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Washington, D. C., March 30, 1889. The Honorable the SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR,

Washington, D. C.: SIR: I have the honor to transmit the proceedings of the Department of Superintendence of the National Educational Association at its meeting held in Washington on March 6-8, 1889.

This Department is one of the most important educational associations in the country. It is composed of men who have had experience in the conduct of popular education, and their discussions relate to the practical problems which everywhere attend this work. The value of their discussions is evidenced by the constant reference to them on the part not only of American school officers, but of those charged with like responsibilities in foreign countries.

Tho interest attaching to their deliberations is increased in the case of their recent session, on account of the prominence there given to the subject of manual training. At the present time this subject engages thoughtful consideration in all countries in which the education of the hand receives due attention. Its importance is indicated by the fact that it is one of three topics selected, on account of their universal interest, for discussion in the international conference at Paris in August, in connection with the Centennial Exposition.

On this, as upon other matters relating to systems of education, an earnest desire is manifested to know the opinions of American superintendents. On account, then, both of the intrinsic value of the proceedings of the Department and the timely character of their recent discussions, the publication of their proceedings will be found useful to the cause of education.

The annual meetings of this body have also become of national interest by reason of the large number of men prominent in educational work and supervision, who are brought together from all parts of the country, and the high grade of the addresses delivered and of the discussions drawn forth on a great variety of important questions. From such considerations this Bureau, for a number of years, bas published the proceedings and addresses of the Department of Superintendence as a circular of information. Few of the publications of the Government are anticipated with greater interest or by a wider constituency of specialists than this annual monographı. As heretofore stated, the recent meeting was one of unusual interest, and the papers and speeches were of a very high order of merit.

I therefore respectfully submit them, with the recommendation that they be published for distribution by this Office. I have the honor to be, very respectfully,



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