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No. 1167. An Act to suspend the Limitation upon the Governor's power to Appropriate Revenue contained in "The Governor's Appropriation Acts, 1911 and 1912." [Assented to, November 12th, 1914.] No. 1168. An Act to make provision for Ensuring and Distributing Supplies of Grain and Fodder, and for purposes incident thereto and consequent thereon. [Assented to, November 12th, 1914.] No. 1169. An Act for the General Appropriation of the Revenue for the Year ending June thirtieth, one thousand nine hundred and fifteen.

No. 1170. An Act to repeal

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[Assented to, November 12th, 1914.] The Loan from Commonwealth Act, 1914," and to make other provision authorizing the Treasurer to raise Money, not exceeding Four Million Pounds, for Public Works, by Loan from the Government of the Commonwealth. [Assented to, November 19th, 1914.] No. 1171. An Act to further amend "The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act, 1908," and to amend "The Metropolitan Abattoirs Act Further Amendment Act, 1911," and for other [Assented to, November 19th, 1914.] No. 1172. An Act to amend, and to extend the operation of, "The Wild Dogs Act, 1912." [Assented to, November 19th, 1914.] No. 1173. An Act to provide for the Establishment and Control of National Pleasure Resorts, Public Parks, and Recreation Grounds, and for other purposes.


[Assented to, November 19th, 1914.] No. 1174. An Act to further amend "The Administration and Probate Act, 1891," and for other purposes. [Assented to, November 19th, 1914.]

No. 1175. An Act to amend the Crown Lands Acts, 1903 to 1913, and for other purposes. [Assented to, November 19th, 1914.]

No. 1176. An Act to further amend "The Pinnaroo Railway Act."

[Assented to, November 19th, 1914.]

No. 1177. An Act to provide for the Extension of the Paringa Railway across the River Murray to Renmark, and for other purposes.

[Assented to, November 19th, 1914.] No. 1178. An Act to consolidate certain Acts providing for Irrigation and the creation of Boards for Reclaimed Swamp and other Lands, and for other purposes. [Assented to, November 26th, 1914.] No. 1179. An Act to amend "The Chaffey Brothers Amendment Act, 1902," to further amend The Renmark Irrigation Trusts Acts," and to amend The Renmark Irrigation Trusts Acts Amendment Act, 1907." [Assented to, November 26th, 1914.]


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No. 1180. An Act to provide for the construction of Railways from Balhannah to Mount Pleasant, from Palmer to Sedan, and from Nuriootpa to Truro, and for other purposes. [Assented to, November 26th, 1914.]

No. 1181. An Act to consolidate certain Acts relating to Vermin Destruction and Vermin Fencing, and other matters. [Assented to, November 26th, 1914.]

No. 1182. An Act to consolidate and amend the Law relating to District Councils.

[Assented to, November 26th, 1914.]

No. 1183. An Act to further amend the Municipal Corporation Acts, and the Land Value Assessment Acts, and to amend "The Local Government Act, 1910," and for other purposes. [Assented to, December 10th, 1914.]

Private Act.-An Act to vest certain Lands, situated near Alberton, in Saint Paul's Church, Port Adelaide, Incorporated, Freed and Discharged, as regards portion thereof, from certain Trusts, with power for the said incorporated Church to sell the same. [Assented to, November 26th, 1914.]

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An Act to provide for the Acquisition by the Crown of
Wharves and Water Frontages and similar
Properties, and to make better provision for the
Management and Control of Harbors, and for
other purposes.


[Reserved, December 18th, 1913.

Royal Assent proclaimed, March 26th, 1914.

E it Enacted by the Governor of the State of South Australia, with the advice and consent of the Parliament thereof, as


1. This Act may be cited as "The Harbors Act, 1913."

Short title.

2. (1) Part I. of this Act shall come into force on the passing Commencement of



s. 736.

(2) Part II. of this Act shall not come into force until His Majesty's Imp. Merchant pleasure thereon has been publicly signified in the State. After such Shipping Act, 1894, signification the Governor may, by proclamation published in the Government Gazette, fix a day on which the said Part II. shall come into force, and it shall come into force accordingly. Such day is in the said Part II. referred to as the commencement of the said Part.

3. The provisions of this Act are arranged as follows:-
PART 1.-Acquisition by the Crown of Wharves and Water

DIVISION I.-Preliminary :

Arrangement of Act.


The Harbors Act.-1913.



