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Liquidations by Arrangement.

STEVENS, FREDERICK KENNEDY, upholsterers' trimming manu-
facturer, Charlotte-st, Fitzroy.sq. Pet. Oct. 14. Nov. 1, at two,

MEACHAM, JAMES EDWIX, chemist, Birmingham. Pet. Oct. 9. at office of Beesley and Gray, accountants, 4, King-st, Cheap

Nov. 8, at twelve, at office of Sols. Hawkes and Weekes, Birside.


Sol. Walmisley, Metropolitan-bldge, Queen
THOMAS, JAMES, tailor, Maesycwmmer, par. of Bedwas. Pet. Oct.

MILLER, HENRY, bootmaker, Weston-super-Mare. Pet. Oct. I.
Gazette, Oct, 22.
21. Nov. 30, atone, at office of J. Collins, jun., accountant, 39,

Nov. 5, at two, at office of Sol. Beckingham, Bristol Broad-st, Bristol., in lieu of the place originally named.

MILES, GEORGE, the younger, butcher, Burnham. Pet. Oct. 2 ADAM, JOHX, tutor, Roslyn-villa, Bickerton-rd, Highgate. Pet. TOPE, JAMES, tailor, St. Mary Church, Pet. Oct. 19. Nov. 4, at

Nov. 8, at three, at 2 Regent-st, Burnham. Sol. Chapman,

Oct. 15. Nov.3, at three, at office of Sol. Hubbard, London Joint eleven, at offices of T. Andrew, 13, Bedford-circus, Exeter.
Stock Bank-chmbs, Weet Smithfield

Sols. Hooper and Wollen, Torquay

MILLS, JOSEPH PHILIP, fisherman, Ramsgate, in the Isle of

Thanet. Pet. Oct. 22. ADNY, JAMES, chair maker, Newland, in Chepping Wycombe. TOWNSEND, ALFRED, Finstall, par. Stoke Prior. Pet. Oct. 19.

Nov. 8, at one, at the Spread Eagle, Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 4, at eleven, at the Falcon hotel, High Nov. 5, at eleven, at the Golden Cross hotel, Bromsgrove. Sol.

High-st, Ramsgate. Sol. De Lasaux Wycombe. Sol. Mawson, Great Marlow

Dodd, Bromsgrove

MORGAN, CHARLES. grocer, Beaufort, in the par. of Llanga tock. ADEY, JOHN JAMES, plumber, Birmingbam. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. WALL, THOMAS SMITH, oilman, Bristol. Pet. Oct. 20. Oct. 30, at

Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 8, at twelve, at office of Messrs. Tribe, 3, at three, at office of Sol. Jaques, Birmingham eleven, at office of M. H. Clark, accountant, High-st, Bristol.

Clarke, and Co., 30, High-st, Newport. Sol. Gibbs, Newport ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM, horse dealer, Kendal. Pet. Oct. 15. Nov. Sol. Thick, Bristol

MORRIS, THOMAS, butcher, Liverpool. Pet. Oct. 22. Nor. $* 5. At eleven, at the Board Room, Market-pl, Kendal. Sols. WALLIS, FREDERICK, farmer, Finedon. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. 11, at

three, at office of Gibson and Bolland, 10, South John-st., Ltrer Thomson and Wilson, Kendal eleven, at offices of Cook and Parker, solicitors, Church-st,

pool, Sols. Barrell and Rodway, Liverpool ATHERTON, JOHN, out of business, Castle Northwich. Pet. Oct. Wellingborough. Sol. Parker, Wellingborough

NEALE, JOHN, furniture dealer, Strand, Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 1, 18. Nov. 2, at three, at office of Sol. Bent, Manchester WILKS, JACOB, jeweller, Birmingham. Pet.Oct. 18. Nov. 2, at

two, at the Guildhall tavern, King-st, Cheapside. Sols, Mesar. BALDWIN, GODFREY CLEMENT KYNNERSLY, cabinet maker, eleven, at office of Sol. Davies, Birmingham

Brandon,, Strand Bristol. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. 3, at two, at office of Sols, Baker and WILSON, WILLIAM WILLEY, bookseller, Stockton. Pet, Oct. 20.

NEROL'TSOS, GEORGE DEMETRIUS, merchant, East Indis-avenue, Langworthy, Bristol Nov. 5, at two, at the West Riding hotel, Leeds

Leadenhall-st, London, and Manchester. Pet. Oct. 2. Sori, DATES, CHARLES, brick merchant, Sittingbourne. Pet. Oct. 16. WIXSFORD, WILLIAM FRANCIS, builder, Kennington-park-rd.

at three, at office of Messrs. Grundy and Kershaw, 31, Bcth-st,

Manchester. Xov. 1, at twelve, at office of Brook and Chapman, Wool Ex. Pet. Oct. 9. Nov. 1, at three, at office of Sols. Hicklin and Wash.

Sols. Pritchard, Englefield, and Co., Pacters' change, Coleman st. Bank. Sol. Gibson, Sittingbourne ington, Trinity.sq, Borough

Hall, Little Trinity-la, London BENNETT, JOHN, cabinet maker, Birmingham. Pet. Oct. 20. WINTER, HENRY LLEWELLYN, teacher of music, Kingston-on.

NINNES, EDWARD, tailor, Strand, and Brixton-rd. Pet. Oct, :1. Nov.5' at two, at office of Sol, Cheston, Birmingham Thames. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov, s, at two, at office of Sol. Hancock,

Nov. 11, at one, at office of Sol. Barron, Queen-st, Cannon-st BENNETT, THOMAS, cloth manufacturer, Rose-mills, in the par, of New-inn

O'HANLON, HENRY, and O'HANLOX, CHARLES, manataterers' I'minster, and Mount Radford, in the par. of St. Leonard's

Gazette, Oct. 26.

agents, Manchester. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 3, at four, at the of Exeter, under firm of the Ilminster Cloth Company. Pet. Oct.

Sols. Boote and Edgar, Manchester 16. Oct. 23, at eleven, at the Bude Haven hotel, Exeter, in lieu | ACOCKS, CHARLES MARTIN, shoemaker, Barnsley. Pet. Oct. 23. OSMAX, HENRY, butcher. Freemantle. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 8, at of the place originally named Nov. 13, at half-past ten, at office of Sol. Parker, Barnsley

three, at office of Sol. Shutte, Southampton BIGGINS, LEWIS, furniture dealer, Blaydon-on-Tyne. Pet. Oct. ALEXANDER, EDGAR DOUGLAS, brewer, Springfield Brewery, OWEN, JOHN GRIFFITH, draper, Bethesda. Pet. Oct. 1. So

18. Nov. 2, at two, at offices of Sols, Messrs Joel, Newcastle Sydenham, and Roland.ter, Wells.rd, Sydenham, and Commer- at half past twelve, at office of Sols. Barber and Flugbe, BIGAS, LEVI, mason, Bristol.

Pet. Oct. 30. Nov. 5, at twelve, at

cial-rd, Peckham. Pet, Oct. 21. Nov. 10, at two, at office of Sol. office of Sol, Clifton, Bristol

Chalk, Moorgate-st

PADGETT, JOHN, commission agent, Cold Harbour-la, Canber. BIRKBECK, MARY, grocer, Middlesbrough. Pet. Oct. 11. Oct. AMATT, DAVID, out of business, Nottingham. Pet. Oct. 23. Nov well. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 8, at two, at office of Sol. Swise, 30. itt twelve, at offices of Sol. Teale, Middlesbrough

19, at three, at office of Sols, Cranch and Strond, Nottingham Cheupside BOWYER, WILLIAM EDWIN, tea broker, Cullum-st. Pet. Oct. 16. AMES, SAMUEL, manufacturer of cigars, Bethnal Green rd. Pet. PAPE, JOI! X, farmer, Thorpe Dales. Pet. Oct. 19. Sor. 63: Nov. 8, at twelve, at office of Sol. Pettengill, Walbrook

Oct. 21. Nov. 8, at three, at office of Sol, Turner, Leadenhall-st three, at office of Sols. Messrs. Walker, Sons, and Ribes, BRADSOCK, CHARLES, egg merchant, Birmingham Pet. Oct. 18. BAKER, THOMAS, carpenter, Regent's Park-rd. Pet. Oct. 20. Spilshy Nov. 4, at three, at office of Sols. Messrs. Canning, Birming. Nov. 12, at twelve, at office of Sol. Plunkett, Gutter-la

PAWSOX, THOMAS, plumber, Newark. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. &, 29 hum

BALME, JOHN, confectioner, Huddersfield. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. twelve, at office of Sols. Messrs. Saunders and Bradbury, BREWIN. CHARLES VIGERSTAFF, hairdresser, Grantham. Pet. 5, at three, at offices of Sol. Ainley, Huddersfield

Birmingham Oct. 18. Nov. 12, at twelve, at the Mall hotel, Grantham Sols BELLATTI, CHARLES, watchmaker, Holbeach. Pet. Oct. 21. PENNEY, CHARLES GREGORY, merchant, Great Torerst, L. Everill and Turner

Nov. 8, at twelve, at ofice of Sols. Caparn and wildens, don, and Liverpool. Pet. Oct. 9. Nov. 5, at two, at foc! BROOKE, HENRY, corn dealer, Wyke Champflower, in Bruton.


Sols, Messrs. Harper, Broad, and Battcock,, E.C. l'et Oct. 15. Nov. 3, at three, at the George hotel, Castle Carey. BROWN, JOHN THOMAS, potato merchant, Nottingham. Pet. PRYOR, HENRY, grocer, Wellington-rd North Honn-low. Peu Sol. Hobbs, jun.

