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Abandonment of easements, 504
Expensive procedure, 574

Poisoning by medical prescription, 28
Abstract of title, how to peruse, 504
Fixtures, the right to, 215

Position of Anglo-French companies, 335
Acknowledgments of statute-barred debts, 240 Foreign policy and Parliamentary control, 455 Position of licensees, 359
Acknowledgments of title to land, 78

Forrest Fulton, Sir, and the Hampstead constable, Powers of distress, 151
Air, the right to, 433

239, 262, 287

Preferential payments in Bankruptcy Bill, 432
Alimony pendente lite, 240
Free pardon, a, 435

Prerogative of pardon, 311
Alimony, permanent, 526
Growth of the “ Hedge ” lawyer, 265

Public Health Acts Amendment Act 1890, s. 19,
American neutrality and Cuba, 264
Hotchpot, 503

Anglo-French companies, the position of, 335 House of Commons, the, and the Bench, 311 Reference to character of goods, 76
Appeals from County Courts under statutes How to peruse an abstract of title, 504

Registration of title to land, 174
giving them a special jurisdiction, 174
How to reform the Inns of Court, 150

Replacing bankrupt trustees, 408
Assignments between husbands and wives, 151 Husband's liability for wife's debts, 574

Restraint on alienation, 54
Attornment clauses in mortgage deeds, 385 Implication of interests, 432

Revocation of agent's authority, 55
Bankruptcy of married women, 77

Infringement of copyright by reviews, 264 Ridleyism : or the new judge, 572
Bankrupt trustees, replacing, 408
Inns of Court, the, how to reform, 150

Right to air, 433
Barristers' names, on, 127
Interest in lieu of notice, 335

Right to fixtures, 215
Bemuddled legislation, 80
International arbitration, 312

Ring, the, and the bookmaker, 457
Bench, the, and the Bar, 383
Irrevocable voluntary settlements, 288

Sale of a solicitor's practice, 384
Bill of sale, transfer of, 102
Jubilee of the County Courts, 455, 480

Sale of Goods Act 1893, s. 18, r. 4, 289
Briefs and the House of Commons, 455
Judge-made monopolies,

Sequestration, 458
Canada, constitutional law in, 482
Judicial trustee rules, 548

Servants of the Crown, 287
Charging orders and attachment of debts as Kleptomania, 28

Solicitors and witnesses' expenses, 216
against a trustee in bankruptcy, the effect of, Leases by tenants for life, 288

Solicitor's costs- & warning, 526
Legacy, vesting of a, 77

Some recent points on solicitors' costs, 150
City judges and the Hampstead constable, 287 Legal radical, the, 173

Stamps on agreements, 240
Calcutta judgeships, 3
Lender or partner ? 335

Statute - barred debts, acknowledgments of,
Codification-Code civil Portugais, 573
Liability for breaches of trust, 526

Constitutional law in Canada, 482

Liability of solicitors for lost trust funds, 173 Testamentary gifts to execators, 174
Contracts, underwriting, 29
Licensees, the position of, 359

The wearing of the”-gown, 125
County Court rules, the new, 430, 458

Married women's reversionary interests, 550 Title to land, acknowledgments of, 78
County Court system, the, 505, 527
Medicine and the Law, 101

Title to land, registration of, 174
Covenant to pay rates and taxes, 409
Mortgages of uncalled capital, 126

Transfer of bill of sale, 102
Cross-examination, 239
Mortgages : payment off, 313

Treasury, the, and Scottish prosecutions, 125
Danger of voluntary conveyances, 481
New County Court Rules, 430, 458

Trustees for the purposes of the Settled Land
Discretionary powers, 198

Notes on the liability of railway companies in Acts, 4
Discretion of County Court judges to grant relation to passengers’ luggage and such articles Twenty years hence; or, the legal Rip van
summonses out of their district, 360
as bicycles, 79

Winkle, 359
Divorce Court jurisdiction and practice, 549 On barristers' names, 127

Underwriting contracts, 29
Easements, abandonment of, 504
“One-man companies,” 53

Vesting of a legacy, 77
“Edinburgh Review,” the, and the Queen's Bench Pacific bluckade, 178

Voluntary conveyances, a danger of, 481
Division, 264
Payment into Court, 384

Warrants of execution issued by County Courts,
Estate duty on released life interests, 407 Payment into Court “ without prejudice," 289
Et cetera,” 126


What a block on the Bench means, 53, 76
Extension of patents to assignees, 216
Permanent alimony, 526

Wills of foreigners, 198

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[blocks in formation]

Forensic amenities, 244
Government by lawyers, 341
Historic collisions between Bench and Bar,

Irish Bench and Bar, anecdotes of the, 319
Irish judge, an illustrious, 340
Irish judicial humourist, an, 38
Lawyers and their critics, 204
Persian conveyance, a, 110
Shakespeare at the Middle Temple, 365
Sir Thomas More, 184
Stories from the Law Reports :-
The story of the beautiful girl who was hated

by her father, 13
The story of two thieves, 9

The story of the coach which did not upset,

The story of the lucky chimney-sweeper's boy,

The story of the scandalous words which nearly

prevented a marriage, 109
The story of the loyal soldier who tried to shoot

his king, 133
The story of the young lady who was tricked

into a marriage, 159
The story of the blazing squib, 204
The story of the woman whose dying words

helped to hang her husband, 271
The story of the bargain which was made in a

hurricane at sea, 295

The story of the house which was pulled down

while the people were in it, 365
The story of the secret wedding of a royal

prince at Rome, 390
The story of the four women who were led to

the altar by one man, 410
The story of a ride for life and death, 488
The story of one of the world's greatest

teachers, whom a learned Lord Chancellor
considered unfit to teach his own children,

The story of the Nottingham election in the

year 1802, 533
The story of the murderer who confessed his.

crime to the chaplain of the gaol, 580


American holding property in England, 117, 142 Fishery, 254

Married women mortgagees of freeholds, 328,
Bills of Exchange Act, 165

Forgery or obtaining money by false pretences, 424, 446, 172
Building society-Income tax, 210


Mortgage register, 44
Charitable uses, 416
Intestate and next of kin, 424, 416

Practice-County Court, 91
Colonial partnership, 91
Landlord and tenant, 44

Roman law and constitutional history, 210
Combined receipt and cheque, 70, 91, 117, 142 Law of Distress Amendment Act, 519

Sporting rates, 21
Company--Foreign shareholder, 70
Legacies, 519

Stamp, 351, 401
Company-Transfer of shares-Bankruptcy, 254, Licensing law, 280

Succession duty-Who pays, 44, 70

Marriage of divorced

before decree Tasmania, 328
Covenant, 519, 540

absolute, 41, 70

Title deeds, right to custody of, 401
Divorce-Name of woman, 21
Marriage settlement-Policy of

Uncrossed cheques-Not negotiable, 21
Fire policy-Indorsements, 117

Trustees, 69, 91

Undischarged bankrupt, 328






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Administration-Colonial assets-Colonial duties charging order-Act of bankruptcy prior to Taking copies of addresses of persons on

