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To cach article is annexed the number of the page of this volume in which it is to be found. 1981. Aug. During this month and September several engagements happened in the Ealt Indies between Sir Eyre Coote and Hyder Ally, p: 318.

Nov. 12. The Dutch fort of Negapatam in the East Indies surrenders to the Bricilla forces, p. 290.

Wilmington in North Carolina evacuated by the British troops, p. 28.

26. & 27. The islands of St Eustatius and St Martin's in the West Indies taken by the French, under the command of the Marquis de Bouille, p. 29.

Dec. 25. The Barrier Towns in the Netherlands ordered to be dismantled, p. 48.

1782. Jan. 4. Gen. Meadows arrives at Bombay with land forces, convoyed by three laips of the line, p. 387.

8. Tellicherry in the East Indies relieved by Maj. Abingdon, who defeated the beliegers, took 6.0 cannon, so elephants, and a great booty in rupees, p. 319.

15. Triacamale in the East Indies taken by Adm. Hughes, with two Dutch spice-fhips, richly laden, several fmall veffels, and a great quantity of ordnance, p. 273.

The Hannibal of so guns taken by the French on the west coast of Sumatra, p. 663.

25. Adm. Hood, attempting to relieve St Christopher's, with twenty-two fail of ile. line, beat off Couat de Graffe with twenty-nine fail three times, p. 154.

31. Demerary and I fequibo in South America taken by the French, p. 157. Feb. 3. Eighty houses and stores defroyed by fire at Kingston in Jamaica, p. 211. 5. Fort St Philip on the island of Minorca surrendered to the French and Spaniards, p.158. 1* The islands of St Christopher's and Nevis taken by the French, p. 211. 13. Calicut, on the Malabar coat, taken by Maj. Abingdon, p. 495. 16. Col. Braithwaite, with a detachment of British, taken by Hyder Ally's troops, p. 495.

16. 17. Adm. Hughes, off Madras, took a valuable French (tore-ship, retook five country ships, and beat off, with nine fhips, Mons. Sussrein with eleven, p. 66%.

22. Montserrat in the West Indies surrenders to the French, p. 214.

Marcb 4. The House of Commons address the King to put a stop to the American war, P. 135

10. A prodigious quantity of snow falls at Edinburgh, p. 162. 11. The river Clyde rises to an extraordinary height at Glasgow, by which a great deal of damage is done, p. 162.

12. Religious restraints taken off in Germany, p. 210.
22. The Pope arrives at Vienna; p. 211.
30. The Marquis of Rockingham appointed first Lord of the Treasury, p. 166.
During this month happened a total change in administration, p. 222.

April 8. A great number of the inhabitants of Geneva take arms and affume the government, confining their magistrates ; but on soinc troops of France, Sardinia, and Berne, laying Gege to the city, they deliver it up, July 1. and peace is atter wards restored, p. 489.

9. A partial engagement between the British and French Acets off Guadaloupe in the West Indies, p. 269.

12. Adm. Rodney, with thirty-seven sail of the line, near Dominica, in the West Indies, defeated the French fleet of thirty-six fail of the line, under Count de Grasse, taking the Ville de Paris of 104 guns, with the Count on board, the Glorieux, Hector, and Cæfar of 74, and Ardent of 64, and sunk the Diadci of 74. The Cæsar was burot in the night after the engagement, p. 267:

12. Adm. Hughes, near Trincamale, on the island of Ceylon, with eleven ships, beat off the French Admiral Suffrein, with twelve thips of the line, after a severe engagement, it which both fleets lost a great number of men, p.064.

19. The Caton and Jason of 64 guns, l'Aimable of 32, and Ceres of 18, taken from the French By Adm. Hood in the Mona paffage, p. 317.

Their High Mightinesses the States-General acknowledge the codependence of America, and admit Mr Adams in quality of minister, p. 209.

20. The Pegafe of 74 guns, L'Actionnaire of 64, and ten sail of a convoy of eighteen taken from the French off Ushant, by Adm. Barrington, p. 214.

Forts Mauree, Cormantyoe, Apam, and Berricoe, on the coast of Africa, taken by the British, p. 434.

May 8. The Bahama islands taken by the Spaniards, p. 384.

27. Twenty thousand seamcn for the British navy voted by the Commons of Ireland, P. 438.

July s.

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