Oct. 23. Nov. 12. at eleven, at office of Sol. Smith, Nottingham Oct. 22. Nov. 28, at three, at %, Borough High-st, Soathi BROWN. WILLIAM CARTWRIGHT, fish salesman, Great Grimsby. BURGESS, JAMES LANBIE, advertising agent, Morton-rd, Isling- Sols. Simpson and Palmer, Borough High-st, London Bridge Pet Oct 19. Nov, 5, at eleven, at office of Sols. Grange and

ton. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 10, at two, at the Chamber of Commerce, RAPKIN, SAMUEL, fish salesman, Billingsgate. Pet. Oct. Wintringham, Great Grimsby 145, Cheapside. Sols. Dunn and Palmer, New Broad-st

10, at eleven, at office of Messrs. Hastings and Co., accountant, BUTT, JOHN GEORGE, brush manufacturer, Kingsland-rd. and BUTLER, THOMAS PA'L, colour merchant, Clapham-rd. Pet. 271, High Holborn

Wildcr-gdns. Pet. Oct. 19. Nov. 5, at three, at the Guildhall Oct. 22. Nov. 8, at three, at office of Sol. Webster,, RAVEN, WILLIAM, brewer, Fryerning. Pet. Oct. 2. Nov. , tavern, Sols. Eust and Funston Holborn

twelve, at office of Sol. Woodard, Ingram-ct, Fenchurch COGWELL, JAMES HENRY, clothier, Trowbridge. Pet. Oct. 20. CHAPMAN, MILES WILLIAM, commission agent, North Lynn. REES, WILLIAM, dairyman, Summerford-st, North WWE Sov. 4, at twelve, at offices of Sol, Rodway, Trowbridge

Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 8, at eleven, at office of Sol. Seppings, jun., chapel. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 6, at three, at office of Sols. Ele COOPER, JOSEPH, confectioner, Newcastle. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov, King's Lynn

and Eagles, John-st. Bedford-row 4, at iwo, at office of Sol. Winship, Newcastle

CLEMENTS, JAMES MOORE, sewing machine manufacturer, Rix, NATHANIEL VICTOR, iron merchant, Royal Exchange Cox, HENRY FABIAN, coal merchant's clerk, Portsea. Pet. Oct. Birmingham. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 9, at eleven, at office of Sol. buildings, London, and High-st, Shadwell, and Rochester. Pe 16. N:»v. 2, at four, at office of Sol. King, Portsea Davies, Biriningham

Oct. 21. Nov. 18. at two, at the City Terminus hotel, Canto, GRAIG, ROBERT. corn merchant, Liverpool. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov, COOLE, ALFRED, draper, Bath. Pet. Oct. 22, Nov. 8, at one, at Sols. West and King, Cannon-st

9, at two, at office of Harmood, Banner, and Son, 24, North John- the Chamber of Commerce, 145, Cheapside. Sol. Wilton, Bath ROBINSON, ISAAC, brazier, Dewsbury. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. &, st *t, Liverpool. Sols. Messrs, Bateson, Liverpool

COLEMAN, ABRAHAM, auctioneer, Swindon. Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. eleven, at office of Sol. Walker, Dewsbury DEAY JAMES, grocer, Brighton. Pet. Oct. . Nov. 6, at eleven, 6, at half past ten, at the Bell hotel, Swindon. Sols. Kinnier and SCOTT, JAMES, tailor, Esh Village. Pet. Oct. 33

Sor. 11, at offices of Bertie, and Drawbridge, 7, Great James-st, Bed. Tombs, Swindon

at eleven, at office or sol. Maw, jun., Bishop Auckland ford-row, Sol. Goodman, Brighton

DADSON, WILLIAM FREDERICK PORTLOCK, retired captain in the SMITH, JOHN, fish merchant, Gloucester. Pet. Oct. SOT, 17 DIBBENS, EDMUNT), grocer, Titchfield. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. 3, at Royal Marine Light Infantry, Golden-sq. Pet. Oct. 22.

Nov. 8,

at hall.past two, at office of Sol. Haines. Gloucester four, at office of Sol. King, Port sea

at two, at office of Sols. Messrs. Shepheard, Finsbury-circus TAYLOR, HENRY, licensed victualler, Wolverhampton. Pesos DOWLES, EDWARD, fshmonger, Nottingham. Pet. Oct. 19. Nov. DAWSON, EDWARD, out of business, Redear. Pet. Oct, 22. Nov. 23. Nov. 9, at eleven, at office of Sol. Barrow, Wolverhamp 8, at twelve, at office of Sol. Fraser, Nottingham 8, at two, at office of Sol. Wilkes, Darlington

THOMPSON, CHARLES, out of business, Ashton, near Presets EDWARDS, DIADEMIA MARY, late tobacconist, Bedminster, DENTE, MARCO, Manchester. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 11, at three, at Pet. Oct. 23. Nov. 16, at eleven, at Office of sol. Thoughts Bristol. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 6, at eleven, at office of Sol. Essery, offices of Sols. Grundy and Kershaw, Manchester

Preston Bristol

DRUITT, HENRY, and DRUITT, CHARLES, merchants, Fenchurch- TRUE, GEorge, provision dealer, Great Grineby. Pet. 04. ELLIS, WILLIAM, umbrella furniture manufacturer, Birmingham. st. Pet. Oct. 21. Jan. 15, at twelve, at the Guildhall tavern, Nov. 8, at eleven, at offices of Sols, Grange and Wintrapes, Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 4, at two, at office of Sol. Rawlings, BirmingGuildhall yard. Sol. Gregson, Angel.ct, Throgmorton-st

Great Grimsby ham

EARNSHAWE, CHARLOTTE, potato seller, Leeds. Pet. Oct. 20. UPTON, GEORGE Evans, and HUSSEY, THOMAS ALFRID, SITE GOFTON, JAMES, victualler, Leeds. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. 4, at two, Nov. 9, at three, at office of Sol, Malcolm, Leeds

smiths, St. James's-st, Piccadilly. 'Pet. Oct. 9. NR.TA at office of Sols, Bond and Barwick, Leeds

EYERS, WILLIAM WELLS, grocer, Amersham. Pet. Oct. 21. tvo, at the Inns of Court hotel, High Holborn, Sola, Latvijas GOR, JACOB, baker, Broughton Gifford. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 5, Nov. 10, at two, at the Griffin inn, Amersham

Lewis,, Holborn at twelve, at office of Sol. Beaven, Branford FISHER, PETER beerhouse keeper, West Bromwich. Pet. Oct. WAGNER, HENRY ROBERT, contractor, Victoria Parks

, sest GOUGH, WILLIAM, file manufacturer, Wolverhampton. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 8, at three, at office of Sol. Shakespeare, Oldbury st, Buckingham-pate. Pet. Oct. 20. Kor. 11, at imre

, 18. Nov. 2, at eleven, at ottice of 'Sols. Stratton and Rudland, FOREMAN, CHARLES, livery stable keeper, Clifton ville. Pet. Guildhall coffee-house, Gresham-st. Sols. 'Reed and Lheil Wolverhampton

Oct. 23, Nov. 15, at three, at office of Sol. Goodman, Brighton Guildhall-chambers, Basinghall-st HARRIS, WILLIAM JOHX, brassfounder, Birmingham. Pet. Oct. FRECKNALL, WILLIAM, schoolmaster, Milford. Pet. Oct. 16. WARNER, EDWARD, tobacconist, Folkestone. Pet. 04. 11. So, 16. Nov. 3, at twelve, at office of Sol. Harrison, Birmingham Nov. 4, at hali.past twelve, at office of M1. Richard Sharp, High- 6, at eleven, at the Angel hotel, Tunbridge. sol. Palmer

, Tel: HILLA, GEORGE EDMUND, builder, Upper Mitcham. Pet. Oct. 9. st, Lymington. Sol, Sharp, Christchurch

bridge Nov. 2, at three, at office of Sol. Cattlin, Guildhall-yd

FULSTON, JOHN DICKINSON, farmer, Alkborough. Pet. Oct. 20. WATTS. JOHN, carpet dealer, Burdett-rd, Mile End Pet, 0,5 HOLLAND, WILLIAM HENRY, builder, Pembroke-sq, Kensington,

Nor. 0. nt one, at the Angel inn, Brigg. Sols. Grange and Nov. 11, at two, at office of 'Sol. Brown, Basinghall-st and Earl's Court-rd. Pet. Oct. 19. Nov. 3, at twelve at office

Wintringham, Great Grimsby

WATTS, REV. CRANBOURNE ARTHUR,"clerk in holy cier of Sols. Messrs. Shepheard, Finsbury.circus

GAUNT, SAMUEL, plumber, Stretford. Pet. Oct. 23. Nov. 10, at Tilton-on-the-Hiu. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. 3, ai three, aceste Ol'ER, STEPHEN HORN, out of business, Starcross. Pet. Oct. three, at offices of Sols. Hardings, Wood, and Wilson, Manches- Sol. Owston, Leicester Nov. 8, at eleven, at office of Sol. Campion, Exeter ter


Fatter, Bradford. Pet. Oct. 29. No. , HUBY, WILLIAM, boot manufacturer, Portsea. Pet. Oct. 19. GILL, THOMAS, bootmaker, Barrow-in-Furness. Pet. Oct. 21.

at . Hutchinson, Nov. 5, at four, at office of J. Wainscot, 9, Union-st, Portsea, Nov. 4, at eleven, at Sharp's hotel, Barrow-in-Furness. Sol. WHITE, JOHN, grocer, Knackersknowle. Pet.Oct. 2 No.3, . HUXTABLE, JOHN HENRY, architect, Ilfracombe. Pet. Aug. 19.

Taylor, Barrow-in Furness

eleven, at office of Sol. Dawe, Plymouth Nov. 13, at eleven, at the Clarence hotel, Exeter. Sol. Thorne, GLEAVE, DAVID, watchmaker, Salford. Pet. Oct. 23. Nov. 8, WHITFIELI), WILLIAM, builder, North Shields. Pet. Det Bintuple at twelve, at office of Sol. Gould, Manchester

Nov. 5, at three, at ottice of Sols. Duncan and Dancan, s JACKSON, JOSEPII, commission agent, Lower Broughton. Pet. HALLETT, CYRUS, MANNING, EDWIN ECCLES, and PRENTIS, Shields 01.30. Nov.5, at four, at office of Sol, Best, Manchester HENRY, merchants, Pet. Oct. 22. Nov. 6, at one, WILLIAMS, JOHN WARD, iron founder, Abertillery. Pet

... JERIY, GEORGE, plumber South Shields. Pet. Oct. 19. Nov. 3, at the London Tavern, Bishopsgate-st. Sols, Stocken and Jupp, Nov 5, at three, at the Queen's hotel, Nexport: Sol. Bare at thyer, nt office of Sol. Rennoldron, South Shields Lime-street-square

Tredegar JOXEN, JOHN KNIGHT, accountant, Longton. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov, HAND, THOMAS, farmer, Frampton. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 6, at

WIMPENNEY, WILLIAM BROOK, and CROSSLEY, FRED, 1, at eleven, at the Crown and Anchor hotel, Longton eleven, at office of Sol. Bean, Boston

grinders, Morley. Pet. Oct, 22.

Nov. 8, at three, at ottice ch JONES, THOMAS, cooper, Hanley. Pet. Oct. 15. Oct. 26, at three, HANKINS, WILLIAM, cheese factor, Merthyr Tydni. Pet. Oct. 21. Mr. J. D. Good, Union-st, Dewsbury. sol. Ibberson, Dersberg ats, Chonpside, Hanley. Sol. Ashmall, Hanley Nov. 5, at twelve, at office or Sol. Beddoe, Merthyr Tydni

WOODWORTH, William, commercial traveller, muss side. Kui LECHI, ROBERT, tailor, Dean-street, Soho. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. 5, HARRIS, WILLIAM, baker, Banwell. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov. 4, at two, Oct, 23. Nov. 12, at four, at office of Sol. Best, Manchester at twelve, at office of Sol. Plunkett, Gutter-la at office of Messrs. William Tricks, Son, and Co., City-chmbrs,

WONGAN, TOM FORESTER, grocer. Yorkley, near Lrdney Pet MARCIANT, ALFRED. jun., accountant, Bristol. Pet. Oct. 20.

