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Repealed Act.




This Act.




Vermin fence.

The Vermin Act.-1914.

"Ratable property " and "Ratepayer" (see section 42):



'Regulation" means regulation made or in force under this Act:

Repealed Act" means Act repealed by this Act or repealed by an Act hereby repealed, or any other repealed Act which dealt with vermin destruction or vermin fencing: "Secretary" means Secretary to the Board:

[blocks in formation]

"State" means the State of South Australia:
"Surveyor-General" means the Surveyor-General for the State
for the time being, or the person for the time being dis-
charging the duties of the office of such Surveyor-General :
"This Act" includes by-laws and regulations made or in force
under this Act:

"Town" means and includes any Government town or town-
ship, and any land laid out as a township, plans whereof
are deposited in the Land Titles Registration Office or in
the General Registry Office for Deeds:

"Vermin" includes rabbits, wild dogs, and foxes, and any other animals which the Governor, by proclamation, declares to be vermin for the purposes of this Act:

"Vermin-Fenced District" means Vermin-Fenced District continued by this Act, or constituted under Part III. or Part V. of this Act:

"Vermin fence" means

(a) a substantial fence such as is shown and described in the Third Schedule, or

(b) any other substantial vermin fence approved of by the Commissioner, in writing.


DIVISON I. Commissioner may appoint officers. 905, 1905, s. 7.




5. (1) The Commissioner may appoint such inspectors, subinspectors, and other officers as he thinks necessary for the efficient working of this Act, and may remove any person so appointed.

(2) The Commissioner and every such inspector, sub-inspector, and other officer may, by writing under his hand, authorise such other person or persons as he deems necessary to carry or assist to carry this Act into effect.


The Vermin Act.-1914.




6. The following provisions shall apply with respect to the Destruction of vermin destruction of vermin upon Crown lands-

(1) Every District Council may, by resolution, declare any
Crown lands within its District, but which are not within
a Vermin-Fenced District, to be vermin infested:
(2) Where all Crown lands within such District are not
declared vermin infested, such resolution shall specify
the Crown lands to which it refers:

(3) A copy of such resolution shall be forwarded to the Com-
missioner, who, if satisfied that the lands therein
specified are vermin infested, shall forthwith publish in
the Gazette a notice declaring such lands to be vermin
infested, or, if satisfied that such lands are not vermin
infested shall notify the Council to that effect:

(4) When any Crown lands have been declared vermin ininfested under subsection (3) hereof, the Council may declare in respect of such lands such annual rate as is approved by the Commissioner, but not exceeding One Pound per square mile or part thereof, or such additional sum as is recommended by the Surveyor-General and approved by the Commissioner:

(5) The total amount realised by the rate so declared shall be paid by the Commissioner to the Council, and shall be expended by it in and upon the destruction of the vermin on such lands:

(6) At the end of each year the Council shall forward to the Commissioner a statement of the actual expenditure for vermin destruction on Crown lands within the District. Such statement shall be certified as correct by the Chairman and Clerk of the Council:

(7) If the amount expended by the Council is less than the
amount paid to it as aforesaid by the Commissioner, the
Council shall forthwith refund the difference to the

(8) The Commissioner may at any time fence any such vermin
infested Crown lands with a rabbit-proof fence, and such
lands shall upon the completion of such fence, and while
such fence is maintained in an effective condition, cease
to be liable to be rated under subsection (4) hereof:
(9) Where the Commissioner does not approve any rate
declared under subsection (4) hereof, he shall forthwith
take all necessary and proper steps for the destruction of
vermin upon the lands in respect of which such rate was

on Crown lands within District Council Districts. Ibid., s. 8.

7. Except as provided by section 6, the Crown shall be under no Limit of liability for liability for the destruction of vermin upon Crown lands.

destruction of vermin by the Crown.

DIVISION Ibid., s. 9.



Boards, Corporations,

and Councils to destroy

The Vermin Act.-1914.


8. (1) All Boards, Municipal Corporations, District Councils, vermin on their land. and corporate bodies in whom any land is vested, or who have the control of any land, shall, at their own expense, destroy all vermin on the land, not being main or district roads, vested in them respectively, or under their respective controls.

Ibid., s. 10.

Laying of poison for destruction of vermin. 1066, 1911, s. 24 (1), (3).

1135, 1913, s. 14.

Councils and Vermin

Boards to enforce

(2) Municipal Corporations and District Councils may expend any portion of their rates in complying with the provisions of this section.

9. (1) Subject to subsection (2) hereof, it shall be lawful for any Vermin Board or Municipal or District Council, for the purpose of carrying out its duties under this Act with regard to the destruction of vermin, to lay poison or set traps on any land within the District or Municipality of such Board or Council, or on any Crown lands adjoining such District or Municipality.

(2) No poison shall be laid on any land under the provisions of this section unless notice of such poison being laid is conspicuously exhibited on the land, and no poison shall be so laid within one hundred yards of any public road or way.

(3) In this section the expression "any land" includes any Crown lands, notwithstanding the definition of that expression in section 4.

10. All District Councils, Vermin Boards, and Associated Boards destruction of vermin. shall, within their respective Districts (but subject to section 11) strictly enforce the provisions of this Part as to the destruction of vermin.

905, 1905, s. 11.

Lands within District
Councils and Vermin
Ibid., s. 12.

Councils may form
Associated District
Councils Vermin

Ibid., s. 13.

11. (1) Where the whole of the District of a District Council is within a Vermin-Fenced District, the provisions of this Part shall be carried out and enforced by the Vermin Board of such VerminFenced District.