- Pecur.iary and residuary legatees—Costs of charging order-Title of trustee in bankruptcy register (Nelson 2. The Anglo-American Land,
Realisation (Re Maurice ; Brown v. Maurice), to the funds in Court-Partnership Act, 1890 Mortgage, and Agency Company Limited), 132

(Wild v. Southwood), 63

Company-Contributory--Certificate that shares
Creditor-Liberty to sign final judgment-- Bankraptcy-Refusal to make receiving order- are fully paid-up-Estoppel (Bloomentbal v.
Judgment creditor-Priority (Re Gurney; Clif. Costs likely to absorb the assets-Bankruptcy Ford), 386
ford r. Gurney), 62
Act, 1883 (Re Jubb ; Ex parte Barman), 532

Debenture-Floating security - Protection
Insolvent estate - Speciality and simple Revocable mandate-Fraudulent preference of security-Receiver-Manager (Re Victoria
contract debt-Simple contract crown debt- -Conveyance of real estate and deposit of Steamboats Limited ; Smith v. Wilkingun), 62
Priority---Executor's retainer-Hinde Palmer's shares to repair breaches of trust-Bankruptcy Debenture-holder's action-Uncalled capital
Act 1869 (Re Bentinck; Bentinck v. Bentinck), Act, 1883 (the trustees of New, Prance, and -Certificate-Shareholder-Liability in action
Gerrard v. Hunting and otbers), 439

- Practice (Madeley 1. Ross, Sleeman and Co.
Intestacy-Next of kin abroad-Business in Sale to partner of a member of the com- Limited), 364
England--Difficulty in communicating with mittee of inspection (Re Gallard; Ex parte Debentures--Floating security-Mortgage
next of kin-Probate Act 1859, 8. 73—“ Special Gallard r. Stretton), 532

of assets (Government Stock Investment Com-
circumstances "-Grant ad interim to stranger Settlement of damages awarded in Divorce pany v. Manila Railway Company and others),
(In the goods of Francisco Suarez (deceased), Court-Settlement approved by the Court –

Interest, to settlor determinable on bankruptcy

Directors-Misfeasance or breach of trust
Administrator and receiver pendente lite-Pro- -Intention to defeat creditors-Matrimonial - No damage to shareholders clused thereby-

bate Act 1857 – Suit in chancery against Causes Act, 1857 (Ex parte Stephenson; Companies (Winding-up) Act 1890 (Re The New
administrator-Creditor of testator's estate- Brown v. Stephenson), 533

Travellers’ Chambers Limited), 316
Motion by administrator to restrain chancery Solicitor's lien on property recovered – General meeting-Declaration of dividend
proceedings-Judicature Act 1873 (In the goods Charging order-Jurisdiction of bankruptcy - Power to declare at extraordinary meeting
of James Toleman, deceased), 510

judge to make-Of registrar-Solicitors Act (Nicholson v. Rhodesia Trading Company
Administrators-Injury committed by deceased 1860 (Wood; Ex parte Fanshaw, 63

Limited), 339
--Continuing injury (Jenks o. Viscount Clifden), Voluntary settlement-Extent of avoidance General meeting of members-Special reso.

-Bankruptcy Act 1883 (Re Sims; Ex parte lution — Voting-Show of hands – Proxies —
Admiralty-Collision-Arrest and sale of ship Sheffield and Prince), 133

Mode of counting votes (Ernest v. The Loma
abroad - Proceeds-Limitation action in Eng. Betting-Payment of bets in public-house--Bets Gold Mines Limited-No. 2), 11, 35
land-Right to prove-Life claimants-Interest made elsewhere—“Using house for purpose of Liquidation-Dabentures-Charge on all
(The Craithie and Elbe), 580

betting with persons resorting thereto the company's property present and future-
Practice — Collision - Guarantee abroad- Betting Act 1853 (Bradford v. Dawson and Calls got in during liquidation (Re Streatham
Arrest in England (The Mannheim), 86
Parkes), 182

and General Estates Company Limited), 85
Arbitration-Submission-Contract of service, Bill of sale-Chattels specifically described

Liquidation-Proceedings in foreign court
Wrongful dismissal-Stay of action-Arbitra- Exceptions-Plant brought on premises in - Judgment in rem-Companies Act 1862 (The
tion Act 1889 (Renshaw v. The Queen Anne substitution for plant specifically described- Minna Craig Steamship Company Limited, and
Residential Mansions and Hotel Company),

Meaning of plant”-Horses-Bills of Sale James Laing 1. Chartered Mercantile Bank of
Act 1882 (Re Squire and Creasy), 339

India), 37
Assignment of debt-Absolute assignment in Mining lease-Distress extending to cbat- - Liquidation--Property situate abroad-Pro-

writing-Right of assignee to sue-Assignment tels on premises other than those demised ceedings in foreign court-Judgment in rem-

to agent to collect (Weisener v. Rackow), 577 by lease (Re The Roundwood Colliery Com. Sale of ship by order of foreign court-Right to
Author and poblisher-Publishing agreement- pany; Lee v. The Roundwood Colliery Com. retain proceeds against liquidator (The Minna
Assignability - Company - Receiver - Unsold pany), 108, 316

Craig Steamship Company 1. The Chartered
copies of books-Injunction (Griffith v. The Statutory form - Attesting witness-Omis. Mercantile Bank of India, London, and China),
Tower Publishing Company), 11

sion to state description-Bills of Sale Act 337
Banker-Crossed cheque-Forged indorsement- 1878-Bills of Sale Act 1878 Amendment Act Memorandum of association-Articles of
Collection for customer-Customer's account 1882 (Sims v. Trollope and Sons), 84

association--No provision for priority of shares
overdrawn--Protection to banker-Bills of Validity-Registration-Defeasance-Mort. - Alteration of articles—Issue of preference
Excbange Act 1882 (Clarke v. London and gage contemporaneous with bill of sale-Bills sbares—Validity-The Companies “Act 1862
County Bank), 510

of Sale Act 1878 (Ellis v. Wright and others), (Andrews v. Gas Meter Company), 338
Crossed cheque - Forged indorsement 529

Private company

One-man company
Foreign bank with branch in England Brawling – Vicar of parish-Riotons, violent, Winding-up-Indemnity (Saloman v. Saloman
Liability to true owner-Bills of Exchange Act and indecent behaviour in parish churchyard- and Co. Limited), 59
1882 (Lacave and Co. v. The Credit Lyonnais), Claim of right (Valleney v. Fletcher), 269

Shareholder--Misrepresentation, Rectifica.

