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We may be justified in hoping that, by the gradual diffusion of Science, and its increasing recognition as a principal part of our national education, the public in general, no less than the Legislature and the State, will more and more recognise the claims of Science to their attention; so that it may no longer require the begging-box, but speak to the State, like a favoured child to its parent, sure of his parental solicitude for its welfare; that the State will recognise in Science one of its elements of strength and prosperity, to foster which the clearest dictates of self-interest demand

DR. JENNER. The discovery of vaccination was not the result of mere accident, like many other discoveries; but it was the result of long and thoughtful observation and reflection to which the discoverer's whole life was devoted. This country might be justly proud to number among her sons such a man as Jenner, for no man had been able to save so many lives as he had been able to do. His contemporaries had testified their approbation and feeling of gratitude for the important public service he had rendered; but it was reserved for our own day to inaugurate a memorial as a mark of our appreciation of Jenner's services in the cause of humanity. I hope that statue will be long preserved, to give the features of this benefactor of the human race for the contemplation and admiration of generations to come. I hope that vaccination will be further spread, for it is deplorable to think that, through neglecting it, fifty thousand victims still die annually in this country.


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