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Eldred. The Great Western Railway Company,


Foster v. London, Chatham, and Dover Railway

Company, 390.

Freeman v. The Great-Eastern Railway Company,

Gibbs v. Great Western Railway Company, 229.

Gorham and Warner v. Carey, 142.

Great Eastern Railway Company v. Mason, 267.
Greenaway v. Greenaway, 301.
Hargreaves v. Sulker, 51.

Harting v. The North London Railway Company,

Hickman v. The Trustees of the Birmingham
United Legal Friendly Burial Society, 246.

Hill v. Hesselby, 178.


Admiralty Jurisdiction in the County Courts,

Advocates in County Courts-Audience refused
to railway inspector, 229.

Agents in County Courts, 178.

Artists-The rights and liability of rehearsals,

Auctioneers-Charges by, for legal work, 52.

Bailment for reward-Care of animals-Negli-

gence of bailee-Action for keep-Plea of de-

terioration of the stock-Set-off, 178.

Bench and the Bar, The-Professional decorum,

Carriage cf coals-Contract-Right of railway
company to make regulations, 105.
Passengers-Tourist-Delay-Taking special
train-Conditions, 176.

Hollingsworth v. London, Chatham, and Dover Carriers-Consignment note signed by marksmen

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Unpunctuality-Liability of plaintiff to prove

"wilful misconduct "-Nonsuit, 230.

Charge against a high bailiff, 157.
Commentary on an appeal, a County Court
Judge's, 140.

Complaint against bailiffs and under bailiffs, 141.
Contract for builder's work-Stipulated sum-
Certificate of architect-Written agreement
after dispute, 51.

Statute of Frauds-Tender on delivery, 87.
Costs in County Courts, 120.

Scott v. London and North-Western Railway County Court agents-Practice, 193.

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Law Magazine and Review, 151.

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Accommodation Bills and False Pretences, 221.
Adulteration Law, The New, 397.
Agency, Definitions and Divisions of, 239.

Essentials of Ratification, 297, 337, 415.
Parties to the Contract of, 277, 307.
Ratification; Express and Implied, 377.

Agents, The Appointment of, 258.

Agricultural Holdings Act, 1875, The Jurisdiction
of County Courts under the, 297.
Application to commit a Solicitor for declining to
answer Questions on an Examination of Wit-
nesses before the Registrar, 341.
Against Attorneys, 167.

Artizans' Dwellings Act, The, 338.

Bets and Betting Houses, 336.

Bills of Sale Amendment Bill, 79.

Priority amongst Holders of, 240.

Business in the County Courts, 222.
Cairns, Lord, 21.

Carriers by Sea-The Liability of, 114.
Circuits and Assizes, The, 347, 357, 367.
Committal of Smallbones, The, 239.
Companies Act 1887, The 38th section of the, 22.
Construction of certain Sections of the Ballot
Act (35 & 36 Vict. c. 33), The, 43.
Control exercised by the Superior Courts over the
Decisions of Domestic Tribunals, The, 5.
Conversions as applied to Sales by Purchasers
without notice of Fraud, The Law of, 366.

Coroners' Law, 324.

Corrupt Practices Prevention Acts-The Report

of the Select Committee on the, 115.

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Objection to articles, 88.

Particulars of debating society, 55.

Patent, 391.

Perpetuity, 161.

Petition for liquidation, 302.

Poor rate assessment, 197.
Powers, 317.

Preparation of deed under seal of accountant, 409.
Preparing for the intermediate examination, 423.
Probate duty, 88.

Procuring admission, 371.
Proprietary chapels, 15.
Protection order, 55.

Public footpaths-Bicycles, 362.
Purchase of vicarage, 371.

Questions at Hilary Term examination, 371.
At the intermediate examination, 269.
Railway accommodation gates, 391.
Reading for examination, 352, 362.

For intermediate examination, 371.
Registrar's clerk acting as advocate, 392.
Remission of Term under articles, 362.
Rent-Winding-up, 88.
Sale of land, 71.

Shop goods, 161.

-Purchase money, 88.

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High Constable of the Town of
Lewes, 92.
Lawrence, E., 56.
Layard, J. G., 198.
Levy, H., 353.
Lock, R., 343.
Martin, T., 303.

Masterman, W. V., 321.
Moon, W., 322.
Moore, C. W., 145.

J. C., 56.

Norton, F., 236.

Page, G. H., 145.
Payne, T. W., 217.

Pollock, Sir Frederick, 198.
Price, R. J. L., 303.

Pullen, J., 145.

Rawlinson, J., 74. Roberts, C. T. K., 333. Robson, S., 353.

Shepard, J. A., 74, 345.
Swann, J., 427.
Thatcher, G., 109.
Thimbleby, T., 236.
Thomas, R., 273.
Timmins, J. A., 198.
Weeks, T. H., 303.
Wheeler, Serjeant, 543.
White, C., 503.

Worllege, E. W., 217.
Wright, J. K., 127.
Wyles, H., 56.

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