Building contract-Power to building owner to tion-Payment --Adoption of contract-Delay
Bankruptoy-Banker and customer-Declaration order extra works-Clause as to penalties for (Re The Dunlop-Truffault Cycle and Tube

that customer's account belonged to debtor- delay in completion of works Waiver of Manufacturing Company Limited ; Sherman's
Payment of cheques after receiving order penalties by ordering extras (Dodd v. Chur. case), 62
before declaration-Res judicata (Re Monoagne;
ton), 484

Shares — Underwriting letter - Contract-
Ex parte Ward v. The London and South: Barial Acts-New burial ground-Addition to Offer and acceptance-No communication of
Western Bank), 487

old burial ground-Consecration of part (Reg. acceptance-Estoppel (Re The Consort Deep
Bankruptcy notice-Service-Partnership v. Basingstoke Burial Board), 12

Level Gold Mines Limited ; Ex parte Stark), 438
firm-Service on receiver and manager ap- Charity Commission Scbeme made under Underwriting letter-Application for shares
pointed by court (Re Flowers and Co. ; Ex parte Endowed Schools Acts-Scheme for Christ's on behalf of underwriter-Condition precedent
Ware and Co.), 10
Hospital Recommendation of

-Invalid allotment of shares-Rectification of
Bankrupt in receipt of half-pay or pension- almoner-Mandamus (Reg. v. The Charity Com- register-Companies Act 1862 (Re The Bal.
Order of Court for payment to trustee (Re missioners), 269

fontein San Diamond Mine Limited; Ex parte
Ward ; Er parte Ward), 292

Charity - Impure personalty – Mortmain and Cox Hughes), 268
Beneficed clergyman -- Sequestration of Charitable Uses Act 1891-Birmingham Cor. Voluntary liquidation - Contributories
income of benefice-Discharge of bankrupt- poration Stock-Metropolitan Board of Works Transfers of shares with eanction of liquidator
Continuance of sequestration (Lawrence v. Consolidated Stock (Re Crossley ; Birrell v. -Change of status-Liability of transferees-
Adams), 11
Greenbow), 578

Companies Act 1862 (Re The National Bank of
Composition with creditors – Default Cheque-Legal tender-Solicitor-Agent (Blum- Wales Limited ; Ex parte Taylor, Phillips, and
Determination of deed-Right of creditors to berg v. The Life Interest and Reversionary Rickhards), 316
prove in the subsequent bankruptcy of the Securities Company), 154

Company (Winding-up)-Adjustment of rights of
debtor--Statute of limitations (Re Stock ; · Negotiable instrument-Fictitious or Non. contributories inter se-Shares issued at a dis-
Er parte Amos), 133

existing person-Bonâ fide holder (Clutton and count (Welson v. Saffery), 552
Contract to let out goods to hire and to keep Co. v. Attenborougb), 153

Advertisement of petition Omission in
in repair for a fixed period-Mortgage of future Colonial Court - English company · Dividend practice-Companies winding-up rules (April)
payments under the contract-Bankruptcy of duty on Preference stock-Incidence of duty 1892 (Re Hille India rubber Company Limited),
Mortgagor-Validity of mortgage as againsi on different classes of stockholders (Spiller i. 293
trustee in bankruptcy-Bankruptcy Act, 1883 Turner), 554

Creditor's petition-Opposition by majority
(Wilmot v. Alton and others), 84

Commons-Highway authority–Right to take of other creditorg-No available assets-Discre.
Forfeiture-Domicil (Re Hayward; Hay- gravel from common-Jurisdiction of jastices tion of the Court (Re The International Com-
ward r. Hayward), 531

to refuse order-Commons Act 1876 (The Con. mercial Company Limited), 268
Fraudulent preference Accommodation servators of Hay • Common, apps.,

v, The

Creditor's petition- Right of creditor to a
acceptance-Payment by drawer to relieve Bromley Rural District Council, resps.), 182 winding-up order Ex debito justitiæ-Private
acceptur-Acceptor a “creditor" (Re Paine; Company-Application by shareholders to the company- Debentures covering all assets-
E« parte Read and Barnard), 12

Board of Trade-Examination of affairs of Companies (Winding-up), Act 1890 (Re The
Petition – Receiving order -- No assets - company-Inspector appointed by Board of London Health Electrical Institute Limited),
Debtor an undischarged bankrupt-Discretion Trade-Prohibition--The Companies Act 1862 132, 363
of Court (Re Betts ; Ex parte Betts), 59

(25 & 26 Vict. c. 89), ss. 56 (Re The Grosvenor Issue of paid-up shares-Registered contract
Practice-Receiving order granted on appeal and West End Railway Terminus Hotel Com- -Consideration-Misfeasance-Contributories
Date of (Re Raatz; Ex parte Carlhian), 532 pany Limited), 484

-Alternative relief-Practice (Re E. J. Wragg
Protected transaction-Judgment creditor Articles of association-Alteration of articles Limited), 108, 435
--Charging order on debtor's interest in a -Redaction of capital-Alteration of voting Just and equitable cause for
partnership property-Election by other power (Re James Colmer Limited), 438

Substratum of business gone · Fraudulent
partners to redeem Order for the other Companies Clauses Act 1863-Inspection of purpose--- Companies Act 1862 (Re Thomas
partners to pay into Court the amount of the

register of company – Debenture-holder Edward Brinsmead and Sons Limited), 132, 337




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Company (Winding-0p)-Misfeasanca of officers ment from petitioner until after marriage- | Income tax-Yearly interest--Profits and gains-

Auditors - Chartered accountants casually Simmons by petitioner for directions as to Interest received by building society on mort-
employed by directors--Appointment of audi- notice to Queen's Proctor-Notice to be given gages (Leed’s Permanent Benefit Building
tors of compiny under articles of association to Queen's Proctor before setting down (M. v. Society v. Mallandaine), 578
Companies (Winding-up) Act 1890 (Re The M., otherwise A.), 391

Infant-Guardian ad litem --Bankrupt-Removal
Western Counties Steam Bakeries and Milling Easement Light Obstruction Express or -Costs (Re Thomson ; Thomson i. Thomson),
Company Limited), 317, 462

implied grant - Building land — Intervening 486
Practice -Costs -Party appearing on peti- strip of land Conveyancing and Law of Injunction-Breach of-Aiding and abetting-
tion (Re Brighton Murine Palace and Pier Property Act 1881 (Broomfield v. Williams), 462 Agents and servants-Contempt--Committal
Company Limited), 339

Right of way-Covenant and grant to - Persons liable (Seaward v. Paterson), 339
Register of mortgages and charges-Right persons holding land under lease-Construc- Innkeeper Liabilities Obligation to permit
of creditor to inspection-Companies Act 1862 tion--Conveyance of fee to losses (Rymer v. guest to remain-Guest ceasing to bear that
(25 & 26 Vict. c. 89) (Somerset v. Land Securi. McIlroy), 412

cbaracter (Lamond v. Richard), 294, 387
ties Company Limited), 436

Ecclesiastical law–Title ti pews in church- Insolvent estate-Interest--- Application of Bank-
Sabstratum of busines-gone-Special object Claim by prescription-Act of repairs-Claim raptcy Rales (Re Henley ; Alcock v. Henley),
stated in memorandum of association-General as lay rector to seat in cbancel (Re an applica- 36
objects ancillary thereto-Failure of special tion for a writ of prohibition in certain pro. Insurance-Fire insurance-Sabrogation-Right
object-Companies Act 1862 (Re The Coolgardie ceedings in the Consistory Court of Ely), 203 of insurer to benefit of contracts of assured
Consolidated Gold Mines Limited), 508

