Goethe's Lyric Poems in English Translation Prior to 1800

Front Cover
University of Wisconsin, 1919 - 202 pages

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Page 10 - Was nun in den Dichtungen aller Nationen hierauf hindeutet und hinwirkt, dies ist es, was die übrigen sich anzueignen haben. Die Besonderheiten einer jeden muß man kennen lernen, um sie ihr zu lassen, um gerade dadurch mit ihr zu verkehren...
Page 94 - Miiller, and others, with notes original and translated, illustrative of German Literature, by Sarah Austin.
Page 62 - My father, my father, he seizes me fast, Full sorely the Erl-King has hurt me at last." The father now gallops, with terror half wild, He grasps in his arms the poor shuddering child : He reaches his courtyard with toil and with dread, — The child in his arms finds he motionless, dead.
Page 54 - Come, lovely boy, come, go with me ; Such merry plays I will play with thee ; Many a bright flower grows on the strand, And my mother has many a gay garment at hand.
Page 53 - TO THE MOON. FILLEST hill and vale again, Still with softening light ! Loosest from the world's cold chain All my soul to-night ! Spreadest round me far and nigh, Soothingly, thy smile ; From thee, as from friendship's eye, Sorrow shrinks the while. Every echo thrills my heart, — Glad and gloomy mood, Joy and sorrow both have part In my solitude. River, river, glide along ! I am sad, alas ! Fleeting things are love and song, — Even so they pass. I have...
Page 44 - WHAT white form is shimmering on yon lea ? Is it snow, or is it swans we see? Snow? It would have melted in the ray. Swans ? Long since they must have flown away. Snow it is not ; swans it cannot be; 'Tis the tent of Hassan Aga shining : There the wounded warrior lieth pining. Mother, sisters, all to tend him come ; But his wife, too shamefaced, weeps at home. Wherefore, -when his wounds were looking better, Sent he to the faithful one this letter — " Go ! Depart thee from my bed and door ; Bear...
Page 15 - The German Museum or Monthly Repository of the Literature of Germany, the North, and the Continent in General. London. Printed for C. Geisweiler and the Proprietors.
Page 19 - In caves lie coiled the dragon's ancient brood, The crag leaps down, and over it the flood: Know'st thou it then ? 'Tis there! 'Tis there Our way runs : O my father, wilt thou go...
Page 10 - Wer die deutsche Sprache versteht und studiert, befindet sich auf dem Markte, wo alle Nationen ihre Waren anbieten; er spielt den Dolmetscher, indem er sich selbst bereichert.
Page 91 - The German Songster, or a Collection of favourite Airs, with their original Music, done into English by the Translator of The German Erato.

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