(2) Where portion only of the District of a District Council is within a Vermin-Fenced District, such provisions shall be carried out and enforced-

(a) as regards the portion which is within such Vermin-Fenced District, by the Board of such Vermin-Fenced District: (b) as regards the portion which is not within such VerminFenced District, by the District Council.

12. (1) For the purpose of more effectively carrying out the provisions of this Part for the destruction of vermin, any two or more District Councils whose Districts are contiguous may each nominate annually one of its members to be a member of a Board to be called an Associated District Councils Vermin Board.

(2) Every member so nominated shall (unless he ceases to be a member of the Council by which he was nominated, or resigns his seat on the Board) continue in office for one year from the date of the proclamation referred to in subsection (3) hereof. (3) The

The Vermin Act.-1914.

(3) The Governor may by proclamation declare that such Associated District Councils Vermin Board is constituted, the names and residences of the members thereof, and the boundaries and limits of the District Council Districts under its control.

PART 11.



Ibid., s. 14.

13. (1) When an Associated Board has been duly constituted, Power of Associated all the powers by this Act given to the Associated District Councils relating to the destruction of vermin within the boundaries specified in the proclamation constituting such Board shall be vested in such Board.

(2) Such Board may appoint an inspector or inspectors, and may expend such moneys as are appropriated from its rates by each of the associated District Councils for the purposes of such Board, and generally may undertake such duties and exercise such powers and rights as are conferred by District Councils under this Act.

(3) The amount payable under this section by any of the associated District Councils to the Associated Board shall bear the same ratio. to the aggregate amount payable by the associated District Councils as the amount of the assessment of such Council bears to the aggregate amount of the assessments of the associated District Councils.

14. The seat upon an Associated Board of a member who ceases Resignation of to be a member of the District Council by which he was nominated, member of Associated or who resigns, shall thereupon be declared to be vacated, and a new Ibid., s. 15. nomination by such District Council shall be made.


Ibid., s. 16.

15. Each Associated Board shall continue in existence for three Continuation of years only from the date of the proclamation constituting such Board, unless the Governor by proclamation declares that such Board shall be continued for a further period from time to time, in which case a fresh nomination of members shall take place as hereinbefore provided.

16. The meetings of an Associated Board shall be regulated by the provisions of Part VI. of "The District Councils Act, 1887," SO far as the same are applicable thereto.

Part VI. of District
Councils Act appli-
cable to Associated

Ibid., s. 17.

enforce vermin

Ibid., s. 18.

17. (1) If a District Council, Vermin Board, or Associated Board Penalty for failure to fails to strictly enforce within its District the provisions of this Act destruction. as to the destruction of vermin, any six ratepayers of the District of such Council, Vermin Board, or Associated Board, or any adjoining District Council, Vermin Board, or Associated Board may give notice in writing of such default to the Commissioner.

(2) The Commissioner shall immediately cause an inspection to 940, 1907, s. 2. be made of the District in respect of which the notice was given by a Government inspector, accompanied (if possible) by either the Chairman or the vermin inspector of the complaining District Council, Associated Board, or Vermin Board.


(3) Such



District Councils may declare rate for carrying out Act.

905, 1905, s. 19.

No. 419 of 1887.


Owners and occupiers to destroy vermin. Ibid., s. 20.

Vermin months declared.

Ibid., s. 21, as substituted by 940, 1907, s. 2.

1135, 1913, s. 4.

Power to enter land and search for vermin. 905, 1905, s. 22.

The Vermin Act.-1914.

(3) Such Government inspector shall, after making such inspection, report to the Commissioner.

(4) The Commissioner may, if satisfied that the complaint was well founded, give one month's notice to the District Council, Associated Board, or Vermin Board in default to strictly enforce such provisions.

(5) Any District Council, Associated Board, or Vermin Board failing to comply with such notice shall be liable to a penalty not less than Five Pounds nor more than Twenty Pounds for a first offence, and not less than Twenty Pounds nor more than Fifty Pounds for any subsequent offence, to be paid to the Treasurer for the general purposes of the State.

18. (1) A District Council may, in addition to exercising the power conferred by subsection (2) of section 8, declare an annual rate not exceeding Three Pence in the Pound on all ratable property in the District for the purpose of providing funds to carry out the purposes of this Act.

(2) Such rate may be levied and recovered in the same manner as the general rate under "The District Councils Act, 1887."

(3) Land enclosed with a rabbit-proof fence, which in the opinion of the District Council is erected and maintained in an effective manner, shall be exempt from such rate.

(4) Ratable property within the boundaries of any town shall also be exempt from such rate.


19. Every owner and every occupier of any land shall at all times, and at his own cost and expense, destroy all vermin upon such land, and upon the half width of all roads adjoining the same.

20. (1) In order to better provide for the simultaneous destruction of vermin, such destruction shall, within the District of every District Council, Vermin Board, and Associated Board, be simultaneously proceeded with by all owners and occupiers during the months of January, February, March, and April in each year.

(2) Nothing in this section shall be construed to imply that the destruction of vermin shall not be proceeded with and enforced during the remainder of the year, or that a notice under section 22 may not be given during such simultaneous vermin destruction months.

21. Every authorised person may, with or without assistants-
(a) enter upon any land, or any Crown lands, at any time;
(b) search to ascertain whether any vermin are to be found
upon such land; and

(c) remain upon such land for such time as is reasonably
necessary for the purposes of such search.

22. (1) Where

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