Equitable mortgage --Priorities-Declaration of (West of England Fire Insurance Company v.
Coosept order-Mistake-Order set aside after irust of legal estate-Power to appoint new Isaacs), 106

construction by court--Evidence of counsel trustees – Vesting declaration -- Subsequent Marine - Construction of policy - Final
(Wilding v. Sanderson), 531

legal mortgage-Notice (London and County port”-Meaning of (Crocker and others v.
Contempt of court-Breach of injunction - Banking Company Limited v. Goddard), 389 Sturge and others), 133
Committal-Person not party to action for Estate duty-Property passing on death-Pass- Marine-Policy on freight-Exception of
injunction-Aiding and abetting-Agents and ing of life interest-Exemptions-Property claims “consequent on loss of time”-Delay
servants - Persons liable (Seaward v. Paterson), settled by “disposition" on which probate du y by perils of sea (Bensaude and others v. The

has been paid-Combined effect of settlement Thames and Mersey Marine Insurance Com-
Contract-Agreement for lease-Escrow-Parol and will (Attorney-General v. Doddingtyn), 579

pany), 60
evidence (Pattle v. Hornibrook), 133

Evidence-Deed more than thirty years old- Policy against burglary – Execution by
Personal service--Agreement by defendant Appointment-Execution by attorney-Pre- insurers-Nonpayment of premiam-Loss by
to act exclusively for plaintiffs-Absence of sumption (Re Airey ; Airey v. Stapleton), 181 assured (Roberts 1. The Security Company
negative covenant-Breach-Injunction (The Executor-Intermeddling with estate before Limited), 106
Mutual Reserve Fund Life Association v. The probate -- Renunciation - Wilful default

Ship disabled at port on voyage-Necessary
Now York Lif* Insurance Company), 60

Delay-Loss of interest (Re Stevens ; Cooke v. repairs-Damage resulting to cargo -General
Statute of Frands-Memorandum in writing Stevens), 293

average (McCall and Co. Limited v, Houlder
-Name of plaintiff - Letter and envelope Misappropriation Bankruptcy Injunc- and Co.), 510
(Pearce v. Gordon), 552
tion-Receiver (Bowen v. Phillips), 243

Ship-Master legal owner-Alleged casting
Copyholds-Heriot-Heriot castom-Right to Factories -- Dangerous machinery – Fencing - away by mister -Rights of master's mortgagee

heriot off the manor (Western v. Bailey and Factories Act 1878 and Factories Act 1891 -Barratry (Small and others v. United King-
another), 36
(Hindles, resp., v. Birtwistle, app.), 182

dom Marine Mutual Insurance Company),
Copyright--"Book”-Musical composition first Workshop open on Sunday-Persons of 510

printed and published in a foreign country- Jewish religion-“Open for traffio "-Factory Justices-First offence-Mitigation of penalty-
Importation of copies into the British dominions and Workshop Act 1878 (Goldstein, app., v. Summary Jarisdiction Act 1879-Cotton Cloth
-Copyright Act 1842–International Copyright Vaughan, resp.), 486

Factories Act 1889 (Osborn v. Wood Brothers),
Act 1844 (Pitts v. George and Co.), 36

Fishery-Licensees of fishery-Right to sue- 183
Picture-Licence to reproduce on wood - Injury to spawning beds - Damages (Fitz- Jurisdiction--Saarch warrant-Safficiency
Assignment of copyright (Smith v. New Pub- gerald v. Farbank), 155

of information (Jones v. German), 317
lishing Company Limited), 509

Fixtures Mansion-house — Tenapt for life in Landlord and tenant-Covenant by lessor to pay
Rogistration proprietor Copyright Act possession Natural History Museum water rate-Water for trade purposes (Floyd
1812-Fine Arts Copyright Act 1862 (Petty and Stuffed birds and animals-Cases fixed to tbe

v. J. Lyons and Co. Limited), 181
Suns Limited v. Taylor and Co.), 103
wall (Viscount Hill v. Bullock), 554

Covenant by lessor to pay water rate-
Costs-Appeal from County Court-Security for Foreign executors--Transfer of shares without

Water supplied for domestic use and also for
costs of appeal (Ex parte Pritchett v. Poole), 555 probate in England – Right to deal with

trade purposes-Waterworks Clauses Act 1847
Taxation Agency charges Country

execators before probate--- Taking possession - The New River Company's Act 1852 (Floyd
solicitor and London agent-Country solicitor of " estate-Penalty (Attorney-General v. The v. J. Lyons and Co. Limited), 462
and client-Separate bills of costs in the same New York Breweries Company Limited), 579 Covenant by tenant to pay all taxes, rates,
matter-Disbursements-Cash account-Com- Friendly society-Administration-Preferential duties, &c.- Cost of new drainage-Public
plete bill-Particulars of agency charges- payment-Officer of friendly society having Health (London) Act 1891 (Brett v. Rogers),
Solicitors Act 1813(Re Pomeroy v. Tanner), 268, in his possession “by virtue of his office" the 318

society's moneys - Secretary - Unauthorised Lease of hotel-Covenant not to purchase
County Court-Execution-Claim to goods seized receipt of money by-Friendly Societies Act wines, &c., except from lessor-Proviso for

-Sale—Title of parchaser-County Court Act 1875 (Re Aberdein; Bagshaw v. Aberdein; reduction of rent-Covenant running with
1888 (Goodlock v. Cousins), 156
Hagon v. Aberdein), 179

land-Severance of ownership of wine and spirit
Execution-Goods claimed-No deposit or Dispate between member and society- merchant's business and ownership of reversion
security-Goods sold-Title of purchaser- Expu.sion of member-Jurisdiction of High (White v. The Southend Hotel Company
County Courts Act 1888 (Goodlock v. Cousins), Court-Friendly Societies Act 1875 (38 & 39 Limited), 508

Vict. c. 60), s. 22-Friendly Societies Act 1895 Lessor and lessee-Licence to assign-Fine or
County Courts admiralty jurisdiction-Practice- (Paliser v. Dale), 213

sum of money in the nature of a fine--Con-
Action in rem -Mode of trial-Right to jury Fand in court-Fraudulent patition--Order for veyancing and Law of Property Act 1892 (Re
(The Theodora), 580

paymert out-Payment to wrong person- Cosh's Contract), 60
Criminal law-Einbezzlement-Assistant over. Improper use of solicitor's name-Officer of Letters patent-Infringing goods manufactured

seer servant of the inbabitants of parish (Reg. the court-Partnership--Liability to replace abroad, and sent through forwarding agent to
v. Smalman), 38

fund-Chancery (Funds) Act 1872 (Marsh v. customer in England-Injunction against
False pretences--Evidence-Belief of person Joseph), 179

foreign manufacturer-Jurisdiction (Badische
defrauded-Person convicted of larceny on Gaming-Boxing match-Deposit with stake- Anilin und Soda Fabrik v. Henry Johnson and
facts on which already convicted of obtaining holder--Money lent for the deposit-Gaming Co. and the Basle Chemical Works, Bond-
goods by false pretences (Reg. v. John King), 38 Act 1845–Gaming Act

1892 (Carney v. schedler), 293
Defamation-Libel-Privileged occasion--Excess Plimmer), 529

Licensed house - Lease - Covenant that
of privilege-Malice (Nevill v. The Fine Arts House, office, or other place used for betting business should be carried on other than that
and General Insurance Company), 131

