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labourers are few. It is our duty, if we do no more, to pray to the Lord of the harvest to send forth more labourers into his vineyard. And what prevents our going? Our Father will be satisfied."

"My dear Brother, read the Scriptures-search the Scriptures-read them for instruction-read them with attention and with prayer. They are a fund of delight as well as of instruction. The promises contained in them are food for the soul. The prospects unfolded to view are truly glorious. We see, there, that when we praise God, we only join myriads of celestial spirits who are in Heaven. We see, there, that when we leave the world to follow Christ, angels look down with delight, and come down to attend us, and to guard us on our way. We see, if we choose Heaven before the perishing things of this little world, a mansion at God's right hand is provided for us, and a crown of glory which fadeth not away.--If, too, we become faithful ambassadors for Christ, that crown is beset with stars of peculiar glory. We see Him, who is all and in all, becoming our Father and our Friend. Search, then, the Scriptures. Go on your well-begun way rejoicing. Be not conformed to this world, but choose Christ as your pattern; study his character, and strive to imitate him. Pray for grace to imitate him. Be not conformed to this world, I say. Be not over anxious to form friendships with men of this world. Friends, if they are not Christians, do us hurt. They make us cold and lukewarm, and we forget our first love.

"My dear brother, rise early. Many a year of precious time is wasted, by half an hour's criminal indulgence in the morning. Be up with the sun. Be reading the Scriptures, or otherwise well employed. Read a portion of the Scriptures, however, every morning. Our Saviour's words are balm and nectar. The Prophecies are sublime: The Psalms awaken our Hallelujahs, and the trials of the Patriarchs exhibit to us our own course. Be constant in

reading the word. Have you a leisure hour, read the Scriptures. Do you wish for pleasure, read them. Do you wish for a view of the Heavenly region, read them. Do you wish to be transported to the third Heavens, read them, and pray. Pray, my beloved brother-improve your time, -read the Scriptures, 'tis all I can say to you. May Heaven preserve you.-Adieu. Keep holy the Sabbath day.' Let not your feet wander, but-study, meditate and pray during it, Heaven then will bless you."


May 3d. "I hope you are growing in grace. Remember Christians must be active. If they would be strong in the inner man, they must be constant in prayer, constant in perusing the Scripture. Take not for your example those careless ones who seem to care little or nothing about attending to the duties of religion."—" You have not so learned Christ. you must delight to walk in the straight and narrow way of duty. You cannot expect comfort in religion except you walk there. There are thousands of nominal Christians. There are many, alas, too many, who love the world so well, they cannot leave it altogether for Christ-who strive to unite the world and religion."

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"Our Saviour loves you, he gave himself for you, and he will delight to bless you, if you walk as he has told you. He is your constant intercessor with the Father so long as you cling close to his footsteps. Be strong, then, in performing your duty. Be vigilant. If you find your graces fading, fly to the throne of grace. Your heart must be like that of a little child, tender and trembling, for fear of offence, mourning under sin, not because it will cause punishment, but because God hates it; it is an offence against his infinite purity. Do you feel low and depressed, go, my dear brother, to Jesus, your Friend. He has felt pain, and knows how to pity you. Entreat of your Hea

venly Father, to pour into your soul the balm of consolation-entreat him to cleanse you from sin, and to show you his salvation. Beg of him grace to be enabled to put your trust in him, and to go on your way rejoicing. God cares for you, he loves you, and nothing but sin keeps you from always rejoicing before him. Get not a worldly spirit, it is the bane of joy-it will make you go mourning in the house of your pilgrimage. Remember you are looking to a Heavenly country where God is, and where Jesus, the dear, the loving Redeemer reigns. Stand alone you must, in some degree, but remember you only appear to the human eye to stand alone; the eye of faith sees ten thousand times ten thousand Saints and Seraphims your companions; they are praising and adoring the Majesty on high, and you are learning here to praise him. Come out from the world or you perish. Be faithful, be zealous, pray without ceasing. Treat your companions as friends, but not as bosom friends, except they love the Lord Jesus, except they love his Sanctuary, and can tell of God's dealings with their souls. Except the word of God be sweeter to them than honey in the honey-comb, they are no companions for you. Pray for your brother, and be you a shining light to the youth of Hudson. Be humble.-Yours in the bonds of love, brotherly and Christian."

"May 4th.

"I will not conceal from you the pleasure your letter gave me. Your heart is as I wish it to be; only maintain (through Divine strength) that holy fear of sin, and of falling into coldness, and you will thrive. Be constant in prayer: cling close to the Rock of Ages. Oh, my brother, my heart is full. The glorious prospect that flows before us both, fills me with rapture. Go on, go on, my brother, God will bless and support you. Say not that it is me. It is God, and him alone. If he makes me, in any degree, the


happy instrument, I adore and bless him for it." are in God's hand, and he will bless us. Love not the world. Go to Jesus-talk with Jesus-read his Word." "Read God's dealings with his people Israel: how he led them like a flock, and sin in them, made him hide his countenance from them. See how he supported Joseph, and led him through a dark way to light and peace: How he supported him under temptation; and put your trust in him. Night and day, draw nigh to him." "Be not anxious to be approved by worldly men, nor by those Christians whose minds are lost in the world." "I rejoice in your present delightful situation, pursuing your studies with nothing to interrupt or trouble you. Improve the golden hours, my brother. Soon, I hope, I shall be with you."


"How beautiful upon the mountains, are the feet of those who publish glad tidings.' I am happy that I have a brother, and peculiarly happy am I, in knowing that that brother has devoted himself to his Redeemer. Yes, my beloved Thomas, you have truly engaged in a good cause. Let not your heart be troubled, but go on, manfully fighting." "Satan is peculiarly active in attacking young travellers in the way to Zion, harrassing them with doubts— but, remember

'The mighty God
Who feeds the strength of every saint.'

He is your guardian, and never will he forsake, no never. For wise purposes, he sometimes lets clouds and darkness rest upon our path, but, in his own good time, his fatherly hand will remove them, and he will let us see, that he is still protecting and still preserving.

My life has been kindly preserved, and my way gradually opened to its present glory, (I say glory, for I consider it a glorious thing to be permitted to be preparing to serve

our Maker.) I often knew not how the clouds would be dispelled. I look back and see times when I was mourning, but God's good hand, I now see, was blessing me all the time. You, I hope, my brother, never may have the same difficulties; but trials of some kind you must have, for they are the lot of life. It therefore is your duty to keep close to the straight and narrow way, in order that you may find support under them. The more you wander from that way, the greater will be your trials.— Trust in God, my dear brother, for he is truly good. He will help"-" comfort"-" and finally take you to his bosom for ever. Mr. Chester wishes you to join the church, but he says the request must come from yourself. You have only to signify the same desire to him that you have to me, and you will be received.

"When you enter the visible church, may a full unction from the Holy One be given to you, that you may feel strong in the way of the Lord. Be humble, lie at the feet of Jesus, and he will bless you.” "To our God I commend you." Pray, pray with all your heart that we may be permitted to serve him, for nothing else is worth living for, and that, oh! that is glorious work indeed. Adieu.-Heaven bless you and our beloved parent."

When my brother penned the above in Philadelphia, how much greater would have been his transport of joy, in his view of the Gospel ministry, could he have looked forward but a short space, and seen this very city, not only the field of his unremitted labours for years, but also the scene of his brother's more humble efforts."


"NEW-YORK, July 16th.

"I would advise you, to take up first, Henry's Commentary with the New Testament, and make it your constant study. May the good blessing of our Father above, attend you in it."


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