Nicholas-st, Bristol, Sol. Clifton, Bristol

Oct. 20. Nov 5, at two,' at office of Messrs. Barnard, Thor NOV. ll, at two, at office of Sol. Roper, Bristol

HASSALL, ELIJAH, and HASSALL, EDMUND, printers, Staly. Tribe, and Co, public accountants, Albion-chmbre Salsa MEAD. CHARLES, corn merchant, Bromley. Pet. Oct. 14. Nov, 1, bridge, and Chester. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. 1, at three, at the Bristol at two, at office of Hadgell and Dell, 37, Sol.

Whent heat inn, Ashton-under-Lyne

WRIGHT, GEORGE, engineer, Masbrongh, par. Rotherban. A Plunkett,

HODGSON, SAMUEL, rope maker, Morley. Pet.Oct 23. Nov, 9, Oct. 21. Nov. 10,'at three, at the ship hotei, Rotherbam. sal MORTIMER, JOHN, bootmaker, Batley. Pet. Oct. 19. Nov. 5, at

at three, at office of Mr.J. D. Good, Union-st, Newsbury. Sol. Favell thrre, at the Commercial hotel, Leeds. Sol. Wooler, Batley

Ibberson, Dewsbury
MOSESSON, JACOB, furniture dealer, West Hartlepool. Pet. Oct. HOBSON, WILLIAM, mason, Ashton-under-Lyne. Pet. Oct. 21.

18. Nov. 3, at eleven, at office of Sol. Hodgson, Birmingham Nov. 5,at two, at office of Mr. J. T. Hughes, auctioneer and
MYERA BENJAMIN WILLIAMS, salesman, New Brighton. Pet. acoountant, Old-sq, Ashton-under-Lyne
04.18 Nov. 3, at three, at office of Sols. Quelch and Greenway, HOLDEX, GEORGE, jun., licensed victualler, Walsall. Pet. Oct.

Gazette, Oct. 15.

21. Nov. 5, at eleven, at office of Sol, Glover, Walsall NELMEN, ELLEX, greengrocer, Bedminster, in Bristol. Pet. Oct. HONEYMAX. JOSEPH, flour merchant, South Shields, and North

ALBERT, JOHN BARROWCLIFFE, draper, Blackburn, tredisk in

Edmundson and Whitehead 2. Oct. 30, at eleven, at office of Sol. Esgery, Bristol

Shields. Pet. Oct. 23. Nov. 9, at three, at office of Sol. Bell,
O'SI'LLIVAN, PATRICK, house agent, Northampton-st, Essex-rd,
South Shields

Gazette, Oct. 22.
Islington. Pet. Oct. 14. Oct, 29, at three, at the Ingleby taveru, INGHAM, RICHARD, builder, Lineholme, near Todmorden. Pet.

CRAWSHAW, Johx, and STEPHENSON, JOHN TAYLOR, drysaltet Groverd, Upper Holloway. Sol. Goatley Oct. 22. Nov. 10, at half past eleven, at the Queen hotel, Tod.

OWEN, JAMES, chemist, Birmingham. Pet. Oct. 20. Nov, 5, at morden. Sols. Mesers, Eastwood, Todmorden
tleren, ut office of Sol. Davies, Birmingham

JACKNON, ROBERT, farmer, New.holme, in par. Wressle. Pet.
PARKS CHARLES JAMES, builder, Foley-st, Marylebone. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 10, at eleven, at office of Sol. Bantoft, Selby
Oct. 19. Nov. 8, at three, at office of Sol. Irving, Serjeant's-inn,
JACOB, MOSEN LEVI, wholesale jeweller, Biriningham. Peť. Oct. BIRTHS,


21. Nov. 5, at twelve, at the Queen's hotel, Birmingham. Sol. PEARSON, ALFRED, provision denler, Rotherham. Pet. Oct. 15. Hodgson, Birmingham

BIRTHS. Nov. 1, at twelve, at office of Sol. Tattershall, Sheffield

JOHNSON, ALEXANDER, of no occupation, Navarino-rd, Hackney. PO CE, JOSEPH, tin-plate worker, Hanley. Pet. Oct. 11. Oct. 26, Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 4, at three, at Office of Sol. Salaman, King-st,

CRAIGIE.-On the 19th inst., at 105, Portedown.mad, Ma!carile at eleven, at 24, Cheapside, Hanley. Sol, Shires, Leicester Cheapside

the wife of E. W. Craigie, Esq., barrister-at-law, of a dangere RIGBY. HELEX, stay maker, Warrington. Pet. Oct. 18. Nov. JONES, EVAN, out of business, Cleveland-st, Mile End-rd. Pet.

GARROLD.-On the 21th' inst, at 17, Widemarsb-street, Here 8. *t thrie, ut office of Sol. Boyle, Warrington Oct. 21. Nov. 8, at three, at office of Sols. Evans and Eagles,

ford, the wife of Thomas W. Garrold, solicitor, of a dwukier. ROAKE, HENRY, wine merchant. Vine tavern, Mile-end-rd. Pet. Jobn-st, Bedford row

GREEN.-On the 23th inst., at 3, St. Edmund's-terrace, Reser Oct 15. Nov 9, at three, at office of Sols. Lowless and Co., St. JONEN, JOUN, licensed victualler, Polypant hotel, in the par. of

park, the wife of G. Sangster Green, barrister-at-lam, 50 Martin's law, Cannon-st Dolwyddelen. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 5, at twelve, at the Erskine

daughter. ROSENBERO. MARKS, hat manufacturer, Whitechapel-rd. Pet. Arms hotel, Conway. Sol. Jones, Conway

KENNEDY.-On the 2nd inst., at 8, Linden-cardens, Bayswster Oct. 21

the wife of Gilbert George Kennedy, barrister-at-law, was. Nov. 10, at three, at office of Sols. Lewis and Lewis, JONES, JOHN, dairy man, Love In, Shadwell. Pet. Oct. 22, Nov. Ely-pl, Holborn 10, at three, at office of Sols. Evans and Eagles, John-st, Bed

. SHLAW. THOMAR, painter, Oldham. Pet. Oct. 19. Nov. 4, at three,


BANNING-DRUCE.-On the oth inst., at St. Matthew's, I at offc of Sols. Buckley and Clegg, Oldham LEWIS, WILLIAM, haulier, Tredegar. Pet. Oct, 21. Nov. 10, at

mark hill, Henry Thomas Banning, A., barrister-at

laporan SMALLMAN, ALFRED, out of business, the Pleck, near Walsall. three, at office of Sol. Shepard, Tredegar

Annie Laura, youngest daughter of Charles Druce, Esq;of Dess Pet.. Oct. 290., at three, at office of Sol. Vaughan, WillenLILLEY, JOHN, farmer, Upholland. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 9, at

mark-hill, Surrey. hall

eleven, at office of Sol. Wall, Wigan

TRACY-DOLPHTS!:-On the 21st inst., at St., James's Cree SMITI. SABAH, and SMITH, AXXE, grocers, Newcastle. Pet. Oct. MACDONALI), JAMES MILLER, tailor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Pet.

Piccadilly, Courtenay Tracy, barrister-17-law, to izabele** 29. Nov. 4, at eleven, at office of Sol. Hopper, Newcastle Oct. 21. Nov. 3, at twelve, at office of Sols. Hoyle, Shipley, and

daughter of the late Captain James Dolphin, Ride Brigade. SMYTI. EPNENT ALBERT, umbrella manufacturer, Queen Hoyle, Newcastle upon Tyne

DEATHS Victo:i::. Pet. Oct. 16. Nov. 8, at three, at Mullen's hotel MAGGS, EDMUND, grocer, Timsbury. Pet. Oct. 21. Nov. 8, at BOOTY.-On the 21st inst., at Norbury House, Reigste. Ironmotorla, Cheapside. Sol. Downing, Basinghall-st

two, at office of Meers. Barnard, Thomas, Tribe, and Co., 73, Mr. John Gmam Booty, ot 1, Raymond-buildings, Gratis SOUTILALL WILLIAM, sen., and SOUTHALL, WILLIAM, jun., tea public accountants, Albion-chinbrs, Bristol, Sols, Bittan, inn, London, solicitor, denica (hy.rd, under the style of the Free Trade Tea Company Press, and Inskip, Bristol

COMMx5-On the 2987 Inst., at Bodmin, aged @ THE*** Limite:w. Southall, jun., also tea dealer, New Barnet. Pet. MAINH, GEORGE ROACH, and MAISH, WILLIAM MUNT, Manches. Commins, Esq., solicitor. o t. !8 Niv. 5, at two, at office of M. Banes, Weavers' hall, 22, ter. Pet. Oct. 23. Nov. 9, at three, at office of Sol. Farrington,

OTTAwar.-on ine eth inst., at Maidstone, aged 13, WC Lisa Basin...ti. Sol, Mason, North-bldgs, South-pl, Finsbury Manchester

Yash Ottaway, solicitor, formerly of Suplehurst

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Orders of Discharge.

[blocks in formation]



VOL. LIX.-No, 1674.

SATURDAY, MAY 1, 1875.

Price (with Reports), Is. 6d.

Without Reports, 9d.


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Money, Wanted and to end.


or LAN-A SOLICITOR, Graduate of Oxford,

mitted 1871. WISIES TO OBTAIN a Conveyancing or advanced upon.-- Apply to Messrs. GRUNDY and KER- CLERKSHIP. ander supervis on, in a good office in the

neighbourhood of Lincoln's-irn, or in the city. --Address of THETA IMPROVEMENTO A. and AN FRANA

SHAW, Solicitors, Manchester.

"C. H." No. 1071), 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.



COMPANY LIMITED).- This Company is prepared to Ist.-To the Owners of Settled and other E-tntes, for ISSUE DEBENTURES for sums of £100 and upwards, Gentleman. Aged 28. Country preferred. Highest retethe Erection of FARM BUILDINGS and COTTAGES, bearing interest, payable by coupon, half-yearly, at the rencen. --- Address “X. Y.," care of Mr. George Downing, and for the DRAINAGE, IRRIGATION, ENCLOSING, rate of 5 per cent. per annun, for periods of five or seven Quality-court, Chancery-lane, London. CLEARING, and general improvement of LANDED

years, or if for three years at 45 per cent.-Full information Property in any part of the United Kingdom : can be obtained at the offices.

