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T a time, when so many volumes of select lessons, intended almost solely for the instruction of youth, are in circulation, it may, perhaps, appear superfluous to add to the number. While however, those have their appropriate 'excellencies, it is presumed that this, from the variety, and interesting nature of the matter it contains, will be deemed not unworthy of the patronage of those who are interested in the improvement of the rising generation.

From the abridgement of arts and sciences, the compiler conceives that much valuable and necessary information may be obtained, and that young people in particular, may be enabled to store their minds from this little volume, with a fund of knowledge, which they could not acquire but from the perusal of works more copi. ous and extensive.

Great pains have been taken to select such historical pieces, as shall have a ten n'ency to inspire the mind with generous and noble sentiments, and at the same time, to blend amusement with instruction. How far the object has been attained, instructors of youth, and the enlightened citizens of the United States, into whose hands this volume may fall, will decide.


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