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Page 256 - ... the evidence is gone through on both sides, the judge, in the presence of the parties, the counsel, and all others, sums up the whole to the jury; omitting all superfluous circumstances, observing wherein the main question and principal issue lies, stating what evidence has been given to support it, with such remarks as he thinks necessary for their direction, and giving them his opinion in matters of law arising upon that evidence.
Page 61 - An act making appropriations for the necessary expenses of carrying on the Government of Porto Rico for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1912, and for other purposes,
Page 16 - That all grants of franchises, rights, and privileges or concessions of a public or quasi-public nature shall be made by the executive council, with the approval of the governor, and all franchises granted in Porto Rico shall be reported to Congress, which hereby reserves the power to annul or modify the same.
Page 176 - First class $40 Second class $35 Third class $30 Graded teachers — First class $55 Second class $50 Third class $45 English graded teachers — First class $60 Second class $55 Third class $50 Principal teachers — First class $80 Second class $75 Third class . . $70...
Page 131 - Act prescribes the duties of the Commissioner of the Interior as follows : "That the Commissioner of the Interior shall superintend all works of a public nature, and shall have charge of all public buildings, grounds, and lands, except those belonging to the United States, and shall execute such requirements as may be imposed by law with respect thereto, and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law...
Page 92 - But the value of property results from the use to which it is put and varies with the profitableness of that use, present and prospective, actual and anticipated. There is no pecuniary value outside of that which results from such use.
Page 56 - Government has kept pace with the improved conditions with which it has been surrounded, and that every branch of its service has been increased in efficiency during the past year through the interest, industry, and harmonious relations of its officials and employees. Its thanks are due to the public and all officers of the Federal Government in the island for the cooperation and courtesies extended to it upon all occasions. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, GEO. R. COLTON, Governor of Porto...
Page 16 - ... issued; shall forbid the declaring of stock or bond dividends, and, in the case of public-service corporations, shall provide for the effective regulation of the charges thereof...
Page 61 - An act to amend an act entitled "An act to amend an act entitled 'An act to amend Chapter II, Title IX. of the Political Code and to repeal certain sections of the Penal Code, and for other purposes,"
Page 178 - They may, with the approval of the commissioner of education, as may also the supervising principals, dismiss pupils from the schools, and may suspend teachers pending the action of the commissioner. They must submit annually, three months before the beginning of the school year, to the commissioner of education for his approval, a list of teachers, properly qualified, whom they wish to have appointed to positions in their school systems, and upon approval such teachers are considered appointed.

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