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Reasons for special provision,

Confederate States within the definition of Act,

Equal treatment proper,

Evidence of persons not parties on the record questioned,

Object of oath of ownership and security for costs,

Effect of rejecting evidence of admissions by non-claimants,

Justice of the case,

Locus in quo of offence,

Equipment, fitting out, &c., •

Real intention of the act,

Reason for omitting ships,

Neutral rights of shipbuilding,

Illegal intent,

War ships without arınament,

War ships built on speculation,

May be sent to belligerents on sale,

Building and arming for sale at home,

Building per contract,

Analogy to sale of arms,

Purely commercial speculations,

Doctrine of “ Historicus,”

Acts and intent of shipbuilder must be free from “animus belligerendi,”

Proof of intent by admissions of builders,

Surmise, suspicion, &c., insufficient,

The status of Great Britain and its incidents,

The status of the Confederate States,

The offence interdicted by the act,

Declaration of neutrality,

Position of this country in relation to the belligerents,

Equality of treatment required,

Traffic between neutrals and belligerents lawful,

Capture and confiscation the sole penalty,

Contraband not altered by Foreign Enlistment Act,

Building and sale of ships not forbidden,

Privileges of neutral shipwrights not affected,

Acts with hostile intent only forbidden,

Operation of the queen's proclamation,

Application of foregoing propositions to present state of affairs,

Result as to the rights of British shipbuilders,

Caution against abuse of neutral privileges,

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