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GOD of the Sabbath, my soul would rise to thee, and would begin this holy day with praise to thee who hast made me to sleep in safety. Blessed be thy name for the Christian Sabbath, for the day which calls my mind from the transitory objects of earth to the durable things of the eternal life. In the name of him whose glorious resurrection this day commemorates, I would draw near to thee not only with my lips, but with my heart, worshipping thee in spirit and in truth.

0 Thou who art love and dwellest in love, enable me to love thee with my whole heart. Let thy mercies draw my soul to thee and keep me ever in the path of rectitude. Let me feel that thou art in me and I in thee. May I see thee in the works and mission and person of Jesus Christ, and may I see thee in my own soul. Help me to show my gratitude to the Saviour by becoming his devoted follower.

Holy Father, as thou hast made me for truth, holiness, virtue, and immortality, do thou take off mine eyes from beholding vanity; let me not love this world too much and thee so little, cure me of all worldliness and selfish desires.

O Thou that hearest prayer, bless all worshipping assemblies this day. May thy ministers preach Christ and him crucified, and may all men come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved. May the love of thee and the love of man become the ruling principle of the human soul, and thus may thy kingdom come, and thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Merciful Parent, go with me to the church, and let my heart this day be so touched by the holy influences of religion that my character may be formed by its heavenly spirit and my life governed by its laws.

In the name of Jesus Christ I offer these supplications, and with his own words conclude: Our Father etc. [Here follows the Lord's Prayer.]


Our FATHER, who art in heaven, I would give thee most humble and hearty thanks for permitting me to live through this day, and for enabling me to meet with Christians in the house of prayer.

O Thou who seest in secret, I have retired to my closet that I may thank thee for what my eyes have seen and what my ears have heard this day. Grant that from this hour I may have a new love for heavenly truth, new strength in holy purposes and new zeal in the Christian cause.

Searcher of hearts, in the silence of this hour's retirement, I solemnly dedicate myself to thee. Do thou accept the consecration, and give me strength to perform my vows. I would retire to

rest cherishing good-will towards all mankind. I ask thy fatherly protection. May the darkness be as the shadow of thy wings. Hear my prayer through him who loved me and gave himself for me. Amen.


ALMIGHTY God my heavenly Father, thou hast taken care of me while I was asleep. I thank thee for the pleasant light of this morning. The darkness goeth away and the daylight cometh at thy command. I thank thee that thou dost permit me to call myself thy child. I ask thy blessing to make me wise, good, contented, and useful. Keep me from doing wrong this day. Let me not be impatient, or fretful, orangry; but may I be gentle and pleasant. O God, bless my parents, make me obedient to them; and help me to be wiser and better every day, so that I may grow up for heaven; and when I die I may go to thee and to Jesus Christ. Amen.


GREAT God, thou delightest to hear the prayers of children, suffer my petition to come into thy holy presence.

Thou hast let me live through another day, and given me what is best for me; and now before I close my eyes in sleep, I wish to thank thee for the good things I have received. I thank thee for the light of the sun, for the friends who instruct me; for food and raiment; for a home to shelter me, and for the night to rest. IIelp me to remember how I have spent this day; and if I have felt or said or done anything wrong, may I be so sorry for my faults that I shall do better to-morrow. I wish to be more kind and more industrious every day. Let not my lips speak evil of others, nor my heart wish them any pain, nor my hands do them any mischief; but may I speak the truth always, and do unto others as I wish them to do unto me. Bless all poor people, and those who are sick and unhappy. My Heavenly Father, I am now going to sleep.

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