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HIS ensuing journal of my travels in Holland

and Germany, in the service of the gospel of my

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, was written for my own, and some relations and particular friends fatisfaction, as the long time it hath lain silent doth shew : but a copy that was found amongst the late countess of Conway's papers falling into the hands of a person that much frequented that family, he was earnest with me, both by himself and others, to have leave to publish it for a common good: which, upon perusal, I have found a willingness to comply with, hoping that the Lord will make the reading of it effectual to some into whose hands it may fall; as well those who have received a dispensation of the same ministry, for their encouragement in their publick service for God, as those who are under the same ministry, unto zeal and faithfulness.

For it is the glorious gospel day, in which God is exalting his dear Son, as Prophet, Priest, and King, in the hearts of his people. Oh! that the nations would hear him, their only saving health, and Israel's great Shepherd, who takes care of his sheep, that hear his voice, and gives unto them that follow him, in the daily cross, unto regeneration, eternal life; and who hath sent, and is sending forth, his servants, to gather home the sheep, that are gone astray in all nations, thạt so there may be but one Shepherd, and one sheepfold, according to the glorious promise made to these latter times; in which he said he would be the “ teacher of his people himself:” for he is teaching thousands, by the light, spirit, and grace of his


Son Christ, in whom he is well pleased. To this, God hath sent forth his servants, in this day, to turn all people, as God's call and visitation to the nations. And blessed are all those that hearken to this teftimony, both mediately and immediately.

For God is awaking men to the knowledge of his glory, in the face or appearance of Christ, by his Spirit in their hearts and consciences; which reveals to men the Father, yea, the deep things of God.

Oh! that they would hear, and fear, and learn the things that make for their eternal peace! For if the righteous scarcely are saved, where, where, shall they appear that neglect so great salvation ! A salvation that comes so near them, as to knock at the door of their hearts; that searches them, and tries their reins, and tells unto them their most inward thoughts, and brings a line of judgment over all their words and works. This is Christ Jesus, the light of the world, that was given of God for salvation to the ends of the earth. He has enlightened all, and shines to all, and calls all, that they should see their sins, and be forry for them, and forsake them, and take up his daily cross, and follow him, whom God hath given for an example, as well as a PROPITIATION for our sins: and none can know him to be their propitiation, that reject him as their example and leader in their lives and conversations. Wherefore, reader, be serious, inward, and inquisitive, for thy soul's fake. What faith haft thou? One that overcomes the world; or one that the spirit of the world overcomes, which is not the faith of God's elect, without which we cannot please God? For that faith works by love; such a love to God as will not offend him, but seeks his glory through a most willing obedience to his holy will. Blessed are the souls in which this love dwells; for such have none in heaven but God, nor in the earth in comparison of him. As they receive all good from him, so they resign all up to him; and though it be through many tribulations that they must attain the rest of God, yet .as nothing can separate them from

his love, fo neither can any thing deprive them of their reward in the end.

1 Wherefore, reader, be thou persuaded to take thy lot among that blessed number, if thou art not yet one of them. Thou seest the way to that divine privilege; walk in it; for the end crowns all; if one of that number, that have chosen God for their portion, be diligent, zealous, and fervent in the work and service of God. Redeem thy time, and run thy race with care and constancy; looking to Jesus, the Author, that he may be the Finisher of thy faith. Remember who said, is There are many mansions prepared for the Ce faithful.” Do we believe and look for another world? Let us not then live in this as if there were no other. Let our eyes be upon our better world, and live here as strangers, that are but on our way to our eternal home; that so we may answer the end of God's love, by working out the falvation of our own fouls, by his power, with fear and trembling; knowing God will judge all, by Christ Jesus, according to the deeds done in the body. * Reader, this journal is of a religious voyage, and has some pafrages in it that may engage thy soul to seriousness, and let thee see how good God is to those that go on his holy errands. Mayest thou be heartily affected with this testimony of his love, and presence with his people; and feel good desires raised in thee to serve the Lord also, according to his blessed will, in thy day, that peace thou mayest know to thy soul when time here shall be no more.

I am,

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