The public general acts of the 100 Geo. iv, by John Gifford

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Page 118 - for the time being, or his certain attorney; for which payment well and truly to be made we jointly and severally bind ourselves, and each of us by himself, our and each of our heirs, executors, and administrators, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals. Dated the day
Page 76 - act shall be laid and tried in the county where the fact was committed, and shall be commenced within six calendar months after the fact committed ; and notice in writing of such action, and of the cause thereof, shall be given to the defendant one calendar mouth
Page 119 - be a governor or deputy governor of any of the plantations should be capable of being elected or of sitting or voting as a member of the House of Commons: and whereas doubts have been entertained how far the provisions of the said act extend to persons holding the office of
Page 133 - provided, that nothing in this act shall 'extend or be construed to extend to enable his majesty, his heirs or successors, to grant more than five acres in any one grant for any of the purposes aforesaid, or to grant any premises in any one instance which shall exceed in value the sum of one thousand p.ounds.
Page 68 - such justice, receiver, or person belonging to the police force shall offend therein, he shall forfeit the sum of one hundred pounds, to be recovered, by any perso,n who will sue for the same, by action of debt, to be commenced •within six calendar months after the commission of the offence; and one moiety of the sum
Page 76 - of the defendant; and if a verdict shall pass for the defendant, or the plaintiff shall become nonsuit, or discontinue any such action after issue joined, or if, upon demurrer or otherwise, judgment shall be given against the plaintiff, the defendant shall recover his full costs as between attorney and client; and though a verdict shall be given for the .plaintiff,
Page 116 - act shall be deemed a public act, and shall extend to Great Britain and Ireland and Berwick-upon-Tweed, and be judicially taken notice of as such by all judges, justices, and other persons whatsoever, without the same being
Page 147 - 12. An act to indemnify such persons, in the United Kingdom, as have omitted to qualify themselves for offices and employments, and for extending the time limited for those purposes respectively until the 25th March,
Page 75 - courts of record at Westminster; and no warrant of commitment shall be held void by reason of any defect therein, provided that it be therein alleged that the party has been convicted, and there be a good

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