AW-A SOLICITOR, age 25, SEEKS & 2nd-To the Owners of Settled Estates in England, for


Was articled in offices of large the ERECTION or COMPLETION of MANSIONS, 1st. Jan. 1873,

144, Leadenhall-street.

practice at Bristol and London, and is competent to underSTABLES, and OUTBUILDINGS:

take any work not requiring attendance at court or meetSrd. --To Landowners generally, to enable them to suh. scribe for Shares in Companies for the CONSTRUCTION EGAL and GENERAL ACCOUNTANCY. 11gs.- "Lex,"]9, Torrington-square, London, W.C. of RAILWAYS and NAVIGABLE CANALS, which will

AW.-A Young SOLICITOR, who is a beneficially affect their Estates :

ACCOUNTANT, 30, Essex-street, Strand, London. 1th.-TO INCUMBENTS, for the Improvement of the GLEBE LANDS, hv Drainage, and the Erection of FARM FRENCH.- An LL.B., B.A., Paris, VISITS country office of good general practice, at a moderate

salary, experience being the chief object. -- "A. S. M.,” 5, BUILDINGS and COTTAGES:

Promenade terrace, Low Harrogate, Yorkshire, 5th. --To COPYHOLDERS for the ENFRANCHISE.

the First Senior Lady candidate, Camb. Lov. Exam. 1872.MENT of COPYHOLD LANDS. Delta, T. T. H.," 32, Portland-road, Notting-hill, W.

AW.-WANTED, by a GENTLEMAN The amount borrowed with the expenses wonld be charged AW BOOK-KEEPING, by Mr. G. J. KAIN,

(pasked, but not admitted), who has had considerable on the estate benefited, and repaid by a rentcharge, termi.

experience in Conveyancing, Common Law and Bankruptcy. nating in twenty-five years.

of the firm of Kain, Bullen, Eldridge, and Co., ENGAGEMENT in an Office in Town - Address

Law Accountants. THREE METHODS, viz., Single and "J. H. W.,” care of Mr. R. Kerr, 81, Chancery-lane. NO INVESTIGATION OF THE LANDOWNER'S Double Column Systems (in one volume), 7s. 6d.; Triple TITLE IS NECESSARY. Column ninth edition), 6s.

24, Forms of application, and all further particulars, may be WATERLOW and Sox, Birchin-lane, and London-wall.

admitted), who has ha considerable experience in ohtained of measre Rawlence and Sqnarer, 99, Great George.

Conveyancing, SEEKS ENGAGEMENT as Conveyancing street, Westminster, S.W. and 'Salisbury; of Messrs

CLERK. Would, if reqnired. assist in other departments. Ashurst, Morris, and Co., Solicitors, 6, Okl Jewry, London,

EDWARD J. FARRIES, 4, College hill, City, PREE.C.; of Messts. Gillespie and Paterson, W.S., SIA, George.

London preferred. --Address "R. S.” (No. 1674), 10, Welling. PARES COSTS, in Town or Country, for Taxation or ton-street, Strand, W.C. street, Edinburgh, agents for the Company in Scotland;

otherwise. Competent Bill Clerks sent out on salary or and at the Offices of the Company as below.

commission. Yearly contracte entered into whereby the AW.-A CASHIER and BOOKKEEPER T. PAIN, Managing Director. costs are posted daily. Terms moderate. References to EDWIN GARROD, Secretary. Firms of the highest standing.

versant with Kain's system of bookkeeping, magisterial, Land, Loan, and Enfranchisement Company,

and general routine of a solicitor's office, has had 10 years No. 22, Grent George-street, Westminster, S.W.

experience. --Address “P. L. R." (No. 1674), 10, WellingtonPractices, Wanted and for Sale.

street, Strand, W.C. ONEY.-£20,000 ready to be ADVANCED

CLERK DISEN. AW PRACTICE.-WANTED to property.--Apply to Messrs, Yeo and WARNER, Solicitors,

GAGED. Thoroughly eompetent to Manage an exig, Hart-street, Bloomsbury-square.

tensive Conveyancing Practive, without supervision. London TICE.- Apply stating particulars "B. Z.," 10, Wellington. preferred; admitted twenty-five years; late engagement

seven years.-"Lex," Grattans, Bookseller, 12, Borough, AW PRACTICE.-A CITY SOLICITOR

London-bridge. per cent. --Addresy " Lex," care of Mr. Langston, Architect,

AW.-WANTED, by the ADVERTISER is, New Bridgestreet, Blackfriars, London, E.C.

Conveyancing, Chancery, and general lawrer, would
increase his practice by PURCHASING WHOLE or

ENGAGEMENT as Common Law and General Managing ONEY.-£25,000 (Trust money), or any SHARE of Established London or Provincial BUSINESS.

CLERK, under supervision; skilful Advocate. Would -"B." Holyland's, 150, Strand.

undertake not to practice.-Address "Q. V.,” 21, Lower per cent. May be had for a term of five years.-- Apply to

Calthorpe-street, W.C. Bird and Moore, Solicitors, 5, Gray's Inn-square, W.C.

Partnerskips, Wanted and Gacant.

extensive and varied experience, SEEKS an EMare ready to be ADVANCED on Approved Long

PLOYER of Christian principle. Can investigate titles and Leasehold SECURITY, L4 £5 . re

Salary £80.- " ,"

,Mrs. Fidell's, 32, Queen’s-place, a

Lower Tranmere, Cheshire. street, , W.C. now assisting in a large Manchester conveyancing office.

AW.-A Young SOLICITOR, experienced lane, ADVANCES

SHIP, with or without view to PARTNERSHIP; employ. LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES, from two to fourteen years, AW PARTNERSHIP.-WANTED, by a

ment in & Country Office (Nonconformist's preferred) repayable by monthly instalments. Deposits received at 5 per cent., and shares issued bearing liberal interest.

WORKING PARTYERSHIP in a Conveyancing Office, tise.-“ Beta," 4, Archer-terrace, Balham, S.W.
J.J. SHORT, Secretary. or Managing Clerkship with view

.(22, articled to ONEY Promptly ADVANCED on persona, W.C.

AW PARTNERSHIP or SUCCESSION.rience, is well up in the general routine of an office, and

to a solicitor in good practice ; has had several years expeshares, bonds, or other security, reparable by instalments no preliminary fees.-Real and Personal Advance Company

; -WANTED, by & Solicitor, admitted in 1870, a willing to work; small salary expected.-"M. M." (No. (Limited), 3, Tavistock-street, Covent-garden. 1

PARTNERSHIP or SUCCESSION to a PRACTICE in 1671), 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.
J. WOOLLETT, Secretary. the country. He is a good Conveyancer, and experienced in
the various other branches of the Profession. Prepared to

AW.- competent

CLERK other to INVEST-500, 700, £750, £ street, StrandW.C.

permanent or temporary; twenty years' experience of E30), £33), 85000, £7000, £10,000, £20,000, £:30,000, 850.000,

London and Country practice; good references. -"A. E.,'

PARTNERSHIP.-WANTED, by a $70,000. Borrowers can be placed in direct communication

Messrs. Morgan and Co., Law Stationers, 22, Coleman. with Lenders if desired. - Apply to Messrs. HARVEY and

street, E.C. DAVIDS, 19, Bishopsgate-street, Cornhill.

& SHARE as Working PARTNER in a London Office, or
the Management of a Practice with a view to Partnership.

AW.-TO COUNTRY SOLICITORS.-A TONEY. - £650,000 (Trust Funds) are

Experienced in all Branches, including Advocacy: Admitted

10 years, age 33. - Address "Y.," Mr. Kelly's, News Agent, DESIRES to undertake AGENCY BUSINESS for ready to be ADVANCED on Mortgage of Freehold, Gray's-inn Archway, Holborn, W.C.

Country Solicitors. Advertiser, in addition to the usual Leasehold, and Copyhold SECURITIES.--Solicitors are in vital to submit proposals, in confidence. to Messrs. S. B. AW.-PARTNERSHIP.-A Young SOLI- branches, bas had.considerable experience in passing Resi.

Accounts rectifying Probate BELF and Co., 12, Old Jewry-chain bers, E.C.-Commission

very moderate. References exchanged.--"Agency," Postallowed for introductions.

rience in Conveyancing, Equity, and Family and General office, Duke-street, Manchester-square, London.

Business, who can introduce the business of his own connecUTUAL LOAN FUND ASSOCIATION tion, WISHES to PURCHASE A SHARE in a well esta- AW.-RE. ENGAGEMENT DESIRED (Incorporated by Act of Parliament 1850), 14, Rus. blished PRACTICE. As Advertiser has a private income,

by an efficient BOOKKEEPER and CASHIER, sell-street, Covent-garden, London, and 38, Ship-street, only a moderate, share is desired. The highest references, seven years' experience ; understands Kain's system ; well Brighton, ADVANCES MONEY upon Personal Security,

&c.-Present address, “Lex," Post-office, Buxton.

versed in preparation of Executor's, Residuary and Succes. Bills of Sale, Deeds, &c., repayable by instalments. Bills

sion Accounts; good testimonials ; age 27; liberal salary promptly discounted. Forms free on receipt of stamped

reqnired.--"Conceil," Mr. Thatcher's, 41, College-green, envelope. C. R. WRIGHT, Secretary.

Situations, Wanted and Vacant. Bristol. ORTGAGES can be immediately

AW. MAGISTERIAL CLERK. – EFFECTED at 4 to 5 per cent. per annum to any amount upon estates, farms, houses, &c., either freehold,

Accountant will pay COMMISSION on the INTRO- exceptional testimonials, SEEKS an APPOINTMENT. copyhold, or leasehold. No charge for consultations,

DUCTION of BUSINESS.-Address “L. M. N.," at Hat- Competent to discharge all the duties of clerk to justices Valuations and sales by auction.-Mr. KEYSELL, Auctioneer

ton's, Bell-yard, Chancery-lane.

without supervision. Good salary expected.-Address, with und Land Agent, 15, Serle-street, Lincoln's-inn, London.

particulars, to “F. S. V." (No. 1674), 10, Wellington-street,

AW. – WANTED, by a GENTLEMAN, Strand, w.c.
CONEY ADVANCED at a Day's Notice
Chancery CLERKSHIP.-Address


An Accountant's (from £50 upwards) to respectable householders in Wellington-street, Strand, W.C. the London District upon MORTGAGE of their FURNITURE without removal, repayable by easy instalments.


