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thee—while with an eye of faith that pierced the dark and shadowy valley, the glories of immortal blessedness were seen: delightful orisons to the Almighty employed the fleeting moment; and thy latest breath ascended like sweet incense to "God's holy throne,' loaded with prayer and praise. If, in its passage through the trackless ether, thy happy spirit cast one lingering look behind,' (the hope of Christianity bids us say,) it but mourned the lot of those, who, still allied to terrestrial objects, were unaccompanied by heavenly ministers, and detached from angelic bliss." “He with benignant pity views our sorrows, and pointing to the beauteous daughter of divinity, bids us with resig. nation yield him up, and in religion find that solace which the prospect' of true happiness affords,—with hope look forward to the time when the consummation of virtue shall wipe away all tears, and the name of sorrow be lost in boundless and eternal bliss."

In comparing the attractions of nature with those of virtue and religion, he adds :—“Sublimely beautiful the appearance of the heavens ! 'orderly is nature in her course!' and wonderful the structure of the earth !--More vast! more beautiful! far more transcendently glorious is true virtue in its operations and effects; more valuable than the 'gold of Ophir,' is religion; and more to be prized than the plaudits of mercenary millions is the testimony of an approving conscience.'

“ View the dying Christian, cheerful and serenely happy he yields his breath, and in his Saviour's arms his soul reposes in the sure hope of glorious immortality."

The date of the above is 1807, my brother being 18 years of age. I have also before me a part of a manuscript “ Poem on

of Jesus in the Garden." This has no date, but from the hand writing, it was probably written about this time, if not before. Thus a view, merely of the subjects

the agony

which occupied his attention, and excited his inventive powers, gives us the cheering hope that his aspirations were after holiness and God.

His affectionate disposition was truly displayed in his conduct towards me. Though he was nearly five years older than myself, yet our hearts were so united that I remember, before I knew the true import of prayer, of praying that I might die first; under the impression that I could not endure the pang of being left in this world without him; and these feelings of brotherly affection were, I believe, reciprocal. Of an evening we would meet at his store, and at our separation for the night, for we boarded at different houses, we would kiss each other. These feelings and his anxious solicitude for my welfare, are fully unfolded in the manuscript which next invites our attention. It is a letter from himself to me, and occupies two large sheets of paper.

I cannot refrain from making a number of extracts, especially as it not only unfolds his own character, but appears so well adapted to general usefulness among the youth.

“HUDSON, April 11th, 1808. “Dear and only Brother,

“ Bound to you by the strong cords of affection, as well as by the ties of nature, it is natural that I should feel a lively interest in whatever concerns your happiness. Born of the same parents, nurtured in our early years by the same fostering hand, experiencing the same causes of joy and sorrow, the union of heart between us should be pure and lasting, our solicitude for the welfare of each other should equal the solicitude for the welfare of ourselves : a spirit of mutual fraternal love should guide our conduct, and call forth our prompt endeavours. Such a spirit, I hope, now directs my efforts and guides my pen to the aiming at the promotion of your good. When thinking of you, entering as you are, upon the great theatre of action, stepping

forth upon that course which will terminate in happiness or misery, anxiety awakens within me; fearful apprehensions arise, lest you should mistake the means of obtaining true happiness and become lost in the gulf of error and vice. You have a character to form ; the foundation of a reputation to continue through life, is now to be laid ; this is your golden opportunity, this is your time to establish such a good foundation as shall prove stable and lasting, to acquire such habits as in the ingenuousness of virtue shall not make you ashamed.”- “Let me first intreat you to pay the strictest attention to religion. Religion is the foundation of all true happiness: from” this “fountain flows the streams of pure and lasting felicity; of that felicity which shall continue throughout eternal duration. In following the dictates of true religion, (which are the dictates of Almighty God,) you will enjoy peace of mind, comfort under every trial, support under every affliction, and when death shall remove you from this sublunary world, an admission to the regions of everlasting life, where happiness will be unmixed. You were created by a Being who is pure, wise, holy, just and good-above, far above all mortals; a Being who dwelleth in the heavens, and from thence looks down upon you, and takes thought, word and action.”——“If you behave well, if you obey his commandments, and act as a Christian ought, loving and fearing him, he is satisfied with your conduct, he then regards you with smiles of pleasure, and will support and comfort you in need, will cheer you under all trials, and look upon you as a son. But if, on the the contrary, you do not behave well, if you disobey his commandments, if you disregard his Sabbaths, and neglect your duty, he will be displeased with you, he will withdraw his approving smiles, and regard you with frowns of anger; then, if in affliction, where will you look for support; if in death, where will you look for comfort, hope and salvation?that God whom you have offended, standing ready to judge you and demand an answer for your sins. Do not think that you are too young to die: death bears down all ages and conditions: you daily see the young carried to the grave, and who knows but you may follow next?”—“Let me intreat you then to be prepared : prepare for the solemn moment, let it come when it will. Behave well, conduct yourself as a Christian, and you may welcome your final hour as one that will lead you to happiness : you may smile at the grim tyrant's approach, and yielding up your breath, sweetly sleep in the arms of Jesus and your God.”

otice of every

“ That you may be assisted to do right, never forget your prayers. Before closing your eyes at night, pray to the Most High to protect you, to watch over and assist you : and in the morning return thanks for the preservation and blessings you enjoy ; pray for a continuance of them; pray for Divine assistance that you may be enabled to walk in the right way." “ Be attentive in your prayers.

Do not think that it is of no consequence whether or not you pay attention to what you are doing and saying; but recollect that you are addressing an infinite, an all-holy Being, the Creator and Governor of the universe : recollect, also, that he hears what you are saying, and sees in what manner you pray: be, therefore, serious and devout; think only of the Being before whom you are, and of the petitions and praises you are offering unto him.” Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Attend meeting regularly and be orderly in your behaviour while there. Pay attention to what the minister is saying, and endeavour to collect good advice from it; when he prays, pray secretly with him for the blessing of the God you worship.”

“ You should never let the Sunday pass without reading in the Bible; do not be content with reading only one or two chapters, but read several. It would be useful for you to begin the Bible and go through with it in rotation, pay

ing attention as you go along. You should also pay atten. tion to your Catechism."-"It is improper for you to read story books and such like on Sunday, as they are unfitting for the day, and prepare the mind rather for levity and play, than cheerful seriousness; I say cheerful seriousness, for religion does not render a person gloomy, and melancholy, but cheerful and comparatively happy." “ Attend your school regularly, endeavour to improve in your studies, now is the time for you to lay in a store of knowledge that shall be useful in your future years: if you mispend your time now, you will then regret your folly.”

“Avoid bad companions." "By leaving the company of bad boys you will have much time to improve to advantage."-"By paying proper attention to useful books, you will gain much knowledge and satisfaction: your mind will be enlarged and improved; you will learn the history of the world from the creation : following the pen of the historian through successive ages, you will become acquainted with the men and manners of ancient and modern times; you will trace the rise and fall of nations, the revolutions of empires; the finger of Providence will be contemplated, ordering and directing throughout.”. You will also be able to see the superiority of virtue, and the downfall of vice. Such, my dear brother," advantages to be derived from reading."

“ Be gentle in your manners and temper towards others.” Evil tempers

are like the canker worm, destroying all peace and contentment, not only in yourself, but in those around you.”

“ Your surviving parent feels anxious for you. He regards your welfare and your conduct with a parent's eye, and if you do well, you will give him pleasure, but if you do ill you will give him pain.”—“That dear parent whom an all-wise God has thought proper to deprive you of-that sainted mother, o'er whose earthly tomb seven revolving

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