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How fome with fwords their fleeping lords have flain,

And fome have hammer'd nails into their brain,

And fome have drench'd them with a deadly po


409 All this he read, and read with great devotion. Long time I heard, and fwell'd, and blush'd, and frown'd;

But when no end of these vile tales I found,
When still he read, and laugh'd and read again,
And half the night was thus confum'd in vain ;
Provok'd to vengeance, three large leaves I tore,
And with one buffet fell'd him on the floor. 416
With that my husband in a fury rofe,

And down he fettled me with hearty blows.
I groan'd, and lay extended on my fide;

Oh! thou haft flain me for

my wealth (I cry'd) Yet I forgive thee---take my last embrace--- 421 He wept, kind foul! and stoop'd to kiss my face; I took him fuch a box as turn'd him blue, Then figh'd and cry'd, Adieu, my dear, adieu! But after many a hearty struggle past,


I condescended to be pleas'd at laft.
Soon as he faid, My mistress and my wife,
Do what you lift, the term of all your life:
I took to heart the merits of the cause,
And stood content to rule by wholesome laws; 430

Receiv'd the reins of abfolute command,
With all the government of house and land,
And empire o'er his tongue, and o'er his hand.
As for the volume that revil'd the dames, 434
'Twas torn to fragments, and condemn'd to flames.
Now heav'n on all
my husbands gone, bestow
Pleasures above, for tortures felt below:
That reft they wish'd for, grant them in the grave,

And bless those fouls my conduct help'd to fave!

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