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blessing to the world : may she be sanctified by grace, and brought at last to her everlasting home.

“ You have now a charge to pray for, and direct-two little ones. I hope your own soul is growing in grace, and is becoming more and more interested for souls who are perishing around you. We have an important work to perform, and we must not relax at all, but pray much and labour much, and press onward in the path of effort until our Master call us home. May we be ready. I may go to New-York this summer, but whether to Hudson, I know not. The Lord direct me. When will you come on? Cannot you come within a week or two? I wish most earn. estly you would come before the middle of next month: much good might come out of it. If you would be here two Sundays, it would be most gratifying, and might be beneficial. We might talk about many things.”—“Come and let us see each other once more, and


and preach together.

August 11th.May the Lord make us thankful, and enable us to be blessings. Truly, your's, with love to Margaret.”

“ October 7th.--I fear it will not be in my power to visit you when you inention. My Church demands my unremitted attention : and not improbably I may do you as much good by coming at some time when you have no help. May the Lord be with you in your Association. May the Lord ever be with you, and give you many seals.”

“ Nov. 3d.—The more am I convinced we must rely on our Lord, and on him alone. He can make us effectual in every thing. May he help us both to preach the Gospel with more simplicity and sincerity.

“I hope you may find your situation more inviting and sufficient. I will do all I can to procure you a better, if you wish it. I have already spoken about two or three. Our father is certainly better,

“ Affectionately your's."

“February 27th, 1824. “ We shall be very glad to see you indeed, and expect you as soon as the spring opening will allow, and perhaps may in summer return your visit. Bring sermons enough with you. As to the small-pox, it is abating, and you would be in no danger. Vaccination is a better security than small-pox, and if your children have been vaccinated they are secure. Should they ever be attacked it would undoubtedly be light. But there is no prospect of their being attacked. My children did not take it from me, though in the same house, and one, during the fever, in the same bed. You may, therefore, give to the winds all hesitation, and come. We will endeavour to make it as agreeable to you, and Margaret, and the little ones, as in our power: and indeed it is high time you had all come to

Let there be no more delay : we are waiting for you. Unless

you visit us now, we shall hardly be encour. aged to call on you in the summer. Our father will be also glad to see you, and your going will be of great advan:

“We want more preaching and more prayers here ; therefore, I hope you will come in humility and fervency, and that souls here will be much benefitted.”

“ Nov. 8th. We have no special good news in the spiritual world. I am much encouraged in my congregation. Oh may we be rich in souls !”

see us.


6 PHILADELPHIA, January 4th, 1825. “ Dear Thomas :-Your's was very acceptable. There is nothing so cheering to the heart of the Christian minis. ter as seals of his ministry. “My joy and crown,' was an Apostle's language, and well may it be our's. You, I hope, increase your private prayer and the closeness of your walk with Christ, for hence a blessing is made to come. The consistent walk and conversation of believers is often the instrument of conversion. I heard an instance recently spoken of, wherein the holy walk of three professors was made the means of converting a soul that had long stood out. There must be something in their religion, was the conclusion at last.

“ We are now one year nearer the hour when we must give account of our faithfulness. We must stand with our people before the trying bar. Oh! the reflection should drive us to our knees, and make us go afresh to the Lamb of God. We need much pardon, may it not be denied us.

“Every year we should find out more of the wretched sinfulness of our own hearts, and learn more humility and meekness. We need much grace. May we be sensible of our need, and learn to obtain it.

Truly I am a wonder to myself. Had not an Almighty arm upheld me and kept me, my hopes would long ago have been wrecked. Glory be to God that I am blessed at all.

May we grow in every Christian grace and virtue, and become like unto our perfect Pattern-imitating him in all that is imitable and having his spirit. It is our duty to redouble our prayers for our father. He is approaching age, and we ought to supplicate for him.

“I am endeavouring to catch more of the true spirit of Gospel preaching. My efforts are in need of purifying. May the Lord direct me. Our love to you and your's. May the Spirit abound towards you."

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“17th February.—The Holy Spirit fill all with the fruits of the Spirit, and us too, and our father, and our people. We all need more grace.”

March 22d. In the Rev. Mr. Bull's Church is an extensive revival. He lives forty miles from this, Fifty have found hope, and the work is going on. A late Recorder has some account of it.

“ The longer I live, the more I feel the importance of daily secret prayer.

No matter what is substituted for that, the soul is injured. May our father be always in our hearts at such times.

“ Solemn will be the account we must render at the final day. Precious souls committed to us! Lord have

mercy, must be my prayer. May he help as to be more faithful.

“ My old clerk died last week-a most interesting case ; fifty years a professing Christian-impressed sixty-two years ago under Whitfield-truly pious and exceedingly humble. He was ready to contend with Paul, who should be called the chief of sinners. His walk has been such as to call forth the admiration of all. Still he felt and ex. pressed how easy it was for a professor of even long, very long standing, never to have experienced true religion. He has gone home. Two adults were baptized in church the evening of his funeral sermon.

“ May God bless your's and you—all of us too. Preach Christ, in simplicity, and with much prayer. We need much


as usual.

6 October 26th. A few were added at our last Communion, and two or three were in a good way, but nothing remarkable. We have all the regular means Cares multiply."

“ January 24th, 1826.—I know nothing unfavourable concerning our parent. Let us pray more for him.”—“Sick with influenza all over Philadelphia. H. is sick with it.”

February 16th.-As to changing situation at present, you had better remain. Do not change for six months or more at least. This is a singular request.

“ The southern people are more desirable to be among, on several accounts. You may find souls where you are given to you as numerously as elsewhere.

“ We have been blessed with tolerable health. Some sick, but it has been so general we ought not to complain.

“ Newton's Works, which I am now reading, with Scott's Letters and Papers, are very pleasant and exceedingly profitable. The Lord reigneth, and reigneth in love, is my experience. Your's, I presume, is similar. My heart rests on that—the Lord reigneth-with joy.

“I would give you half a dozen of a little book just pub. lished, if I could send them.”

“ April 13th.—We have reason to be thankful for the account G. G. gives us of our father.”. “ The Lord hears prayer, though he sometimes delays. We must daily put up supplication. Who knows but an answer may come when least it is expected. We have experienced many mercies in our pilgrimage already.

“ Trials, however, are necessary. We need them most, and the Lord in very faithfulness will send them.

“We must strive continually to live nigh to God.

“Dr. Bank's, a clergyman of this city, last Sunday preached twice, and on Monday morning was a corpse. He was remarkably well on Sunday. We yesterday attended his body to the grave. Yes, before the week was half out, he was lying in the dust, whence the archangel shall call him, to give an account of himself to God. We may suddenly be called—and we know we shall be called. Let us every day then ask, am I ready ? and always live as though the next day might be our last. “ The Lord be with you, bless you all, and give you

the abundance of his Holy Spirit.”

“ September.—What route is best to your house ; by Washington? The possibility of my being able yet to visit


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