"Crown Lands Act" includes "The Crown Lands Act, 1903," No. 830 of 1903.

and any other Act formerly, or now, or hereafter in force
under which power was or is given to grant or make any
Crown lease:

"Crown lease" means and includes


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(a) Any agreement under any Crown Lands Act contain-
ing a covenant to purchase, and

(b) Any lease or agreement for a lease, and any licence,
permit, right to occupy or use, or similar right or
interest, or agreement therefor, whether the same is
in perpetuity or for a term of years or otherwise,
and whether containing or not containing a right
to purchase, and under whatever Act or other
authority the same may have been granted or

before or after the passing of this Act, granted or made
by or on behalf of the Crown, or by or on behalf of any
person or authority holding lands belonging to the Crown,
or in whom or which lands belonging to the Crown were
or are vested:

Interest," used with reference to property, includes any estate
or interest (legal or equitable) in the property, and any
easement, right, power, or privilege in, under, over, affect-
ing, or in connection with, the property, and also includes
a Crown lease of the property, or any interest in such a

Lessee" means the person to or with whom any Crown lease is granted or made, and includes his executors or administrators or assigns:

Minister" means the Minister of the Crown to whom the administration of this Part is for the time being committed by the Governor:

"Owner" includes, with respect to any property, any person No. 6 of 1847. having any interest in such property, or by "The Lands Clauses Consolidation Act," enabled to sell and convey such interest:

"Property" means any of the properties mentioned in section 8, and includes any interest in any such property:

"Real Property Act" means "The Real Property Act, 1886," No. 380 of 1886. and all Acts amending that Act, or any Act substituted


for that Act and all Acts amending such substituted Act: Registrar-General" means the Registrar-General of Deeds: "The State" means the State of South Australia, and includes the dependencies thereof:

"Wharf "


Partial incorporation
of the Lands Clauses
Consolidation Acts.
No. 6 of 1847.
No. 1035 of 1911.

Amendment of Act

No. 29 of 1876, and

of 1884.


The Harbors Act.-1913.

Wharf" includes any wharf, quay, jetty, pier, landing place or stage, platform, slip, basin, siding, dock, or other place at which goods can be landed, loaded, or unloaded, whether situated on or near the shore of the sea or of any arm or inlet thereof, or on or near the shore of any inland river or other inland water; the term also includes all buildings, railways, tramways, and other erections, works, and conveniences on the wharf, and the appurtenances of the wharf, and the approaches thereto, and also a wharf only partly constructed as well as a completed wharf.

(2) In administering this Part property shall not be deemed not to adjoin other property merely because separated therefrom by a public or other road, street, or way, or by a stream or watercourse, or arm or inlet of the sea: Provided that such stream, watercourse, arm, or inlet does not exceed two chains in width at such separation.

(3) Every reference in this Part to the acquiring or acquisition of property shall be deemed to include a reference to the acceptance on surrender or the resumption of a Crown lease of property; and, for the purposes of anything to be done under this Part, in a case where the property is subject to a Crown lease, the provisions of this Part shall be read as varied in such a manner as may be appropriate for dealing with property subject to a Crown lease.

5. The provisions of sections 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 37, 69 to 74 (both inclusive), 92, 93, 95 to 109 (both inclusive), 111, 112, and 113 of "The Lands Clauses Consolidation Act," and the provisions of "The Lands Clauses Consolidation Further Amendment Act, 1911," are, so far as applicable and not inconsistent with this Part, incorporated with and form part of this Part; and, for the purposes of this Part, the following expressions when used in the said provisions, or any of them, shall have the following meanings, namely:-"The promoters of the undertaking" shall mean the Minister; "the Special Act" shall mean this Part; and the "Bank "shall mean any bank carrying on business in the State in which trustees are by law permitted to deposit

trust funds.

6. (1) "The North Parade Act of 1876" is hereby amended by repeal of Act No. 315 repealing sections 4 and 5 thereof, and striking out the words "The balance of" at the beginning of section 6 thereof. In lieu of the moiety of rents payable to the Corporation of the City of Port Adelaide under the sections hereby repealed, the Treasurer of the State shall annually pay to the said Corporation, out of the general revenue of the State, the sum of Eighteen Hundred and Twenty Pounds; and all sums so paid shall be expended by the Council of the said Corporation in the construction and maintenance of roads, streets, and bridges, and drainage. The said corporation shall be entitled to receive an annual subsidy on the said sum at the same rate as the rate, for the time being, of the annual grants payable out of the general revenue to the said Corporation on the general rates declared and collected by the said Corporation.

(2) Sections

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