AW. – WANTED by a GENTLEMAN Sheets, Profit and Loss Accounts, &c. Well np in Exemp. šo charge of any kind unless money advanced. As this does

torship and other accounts. Terms moderate. References not emanate from an agent, applicants must apply personally to Mr. BACGHAN, 31, Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane.

as General or Managing CLERK, with slight supervision. to London firms where at present engaged.-Address“ R.,' The public are cautioned against paying preliminary fees to

-Address “Lex," 12, High-street. Chesterfield.

Mr. Martin, Law Stationer. Great Turnstile. Lincoln's-inn. pretenders.


or near London, by the Advertiser, who has a good knowledge

of Conveyancing, the practice of the Chancery MORTGAGE of

-Address “R.” (No. 1674), 10, Wellington-street, Strand, and Common Lav Courts, and is an experienced Costs ESTATE, situate at five or six miles on the high road from W.C.

Draughtsman and Accountant. Salary £150 per annum.London. The property consists of a residence and grounds

Address "Z.” (No. 1673), 10, Wellington-street, Strand, and about ten acres of land adjoining. The latter is let

AW.-WANTED, by & GENTLEMAN | W.C. under an arreement for building, at a rental or ground rent of £100. The residence and grounds £130 per annum.Apply to "A. B.," Messrs. Waterlow and Co., Stationers, 41, Conveyancing preferred, though not imperative Address SITUATIONS WANTED and VAO

continued *F. " [Post-ofilce, Ladbroke-grove, Notting-hill Lon. Birchin-lane, don, WC

on next page.

LA . , = pret strand 0.*L." (No. 164), "10"Wellington LAW PARTNERSHIP, with or without any part of competencia del sistema persion ROCK BUILDING SOCIETY, 52, Chancery Manchester.ex." Messrs. Hine and Co., sv, Princess-street,

, , the Andressa nains. Chook , 96, Wellington-street, Strand, LAW:TheA, GISHES TO TRANSFER HIS ARTICLES LAW

LADESIRES A RESERVA CEMENT, Town of Couns. MONEYUMS RTGAGES.COTRUST, and are pemand, weldress “ B. P.” (No. 1673), 10, WellingtonLACE bi gora,

LA Sectic. MO



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SOLICITORS' CLERKS, &c.-A Public L Avertimer, ACESTE Corredence, and Roncesaing The То

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AW. WANTED, a General, CLERK, 0f LWOWANTE CLERK Country Office, a

LAW A SOLICITOR (admitted 1867), who LAW.-WANTED, in a Solicitor's Office in LAYO ATAONDON FIRM.O SOLICITORS

and ENGROSSING LAWANTED, TOMS permanenev, in an once in a reaport LAWERE COPYING in anda ing PCOSSING

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AW-A GENTLEMAN, now acting as
General Managiaz Clerk in Liverpool, wishes for s

Junior Shorthand able assist in Managinz CLERKSHIP, with view to Partnership. in a ditious writer. - Apply, stating age and salary required, and work of the office.-Apply, stating qualifications and salary sound Practice. Can command capital.-Address“X.," giving references to character, to Messrs. DAUBNEY and expected, to Mr. John Jones, Accountant, Worcester, 168, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool. Bates, Great Grimsby.

have a VACANCY for an PUPIL has had four years'

Liverpool, an efficient Copying CLERK, one who can

Their last gained the Clifford's Inn prize, and being with Clerk with a City Firm of high position, and who has a small write shorthand' preferred.- Address, stating age, salary re

them would afford a beginner some guidance in studying business of his own, chiefly agency, DESIRES À CLERK- quired, and references, “Solicitor," Mr. H. Young, Book

for his legal examinations.-Address L.," care of Messrs. SHIP with a Solicitor, or firm of Solicitors, where arrange- seller, 12, South Castle-street, Liverpool.

Lepard and Smiths, 29, King-street, Covent-garden, W.C. Inents could be made for the carrying on of his business.-X.,” Mr. Paige, 3, Raymond's-buildings, Gray's-inn. .

AW.-A GENTLEMAN (age 26), who
Midland Counties. Good prospects. - Address, with speci.

town, in the west of England, standing, passed the Final Examination in Easter Term

mens of writing, and full' particulars, to “ Agent,” Post Engrossing CLERK. Apply, stating experience, references, Office, Nottingham.

whether married 1874, and has since had the management, under flight

or single, and salary required to

“W. V." (No. 1671), 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C. supervision, of a country conveyancing business, during the A W.-BANKRUPTCY CLERK.temporary absence of one of the partners, DESIRES an

AW.- CASHIER, ACCOUNTANT, and ENGAGEMENT as Conveyancing CLERK in a London office: salary 1200.-Address" A, BC.," care Mr. G. Street,

management of the Bankruptcy department in a Country BOOKKEEPER WANTED in an office of consider

Office.-A, ply, stating age, salary, &c., to Box 52, Post- able practice in Lincoln's-inn-fields. Salary 1, with 30, Cornhill, E.C. office, Bristol

advance it merited.-Address, stating age, previous expeAW.-A GENTLEMAN (admitted 1866),

rience, &c., "J. W.J.," Wodderspoon and Share, 7, Serle

AW.-WANTED, a respectable YOUTH street,' w.č. quired in L ndon offices of first-class Practice, and who has

LERKSHIP in the SOLICITOR'S DEan office in the neighbourhood of Lincoln's Inn, DESIRES

Under CLERK in a city office. Apply, stating terms, toto SUCCEED (by purchase or otherwise) to the BUSINESS “X. Y.," care of Messrs. Witherby and Co., Law Stationers,

PETITION for a SECOND-CLASS CLERKSHIP will be of a deceased or ritiring Solicitor, or would give Temporary Newman's-court, Curnhill, E.C.

HELD in LONDON, besinning on TUESDAY, JUNE 1. Assistance to one suffering from ill health or over work.

AW.-WANTED, an unadmitted CLERK, 1875. Age 20 to 30. Candidates must have been at least

three years in a Solicitor's office. Commencing salary £150 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.

to act as Deputy Clerk to a Country Local Board and School Board, and to assist in general of sork. - Apply, tion may be obtained from the Secretary, Civil Service

per annum. The regulations and necessary forin of applicaAW.-CONVEYANCING.-A GENTLE stating age and salary required, Box 7, Post-office, Notting. Commission, London, S.W. management, withont supervision, of heavy and mis

AW.-A firm of SOLICITORS in the collaueons business, and now in the prime of life, will be

AW.-WANTED, in a Country Office, a disengaged after lét May. The advertiser is a good ac

(Unadmitted), who has a thorough knowledge of Concountant, an energetic man of business, and able to take of the business in the absence of the principal. The

veyancing, and of the Preparation of Chancery Afidarite the entire burden of a large Conveyancing practice. A strictest inquiries will be instituted as to competency and

and Residuary and Succegion Duty Accounts, and of the liberal salary expected. --Address “B. D." (No. 1675), 10, character. Apply, stating, salary required to "C. W., care

general routine of a Country Solicitor's office.--Apply by Wellington-street, S rand, W.C. of Messrs. Waterlow, Birchin-lane, London.

letter, stating age, qualifications, and salary required, to CASHIER and

"J. H. B.," 5, Norfolk-road, St. John's Wood, London,

.-.-WANTEDin SOLINw. CLERK - Apply, hy letter only, tó TuvrsFIELD and MES Keeping of the Books, the Collection of Rents, and the

AW.-WANTED, in a Solicitor's Office BITER, Solicitors, Wednesbury.

Management of Estate Accounts. Apply by letter, stating AW. · WANTED, in a North Country age, experience, and salary required, to-Messra. Ryland, intelligent CLERK of good address, who can draw ordinary MARTINEAU, and CARSLAKE, 7, Cannon-street, Birmingham. Drafts and Abstracts, engross, and copy plans when re

quired, and otherwise make himself generally useful; and dress, with particulars, to RICHARD BILDAN, Esq., Solicitor, AW CLERK.-WANTED, in a town in who had a good knowledge of the general work of a Solid30, Bishopsgate-street Without, London, E.C.

tor's office. Good character indispenable. Some knowledge AW:- WANTED, a CLERK to copy CLERK, acquainted with the ordinary routine of a Country of Bankruptcy, and Liquidations preferred.-Address, in Salary S08.

own handwriting, stating age, references, and salary reSolicitor's office. - Apply, stating salary required, with weekly.,- Apply to "S.," Post-office, Swindon, with full references, &c., to "E. H.," care of Messrs. Hunnard and quired, to "W.S.," care of B. Wingate, Esq., Solicitor, as, particulars.

Co., Law Stationers, 5, Middle Temple-lane, London. Great James-street, Bedford-row, London.

ASSISTANT CLERK.-The General Purposes Com (one accustomed to Books preferred) in a London

mittee of Aldermen will ineet at Guildhall on Saturday the oftice. --State salary and references to “M. N.," (No. 1674), the absence of Principal; he must be conversart with the sth of May, to receive applications for the above office. The 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C.

general duties of a country office. Applications, stating salary will be £350 per annum Candidates must be duly AW.-WANTED, in a Country office, a

experience, references, and salary required, to be addreased qualified members of the legal profession, and between the to-"H. F. W." (No. 1674), 10, Wellington-street, Strand. ages of 25 and 10. All applications must be made in writing,

and with copies of testimonials, sent to the town clerk's of a small County Court and the accounts of a Poor Law

AW.-WANTED, a CLERK, Conversant office not later than 12 o'clock on the above named day, enUnion, and willing to make himself generally useful. Good references will be required, and strict inquiries made into of Abstracting, Residuary, and Succession Accounts, and Mansion House."- Further may be obtained at character and qualifications. --Address, stating salary re- also a good practical knowledge of the ordinary work of a the Town Clerk's Office, Guildhall, E.C. quired (which must be moderate), age, and last engagement, Country Solicitor's office.--Address Messrs. WATSON and Guildhall.

MONCKTON. to “F. B.," Bedfordshire Times, &c., Office, Bedford. BAXTER, Solicitors, Lutterworth,

27th April, 1875.

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Land Cross and balance accounts

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Just Published, in One Volume, Royal 8vo., price 218., Cloth,









Of the Middle Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.

"The principles and practice of 'general average' are included in this able summary."-Standard.

“ The writer shows the necessity of assimilating the laws of all countries as regards Insurance and Average, and supports his views by introducing references to the laws of France and Germany.

“ The book is divided into 505 sections, each complete in itself; and these numbered paragraphs are divided and arranged under the separate headings.

“The subject matter of the book, in every instance, is printed in large type, and the clauses followed by smaller letters of reference. This makes the work convenient for consultation; and the law cases being appended to every paragraph, with quotations from the laws of foreign countries, its conciseness in the mode of explanation tends to render the author's reasonings intelligible much more readily than they would otherwise have been if overlaid by laborious dissertations upon the causes and

effects of decisions on disputed points.

