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you, leads to the inquiry. May we meet at last with our father, in a Heavenly world.

“ Harriot has been in worse health than ever, this summer. Travelling is essential to her. We have gone out and home repeatedly, and it has benefitted her much."

« September 26th.-Your's is becoming a numerous household. May that Spirit which can renew after the Divine image, graciously visit Margaret and all of you.

“ Your's is a pleasant state of things, in which Associations can be enjoyed. Once in a great while I go to the country, to breathe its re-invigorating air, and preach.”

“ November.--Pray for our father. He is better, and goes to Church. The Lord has heard our prayers, and favoured us. We ought to praise and adore. Pray for us.

« PHILADELPHIA, January 4th, 1827. " Dear Brother :-Another of our years has gone. What has it testified at the bar of God? We ought to mourn over our sins, and to bow humbly at the foot of the cross, seeking anew that clothing of a Redeemer's righteousness, without which it will be impossible for us to stand before God. Have we truly repented ? unfeignedly believed? and is love to God even now shed abroad in our corrupt hearts? May we pray for the Spirit of the Lord day by day!”

“April. “Dear Brother:-By Mr. B., you will receive one or two volumes, which I hope to find acceptable.

“ Receive my congratulations on the receipt of your account of the dealings of God with your soul. Living near the Lord, will be instrumental in continuing the light and comfort to you. Your whole hope is to be placed on his free grace. Trust him with every thing-children and all. Keep looking to him. Our experience of his goodness is such, we ought to glorify him for ever.

There are many trials before us; we have but to look to Christ. His grace will prove enough. Our day shall never be without sufficient strength. It has been promised."

My soul is more engaged in the proper work assigned as Pastor.

“ Have you a Bible Class ? That is exceedingly precious, both to Pastor and the young. How progresses your Sun. day-schools?

“ Will you, at your Association, offer hearty prayers for us? We of the state of Pennsylvania have much need of help, grace, direction.”

“ September 21st.—Thomas, we ought daily to pray for our father. He was as usual, when I last had a line or two.”

“I fear difficulties are to increase with the Protestant Episcopal Church here. The Lord deliver us. You should unite in prayer. “We hope the Lord blesses your

labours. “ Tell Margaret to pray for my children, as well as her's. You would afford us pleasure by coming. Love as due.Our prayers are unto God for help. We trust he yet will, as hitherto has been the case, listen to our prayers.

" Affectionately your's, BENJAMIN ALLEN."

In the foregoing extracts, we, perhaps, more distinctly discover my brother's real character, than if he had prepared a regular diary of his experience. It is indeed grateful to attend to the bumble, pious, and ardent breathings of his devoted bosom after the increase of holiness, usefulness, and the glory of God. And that which stands truly prominent, is his filial affection ; his anxious solici. tude for the present comfort and everlasting happiness of an afflicted parent. Oh ! may

all who read, catch so much of his spirit, as shall render them tender and affectionate to parents and seniors; constrain them to hunger and thirst after righteousness, and pant for the glory of God, and the honour and immortal blessedness of all mankind. Amen.






Soon after I met with my brother in the District of Columbia, he informed me that his body was evidently giving way under the severe pressure of his labours, and pointed to symptoms of an alarming character. He, therefore, was constrained to look around for some individual to share his labours with him. His eye was speedily directed to myself. And he wrote to me on the subject of my removing to Philadelphiam

“ November 17th, 1827. “ Thomas :—Desirous of procuring an individual that is ready to preach occasionally (once at least in the seven days) lecture-attend prayer-meetings—aid my too great efforts connected with Sunday-schools in St. Paul's—I write to know, should you be willing, whether $-per annum could supply all necessary wants. It was, years ago, my earnest desire that a more healthy climate should be the place of your abode. I think it right you should, for the sake of Christ's cause, preserve your life: the probability is, this climate would preserve it. Facilities for educating your children too would be furnished here, that it cannot be in their power to enjoy there. Will you come ?

“ My Sunday-schools require to be visited every Sunday. They comprise six hundred scholars, (four to five hundred


regular attendants.) In the number is comprised a Bibleschool, which needs assistance by visiting, praying with, &c. - two Bible-classes every Sunday also. My health (spit blood every few months so sure as too great exertion) demands a help. The congregation prefer the preaching of you to that of many."-" The people will help me to raise a portion of the salary. Homilies or occasional attendance on your part to other publications of similar character, (under my responsibility and help) will aid further. I will see the remainder in some way made up. Some means can be devised to have preaching by you three times a Sunday, (though twice will be sufficient.) This too enables you to be in general at home; though it may be needful to visit New-York or some other place occasionally. Write immediately.

“P. S. Since closing my letter the first time, I am informed it is in agitation to appoint you Sunday-school Agent for Maryland, and let you take up your abode at Bal. timore, (eight hundred dollars and travelling expenses.)

Let me know whether you will accept my offer soon as possible. Should the offer be accepted, it will be necessary for your whole time to be given to St. Paul's.”

He again wrote, “Monday, 19th November.

6 Dear Thomas :-Since writing on Saturday, I have conversed particularly with the Vestryman of St. Paul's, who superintends the Sunday-school establishment. He earnestly desires the arrangement. The chief members in the congregation would aid in bringing it to pass. Sometime ago they were about having an arrangement to assist in supporting a young man to read, preach, &c. part of the time. The fact also is, that a very important and encouraging opening for building a new church, is inviting some one in the western part of the city, which is rapidly settling. Broad street is building up, so are other streets west. A church will very soon be needed there. No one now exists in all the west beyond Broad. There might you officiate Sunday mornings. Sunday nights it would be necessary that you preach in St. Paul's. The need of you is felt by me, my people, and Sunday-school teachers. While this will remove you to a field where you are likely to remain in company with your family more—you may all the time, save a trip to New-York, &c., now and then, be with them—my removal or death may open a permanent field of usefulness.

- As to supplying your place at this time, Mr. H. just leaving this Diocess is ready to remove to such a placewell fitted to it. He was at Alexandria, desirous of a settlement, and could, undoubtedly, be immediately procured, so as to prevent a vacancy of even a single Sabbath. Come and talk about the things. Let H. be applied to. “ Your's,

BENJ’N. ALLEN.” In my answers to my brother, I brought a long array of objections to his propositions, on the ground of my health, his plans not being properly matured, &c.—also, I had a strong attachment to the people of my charge; the Lord had owned and blessed my labours among them, and I felt unwilling to leave them. I, however, did not positively refuse to remove, if a suitable door was opened elsewhere, but wished to leave the entire concern to the guidance and direction of our Heavenly Father, as he saw would most promote his glory and our good.

My brother's declining health awakened up the sympathies of my bosom, and I expressed myself as constrained to render him every assistance that I could consistently.

He consequently again wrote to me, in a letter postmarked December 10th

“ As it has pleased God to dispose your heart to visit this as a permanent place, I entreat you merely to put spurs to

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