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Page 853 - During the period between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise...
Page 831 - Act, unless he proves that he had taken all reasonable means, by publishing and to the best of his power enforcing the said rules as regulations for the working of the mine, to prevent such contravention or non-compliance.
Page 819 - ... such sum, not exceeding in any case the amount payable under the foregoing provisions, as may be agreed upon, or...
Page 807 - ... children, or any other class of persons, he may certify that manufacture, machinery, plant, process, or description of manual labour to be dangerous, and thereupon the Secretary of State may, subject to the provisions of this Act, make such regulations as appear to him to be reasonably practicable and to meet the necessity of the case.
Page 819 - Where a workman has given notice of an accident, he shall, if so required by the employer, submit himself for examination by a duly qualified medical practitioner provided and paid by the employer, and, if he refuses to submit himself to such examination, or in any way obstructs the same, his right to compensation, and to take or prosecute any proceeding under this Act in relation to compensation, shall be suspended until such examination has taken place.
Page 838 - WEAVING. ^YhereaB the processes of spinning and weaving flax and tow and the processes incidental thereto have been certified in pursuance of section 79 of the Factory and Workshop Act, 1901, to be dangerous: I hereby in pursuance of the powers conferred on me by that act make the following regulations, and direct that they shall apply to all factories in which the processes named above are carried on.
Page 848 - ... 2. Provision for the rescue from drowning of persons employed shall be made and maintained, and shall include: — (a) A supply of life-saving appliances, kept in readiness on the wharf or quay, which shall be reasonably adequate having regard to all the circumstances.
Page 844 - Whereas the manufacture of electric accumulators has been certified in pursuance of Section 79 of the Factory and Workshop Act, 1901. to be dangerous ; I hereby, in pursuance of the powers conferred on me by that Act, make the following regulations, and direct that they shall apply to all factories and workshops or parts thereof in which electric accumulators are manufactured. Definitions.—In these Regulations ' lead process ' means pasting, casting, lead burning, or any work involving contact...
Page 817 - No person shall in any way interfere, without the knowledge and concurrence of the occupier or manager, with the means and appliances provided for the removal of dust.
Page 807 - Subject as aforesaid, the inquiry and all proceedings preliminary and incidental thereto shall be conducted in accordance with rules made by the authority.

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