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Choose for thy command,
Some peaceful province in Acrostic-Land,
There thou may'st Wings display, and Altars raise,
And torture one poor word ten thousand ways."-Dryden.

London :


280. m. 146.

Joseph Causton & Sons, Printers, 47, Eastcheap, E.C.,

and Southwark Street, S.E.

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17. For “ Bright-eyed, saucy" —read" Bright-eyed, fancy"
50. No. 4.

"'T was his,
In life or death, to be the mark where Wrong

Aim'd with his poisoned arrows."
57. “un fleuve.”
88. No. 1. "Till he on Hoder's corse shall smile,

Flaming on the funeral pile."
Poor Mary and me," not " For Mary."
No. 1. (instead of Ist quotation the following:-

"You have made good work
You and your apron men; you that stood so much
Upon the voice of occupation, and

The breath of -eaters!
101. No. 1. "Made war upon each other for an hour."
11. No. 4. "That dog" not" but dogs."
Last line thus:

"Where did he learn that squint?" 159. No. 5. "Il va chercher." 206. No. 2. "Changer bientôt en pleurs."

Dia 1


And we stormed and we broke the great

gate in.”


Holly Berries.




" Oh, Reader ! hast thou ever stood to see

this tree?
Below a circling fence its leaves are seen

Wrinkled and keen;
No grazing cattle through their prickly round

Can reach to wound ;
But as they grow where nothing is to fear,
Smooth and unarm'd the pointless leaves

And when the bare and wintry woods we see,
What looks so cheerful as our favourite tree?


“ Hurrah! what a storm was a-brewing,

The day of our vengeance was come;
Through scenes of what carnage and ruin
Did I beat on the patriot drum.

And we stormed and we broke the great

gate in."

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