- Meaning of “place” (Hawke v. Dunn), 487 covered by the licence, with power of re-entry
Divorce-Husband and wife-Divorce action- Hackney carriage-railway station-Refusal by -No implied covenant not to surrender licence

Notice by petitioner's solicitor of having set cab driver to drive into — “ Place” within -Injunction (E. Lacon and Co. Limited v.
down cause as ready for trial-Informal notice limits of Act ( Ex parte Kippins), 63

Laceby), 554
-New trial on ground of surprise-Costs pay- | Highway Extraordinary traffic Person by Licensing-Claim to sell liquor without licence-
able by respondent's solicitor personally whose order same was conducted-Owner of Licensing Act 1872 (Killin v. Swatton), 156
Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Rules 1865 quarry-Liability-Highways and Locomotives Drunk on licensed premises during closing
(Fluister v. Fluister and Hutton), 15+

Act 1878 (Colchester Weymss and Co. Limited, hours--Licensing Act 1872 (Reg. v. Pelby and
Husband's petition for divorce-No legal app., v. Gloucestershire County Council, resp.), another (justices), 555
evidence against alleged adulterer-Dispensing 294

Failure to admit constable-Violation of
with co-respondent Divorce Act 1857 Extraordinary traffic--"Person by whose provisions of Licensing Acts -Evidence of
(Sannders v. Saunders), 529

order” traffic is conducted-Highways and violation – Reasonable grounds (Duncan v.
Purmanent maintenance and allowance for Locomotives (Amendment) Act 1878 (Lord Dowding), 532
child-Agreement in former suit set up in Bar Gerard v. The Kent County Council), 180

Intoxicating liquors - Sale to bonů fide
--Inquiry to proceed as to means--Matrimonial Husband and wife--Intermittent cohabitation- traveller-To be consumed off the premises
Causes Act 1857—Matrimonial Causes Act 1866 Summary jurisdiction (Married Women) Act (Mountiâeld v. Ward), 269
(Bishop v. Bishop), 390, 577

1895–Desertion and wilful neglect (Bradshaw Limitations, Statute of-Inspectorship deed-
Permanent maintenanco-Full inquiry as v. Bradshưw), 109

Trusts as to partnership assets and separate
to alimony pending suit-Respondent in receipt Judicial separation--Petition for permanent assets of partners—Trust as to separate assets,
of a voluntary allowance Allotment of alimony and allowance for children-Prior whether express or constructive (Trevor v.
maintenance thereout-Report of registrar separation deed-Bar-Inquiry as to means to Hutchins), 462
confirmed (Bonsor v. Bonsor), 390
proceed-Leave to appeal---Costs (Judkins Limited


Debentures – Floating
Snit Costs -- Co respondent (Newby v. v. Judkins), 110, 577

security - Accion for foreclosure or sale -
Newby and White), 439

-Summary jurisdiction-Sammons for separa- Absence of one of the debentare-holders-
Undefended nullity suit-Pre-marital in- tion-Costs-Jurisdiction of County Court-- Order for sale (Re The Continental Oxygen
continence-Incestuous intercourse and preg- Summary Jurisdiction (Married Women) Act Company Limited; Elias v. The Continental
nancy consequent thereon-Fraudulent conceal. 1895, ss. 4, 5 (Cale v. James), 318

Oxygen Company Limited), 389



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Local government-County Council---Bye-law- Metropolis–Buildings-Building notice - Erec- examination-Nonpayment of pension-M4n-
Use of profane or obscepe language in person's tion of seating in public

hall-London Building damus Police Act 1890 (Reg. v. Lord Leigh), 60
orn house-Annoyance of public-Validity Act 1894 (Venner v. McDonnell), 270

Poor law-Guardians-Limitation of time for
(Mantle, app., v. Jordan, resp.), 156

Drain - Sower – Drainage by combined payment of debts-Costs in the High Court-
Drainage Local authority - Breach of operation --- Liability to repair — Metropolis Poor Law (Payment of Debts) Act 1859 (Man-
statutory duty-Damage-Right of action- Management Act 1862 (Appleyard v. The chester, Sheffield, and Lincoloshire Railway
Public Health Act 1875 (Robinson v. The Mayor, Vestry of Lambeth), 530

Company v. The Guardians of the Doncaster
&c., of Workington), 243

New sewer-Discontinuance of old sewer-- Union), 61
Drain or sewer-Drain draining block of Insufficiency of drains into old sewer-New Lighthouse - Dues Rateability - Struo.
bonses belonging to same owner--Expenses of drains into new sewer-Expenses-Metropolis tural value (Commissioners and Trustees of
repairing-Hastings Improvement Act 1885, Management Act 1855 (The Vestry of St. Port of Lancuster v. Overseers of the Parish of
B. 148 (Reg. v. The Mayor of Hastings), 63 Martins-in-tbe-Field v. Ward), 60

Barrow-in-Farness), 37
Local authority-Removal of obstruction New street-Road with no houses thereon Loan to guardians of the poor-Mortgage
to highways-Member of Board—Interest of --Expenses of paving-Liability of owners of with proviso that lenders, if willing to do so,
member in subject-matter of proceedings- land abutting on road-Metropolis Manage- might accept repayment at any time before
Statement of claim-Striking out paragraphs nient Act 1855; Metropolis Management day fixed by deed-Guardians entitled to
as irrelevant (Murray v. The Epsom Local Amendment Act 1862 (Vestry of St. Mary, redeem without consent of lenders-Poor Law
Board), 155
Battersea, v. Palmer and another), 37

Loans Act 1871 (The Guardians of the Poor of
Sewers-Duty of local authority to provide "New streets ”-Cost of paving-Metropolis the West Derby Union v. The Metropolitan Life
-Remedy for default --- Complaint to Local Management Act 18.55; Amendment Act 1862 Assurance Society; The Same v. Priestman),
Government Board- Mandamus-The Public (Arter v. The Vestry of Hammersmith), 487 36, 387
Health Act 1875 (Peebles v. Oswaldtwistle Slaughterhouses Bye-laws Validity- Settlement by residence-Term of three
Urban District Council), 485

Liability of master for act of servant-Public years-Irremovability in each year-Period of
Street-Urban authority-Public Health Health (London) Act 1891 (Collman v. Mills), absence as patient in hospital - Divided
Act 1875 (The Salt Union Limited v. Harvey),

Parishes Act 1876 (St. Olave's Union v. Canter-

Money to be invested in land-Settlement- bury Union), 340, 577
Water supply-Transfer of part of one Tepant for life and remainderman-Permanent Poor rate-Distress warrant-Rate upon land
district to another-Construction of water. improvements and repairs (Re Lord de Tabley ; not in occupation of the person assessed-
works-Notice-Local Government Act 1888 Leighton v. Leighton), 62

Jurisdiction and discretion of magistrates
Public Health Act 1875 Corporation of Mortgage--Contract for sale of lease, furniture, (Reg. v. Bagshawe and others (justices);
Huddersfield v. Ravensthorpe Urban District and goodwill of business--Unpaid purchase Ex parte Bramall), 12
Council), 413

money-Draft assignment of lease, and mort- Exemption County buildings — User for
London Building Act 1894-Person in possession gage to secure such purchase money prepared judicial purposes-User by County Council for
of land under building agreement-Party wall but never executed -- Receiver and manager county business-No exclusive user for Crown
-Adjoining owner--Notices (List v. Tharp), (Poole v. Downes), 413

