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The Mortgages and Purchases Postponement Act.--1914.

(5) The order of a Judge determining any such summons shall be final; and no order or direction, whether interlocutory or final, in the matter of any such summons, and no other proceeding under this section, shall be appealed against, questioned, or reviewed in any manner whatsoever, or be restrained or removed by prohibition, injunction, certiorari, or otherwise howsoever.

of Act.

11. This Act shall cease to operate at the expiration of the Provision for period of six months immediately following the notification by the terminating operation Governor in the Government Gazette of the signing, on behalf of the United Kingdom, of a treaty of peace terminating the war now existing in Europe: Provided that, with regard to any postponed sum, the period of postponement effected by this Act shall, if it has commenced before such notification, continue until the expiration of such period of postponement.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill.

H L. GALWAY, Governor.

Adelaide By authority, R E. E. ROGERS, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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An Act Relating to the Distribution, Export, and Prices of Foodstuffs and other Commodities, and to compel the Supplying of Information in relation thereto.

[Assented to, September 24th, 1914.]

HEREAS it is expedient, in view of the state of war at the Preamble.
present time existing in Europe, to make provision relating

to the distribution, export, and prices of foodstuffs and other com-
modities, and to compel the supplying of information in relation
thereto-Be it therefore Enacted by the Governor of the State of
South Australia, with the advice and consent of the Parliament
thereof, as follows:

1. This Act may be cited as "The Foodstuffs Commission Act, Short title. 1914."

2. (1) This Act shall come into force on a day to be fixed by the Commencement and Governor by proclamation published in the Government Gazette.

(2) This Act shall have no effect after the notification by the Governor in the Government Gazette of the signing, on behalf of the United Kingdom, of a treaty of peace terminating the war now existing in Europe.

3. In this Act, unless a contrary intention appears-
"Chief Secretary" means the Chief Secretary of the said State,
or other the Minister of the Crown for the time being
discharging the duties of the said Chief Secretary:

[blocks in formation]

termination of Act.


Appointment of

Returns to be supplied to Commission.

Furnishing false


The Foodstuffs Commission Act.-1914.

“Foodstuffs and other commodities" means the goods specified in the first column of the Schedule to this Act, and such other additional goods as are from time to time prescribed by the Governor by regulation:

"Person" includes a firm or corporation:


Regulation" means regulation made under this Act:

"The Commission " means the Commission appointed pursuant to this Act.

"Vessel" includes any ship, lighter, barge, boat, raft, or craft, of whatever description and however navigated.

4. The Governor may appoint a Commission to investigate and from time to time report upon the distribution, export, and prices of foodstuffs and other commodities, and upon


(a) the quantity and distribution thereof;

(b) the probable requirements of the people of the said State in regard thereto;

(c) any attempt by any person to engage in speculative dealings in, or to raise the prices of, foodstuffs and other commodities.

5. (1) Every person having in his possession or control a quantity of any foodstuff or other commodity, being, in the case of any of the foodstuffs or other commodities specified in the first column of the Schedule to this Act, greater than the quantity specified opposite thereto in the second column of the said Schedule, or, in the case any foodstuff or other commodity not specified in the first column of the said Schedule, greater than is prescribed with respect thereto by regulation, shall from time to time, upon being required by the Commission to furnish returns of such foodstuff or other commodity, within such time as is fixed by the Commission furnish such returns, in the form prescribed by regulation, to each of the following authorities, namely:

(a) the Commission; and

(b) such Commission, appointed by the Governor-General of the Commonwealth in Council, as is specified in the requisition by the Commission to furnish such returns;

and any such person failing to so furnish returns shall be guilty of an offence against this Act and shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding One Thousand Pounds.

(2) A requisition by the Commission to furnish returns under this section shall be made by general notice published at least once in the Government Gazette and at least once in the daily newspapers known as The Register, The Advertiser, and The Daily Herald.

6. Any person wilfully furnishing a false return under this Act shall be guilty of an offence against this Act, and shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding One Thousand Pounds, or to be imprisoned for any term not exceeding two years. 7. (1) On

The Foodstuffs Commission Act.-1914.

forfeited on failure of

7. (1) On application made by or on behalf of the Chief Goods may be Secretary, either at the time of the hearing of the information or return, or false subsequently, the Magistrate by whom any person is convicted of return. any offence under section 5 or section 6, may, in addition to imposing a penalty, adjudge the foodstuff or other commodity with respect to which such person failed to furnish a return or furnished a false return, or any part thereof, to be forfeited to the Crown, and the same shall thereupon absolutely vest in and become the property of the Crown.

(2) When any foodstuff or other commodity has been forfeited as aforesaid, it shall be lawful for any member of the Police Force, or any person thereunto authorised in writing by the Chief Secretary, with such (if any) assistants as he thinks necessary, at any time in the day or night, to enter into and search any premises or vessel, or part thereof, where such foodstuff or commodity, or any part thereof, is or is supposed to be, and, if necessary for that purpose, to break into and use force to enter such premises or vessel or part, and to break open and search any chests, trunks, packages, or other things in which such foodstuff or commodity, or part, is or is supposed to be, and to seize and take away the


(3) Any foodstuff or commodity seized under this Act may be taken to and be stored in any place provided by the Chief Secretary for the purpose, and may be sold or otherwise disposed of as he directs.

8. No proceedings for an offence against this Act shall be taken by any person whomsoever without the written consent of the Chief Secretary.

No proceedings
Chief Secretary.

without consent of

9. (1) The Governor may make all such regulations as are Governor may make contemplated by the provisions of this Act, or as he deems necessary regulations.

or convenient for the purposes of this Act, or for more effectually carrying out its objects, and may by any regulation prescribe a

penalty for any breach of that or any other regulation.

(2) All regulations

(a) shall be published in the Government Gazette;

(b) from the date of such publication, or from a later date
fixed by the order making the same, shall (subject to
subsection (3) hereof) be of the same effect as if they
were enacted by this Act; and

(c) shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament within
fourteen days after such publication if Parliament is in
Session, and if not, then within fourteen days after the
commencement of the next Session of Parliament.

(3) If either House of Parliament passes a resolution disallowing any regulation, of which resolution notice has been given at any date within fourteen sitting days of such House after such regulation has


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