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vailing Israel for grace to be like him. Remember, he was meek, he was gentle, he was humble, he was full of charity. They who will live godly in Christ Jesus, must suffer persecution. Rejoice then, if honoured with any revilings for the Gospel's sake. Pray for your enemies, if you have any. Do good to them that hate you. May the peace of God, which passeth understanding, keep your heart and mind. Think you it strange, to be called to suffer injuries ? Was not Christ called Beelzebub ? Endure then hardness, like a good soldier of the cross."

“ April 28th. “ Beloved Brother :- My advice to you is, give up your Parish at once, for, First, The Bishop and Mr. Wilmer appear to desire it from your letter. Second, The Church in Dumfries, will flourish more effectually under the care of one who is in orders. Third, It is better to have no people, than a divided one. Fourth, Your health is injured by that climate. Fifth, I WANT YOU HERE.

The Church will be scandalized by the opposition between Mr. S, and yourself, and for the good of the Church, then, I wish you silently to yield.

“ Your situation here will be attended with many advan. tages. You can have charge of two respectable, kind, hospitable country congregations, which will comfortably provide for you. You will be among a people of industrious habits, of no slaves, of sincere hospitality and plainness. I cannot attend to them, and I must provide for them some

One of these congregations is just finishing off a new stone church, Bunker's-Hill. You will be near me, and of course will receive my most affectionate and continual aid.

“ You cannot for some time be ordained, while Providence may favour me with ordination this spring, and you can thus have me, or Mr. Horrell, who takes Martinsburg


and Hedges-Chapel, to administer for you the sacraments, and thus you can at your leisure pursue your studies.

“Come, my brother, come to my arms. Come to this healthy, fertile portion of the land, where you will be comfortably provided for, and where you will be by the side of the only brother you have on earth; one to whom his people will be as your people, and your people as his people.

“ Thank God for the blessings he has vouchsafed on your labours at Dumfries, and leave to his protecting care the plants that have sprung under your watering. He can defend them from every ill. He can make them bloom and flourish in the paradise of God. “Ever your's,

B. ALLEN, JR." In another letter, he observes

“Dear Thomas :-As to yourself, fear not, only do your duty faithfully, and he who feeds the young ravens when they cry, will see your need supplied. Be thankful that the Lord has blessed you so abundantly. Contrast your situation now, with that when you lay ill with your fractured leg, and say if the Lord has not been abundant in blessing. Especially, my dear brother, be thankful that your labours have been in some degree owned by the Head of the Church; that you have been made the humble instrument, in his hand, of turning some souls from darkness to light. Let souls be still you great desire. To win souls, Christ died. To win souls, his followers should strive. Redouble your diligence. Be more and more fervent and constant in prayer. Pour out your supplications continually, for the salvation of your people. Speak a word in season and out of season. Seek more and more of divine grace for your own heart, that you may become more humble, more spiritual, more like your crucified Master. May the giver of grace bless you and your fold. Fervent, humble prayer, offered up in faith, will effect wonders : remember that.

Your's, in the best of bonds."

“ July 17th, 1817. “Dear Thomas :-Your's is a situation of great advantage, inasmuch as it is a scene of trial. It has given me much pleasure to perceive that you have been supported through several trials already, and I cannot but hope they are fitting you for greater usefulness. At least it will be your fault if they do not.

“ In the present instance, I would advise you to watch the leadings of Providence. Decide not hastily. Of this you may be certain, that if you leave every thing in the hand of God, he will order all things well.

Young men ought to labour among desolations; they ought to spend their strength in the very brunt of the battle. How much better to look back on ruins revived by the blessing of God on our labours, than on years reposed away amid the verdant portions of the vineyard. Looking for you in a few weeks, I remain, with love from H. and myself, your's ever,


“ November 21st. “Dear Thomas :-Your's I answer immediately on receipt. My advice is, that you go to Alexandria, and spend the necessary time with Mr. Wilmer, previous to ordination. As to funds, I know no other resource than Providence. That same good God who has helped us hitherto, will doubtless carry us on.

The grace

of God is sufficient for you. He will doubtless make all this a blessing.

“ Your's as ever.” “ SHEPHERDSTOWN, February 3d, 1818. “ Dear Thomas :-I am very glad to hear of your settle. ment in Mr. Wilmer's family, and thankful for the advantages you possess. While I would give a word of caution not to injure your health by too incessant application, I would intreat you, as you desire future usefulness, to profit by your present opportunity. Our intellectual powers are given us as a talent by which to glorify God; and though, apt to think.

without his grace we can do nothing, still, with minds well stored and well cultivated, we can, by his assistance, do much. He usually works by means, and therefore, if we would glorify him abundantly, we must endeavour to secure within our grasp, as efficient means as possible. Neglect not constant, fervent prayer, but endeavour to gain a spi. rituality, a heavenly-mindedness. At the same time, seek to store your mind with all those treasures which will enable you to understand, and to unfold the word of God to the greatest advantage. You may rely upon it, it is a great thing to preach the Gospel : greater than young men are

It is one thing to awaken careless sinners, and another to build up tempted saints. An ardent, and unfurnished mind, who knows little of Scripture, may be the means of doing the former; but it requires one who can skilfully divide the word of truth, to do the latter. It is a great thing to give to every one his meat in due season. When we know little of the word of God, we are apt to form opinions hastily, and to lead others into them, to their injury; and afterwards, when we would correct the effect of our error, we find it impracticable. However, do not fall into the opposite extreme, of exchanging spirituality for learning. Be sure, in a diligent use of the means of grace, to cherish the simplicity of your faith, and the energy of your

devotion; at the same time, that by close study, you are procuring yourself tools to work with.

“Remember us affectionately to Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer, Mr. and Mrs. Norris, with all friends. " Your's, truly,


“ July 10th, 1818. “ The Church appears to be now in a most important stage of its existence. It is evident the lovers of pleasure are very much aroused, and I hope their opposition will not effect our stability, except to increase it. Like the oak,

may we only be the more firmly rooted by the tempest. Such movements prove a little whether we have faith. If there were no trials, there would be no cross, and no test of our obedience. Trust ye in the Lord for ever, for with the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength. But I am more afraid of another thing, and that is, that some of our brethren will suffer themselves to be opposed into the belief, that they ought to go further; and in their eagerness to show that they mean to stand firm, will adopt coercive measures. While they contend steadfastly, I want to see them show forth meekness. I hope they will act conscientiously, but with that mildness and gentleness which becomes the servant of God. Be ye not afraid of their revilings, neither let Satan drive you into violence, I would fain say to all. Oh, that the Spirit may be poured out upon all of us: the spirit of wisdom and understanding; the spirit of counsel and might; the spirit of meekness and love.

“ Pray for us all: Pray for the multitude of the ungodly: Pray fervently, perseveringly, unceasingly. Call on your people to pray also.

Your's, truly,

B. ALLEN, not B. ALLEN, Jr. “ Reverend is distinction enough from our father.Thus he changed his signature after his ordination.

« CHARLESTOWN, APRIL 22d, 1819. "I hope still to see you here next week, though your letter, received yesterday, informs me you think you

cannot come. Bryan, and myself, and my delegate, expect to be with you on Sunday, May 9th, and go on with you, on horseback, to Petersburg. You can have the Sacrament if you choose. As Meade has devoted himself to the colonization business, our tour under the Ridge is broken up."

“ By all means we expect you. As to your horse, I have plenty of corn, (thanks to Him who opens the hearts of the people, and your route down, especially, will be an easy one."


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