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Arrest for debt--Liability of bankrupt to, 266. Liquidation and composition-Coats of the liqui.
Ackroyd, ex parte; re Forth, 174,

Of bankrupt at suit of trusteo-Ilegality- dation proceedings, 361.
Atkinson, ex parte; re Townend, 249.

Discharge-Costs ordered to be paid by Application to register resolutions-Practice
Binks v. Jones, 232.

trustee, 173.

-Tbe use and abuse of proxies, 52.
Bird, re; ex parte Woodcock, 231.

Of debtor-Discharge of improper order Composition-Failure to pay-Second poti.
Buckley, ex parte ; re Rbodes, 158.


tion-No new creditors-Assent, 312.
Butcher, ex parte; re Meldrum, 212.
Bankruptcy reform, 12.

Misrepresentation by debtor Pretended
Cobham v. Dalton, 266.
Bill of sale-Consideration-Solvency of maker-

seizure of goods, 68.
Coker, ex parle ; re Blake, 266.
Delaying oreditor-Act of bankruptcy, 158.

Presence of debtor at meeting, 69.
Collie and Co., re Alexander, 312.
Bona fide creditor-Proof, 231.

Proceedings — Acceptance of composition -
Cooke, re; cx parte Hilder, 406.

Composition-Delay in payment of-Rights of Restraining order-Duties of trustee, 330.
Cooper, ex parte; re Baillie, 231.
creditor, 12.

Resolution granting discharge-No assets-
Daking, re; ex parle Denston, 12.

Delivery of fi. fa. to the sheriff-Goods bound Refusal to register, 212.
Davies, re Durid, 231.

notwitbstanding composition accepted, Meeting-Non-attendance of creditors-Voting by
Douglas, ex parte; re Watson, 63.


proxies-Resolution-Refusal to register, 406.
Hainsworth, re, 403.

Failure to pay-Injunction, 12.

Order and disposition-Purchase of piano by
Hodgkin and others, ex parte; re Softley, 33.

Registration of resolutions-Proxies of rela. quarterly payments, 421.
Holmes, re; ex parte Goold, 53.

tives of debtor-Bona fides, 173.

Partners- Joint and separate ostate-Secured
Hook, ex parte; re Carth, 230, 248.
Costs-Higher and lower scale, 68.

creditors-Right of projf against each estate,
Hopkinson, ex parte ; re Halliday, 421.

Rule 292 of Bankroptcy Roles 1870, 232. 174.
Jeffries, re Robert Hall, 105.

Debtor and creditor-Bankruptcy of' debtor- | Personal labour of bankrupt-Bankrupt may sue
Kempson, re, 173.
Transfer by way of purchase, 403.

for pending bankruptcy, 407.
Keyeell v. Paddow, 407.

Debtor's summons-Failure to moet-Petition in Petitioning creditor-Assignee of debt-An
Minoggio, re, 266.
bankruptcy, 195.

assignee of a debt may present a peti ion in his
Morgan, re, 361.

Disclaimer of lease-Failure to disclaim-Juris. own name, 231.
North Wilts Banking Company, ex parte Tbe; diction of court to order payment of rent, Froof - Banker and customer - Admissions-
re Bowns, 194.

Statement of account between debtor and cre.
Robert, R. John, 68, 123.

Distress-Time for replevy-Order and disposi. ditor-When conclusive - Fraud - Statute of
Robertson, ex parte ; re Morton, 122.
tion, 249.

Limitations—Bill of sale and mortgage - Volun.
Sabel, ex parte ; re Jones, 248.

Execution creditor-Levy under £50—Adjudica. tary-Validity of, 194.
Staff, re, 212.

tion-Notice-Rights of creditor and trustee, Of debts-Double proof-Out-tanding bills
Street, re Alfred, 250.

of exchange-Bills passed in payment of
Thompson, re, 351.
Fraudulent Preference, 105, 202, 406.

goods sold - Accommodation acceptances,
Twentyman, re,

Pressuro-Assignment-Effoot of-Rights of 122.
Walker, re J. B., 12.

billholders – Double insolvency – Double Resolution of creditors-Transfer of proceedirg',
Whitehouse, re, 248

right to proof, 33.

Whitfield, ré John, 69, 232.

How bankruptcy affairs are managed, 422. Retracting proof-Attachment of specific debt,
ex parte; re Veater, 195.

Injunction-Action against partners – Bankruptcy 53.
Wood, re, 173.

of one, 351.

Scotch creditor-Jurisdiction of English court,
Woods, re ; ex parte James and others, 122.

Bankruptcy not a bar to the action-Rights 123.
of debtor, 266.

Seizure under execution-What is taking posses.
Directions to trustees, 231.

sion-Responsibilities of high bailiff, 250.
Act of bankruptcy-Assignment of property- Leaseholds-Disclaimer - Failure to disclaim- | Taxation of an accountant's charges in liquida.
Adjudication, 247.
Liability of trustee Jurisdiction, 230.

tion, 330.


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Adams, (an articled clerk), Re, 54.
Admission on the rolls of attorneys, 141.
Advocacy, 70.
Agents in County Courts, 54.
Agricultural Holdings Act 1875, The, 87.
Attendance expenses in County Courts, 100.
Auctioneers, 11.
Bankruptcy – Liquidation - Powor to adjourn
meetings, 143.

Reform, 88.
Scales of costs, 88.

Trustees, 14.
Centres under the Judicature Act, 362.

Commissioners for taking oaths and affidavits Disclaimer, 270.
under the Judicatore Acts, 370.

Dower and Frue Benob, 36, 180, 197.
Commissioners for affidavits, 352, 362.

Eucation of Sulicicors, Tue, 108, 113.
Costs under the Judicature Acte, 352.

Excine Officers before Magistrate-, 160.
Counsel and solicitoro, 352.

Exlusion of Atiorueye (rum á rize Courte, 316.
County Courts, The, 55.

Excution between live of Ging Pet tontor
County Court Act 1875, 371.

Liquidation and Accrptall out cun yo iluli, v.v.
Admiralty Jurisdiction, 383.

Execution o--- Baubruptı:y, 113.
Agente, 213.

Finai Examination, Easter Term 1873, 89, 10
Amendment Bill, The, 54, 55.

High Bailiffs of County Courto, 143.
Solicitors and London Agents, 37.

Honours and Authorship noticed in the Law List,
Damages in cases of Collision at Sea, 423.

Debating Societies, 71.

At the Intermediate Ezamination, 160, 180.

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