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PART 111.


How vacancies may happen in the office of auditor.

Ibid., s. 67.


vacancies in office of auditor.

Ibid., s. 68.

Auditing accounts.
Ibid., s. 69.

The Vermin Act.-1914.

(2) An auditor who is qualified to be a member of a Board may be elected a member, and he shall thereupon cease to be an auditor.

68. Any of the following acts and events shall cause a vacancy in the office of an auditor:

(a) Death or lunacy of the auditor:

(b) Insolvency of the auditor, or the execution by him of a statutory deed of assignment for the benefit of his creditors, or compounding with his creditors for less than Twenty Shillings in the Pound:

(c) The conviction of the auditor of felony:

(d) Absence of the auditor from the State at the time at which
a periodical audit is appointed to be held, or non-
attendance at an audit after fourteen days' notice has
been given to the auditor of the time and place
appointed for holding the same:

(e) Election of the auditor as a member of the Board:
(f) Resignation of the auditor by notice posted or delivered to
the Chairman, or, if there is no Chairman, to the

(g) The judgment or order of a Court of competent jurisdiction
declaring the office vacant:

(h) The auditor's being concerned, directly or indirectly, in a contract or dealing with the Board other than his employment as auditor.

69. (1) Any extraordinary vacancy in the office of auditor may be filled by appointment by the Governor.

(2) An auditor so appointed shall hold office only until the annual election next after his appointment.

(3) If only one of the auditors has been so appointed, he shall be the auditor to retire under section 65 or section 66, and the other shall continue in office unless he has acted as auditor continuously for the space of two years.

70. (1) The auditors shall forthwith after the half-yearly balancing of accounts, in accordance with this Act, audit the accounts of the Board for the half-year preceding the said halfyearly balance.

(2) The Board shall cause to be laid before such auditors the said accounts, together with proper vouchers, and all books, papers, and writings in the custody or power of the Board relating thereto.

(3) The said accounts, if found correct, shall be signed by the auditors in token of their allowance thereof.

71. The

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The Vermin Act.-1914.




71. The Board shall publish the half-yearly balance-sheet once in Balance-sheet to be one of the newspapers published in the State and once in the Gazette within one month after the auditors have signed the same.

Ibid., s. 70.


may refuse

72. The auditors may refuse to allow any person to be present to allow persons to be

at the audit of the accounts.


73. The Board shall have a suitable office for transacting the business of the District, to be called the Vermin Board Office for the District of

present at auditing of accounts.

Ibid, s. 71.


The District office.

Ibid., s. 72.

74. The following provisions as to voters shall apply to all Voters.
elections of members of a Board or auditors-

(a) as regards a District which is within the limits of a District
Council District the Board for such District shall, not
less than one month prior to the election, prepare an
alphabetical list of ratepayers entitled to vote for the
election of members of the Board for such District, with
the number of votes to which each ratepayer is entitled
set opposite his name, and shall send a notice to each
individual ratepayer showing the number of votes to
which he is entitled:

(b) As regards a District which is not within the limits of a
District Council District such list shall be prepared by
the Commissioner, and shall be published in the Gazette
not less than one month prior to the election :

(c) Each ratepayer shall be entitled to one vote for every fifty
square miles, or part of fifty square miles, of ratable
property up to two hundred square miles, and one
additional vote for every two hundred square miles, or
part of two hundred square miles, over the first two
hundred square miles :

(d) The Surveyor-General shall, in writing, nominate a person
to vote in respect of ratable property belonging to the

(e) Every ratepayer of the full age of eighteen years whose name
appears in such list of ratepayers may vote, provided
his rates have been duly paid as required by section 75:
(f) In case of joint tenancy or tenaucy in common, one person
only shall vote, unless the land exceeds fifty square
miles in area, and then one joint tenant, or tenant in
common as aforesaid, may vote for each additional fifty
square miles, or for any part thereof, up to two hundred
square miles, and one joint tenant or tenant in common
may vote for each additional two hundred square miles,
or part of two hundred square miles; and joint tenants

Ibid., s. 73.




Rates to be paid prior

to voting. Ibid., 8. 74.

Provisions as to
Ibid., 8. 75.

910, 1907, 8. 2.

The Vermin Act.-1914.

or tenants in common entitled to vote may vote in the order in which they tender their votes until votes have been taken for the whole area:

(g) No owner holding less than a quarter of a square mile of land within the District shall be entitled to vote.

75. (1) No ratepayer shall vote until he has paid all rates declared six months previously, and which were then payable by him in respect of the property for which he claims to vote.

(2) Any ratepayer may object to a person attempting to vote if such rates have not been paid.

(3) The Secretary shall post a list of all ratepayers who owe any such rates at every polling-place, but the failure to post such list shall not invalidate the election.