-Rateability (Worcestershire County Council

Redemption-Mortgagee of the fee, and of v. Assessment Committee of Worcester Union),
London County Council-Dangerous structure-- the particular estate-Infant remainderman- 363.
Ministerial duties – Delegation London Consent of mortgagee necessary for redemp- Exemption-Occupation for local purposes
Building Act 1894 (London County Council v. tion (Prout v. Cock), 36

County Council - Joint occupation with
Hobbis), 157

Sale-Proceeds in hands of first mortgagee- Quarter Sessions-Rateability (The County
Lunacy-Person detained in asylum-Certificates Interest on surplus--Second mortgagee (Eley Coancil of Middlesex v. The Assessment Com.
by two medical practitioners-Jurisdiction of v. Read), 317

mittee of St. George's Union), 85
Commissioners as to order of discharge-

Tenants in common-Power of sale-Sale to Tithe rentobarge - Net annual value
Lunacy Act 1890 (Reg. v. The Commissioners one of several mortgagors (Kennedy v. De Deductions-Tenant's profit-Repair of chancel
in Lunacy), 487
Trafford), 481

-Parochial Assessment Act 1836 (The Dean
Person in Bavaria of unsound mind so found Mortgage by testator-Action by mortgagee- and Chapter of St. Asaph v. The Overseers
by Court of competent Jurisdiction-Fund in Claim for administration-Costs of mortg gees Llanrhaidr-yn-Mochnant and the Assessment
Court standing in name of lunatic-Transfer and personal representative Priority (Re Committee of Llanfyllin Union), 292
to deposit commission of Bavarian Court- Banks; Dawes v. Sladen), 108

Post Office Savings Bank-Nomination of deposits
Special circumstance-Payment out of Court National school-Trustees-—"Owners”-Road- - Nomination by a testatrix of an execator
of corpus-Jurisdiction of English Court (Re Street-paving- Cost-Charge school- named in her will-Evidence rebutting pre-
De Linden ; or Re Spurrier De Hayn v. Gar. Enforcement by sale or mortgage — Public

sumption of gift (Re Read ; Turner v. Read), 11
land), 439

Health Act 1875 (Hornsey District Council v. Power of appointment-General power-Dones
Mandamus — Action for mandamus - Local Smith), 553

of power-Tenant for life, without power of
antbority-Refusal to approve plans (Smith v. Nuisance-Liability of landlord-House let with anticipation-Power exercisable by deed or
The Chorley District Council), 553

defective staircase Injury to person on will (Re Waddington ; Bacon v. Bacon), 293
Pablic daties--Right or duty to enforce- premises at request of tonant (Lane v. Cox), Practice-Action to restrain defendant from
Interest-Vaccination Acts 1867 and 1874 (Reg.

passing off his goods as those of plaintiff-
v. Guardians of Lewisham Union), 270

Removal of snow-Obstruction of street, Interim injunction-When same should be
Marriage settlement-Covenant to settle wife's Interdict (Ogston

Aberdeen Tramways granted (Clark and Son v. Petrocokino), 180
after-acquired property-investments repre- Company), 153

Administrator pendente lite - Proceedings
senting accumulations of income (Finlay v. Parliament – Borough vote – Disqualification- against-Leave of court-Court of Probate Act
Darling), 531

Receipt of alms-Reform Act 1832 (Cowen v. 1857 (Re Toleman; Westwood v. Booker), 532
Settlement - Funds settled on death of Town Clerk of Kingston-upon-Hull), 183

Appeal by married woman defendant-Costs
husband or wife (in default of joint appoint- Franchise-Old lodger claim-Omission of -Married Woman's Property Act 1893 (Hood
ment, which happened) as survivor should declaration-Mistake-Jurisdiction of revising Burrs v. Heriot), 461
appoint among the children of the marriage- barrister to correct mistake (Francis, app., v. Appeal-Court of Appeal_Jurisdiction-
Successive appointments – Assignments and Metcalfe, resp.), 63

“Criminal cause or matter"-Judicature Act
incombrances of appointed shares-Interest, Registration-Hearing of objections--Lists 1873 (The Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of
Costs (Re Hills Settlement Trusts; Hill v. closed–The Parliamentary Registration Act Southport v. The Urban District Council of
Equitable Reversionary Interest Society 1842 (Reg. v. Soden and Overend), 183

Birkdale), 530
Limited), 153

Partnership-Articles-Partnership in brewery Appeal from chambers—“Matters of practice
Married roman-Bequest to separate use abso. -Death of one partner-Purcbase of business and procedure"-Judgment under Order XIV.
lately-Fund directed “to be paid ”–Restraint by surviving partner-Valuation-Tie public- -The Supreme Court of Judicature Act 1894

anticipation (Re Fearon; Hotchkin v. houses - Goodwill (Page v. Ratliffe), 85, 292 (The Cannon Brewery Company v. Gilby), 107
Mayor), 181

Patent-Action for infringement--Subsequent Appeal - Order for security for costs-
Marriage settlement prior to Married threats-Claim for injurction to restrain such Application for stay of execution before security
Women's Property Act-Will of father made tbreats--Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks given (Re The Corporation of British Investors
subsequent thereto-Contingent interest under Act 1883 (The Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Com- Limited), 530
will-Addition of separate use by the Act- pany v. The New Seddon Pneumatic Tyre and Arbitration-Question of Law-Order to
Married Women's Property Act 1882 (Re Self-Closing Tube Company), 412

state case-Time for application (Re an Arbitra-
Williams ; Williams v. Grant), 439

English patent

Goods manufactured tion between Spillers and Baker Limited and
Settled funds-Separate estate-Restraint abroad and sent to England by post-Infringe- Leetham and Sons), 268
on anticipation-Removal by court-Scheme ment by foreign manufacturer (Badische Company-Deed of settlement-Alteration
for diecharging debts and liabilities-Con- Anilin und Soda Fabrik v. Henry Johnson and by substitution of memorandum of association
veyancing and Law of Property Act 1881 (Re Co. and The Basle Chemical Works, Bind- and articles of association-Extending objects
Stewart, Keown-Boyd v. Gilmour), 84
schedler), 553

of company-Advertising petition-Advertising
Master and servant-Injuries to workman- Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks Act order on petition-Companies Acts 1862 to 1890

Temporary absence of guard to circular saw- 1883-Threats of legal proceedings against -Companies (Memorandum of Association) Act
Defect in condition of machinery-Employers' plaintiff in letter to his customers-No express 1890 (Re Lancaster Baking Company Limited),

Liability Act 1880 (Tate v. Latbam and Co.), 412 reference to patent (Douglass v. Pintsch's 294
Maeter and workman-Employers' Liability Act Patent Lighting Company), 36

Company-Notice of motion-Relief claimed
1880 Tate v, Latham), 318

Slander on title - Allegation of infringe. against several defendants -- Separate and
Mayor's Court-Prohibition--Cause of action- ment - Advertisement Threatening legal severable interest of defendants-Motion for

