Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, 1. köide

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Linnean Society of New South Wales., 1877

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Page 396 - Marett in the Chair. The minutes of the last Annual Meeting were read and confirmed. The...
Page 114 - Howe). Referring to this fact, the Rev. W. B. Clarke says that " throughout the whole of Eastern Australia, including New South Wales and Queensland, no Tertiary marine deposits have been discovered.
Page 379 - ... well-defined narrow line along the upper lip from opposite the canine tooth, bordering the blackish "brown of the upper part of the face and head, which extends a little below the eye, and from thence in an upward curved line to the ears ; the sides of the face below are ashy grey, pencilled below the ears with blackish and a few little rusty red ; there is also a small patch of rusty red at the base of the ear below ; the hind feet are blackish brown ; and the snout rather bare in front from...
Page xxix - President, two or more Vice-Presidents, Honorary Treasurer, Secretary, and not more than twenty-one elected Members of the Society.
Page 114 - The Miocene clay beds of New Guinea, judging from the specimens collected by Mr. Macleay, are exactly similar in lithological character to the Lower Miocene beds near Geelong, and on the Cape Otway coast in Victoria.
Page 36 - MEMBERS PROPOSED. Hugh Kennedy, Esq., University ; A. Dodds, Esq. ; Francis Lark, Esq., Sydney. The PRESIDENT read the following paper, entitled NOTES ON THE ZOOLOGICAL COLLECTIONS MADE IN TORRES STRAITS AND NEW GUINEA DURING THE CRUISE OF THE "CHEVERT.
Page 85 - ... inauguration, are as follows : — By Mr. Brazier : Descriptions of fourteen species of terrestrial fluviatile and marine shells from Australia and the Solomon Islands. Description of eight species of Australian and Tasmanian land and freshwater shells.
Page 87 - Wales," and contains : — Notes on the geological collection of the Department of Mines. By Charles Wilkinson, Esq., Government geologist. — Remarks on the sedimentary formations of New South Wales.
Page 403 - Letter on Birds, transmitted to the Society from Duke of York's Island. By Mr. G. Brown, CMZS Exhibition of, and remarks on, three Feather Mats made by Maoris of New Zealand. By Dr. Hector. On a new Ziphioid Whale. By Julius Von Haast, Ph. D., FRS, Director of the Canterbury Museum, Christchurch, New Zealand. Notes on some Fijian Birds, including description of a new genus and species. By Otto Finsch, Ph. D., CMZS On Ceratodus Forsteri, with observation on the Classification of Fishes. By Professor...
Page 169 - WILLIAM MACLEAY, ESQ., President, in the Chair. The following donations were announced : — The Mollusca of New Zealand. The Echinodermata of New Zealand. The Fishes of New Zealand, by the Author, FW Hutton, Esq., Otago. MEMBER ELECTED. WF Barkas, Esq., M.RC.SE The following papers were read : — List of Marine Shells, with Descriptions of the new species collected during the Chevert Expedition — by JOHN BRAZIER, CMZS CLASS GASTEROPODA.

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