76. The following provisions as to elections shall apply to all Districts:

(1) The Board shall, by notice published in the Gazette for four consecutive weeks, appoint a time and place when and where written nominations for members and auditors shall be received:

(2) Such notice and nominations may be in the forms No. 1 and No. 2 in the Seventh Schedule:

(3) The time appointed to receive nominations shall be not later than six weeks after the annual meeting of the Board for the current year:

(4) The Board shall appoint a Returning Officer, not being a candidate, to preside at the nomination and election of members and auditors:

(5) The Returning Officer shall attend at the time and place appointed for receiving nominations, and shall cause such nominations to be opened and read aloud:

(6) If no more persons are nominated as members or auditors (as the case may be) than are required to be elected, the Returning Officer shall forthwith declare the persons nominated to be elected:

(7) If a greater number are nominated than are required to be elected, the proceedings shall be adjourned to a day, being not less than fourteen days nor more than twentyeight days after the adjournment, when the votes of the ratepayers shall be taken :

(8) Ratepayers may vote in person or by proxy:

(9) A proxy shall be appointed in the form No. 3 in the Seventh


The Vermin Act.-1914.

(10) A proxy shall vote by filling in and signing a voting-paper in the form No. 4 in the Seventh Schedule, and delivering the same to the Returning Officer at the time appointed for voting, together with his appointment:

(11) A ratepayer voting in person shall fill in and sign a votingpaper and hand the same to the Returning Officer as aforesaid:

(12) For the purpose of voting each ratepayer shall be entitled to the number of votes prescribed by subsection (c) of section 74:

(13) In case of equality of votes, the Returning Officer shall have a casting-vote in addition to any votes he may have as a ratepayer:

(14) The Returning Officer shall announce the result of the voting, and shall forthwith certify the same to the Commissioner.



77. When an election fails wholly or in part to be made as Failure of elections provided by this Act, or such election having been made, afterwards 905, 1905, s. 76. becomes wholly or in part void, the Governor may appoint the members or auditors of the Board required to be elected.

78. The Board shall, within forty-eight hours from the election of a person to an office in the District, cause to be delivered or posted to such person a notice informing him of such election, and within fourteen days of such clection shall insert a notice thereof in the Gazette.

79. If the Board fails to proceed to an election for the space of twenty-one days from the last day on which such election is required by this Act to be held, a Justice or a Special Magistrate may, upon the request in writing of three ratepayers of the District, do act required to be done for holding such election.



Notice of election to be given to each person elected, and to be inserted in Gazette. Ibid., s. 77.

Where Board fails to

hold election, Justice

or Special Magistrate to hold the election.

Ibid., s. 78.


80. (1) Meetings of the Board need not be held within the Meetings of Vermin District.

(2) The Board may, from time to time, fix the place where meetings shall be held, and may adjourn any meeting to any other place.


Ibid., s. 79.


81. (1) The Board shall appoint a male person of full age, who Secretary to be is not a member of the Board or an auditor, to be Secretary to the Board.

(2) Any member of the Board, or other person appointed as provided by section 91, may perform the duties of the Secretary in his absence.

82. (1) The

Ibid., s. 80.


Where annual meeting to be held. Ibid., s. 81.

Times for meetings.
Ordinary meetings.
Ibid., s. 82.

Special meetings.

Ibid., s. 83.
Ibid, s. 85.


Ibid., s. 84 (part),
Ordinary business
may be done at
special meeting.
Ibid. (part).

Fourteen days' notice
of meetings.
Ibid., s. 86.

Ibid., s. 87.

Adjournment where no quorum.

Who to preside, and his right to vote.

Ibid., s. 88.

The Vermin Act.-1914.

82. (1) The annual meeting of the Board shall be held at the Vermin Board Office, on such day (subject to the provisions of this section) and at such hour as the Board determines.

(2) As regards a Board continued by this Act, such meeting shall be held in the month in which the annual meeting was held prior to the passing of this Act.

(3) As regards a Board constituted under this Act, such meeting shall be held in the twelfth month after the appointment of the Board, and thereafter in the same month of every succeeding year.

83. (1) Ordinary meetings of the Board shall be held at such times, not being less than once in each quarter, as the Board determines.

(2) Special meetings may be held at any time.

(3) The Chairman may call a special meeting at any time, and on the requisition, in writing, of three members of the Board, he shall call such meeting.

(4) If the Chairman refuses, or for two clear days fails, to call such meeting upon such requisition, any three members may call such meeting bv public notice, signed by them, and stating the object of such meeting, and the time and place of holding the same.

84. Any meeting may be adjourned to any time.

85. Business required to be done at an annual or ordinary meeting may be done at a special meeting.

86. The Secretary shall, unless and until otherwise provided by by-law, send by post to every member of the Board fourteen days' notice of every meeting, specifying the time and place of meeting, and, in the case of a special meeting, the business to be done thereat.

87. (1) At all meetings of the Board, except where otherwise provided by this Act, one-half or a majority of the members for the time being shall form a quorum.

(2) The Secretary, in the absence of all the members, or any member present alone, or the majority of members present at a meeting at which there is no quorum, may, at the expiration of half an hour from the time fixed for such meeting, adjourn the


(3) Any business which could have been transacted at such meeting may be transacted at the adjourned meeting.

88. At any meeting of the Board the Chairman, or in his absence such member as the members present at such meeting elect for that purpose, shall preside, and shall have a deliberative vote, and, in case of equality of votes, a casting-vote.

89. Notwithstanding

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