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PAGE 861. Metropolis—Building-Service of Notices-London Building Act, 1894. T'HE QUEEN V. MEAD

542 862. Landlori and Tenant-Lease--Covenant for Quiet Enjoyment-LightInterference-Building on adjoining Land. ROBSON v. PALACE CHAMBERS COMPANY

543 863. Local Authority—“Sewer” “ Drain "-Accommodation WorksRailways Clauses Act, 1845—Public Health Act, 1875.


545 864. Local Government-Betterment-Charges-Licensed Premises—Takings and Payments.

LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL v. CITY OF LONDON BREWERY 516 865. Metropolis-Sewers made without Approval-Liability to RepairMetropolis Management Act, 1855.


547 866. Railway-Footpath — Bridge—Railways Clauses Act, 1845.

COMPANY (Appeal H. L.)

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Small Holdings and their Equipment (Extract from

a Paper in the Journal of the Royal Agri-
cultural Society) ..

By A. Dudley Clarke ... 113 Some Remarks on Setting Out and Constructing New

Streets (from a Paper read before the York-
shire Provincial Committee)

By J. Wade

.. 205 Dairy Management and Agricultural Co-operation

(A Paper read before the Somerset, Gloucester
and North Wilts Provincial Committee

By W. Sturge

358 Hedgerow Trees (A Paper read before the Sussex Provincial Committee) ...

By T. Martin

... 361 Selected Paper read at a Junior Meeting

The Measurement of Stonework" By N. T. Cowin ... 209 Extracts from a Selected Paper read at a Junior

Meeting, “Some Points on Ordinary Tithe " By Leslie S. Wood 551 Statistics Corn Prices, Return of the Average Prices of British Corn, Imperial Measure, February to July, 1896 ...

122 August to November, 1896

214 December, 1896, to April, 1897

368 May to August, 1897

471 September to December, 1897

. 560

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Agricultural Returns of Great Britain, 1897— Preliminary Statement compiled

from Returns collected 4th June, and Comparisons with Previous Years 472 List of Cases decided under the Agricultural Holdings Act, 1883, with References to the Legal Reports in which they are contained ...


(A) Name and Subject-List of Building Contract

Cases decided during the Present Century,
revised, enlarged, and brought up to date
(February, 1898)

By A. A. Hudson (B) Name and Subject-List of Light and Air Cases,

prepared and revised to date (February, 1898) By J. Holden Index to Volume VIII, of “Professional Notes"


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The Agricultural Rates Act 1896.

The object of the above Act, as explained by the President of the Local Government Board, is to in some small way relieve the generally prevailing agricultural distress, by contributing from imperial sources to the local authorities such a sum as it is estimated will be sufficient to make good half the rates on agricultural land throughout the country.

By Clause 1, Section 1, the Act is to come into operation on March 31st, 1897, after which date agricultural land will only be liable to pay rates upon half its rateable value.

For this reason it will be necessary before that date, where it has not already been done, to make a separate valuation of land and of houses and buildings.

There are certain exceptions to the land which is to be entitled this relief, namely parks, woodlands, pleasure grounds, and gardens attached to houses or cottages.

The Act is to remain in operation for five years, during which period the Government have undertaken to institute a searching inquiry, by Royal Commission or otherwise, into the whole question of local taxation.

It is estimated that the deficiency in local rates


under the Act will amount to £1,550,000 a year, but that only half that sum will be required during the present financial year.

The amount required this year from imperial funds will come out of the surplus in the hands of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but it is provided that in future it shall be chargeable on the “ death duties.”

The rateable value of agricultural land as defined by the Bill having been ascertained prior to March 31st, 1897, every local authority will be entitled to a Government contribution equal to the deficiency caused by the reduction of all the rates to one half on agricultural land.

This contribution will be paid half-yearly in two equal payments, on the 31st of March and the 29th of September.

The amount of the Government contribution will not be altered during the operation of the Bill, but whether the rates go up or down agricultural land will only pay at the rate of one half.

For example, if the rates in any parish are now 2s. 60. in the £l and they remain so, agricultural land will pay

at the rate of ls. 3d., houses and other land at 28. 6d., the Government contribution making up the deficiency; but should a larger rate become necessary, for every penny put on agricultural land, houses and other land will pay twopence, and should a smaller rate become necessary, for every twopence taken off houses and other land, one penny will be taken off agricultural land. By this means it is suggested that any tendency to extravagance, which is not unusual when receiving grants in aid, may be checked.

By Section 2, it is enacted that this relief to agricultural land shall be granted in respect of all rates, except

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