Mr. CRUMP enhances the value of his book by naming the authorities from whence he derives his information. As a specimen of the general method he adopts, we quote the heading of paragraph 241, on 'Circumstances which Justify Deviation." These are, “lst, by usage; 2nd, by license in the policy; 3rd, when made to save life (but not property); 4th, when forced upon the Assured by vis major ; 5th, when the control of the ship is taken out of the hands of the Assured; 6th, in extraordinary emergencies to repair ; 7th, when necessary to avoid disaster; and 8th, in repelling hostile attacks.” If it is desired to know upon what rule of law these deviations can be justified, explanations are given in correlative order. We should be glad to give other extracts to demonstrate the utility of the volume, but one may suffice on ‘Desertion.'

Mr. CRUMP, we may observe, in this treatise on the Law of Average and Insurance, has sup. plied a ready armoury of reference."-Shipping and Mercantile Gazette, April 16.


BUTTERWORTHS, Her Majesty's Law Publishers, 7, Fleet Street,



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Sales by Auction.

Ryde, Isle of Wight.-A 'charming detached Residence on Thornton-heath, near Croydon and Norwood Junction.
the coast, suitable for a Yachtsman.

About 10 acres of first-rate Frechold Building Land, with
ESSRS. EDWIN FOX and BOUSFIELD nine-tenths of the purchase-money on mortgage.
Selsey, seven miles from Chichester.
12th, at two o'clock precisely (instead of April th, as pre-

will SELL, at the MART, on WEDNESDAY, MAY 10 be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. viously advertised), à BIJOU RESIDENCE, delightfully 19, at Two precisely, eligible FREEHOLD BUILDING

situate on the coast, close to the fashionable watering place LAND, in a capital position, near the Thornton-heath Rail. May 1875, at the DOLPHIN HOTEL, CHICHESTER, at

of Ryde, and known as Newton Cottage. It contains five way Station on the London and Brighton Railway, the Three o'clock, in One Lot, by direction of the Trustees

bed rooms, library, dining room, and double drawing room, building operations near which have recently been much exunder the will of the late Bennees Adames, Esq., the very

with steps to garden, and complete domestic offices. The tended, and the value of the remaining land greatly valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE known as North Common

garden and lawn in the rear slope to a private terrace walk enhanced thereby. It comprises abont two acres on the Farm, with a slated DOUBLE COTTAGE, and conve

formed by a sea wall to which is attached a private landing north side of Bensome Minor-rom, with a frontage thereto niently-placed and snitable FARM BUILDINGS, compris

stage, and there is also a detached kitchen garden upon a of about 136ft., snitable for the crection of villas; a plot of ing two Barns, three Yards. Stabling for six horses, Cart.

portion of which stables could be built if desired. This land on the south side with a frontage of 40ft. and a depth

property affords a very desirable residence for any one fond of about 200ft.; abont acr-g on the sonth side, close to the house, Granary, &c., containing lemn (r. 36p, statute measure, of rich arable and pasture land in a high state of cultivation,

of yachting and marine enjoyments. Held on lease for 999 White Horse-rond, with a frontage of abont 390ft. to Bensome lying in a ring fence, and forining a very compact property;

years at a ground rent of 125 48. per annum. Possession Manor-road, and 147ft. to Pawson's-road. The main sewer in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Adams, Jun., at an annual will be given on completion of the purchase.

runs through the Bensome Manor-road. Also at Norwood rental of £210, the tenant paving also landlord's taxes,

Particulars may be obtained of

Junction, eligible Freehold Building Land, about 5 acres in Selsey is on the South Coast of Sussex, and has a fine, dry

T. BELL, Esq.. Solicitor, 1, St. Swithin's-lane, Can- extent, comprising a plot of land in the Station-road, with

non-street, EC.; beach, with every probability of becoming a fashionable

a commanding frontage thereto; a plot of land on the watering place, and consequently enhancing the value of

at the Mart; and of Messrs. Edwin Fox and BOUSHIELD, 24, north side of the Woodside-road, and two plots on the property in the immediate vicinity. Gresham-street, Bank, London, E.C.

south side thereof, suitable for the erection of villas and The Property may be viewed on application to the Bailiff By order of Trustees.--City of London.--8000ft. of Freehold

cottages, and a portion available for factory purposes. on the Farm. Particulars, with conditions and plans, may

Land in Walbrook.

Nine-tenths of the purchase-money will be re lent on morte be had of

gage at 5 per cent., and further advances made when buildE. ARNOLD, Esq., Solicitor, Eart-street. Chichester ;

ings are roofed in or finished.

are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the at the Estate Exchange, Auction Mart. Tokenhouse-yard,

Particulars may be had of London, E.C.; or of Messrs. WYATT and Sox, Estate Agents,

MART, on WEDNESDAY, MAY 12th, at Two precisely, R. S. GREGSON, Esq., Solicitor, No. 8, 'Angel-court,

in Two Lots, the FREEHOLD of Nos. 37 and 37A, WalValuers, &c., East-street, Chichester.

Thrognorton street; of brook, and of Walbrook House, occupying the almost un

T. W. STARKEY, Esq., Solicitor, Bensome Manorprecedentedly extensive superficial area of nearly 1000ft.,


on heath; Chichester, Snssex.-A very valuable Freehold accommoda- with a frontage of about soft, being probably the most iin- at the Mart; and of Messrs. EDWIN Fox and BOUSFIELD, tion pastore farm of 268. (r. 37p., with the freehold tithe portant undeveloped site yet remaining within the great

24, Gresham-street, Bank, E.C. rent-charge thereon, & lifehold tithe rent-charge com- commercial centre of the world, presenting a magnificent muted at £40 per annum, and a double tenement cottage. site for a modern pile of buildings.

Cheshire.-A Freehold Residential Estate of 100 Acres. TESSRS. WYATT and SON are instructed

Particulars may be had at the Mart, Tokenhouse-yard;
Messrs. CROSLEY and BURN, Solicitors, 8, Moorgate-

will SELL, at the MART, on WEDNESDAY, Esq., to OFFER by AUCTION. on WEDNESDAY, the

street, E.C.; of

MAY 19, at Two o'clock precisely, in One Lot, a very dosir12th MAY 1873, at the DOLPHIN HOTEL, CHICHESTER, Messrs. A. F. and R. W. TWEEDIE, Solicitors, 5, Lin

able and attractive FREEHOLD RESIDENTIAL PROat Three o'clock prerisely, in Three Lots, the very desirable

coln'r-inn-fields. W.C.; of

PERTY, distinguished as Shrewbridge Hall, about half a Freehold accommodation pasture FARM, with cow stalla, Mesars, SCOTT, JARMAIN, and co., Solicitors, 11,

mile from Nant wich. The house is well placed in the centre storehouse, and two yards thereon, situate on the south

Lincoln's-inn-fields, W.C.;

of the land, affords adequate family accommodation, is surside of the L. B. and 8. C. Railway, at Westgate, close to and of Messrs. Euwis Fox and' BOUSFIELD, 24, Gresham- rounded by gardens and xronnds of a park-like character, the City of Chichester, containing 2a. Or. 37p., statute street, Bank, London, E.C.

the entire extent being about 100 acres. There are complete measure, of very fine meadow or pasture land, together

The Norbiton Hall Estate. A valuable and attractive Free. with the freehold rectorial tithe rent-charge thereon, com

ont-offices and buildings; right of fishing in the River hold Residential and Building Property, of 1% acres.

Weever, which bounds the estate for a considerable distance, muted at the annual sum of £129. 9d., in the occupation of

and within easy reach of the best meets of the Cheshire Mr. R. G. Penfold at a rental of £140 per annum for a term

Hounds. expiring on 1st March 1976. Chichester having one of the

will SELL, at the MART, on WEDNESDAY, MAY Particulars of largest live stock markets in the South of England, a con- 12, in One Lot, the charming FREEHOLD ESTATE, in Messrs. GUSCOTTE, WADHAM, and DAW, Solicitors, siderable and profitable bnsiness is done by the occupiers of parish of Kingston-on-Thames, in the county of Surrey,

19. Essex-street, Strand; pasture land in the vicinity of the City by pasturing stock distinguished as Norbiton Hall, about a quarter of a mile at the Mart; ad of Messrs. EDWIN Fox and BorSFIELD, previous to every market da. Memlow land is, therefore, from the Kingston and Norbiton Railway Stations, one mile 24, Gresham-street, Bank, E.C. fargely sought after, and will let for a large rental.

and a half from the Surbiton Station, eleven miles from The valuable Lifehold Tithe Rent-Charge commuted at town. It comprises an excellent family residence, seated in the gum of £4 per annum, well secnred, being charged on beantiful pleasure grounds and park-like meadow land,

Barnsbury, Camden Town, and lIoxton.--By order of the lands containing 147a. (tr. 390., Statuto measure, situate at kitchen gardens, orchard, &c., the entire extent being about

execntor and trustee of the will of the late Samuel King. Summersdale, nenr Chichester. 12 acres; complete out buildings, gardener's cottage, &c.

ESSRS. EDWIN FOX and BOUSFIELD Also, a Lifehold Donble Tenement Cottage, fronting the The estate being perfectly retired and complete within

will SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, Token. road at the back of the Barracks, let for rentals amounting itself, possesses every qualification for residential enjoy house-yard, Bank of England, on WEDNESDAY, JUNE”, to eil 148. per annum.

ment, while the position peculiarly adapts it for profitable at Two o'clock precisely, valuable LEASEHOLD PROPERThe property may be viewed on application to the development, as from the rapidly-increasing population of TIES, comprising a pair of Semi detached RESIDENCES, tenants, and particulars, with conditions of sale and plans, the neighbourhood, and the demand for villa and other Nos. 38 and 40. Belitha Villas, Hemingford-road, Barnsbury, may be obtained of

residences, a judiciously-devised building scheme would be held for about 873 years from March, 1843, at ground rents

a certain success. E. ARNOLD, Esq., Solicitor, East-street, Chichester;

of elo each house. A Desirable Detached RESIDENCE, Particulars may be had of

known as Oxford Villa, Camden-cottages, Camden Town at the Estate Exchange Auction Mart, Tokenhouse Yard,

WALTER WEBB, Esq., Solicitor, 22, Queen Victoria- (in hand), with Cottage and Stable in the rear, let to a yearly London, E.C.; or of Messrs. WYATT and Sox, Estate

street, E.C.; of

tenant, held for 94 years from September 1997, at 29 per Agents, Valuers, &c., East-street, Chichester.

