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Page 313 - For the purposes of this act, 1. any premises in such a state as to be a nuisance or injurious to health; 2.
Page 199 - It is an exception," adds Dr. Emmet, " to find any local exciting cause ; occasionally there may be some cicatrical tissue about the perinaeum or neck of the uterus, or some local inflammation or disease of the vagina, vulva, meatus, urethra, or vesical neck.
Page 202 - This cut forms one side of a Y. Then pass the knife again into the vagina, still dilating with the fingers as before, and cut in like manner on the opposite side from above downwards, uniting the two incisions at or near the raphe, and prolonging them quite to the perineal integument.
Page 203 - The index finger is inserted within the •inn.-, and the sphincter is pressed up against the posterior wall of the vagina. It is then easy to divide with scissors the fibres encircling the vagina on each side, just within the fourchette, and about three-quarters of an inch apart. This does not allow a prolapse of the vaginal wall, as when the perinaeum is lacerated, whilst it permits of an equal extent of dilatation of the outlet by the glass plug.
Page 313 - Where the nuisance proved to exist is such as to render a house or building, in the judgment of the court, unfit for human habitation, the court may prohibit the using thereof for that purpose until, in its judgment, the house or building is rendered fit for that purpose...
Page 185 - ... a line drawn from the umbilicus to the middle of Poupart's ligament. The upper limit of the cancer having been determined, the gut was emptied upwards by careful pressure, and a loop of bowel drawn out ; a narrow-bladed clamp was now applied to the intestine, so as to prevent any faeces coming down, and a similar one applied to the distal extremity of the loop.
Page 203 - Thus, in one instance under my observation, so extreme wws the local hypera?sthesia as not only to preclude the possibility of complete cohabitation, but also to prevent the patient submitting to any local treatment for relief of the morbid condition. Nevertheless conception occurred, and I subsequently was called in to deliver her at full term, and in doing so was obliged to incise the still unruptured hymen by which delivery was obstructed.
Page 199 - I have met with several cases in which there wag a redness or erythema at the fourchette. Usually the hymen is thick and voluminous, and when the finger is forced through it, its free border often feels as resistant as if bound by a fine cord or wire.
Page xxvii - Subxription. 16. Fellows shall pay £2 2s., and Members £1 Is. Student Associates shall pay 5s. The Subscription shall become due on the 1st of October in each year, and if the Subscription be not paid on or before the first Meeting in February, the defaulter shall cease to belong to the Academy, unless the delay shall be accounted for to the satisfaction of the Council. No Fellow shall vote at the Annual General Meeting who has not paid his subscription for the year. Medical Officers of the Army...
Page 112 - Frost). OTHER DISEASES OF ONIONS OBSERVED IN 1903. Although it is the purpose of this paper to deal chiefly with the onion blight, it may not be out of place to refer briefly to some of the other diseases of onions met with in our travels about the State. The cause of insect diseases is naturally, more generally and better understood by the average farmer than are those caused by parasitic fungi. The onion maggot appears to have been quite destructive during the earlier part of the season...

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