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The hiftory of the Indian War is complete, and is compiled from the official papers, and the most authentic narratives that have been fubmitted to the Public..

The affairs of Poland and of Sweden have been chiefly detailed from original communications on which we have reafon to depend. The Debates of our own Parliament are given as in the preceding volumes; that is, the whole of the arguments on every queftion of importance is exhibited in an abridged fate.

In our view of Literature, and in the other departments of the work, we can venture to affure the Public, that no pains have been omitted to render it in every respect deferving of their patronage.



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Addrefs of both Houses of Parliament to his Majefly, on the preceding Pro-
clamation. June 1,



Proteft again the Addrefs of the House of Lords to his Majefty, on the tro-
clamation, May 31,


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His Majefty's Sperch to both Houses of Parliament, Dec. 13,


Sperch of the Earl of Weftmorland, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to both
Houfes of Parliament, January 19, 1797,

. (ibid.)

Speech of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to both Houses of Parliament, April

18, 1792.




Addrefs of the Clergy of the Diocese of Worcefier, on the fame Occafion,


Addrefs of the Clergy of the Diocese of Landaff, on the fame Occafion, (65)

Refolat ons of the Society of the Friends of the People, at the Freemajons Tavern,
June 2.


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