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Our prefent joys are sweeter for past pain;
To heaven and love by fuffering we attain.

Prophetic fury rolls within my breast,
And as at Delphos, when the foaming priest
Full of his god, proclaims the distant doom
Of kings unborn, and nations yet to come;
My labouring mind fo ftruggles to unfold,
On British ground, a future age of gold;
But leaft incredulous you hear---behold.


[Here a fcene reprefents the Queen, and all the triumphs of her Majefty's reign.

High on a throne appears the martial queen,
With grace fublime, and with imperial mien,
Surveying round her with impartial eyes,
Whom to protect, or whom the shall chastise.
In every line of that aufpicious face
Soft Mercy fmiles, adorn'd with every grace.
So angels look, and so, when heaven decrees,
They fcourge the world to piety and peace.

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Emprefs and conqueror, hail! Thee, fates ordain O'er all the willing world fole arbitress to reign: To no one people are thy laws confin'd, Great-Britain's queen, but guardian of mankind. Sure hope of all who dire oppreffion bear, For all th' opprest become thy instant care. Nations of conqueft proud, thou tam'ft, to free; Denouncing war, prefenting liberty;


The victor to the vanquifh'd yields a prize.
For in thy triumph their redemption lies;
Freedom and peace for ravish'd fame you give
Invade to bless, and conquer to relieve.
So the fun scorches and revives by turns,
Requiting with rich metals where he burns.

-Taught by this great example to be just,
Succeeding kings shall well fulfill their trust;
Discord and war and tyranny fhall ceafe,
And jarring nations be compell'd to peace;
Princes and states, like fubjects, shall agree
To truft her power, fafe in her piety.

If curious to inspect the book of fate, You'd farther learn the deftin'd time and date Of Britain's glory, know, this royal dame

From Stuart's race fhall rife, ANNA fhall be her name.



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