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Adoption of Children Act.--1925.

adoption shall thereby terminate all the rights and legal responsibilities and incidents existing between the child and his or her natural parents, except the right of the child to take property as heir or next of kin of his natural parents directly or by right of representation.

13. (1) An adopted child shall, unless the Court for any special Name of adopted

child and registra · reason otherwise orders, bear the name of the adopting parent, in tion of adoption. addition to his own name.

(2) When an order of adoption has been made the Court shall communicate to the Registrar-General of Births and Deaths the fact that the child has been adopted, whereupon the said Registrar-General shall cause to be entered in the certificate of registration of the child's birth in the register of births kept pursuant to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1874, the word “ adopted,” and shall issue to the Court a certificate showing the Christian name or names and the date and place of birth of the adopted child, which certificate shall be then endorsed by the Court with the full name of the adopting parent and the full name of the adopted child, and returned by him to the said Registrar-General, who shall deal with such certificate as though it were a certificate of birth forwarded to him under the said Act by a District Registrar, and the said Act shall apply to and in respect of such certificate as though it were the certificate of registration of the child's birth.

14. (1) It shall be lawful for any Court, or for any Judge of the Orders may be Supreme Court, in his discretion, to vary or reverse and discharge discharged.

. the order of adoption of any child, subject to such (if any) terms Ibid., s. 22 (1).

, ( and conditions as it thinks fit.

(2) Where an order of adoption is discharged, then, subject to On discharge of the conditions (if any) stated in the discharging order, the child order nichts and

responsibilities of and its natural parents shall be deemed for all purposes to be natural parent restored to the same position inter se as existed immediately before revives. the order of adoption was made : Provided that such restoration Ibid., s. 22 (2). shall not affect anything lawfully done whilst the order of adoption was in force.

15. (1) Upon the application in writing of the manager for the Adoption in time being of any benevolent or other institution, established in con- benevolent or other nection with any religious denomination, who is desirous of adopting institutions. any deserted child in connection with such institution, any Court Ibid., s. 24. on being satisfied

(«) that such child is deserted ;
(6) that such child is of the same religious denomination as

that of the institution whose manager makes the
application, and

(c) that

Adoption of Children Act. 1925.

Sections 9 to 12
not to apply thereto.

(c) that such institution is properly conductei, and is capable

of properly bringing up such child, may make an order authorising the manager for the time being of such institution to adopt such child in connection with such institution, such child retaining his or her own name, and in no manner inheritirig or succeeding to any property, real or personal, or otherwise howsoever, of such manager or institution.

(2) Sections 9 to 12 shall not apply to the case of any child adopted as provided by this section, except as to the determination of all rights of the child's natural parents, and as to the rights of the child to take property, as respectively stated in section 12: Provided always that such child shall be entitled to the support, maintenance, and advancement afforded by such institution, and all such other rights, benefits, privileges, and advantages appertaining thereto, all which it shall be the duty of the person or body for the time being managing or controlling the said institution to provide.

Marriage law not atfected.

16. Nothing in this Act shall be construed as authorising any marriage that could not lawfully have been contracted if this Act had not been passed.

Ibid., s. 26.

Rules of Court.

17. The power to make rules conferred by the Supreme Court Act, 1878, shall include power to make rules for regulating the exercise of the jurisdiction by this Act conferred on the Judges of the Supreme Court.

Cf. ibid., s. 25.

18. (1) The Governor may make such regulations, not inconsistent with this Act, as may be necessary or convenient for fully effecting the objects and provisions of this Act, including (but without limiting the operation of this section) regulations prescribing1. The forms and mode of procedure to be used in exercising

the jurisdiction hereby conferred upon the Court; 11. The mode of registering and keeping a proper register of

all orders made under this Act; and 111. The fees to be paid in respect of such procedure and registra

tion, and otherwise. (2) The regulations made under this section shall make provision(a) that where application is made for the purpose by the

applicant for an order of adoption, or on behalf of the child proposed to be adopted, the proceedings shall be

held in camera; and (b) for applications being made and dealt with, where so

desired by all parties to the proceedings, in such a way that the identity of the child proposed to be adopted Adoption of Children Act.—1925.


shall not be disclosed to the applicant for the order of adoption, and that the identity of the adopting parent shall not be disclosed to the parents or guardian of the child proposed to be adopted.

In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to this Bill.

TOM BRIDGES, Governor.

Adelaide: By authority, R. E. E. ROGERS, Government Printei, North Terrace.

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No. 1693.
An Act to amend the Control of Waters Act, 1919.

[Assented to, December 17th, 1925.]
E it Enacted by the Governor of the State of South Australia,

with the advice and consent of the Parliament thereof, as



1. (1) This Act may be cited as the “Control of Waters Act Short titles. Amendment Act, 1925."

(2) The Control of Waters Act, 1919 (hereinafter referred to as No. 1359 of 1919. the principal Act”), and this Act may be cited together as the Control of Waters Acts, 1919 and 1925”.

2. Section 8 of the principal Act is amended by adding at the Amendment of end thereof the following subsection

principal Act, s. 8– (3) In any proceedings for an offence against this section Proof of diversion proof of the existence on any land of any irrigation channel or any other means whereby water is capable of being diverted, taken, or used for irrigation purposes from any watercourse to which this Act applies, shall be conclusive evidence that water was diverted, taken, or used contrary to this section by the occupier of the said land, unless the said occupier gives proof(a) that he had a licence under this Act in force at the time

of the alleged offence in respect of the land aforesaid;

of water.


(6) that the land aforesaid does not exceed one acre in

extent and is used as a garden in connection with a

dwelling; or
(c) to the satisfaction of the Court that water was not diverted,

taken, or used contrary to this section.
In the name and on behalf of His Majesty, I hereby assent to
this Bill.

TOM BRIDGES, Governor.

Adelaide: By authority, R. E. E. ROGERS, Government Printer, North Terrace.

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