Formation of company (Bowler v. The Bar. proceedings-Exclusive licensees of patent- final judgment against one defendant-Agreed

barton Development Syndicate Limited), 154 Present interest in subject matter-Damages minutes of order (Macmillan v. Australasian
Meeting of an association--Chairman refusing to for infringement-Injunction (The Inoan- Territories Limited and others), 462

1:7t resolution-Action by individual member descent Gas Light Company v. The New Consolidation of actions - Jurisdiction
--Special damage (Breay v. Brown), 157

Incandescent (Sunlight Patent) Gas Lighting Application by plaintiff --Rules of Supreme
Mercbant sbipping — Passage broker- Person Company), 339

Court, Order XLIX., v. 8 (Martin v. Martin and
acting as-Mercbant Shipping Act 1894, 88. Payments-Appropriation-Rule in Clayton's Co.), 317
320, 342 (Morriss v. Howden), 270
case (Cory and Co. v. Steamship Mecca), 553

Contempt of court-Commitment or
Metropolis - Building-Flue built against party Petition-Fund in court-Payment out-No questration – Accidental and unintentional
structure-New brickwork-London Building more children (Plumbe v. Neild), 155

disobedience of order-Absence of contumaoy
Act 1894 (Aérated Bread Company v. Shepherd), Police--Pension-Chief constable-Bankruptcy (Fairclough and Sons v. The Manchester Ship

--Neglect to comply with order for medical Canal Company), 292





ham v.

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" Best


Practice-Costs-Administration action=Defen. Practice-Third-party order-Right of indemnity Sale of Food and Drugs Act 1875—Adulteration

dant trustees-Severance of defence-Depriva- - Breach of trust-Partnership (Wynne v. -Drug, meaning of — Beeswax (Fowle v.
tion of costs-Discretion of court-Unreason. Tempest), 155

Fowle), 12
able carrying on of proceedings (Re Isaac; Writ-Indorsement of plaintiff's address- Sale of goods—Goods delivered on sale or
Cronbach v. Isaac), 293

Fictitious address-Security for costs (The return”—Goods pawned by bayer-Title of
Costs-Costs of application under Order Pittsburg Crushed Steel Company Limited v. pawnee-Sale of Goods Act 1893 (K
XIV.-Order as to costs by judge at chambers- Jacob Moore and Co.), 532

Attenborough), 181
Discretion of judge at trial (Koosen v. Rose), | Principal and agent – Contract for agency Salvage-Tug and tow– Negligent navigation-

with agency firm-Deceased partner-Money Contributory negligence (The Altair), 463
Conts—Interest on costs - Demand-Estate bad and received by surviving partner- School Board-Election of members of-Crosses
being administered in court-Delivery of bill to Liability of estate of deceased partner—"Obli. placed by voters against candidates' names-
person having conduct-Solicitors' Remunera- gations” (Re Friend; Friend v. Young), 578 Principle of counting votes (Morris and others,
tion Act 1881 (Re McMurdo ; Pinfield v. Liability of agent-Public servant of Crown pets., v. Beves and others, resps.), 389
McMurdo), 155

(Dunn v. Macdonald), 530

Seaman - Discbarge at foreign port — Passage
Costs paid to solicitor-Judgment reversed Probate-Will-Revocation-Destruction of one

home-Maintenance-Recoverable as wages-
-Repayment of costs (Hood-Barrs v. Crossman), of duplicate wills-Declarations of testatrix-

Merchant Shipping Act 1894 (William Edwards
Evidence as to-Admissibility of-Wills Act

v. Steel, Young, and Co.), 556
Costs - Solicitor and client Bankrupt

1837 (1 Vict. c. 26), s. 20 (Atkinson v. Morris), Sea-walls - Liability to repair — By custom
trustee-Charging order (Baker v. Abbott), 578 132

Ratione tenura-Continued compulsion (London
Costs—Taxation-Appeal-Copies of docu, Probate practice - Administration-Revocation

and North-Western Railway Company v. Com.
ments for use of each member of Court of Appeal
of grant-Sabsequent order upon administrator

missioners of Jobbing Level), 158
(Re Manle ; Chester v. Manle), 293

to file account (In the Goods of Thomas Settled Land Acts — Mansion-house — Object of
County Court-Employers' Liability Act Jenkins (deceased), 390

restriction (Re Wortham's Estate), 11
1880, 8. 4-Notice of injury within six weeks- Presumption of death-Merchant Shipping Repairs-Farms-Capital money-Jurisdio-
Want of notice-Statutory _defence-County Act 1894 (In the Goods of Adam Dodd (pre-

tion-Settled Land Act 1882-Settled Land
Court Rules 1889 (Conroy v. Peacock), 556 sumed deceased), 511

Act 1890 (Re Hawker's Settled Estates ; Duff
County Conrt - High Court - Power of Public health - Drain - Nuisance — Expenses- v. Hawker), 439
County Court and High Court to order service Apportionment Dispate Posted letter-

Sale of heirlooms-Investment of proceeds
out of the jurisdiction-Transfer of action- Prepaid — Public Health Act 1875 – Public in purcbase of land--Land purchased not sub-
Administration-Judicature Act 1875 (Wood v. Health Amendment Act 1890 (Walthamstow ject to charges on other land comprised in
Middleton), 181
Urban District Council v. Henwood), 62

settlement (Re contract between the Duke of
Discovery-Production of documents-Lien Liquids from factory-Right of owner of Marlborough and the Governors of Queen
of former solicitor-Allegation of negligence, factory to drain liquids into sewer-Duty of

Anne's Bounty), 509
“ Possession or power

(Lewis v. Powell), local authority to provide sewers- Mandamus Tenant for life-Powers of leasing-Trustee
-River Pollution Prevention Act 1876 (Peebles

- Trustees of settlement-Notice
Evidence-Order to examine person making v. Oswaldtwistle District Council), 159

Rent"-Fine-Fraud on power-Lessee-
statements deposed to in affidavit filed on Local Act-Commissioners-Agent between Compensation-Setting aside lease (Chandler v.
motion-Ex parte application (The Turner commissiocers and defendant-Powers of com- Bradley), 155
Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited v. The missioners vested in council or incorporation

Trustees-London houses --Palling down-
Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited), streets-Cbarges for paving, sewering, and

Rebuilding-Infants - Jurisdiction (Re Mon-

metalling-Trespass - Arbitration - Memorial taga ; Derbisbire v. Montaga), 486
Frivolous and vexations defence-Striking to Secretary of State--West Hartlepool Exten.

