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No. IV.

AIR.-The Old Woman.

Oh! the days are gone, when Beauty bright

My heart's chain wove ;
When my dream of life, from morn till night,

Was love, still love!
New hope may bloom,

And days may come

Of milder, calmer beam,
But there's nothing half so sweet in life

As love's young dream!
Oh! there's nothing half so sweet in life
As love's young dream !

Though the bard to purer fame may soar,

When wild youth's past ;
Though he win the wise, who frown'd before,

To smile at last ;
He'll never meet

A joy so sweet,

In all his noon of fame,
As when first he sung to woman's ear

His soul felt-flame,
And, at every close, she blush'd to hear
The one loved name !

Oh! that hallow'd form is ne'er forgot,

Which first-love traced ;
Still it lingering haunts the greenest spot

On memory's waste !

"Twas odour fled

As soon as shed ;

'Twas morning's winged dream ;
'Twas a light that ne'er can shine again

On life's dult stream !
Oh ! 'twas light that ne'er can shine again

On life's dull stream!

AIR.--St. Patrick's Day.

1. THOUGH dark are our sorrows, to-day we'll forget them,

And smile through our tears, like a sun-beam in showers; There never were hearts, if our rulers would let them, More form’d to be grateful and bless'd than ours !

Bat, just when the chain

Has ceased to pain,
And hope has enwreathed it round with flowers,

There comes a new link

Our spirit to sink
Oh! the joy that we taste, like the light of the poles,

Is a flash amid darkness, too brilliant to stay;
But, though 'twere the last little spark in our souls,
We must light it up now on our Prince's Day.

Contempt on the minion who calls you disloyal !

Though fierce to your foe, to your friends you are true ;
And the tribute most high to a head that is royal,
Is love from a heart that loves liberty too.

While cowards who blight

Your fame, your right,
Would shrink from the blaze of the battle array,

The Standard of Green

In front would be seen Oh! my life on your faith! were you summon'd this minute,

You'd cast every bitter remembrance away, And show what the arm of old ERIN has in it,

When roused by the foe, on her Prince's Day. * This song was written for a fête in honour of the Prince of Wales's Birth-Day, given by my friend, Major Bryan, at his seat in the county of Kilkenny.

He loves the Green Isle, and his love is recorded,

In hearts which have suffer'd too much to forget ; And hope shall be crown'd, and attachment rewarded, And ERIN's gay jubilee shine out yet !

The gem may be broke

By many a stroke,
But nothing can cloud its native ray ;

Each fragment will cast

A light, to the last ! And thus, ERIN, my country! though broken thou art,

There's a lustre within thee that ne'er will decay ; A spirit which beams through each suffering part,

And now smiles at their pain, on the Prince's Day!

AIR.-The Song of Sorrow.

WEEP on, weep on, your hour is past;

Your dreams of pride are o'er;
The fatal chain is round you cast,

And you are men no more!
In vain the hero's heart hath bled;

The sage's tongue hath warn’d in vain ;-
Oh, Freedom ! once thy flame hath fled,
It never lights again!

Weep on-perhaps in after days

They'll learn to love your name ;
When many a deed shall wake in praise

That now must sleep in blame!
And, when they tread the ruin'd isle,

Where rest, at length, the lord and slave,
They'll wond'ring ask, how hands so vile
Could conquer hearts so brave.

« 'Twas fate," they'll say, “a wayward fate

“ Your web of discord wove;
And, while your tyrants join'd in hate,
“ You never join'd in love !

“ But hearts fell off that ought to twine,

“ And man profaned what God hath given, « Till some were heard to curse the shrine

66 Where others knelt to Heaven !”

AIR.-Nora Creina.

LESBIA hath a beaming eye,

But no one knows for whom it beameth; Right and left its arrows fly,

But what they aim at no one dreameth!
Sweeter 'tis to gaze upon

My Nora's lid, that seldom rises ;
Few its looks, but every one,
Like unexpected light, surprises !

Oh, my Nora CREINA, dear!
My gentle, bashful NORA CREINA!

Beauty lies

In many eyes,
But love in yours, my NORA CREINA!

LESBIA wears a robe of gold,

But all so close the nymph hath laced it, Not a charm of Beauty's mould

Presumes to stay where Nature placed it! Oh! my NORA's gown for me,

That floats as wild as mountain breezes,
Leaving every beauty free
To sink or swell, as Heaven pleases !

Yes, my NORA CREINA, dear!
My simple, graceful NORA CREINA!

Nature's dress

Is loveliness-
The dress you wear, my NORA CREINA!

LESBIA hath a wit refined,

But, when its points are gleaming round us, Who can tell if they're design'd

To dazzle merely or to wound us?

Pillow'd on my Nora's heart,

In safer slumber Love reposes
Bed of peace ! whose roughest part
Is but the crumpling of the roses.

Oh, my NORA CREINA, dear!
My mild, my artless NORA CREINA !

Wit, though bright,

Hath not the Light
That warms your eyes, my NORA CREINA !




I saw thy form in youthful prime,

Nor thought that pale decay
Would steal before the steps of time,

And waste its bloom away, MARY!
Yet still thy features wore that light

Which fleets not with the breath;
And life ne'er look'd more truly bright
Than in thy smile of death, MARY !

As streams that run o'er golden mines,

Yet humbly, calmly glide,
Nor seem to know the wealth that shines

Within their gentle tide, MARY!
So, veil'd beneath the simplest guise,

Thy radiant genius shone,
And that which charm'd all other eyes
Seem'd worthless in thy own,


If souls could always dwell above,

Thou ne'er hadst left that sphere;
Or, could we keep the souls we love,

We ne'er had lost thee here, MARY !
Though many a gifted mind we meet,

Though fairest forms we see,
To live with them is far less sweet

Than to remember thee, MARY ! * * I have here made a feeble effort to imitate that exqui. site inscription of Shenstone's, “ Heu ! quanto minus est cum reliquis versari quam tui meminisse !”

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