Messrs. JAMES TAYLOR, MASON, and TAYLOR, annum ground rent. Four Brick-built HOUSES, one with Kensington.-Valuable Freehold Ground rents, secured

Solicitors, 15, Furnival's-inn, E.C.;

Shop, being Nos. 2. 11, and 12, Bristow-street, Hoxton, and upon first-clnse property, situate in Holland-road, Elsham

at the Mart; and of Messrs. Edwix Fox and BOUSFIELD, 24, 16, Wimbourne street, New North-road ; the houses in road, and Hansard News, Kensington. Gresham-street, Bank, E.C.

Bristow-street held for upwards of 60 years from $16, and

the house in Wimbonre-street held for about 5 years ESSRS. HORNE, EVERSFIELD, and City of London.-Fine Blocks of Offices in Old Broadstreet, Freehold and Leasehold, affording first rate oppor

from 1816, at ground rents together of L27 es., the rental CO. are instructed to prerare for SALE by AUCtunities for the profitable employment of capital,

value of the whole being 6:301 per annun, TION, early in June, the remaining portion of the FREE

Particulars may be had at the Mart; of HOLD GROUND RENTS belonging to the estate of the

I. EDWIN CARTER, Solicitor, 6. Anstinfriars, E.C. late H. J. Bartley, Esq., amounting to nearly 1900 per

will SELL, at the MART, on WEDNE DAY, and of Messrs. EDWIX Fox and BOUSFIELD, 24, Greshainannum, amply secured upon property formerly belonging to JUNE 2nd, at Two, in Two Lots, a very valuable FREE- street, Bank, E.C. Laudy Holland,

HOLD and LEASEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of two Detailed particulars, with date of sale, will be shortly modern blocks of City offices, advantageously placed in announced, and in the meantime further information may Union-court, Old Broad-street, near the various centres of

City of London.--Clement's-lane, Lombard-street.- Valne

able Freehold Site, containing an area of 4000 superficial be obtained on appliration to commercial enterprise, and close to the important termini

feet, to be Let by Auction on a Building Lease. Messrs. BARTLEY, SAXTON, and MORGAN, Soli. of the Great Eastern and the London and North-Western citors, 30, Somerset-street, Portman-square, W.; Railways. The area of the entire property is 15,334 super

ESSRS. EDWIN FOX and BOUSFIELD also to ficial feet, and the gross estimated rentals (a considerable

are instructed to LET by AUCTION, on a BUILDMesary. STILEMAN and NEATE, Solicitors, 16, South- part of which is actually let) amount to £700 per annum. ING LEASE, at the MART, Tokenhouse-yard, on WEDampton-street, Bloomsbury-square, W.C.;

The buildings are arranged in suites of offices, suitable for NESDAY, JUNE 2, at Two o'clock, an unusually valuable and of Messra. HORNE, EVERYFIELD, and Co., 17, Great professional and commercial men. From the central posi. and important FREEHOLD ESTATE, comprising Nos. Il George-street, Westminster, and -1), Fore-street, E.C. tion of the estate, and th- fact of its being the connecting and 12, Cement's-h ne, Lombard-street, and extending into Notice.

thoroughfare between Old Broad-street and Bishopsgate. Hooker's-court, Nicholas-lane, occupying a compact and

street (the direct route for the produce and shipping extensive area of 3) superficial feet, with a frontage to ESSRS. EDWIN FOX and BOUSFIELD

markets) a ready demand is ensured for offices by a highly Clement's-lane of 2ft., and a hack frontage of 40t. The beg to announce that they have taken into PART. respectable tenantry. A large part of the property is position of this estate is so thoronghly understood and NERSHIP Mr. EDWIN FOX, Jun., who has for some time freehold, and the remainder is leasehold, under Emmanuel appreciated that any observation thereon is superfinons ; past occupied a responsible position in their offices. No College, Cambridge, for eighty years, at a low ground rent. placed in the very heart of the financial world, it could with alteration will be made in the style of the new Firm, which Particnlars and plans of

advantage be utilised for the erection of a building worthy will be carried on under the same title as heretofore.- Messrs. HUGHES, HOOKER, BUTTANSHAW, and of the site. The terms of the lease will be so year: from Edwin Fox and Bousfield, 21, Grerham-street, Bank. E.C.

MURTON, Solicitors, 26, Budge-row, Cannon- Christmas 1977, when vacant possession of the entire estilo

street: of Henley-on-Thames. A capital Freehold Family Residence

will be given. The buildings on the ground will be the proand Garden in the High-street, close to the river. With

Messrs. WEST and KING, Solicitors, 66, Cannon- perty of the lessee,

Particulars of possession.

at the Mart; and of Messrs. EDWIX Fox and BOUSFIELD, Messrs. H. J. and T. CHILD, Solicitors, 2, Paul's Bake. 24, Gresham-street, Bank, E.C.

house-court, E.C.. will SELT., at the MART, on WEDNESDAY,

and of Measts. Edwin Fox and BOUSFIELD, 94, GreshamMAY 5, at Two o'clock precisely, a substantial old-fashioned Essex.-The Ixworth Grange Estate, with possession; a

street, Bank, E.C. FREEHOLD FAMILY RESIDENCE in the principal

compact Freehold Property, land-tax redeemed, in one of street of Henley, close to the church, and within one

the best parts of the county, about five miles from Withain minute of the river Thames, at its most esteemed and

Junction, and three from Kelredon Stations, on the main

City of London.--Highly important and valuable Freehold

Estate, with possesrion, occnpying the unusually exten

line of the Great Eastern Railway. The property is in the picturesque part. The houso contains nine bed rooms, three reception rooms, complete domestic offices, and a

occupation of the owner; it comprises about 250 acres of

sive superficial area of 13,300ft., and extendins froni St. fertile land, including rich pasture, but the greater part

Mary-axe to Bury-street, with commanding frontages to tastefully-planted garden of la. in the rear. Possession on

each. completion.

sound arable, is thoronghly drained, in a high state of Particulars of cultiration, producing excellent corn and roots, and well

ESSRS. EDWIN FOX and BOUSFIELD S. HERBERT COOPER, Esq., Solicitor, Newcastleadapted for rearing and fatting, sheep and other stock,

will SELL by AUCTION, at the MART, on bounded and intersected by hard roads affording great under-Lyme, and 49, Redford-row, London, W.C.;

WEDNESDAY, ICth JUNE, at Two o'clock, unless an at the Mart; and of Messrs. EDWIN Fox and BOUSFIELD, 24,

facilities for steam cultivat on. There is a superior Resi. acceptable offer shall be previously made in One Lot, the Gresham-street, Bank, London, E.C.

dence, substantially, built, standing at an agreenble re- very valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, comprising the more froin the road, in the midst of about six acres of

extensive and commanding range of premises, No.11, !, No. 69, Lancaster-rate, Hele-park. - Furniture and Effects. pleasure, ground, approached by bold carriage arires Is, and 20 St. Mary.axe, the modern warehouses on the

(with lodge at entrance) through a luxuriant plan. south, and the capital and very substantial warehouses Visa

tation of thriving shrubs and timber trees, and con. 20,7, and Bury treet having a frontage of 6 ft. t., St. will SELL ÞY AUCTION, on the PREMISES, as

tains twelve bed and dressing rooms, spacious dining, above, hy order of the Trustee, on MONDAY, MAY 10th,

Mary-are, and about the same to Bury-street, with

drawing, breakfast, smoking, and billiard ro ns and study, and followin7 days, at One o'clock precisely, each day, the

of it., girins the comprehensive superficial Tea of CONTENTS of the MANSION, comprising mahogany,

spacious entrance hall, and complete domestic offices, 13,90ft., in the very henrt of one of the most important Arabian, brass, and French bedatearls, superior besiding,

cellarage, &c; good stabling and coach-honses, and

positions in the City of London, being the centre of the

other convenient offices. The farm buildings are of Shippine and wirehouse trades The extate for one cam mahogany varilrobes, chest of drawers, marble-top wash

superior construction, and were most substantially erected *tands, and the customary effects of thirteen het chambers,

pact block, and as vacant possession of the greaterlerin

in the year 1-7, and comprise ev ry requirem nt for drawinx room and houloir appointments, incinding settees

be had it is immediately available for more prostible and ottomans, centre, coffee, and occasional tables, sets of

farining on the mot approved imodern principles; there utilisation.

are also capital cottages for bailiff and stockman. The Marine viaved, and mrtionlars (when rendrlobtainer of chairs, noble chimnet.rlag and girandoles, superior Brussels carnata, brilliant tone, 7-octave trichord boudoir

estate is attractive in either an agricultural, re idential SAMUEL POTTER, Esu., Solicitors, No. :6, Kinggrand pianoforte by Broaivond. 7.00ave trichord piano. or en rting point of view; it is also an eligible inystinent

street, Chopaide ; forte, by Moatia, cuite of furniture for the dining room,

for trustees. The Essex hounds meet in the neighbour- at tha Miurt; and of Hes-ra. Edwix Fox and Bor il!), 2,

hood. library, and morning room, including a set of fine dining

Grewhinm-strect, Bank, E.C. tables, sincbaril, enclosed bookca e, 12ft. by oft., library

ESSRS. EDWIN FOX and BOUSFIELD tables, set: of chair in morocco, &c., a collection of fine oil maintincs, water colc ir drawinrs and engravings, about MART. on WEDNESDAY, the 9th JUNE, at Two o'clock

FARMER'S LIST of ESTATES, and POUSES, z. of placa platoditans, 71 volumes of standard works, (unless previously disposed of by private contract, the to be SOLD or LET, including Lance Estate, TORT mil clevantly honnd, valuable collection of armonry, bronzes, abore very desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE. Can be Country Residencom, Hunting and Shootink Carter tlecorative itema, glare and china, linen, culinary utensils, viewed by cards onlr, to be had of the Auctioncers.

Form, Ground Rents, Rentchervey, House Proverty, nd and miscellanens elects.

Particnlars and plans can be obtained, and photographs Investments generally, is PUBLISHED on the first of May be tiered Friday and Satnday prior to sale, and seen. at the offices of

each month, and may be obtained free of charge, at tinir talomnes hot of ', TEROITAND. Es Messrs. TURQUANT, Mesara. RUSSELL, SON, and SCOTT, Solicitors, 24, Offices, ll, E.C, or will be gent linist in turn You304, and Co.!. 10, Tokenhonan.yard, E.C. ; on the pre

Old Jewry. E.C.;

for two stans. Particulars for insertion should mines; and of Mers. ELWIN Fox and BOUFIELD, 21, at the Mart; and of Messrs. Edwix Fox and BOUSFIELD, 2, received not later than four days previous to the end of the Crechain street, Bank, E.C. Greshain-street, Bank,

pr.ceding month.




the arid

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THURSDAY in every month.


LAW BOOKS PURCHASED OR VALUED. are preparing their printed particulars for the FORTHCOMING AUCTION. To insure due publicity, BELL YARD, TEMPLE BAR, LONDON.

