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have bad much praise to bestaw, be begs, however, urat Captain Gray and the Officers of the detachment will accept of his thanks and congratulations on this occasion.

Lieutenant Colonel Imlach considers it his duty publicly to express his thanks to Brevet Captain Hughes, not only for his conduct on this occasion, but from the commencement of hostilities, and from the several duties which that Officer has had to perform, be considers it an essential and pleasing duty to bring the same to the notice of his Excellency the Commander in Chief,

May 7, 1818. THE Governor in Couneil kas mureb pleasue is announcing that the hill fort of Maugbur bas been taken possession of by a detaelmente under elle command of Captain Soppitt.

May 19, 1918. THE Right Honourable the Governor in Council has derived a high degree of satistaction from the report of a very gallant exploit * by a small detachment under command of Lieutenant. Crosby, who attacked a body of tbe enemy stationed in the village of Pootadpoor, in number more than double the force he leat, and immediately defeated and drove them from their post. In publishing the brigade orders by Lieutenant Colonel Prother, the Goverpor jin Council is pleased to express bis cordial union with that Officer in every sentiment of admiration and applause at the zealous and intrepid conduct of Lieutenant Crosby, of Subahdar Ball Kissen Sing, and of all engaged in that brilliant affair.

* This affair is Moticed in the extract from a dispatch from the Government of Bombay, dated 12th September 18.18, pub= lished in the London Gazette of 2511 February 1819,

page 376,




Camp, before Ryghur, May 8, 1818. Extract from Brigade Orders by Lieutenant

Colonel Prother. THE Commanding Officer, with sentiments of applause, is gratified in publishing a letter received from Lieutenant James Crosby of the 2d battalion 5th regiment native infantry, and is certain the conduct of this young Officer will obtain the admiration of the field force, as it has gained that of Lieutenant-Colonel Prother.

The gallantry ot Subahdar Ball Kissen Sing, Ist battalion 5th regiment, under Lieutenant Crosby's command is also distinguished, the Subahdar having cut down five of the eneiny. Copy of the Letter from Lieutenant Crosby, dated

May 5, 1818, referred to in the preceding.


I HAVE the honour to report, for the information of Lieutenant-Colonel Prother, commanding the field force in the Concan, that having received intelligence of a body of men, consisting of 200 Marbattas, 200 Pattans, and 70 Arabs being posted in the village of Pootadpoor, I marched my detachment (75 raok and file and 140 Guicawar horse) to the place, and on my arrival found the report to be true; I immediately attacked the enemy, who fled in every direction in a quarter of an hour, leaving about 20 killed and wounded, and 16 prisoners; we bad only one borseman and horse wounded, the former severely. I am sorry froni


the nature of the ground I was not able to follow them with the horse.

I have, &c.

JAMES CROSBY, Lieuteirant 2d battalion 5th regiment

native infantry.

June, 19, 1818. THE Right Honourable the Governor in Council is pleased to minounce the surrender of the forts of Jeyghur * and Weejygbur, to tlie troops under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Kennedy.

The Right Honourable the Governor in Council is pleased to announce the surrender of the town of Sunghumseer and the fort of Rutuaghurry,t to the troops under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Kennedy.

June 25, 1818. THE Right Honourable the Governor in Council is pleased to announce the surrender of the fort of Vezeadroog, (or Gheriah. :) and of the remaining forts in that district, viz. Esswantyhur, Omberghur and Karipatanı, to the troops under the commandof Lieutenant-Colonel Imlach, C. B.

June 27, 1818. THE Right Honourable the Governor in Council is pleased to announce that Rajapoor has been taken possession of by the troops under the comLand of Lieutenant-Colonel Imlach, C.B.

* Jeyghur, pon the coast of the Concan, to the south of Bancoot, about sixty miles. + Rutnaghurry, abuit fifteen miles south of Jeyghur.

Gleriah upon the coast of the Concan, about one bundred miles sourb of Bancout.

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tract from General Orders by the Commander-inChief of the Army of the Deccan, dated April 18th 1818.

THE Commander in Chief is happy in having it in his power to correct an omission in his Excellency's general orders of the 13th ultimo,* noticing the attack of the army of Bajee Rao, on the 20th February last, by the division of the army ander the command of Brigadier General Smith, C. B.

The report of the Brigadier General stating, that the horse artillery were kept in reserve, led the Coñmander in Chief to understand that they were not actively engaged, but his Excellency having received a subsequent report from the Brigadier General explanatory of the circumstance, and showing that the Bombay horse artillery under Captain Pierce, bore an active and distinguished share in the dangers and honour of the action of the 20th February, liis Excellency desires to offer to Captain Pierce, the expression of bis high approbation and thanks for the zealous and persevering exertions, which :that Officer made in bringing bis guns into position, and opening their five under circumstances of great difficulty owing to the nature of the ground; and his Excellency requests that Brigadier General Smith, will communicate to Captain Pierce, and to the corps of Bombay horse artillery, under his conimand, the bigh sense entertained by the Commander in Chief of their merinorious services and good conduct.

T. H.OONWAY, Adjt. Gen. of the Army. The general ordor here referred to wasipablished in the London Gazette, 28th November 1818, page 2122, and other ducuwents relating to the battle with the Peistiwa, of 20th February 1818, were published in previvus Gazeties, d'ated 16th July 18!8, pages 1230 to 1282, and 28th September 1818, page 1731.


Copy of a Leiter from Brigadier-General Pritzler,

to the Adjutant-General of the Army of the Deccan, dated Camp, l'ambia, 6th April 1818.

SIR, I HAVE the honour to report for the inforniation of His Excellency the Courmander-in-Clief, that the troops der my command arrived at Tambah on the 30th wlt. distant from Massot:th * about seventeen miles; but the road passing over a very difficnlt ghaut, and leading through a thick jimglė, it was not practicable further to advance the park and lieavy storcs. I therefore ordered Colonel Hewitt to proceed with 1,500 men on the 3:1 st 10 invest the toit, unul the road could be rendered fit for the transport of artillery.

Colonel Hewitt's march was very little interrupted, although the country was particularly strong, and sone of the parses liad been stockaded; from whichi, however, the enemy fleil, uiterlisin charging their arms, on the approach of our troops.

Froni Colonel Howitt's report (a copy of which is inclosedt,) it appears, that on ibe 31st ult. he occupied the village of Indolie, distant from the fort about two miles aud a lialt; and, on the niorido ing of the Ist instant, the enemy was duiven into the tort, and the necessary posts occupied to preyent tbeir escape.

On the morning of the 20 I proceedel, witli one howitzer and three mortars, carried upon

cles plants; but it was the 1th in the evening before tbey could be got into a batrery, which was established on a height called Old Wassotál, distant

* An extract of a dispatch from the Government of Bombay, dated April 11, 1818, announcing the capture of the tort of Wassutal, was published in the London Gazette of 28th Aug. 1918, page 1529. + Nut published.


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