Trustees Sale of settled land - Infant
out pleading-Abuse of process of court- sion and Improvement Act

1870 (The Mayor, beneficiary-Appointment of persons resident
Evidence (Remington v. Scoles), 554
&c., of West Hartlepool v. Robinson), 318

in a colony as trustees — Form of order-
Infant made plaintiff without authority, London-Vacant land-Nuisance-Vestry-

Settled Land Act 1882 (Re Simpson and Re
Liability of plaintiffs' solicitors for costs- Owner-Injunction Public Health (London) Whitchurcb), 339
Application by defendants (Geiliger v. Gibbs), Act 1891 (Attorney-General v. Tod-Heatley Settlement-Family arrangement-Debts-Death
and Browprigg), 108

of settlor-Liability (Priestley v. Ellis), 389
Inspection Documents referred to in Metropolis Cowkeeper Dairyman

Settlement of T. Estate,Will reciting
affidavits (Re an arbitration between Fenner Licence-Public Health (Lordon) Act 1891

erroneously tbat said settlement included B.
and Lord), 553

(Umfreville v. The London County Council), 158 estate and directing said estates to be settled
Jarisdiction of master-Compensation ander National School - Trustees — Road – Ex. -Settlement accordingly-Successive entries
Lands Clauses Act 1845— Railway-Summons penses-Charge on school-Enforcement by

by tenants for life on said estates by virtue of
for trial in High Court-Regulation of Railways sale or mortgage-School Sites Act 1841 such settlement-Estoppel (Dalton v. Fitz-
Act 1868 (Re the claim of Donisthorpe against (Hornsey District Council v. Smith), 269

gerald), 389
the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Provision of water closets-Discretion of Settlement estate duty-Absolute settlement of
Railway Company), 530

sanitary authority-Jurisdiction of justices part of estate with contingent settlement of
Order of Irish court-Enforcing in England (Vestry of St. John, Hackney, v. Hutton), 12 residue (The Attorney-General v. Fairley and
-Enrolment-Attachment in England (Newell Vacant land-Nuisance-Removal of refuse others), 579
v. Newell), 62

- Vestry owner - Injunction-Public Health Ship-Admiralty law-Law of Scotland, Mari-
Originating summons — Mortgage - Con. (London) Act 1891 (Attorney-General v. Tod. time lien (Currie v. McKnight), 59
struction-Jurisdiction (Re Nobbs ; Nobbs v. Heatley), 388

Collision Damages

Special contract
Law Roversionary Interest Society Limited), Railway-Contractors-Agreement for construc- excluding the Merchant Shipping Act 1862

tion-Moreys to be paid to bankers for (Clarke v. Lord Dunraven; The Satanita), 84
Parties-Husband and wife-Owners of purposes of contractors, subject to guarantee Solicitor-Bill of costs-Statutes of limitation-
adjoining premises--Separate actions to restrain to the company by insurance corporation- Cause of action (Coburn v. Colledge), 530
alleged infringement of their rights-Costs Interest-Liquidation by bankers--Right of Costo--Taxation-Scale fee-Lease in con-
(Heimbs v. Newcastle Co-operative Society), contractors to sne corporation-Set-off (The sideration of rent and premium-General order

Alcoy and Gandia Railway and Harbour under Solicitors' Remuneration Act 1881 (Re
Payment into court with denial of liability Company Limited v. Greenhill), 413

Horn and Francis), 11
-Trial with a jury-No information to jury as Deed of arrangement-Railway Companies Lien for costs-Extent thereof—Taxation-
to payment into court – Validity of rule Act 1867, 8. 4 Construction — Statutory Payment into court to answer costs thereof-
(Williams v. Goose), 412

Obligation -- Contract (Re The Manchester and Solicitors discharged by client-Delivery up of
Payment of money into court before defence Milford Railway Company), 85, 243

papers-Tender of balance claimed, but not in
-Defence denying liability-Joinder of issue Fence-Fence constructed more than five settlement-Refusal to accept the same, or to

-Order XXII. (Dumbleton v. Williams, Torrey, years after railway opened - Obligation to deliver up papers-Undertaking to return in
and Field Limited), 388

maintain-Railway Clauses Act 1845 (Dixon v. case any balance found due to them-Motion-
Plaintiff improperly joined-Discontinuance The Great Western Railway Company), 154 Costs thereof (Re Hanbury, Whitting, and
-Costs—Solicitor-Company (Gold Reefs of Laggage-Cloak room— Article left in Nicholson), 133
Western Australia v. Dawson), 132

Condition—“Responsible for "- Meaning of Lien-Production of deeds (Re Biggs and
Pleading-Statute of Frauds-Order XIX., (Pratt v. South-Eastern Railway Company), Roche), 364
r. 15 (Brunning v. Odhams), 84

Remuneration-Lease-Scale fee-General
Receiver-Disputed title-Ejectment action Traffic-Through rates—Through booking order under Solicitors' Remuneration Act 1881
-Defendant in possession as heir-at-law- -Reasonable facilities - Railway and Canal (Re McGarel), 363
- Jurisdiction - Discretion - Judicature Act Traffic Act 1854-Railway and Canal Traffic Solicitor-trustee-Sale by way of underlease
1873 (Foxwell v. Van Grutten), 61

Act 1888 (The Didcot, Newbury, and South- --Remuneration — Valuation tee- Costs of
Solicitor and client-Taxation of costs- ampton Railway Company v. The London and Sammons-Solicitors' Remuneration Act 1881
Solicitor mortgagee of client-Joint application South-Western Railway Company and The (Re Webb; Still v. Webb), 156
by solicitor and client-Submission to pay (R Great Western Railway Company), 61

Special case-Freehold hereditaments-Lease.
Battams and Hutchinson), 509

Rating-Land used as railway :-“ Line of holds-Feme sole-Joint tenancy-Severance
Suing in formà pauperis-Affidavit verify; railway" Station buildings and other by marriage-Severance of joint tenancy by
ing case and opinion of counsel-Case and hereditaments" (London and North-Western husband (Palmer v. Ricb), 156
opinion made exhibits-Right of defendant to Railway Company v. Llandudno Improvement Specific performance-Agreement for sale of land
inspection (Sloane v. Britain Steamship Com. Commissioners), 158

-Insufficient description of property-Statute
pany Limited), 180

Lighting and watching rate-Brickfields- of Frauds (Plant v. Bourne), 554
Suit for revocation of probate-Judgment Land and buildings—" Property other than Contract on letters-Reference to time for
given in absence of plaintiff-Application to land”—Lighting and Watching Act 1833 completion in acceptance (Simpson v. Hughes
restore-Application granted-Plaintiff to pay (Overseers of Crayford, app., v. D. and C. and Armstrong ; Armstrong v. Hughes), 182
costs as between solicitor and client (Cudworth Rutter, resp.), 532

Sale by anction-Sale of lands-Authority of
v. Hayward and another), 38

Receiver-Disputed title-Ejectment action- auctioneer to bind the purchaser-Authority of
Summary jurisdiction (Married Women) Act Heir-at-law in possession - Jurisdiction auctioneer's clerk-Mistake-Statute of Frauds
1895 (Manders v. Manders), 340

Discretion-Judicature Act 1873 (Foxwell v. -Bell v. Balls), 463
Summons for judgment-Dismissal-Tech. Van Grutten), 37

Sale of land-Contract contained in letters
nical defect-Renewal of application-Res Revenue-Income tax-Deductions—Payment to - Reference in acceptance to date of
Judicata (Dombey and Son Limited (in liqui. retiring manager-Capital expenditure (Royal

nl. tion New term (Simpson v Hughes)
dation) v. Playfair and Co., and others), 268 Insurance Company v. Watson), 59


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