STEVENS AND SONS' PUBLICATIONS. particulars of Properties intended to be included in the

8vo., 1871, price 228., cloth, next sale should be forwarded, withont delay, to their City Lani and Raversion Offices, 54, Cannon-street, London.

Libraries purchased or Valued.


the LAW of PROPERTY in LAND, containing FREE REGISTER of RE

, --Law. SIDENTIAL ESTATES, Hunting and Shooting Quarters, Just published, in one volume, demy Svo., price 42s., cloth.

"The above forma a complete introduction to the study Town and Country Residences, FURNISHED and UN.

HE JURISDICTION, PRACTICE AND of the law of real property." --Lii w Times.
FURNISHED Houses to be SOLD or LET, may be oh.
tained at their City Auction, Land, and Estate Agency

Price 1s., by post, Is. Id.,
Judicial Matters Criminal, Civil and Appellate. By
Offices. 51, Cannon-street, London, E.C.

THE STATUTE LAW of 1874 ; for the
LAND, TIMBER, AND HOUSE PROPERTY. Barrister-at-Law, Recorder-of-Wenlock.

use of Students. Containing a carefnlly prepared TESSRS. BUTCHER and BOWLER (late London : H, SWEET, 3, Chancery-lane, STEVENS and Sons, epitome in a readable form of the important Acts or Lest


Session, with questions for examination. By H. FOULES of No. 7, Whitehall-place), beg leave to notify their

LYNCH, Solicitor, author of "Tobular Analysis of Proxedremoval to New Craven Chambers, corner of Craven-etreet Second Edition, Crown Sro., 256 pages, cloth, price 38., ings in Chancery, Bankruptcy, and at Cominon Lor," £c., and the Strand one minute's walk from the Charing Cross

per post 3s. 601.

c. Riwas Termins), where all matters of business relating to the sale, purchase, valuation, or management of real,

DVICE to TESTATORS and EXECU. and personal estate and timber, will receive the special

TORS, with numerous examples of the manner in

Royal 12mo., 1875. Price £1 11s. 6d., cloth. attention of Mr. W.A. BOWLER, member of the Institu.

which Legacy and Succession Accounts should be prepared. tion o Surveyors (formerly for many years a principal

Several unetul Tables, including original ones by the Author asjatan. to Messrs. CLUTTON, of Whitehall-place, Crown

for compiling the Discount on Duties paid in advance; the Edition, including the Practice in Criminal Proceeding and Ecclesiastical Surveyors, whose thirty years' experience

Forms for increasing and obtaining a return of Probate by Indictment. By WILLIAM BRUCE, Barrister-at-Law, throughont England and Wales, has qualifier him to give Duty; the regulations as to allowance of spoilt stamps, satisfaction to all who may honour the firm with their com- &c., &c.,

Thick 8vo., 1875. Price £2 28., cloth. mands NORWICH OFFICES--Theatre-street, St. Stephen's.


RITCHARD'S QUARTER SESSIONS.LONDON OFFICES-New Craven Chambers, corner of Craven. street, Strand.

Now ready, No. 7, May, One Shilling.

The Jurisdiction, Practice, and Procedure of the THE LAW, a Monthly Magazine of Legal Quarter Sessions in Criminal. Civil, and Appellate Mattera. Just pnblished, price 18.,

By THOMAS SIRRELL PRITCHARD, of the Inner THE INAUGURAL ADDRESS OF THE tents: Chief Justice Holt, Master and Servant, Local

“We congratulate Mr. Pritchard on the state of order he Courts. The County Courts Amendment Bill, Legal Notes, has produced out of the chaotic mass he has dealt with, and of GREAT BRITAIN (Mr. SERJT. COX), on the Legal Opinion, Reviews,

we think much credit is due to him for his evident pas PROVINCE OF PSYCHOLOGY Sent post paid to any

Vol. I. now ready, cloth, 78. 6d.


:"-Lux Journal, April 24, 1875, person inclosing twelve postage stamps to the Office of the

London: LOCKWOOD and Co., 7, Stationers' Hall-court,

E.C. Lern Timex: 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C., or to F. K.

London : MUNTOX, Esq., Honorary Secretary, at the Office of the LONDON GAZETTE (published by anthority) and Society, ?, Conduit-street, Regent-street, London, and from LONDON and COUNTRY ADVERTISEMENT OFFICE, STEVENS & SONS, 119, CHANCERY-LANE. all Booksellers.

London: LONGMAN and Co., Paternoster-row.

ENRY GREEN, Advertisement Agent,
Just published, price 19.,
THE PROVINCE OF PSYCHOLOGY: to the advantages of his long experience of upuards of


thirty years in the special insertion of all pro forma COY. tbe PRESIDENT of the PSYCHOLOGIOAL

notices, &c., and hereby solicits their continued support. SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN, at the FIKST MEET

N.B. Ono copy of advertisement only required, and the ING, APRIL 14, 1575. Sent post free to any person instrictest care and promptitude assured. Officially stamped

ОР closing twelve rostire stamps to the Office of the Law

forms for advertisements and file of London Gazette kept. Timex, 10, Wellington-street, Strand, W.C., or to F. K. By appointment.

SATURDAY, MAY 1. MINTOX, Esq., the Honorary Secretary, at the Office of the

CONTAINS: Society:!, Conduit-street, Regent-street, London, and from


of SATURDAY, MAY 1, contains :

The Debate on the Horse Supply.
London : LONGMAN and Co., Paternoster-row.

The Field Gun Trial--Table of Results.
Women as Poor Law Guardians.

Newmarket First Spring Meeting – 2000 and 1m
This day, in royal Svo., price 21s..
Tiresome People.

ON THE LAW AND Lace---Antique and Modern, with Illustrations.

Anticipations of the Chester Cup.

Causerie de Paris.

National Pointer and Setter Trials at Shrewsbury. of ASSOCIATION of JOINT-STOCK COMPANIES,


Pigeon Shooting at Hurlingham and the Gun Club. with Numerous Precedents and Forms. By CHARLES

Art Exhibitions, &c.

Field Sports in Kansas and Colorado. E. II. CHADWYCK HEALEY, of Lincoln's-inn, Esq.,

Fishing by Himself. Barr ster-at-Law.

Angling Notes and Reports from Rivers. London: W. MAXWELL and Sox, 29, Fleet-street.


The Fresh Water Aquarium.

Arrival of Summer Migrants.
Just published, price 78. 611.,

Athletic Sports at Richmond, &c.

Accrington Dog Show.

Diseases of the skin of Horses, &c.
DREAS AND FASHION.--The Parisian Fashions (from our

Foot and Mouth Disease in the North of Scotland.
Law. Ry DAVID MITCHELL AIRD, Esq., Barrister-at- own Correspondent).-Myrtle-Green Cashmere (trimmed Agricultural Calendar for May.
Law. Middle Temple.

with Faille of a lighter Shade), Costume of Two Shades of The Late Pea Crop. “Mr. Aird's almirnble work will be of the greatest service Bottle-Green Faille, Promenade Costume for Young Lady, Pleasure

Grounds, their Extent and Keep. to law students and all others who may wish to obtain a Costume of Faille and Summer Matelasse, Cashmere Pigeon Flying and Pigeon Races, general idea of the French Code, or desire a guide, with a Morning Robe with Watteau Plait, Ball Toilettes, &c., with Yachting, Rowing, Hunting, Cricket, Golf, Cards, Chess, view to decper researches on particular points.”- Law Illustrations.

Archery, Pastimes, &c.
Jour 1, Feb 0, 1970).
“ The work, which is dedicated by permission to Chief
THE WORK TABLE.---Portfolio, (Modern Point

Justice Cockburn, has the merit of avoiding perplexing blaek silk), Ecru Lace, &c., with Illustrations.
technicalities, and of giving English equivalents for French
dions, and it is also illustrated by nunerous notes. Even

THE HOUSEWIFE.-House Hunting (Unfurnished), Notes those who have no professional reasons fortzettingjup French

and Queries, Answers. Cuisine: Practical Dinners, Notes AMAR INDIENonly law will find it interesting to observe how it differs in

and Queries, Answers. many points from that of England."-Saturilay Review, Music and MUSICIANS. - Her Majesty's Opera; Royal Refreshing, and Medicated Fruit Lozenge, the Immediate March 19, 1975,

Italian Opera;

The Musical Union; Mr. Mann's Benefit Relief and Specific Cure of Constipation, 'Headache, Bile; " Wecommend this little work to those for whom it is in. Concert; New' Philharmonic Concerts; Musical Doings, &c. Hæmorrhoids, &c. *Tamar," unlike pills and the usual tenderi, and we constatulate Mr. Aird on his having presented the various propositions of law succinctly, and avoided those

Court Chronicle. The Naturalist. Gazette des Dames. purgatives, is agreeable to take, and nerer produces irrita.

The Tourist. The Library. lengthv dissertations which are apt, we fear, to bring some

The Exchange. Personal. tion. 28. 6d. per box; post free 2d. extra.-E. GRILION, The Boudoir. Pastimes. Society. Obituary.

22, London Wall, E.C.; also of BARCLAY and Sons, ami fame to the author, but much confusion of mind to the

of all chemists. reader."- Athenum, March 27, 1975.

Notes and Queries on Dress, Work, Music, and other

subjects useful and interesting to Ladies. Also, the same author, 2nd Edition, price 79. 60., All the Fashionable Intelligence of the Week.

private treaty, in every county and diocese. See the being a Price 6d. By post 6 d.

CHURCH PREFERMENÍ REGISTER for APRIL compendium of THE LAWS OF ENGLAND, London: LONGMANS, GREBN and Co., and all Booksellers.

May be had of News Agents, Booksellers, and at the RailSTARK (F.R.G.S., &c.), St. Paul's-chambers, No. 3 (re

issued only by (enclose four_stamps) Mr. W. EMERY way Stalls.

moved from 27), Bedford-street, Strand, w.c. Principals OFFICE: 316, STRAND, LONDON, W.C.

or solicitors only treated with. EDE AND SON,



THE FIELD, Country Gentleman's Newspaper,



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THESE FAMOUS PILLS PURIFY the BLOOD, act soothingly on the LIVER and STOMACH, giving TONE, ENERGY, and VIGOUR to these

Just published, gratis on application, or by post 1d., great MAIN SPRINGS of LIFE. Are wonder

A SUPPLEMENT to STANFORD'S ORDNANCE SURVEY CATALOGUE, containing the fully efficacions in all ailments incidental to New Publications from Sept. 1873, to Feb. 1875; or with STANFORD'S COMPLETE ORDNANCE FEMALES, and in cases of WEAKNESS and MAP CATALOGUE, containing 5 Index Maps, 6d., by post 7d. DEBILITY, a powerful invigorator of the system.


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