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for granted that Shakespeare will always be studied independently, and that some of the best of our modern novels will be read in their entirety and as a matter of course. Indeed, it would seem to be a little absurd to introduce into a book like this excerpts from Scott, Dickens, Thackeray, and George Eliot. By such omissions I have gained additional space for selections from less familiar and accessible writers.

As the aim of this book is literary and not philological or linguistic (and incidentally I should like to enter my protest against the too common confusion of what should be separate lines of study), I have not concerned myself about uniformity of text. I have thought it well to give Chaucer in the old form, and as Spenser's deliberate archaisms were an essential part of his style, these I have of course preserved. Elsewhere in the earlier extracts a more or less modernised text has generally been adopted; but though in such cases the spelling has been changed, I have never tampered with the language itself.


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