

Bristol. SPENCER (William Arthur), 36, Market-st. Hindley, Lancashire, jeweller. May 3;

E. C. Marland, solicitor, 7, Queen-st, Oldham. STIEBEL (Hon. George), C. M. G., Devon House, St. Andrew, Jamaica, West Indies.

May 31 ; Druces and Attlee, solicitors. 10, Billiter-sq. SHAPLEIGH (Clara), formerly of 42. Pulteney-st, Bath, late of Almeria, Cleredon,

Somersetshire, spinster. May 3; King, Wigg, and Co., solicitors, 11, Queen

Victoria-st. TATTERSALL (William), Quarry Bank, Blackburn, Lancashire, and of St. Anthony's,

Milnthorpe, Westinorland, gentleman, trading as a common brewer under the style of Dutton and Co., at Blackburn.' June 1; C. Costeker, solicitor, 4, Church

st, Darwen. TURNE!! (Frances), Dronfield, Derbyshire, widow. May 17; Lucas and Cockayne,

solicitors, Church-st-chrbrs, Sheffield. TAYLOR (William), Woodhead-rd, Sheffield, Yorkshire. April 30; C. A. Bartlett,

solicitor, 47, Bank-st, Sheffield. TUPPER (Frances Elizabeth), the Library, St. George's-parade, Herne Bay, Kent,

widow. April 30 ; H. C. Jones, solicitor, 18, High-st, Ilerne Bay. THORNTON (Ann), 25, Warnborough-rd, Oxford, widow.

May 3; H. F. Galpin, solicitor, 4, George-st, Oxford. TUGWOOD (Mary Jane), 111, Richmond-rd, Dalston.

May 10; Burt and Haviland, solicitors, 85, Bargates, Christchurch. WASSELL (Susannah), 18, Pelham-pl, South Kensington, widow. May 17; R. Carter,

solicitor, 57, Basinghall-st. WEBBER (Martha), 10, Cannon-pl, Brighton, Sussex, widow. May 16; Ley, Lake,

and Ley, solicitors, 61, Carey-st, Lincoln's-inn. Withers (William John), Prince's Cottage, Victoria-st, Clifton, Bristol. April 24;

M. T. Withers, one of the executors, Prince's Cottage, Victoria-st, Clifton. WISEMAN (John), The Poplars, Dee Banks, near Chester, and of the Cestrian and

Albion Corn Mills, Chester, corn miller. ' May 2; Bridgman and Wearer, solicitors, Westminster-bldgs,

Newgate-st. Chester. WOODBURNE (Myles). Kirklands, Ulverston, Lancashire, gentleman. May 12; J.

Park, solicitor, Úlverston. WALKER (Thomas), Middlebam, North Riding of Yorkshire, farmer. May 1; II.

Maughan, solicitor, the Castle Hill, Middleham, R S.O., Yorkshire. WILLIAMS (Thomas Henry), Scrace's Barming, near Maidstone, Kent, gentleman. May 25: Thompson and Groom, solicitors, 3, Raymond-bldg. Gray's-inn.

Baronet, Hill, Northenden, Cheshire, and of Mount Felix, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. May 3; Ince, Colt, and Ince, solicitors, St. Benet-chmbrs, Fenchurch-st.

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